Delirium Tremors

This temporary space

A tribute to the Minotaur Multidimensional

The cosmos retracts From your joy

There is blood on my stereo Spins me right round

And rings A bell

The bell Ringing in my ears

Did you order this Fleeting life?

Was it on the menu? Or did the waiter recommend?

Carhops and room service Recruiting Valera For skates and carrying trays

Unlistenable silence Our ears pressed up against the door

Thinking out all the angles You know her, Ha ha ha (posted on myspace)

From under the bridge

She watched Loathing her long scar Slugged and spit She gathered glistening Punching her way through Something more Bursting fit and fit Needing the subtle Split skin rising The dirt of her decay

(posted on myspace)

Thudding Feet

There was a first shoveled wail A big house Sphinx A cursed handful of fist The witness of hands and knees Being affiliated and revolted Into a show of promise Long gone now Betrayed by time And the ways of the whimpers and sighs (posted on facebook)

The jagged breeze

Down the black hole Drained and tinted One twilight before Infection became articulate Before dreams melted in the doorway I once saw a dangerous past Blow past me as a peeled back forehead

Racing headfirst into oblivion All prep school windows Pushed down and looking The dark edge lot Tangled up in karma (posted on facebook)

Destroying Meaning and Truth

Inarguable posture On a thin blunted ground Apparent muddle?

Barely articulate Ill connected and capped Donning said brow

And off to the fishes Chief begetter Something picayune

Chief treats Prime mover Stamina

Flown over the radar Duck and cover Shoes untied

Pushed away Yellowed stain of nicotine Toured fingers

Scrub the floor Wash the blood off the door Passes over me (posted on facebook)

Heidegger spectacles

Ejaculated waitress Paroled arsonist Crashing snake Four winds of curse Never realized Sad material She bursts out The desire for self Rushes through

Trembling Twist and run Insoluble everything Emerging exponents Empty whiskers Cooling kill Embalmed (posted on facebook)

All meat for disbelief

Posted time memories Punch the blotter timecard Soft raveled trace Razor-wired beware Cole Porter venom Deicide One is happier than eight Alien zombie report card Lady Gaga legions Bug spray Repellent Great decaying fear Plastic renegade

Corrupt tentacles Unholy, unholy Making love over closed fist Come together Disco junkies wail Single handed nugget Mosh pit toss Brainstem production Splice the fabricated real Good morning Maggie (posted on facebook)

Rejecting the Objective

Blind, withered, and temporal Life Fear likens Spreading fever Frosted over A lump in the throat Wanton temptation Glib

God’s dichotomy Killing the fatted lamb Damn lies The rumor Civilized animal Lips of porcelain Outnumbered Clacking tongue Afterbirth drain Totem pole Blood clotted lung Whimper Shudder Rule (posted on facebook)

Edges come undone

Tree frogs Leap up Cold climb A means to an end Some time Gated community

Guarded slime Puncture marks Drained arm Atrocity tales Could they?

Two ounces of light rum Your cosmopolitan tales A fender amp holding up your animosity The jar on top is half-full of venom So many candles that never come out in the pictures

Across second avenue Suffiecent dialectic clarity The development of the subject Within the context of power Hitting the hands together Gaining the attention of spiders and ants You audience

A lost map To the Aztec ruins University bumper stickers Picturing as a memory And not present

(posted on facebook)

Sanskrit handshakes A thousand meteorites Stabbing My cheekbones smooth A woman’s peach The boundlessness of dirty Coalesce behind the barn Succumbing firmament Squeezing every last drop Of the principle Beneath the lens A spare molecule Synchronized to the metronome Tick, ticking, tock It passes through me With each strike The hidden old man Unwinding the eternal A dormant advance (posted on facebook) Monstrous and Different Terminal approaching Atomic push Mulberry hue The scorpion’s groove A taunting swallow Full locust bones To sway The inch of aura You are impossible Float and vanish On gravity’s kiss Whispering floorboards Scattered footprints Always straining at dark threats Uncertain throbbing

