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Today, organizations are driven by information. And as business transactions and other related activities become increasingly complex, companies are generating massive volumes of data that must be effectively and cost-efficiently managed. Additionally, many firms are striving to go “paperless”, and as a result, they accumulate a tremendous amount of digital content in a variety of formats. Yet, most organizations struggle to properly administer their most important content. In order to thrive, they must ensure that their mission-critical information is kept up-to-date at all times, and that it is stored in the most reliable and affordable manner possible. It must also be logically organized for easy retrieval, made readily available to key stakeholders across the business, and fully protected from unauthorized access. What is a Content Management System? A content management system combines processes and technologies to support digital information throughout its lifecycle. From generation and updating, through publishing and archiving, a content management system supports the widest range of content types, including electronic documents; audio, video, and other multimedia files; Web pages; and more. With a content management system, all workflows related to file creation, sharing, and management are streamlined and fully automated. Digital content, even files that exist in non-proprietary forms, can be logically stored and archived in a centralized repository. Additionally, information is made more readily available to authorized users, both inside and outside the enterprise, via a network or the Web. Key Benefits for Your Company Content management systems offer tremendous benefits to companies who are challenged to keep up in today’s information age, and need a better way to control and administer their digital files. Some of the key advantages of content management solutions include: * Improved content accuracy, consistency, and timeliness through the ability to more efficiently manage updates and changes.

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About Content Management Software
* Enhanced collaboration through more rapid information accessibility and sharing. * Reduced overhead costs through the elimination of paper waste, and a decrease in real estate required for file cabinets and other hard-copy storage. * Increased efficiency through greater content re-usability. Studies by leading analyst firm Deloitte Consulting demonstrate that a content management system can cut labor costs by close to 50% by minimizing the time needed to author, design, and publish both online and printed documents. Does My Company Need Content Management Software? Information is a company’s most crucial asset, and the ability to effectively control and leverage it will provide solid competitive advantage. As the sophistication of business processes continues to increase, the amount of content generated from those activities will grow exponentially. Therefore, companies of all types and sizes will need to find more innovative and efficient ways to harness it. The increasingly urgent need for content management is evident in the rapid growth the market has experienced in the past several years. According to research firm IDC, the content management industry has expanded at a double-digit pace, increasing from $2.7 billion in 200, to $.8 billion last year. Key Features of a Content Management System There are a variety of vendors offering content management systems with varying levels of functionality and sophistication. Most of the solutions on the market today offer the following standard features: * The ability to define and automate critical workflows, such as updates or approvals * Rapid import of existing files, documents, and materials * Dynamic alerts when certain events – such as new, changed, or deleted files – occur * Activity monitoring and tracking * Comprehensive version control * Automatic distribution of new or altered files to a pre-specified group of users

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About Content Management Software
What to Look for When Choosing a Content Management System Security A significant portion of corporate information is highly sensitive and confidential. Therefore, it is crucial to select a content management system that offers multiple levels of security, to protect files from unauthorized access. Many content management systems offer role-based security, where access to content, as well as system functionality, is granted based on each user’s role in the content management process. Enterprise search The use of search tools like Google and Yahoo is on the rise, as more and more workers use them to browse the Web for information that will help them better perform their jobs. Combining the ability to search external Web sites with the ability to easily locate and retrieve corporate content can dramatically increase the efficiency of research and other important functions. That’s why many content management vendors are incorporating enterprise search capabilities into their offerings, making files in the repository easily accessible via most major search engines. Integration In order to maximize the value of a content management system, it must be seamlessly linked to other content-related systems throughout an organization. For example, any Web publishing or graphic design software should be tightly integrated with the content management system, so files generated, updated, or consumed by these tools can be easily included in the repository. Top Content Management Software Vendors You have many options when choosing a content management software vendor. To make it a bit easier, we’ve featured some of the leading content management solutions in this paper. Review these vendors, and you’ll be well on the way to finding the right content management software for your business.

© 2011, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. | info@bridgelinedigital. Honeywell. eMarketing & eCommerce * iAPPS is available in SaaS or perpetual licensing models * One of BtoB Magazine’s 2010 Top Interactive Technology companies OWNerSHip: Public: (NASDAQ: BLIN) FOuNDeD: 2000 HeADquArTerS: Woburn. National Financial Partners. National Children’s Museum. AARP. All Rights Reserved. Cadaret Grant. Cleveland Clinic. HookedonPhonics. MA CONTeNT MANAgeMeNT SOLuTiONS: * iAPPS Content Manager * iAPPS Commerce * iAPPS Marketier * iAPPS Analytics CuSTOMer FOCuS: Bridgeline Digital serves a wide customer base with software & services for customers from middle market organizations to subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 companies. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: HealthCore. Sun Chemical. Reproduction Prohibited. Partners HealthCare. and the National Insurance Crime Bureau © | 1-800-60-996 HigHligHts * iAPPS Content Manager is the 2010 CODiE Award Winner for Best Content Management Solution * iAPPS Product Suite is a KMWorld 2010 Trend Setting Product * iAPPS natively integrates Web Content Management. Berkshire Life Insurance. The American Academy of Pediatrics. Business-Software. 5 . American Dental Association.www.

extranets or portals . Bridgeline Digital helps customers to cost-effectively maximize the value of their rapidly changing web applications. Bridgeline’s on-demand iAPPS product suite breaks new ground for website and web application development and management by unifying web content management. eMarketing. Washington. rich media development. eCommerce. New York.interfaces that deliver measurable ROI: © 2011. and Bangalore. Philadelphia. Combined with award-winning application development services by Microsoft Gold Certified development teams. The iAPPS Product Suite is an innovative SaaS solution that deeply unifies web Content Management..000 companies. Bridgeline Digital is headquartered near Boston with additional locations in Atlanta. Bridgeline Key Features iAPPS Product/Technology Description Built from the ground up entirely on .enabling users to swiftly enhance and optimize the value of their web assets. Reproduction Prohibited. 6 .com.NET. D.About Bridgeline Digital Bridgeline Digital is a developer of award-winning web engagement management (WEM) software and interactive business technology solutions that help customers leverage best in class web-based technologies to achieve their business objectives. eCommerce. Baltimore. usability engineering. All Rights Reserved. The state-of-the-art architecture of iAPPS not only facilitates deeply integrated solutions. and web Analytics capabilities into the heart of websites. iAPPS Content Manager is the recent winner of the 2010 CODiE Award for the Best Content Management Solution. intranets. it offers both SaaS and perpetual licensing options to deliver the flexibility that is demanded by businesses today. India. analytics. Business-Software. Denver.C. globally. The iAPPS solution suite is comprised of four integrated products with state-of-the-art AJAX user. Bridgeline Digital’s teams of developers specialize in web application development. SharePoint development. and eMarketing capabilities deeply within web applications – enabling swift optimization of web property values. Bridgeline Digital has delivered over 1. iAPPS scalability also allows customers to add any module within the iAPPS Product suite as their business demands. and search engine optimization.000 quality interactive solutions in the past decade to hundreds of customers ranging from middle market organizations to divisions within Fortune 1. Chicago.

Built-in tracking tools enable measurement of progress towards multiple campaign goals. and Analytics. Commerce. * Four seamlessly integrated iAPPS products are built to deliver measurable customer ROI and significant benefits: • iAPPS Content Manager empowers even the most non-technical user to create. conversion-oriented web content. * iAPPS Marketier provides conversion-focused online marketing management. Automated page tagging capabilities eliminate manual work and improve reporting accuracy. and Marketier. * iAPPS Commerce delivers complete online store and customer management. Real-time visitor behavior and detailed path analysis enable administrators to drive persuasive content and steer site visitors towards desired behaviors. Reproduction Prohibited. conversion. Marketier. edit. Its superior SEO capabilities are unique with auto 01-redirects. * iAPPS Analytics drives powerful benefits to Content Manager. Commerce. Business-Software. 7 . All Rights Reserved.About Bridgeline Digital * iAPPS Content Manager empowers non-technical users to create. prompting real-time adjustments to messaging and related landing pages. and user experience. The facet-based catalog structure dramatically enhances product management and improves visitor experiences. Deep integration with Content Manager enables administrators to edit and manage content throughout the entire website surrounding their online auto-generated XML sitemaps and SEO-friendly URLs. providing powerful market intelligence and unique synergies that are unmatched by competing solutions. Each product deeply integrates with each of the others. and publish persuasive. facilitating superior customer traction. conversion-oriented web content • iAPPS Marketier provides robust online marketing campaign management • iAPPS Commerce delivers complete online store and customer management © 2011. Real-time content overlays provide insight into user interaction and statistical campaign performance. The iAPPS Product Suite is comprised of Content Manager. and publish persuasive. Its integrated wizard-driven campaign builder dramatically enhances marketer’s objectives. edit. Bridgeline Digital Highlights * Software.

