Aabha Aadab Aadarshini Aadita Aadrika Aadya Aahana Aaheli Aahna Aaina Aakaanksha Aakarsha Aakriti Aalia Aaliya

Aamaal Aamani Aanal Aanandita Aanchal Aanishka Aanwika Aanya Aaratrika Aarini Aarna Aarnavi Aarohi Aarshiya Aarthikha Aarti Aarunya Aarushi Aarzoo Aashi Aashima Aashirya Aashita Aashiyana Aashna Aashni Aashritha Aashvi Aashvi

Light* Hope and need Idealistic From the beginning Mountain First or preliminary First rays of the sun Pure Exist Mirror Wish or desire Above everybody* Shape Exalted; Highest social standing High; Tall; Towering; Excellent Hopes; Aspirations Spring season (vasanth ritu) Purveyor of Joy Shelter

Gracious* The Dusk Lamp beneath 'Tulsi' plant Adventurous Laxmi* Heart as big as ocean* A music tune

Form of worship First rays Wish Smile From the land of god One who is full of hope* "Beautiful home, Small Dwelling, Nest" Beloved; Devoted to love Somebody who gives shelter

Aasika Aasmaa Aastha Aathmika Aatikah Aatmaja Aayushi Abeer Abha Abhilasha Abhinaya Abhipsa Abhira Abhirami Abhiruchi Abhisarika Abhitha Abidah Abigail Abirami Ablaa Abmel Aboli Achla Achyutha Adeela Adhya Aditi Adiya Adiya Adrisa Advika Adwita Adwiteya Adwitiya Aesha Afaf Afraa Afrah Afreen Afroza Agamya Agneta Agrima Ahalya Ahanti Ahd Ahilya Ahlam Ahria

Excellent; Precious Faith Related to aathma or soul Daughter One with long life Fragrance Beautiful Wish; Desire

Cow herd Goddess Parvati* Beautiful* Beloved Fearless (Goddess Parvati) Worshipper; Devotee Messenger* Godessname; Godess Lakshmi Perfectly formed A flower Constant Immovable Equal First power Mother of the Gods Gods treasure Gods treasure; Jewel Mountain Lord Unique Unique Unique Matchless Love Chastity White Happiness Encouragement Quintessence of fire Knowledge; Wisdom Fire* Always on the fore front Agreeable Gift "Pledge, Knowledge" Wife of a rishi Witty; One who has pleasant dreams; Imaginative

Ahrmshulla Aida Aimiah Aisha Aishi Aishita Aishwarya Aja Ajastha Ajeya Ajia Ajinder Ajita Akaisha Akanksha Akashleena Akhila Aklima Akriti Akshadha Akshainie Akshamala Akshara Akshata Akshaya Akshi Akshita Akshiti Alabhya Alak Alaka? Alaknanda Alaknanda Alaksha Alankrita Aleesha Aleezahtasha Aleina Alekhya Aletrice Alia Alisha Aliza Alka Allanna Almas Aloki Alpa Alpana Alpita

Visiting; Returning Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Mohammed God's gift* Wealth; Prosperity One who is self existent Lord Vishnu Victorious A Winner Flower Wish;Desire; Ambition; Hope Star* Complete The first step Shape; Form God's blessings Goddess Parvati Garland of rudraksh Letter Rice Existence Wonder girl Victorious peace Unique; Difficult to acquire World; Beautiful tresses Girl; Curl; Lock of hair A river River name* Decorated lady Noble or Nobality* Light Which cannot be written Exalted; Highest social standing Protected Joyous Beauty Diamond Brightness Small Beautiful

Altthea Alyssa Amaanya Amanat Amanda Amani Amari Amartya Amatullah Amba Ambali Ambika Ambuja Ameena Ameera Amelia Ami Amisha Amishi Amishta Amita Amithi Amitjyoti Amitusha Amiya Amla Ammu Amodini Amodita Amolika Amrapali Amrita Amritambu Amrusha Amruta Amukta Amvi Amy Ana Anaan Anagha Anagi Anahata Anahita Anaiya Anal Analilia Anam Anamika Anamitra

Sincere Sweet angel Priced possession* Deserving of love Wishes; Aspirations Eternal; Couch grass Immortal; Divine; A God Female servant of Allah Goddess Durga Sensitive; Compassionate; Loving Goddess Parvati Goddess Lakshmi Trustworthy; Faithful Leader; Princess Industrious Nectar Beautiful Pure Limitless Unique Ever bright Delightful Pure Pleasureable Happiness* Priceless Disciple of Buddha Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water Moon

Can't be touched; Precious* A Goddess "Playful,wanted" Clouds Without sin Valuable Full of grace Five Full of grace and Lily Blessing Without a name The Sun

Anandani Anandi Ananias Ananti Anantika Ananya Anarghya Anashree Anasua Anavi Anbar Anchal Andrea Aneesa Anemone Aneri Aneya Angarika Angela Angelia Angha Angleen Angoori Aniha Anika Anika Anila Anima Anindita Anisa Anisha Anisha Anissa Anita Aniya Anjali Anjana Anjika Anjini Anju Anjum Anjuna Ankal Ankita Ankita Ankolika Anmisha Anmol Anmolika Ann

