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Message from Maharaj Ji
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj gave this talk to the children, pre-teens, and teens at the conclusion of the Summer Camp held at Sawan Kirpal Meditation Center in Bowling Green, Virginia, on July 7, 2001.

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Spiritual Impressions is a chance for kids to voice their thoughts. It is a chance for kids to look towards one of the most important aspects of their life in a unique way. Any kid can contribute and all are most welcome to share their ideas. We are the next generation, and in the future we have to help carry this mission forward. Let us start now by taking time in our day-to-day lives and dedicating ourselves towards spirituality. This newsletter contains articles by Master to help us in our lives, articles by other kids on their experiences, recipes that are vegetarian, etc. Spirituality is one of the most important parts of our lives. This newsletter was created to help guide us on this path. Suggestions, comments, questions (for the question and answer section or in general) and help are always welcome!
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“It was very nice to be here at the camp and have an opportunity to share many precious moments with the children. I enjoyed being here and looking at the quality of the experiences that the children are having. It was a joy to see how all of you have arranged for the camp and have made this camp so successful. Coming to the camp is an opportunity to grow- not only for children but also for each and every one of the adults, whether they are counselors or they are teaching a course or helping to make sure that the activities of the camp go on properly. It was nice to see all the arts and activities that all of you have been doing the last few days. It was nice to see the spiritual content in the various activities. As you spent the last few days together, I am sure that you have made new friendships and gained more knowledge about yourself. You have had the opportunities to learn. You are all at a stage in your life where as you go forward there is a vast world opening up for you. These years are the ones in which you are laying out the foundation for the rest of your lives. The more focused you can be toward your goals, the better your life is going to be. Having the camp gives us an opportunity to explore our life. We are all on an exploration of ourselves. As we go forward towards our goal, we will be able to reach our goals. As we develop qualities of love, compassion, gratefulness, and selfless service they start to become a part of our being. I was happy to see the different plays and songs that you had. The plays today were wonderful and have brought out moral values that we all should be inculcating in our life. We need to live in a manner in which we are caring. Our life is very, very precious. Each and every one of us is very, very special. We need tender care to flourish and grow properly so that we can be blooming in a manner in which we ourselves can spread love and fragrance all around. Just as a tree needs water so it can grow and new leaves and flowers can come, similarly, we as souls who are embodied in this human form need to be nurtured and nourished. We, who are adults, have a responsibility to take care of the children to provide them with what will truly, truly help them. We need to nurture the children so they are calm, peaceful, and loving and live in harmony with the divine. Coming to the camp has given me this opportunity to be with the children and the adults in the few days. I am praying that as you go back to your homes, whatever you have learned here you can take back and share with others. We all need to understand that even though we might look different, we might speak different languages, or we might behave in a different manner, we are all children of one great family. We are all one. When we are focused on the outside it becomes difficult to understand that we are one. We start to live a life of duality. We start to consider ourselves to be different from someone else. As we start to consider ourselves to be different from someone else, it then makes us try to put barriers around us. We want our own privacy. We do not want to mingle with certain kinds of people. We feel as an individual that we are different. We start to make our own groups. We start to create barriers, whether they are barriers of our religion, our culture, or our social status. Life then starts to get isolated. A true life is one in which we recognize the oneness. True life is one in which we recognize our closeness with God. As we start to live a life like that we will find that not only are we calmer, not only are we peaceful, but that our life is blissful. One starts to realize that the differences on the outside are what create interactions that are problematic. If there is a problem and an argument, anger is going to flare up. Once we realize how to control our anger, then we will pass through life in an easy manner. You have all been in camp for the last few days, and in camp I am sure you have met many children. Some of them might have been like you. Others may have had different ways of thinking, they spoke different languages, or their cultures and behaviors were different. Because of that your interactions with them might have been difficult. If you react in the same manner as others behave towards you, chances are those interactions will flare up. But if you react lovingly even in the face of turmoil, just like in the skit that you saw of the mango tree in which the mango tree was giving, giving, and giving, and you lead a life as is recommended by the great saints and mystics, such a life like that is one that will help you to reach the true goal of human existence. In camp we have many opportunities to interact with children who we know have different attitudes about life or who have different reactions. It is a learning process, because as we go through life, we are going to be dealing with many different people. It is how we react in a difficult situation that makes us either stay calm or puts us in turmoil. There is an interesting story about a camp. (continued on page-2)

Meaning of Life Holi Holiday Program in Orlando Q&A From Kid’s Kitchen Cartoon Corner Upcoming Events