Moved and upon them A simple void Moving Loosening pathos Marbled curve Warmer plumes Crushed and seeping Tainted organs Creased mortality (posted on facebook) Mortar smash and grind Sorting incinerate Pompous passion Unconcealed Field of dreams mentality Melting deep Prospero Abounding appetite Aperitif Green hands Chewing syllable Betrayal kiss Ahab’s penis Belly up in the bag Drop dead beautiful (posted on facebook) No More The highest slant Imperfect A cold heaven Unlike Anything you have known Ready with the time Old bottles Clank No jingle of lost souls Ear to the wall Holding breath Time stands still

Listening At first, only sounds Then words A slow dribble Gradual increase Gushing torrent Screaming, pounding, banging A shot Then, quiet Too quiet Deadly silence More than I can stand Out my door Kicking her door open There she is On the floor No more (posted on facebook) Handwritten nibbles Mortar to the emotional Wash the loneliness and speak Rote memory Mechanical mind Stuck in an eternal return Out on a stretcher Standard confused animal Always sinister A lifeless body With eyes sewn shut (posted on facebook)

The Production of Desire Clawing the touch The worms of fiction Cold and bony We feel them parade Paradise undress Risk the dance And bet the wind Anticipating the Queen

The north corner adept I passed through in a suitcase They could not detect Misgivings of my heart Until she died Never asked And never won To chance and its harpies Your future does not hold me I am gone Out of the bottle (posted on facebook)

The Surrealist meets the Nuevo Shrunken and deflated Unabated and appalling Appearing as an illusion Sick of the prick The thorn’s kiss Wounding lament Your face as isolated echoes Smashed into the retinas To fidget with the soft underbelly My spam filter is on Thundering herd Raised on seagulls They are tasty with a little mustard Stilled upper lip A darker conspiracy As we cross the rough waters A hand in the jacket breast Looking forward with noble pose Circling the wagons Settling in Western Anatolia Calling your revolutionary bluff Disrupting the Nuevo Riche Spurts of blood on your white shirt These things point to you as the killer To begin with no descriptions No preconceived ideas in your head The blank slate of apothecary Dispensing materia medica Live pieces of human bodies fall from the sky

To be as modern as Balthus She is saving up her monies to take guitar lessons Stretch over the teacher’s knees The fine tuning of the pulled hair Lectures on decadence Marching hand in hand For breakfast at /burger King Transfer to the psychiatric hospital in Rodez The drag experienced by the object My subjective has become objective Lacking an internal plane of symmetry Still finding delight in mischief Holding onto my SKS Tiny robots from the planet Zero Basking in the darkness of purgatory’s shadow (posted on facebook)

Waking up in the Meaning of Aggregation Parts and more parts Chained dogs breaking free Too tough to experience negative affections We are all effects of difference Once you have grasped this You are never the same Going all the way down Confronting reality A form imposed by the subject Constant in the past and present Independence apart from perception Unfettered by a priori Only analogous to human goodness Ruptured and confronted by reality (posted on facebook)

Defeating Yusuke Imamura Destroying Kratie City Full metal injections Boring down to the core A molten lament Noise and torn sky Defined by your language As you deny your humanity We place you in a classification Roll numbers upon your belly The seeds pile up inside your belly button Coupling for self-replication Our genes are selfish They want to morph and blend To see the light of day as another Together we are an approximation of affection You want and I want We build upon this mutual trust A naïve belief in a future We have been schooled in the corporeal deception Abandoned by the logic of the ghost dog Our hearts melded to the local point of resistance I can only speak of love (posted on facebook)

My love is inanimate I have seen the infinite decay in your eyes As you reach down and touch my horizontal injections Together we are probability and possibility We breathe in the rich data streams And make our home on the dark side of the moon Your eyes flicker and flash My skin becomes a paradox You rub the mark of eternity branded on my arm Your touch reduces me to silence There is no limit to my closure

My heart constructs new resonance Together we erase the conditions of time We are bold enough to fight against the stasis You call me “indifferent” and I call you “duration” We have known the anonymous And in our garden grows the analogue of change Our words have two sides, one sharp and the other is evidence Keeping out the intrusions of the future As we harbor the feelings of the past (posted on facebook)