Joyful Joyful; Unending God will hear* Gift Without a second; Endless; Unique; Peerless; Dheriyadhana Priceless One who is not jealous of anybody Perfume; Ambergris Shelter Warrior Friendly; Of good company Type of flower

Flower Messenger from God Beauty Grape Indifferent Goddess Durga Goddess Durga* Air; Wind* The power of becoming minute Who is never spoken ill of; Irreproachable Joy and pleasure * Unobstructed Continuous nightless A leader Creative* Tribute Mother of hanuman Blessed Mother of Hanuman Blessings; Inconquerable A token Whole Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Empress; Conqueress An embrace Priceless Grace

Anna Anna Annacellie Annada Annapoorna Annette Annie Annika Annisa Annjaya Anokhi Anouka Anoushka Ansana Ansha Anshi Anshika Anshita Anshu Anshula Anshumali Ansruta Ansuya Antara Antara Antariksha Anu Anubhuti Anudeepthi Anugraha Anuhya Anuja Anukampa Anukeertana Anukriti Anula Anulekha Anumaya Anumita Anupa Anupama Anuprabha Anuprama Anupriya Anuradha Anureet Anusha Anushaka Anusheela Anushka

Food Food Goddess Durga Goddess of grains Grace Grace Goddess Durga Friendly Different Spirit of God "A term of endearment (Russian Name), fulfilment of desire" Portion God's gift Minute particle A part of Sun Sunny Sun Unique; Unheard of Learned woman Near; Related; Intimate Beauty Space; Sky Feelings Divine light* Divine Blessing Little sister Younger Sister God's grace* Praising God's virtues Photograph "Not wild, agreeable" Beautiful picture

Beautiful Followed by glory Beloved daughter Lord Krishna's Consort Following desires Full of Goodness A term of endearment (Russian Name)

Anushree Anushree Anushri Anuya Anvi Anvita Anwaar Anwesha Anwita Anya Aparajita Aparjita Aparna Apeksha Apekshaa Apinaya Apsara Apurba Apurva Aqilah Aqsa Ara Aradhana Arati Archana Archita Areebah Areej Arij Arina Arja Arjna Arka Arkita Armin Armita Arnima Aroma Aroob Arpana Arpita Arsheya Arshi Arshia Arshiya Arti Aruhi Aruna Arundhathi Arundhati

Goddess Laxmi Pretty "Pretty,Prosperous,Godess Lakshmi" One of Devi's names One who bridges the gap Rays of light Quest Goddess Durga Gracious Undefeated Never been conquered Goddess Parvati Desire Expectation Expressions in dance Angel; Beautiful dancers of Lord Indra Never seen before Like never before Intelligent woman A mosque* Prayer Puja ritual Worship Giving Witty and smart Pleasant smell Sweet smell* Divine Flash of lightning; Ray Plentiful Dweller of the garden of eden Desire Fragrance (Woman) Loving to her husband Offering A Dedication Divine* Heavenly* Divine Heavenly Prayer Ceremony Starting (related to music)* Sun Fidelity; Wife of? the sage Vasista* Fidelity; The morning star

Arunima Arwa Arya Aryahi Aryana Aryana Asah Asalah Asarat Asawari Aseelah Asfaq Asha Ashani Ashara Ashi Ashika Ashima Ashiqa Ashira Ashita Ashka Ashlesha Ashley Ashlynn Ashma Ashmi Ashmita Ashmita Ashmiza Ashna Ashrikaa Ashrita Ashritha Ashviqha Ashwabha Ashwika Ashwina Ashwini Asiya Asma Asmi Asmika Asmita Aswathi Atefeh Athasha Atheeva Athena Athilesa

Glow of dawn Female mountain goat Beautiful Goddess Goddess Durga Of noble birth/family Noble* Plant known for its greeness Purity Raga in hindustani classical music One belonging to a great heritage and family Favours; Kindness; Compassion Expectation Lightening

Person without sorrow Limitless Wealthy River Yamuna What we do after the arti with our hand A star Ash wood Rock; Mountain of rocks; Strong* "rock born, very hard and strong"

A friend Protected by God* Love and pride* Lightening Godess Santhoshi mata Child of the Star Name of star One who tends to the weak and heals Daughter of Abu Bakr


Ultimate* Greek goddess of wisdom* Load of intelligence

Athira Atif Atina Atiriya Atishaya Atiya Atmikha Atreyi Attiya Atula Aurel Avaani Avaapya Avanish Avanti Avantika Avathara Avighna Avinashi Avinashika Avipsa Avlokita Avneet Avni Avnita Ayanna Ayati Ayeesha Ayeh Ayesha Ayona Ayushi Azalea Azeeza Azhaar Azmina Azza Baasima Babita Badriya Bageshri Baheera Bahiyaa Bairavi Bakul Bala Balqis Banan