Bridgeline’s technology is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license option. Scalable Infrastructure. Bridgeline’s development teams have produced many award winning solutions. * * * * © 2011. Bridgeline offers a complete outsourcing solution through their fully managed hosting services. Through their partnership with Savvis and Internap. scalability. All Rights Reserved. 8 . Business-Software. Bridgeline’s approach is to ensure that the user experience is clear and compelling and that the functionality of an iAPPS site executes seamlessly. and reliability. iAPPS is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model or for those who prefer to keep their Web application in-house. native integration of iAPPS is the driving force behind industry-leading SEO and interface usability. 6dm. Bridgeline has developed and deploys their own proprietary development process. The hosting facility includes dedicated in-house production and development servers. Deployment Flexibility.About Bridgeline Digital • iAPPS Analytics provides real-time visitor behavior and detailed path analysis enabling customers to drive persuasive content and steer site visitors towards desired behavior The deep. that is intended to rapid and iterative. as well as a dedicated 2-hour monitored colocation facility for mission-critical applications. Professional Reproduction Prohibited. they offer co-location services in state-of-the-art data centers with an expansive IP network for better connectivity. generating excellent results in the shortest possible timeframe. From a services perspective.

org © 2011. The Netherlands CuSTOMer FOCuS: SDL Tridion provides web content management solutions to mid-sized and enterprise level organizations. Reproduction Prohibited. Honda. easy to use. Lexus. Canon. fully scalable. Our WCM platform is designed for organizations that require a strategic web presence and for whom the internet plays a mission critical role in achieving business objectives. All Rights Reserved. user-friendly tool set with intuitive interface. NY SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * SDL Tridion WCM Platform WOrLD HeADquArTerS: Amsterdam. ING. 9 . KLM | | 1-66-512-5078 HigHligHts * Rated as a “Leader” by both Forrester Research and Gartner * Comprehensive multi-website. Breastcancer. Virgin Atlantic Airways. Yamaha. Yale University. * Fast to deploy. * Graphical.davis@sdltridion. and delivery. management. multi-channel.sdltridion. OWNerSHip: Public (London Stock Exchange: ‘SDL’) FOuNDeD: 1999. Amsterdam uS HeADquArTerS: New York City. * Audience targeting and personalization creates an amazing customer experience. Goodyear. * Strong in content creation. Business-Software. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: MetLife. and multi-language functionality.

Paris. the SDL Tridion Web Content Management Platform has won eContent Magazine’s top award under the category of Content Management. * Thought leadership. and emerging new technologies. Ranked #1 by industry analysts. Stockholm. San Francisco. * Dedicated research and development. MetLife.In addition to winning top rankings by industry analysts. Their flagship WCM product quickly delivers ROI by significantly improving customer experience while reducing operational costs. SDL Tridion Key Strengths * Best-of-breed solution. SDL Tridion’s world headquarters is in Amsterdam. Since its establishment in 1999. SDL Tridion works in close partnership with its customers to develop solutions that fulfill real. Brussels. * First class customer service and support. 2007 SDL Tridion was acquired by SDL International. the Netherlands and has business offices in New York. feedback. Madrid. web casts. Reproduction Prohibited. SDL Tridion has focused on enabling customers to manage their content across multiple channels within a Web environment. Technical support and customer service is available 2/7 from a team of experts. The company has and continues to produce white papers. According to the Forrester Wave™: Web Content for External Sites report ”SDL Tridion excels in personalization and multisite and multi-language functionality”. the world leader in global information management (GIM). and other informative collateral on a wide range of content management issues.About SDL Tridion SDL Tridion is the leading provider of enterprise and global Web Content Management Systems. On May 18th.SDL Tridion has a professional services support staff deployed both throughout the United States and around the world. over 1000 organizations rely SDL Tridion’s web content management solutions including Hewlette-Packard.SDL Tridion continues to develop a product and solutions portfolio based upon current and anticipated customer needs .com. and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Business-Software. and Tokyo. practical business needs. SDL Tridion’s proprietary BluePrinting technology makes sharing complex content over multiple websites fast and easy while maintaining centralized control and brand consistency. All Rights Reserved. Today. Tridion’s solutions empower businesses to deliver personalized. © 2011.SDL Tridion is recognized as a thought leader and industry expert in WCM. London. persuasive content to their target audiences. 10 .

Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. The technology enables the user to maintain centralized control of brand and message while allowing for local differentiation. Content Manager provides centralized user management that is fully integrated into an organization’s existing corporate directory (LDAP. Moreover. All Rights Reserved. layout. Active Directory. and other functionality for different pages and Web sites.About SDL Tridion Tridion Technology SDL Tridion’s Content Manager Solution uses proprietary BluePrinting technology that allows organizations to reuse and adapt content. 11 . and Windows Domain). This ensures that companies can address target audiences in different regions around the world in a “same but different” BluePrinting technology has proven its value to organizations that have any of the following requirements: * * * * * * Globalized websites Multi-website management Translation management Brand management Target audience marketing Multi-channel marketing The company’s cornerstone Content Manager is standards-based and can be integrated into an organization’s existing infrastructure. Tridion Software Highlights SDL Tridion Web Content Management (the main solution platform) Content Manager (core product) Content Manager Explorer (main user interface to Content Manager) * Provides rich functionality for basic to advanced content management tasks within a browser. Content Manager uses standard database as a content repository (Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Server) allowing organizations to easily integrate with existing systems. © 2011.

All Rights Reserved. edit. Dynamic Content Broker * Allows organizations to deliver online content based on page context. Microsoft® Word. WebDAV Connector (Windows Explorer access to SDL Tridion WCM and content) * Provides access to SDL Tridion WCM content using Windows Explorer. and create structured XML content using Word and to save this content directly to Content Manager. queries and visitor profiles. Presentation Server * Provides storage management. Contributors can add. Word Connector (Microsoft Word-based word processing tool for content creation) * For occasional content contributors who need to create simple text for the organization’s Web site in the word processing tool that they know delete. browser-based interface and a collaborative environment for many online communication tasks.0 * Enables companies to configure their translation needs within their existing BluePrint structure. edit. and use content in the same way that they would use the Windows file system using the most appropriate desk top application for the task they need to perform. This includes defining both the source and target language of typical translation processes. * Easy to use. * Authors can open. link management and cache management to manage large. complex and high-performance environments.About SDL Tridion SiteEdit * Delivers key contributors with a WYSIWYG. Reproduction Prohibited. 12 . Translator Manager 2. Business-Software. © 2011. ensuring lower training costs and easy adoption. * Provides the ability to create the best balance between static and dynamic Web site content.

* Enables an organization to comply with regulatory requirements and record all versions of Web site pages.About SDL Tridion Archive Manager * Automates Web site archiving processes. time and visitor profile and view these pages with the original content and layout. All Rights Reserved. * Lets companies use Content Distributor to ensure content consistency and compliance through many different secure transport providers. scheduled content distribution to all Web Servers. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. Content Porter * Ensures a structured quality-control process for all online content. © 2011. Content Distributor * For organizations with an international infrastructure that need to ensure thereby allowing companies to include information stored in external systems such as product catalogs and inventories. providing the capability to retrieve an archived Web page or entire site for a specific date. 1 . Business Connector * Integrates with other applications. * Allows organizations to transfer any type of content managed in Content Manager between different environments.