Urban Debris You leading the chorus I remember a time when you lacked the intent Not anymore You have eliminated the multiple fragments That once made up your life Free from the initial evidence The past has eaten away the retrospective The becoming never waits It springs itself upon us Growling with an appetite for freedom We have recycled obligation And made it into a choice No more rules that bind us to the machine We are free Free to live in the moment To project all frequencies of the neural spectrum We have thrown away the scripts And have forgotten all the past vectors We sail under the flag of selfish flesh Beyond the confines of the herd Total unmeshed with the self Climbing down from your broken needle crucifix No longer bound by your sentient crawling Gone is the melancholy Your magic has grown old Lifeless and passive We move under our own power now

Now is the time for discovery (posted on facebook)

The Ethics of life I have found my antithesis In my past It was me Who was holding me back I once embraced the typical applications Dancing with the queen of solitude Crossing her maze of dearth I once lived the imperialist fury A blue Jupiter was sewn upon my chest Walking in the shadows of infinity Everything has unfolded and is exposed I no longer wait for the annihilation I project a new sonic image Constructing resonance form the ruins (posted on facebook)

Associative meditations on the worth of life I have felt for your vine in the darkness Feeling the thorn you call “life” My blood trickles down your green Life affirming and so rewarding To know that I’m alive Breathing in all that is you At this bucolic spot Secure in your borders You no longer keep me out Like a rogue pretender The veil of blue music circling Bouncing down the steps Into the street like dragonflies They navigate on angels’ wings (posted on facebook)

If a train had feelings Love, I am Turned to roots Unfortunate protégé A modern master focused A relative unknown wonder Previously hidden Under canapés and teaming efforts Wrapping the plot around Fingers and totem poles Your need for ritual and relaxation A beating heart, is what makes you human Typical tilt About your joyful discovery The substitution of emotion Appreciative muted nuance You have always been my favorite A forbidden love Touching on the famous theme To stand in the rain on the street corner Watching you go by Unnoticed but still so fully in the moment Some moments have such visceral force Rain falling onto the street Filling me with chemistry An undeveloped character Breaking free from convention Mutating into something alive (posted on facebook) Still missing the plastic thingy Not a wall But, a place to grow Under the fallen canker A slipstream advance Crackling under the pressure Every signal a speeding bus A glimpse of the distance You are stored implicit with others The bright and waxy wrapper Emits a feeling of wonder

I want to hold you like a new toy Born from within Meeting the felt need To utter and live Utter again, as you crawl out of the madness Gladness written upon your wrinkles I know them well The inkling of sexual appetite Something about the unknown We go there together We occupy all possible states We become unstuck from our initial positions (posted on facebook)

Stillness within the chaos You want my access codes To open up my heart Peel back the human And see the mechanical toy Life spectacle corroded The perversity of the reflected image A vivid score of struggling sense You hold on to your instincts The trust of wounded influence Sways you in your conclusions Transgressing the flow of recourse Your sins are subliminal messages As you flow across my screen Pure mathematical seduction (posted on facebook) The Dark energy Almost killed Me We fell into the interaction Like blue-blooded jargon Screaming with arms wide open Preferring not to touch the subject Everyone looks away They don’t want to consider the possibilities It could happen to them A hardwired hallucination

Forgiveness never given Absurd forearm carvings The blood is mixed with revolution In search of the power We once were limitless No conventions could hold We smashed your crystal mores Created our own folkways and customs We spoke in a language all our own Now we are surrounded by old memories That wants flesh and blood To be bold once again In some type of light The waning light of the day will suffice Any light of any color Absorbed by the collective conscience Ecstatic in the shared ritual (posted on facebook)

The promise of America Bending double brown Moon bright and nothing Meaning is a new workshop With unwrapped tools Your gaze still in its box A rickety gangster The hills shocked Sending the pointer triggers With your lips of honor You speak of intentions How they keep you alive Conversation figured and decided Hope once so out loud Style looking at substance Your electric freedom is never desperate Once trembling from absence Not now, you are the rising sun Spreading like a paradox (posted on facebook)

When they say blue, I think of green Arguing with the careful Being so sure Of the dark and the bite Picking away at the push and shove Grabbing for the slow drizzle As the fools gather Their tongues waiting for clues A strange love And simple truth The color of light Trapped within the prism of your heart Tomorrow, you say with volume Stepping out into the street Reflecting galaxies in your wonderful eyes No hesitation in your step Each movement an orchestration The swing of the cosmos A beginning and an ending Revolving around your beautiful shell And I wait for tomorrow Thinking of you (posted on facebook)