Prayer; Quick; Lightening Generous Greek Goddess* Beloved; Very dear; Precious; Rare* Superiority Gift Light of God A river Gift Uncomparable Golden angel On course; The bed of a river; The Earth Achieving* Lord of the earth Modest Goddess in human reflection or birth Ignorant Indestructable Indestructible The enlightened one* The Earth The Earth Innocent Royal Sign; distinct Doll Long Life It is a flower Esteemed; Precious; Cherished Flowers; Blossoms Fortunate* Young female gazelle Smiling Little girl* Resembling full moon An Indian Musical Raag Dazzling; Brilliant Beautiful; Radiant Goddess Durga; Music; Melody Flower name Damsel The name of the Queen of Sheba Finger tips

Bandana Bandhavi Banhi Banni Bansari Baraa'a Barisha Barkha Barsha Baruni Basabi Basanti Baseema Basheera Basma Batool Bavishya Beena Bela Belli Belma Benazir Benisha Bennifer Betsy Bhadra Bhagirathi Bhagwanti Bhagwati Bhagyashri Bhagyawati Bhairavi Bhakti Bhamini Bhamini Bhanu Bhanumati Bhanuni Bhanupriya Bhanusri Bharati Bharavi Bhaumi Bhavana Bhavani Bhavi Bhavika Bhavika Bhavina Bhavini

Prayer; Chant; Sacred; Illumined Who loves friends and family members* Fire Maiden Flute; Instrument played by Lord Krishna Excelling Pure Rain Rain Goddess Durga Wife of lord indra Spring Smiling Bringer of good tidings A smile Ascetic virgin Future* A musical instrument Time; Creeper Silver (in kannada/tamil); A companion Incomparable; Matchless; Peerless Flashing* God's witness Good The ganges Lucky Goddess Durga "Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky" Lucky Goddess Durga; Musical notes Prayer Lady* Sun; Fame Famous Charming woman The Sun's beloved Rays of Goddess Laxmi* Goddess Saraswati Radiant sun* Goddess sita Feeling* Goddess Parvati Emotional Cheerful expression Emotional; Sentimental Emotional

Bhavisha Bhavna Bhavya Bhawna Bhini Bhooma Bhoomi Bhrithi Bhumika Bhuvana Bhuvi Bianca Bijal Bijali Bijli Bimala Bimbi Bina Bina Binaisha Bindhiya Bindu Binita Binoy Bipasha Bishakha Blessy Bodhi Breonna Briella Brinda Brishti Briti Bubby Bulbul Bunny Bushra Buthayna Camerina Cammy Candy Carina Caroline Catherine Cathy Chaaya Chahna Chaitali

Future* Good Feelings; Emotions Mangnificent Feelings Mild (usually used with fragrance) Earth* Earth Strengthened; Nourished; Cherished Earth Goddess of earth Heaven Lightening Lightening* Lightening Pure Glorious Melodious* Dew drop Point Modest Vinayta; Softness* River Star Blessing Enlightenment Just pretty Radha Rain Strength* My beloved Nightingale Cute like rabbit (per name) Good omen Of beautiful and tender body

Sweet Dimunitive with royal Connotations Pure Pure Shadow Love A season; Born in the Chaitra month

Chaitna Chaitra Chakori Chakrika Chalama Chaman Chameli Champa Chanchal Chandan Chandana Chandani Chandi Chandika Chandni Chandra Chandra Chandrakala Chandralekha Chandramouli Chandrika Chandrima Charisse Charita Charlotte Charmaine Charmaine Charmy Charu Charulata Charusheela Charusmita Charvi Chashmum Chatri Chelsea Cheshta Chetana Chetna Cheyenne Chhavi Chhaya Chinmayee Chinnu Chintanika Chitra Chitrakshi Chitralekha Chitrani Chloe-may

Sunflower seed Alert Lakshmi* Goddess Parvati Garden A flower A flower Active Sandlewood Sandal Moon light Great Goddess Goddess Durga Moon light Moon Hindu Goddess of moon and stars* Ray of the moon Shiva Moon Moon Cherry like* Good Glam* Song Little song Charming Beautiful Creeper Beautiful Jewel One with a beautiful smile A beautiful lady My eyes Umbrella Port To try Consciousness Power of intellect; Alert Reflection Shadow Blissful* Meditation Drawing Colourful eyes* Portrait The ganges Princess

Chrisitta Christina Chunni Cilji Claire Cora Criselda Cyanea Czaee ayita Daksha Dakshayani Dalaja Damini Damyanti Daneet Daniella Danna Darpana Darsani Darshana Dawn Daya Dayamayi Dayanita Debbie Deborah Debotri Deeksha Deepa Deepal Deepangana Deepanjali Deepika Deepika Deepjyoti Deepmala Deepshika Deepshikha Deepti Deesha Deetya Deeva Deleena Delisha Demira Deprietta Deshnee

"Anointed, Christian" A star Lovely girl Bright Maiden Sky blue Name of flower Beloved* The Earth; Wife of Lord Shiva Goddess Durga Honey Lightning Beautiful

To give; gift Mirror Worth looking at; Another name for Goddess Durga Observation Sun arising* Compassion Merciful Merciful Queen bee* Submitted to three Gods Initiation Light Light Offering by lighting lamps in worship Lamp; light A row of lights the light of the lamp Lamp Flame Full of Light Direction* Goddess Lakshmi Good looking* Happy & make others happy Devotee of Lord Krishna* Dark skin*