1 . Toshiba. Business-Software. Computer | 1-15-80-0600 HigHligHts * 1600+ satisfied customers with over 20. Canadian Cancer Society. GlaxoSmithKilne. US Department of Defense. educational institutions. Dollar Rent a Car/Thrifty. © 2011. Denmark SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * Sitecore CMS * Sitecore Intranet Portal * Sitecore Online Marketing Suite CuSTOMer FOCuS: Mid to large size public and private organizations. according to a report by Forrester Consulting. Boy Scouts of America.sitecore. CA (San Francisco Bay Area) WOrLD HeADquArTerS: Copenhagen. Revlon. * Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and former Microsoft Partner of the Year. including national governments. Omni Hotels. All Rights Reproduction Prohibited. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Microsoft. University of California – Berkeley. OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: 2001 uS HeADquArTerS: Mill Valley. * The average Sitecore customer receives 109% return on investment within 3 years of implementing the software.www. Sitecore has numerous Microsoft certifications and designs. Mazda.000 websites. Siemens. Fidelity Insurance. General Mills. and many Fortune 500 | sales-us@sitecore. * Named among the 100 leaders in the digital content industry by Econtent Magazine.

and measure and manage that ongoing website success. Sitecore partners closely with Microsoft as well as 00 other companies to provide the most creative and technologically advanced software available. Sitecore Key Strengths * Sitecore CMS goes beyond with features to help make the customer experience special for visitors to your website – to create an experience that provides differentiation and customer loyalty. Content Editors. scale and flexibility. combined with a strong development architecture. To accomplish these goals. Sitecore focuses on creating a scalable architecture so that companies can have their website grow along with their company. % -. * Provides an array of connectors and integration techniques to many Microsoft applications. maintain. * Sitecore CMS is built from the ground up to support key marketing initiatives by helping visitors and search engines find your site. 95% of revenues are coming from new license sales. However. * With unparalleled ease. Reproduction Prohibited. enables Marketing people.About Sitecore Sitecore’s main focus is to provide software for companies to build. Business-Software. 15 . Sitecore provides web content management (CMS) and portal software for organizations to create compelling website experiences. With this in mind. Sitecore’s broad range of features. streamlining time to market. Sitecore announced that its 2008 revenues have grown by over 100% over the prior fiscal year. Sitecore was founded in 2001 and continues to be private and self funded. Sitecore accelerates the value people like you in your key role can contribute to your organization. Sitecore greatly simplifies the editing process for content writers and editors. no other CMS technology suits Microsoft products like Sitecore does.from training and less than 1% -from Professional Services. and update full featured websites that drive business growth and improve the customer web experience. Sitecore continues to grow at a very rapid Recently. and providing detailed visitor information * With a wealth of innovative features. © 2011. Reportedly. other Key Stakeholders and IT to rapidly implement a successful online business strategy. All Rights Reserved.

* Development – Tools that provide unparalleled support for developers by helping them reduce errors and increase programming speed. All Rights Reserved. and forums.About Sitecore Sitecore Technology Sitecore’s content management software was developed to be a platform that enables developers to craft high performance websites that deliver compelling user experiences. * Communication – Simple tools that engage customers through online newsletters. making it easy for your company to expand your website as your company continues to grow. or custom content allows end users to easily personalize their web experience. blog customized forms. site structure. Reproduction Prohibited. * Integration – Sitecore enables you to tie in other applications in to your website to help improves user experiences. segmentation marketing and personalization are all very straightforward. © 2011. * Tools that allow for individual expression – personal search bars. movable calendars. 16 . * Scalable – Sitecore is designed for the largest sites out there. and the CMS is actually built on top of Sitecore’s very own and site organization. * Multi-Site Deployment – Manage and deploy a number of websites simultaneously. With its simple to use delivery architecture. Sitecore is a dynamic delivery web content management solution which gives you the flexibility to deliver content to the right user. in the right way and at the right time. As a technology. Sitecore intranet portal * Pre-built features that are ready to run that help improve communications. making editing your site a lot quicker. hings like targeted messaging.NET framework. allowing easy integration of almost any other business software systems. Business-Software. Sitecore Software Highlights Sitecore CMS * Fast Intuitive Editing – Sitecore CMS provides a Microsoft Office style interface that is immediately recognizable and familiar for many users. Sitecore has been totally committed to the . the Sitecore application has been a rich internet application(RIA) long before most people heard of the term.

You’ll now be able to easily track and understand your online campaigns.About Sitecore * Stylish designs that can help you create your own corporate identity. you can provide instant lead information for your sales teams. well-established processes put in place by your organization. 17 . * Structure and compliance management – Sitecore Intranet Portal has the tools necessary to help you manage and monitor any existing. An extensive template library can be customized and tailored to reflect the look and feel your organization needs. By unifying web content management. Sitecore has made it extremely easy to manage all your online marketing campaigns from within your Sitecore content management system. Sitecore Online Marketing Suite With its new breakthrough marketing solution. Reproduction Prohibited. Key features of the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite include: * Visitor experience analytics – content and visitor profiling to understand and prioritize your website visitors. © 2011. Sitecore enables your team to get better results without the complexity. All Rights Reserved. time and costs of multiple third party develop profiles. * Sales team enablement – with easy integration with your CRM. * Real time site personalization – instant website updates that create personalized web experiences for site visitors. * Accurate and detailed website analysis – see goals and conversions accomplished by each campaign on your site. Business-Software. down to the individual session level. website analytics and marketing automation. personalize content dynamically and take action with analytics immediately. Sygma. Honda. 18 . All Rights Reserved. FL SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * dotCMS Enterprise Edition CuSTOMer FOCuS: dotCMS is a good fit or those with enterprise needs such as integration with proprietary or rd party | 1-05-858-122 HigHligHts * Adoption by Novartis. multi-lingual management. Health Care of America. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. significant training spanning from the occasional content contributor to the developer. Province of Quebec © 2011. Health Care of America and Honda point to the power of this open source product * Java-based. Fairfax Digital Toyota. State of Ohio. EBITDA positive in a time that saw many CMS vendors wilt OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: 2001 HeADquArTerS: Miami. Emory University. and multi-site. Aquent. Health ONE. Toyota.dotcms. Reproduction Prohibited. Globolog. web-native architecture * Open source licensing provides low upfront costs. This includes both internet and intranet applications. control over code * Customizable accelerators compress time to market * 2009 income up 23%. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Novartis.

dotCMS is 100% focused on web content management systems (CMS).About dotCMS dotCMS is a commercial organization that offers a Java-based. dotCMS offers a commercial-grade version that is battle-tested and warranted (Enterprise Edition). Additionally. Along with its warranty against bugs. enabling clients to offload the costs of web infrastructure and personnel while maintaining premium. Reproduction Prohibited. providing them with freedom of movement not found in closed source options. accelerators can be totally customized for design. architecture and identity. * dotCMS Accelerators – Accelerators decrease the time to market by offering prebuilt templates with content-types. * Custom Hosting – dotCMS offers comprehensive end-to-end managed custom hosting Business-Software. hotfixes. dotCMS Key Strengths * Open Source – GPL v2. In addition to the free. Both the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition code are licensed under GPL v2.0 licensing provides companies and organizations the ability to change code in any way that suits their needs. a professional services group that knows the intricacies of implementation and customization and a road map that meets milestones and does not diverge from the promise of helping companies drive business through their sites. The dotCMS managed environment provides controlled scalability and security. Whether users are managing one site or hundreds. widgets and other “best practices” functionality. the Enterprise Edition offers automatic updates. The Enterprise Edition is sold as a subscription and provides access to product support offerings not available to the Community Edition. high volume web presences. Unlike other CMS vendors. fully functional and latest open source code (Community Edition). This focus manifests itself in many ways including a no-excuses web based architecture. open source CMS. realtime support and indemnification. © 2011. * On-Demand Service – dotCMS onDemand is the fastest and easiest way to start a web project. By providing an advanced starting point.0. 19 . leveraging the advantages of cloud computing makes it easy to scale to an enterprise’s growing needs. the Accelerator allows users to bypass the normal project roadblocks and carry momentum with project stakeholders and end-users alike. All Rights Reserved.

