3d Modeler 1222 - 26th Main 9th Block, Jayanagar, Banglore – 560069 Freelance Projects: Ph. +91 9916176045 akashwh2003@gmail.com http://akash3d.googlepages.com

Under production Science fiction Movie, Millspost Studios Millspost Works LLC Georgia, USA as a 3d Modeler, Texture Artist, Rigging Artist

3D Graphic applications: 3ds Max, Vue 5 Infinite (for landscape generation) Description: Modeling of an Alien metropolis set in the volcanic crater of Maui island of Hawaii. High resolution mesh is required as the movie will involve close-up camera shots. Alien buildings, creatures, weapons, spaceship and sentries to protect the city are being developed.

Character Modeling and animation for scenarios in an E-learning module Explora Interactive, Ahmedabad

Tools: 3ds Max, Adobe Premiere, Sound Forge Description: The character was the communications consultant of a multinational company talking to a prospective customer. The customer calls in with a wide variety of questions about telecommunication options and the consultants were trained to listen, ask relevant questions, and recommend an appropriate solution. The end result was a 25 minute module of e-learning. • Concept Bikes- Stradivarius and Andromeda Models published on Turbosquid.com for purchase

Tools: 3ds Max, Adobe Premiere, Sound Forge Description: A low poly concept bike Andromeda and a high poly locomotor Stradivarius were developed. An ad dramatizing the grip and stability of Andromeda was developed. An intrepid rider accelerates towards the edge of a loose rocky cliff and skids just in time to avoid falling.

www.nichecareerpatrol.com Niche Career Patrol, Consultancy

Scripting: ASP, VB Script Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver Description: Internet portal developed on order for Niche Career Patrol, a recruitment and training consultancy that deals in IT/ITES sector. A simple and usable registration process to enable students to upload information to the consultancy’s database was created. Administrators of the site were provided a front end graphical interface to enable knowledge-discovery in databases (KDD).

www.episteme.co.in Episteme software solutions

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver

Description: HTML/CSS and Search engine optimization for the company’s official website. The objective was to give it an uncomplicated and corporate look. • IBM Cab Information IVRS system

Tools: VB, MS Access, MS Excel Description: An IVRS system developed for IBM, Noida to allow its employees to schedule cabs and track cab pick-up and drop times. Help desk executives could be contacted from within the interface. VB Active X component TAPI was used to implement the project. A single MS Access database was developed within the system by combining several MS Excel raster sheets. This database was then used by the system to retrieve information. Excel sheets were prepared automatically for cancelled pickups. Projects: • Ice Hockey - 3D multiplayer game and game engine

Tools: DirectX Programming integrated with VC++, 3ds Max Description: DirectX libraries integrated with VC++ were used to develop the game of Ice Hockey. Features like multiple camera angles, Board friction were included. Low poly 3d models were developed in 3ds Max and exported to ‘.x’ format. The models were then directly used with ‘Direct Display’ – one of the components of DirectX SDK.

www.siphar.com A free online Greeting Card Shoppe

Tools: ASP, VB Script, SQL Server, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver Description: The online service was the first of its kind service for delivering free paper greeting cards anywhere in India. The Web site maintained a SQLserver database. It gave its users a default amount of virtual cash referred to as ‘S-Coins’ which was used to send cards and play games. The service also included four simple yet indulging games which required S-coins to play which were repaid against a win. • Six Sigma Employee Tracking System Cummins India

Task: Requirement Gathering and analysis Description: A complete employee tracking system which generates reports based on various filters like name/Id of the employee, Status of the project – Red Green or Yellow (a label to indicate if the project is under approval, approved or rejected). The target users of the system were – Six Sigma Black belts, Master Black Belts and HR personnel. Education: 2002 – 2006 ICFAI Institute of Science And Technology, Hyderabad (ICFAI University) Army School, Roorkee(Uttaranchal) B.Tech (CSE) CGPA: 6.56/10 Higher Secondary (CBSE) Percentage: 67%

2000 - 2001

1998 - 1999 Skills:

Lions School, Mirzapur(U.P.)

Matriculation (CBSE) Percentage: 71%

• • • •

Ability and experience to model with polygons and surfaces in 3ds max 5-9 General capabilities in Rigging, Animation, UV Mapping and texturing Basic Adobe Photoshop, Sound Forge and Adobe Premiere Ability to undertake multi-disciplinary projects Knowledge of Maxscript and proficiency in C/C++ and ASP Akash