Desiha Desna Devalina Devananda Devangi Devani Devanshi Devapriya Devashree Deveshi Devi Devika Devina Devishi Devkanya Devki Devmani Devna Devyani Devyani Dhanali Dhanvanti Dhanvi Dhanya Dhara Dharika Dharini Dharitri Dharmini Dharmista Dharnitha Dharti Dharuna Dhatri Dheeksha Dheeptha Dhriti Dhriti Dhrumi Dhruti Dhruva Dhruvi Dhruvi Dhruvika Dhruvty Dhuha Dhuvitha Dhvani Dhwani Dhyana

Happy; Lemon Offering Beloved of the Gods* Daughter of gods* Like a Goddess Divine Dear to the Gods Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Durga Goddess Goddess Like a Goddess Chief of the Goddesses; Goddess Durga Divine damsel Lord Krishna's mother Divine Gift Godly* Like a Goddess Consort of Lord Karthikeya The one who brings wealth* Holding wealth Money Thankful; Lucky Earth; Flow Earth The earth Religious Lord in dharma Earth* Earth Supporting Goddess Parvati Religious pledge Goddess Lakshmi Patience Patience Motion Star Firm Firmly fixed Firmly fixed Forenoon Sound Melody; Music Meditation

Diana Digvi Diksha Dilan Dilani Dimple Dipali Dipanwita Dipashri Dipti Dirghayu Disha Dishi Dishika Dishita Diti Diva Divija Divisha Divita Diviya Divya Divya Divyana Divyansha Divyanshi Divyata Diya Diya Diyajal Dolie Dolma Dolon Dona Donabel Dravie Drishti Drishya Dristi Drithi Druti Durga Durriya Durva Dvita Dwisha Dyumna Dyuti

Bright one Initiation Son of the sea Glowing; Iridescent* Dimples Lamps Lamp Brightness Long life* Direction; Side Direction Direction* Focus Idea Goddess Singer Borned for performing the great things

Divine power Divine power Divine lustre Divine Divine power* Part of a divine power* Divine lights Lamp Light* Light

Scent of a beautiful white flower

Sight Sight Eyesight Patience Softened A goddess Expensive pearl* A medicinal herb* Existing in two forms; Spiritual Glorious Light

Eashta Easmatara Easmatara Edha Eesha Eeshika Eila Ekaa Ekaja Ekani Ekanta Ekantika Ekta Ela Elaro Elfie Elina Ellora Elsa Emily Emma Epshita Eravati Ereshva Esha Eshani Eshita Esita Eta Eva Evadne Evangelin Ezhil oviyaa Faatin Faatina Fadheela Fadhiya Fadwa Fahamitha Faith Faiza Falak Falguni Farah Fareeda Fareeha Farhana Farhat

Eashwara's name (sanskrit)

Sacred Goddess Parvati; Purity The Earth Goddess Durga Only child One Devoted girl Singly focussed Unity Cardamon tree

Woman with intelligence Clouds Eager* Entire; All Name of Goddess* Righteous* Desire; Want Goddess Parvathi Desired Luminous

Beautiful art (Tamil name) Captivating Captivating Virtue Name derived from self-sacrifice One of the virtues Victorious; Winner Star Beautiful Joy Unique Happy; Joyful Beautiful Happiness

Farhina Farzana Farzin Fatima Fawziya Fazeela Felicy Fenal Ferin Filza Firdoos Firoza Firyal Fiza Fizza Fizzah Flaminia Foram Forum Francine Fulki Fullan Fulmala Gabrielle Gajalakshmi Gajra Gandhali Ganga Gangika Ganika Ganjan Gargi Garima Gauranga Gauri Gaurika Gayathri Gayatri Gazala Geet Geeta Geeti Geetika Gehna Ghaada Ghaaliya Ghaydaa Ghazal

Happiness* Intelligence Prophet Muhammad's daughter Successful; Victorious Faithful* Happiness*

Light Paradise Turquoise Name breeze Nature Silver; Pure* Priest* Fragrance Fragarance Spark Blooming Garland The heroine of God Goddess Laxmi* Flowers Sweet scent Sacred river River Flower Exceding Wise woman Warmth Fair; Cow coloured Goddess Parvati Pretty young girl Phased; Verse Goddess Saraswati A deer Melody Holy book of the hindus Melody A small song ornament Beautiful Fragrant Young and delicate

Ghusoon Gina Ginni Gira Giraja Giribala Girija Girisha Gisele Gita Gitali Gitanjali Gitashri Gitika Giva Godavari Godavri Goldy Gomti Gopa Gopi Gori Gorma Gowri Granthana Greashma Greeshma Griffin Grisha Grishma Gruev Guhika Gul Gulab Gulika Gunasree Guneet Gungun Gunita Gunjan Gunnika Gurbani Gurinder Gurneet Gurparveen Gurpreet Gwenith Haadiya