Business-Software. and will support operation in a clustered or load balanced environment. It is database agnostic and can run on PostgreSQL. as well as the ability to publish to multiple clustered servers. the resulting code is extremely portable across databases. which has since introduced its own CMS system * Apache Struts – Web Application Framework * DWR – Java AJAX framework * Spring – the Spring Application Framework * Hibernate ORM – Object Relation Mapping Engine * Velocity Templating Language – Lightweight templating engine * Velocity Tools Project – Expose tools and widgets to velocity templates * Lucene Search Engine – Mature and robust java search engine. Informix or DB2. All Rights Reserved. creating pages. MSSQL or Oracle. dotCMS Software Highlights dotCMS Enterprise Edition * Multisite management that allows users to centrally control internet. and portal content. For users with specific customized needs. MySQL. and Eclipse IDE is dotCMS’s in-house development platform. Reproduction Prohibited. Because dotCMS uses Hibernate to abstract all data access. extranet. 20 .About dotCMS * Support staffed by Engineers – whether users need help with backend functions. © such as Active Directory or LDAP. dotCMS can also be integrated with user’s authentication schemes. or configuring dotCMS on their servers. dotCMS Technology dotCMS was built using the category-leading technologies that guide J2EE development. It leverages a number of standards based open source projects such as: * Apache Tomcat – Industry Standard JSP/Servlet Container * JBOSS – Application Server and Enterprise Cache * Liferay Enterprise Portal – Open-source portal. the dotCMS could also be made to work with other relational databases such as SAP db. inquiries are answered by engineers – and typically the ones who built the product. * TinyMCE – Cross platform WYSIWYG The Velocity + Struts front end makes dotCMS easy to extend and build upon.

Google Analytics. override/customize actions. keyboard shortcuts for a native application feel. Other widgets include: Google sitemap. * Plugin architecture that supports modular development.About dotCMS * Content authoring that features a structured content repository. * Multilingual sites (over 2 languages) complete with a content editing interface and content import. * Full personalization. SEO friendly URLs and campaign management allows marketers to increase longtail traffic and convert visitors into buyers. Reproduction Prohibited. and a form builder and handler. dynamic menus and crumb trails. * dotCMS is the first CMS to integrate CMIS draft 1. ant based plugin deployment/ un-deployment. 21 . to name a few. streaming video and MP player. and more. Business-Software. © 2011.0. * Extensive widgets. and macros. full design inheritance. and a WebDAV interface for drag-anddrop customization. properties. CMIS uses REST or web services as a unifying technology to allow content repositories to exchange information with any web services-enabled repository. WYSIWYG editor. including a social calendar that is iCal compatible. an AJAX photo gallery. and RSS feeds. All Rights Reserved. * Site and page design within corporate standards – dotCMS offers page templates by site and site

Pep Boys. With hundreds of live Web sites and managing millions of documents and pages for all industry sectors and organizational sizes in North America. Experience Life Magazine. Business-Software. National Institute of Health. InfoWorld Product of the Year. Los Angeles HeADquArTerS: Los | 800. CA SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: CrownPeak CMS CrownPeak Search CuSTOMer FOCuS: CrownPeak provides Web content management for non-technical users to quickly and easily create. Staples. Reproduction Prohibited. Stevie Award Finalist 2006. CrownPeak is the easiest way to manage your Web site. * Free Trial Available * Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Deloitte’s Fast 50 Rising Star. Miller Light. OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: 2001. SIIA Codie Finalist 2007. All Rights Reserved. edit.crownpeak. no hardware to buy. Defenders of Wildlife © 2011. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Nissan USA.19 HigHligHts * Awards: Gartner Rated “Positive” 2008. Hyundai Motors. EMI Music Publishing. No software to install. and publish content to their Web site.www.887. 22 . State of Virginia. Old National Bank. ING | info@crownpeak.

content development. Crownpeak Key Strengths * With CrownPeak CrownPeak also offers implementation and customization. which includes tools and services for Web content management and search. patch or maintenance costs to worry about. All Rights Reserved. All customers run on the same version of the software and the entire infrastructure is managed by CrownPeak. taxonomy creation. Web site search that enables site visitors to find words or phrases within the body of a site’s content. Nissan USA. 2 . The uptime of your CMS is also guaranteed so that you never need to worry about whether © 2011. and customized training material services. Business-Software. Their unique combination of software and services give Web site managers complete control over the critical functions involved in delivering a successful. no hardware to buy and no upgrade. hundreds of diverse managers in companies such as ING. and its 2/7 customer support and guaranteed response times. Home Depot. developer. there’s never anything to install. The CrownPeak CMS is the only solution that combines enterprise-level power and flexibility with the cost and speed-of-implementation of an on-demand software application. site design. The CrownPeak CMS was created for non-technical users and features the easiest-to-use interface of any CMS. the State of Virginia and the National Institutes of Health have realized the value in CrownPeak’s renowned ease-of-use. you simply access the application through your Web browser. CrownPeak provides on-demand Web site management software. Reproduction Prohibited. EMI Music. Every day. CrownPeak provides software-as-a-service Web site management solutions for organizations in North America. information architecture. CrownPeak is the market leader in on-demand Web content management software. but also offers an open API and developer’s environment for technical users.About Crownpeak Founded in 2001. and classroom. revenue-driving Web site. administrator. meaning there’s no software to install. integration support. CrownPeak Technology is the first company to provide world-class Web content management delivered as a Software-as-a-Service. CrownPeak offers a Web content management solution that enables non-technical individuals to manage and publish content to Web sites. and custom application development services.

And because you don’t have to worry about installing software or buying sites are up in a matter of weeks and not months.customers can manage multiple Web sites within a single instance of the Web content management system. Right “out-of-the-box” our interface is simple and easy . which is the key for user adoption and making the Web content management system effective. When customers access the CMS. Crownpeak Technology CrownPeak is the easiest CMS to deploy and manage. All Rights Reserved. * CrownPeak CMS is one of the easiest-to-use content management solutions on the market today. For an incredibly fast jump start to a new Web site.and it can be completely customized to meet the unique needs of your Web site and profile of your users. CrownPeak is the only SaaS CMS to be both Open Exchange Certified on WebTrends and Genesis certified on Omniture. Crownpeak Software Highlights CrownPeak CMS is simply the most feature-rich SaaS based CMS on the market today. try CrownPeak’s Frameworks. Because CrownPeak CMS © 2011. * CrownPeak CMS was built from the ground up to support integration into other applications that customers may be running on their Web site. landing pages or micro-site. you have all the flexibility you need in deployment.About Crownpeak * * * * your CMS will be available to update your site. CrownPeak CMS includes many features such as: * WYSIWYG Editing – “What you see is what you get” Editing makes it easier for non-technical people to add and edit content. * Mobile and Multi-site Management . With CrownPeak. CrownPeak offers Lifelong Active Support which guarantees a dedicated account manager. CrownPeak utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security. response times and 2X7X65 technical support. 2 . Frameworks are full Web site structures already implemented in the CMS and ready to go as fast as you can populate it with content. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information using both server authentication and data encryption. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. CrownPeak is uniquely incented to make their customer’s successful because payments are made monthly and can be terminated with 0-days notice.

All Rights Reserved. * Vertical Search .Every action within the CrownPeak CMS is logged and can be audited at any time. email integration and custom capabilities.CrownPeak can spider hundreds or even thousands of external sites to deliver a true Vertical Portal or Vertical Search system. * Custom Indexes . Multi-lingual Site Management – CrownPeak is truly a global product that supports double byte characters. software translation systems and translation workflow management. Business-Software. Web * Related Content – CrownPeak can display links to related content as part of any page on a site. With CrownPeak you can use your systems that are already in place or go with one of our technology partners. ad management. Full version control and rollback – there’s nothing you can’t undo within the CMS with a couple mouse clicks. * * * * * Crownpeak Search CrownPeak Search is a Web site search system that enables your Web site visitors to search your site.The CrownPeak Search system can read a site or a section of a site and then display a new type of index for that content. CRM. Reproduction Prohibited. © 2011.CrownPeak Search can spider a list of external sites (or just segments of external sites) and create a directory of those sites.About Crownpeak * site. Open API and full developer’s environment. Some examples include: * Vertical Directories . 25 . There’s nothing that we can do that you can’t within the CMS. Real-time auditing and reporting . The CrownPeak Search System provides a whole range of features not normally included in search offerings. singly or simultaneously. CrownPeak Frameworks let you choose from multiple ready-to-go site structures and templates based on our best practices across hundreds of implementations.

SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Comcast.platformic. Tribune.2010 * Design – No templates. 26 . Cox Communications. Gatorade. CA SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * Platformic Web Content Management System * Platformic SocialSite * Platformic MobileSite CuSTOMer FOCuS: Platformic provides a web content management system for non-technical users of small.www. University of Florida and New England Cable News © 2011. Broadcast Company of the Americas (BCA). mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations looking to take control of their online presence. Biocoastal California HeADquArTerS: San Diego. fully scalable and easy to use OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: 2007. | info@platformic. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. import any design * Build – Drop in over 30 tools or use available SDK to build your own * Maintain – Update content or redesign entire site right from your browser * SocialSite – Increase visitor engagement and social interactions * MobileSite – Targeted content for mobile devices * Deploy new websites fast. The platform continually evolves with new features and enhancements that are seamlessly pushed and available to all users at no additional I 866-09-91 HigHligHts * Referred to as a “CMS with Genius” by Network World . Fox. PEAK Broadcasting.

Network World recognized Platformic as having a “CMS with Genius. creation-to-delivery. and the groups they distribute to. All Rights Reserved. Network Content Sharing Sharing content within a site or a network of sites is easy to implement utilizing their feed technology. By challenging themselves to constantly improve and innovate. Even large staffs collaborate and work effectively using an arsenal of incredibly powerful tools that make creating. 27 . Site owners. scheduling and removing content easy and intuitive. web platform.About platformic Platformic equips organizations with a cutting-edge Web framework to design. They focus on the technology. can set up a content distribution network to create. platformic Key Strengths Site Designer (Patented) The game-changing aspects of Platformic are that users can create layouts visually. build. Platformic is not just another software company. and maintain websites in real-time without having to write a single line of code. In 2010.” They continue to capture leading media clients including Fox and Comcast with their innovative offerings. Reproduction Prohibited. coupled with a commitment to customer service. The system takes flattened Photoshop files directly. deploy and track content. Dreamweaver or other web development software is not required. The design is simply uploaded into the system. Platformic has produced products and delivered services that allow customers to leverage technology to improve efficiency and increase productivity. © 2011. modifying. then using browser based editing tools the design is carved up generating a Real-Time Validated (RTV) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) template that can accommodate even the most complex web layouts. Led by a team of network and software professionals with extensive experience in the development of enterprise-wide web platforms and award-winning software. Platformic provides a complete end-to-end. Platformic empowers users with the technology and the ‘know how’ to get things done. Their goal is to put their extensive knowledge into the users’ so organizations can focus on their business. Business-Software.

References to the video objects are placed into the CMS database so that the videos may be attached and formatted automatically into article-based content. comment. Business-Software. and recommend content to each other or to their external social networks. the layout tells the content how to present itself. 28 .User Generated Content and Social Media Platform Easily integrate social networking and social media functions to any Platformic website. All Rights the videos are indexed for search. and enhances the experience for visitors. Online Web Development Environment (OWDE) The majority of the functionality for websites is accomplished by “dropping in” programmatic elements by pointing/clicking to add any of the 0+ tools that come with Platformic. The mobile site is self-managed and ingests and formats content based what has been placed in the content library and associated feeds. Reproduction Prohibited. fueling more traffic back to your site. This gives the content creator and the networks they distribute the flexibility to reuse content that seamlessly inherits the format/branding of the receiving party. The integration streamlines the workflow for the content editor.About platformic Video Management System (VMS) Platformic offers a fully integrated VMS letting editors ingest video content through the system’s interface. MobileSite – Mobile Layout and Content Feeds Platformic automatically detects mobile devices and serves up layouts based on the device. removes the requirement for a federated search mechanism. they offer the ability to extend the platform using their Software Developer Kit (SDK). Given the presence of the references in the CMS database. © 2011. SocialSite . Website visitors can create user profiles. If you require additional functionality/tools. Separation of Content from Presentation Users of the Platformic system are able to load content objects into the CMS without any attributes assigned to them. Once a page requests the content. Integration with Facebook Connect and Twitter further powers social engagement of your content.

Feeds can be assigned to appear in many locations on your site. Business-Software. platformic product Highlights Control Panel and WYSIWYG The Control Panel is the core to your organizations content management activities. a group of sites. site administrators assign permissions as coarsely or as granularly as required. inline javascript. allowing organizations to gate functionality of the tool to the desired user level. Usually you will show a list of headlines possibly with teaser paragraphs and thumbnails. HTML Code Drop The HTML Code Drop can be used to insert complex HTML elements. It is typically used to embed third party © 2011. or CSS stylesheets through inline style elements. alternatively a content approval process may be initiated. Blog/Feed Tool A cornerstone of the Platformic paradigm is the concept of Content Feeds or “buckets of content”. All Rights Reserved. Campaign delivery can be impression-based or based on run dates. 29 . and a support ticket system. Platformic provides emergency support that is available 2 hours. Upon submission the content is automatically updated anywhere the content is being used through out the site/ Because of the global. Reproduction Prohibited. all-hours availability of the Internet. Metrics are available and can be broken down to the impression/click per day. When a new user is created the organization selects what type of WYSIWYG editor that the user will have permission to use. or a user network. a knowledge base. training materials. Feed content can be added directly to your site by clicking on the “add/edit” paragraph icons that show up when you are logged in. this is where the majority of the dynamic content for your site will reside. Ad Server Embedded ad server that delivers ad campaigns to a single site. 7 days a week through their call center and ticketing system.About platformic World Class Support The Platformic support website contains online documentation. Users then manage content “on screen” (preview) by navigating to the pages they have permission to edit/published.

etc. All Rights Reserved.. author.About platformic Building Block A powerful feature that allows users to group a block of tools and include them on multiple layouts. Additional features offered by Platformic: * Template-based for productivity and control. Newsletter Distribution Creating visitor user groups and marketing campaigns is easily accomplished using their form tool and email system that allows you to use any HTML page from your keywords. date.). section/page and site-wide is part of the workflow when creating new areas of your site. separating content from presentation * Image Management Support includes image resizing capability * Fully customizable photo galleries * Scheduled Publication and Story Expiration * Customer-defined workflows support review/approval processes. When it is time to edit content you only have to change it once and the updates are automatically applied to all of the pages that contain the building block. email notification * Management Template-based structure helps control a client. 0 . The ability to attach Metadata to a content object (e. Reproduction Prohibited.g. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Every aspect of SEO has been taken under to consideration during the development of the platform. tags. Calendar Tool Events are added to the calendar using a WYSIWYG tool. Various style options are available for formatting including a traditional numbered layout with clickable dates that opens a details page or an event list. Business-Software. When the pages are created a search friendly URL is automatically generated by the platform.defined standard “lookand-feel” of website * Web-based Administrative Maintenance and Workflow Creation/Maintenance functions * Roles and Permission-based security model * Ability to set up Content Owners/Editors and restrict which pages or objects on a page they are authorized to update © 2011.

Coupled with ample bandwidth and the ability to scale quickly and easily.0 content like podcasts and video content The result? A website that’s dynamic and fresh. © 2011. All Rights Reserved. 1 .and cost-savings. extranets. Reproduction Prohibited. creativity or features. Platformic uses agile development principles to anticipate and adapt to rapidly changing technological advancements and client needs. maximum uptime and real competitive advantage. wireless devices and web staging areas * Keep corporate look-and-feel consistent with work-flow approval * Add Web 2. The result is an interface that is suitable for both advanced website designers as well as non-technical content providers. the Platformic solution ensures high availability and the best performance. Platformic automatically ensures data is safe and secure. IT’S ALIVE. multi-tier software architecture and platform infrastructure provide all of the benefits that Software as a Service has to offer with a highly accessible browser-based interface without sacrificing flexibility. intranets. Permissions can be adjusted for workflow and Business-Software. Hosted in a secure. allowing for a broader base of users with varying degrees of technical experience and reduced staff requirements. redundant data center protected by an enterprise class firewall and intrusion protection system and backed up to a redundant Storage Area Network (SAN).About platformic * Admin Console enables content editors to add links and pages and control navigation * Supports rd party software product integration for personalization/customization * Extensible using Platformic Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) * Ability to link to applications on other website * Ability to publish to Internet. platformic Technology Platformic’s modular. A website that delivers time.