No More Amputations Surrounded by the waiting Free of the words That binds others The different directions of severed lives They don’t touch you anymore Mixing the vinegar and blood An offering to life Never looking back

Over an exposed secret You say the past is the past And let things be Break your ties with reason Follow after the impractical Stepping whimsical in the cloudy day Letting the rain fall upon you These you say are your treasures Not the bones of the broken Or the money of the repentant Fire brings only more wounds It is better to live with the waters And not fight against it (posted on facebook) Driven by the competition

Infected, this belief Neither of heaven nor of earth Pulling this belief from your tissue Organism and artifact

Adding to the stash Breathing in the acrid smoke Lay it out on the table Dismal thrust, denial of life

As we climb over the top Bracing ourselves against the wing Crush them down Down into a beleaguered conformity

Do death this dishonor

He sticks his head outside the window A breach from which to escape All a sack of bones Man destiny, time Love, beauty …. What you will

Honored with a mighty voice Those words of warning are not hollow now With half a bottle of vodka Bankruptcy of despair, blue visitation Damp future, bright Death machine march With no roof above

We wander forlorn and desperate Unseen edging release Turning into stone I am turning into this bird They still cut through

A beauty lost in deadly precision All points sunny and bones scattered In the wasteland

(posted on facebook)

Add another Superstar to Your Collection

Barking dog recruits, morality and distrust Pocket charm force, dream blue better life Careful is the distortion, piled up corpse Another Jesus Christ, before the face Prostitute mind, magic radio A Love of death that grows into being Concealed pain, monstrous edifice

Before your words entered my heart Morbid opened element Travel floods, before Gang wars closed door Stop the music bag

Along for the ride Beguiled into self-deception Behind her pink shades Behind the barricades Carried away with subversion

Crying with lungs of freedom

Dance on the wave Dance you jezebel Empty formality wooed by chance Flattened hoard, flatter the obedient Flay the living hide Flick the ash and watch it falling

Heaviness, everything grows heavy Gone are my moorings Gone away Gone with the falling rain The heathens and idolaters have spoken Heaven is a disease full of circles (posted onfacebook)

Thinking of Descartes

Dark hooded creatures Wires attached, everything is unreal Everything out of place, everything to me

Wounded self pounding away At well reasoned remarks You exhale the terms Unlearning working like cold cash

With a hardened heart and a pain in my stomach A shattered calm, a skewed perspective With a thousand tongues Washed clean and immaculate Tugging away at me, through a hole Through black dawn window

Treacherous layers, outstretched palms Through pain and suffering, rare attached eyes The bright glitter, the heart, the rites Through your heavens and hells The Formica of your touch, dimness grows

Dirt soaked tears, turns the richest black The doctor dreams of the doom Dream of cavemen, the dress falls to her The dull, leaving shadow, the effect dizzying The electrodes smile, steps out Still alive, still I smile, still playing

The captain repeats the refrain Desire, right into me Ringing their bells, rippled finger touch Rise above the mundane Rising up from unknown parts Riverbed kisses

Roasting me little by little Our dreams are unfinished Nothing holds fast, everything an underworld Making everything small, making me easier to consume In the back yard with the dead body In the black hole of nothingness (posted on facebook)

What a Stranger once said

Taste the urge Muscles expressive An island that Bellows Stiletto adoration Jigsaw legend Moves Passion metamorphosis

Vanish To absolute childhood Reaper of random refuge Bewitch and smolder

(posted on facebook)

Getting Away

Moving substance Unfamiliar grace Practiced thousand dollar animal An ordinary wheel Glittering with liberation The pressure of habits Triumphant days in the horizontal mix Absent with the absolute They have seen the uniqueness of eviction The luxury of locution Making the beautiful Loud new gods They hear manifestation Blood, fire, and revolution (posted on facebook)

When the Repo man calls One meaty paw Five in the morning Pounding on the door The angle of a body A mixture of alcohol and something else To be out on loan Turning unfazed Her confession between the doors She deleted the wrong one Now hell was at her door Too early for forgiveness And no longer able to read minds Shuffling from foot to foot Feeling the weight between them (posted on facebook)

The end

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