Branches (tree) Silvery Precious gold coin Language Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Daughter of Mountain; Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Holy Book Melodious Melodious tribute The Bhagvat Gita Hill Sacred river of India A river Made of gold A river Gautama's wife Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna Goddess Parvati Bright; Parvati Book Summer (A.P) Kind of season* Fierce Warmth Vigilant* Voice of a bird* Flower Rose A pearl Full of talent Virtuous Humming Garland Sikhs religious prayer Lord Guru's moral Goddess of the stars* Love of guru or guru's love Wonderful; Pretty* Guide to righteousness

Haala Hadiya Haifa Hailley Haima Haimi Haleema Haley Hameeda Hamsa Hamsini Hana Hanan Haneefa Hanisha Haniya Hannah Hansa Hansika Hansini Hansuja Hardipa Hari priya Haribala Harika Harini Haripriya Harita Harjas Harleena Harley Harnisya Harper Harsada Harshada Harshada Harshal Harshi Harshini Harshita Harsika Hasina Hasita Hasna Haya Hayaam Hayat Heather Heena Heer

Aureole Gift Slender; Of beautiful body Goddess Parvati; Snow Golden Gentle; Patient Heavy rainfall* Praiseworthy Swan* One who rides a swan; Saraswathi Happiness Mercy True believer Pleased; Happy Swan Swan Swan and beautiful lady* Laxmi Goddess Laxmi Daughter of Lord Vishnu A deer Lakshmi Green Praise of the God Thinking of God at all times Place name* One who plays the harp Delighted Giver of Joy Giver of joy Glad Joyous Joyful Joyful; One who brings happiness Laugh Good Full of laughter Beautiful Modesty Deliriously in love Life Flower Mehendi* Generous and understanding

Heera Hela Helena Hema Hemadri Hemakshi Hemal Hemali Hemangi Hemani Hemanti Hemavati Hemisha Hemlata Hena Henna Hera Hessa Het Hetal Heti Hiba Hibah Hili Hilla Hima Himadri Himaja Himangini Himani Himank Himanshi Hina Hinal Hind Hiral Hirankshi Hiranmayi Hitaishi Hitansi Hitee Hitesha Hiteshree Hiya Hiza Honey Honnesha Hooriya Hradini Hridya

Dimond Moonlight Spiritual light Gold Golden hills Golden eyes Golden To bring wealth Golden bodied Goddess Parvati Of winter Goddess Parvati Golden flower Flower Mehndi Queen of Gods Destiny Love Happy Sun ray Gift A gift from God Dancer Timid Snow Peak of snow; The Himalaya mountain Goddess Parvati Gourie Part of snow A shrub Proper name Wealthy Like a deer Well wisher Love and care Goddess Laxmi's second name* "Heart, Happiness"

Rich person Angel Lightening Heart

Hridyesha Hrishmitha Hrithika Hritika Hritvi Huda Huma Humaila Husn Huvishka Hyma Ibtihaaj Ida Idha Idika Iditri Iha Ihita Ijaya Ikraam Iksha Ikshita Ikshula Ila Ilhaam Illisha Iman Imani Imtithal Inaam Inas Inaya Indali Indira Indrani Indu Induja Indulekha Indumati Inika Intisaar Inu Iona Iona Ipsita Ira Iraja Iram Iravati


Right guidance Bird of paradise Golden Necklace Beauty Goddess Parvathi Joy Norman origin; Diligent Insight The Earth Complimentary Wish Desire Sacrifice Honor; Hospitality; Generosity Sight Visible Holy river Vitality Intuition Faith; Belief Trustworthy (Polite) Obedience Act of kindness; Benefaction; Bestowal Capable; Sociability Concern; Solicitude Powerful Bestower of wealth Indra's wife Moon Moon's daughter Moon Full moon Small Earth Triumph Attractive Purple gem Desire Earth; Saraswati Wind's daughter Garden in paradise / eden Full of water or milk

Iris Iris Irit Isha Ishana Ishani Ishanvi Ishi Ishika Ishika Ishita Ishta Ishwarya Ishwarya Ishya Itishree Itkila Iyla Izdihaar Izna Jaba Jaboah Jafit Jagravi Jagruti Jagvi Jahan Jahnavi Jahnavi Jahnvi Jaishna Jaishree Jaishwari Jala Jalaja Jalpa Jalsa Jameela Jameerah Jaminie Jamuna Janaan Janaki Janani Janani Janavika Jane Janessa

Rainbow Daffodil Goddess Durga; The female energy Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Parvathi Goddess Durga

Superior Another name for Lord Vishnu God's prosperity Wealth; Prosperity Spring Fragrant Moonlight Flourishing; Blossoming Light Hibiscus Beautiful King Awareness Worldly The World River Ganga River Ganga

Clarity; Elucidation Goddess of wealth; Laxmi; Lotus Discussion* Celebration Beautiful Beautiful one Flower Heart or soul Causing; Producing Name of three Goddess The Lord is Gracious The Lord of gracious