Scripps Research Institute. simple integration and easy deployment. Mary Kay. enterprises.www. London Stock Exchange. New Mexico. TV Guide Online. Third fastest-growing ECM vendor. USA HeADquArTerS: Redmond. Glu Mobile. 2 . Miami-Dade County Public Schools. application developers. Reproduction is an integral part of its Microsoft Office solution suite. WA SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 CuSTOMer FOCuS: Office SharePoint Server 2007. Ministry of | 1-800-MICROSOFT HigHligHts * * * * Well-suited to small and mid-market companies. which is used by small and mid-sized organizations. Reasonable price. All Rights Reserved. © 2011. and OEMs. Internet Service Providers. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Monsanto. Dolby Laboratories. OWNerSHip: Public (NASDAQ: MSFT) FOuNDeD: 1975. educational institutions. Backed by the strength of Microsoft. governmental institutions. Del Monte Foods.

The company has expanded into markets such as video game consoles. Microsoft has succeeded in generating significant revenues from the ECM market and has rapidly increased its market impact. As of June 0. Dublin etc. convenience.  . California. China. sales. Business-Software. Fargo. the Company employed approximately 61. The company’s seven product segments are: Client. The world’s #1 software company provides a variety of products and services. Washington with smaller facilities located in Mountain View.000 people. Server and Tools. and value to people’s lives. and services organizations. Microsoft’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution helps organizations overcome the challenges posed by unmanaged content. Reproduction Prohibited. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a central part of the Microsoft ECM solution. Beijing. sales. Mobile and Embedded Devices. marketing. North Dakota. including its Windows operating systems and Office software suite. including agreeing to uniformly license its operating systems and allowing manufacturers to include competing software with Windows. Microsoft has reached settlements to end a slew of antitrust investigations and lawsuits. While not as technical sophisticated as competitors. Microsoft Business Solutions. The company’s product segments provide management with a financial view of its key businesses. and for the timely and rational allocation of development. Microsoft’s ambitions are anything but small. It develops and markets software. In early 2008 the company made an unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo! for about $.About Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 1975. The company’s research and development facilities are located primarily in Redmond. marketing. Like its size. and digital music players. which extends content management to every employee in an organization through integration with familiar tools like the Microsoft Office system. and Home and Entertainment. Information Worker. © 2011. The segments provide a framework for the alignment of strategies and objectives across the development. and services resources within businesses. services and solutions that deliver new opportunity. servers and storage software. MSN. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft has made significant investments in its ECM solution to reach the high-end of the market.6 billion.

* Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 gives organizations the power to manage the entire life cycle of content by providing distinct sets of features that enable organizations to manage diverse content. Business-Software. to editing and collaboration. © 2011. and efficiently and effectively manage and maintain organizational content over multiple Web sites. * Microsoft’s content management solution simplifies compliance efforts and keeps business information more secure through a comprehensive set of tools to manage and control electronic content. application extensibility. to expiration — on a single unified e-mail. extranet. and sports a familiar Office interface. or Web browsers. instead of relying on separate fragmented systems.  . All Rights Reserved. and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. customers can streamline the everyday business processes that are a drain on organizational productivity by using electronic forms and out-of-the-box workflow processes that users can initiate. Additionally. accelerating shared business processes. Reproduction Prohibited. * SharePoint Server 2007 is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search. Office SharePoint Server 2007 supports all intranet.About Microsoft Microsoft Enterprise Content Management is reasonably prices and integrates easily with other Microsoft products. and interoperability. * Backed by the world reach and reputation of Microsoft. this collaboration and content management server provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for server administration. track. satisfy compliance and legal requirements. and Web applications across an enterprise within one integrated platform. and participate in through familiar Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft Key Strengths * The Microsoft ECM solution provides capabilities for managing the entire life cycle of content — from creation. * Using the Office SharePoint Server solution.

categorizing. organizations can initiate. Businesses can specify user access rights for individual items in a library. Records management * Lets customers apply information retention. © 2011. Office SharePoint Server 2007 also has rich. with support for Web services and interoperability standards including XML and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).About Microsoft Microsoft Technology Microsoft’s Office SharePoint Server 2007 is built on a scalable architecture. Microsoft Software Highlights Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (enterprise solution) Document management * Lets organizations organize and classify the content within a Document Center site to provide a consistent method for organizing. helping to ensure that the workflow participants follow the workflow steps properly. Workflow task information is displayed in the desktop program. open application programming interfaces (APIs) and event handlers for lists and documents. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. This enables integration with existing systems and provides the flexibility to incorporate new non-Microsoft IT investments. Outof-the-box WSRP Consumer Web Part enables integration with other WSRP-compliant portal solutions. and collaborate on document-oriented processes directly from 2007 Office release desktop programs. 5 . * Organizations can help ensure that information required for legal discovery can be retrieved in a cost-effective manner and placed on hold according to the discovery requirements. * Helps companies safeguard documents with integrated rights management that travels with documents wherever they may go when they are downloaded from a site. helps ensure that records are stored in a locked. All Rights Reserved. and auditing policies to business records to help ensure that these records are appropriately retained. track. protection. called a Records Center site. * A security-enhanced repository. and quickly searching for final state. navigating through. * With built-in document workflows. LDAP integration support for other pluggable authentication providers makes it easier to work with non–Active Directory sources.

com. extranet. 6 .0 (Organization and business unit solution) * A versatile technology that organizations and business units of all sizes can use to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve team productivity * Built on Microsoft Windows Server 200. * Customers can implement a single multitier infrastructure for publishing content to intranet. and Internet sites. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. Windows SharePoint Services also provides a foundation platform for building Web-based business applications that can flex and scale easily to meet the changing and growing needs of the business. Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services 3. © 2011. * Companies can provide approved master pages and page layouts that enable branding and navigation of the site to be specified once and reused by content authors.About Microsoft Web content management * Business groups can create and publish Web content in a timely manner with easy-touse authoring tools and integrated workflows. All Rights Reserved.

OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: | 0-2-172 HigHligHts * Centralpoint empowers users to manage all of their web projects from one platform.oxcyon. 7 . Business-Software. * Centralpoint redefines Portal. Manufacturing. empowering non-technologists with tools to streamline their overall web strategy. which enables its users to manage multiple and complex web projects. streamlining information to reduce the total cost of SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: priCiNg: Contact Oxcyon for pricing information. OH SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * Centralpoint CuSTOMer FOCuS: Oxcyon’s Centralpoint solution is designed to meet the needs of organizations regardless of their size or industry. Reproduction Prohibited. Ohio HeADquArTerS: Middleburg Heights. © 2011.www. Government and Non-Profit organizations. * Centralpoint is one of the most comprehensive CMS and Portal platforms on the market today. Centralpoint has enjoyed early market adoption within verticals such as Healthcare. Publishing. All Rights | info@pxcyon. * Centralpoint is designed around Multilevel Poly-hierarchical Classification.

