POSITION DESCRIPTION TITLE: Program Manager LOCATION: The Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative – GALAEI

SUPERVISION: Executive Director POSITION: Full-time (35 hours weekly) FUNCTION: The position of Program Manager serves to plan, implement, and evaluate programs; supervise program coordination; manage staff & volunteer resources; and assist in research, program development, and agency operations. The Program Manager must have supervisory and HIV/AIDS service delivery experience, outstanding organizational and management skills, excellent administrative abilities, loyalty to the organization, and dedication to the constituency we serve.
Major Responsibilities • Implement and evaluate the implementation of HIV/AIDS and related programs to ensure contract compliance • Develop and manage Annual Work Plans for programs and Quarterly Individual Work Plans with program staff • Provide weekly supervision to program staff, focusing on program goals, identifying individual’s strengths and challenges, and completing Supervisory Progress Note; also to maintain open door policy for staff • Participate in biweekly supervision with E.D. to review Supervisory Progress Notes • Complete Annual Job Performance Evaluation for all program staff • Maintain records, document activities, and prepare quarterly reports to submit to E.D. • Communicate effectively on a regular basis the status of program activities and initiatives • Assist in program and agency compliance with funding guidelines, contracts, policies, regulations, and industry standards including analyzing and preparing data reports • Provide administrative support to Executive Director (i.e. timesheets, supply inventory/ordering, tokens to staff and clients, etc.) • Assist in representing and advocating for the organization and/or Latino and LGBT communities affected by HIV/AIDS • Assist in development and planning of new and existing programs • Assist in identifying service needs and coordinating community input/feedback and participation • Conduct various presentations and trainings to program staff, clients, and community members as needed • Other duties as assigned Major Qualifications & Skills • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree • Must be bilingual Spanish and English and culturally literate • Experience in supervising and evaluating staff, interns and volunteers • Experience in administration, program delivery, and data analysis to assess program goals • Experience in HIV/AIDS services, social services, health education, community organizing, etc. • Sensitivity to, knowledge of, and experience working with Latino and LGBT communities and people living with HIV/AIDS • Experience and proven track record of HIV/AIDS program delivery and evaluation • Experience in marketing, mass communications, and public relations • Experience in professional presentations, curriculum development, and training • Must be highly organized and able to work under pressure • Must be dynamic, creative, and highly self-motivated • Excellent writing and communication skills

Computer skills in MS Office applications including word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, internet, and data base management

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