Janhavi Janisha Janki Jankruti Januja Janya Jarul Jasmin Jasminder Jasmine Jasmira Jasmit Jasmitha Jaspinder Jassi Jasu Jasum Jasweer Javeria Jaya Jayan Jayani Jayanti Jayashree Jayashree Jayati Jayavardhini Jaymee Jayna Jeana Jeenal Jeetesh Jeevitha Jeewanjyoti Jehannaz Jemima Jennifer Jenny Jeroo Jerusha Jeshna Jeslin Jessica Jessina Jevaria Jhalak Jhankar Jhanvi Jharna Jheel

Dispeller of ignorance* Goddess Sita Female offspring Life Flower queen A Flower Lord's glory Fragrant flower Famed Smiles*

Brainy* Hibiscus Victorious Name of Prophet Muhammad's wife * Salutation; Victory; Goddess Parvati Victory A sakthi of Ganesha Goddess Parvati Victorious woman Goddess of victory Victorious Goddess who increases victory Victory*

Goddess of Victory* Life Light of life* Pride of Universe

White and smooth; Soft Married Victory Wealthy

Glimpse; Spark; Sudden motion Murmur A spring Lake

Jheel Jiganasha Jigisha Jigna Jignasa Jilpa Jinal Jital Jivantika Jiya Joanne Joelle Jolie Jonaki Jonina Josh Joshika Joshita Joshitha Jowaki Joyce Joyce Juanita Judzea Juhi Jui Julia Juliana Juliete Jumaana Juniali Jyeshtha Jyoshikha Jyothi Jyothishmathi Jyoti Jyotsna Kaajal Kaamla Kaasni Kaavya Kadambari Kadambini Kadeen Kahkashan Kaia Kailyn Kairavi

Lake* Superior Intellectual Curiosity Academic Curiosity Life giving Lord Vishnu Wineer One who gives life Sweet heart French Pretty Jugnu* Dove Emotion Young maiden Pleased Pleased Fire fly* Joyce Youthful Feminine form of John Flower Flower Youthful Youthful Silver pearl Moon light Biggest A bud* Light Goddess Durga Light; Brilliant Goddess Durga Muscara (surma) Perfect Flower Female cuckoo; Wine distilled from kadamba tree A garland of clouds; A daughter of Taksaka Stars Stability Uncommon but beautiful Moonlight*

Kajol Kajri Kakoli Kakshi Kala Kalavathi Kali Kali Kalika Kalima Kalini Kalpana Kalpita Kalyani Kamakshee Kamakshi Kamal Kamala Kamali Kamalika Kamalini Kamalnayan Kamana Kameela Kamini Kamna Kamya Kamya Kanaka Kanan Kanchan Kanchi Kangana Kani Kanika Kaniksha Kanira Kanishka Kanizah Kanjri Kanta Kanthi Kanti Kanuja Kanupriya Kanush Kapila Kara Karabi Kareema

Eye liner Light as a cloud The preaching of a bird Of jungle; Perfume; Fragrant earth Art Bud A bud Loud Blackish Flower Imagination Imaginary Fortunate

Lotus Goddess Lakshmi A collection of lotuses Lotus Lotus Lotus-eyed Wish Most perfect Beautiful Woman Wish Capable Beautiful; Desireable Gold* Jungle Gold A waistband* Bangel; A bracelet Girl Molecule Grain Gold* Young Girl* Bird Beauty Lustre; Loveliness Light Radha Beloved* Sacred cow Pure* Flower Generous; Noble

Kareena Kareena Kari Karish Karishma Karona Karthiaeini Karthiga Karuli Karuna Karuna Karunya Kasak Kashi Kashika Kashin Kashish Kashish Kashmira Kashmira Kashvi Kashwini Kashyapi Kasturi Katelyn Katha Katherine Kathyayani Katie Katrina Kaumudi Kauser Kausha Kaushali Kaushalya Kaushey Kaustubhi Kaveri Kavika Kavin Kavinaya Kavita Kavita Kaviya Kavni Kavya Kawkab Kawthar Kaya Kayomi

Flower Pure* Attractive* Miracle Merciful; Forgiving Indian Goddess name Innocent Merciful Compassinate; Tender Compassionate Luminous; Pilgrimage spot The shiny one

An attraction Grape; Coming from Kashmir Beauty of Kashmir Shining Star* Earth Scented Pure Distress Pure Goddess Parvathi in her motherly role* Pure Pure Full moon A river in paradise Silken; Silk Skillful Lord Rama's mother Silken Stone in Lord Vishnu's necklace; Kaustubh A river Poetess Handsome; Beautiful Poetry Poem A small poem* Poem Satellite River in Paradise Wealth; Flower; Korean kingdom*

Kecia Keemaya Keeritika Keertana Keerthana Keerthi Kehani Keiyona Kenga Kennth Kenum Keny Keosha Kerensa Kerry Keshini Kesini Ketki Keva Keya Keyuri Khadeeja Khairiya Khalida Khanak Khawlah Khevna Khili Khrisha Khulood Khushboo Khushi Khushi Khusi Khyath Khyati Kiah Kiara Kimaya Kimberley Kina Kinaari Kinjal Kinnari Kintuben Kirati Kirti Kiruba Kishala Kishmish

