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CPS Redesign Background

In July, CPS announced a district-wide redesign which aims to build accountability throughout the district for college readiness and encourages collaboration between school leaders to create a continuity of curriculum from preschool through high school graduation. The redesign redefined key roles to ensure accountability for every position throughout Central Office, and consolidated the 24 former Area Offices into 18 Networks. Chief Area Officer positions were closed and replaced by Chiefs of Schools, with approximately 50% of CAOs transitioning into the role of Chiefs of Schools. The majority of positions under the old Area Office structure are being closed by Oct. 14th and fewer new positions are being opened within the new Network Offices to replace the old staffing structure. Network Office employees were informed of closing positions during the week of Sept. 6th and encouraged to apply for the new positions within these new offices. The new Network positions were posted in our online personnel ebulletin on Friday, Sept. 9th. Impacted staff had the opportunity to review descriptions of these new positions beginning on Sept. 7th. Displaced staff were able to apply for positions at multiple Network Offices by submitting a single email application to a dedicated email box beginning on Sept. 12th. New positions include: Deputy Chief of Schools, Family and Community Engagement Manager, Data Strategist. Interviews are currently taking place to fill many of those new positions. The next phase of the redesign began Tuesday, Sept. 20th. It impacts CPS Central Office-based education employees who will be shifted into similar positions under the new Office of Instruction or whose positions will be closed on Oct. 21st. If an employee is not placed directly into a position within the new Office of Instruction structure, they will be provided with information on how to apply for vacancies within the new structure and will receive information on their benefits if they do not find a position by Oct. 21st. Employee benefits for both Network Office and Chief Education Office staff will continue through Oct. 31st with the option to apply for continuation of benefits coverage (COBRA). To date, this restructuring has resulted in a 25 percent reduction in network, central office, and citywide staff, from approximately 750 to 550. (Note: As a whole, Special Education and Early Childhood functions have not been integrated into the new structure and we will continue to review these functions moving forward.) To date, the cost savings generated equals $16 million. Leadership will continue to review spending, programming and positions within the Chief Education Office to eliminate duplication and generate additional savings further in the coming weeks.