Reproduction Prohibited. they quickly added options and new models for more sophisticated clients. and the basis of incentive is changing. and in house web developers. and thousands of end users to prove it works. Centralpoint is equally unwelcome by developers who place a higher value on job security than the bottom line of their employers. Blacksmiths hated Henry Ford. The goal initially was to streamline their delivery model so that they could compete against larger more expensive firms. reduced cost. © 2011. Centralpoint was an ambitious endeavor.About Oxcyon Oxcyon was formed in 2000. Data Warehousing. Business-Software. and Email Broadcasting. Centralpoint quickly evolved from a tool Oxcyon used to deliver solutions. increasing the breadth of complex web projects we can deliver. 8 . to develop a better way to web. The lagging economy has caused us to enjoy more hyper-growth now than ever. Today. market ready solutions. proving that man cannot produce as quickly and efficiently as machine. rights management.. Oxcyon boasts over 250 options for Centralpoint. Since then. today all employees are forced to watch the bottom line. with a better architecture. Oxcyon added options beyond the base model to include things like taxonomy.look out for the and it will look out for you. to a platform technology that empowered anyone to do the same. complexity and time to market.. but quickly clients learned of what it would do for their own mass development. The first release of Centralpoint was for Oxcyon to show greater profit. Fortunately. but they quickly expanded their vision to provide the same tools to their clients. Centralpoint’s initial release in 2001 was a simple Portal with integrated CMS tools. providing out of the box. Centralpoint’s modular assembly line architecture empowers you to build complex web solutions quickly and efficiently. The company set out to modularize the development of web projects. Not only was Oxcyon able to build a better business model. but today has over 250 clients. Oxcyon takes on major integrators. Single Sign On. He literally helped to put them all out of business. Centralpoint is their flagship technology that allows the company to develop virtually any web project with a reduced number of developers. All Rights Reserved.

com.About Oxcyon Oxcyon Key Features Business Intelligence This module was designed to allow data mining of user activity and site traffic for valuable Business Intelligence. and the ability to prompt public visitors to become members (via subscription). This integration gives them the ability to serve private content to subscribers. © 2011. Reproduction Prohibited. to lead generation to compliance monitoring. and is why this module was developed. This module centralizes the management of Media from ‘central-point’ across multiple audience types and sites. there are a number of webpages within a site which do not belong in any ‘organized’ container (or module). however. Document Manager This module was developed to allow all Document Manager records and downloads to be easily managed and searched within your company’s site. Media can also be managed by local content managers. In essence. As publishers move toward paid content business models. and searched globally. Core Pages Ideally. it is imperative that they are able to integrate with their live subscription/fulfillment companies. to allow review. This module empowers organizations with centralized control and management over all of their current and archived documents. these ‘orphan’ web pages need a way to be managed. all pages within a site should belong in a container or module to make them easier to search. This information covers everything from collaborative filtering. CRM Lead Management This module was developed to capture all of the incoming submissions made to Information Request/Contact Forms. All Rights Reserved. 9 . including the ability to search by taxonomy type(s) (metadata). Business-Software. Circulation Integration All modules within Centralpoint have been integrated with major subscription/fulfillment companies to better service publishing clients. In reality. public content to non-subscribers. reporting and export of all activity to this module.

Forms Management. Their technology. Bouncbacks. This module allows you to easily broadcast bulk emails to your specific member groups. content and features to your membership base. Centralpoint leverages an intelligent design. Click Throughs and Ad Banner Management.About Oxcyon Custom Knowledge Bases This module was built to allow clients to create and manage their own help files which can be searched and accessed by their users. Oxcyon product Highlights Oxcyon is a leader in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management/Portal) marketplace. This results in a cost effective. Marketing Library This module was developed to allow all Marketing Media records and downloads to be easily managed and searched within your site. Opt Outs. All Rights Reserved. Email Broadcasting. which enables its users to manage multiple and complex web projects. Reproduction Prohibited. including Reporting. Unsubscribes.. © 2011. 0 . Opens. to instructions for HR enrollment. Business-Software.. Opt Ins. Workflow. and Rights Management into a singular technology. including the ability to search by taxonomy type(s) (metadata). to deliver: CMS. document management. empowering non-technologists with tools to streamline their overall web E-Commerce. Centralpoint is designed around Multilevel Poly-hierarchical Classification. Centralpoint redefines Portal.. This module centralizes the management of Media from ‘central-point’ across multiple audience types and sites. This module empowers organizations with centralized control and management over all of their current and archived Media records.this module lets you manage files to improve self service of your users Email Broadcasting This module was developed to allow targeted email marketing of advertisements. streamlined approach to managing all of your company’s web projects from a ‘central point’. Media can also be managed by local content managers. and searched globally.Centralpoint. Whether it is marketing how-tos. is used by over 250 organizations worldwide. Data Warehousing.

Eliminate multiple silos treated separately resulting in redundancy. Audiences are N-Tiered to support any size organization. empowering users to put them together any way you want. rather it cascades via each audience down to each user based on their specific role(s). Centralpoint federates all of your information. and more to give clients a singular.0 tools. Their technology provides clients over 200 Web 2. Blog. Email Broadcasting. Centralpoint can support any number of Audiences. Centralpoint puts an end to cobbling together disparate technologies as market trends change. customers. workflow and design. Oxcyon Technology Oxcyon provides clients a Platform as a Service that goes beyond CMS. similar to Microsoft Update. Extranet(s) or any other orphan website that you manage. partners. Business-Software. This allows the parent to control standards. while granting autonomy to your departments as needed. disparate technologies. © 2011. they update those blocks every week. regardless of size or industry. and more from the same technology. This allows you to serve employees. This modular update results in a robust Service Oriented Architecture flexible enough for any organization. administrators. each with their own URL. All Rights Reserved. unified solution. and allows your business to serve each ‘Audience’ uniquely.. Furthermore. Centralpoint empowers you to Consolidate Internet. regardless where they choose to host. Content is not longer silo-ed. Reproduction Prohibited. Workflow. Extranets and more with a singular platform technology. enabling rapid deployment regardless of the project. Their modules are like Lego blocks. The updates are provided to clients. and say Hello to Centralpoint. Consolidate Internet.About Oxcyon Centralpoint is a total solution including such features as: Portal. and much needed support. security. CMS. Intranet. out of the box. 1 . document E-Commerce. Say Goodbye to stand alone web project each running a different platform. Intranet. via a remote web update.a streamlined platform which consolidates your efforts saving you time and money. Data Warehousing.

manage. BGC Partners. LLC. Bluewolf. * Winner 2008 / 2009 SIIA //CODiE// . and optimize Web content.clickability. in a wide array of industry sectors. Philadelphia Newspapers. no hardware to buy. All Rights Reserved. Sustainable Industries. Allured. Star Tribune Company. * Java offering based on open-source components. OWNerSHip: Private FOuNDeD: 1999 HeADquArTerS: San | 866-276-580 HigHligHts * Gartner Rated “Promising” 2008. who create. Timesleader. mid-sized. © 2011. LLC. and larger Reproduction Prohibited. 2 . SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Smithsonian Business Ventures.Best Content Management Solution * Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – the ONLY true SaaS offering in this space. CA SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * Clickability On Demand WCM Platform CuSTOMer FOCuS: Clickability’s products are focused on non-technical users in small. Cantor Fitzgerald. publish. Business-Software. ProFund Advisors. No software to install. Strong acceptance within the media and publishing industry.

fellow employees and partners. © 2011. Conceived from the ground up to be a true multi-tenant platform. Clickability Key Strengths * Enabling Websites – lower Cost. scalable and database-agnostic backend and an agile programming methodology that allows for the continuous evolution of the platform. analyze. Unique workflows enable high volume Web publishers and enterprise marketers to create. reduce costs. The bottom-line benefit to organizations is tangible: monthly costs are predictable. from multiple sources for maximum user impact and revenue. Inc. Nine years’ experience empowering some of the industry’s most prolific Web content publishers have made the Clickability Platform the fastest. most flexible. Clickability provides the latest in on demand Web Content Management technology and expertise to achieve individual Web-optimization objectives. develops on-demand (SaaS) Web content management solutions. Business-Software. complicated. lower IT Burden: Clickability’s business and passion is to empower customers--helping them eliminate their problems—unfriendly. Clickability’s agile programming practices and continuous innovation give its customers the means to stay ahead of the market without heavy investments in IT.  . greatest applications from other vendors. on premise content management systems. manage brands and foster stronger customer relationships. The company listens to. learns with. limited resources. most fullyfeatured SaaS solution there is for Web Content Management and Reproduction Prohibited.About Clickability San Francisco-based Clickability. lack of innovation. and succeeds alongside its clients. The company’s open APIs let customers incorporate the latest. and instantly edit or reposition content of multiple types. Innovation is customer focused. * Leading Content Management Solution – with customer focus: As an innovative thought leader. Today. grow revenues. and IT dependence—and enable them to focus on what they do best. rising costs. Clickability unites Software as a Service (SaaS) with a secure. The company’s platform enables non-technical business users to publish sophisticated Web sites. All Rights Reserved.