Beautiful rain Miracle Song Devotional song Eternal flame* Morning Star River Nice and general* Bright Lovely Dark one One with beautiful hair One with beautiful hair Flower Lotus Flower Armlet Name of Prophet Muhammad's wife Charitable; Good Immortal Sound of the bangles* Proper name Wish*

Immortality Fragarance Happiness Pleasure Happines Famous Fame A new beginning* Russian Divine Little one* Shore River bank Musical Instrument A beautiful athlete Goddess Durga Fame Grace of God* A germinated seed Sweet as grapes

Kishori Kitti Klarissa Kohana Kokila Kokila Komal Komali Kommona Komonika Kompal Konika Kopal Korenia Kosha Koushikha Kouther Koyal Kreena Krina Kripa Kripi Kripita Krisha Krishita Krishna Kristy Krita Kriti Kriti Krittika Krupa Krupali Krutee Kruthika Kruti Kshama Kshama Kshamya Kshipra Kshipraa Kshipva Kshiraja Kshirin Kshitika Kuhaneshwary Kuhu Kuja Kulthoom Kumari

Young damsel Dimunitive of Katherine; Pure Bright Little flower?* A Singer A Cuckoo Soft Tender

Bud A Rose Bud (gulab ki kali) Origin; Name of river River in Jennah (paradise)

Compassion Beautiful Beautiful* Divine Lord Krishna Perfection* Action; Creation Name of a star God's forgiveness Who always forgives Name of a star Creation Forgiveness; Mercy Flame Earth Fast Elasticized Goddess Laxmi Flower Earth Beautiful look of Lord Amman* The sweet note of the bird Goddess Durga Daughter of the prophet Mohammed Goddess Durga

Kumkum Kumkum Kumuda Kumudini Kundan Kundanika Kunisha Kunjala Kunshi Kunti Kushi Kusum Kusumita Kuvam Kuvira Kyle Kylie Kyna Kyra Laalasa Laasya Laboni Labuki Ladhi Ladli Lagan Laghuvi Lahari Laiba Laila Lajita Lakhi Laksha Lakshaki Lakshanya Lakshita Lakshmi Lakshya Lakshyaa Lalenthika Lali Lalima Lalita Lalitha Lama Lamees Lamika Lamya

Sacred powder (red) Vermillon Pleasure of the earth white water lily Lotus Gold Flower Living in shrubs Shining Pandavas' mother Happiness Flower Flowers in bloom Sun Courageous woman Narrow split of land Aboriginal Intelligence* Princess* Prayer* Dance performed by Goddess Parvathi* Graceful Musical instrument Sangeet* Loved one Dedication Tender Female of the Haven Dark beauty; Night Modest Goddess Laxmi Aim Goddess Sita One who achieves Distinguished Goddess of Wealth Aim Goddess Lakshmi* Blushing Beauty Beautiful Woman Darkness of lips Soft to the touch Dark-lipped

Lani Laranda Laranya Larina Larissa Larissa Larona Lata Latasha Lateefa Latika Laura Laurita Lavanya Laveena Laveleen LaVena Laveneet Lavenia Laxmi Leandra Leela Leena Leeya Lehar Leila Leisha Lekha Lekisha Lemmie Leora Libni Ligy Likhitha Lilavati Lilawatti Lili Lillian Limna Lincy Linda Lindi Lineysha Linisha Lipi Lipika Lira Lisbei Lochan Lola

Angel from above Graceful Cheerful* Lighthearted Creeper Surprise Gentle; Kind Small Creeper Laurel Beauty; Luster

The vine Purified Goddess of Wealth Divine drama A devoted one; Tender To take* Waves* Dark as night Beautiful angel* Writing Life Dovted to the lord Light* Manuscripts of God Writing God's will* German diminutive of Elizabeth Lily

Pretty Pretty Inteligent* Manuscripts of God Litters; Alphabets Creative and intelligent girl* Bright eyes Goddess Laxmi

Lolita Lolita Lopa Lopamudra Lorena Loshini Loveleen Luba Lubaaba Lubaina Lulu Lydia Madanika Madeeha Madhavi Madhu Madhul Madhulika Madhumathi Madhumitha Madhupriya Madhur Madhura Madhureema Madhuri Madhurima Madhusha Madhushree Madhuvanthi Madina Magadhi Maghi Maha Mahasri Mahee Mahek Mahendi Mahi Mahi Mahika Mahima Mahita Mahiya Mahtab Mahuya Maimoona Maina Maisa

Ruby Agitated; Tremulous; Fickle Learned Wife of Saint Agastya; Learned woman Crowned with laurels*

Lover The innermost essence Pearl Happiness*

Praiseworthy Honey Honey Sweet Nectar Delight moon Sweet person Fond of honey* Melodious; Sweet Sweet pleasant Honey* Sweet Sweet girl* Beauty Beauty; Of spring One who is sweet like honey Land of beauty Flower Giving gifts* Gazelle Goddess Laxmi Smell A paste of leaves. The world The earth Earth Glorious Joy Moon Name of a beautiful flower Auspicious; Blessed A bird Walking with proud swinging gait