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Meaning of Life
A writer stood with crumpled papers in his hand, his old notes. His list had went on, with numerous and endless mass of quotes, His words reached deep within, all attempts to grasp the truth. His soul searches like a detective, looking for any clues to sleuth. But to his avail, nothing had lead him anywhere and he ends Up right where he had started, where everything bends And figures distort into all sorts of figures of shapes. His mind restless, his purpose pure and clear, he contemplates. He kept walking, silently thinking, 'is life a picture, an art Or is life fulfilling whatever first falls into your heart.' He finds himself staring at his insides, burning deep within, In his head it itches, he knew it lay just beneath his skin. He picked up pad and his pen. He knew had to try once again. But, before his words could leak from the pen he laughed. The pen fell from his hand hit the ground with the pad, kasplat. Hands in his pocket and mind on God he walked away. His head told him, 'Truth could be taken in any way,' He laughed and walked away, Whistling away like a blue jay. The meaning of life had not inspired him to leave, to quit He decided truth sprung from within, you can't create it.
Message from the Master (continued from page 1) The camp was a longer one than you had. Children had come for a few weeks to the camp. It looked like the mothers of the children were periodically sending them boxes of cookies. Every day one of the kids would get a box of cookies and they would enjoy them. One day one of the boys received a box of cookies. That night, while he slept, another boy stole his cookies. In the morning, when the first boy awoke and found that all his cookies were gone, he was perturbed and went to the counselor. The counselor did some detective work and found out who was the one who stole the cookies. The counselor had a choice. One choice was to punish the boy who stole the cookies and let everyone else know that he stole them so he would be shamed and never do it again. The other choice was to see if he could make the boy who stole the cookies understand that what he did was wrong. So the

Holi Program - by Hargunn Kaur
On March 4th, Satsangis in New York celebrated Holi. It is an ancient festival of India and was originally known as 'Holika'. Holi means burning. There are various legends to explain the meaning of this word, most prominent of all is the legend associated with demon king Hiranyakashyap, who wanted everybody in his kingdom to worship only him but to his great disappointment, his son, Prahlad became an ardent devotee of Lord Naarayana. Hiaranyakashyap commanded his sister, Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap. Holika had a boon whereby she could enter fire without any damage on herself. However, she was not aware that the boon worked only when she enters the fire alone. As a result she paid a price for her sinister desires, while Prahlad was saved

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by the grace of the god for his extreme devotion. The festival, therefore, celebrates the victory of good over evil and also the triumph of devotion. The kids from children satsang acted in this play and spread the message of holi. Since Holi is also known as "festival of colors", at the end of the satsang everyone played with colors followed by langar. It was a wonderful evening.

The Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission Goes to ORLANDO, FLORIDA
By Sandhya Rajkumar
For the first time, the gracious Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has taken the Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission to Orlando, Florida for the annual Holiday Program that welcomes in the New Year. From December 27, 2006 to January 1, 2007, satsangis from all around the world enjoyed 6 days and nights at the International Resort and Spa meditating, reading, and otherwise enlightening themselves spiritually. There were many enjoyable activities and workshops accompanied by many programs presided over by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji, giving us all our daily dose of Master’s love. Master gave inspiring talks and moving discourses each evening on topics that would help us
counselor went to the first boy and said, “I know who stole your cookies. But I do not want to punish him in front of everyone because he might become devastated and start behaving in a different manner.” So he told the first boy, “I have a plan. Will you go along with me?” So the first boy said, “Okay.” He believed in the counselor. So the counselor told the first boy, “Next week your mother is going to send you cookies again because once a week the mothers send cookies to the children. When you get the cookies, come to me.” So the first boy received cookies the next week and went to the counselor. The counselor said, “My suggestion to you is to call the boy who stole your cookies, take him aside, and offer him the new cookies that you received.” So after the counselor talked to the first boy, the first boy took the second boy into the woods and offered him cookies. As they were eating the cookies, the second boy admitted to the first boy how

improve our spiritual condition and relationships with God as well as those around us. The highlight of the Holiday Program, the New Year’s Eve satsang, was a culmination of the Science of Spirituality’s progress in the year of 2006. Representatives from each center announced what they had been doing to help the community and the path. This was followed by a lovely cultural program where many musicians expressed their talents to praise God, invoke love for the Master, and promote the mission. After ringing in the New Year with flair, we escaped for a few hours of sleep (or for some of our more ambitious members, meditation) before the new Lake Mary Center hosted a farewell picnic for everyone.
he had stolen his cookies. Through love and compassion, it was brought home to the boy who stole the cookies that that was not the right thing to do. There are solutions to problems. Some solutions might look easy in the beginning. They might be that if someone hits you, you hit them back, but that creates more violence. Solutions based on love are the solutions that help others. They also help us pass through life in the proper manner. As we all go back to our homes, we should make sure that we make compassion and love building blocks for our lives. A life focused on compassion and love is a life that is a caring life. A caring life is one that brings happiness into the life of others. This life is very, very short. We might think we have a long life. We might think we will live sixty years, eighty years, or one hundred years, but that is short compared to the time that our soul has been separated from God. What is important is that we are able to make the best