The Clickability Team is a group of committed.9%. reliable and secure than 98% of individual companies are able to build on their own.About Clickability * Speedy Innovation without Pain – Clickability’s agile programming practices and its responsiveness to customer needs means its WCM Platform evolves at Web speed. © 2011. strategy and customer relationships. All Rights Reserved. These are seamlessly integrated into the platform. tech savvy business partners that take away the burden of Web site management. The Platform is able to handle even the most dramatic traffic spikes with no interruption of service. * In case of natural disaster. the Clickability Platform is more robust. service to most customers can be restored in fifteen minutes to four hours. resilient. Clickability Software Highlights Clickability On Demand WCM Platform Infrastructure as a Service * With two co-located data centers and a third coming Reproduction Prohibited. with no interruption of service. Uptime is 99. Freed from the expense of owning and maintaining hardware and software—struggling to “keep the lights on”—your IT teams can now become business heroes.  . allowing clients to focus on business development. where proprietary hardware and software consume all the technology budget. Instead of several monolithic releases a year. Lower IT Burden for Business Success – Unlike the “traditional” model. * Distributed publishing platform is hosted on lightweight. Business-Software. rapidly extensible commodity hardware for maximum scalability. * Lower TCO. Software as a Service * The Clickabililty Platform was built from the ground up to be a hosted solution that would revolutionize how companies use the Web. Clickability continuously updates the Platform with new features—as many as 00 in an 18 month period. Clickability Technology Clickability’s solution leverages an on demand Web Content Management platform—the only platform on the market that combines the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). the Clickability Platform as a Service empowers customers to create the unique applications most important to their business goals.

Business-Software. basic interactive sites. Express Edition * Express Edition is the ideal choice for: Corporate or organization “brochure” sites. highly interactive marketing sites. Reproduction Prohibited. ultracomplex single websites. manages and evolves the software so your company can create. © 2011. enterprise-scale intranets.About Clickability * Clickability creates. multi-channel publishing. manage and evolve your business. Professional Edition * Professional Edition is the ideal choice for: Secure. All Rights Reserved. 5 . small business and departmental intranets. global e-business. suites of branded microsites. Enterprise Edition * The ideal Web Content Management solution for: Global intranets uniting multiple business entities.

CA SOFTWAre SOLuTiONS: * Autonomy Interwoven TeamSite * Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL ™) * Autonomy Virage MediaBin * Autonomy Interwoven LiveSite * Autonomy Interwoven MetaTagger * Autonomy Interwoven OpenDeploy * Autonomy Interwoven ControlHub CuSTOMer FOCuS: Autonomy Interwoven targets three distinct audiences: global enterprises. SKY Italia. 6 . adaptive targeting. Shutterfly. Reproduction Prohibited.www. Virgin Mobile. Chrysler I 1-888-68-796 HigHligHts * Offers social media analysis. offers. legal firms. San Jose. targeted content. Business-Software. and the global capital markets (GCM) financial community. All Rights Reserved. and multichannel organization * Empowers business and marketing users to manage an engaging Web presence * Offers solutions across a wide range of enterprise applications * Leveraging Autonomy Interwoven. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Delta Airlines. and experiences to site visitors OWNerSHip: Public:( NASDAQ: IWOV) FOuNDeD: 1995. and management consultancies. Discovery Communication. professional services firms. Cisco. Avaya © 2011. accounting firms. CA HeADquArTerS: San Jose.interwoven. users will deliver dynamic. American Hospital Association.

and management of both structured and unstructured information. Autonomy has grown into one of the most successful software companies in the world ensuring longevity. automating the retrieval. processing.About Autonomy interwoven Autonomy is a global leader in infrastructure software that helps organizations derive meaning and value from all of their information assets. Autonomy Interwoven’s WCM meets both marketing and IT requirements. which can be updated and published in minutes. intranets and extranets. The Autonomy Interwoven WCM solution: * Provides powerful insights using IDOL’s conceptual analytics. Autonomy interwoven Key Strengths By simplifying the website creation process and offering a flexible delivery model. All online marketing initiatives. so marketers can easily create and dynamically deliver highly Autonomy is headquartered in Cambridge. All Rights Reserved. and entire websites as well as conduct multivariable tests and create targeted content for different visitors with minimal involvement from IT. Business-Software. Autonomy Interwoven tightly integrates its meaning-based technologies with intelligent analysis capabilities. from launching a marketing campaign to up-selling customers or deploying a sales and marketing site for partners and distributors. IDC and Forrester Research. Autonomy’s global customer base of 20. analyze and manage information and interactions across websites. California. consistent. is managed centrally to ensure consistent branding across all marketing efforts. as the international leader in high-end information processing and governance. Through its innovative technology. microsites. and engaging experiences across the entire online channel. With a market capitalization that has surpassed $ billion. law firms and governments discover. 7 . Autonomy fundamentally changes the way global 2000 companies. customers and partners. Marketers can build and quickly rollout landing pages. reliability and stability for its investors. can be administered from one interface. which derives meaning from customer interactions across multiple channels to deliver targeted web experiences © 2011. Autonomy is acknowledged by industry analysts such as Gartner. Reproduction Prohibited. England and San Francisco. Founded in 1996.000 and more than 00 OEMs are transforming an entire industry as more and more companies and vendors standardize on Autonomy solutions. Content.

reduce growing costs and complexity. content targeting. web analytics integrations. and video to ensure brand consistency. Companies can reduce the need for siloed technologies to support online business requirements. targeted. . * TeamSite Multivariable Testing – empowers marketers to build and run A|B and multivariable tests directly from the TeamSite interface to optimize the site experience and increase conversions. site design and layout. The solution enables IT to improve operational efficiency. increase business agility. collaboration. conceptual retrieval. companies can cost-effectively develop. © 2011. All Rights Reserved. * Autonomy Interwoven LiveSite – enables the delivery of workflow and approval. test. free up strategic resources by reducing marketers’ dependence on IT. multivariable testing.About Autonomy interwoven * Simplifies the creation. or RIA) application. Reproduction Prohibited. and analyze meaningful and personalized web experiences—all from one interface * Delivers the most reliable content management solution on the market with a highly scalable infrastructure Autonomy interwoven Technology With Autonomy Interwoven WCM. * Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL™) – delivers the most powerful indexing. audio.NET. classification. interwoven Software Highlights * Autonomy Interwoven TeamSite – provides the market-leading content management platform for content authoring. and interactive content to site visitors to provide a targeted and engaging experience. and management of content across the department or enterprise * Empowers marketers to easily create. 8 . contribution. and sentiment analysis platform in the marketplace. eliminate redundancy caused by recreating websites and applications. * Autonomy Virage MediaBin – provides rich media management and transformation for brand and digital assets such as images. deliver. and simplify the management of all web assets under one platform—all while enforcing global IT compliance. manage. Business-Software. and optimize multiple. delivered directly to or through other applications such as a portal or a custom (J2EE. and effectively scale and support the business across all web initiatives. and archiving. dynamic websites.

© 2011. * Autonomy Interwoven Professional Services – provides leading expert services for developing strategic requirements. content. Omniture. Reproduction Prohibited.About Autonomy interwoven * Autonomy Interwoven MetaTagger – automates the tagging of content to improve search results and increase accessibility and relevance for customers. * Autonomy Interwoven OpenDeploy – provides highly scalable and transactional deployment of content from any development environment to any production environment accelerating time-to-market. and implementing and integrating Autonomy Interwoven products. All Rights and Webtrends. * Autonomy Interwoven ControlHub – is a centralized hub for code. 9 . * Web Analytics Integrations – with best-of-breed web analytics technologies including Google. and configurations that flow between development and IT to custom web applications. designing an enterprise architecture. Business-Software.

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