Maithili Maitreya Maitreyi Majeeda Majida Makaarim Makali Makayla Makshita Mala Malaika Malak Malarvizhi Malav Malavika Maleah Maleeha Malika Malini Malishka Maljumana Malka Malli Malti Malvika Mamta Mana Manaal Manaar Manali Manami Manasa Manasa Manasi Manasvi Manavi Manda Mandakini Mandara Mandara Mandavi Mandira Mani Manika Manini Maniratna Manisha Manjari Manjari Manju

A name from Mahabharat; Sita's (Lord Rama's wife) name The name of the sage A wise woman Glorious Glorious Of good and honorable character The moon Beautiful Honey* String Angel Cute eyes The earth Princess of Malava kingdom

Flower Fragrant Beautiful Queen Flower Moonlight One who lived in Malva* Motherly love Supernatural power Attainment; Achievement Guiding light (lighthouse) Bird Devi's name in Hardwar Rishikesh Name of a lake in Himalayas* Mother Goddess That which controls mind* Wife of manu; Daughter of man* A river A river Large; Firm Slow Wife of Bharat Melody Gem Jewel Self respected Diamond Desire; Wish Bud of a Mango Tree A cluster of blossoms Pleasant

Manjula Manjusha Manjushri Manmat Manna Manna Manoja Manorama Mansha Manshree Mansi Mantra Manvi Manvitha Manya Maraam Mareesha Margi Maria Marina Marisha Marsha Marta Marudhvathi Maruff Marvi Marya Maryam Masara Masum Masumi Mateah Matilde Matisha Matra Maulashree Mausam Mausami Mawiya May Maya Mayra Maysaa Maysoon Mayurakhsi Mayuri Mayurika Mayyada Meceka Medha

Lovely; Soft; Charming Lady with a Sweet Voice Goddess Laxmi

Heavenly* Born of the mind Beautiful Wish Woman Hymns; Holy chants

Worthy of honour Aspiration Traveller

Of the sea Respectable Lady Synonym for Durga; Aadi shakthi Famous; Known; Noted; Celebrated Beauty redefined* Mark; Limit Name of Mother of Jesus Emerald Innocent* Innocence Honoured; Desired; Liked

Season Seasonal Old Arabic name Old Arabic name Illusion Beloved* To walk with a swinging gait Of beautiful face and body Eye of the peackock Pea-hen Baby peahen To walk with a swinging gait Gem; Cloud Goddess Saraswati; Wisdom; Intellect

Medini Meena Meenakshi Meenal Meeraja Meeza Megan Megha Meghal Meghana Meghavini Meghna Meha Mehak Mehanaz Meharunnisa Meher Mehlaka Mehreen Mekhala Melanie Melinda Melvin Mena Menaha Menaja Menka Merlyn Metali Methli Methra Michelle Mihika Mihira Mika Mikel Miki Mikku Mili Milonee Miloni Mina Minakshi Minal Mini Minimol Minu Mipasha Mira Mira

Earth Eye Precious Gem Combination of Meenakshi & Natrajan Quarter moon Cloud; rain The clouds Intelligence* Riner ganges Intelligent; Rain Sweet Smell; Aura; Fragrance Beloved one Grace Chand ki raah* Slope of a mountain; Belt Dark skinned Combination of melanie and linda* Female parrot Celestial damsel Goddesss Parvati Small Falcon Friendship

Dew Drop Feminine form of mihir the sun Little raccoon jusy aname

A meeting; To find Melodious "Fish, Jewel" Fish eyes Pure Small (often a pet name) Small daughter* A Gem; Precoius stone Lord Krishna's devotee Cloud

Miraya Misha Mishaye Mishita Mishka Mishti Misri Mistie Mita Mitali Mitali Miteelai Mithra Mitra Mitravinda Mittali Mittu Mohini Mohit Mohita Mohithira Moksha Moksin Molina Mona Monal Monalisa Moneshaa Monica Monisha Moubani Mouli Moumita Mounica Moushmee Mridhula Mridini Mridu Mridula Mrinali Mrinalini Mrinmayee Mrinmoyee Mrithubashini Mrithulika Mritsa Mrittika Mrnalini Mrudula Mruga

Lord Krishna's devotee Smile

Gift of love Sweet person Sweet Friend Friendly Friendship Friend Possessor of friends Friendship

Attracted Attracted Liberation Free The tree that grows from the root Bird Noble

Intellectual A flower Sacred thread*

Goddesss Parvati Gentle An ideal woman Lotus stem Deer's Eye Anything that is made out of mud Soft spoken girl Soft* Good Earth Mother Earth A collection of lotuses A name of a bird

Mrunali Mrunmayi Mubarak Mubashshara Mubinah Mudra Mufeeda Mugdha Muhja Mukta Mukti Muna Muneera Munmun Musheera Muskaan Musu Muthu Mya Mythili Mythilli Mythri Mythri

Lotus stalk Blessed Giver of good news Manifest; Clear; One who clarifies Healing hand movement Useful Innocent young girl Heart's blood; Soul Liberated Liberation Wish; Desire Illuminating; Shedding light Giving counsel "Smile, Happiness" Beautiful Pearl Princess of mithila Beautiful girl* Friendship

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