In our spare time, there were many things to entertain people of our age group. The hotel was home to a game room, three pools and a jacuzzi, a miniature golf course, and a deli and restaurant. The teenagers even went on a field trip to Universal Studios Orlando! But in truth, most of our time was spent at the hotel; attending Master’s talks, eating wonderful vegetarian cuisine, and meditating were many of the options at the top of our list of daily activities. All in all, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the ’06-’07 Holiday Program. We hope that Master Rajinder will acquiesce to having another such program.
use of this existence. We are all young. We have a lifetime in front of us. The more we focus on God, the better our life is going to be. The more we know about our true self the better we can interact with everyone else. I hope that the camp has given you opportunities to interact with others and opportunities to truly interact with yourself, because as we meditate we are able to experience our true selves. The more we experience our true selves, the better equipped we are to reach our goals. Coming to the camp gives an opportunity to take a step towards the development in which we can lead lives that will be happier, that will be peaceful, that will be calmer, and that will be in harmony with the divine. So I was happy to be here. I wish all of you a wonderful summer in front of you. I pray that you do well in your school, in your education process, and that you learn as much as you can and that as you grow you will be able to live a perfect life. “

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Kid’s Forum - Questions and Answers
This section is designed for us kids and teenagers to express their voice. In this section there will be suggestions, comments, and questions. Children can send in ideas and achievements that they have used in their own satsangs and would be helpful to other kids as well. If your satsang has done something really well, please do share it. You may share ideas you have that you need help working with, in seva, or even in goal planning as a team. You can even ask questions that you may be facing, and we will try to get the answers from the Master or from various publications. As the next generation, we are a community, and this page will reflect that. Please do your part in contributing. All of these things or any future suggestions may be sent to: If you want your thoughts to remain confidential and private, please include that in your submission. The following questions are taken from various issues of Sat Sandesh throughout the years.
Question 1: Why do people get unhappy? Answer: Most of the time, people are unhappy when things do not go the way they want them to. They want things to be a certain way, and when things happen differently from what they expect, they feel unhappy. Things also happen to us because of our past karma. Sometimes, we go through certain things in life because of our past thoughts, words, and deeds. Certain events in our life are based on our past karma. Despite our best efforts, something else happens. We need to do our best but leave the results in God’s hands. As we grow up we should do our best but not worry about the results. It does not mean we should leave everything in God’s hands without trying and say it is Gods will if we do not succeed. Instead, we should work hard and do our best, and then accept the results. If we learn to put in our best effort, and then accept the results, we will find we will not become unhappy or worried, but remain happy. Question 2: In the satsang we talked about spiritual love. Can you talk to us about spiritual love? Answer: Everything is based on love. When we are loving, we are also caring. We are helpful to others. We want to make things easier for others. That is the kind of life we should lead on the spiritual path. When we develop spiritual love, then we have love for everyone. We will love people whether they are the same as us or different from us. We will have love for people of all countries, cultures, religions, and social status. The goal is to be in love all the time. It is easier said than done. Developing love for God, love for all our fellow beings, love for all creation, and being in a loving state all the time is the goal. Question 3: What is initiation? Answer: My dear little friends, initiation is concentration; it is attention. You often want the attention of your mother and father, and the attention of your teacher. What do you do if your Mommy is standing by your side and you want her attention? You sometimes pull at her skirt or her hand. When you look into the eyes of your mother and ask her for something, she usually does not refuse giving you what you want. Similarly, if you want anything from the Master or God, look into the Master’s eyes. When you close your eyes and see the Master before you, you can ask him for whatever you want. If you want anything from the Master, some toys, some playthings, some delicious food, or something else, close your eyes, look at the Master, look into his eyes, talk to him from your heart, and he will reply to your questions and give you whatever you want if it is good for you. That is what we call initiation, drawing the attention of the Master, in simple words.


Chocolate Mousse
by Priyanka Kohli
Gelatin is defined as a "product obtained from partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from natural sources such as skin, connective tissue, and bones of animals." The raw materials used in the production of gelatin are from healthy animals and include cattle bone, cattle hides and fresh, frozen pigskins. Many chocolate mousse recipes call for gelatin; but not this one! Yield: 6 servings Time: 10 minutes + Chilling time Tools: -Small saucepan -Wooden spoon -2 bowls -Electric mixer

Ingredients: 2 Cups Heavy cream 3 oz Unsweetened chocolate ½ Cup Sugar Directions: Heat ½ c cream in saucepan over medium heat, until just about to boil. Finely chop the chocolate and place in bowl. Pour hot cream over chocolate, stir once, cover, and set aside. Whip remaining cream and sugar in the other bowl until they form soft peaks. Stir the chocolate mixture until all is melted and well incorporated, then fold in the cream. Chill for at least 2 hours. Note: If you love chocolate, this is equally good served plain or with fresh strawberries.


Credit : The Hum Tum Cartoon Strip

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