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phone: 6230 0100 Mon-Fri 10 - 3 email: streaming on

Making Waves
Morning Folk Music

Country Sunrise

Making Waves
Morning Folk Music

Mixed Music

Country Sounds

Efrarista Proina

Mixed music

Breakfast - Music, Community Notices, Local Weather Updates & National Radio News @ 7am & 8am
Fri 8.15am Mungo Speaks

Pleasant Mornings

Classic Matters
Classical Music with Bill Tully

Aust Enviro Matters (CRN)

Earth Matters Radio Landcare

Stick Together (CRN) Sovereign Voices
Local & National Aboriginal News, Music & Cultural in Ngunnawal Country with Shiralee Hood

ACT @ Work
Workplace & Social Justice


The War & Peace Report (CRN)

Democracy Now USA

Anything Goes
The Town & Country Show

Lark in the Morning
folk Music in it’s many flavours


Barry Drive

Local environment news and interviews

Women on the Line (CRN)
Music in Depth in Space, Time and Spirit

Hot Buttered Popcorn
Oral Language Arts Performance and Storytelling

Behind the Lines
Local Activist News and Views

World Voices

Rebel Chorus
Folk with a Political Edge Songs of Struggle, Solidarity, Sedition & Survival. “we must sing a rebel song and join the rebel chorus.” Lawson


Words Apart

Canberra Cinema Scene

Irish Voice
News, Views & Music from the Old Country.



News from the Drug Warfront

Global and Social Issues Repeated Sat 12pm (CRN)

* Alternative Radio

ACT Region News, Views and politics

* Canberra News Extra

Fuzzy Logic
Science in the Everyday.

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* National Radio News followed by The Wire (@ 12:04 pm) National Current Affairs * Lunchbox Music, Community Notices & Local Weather Updates. National Radio News @ 2pm

Alternative Radio
Global & Social Issues


Radio Ghana Hour

Beyond Zero Australian Climate Solutions & A Question of Balance (CRN). One Planet
(BBC via CRN)

Music form the Celtic World

Celtic Circle

Community Spotlight
Your Community Group

Visual Arts News & views

art ‘n soul

The Exploration of Indigenous People in the workforce
Jazz made in Aust now Sun 11pm Folk Kitchen now Mon 11pm

Good Job!

The Blues Express
with Vern *Any colour you like as long as it’s blue.

Mental Health. (alternating).

Indian Subcontinent Show - Bengali & Hindi, & Transforming Perceptions - Multicultural

Science in the Everyday.

Deadly Sounds
National Indigenous Music & Health Info (CRN)

Cutting edge Theatre, Dance, Underground Film & Mixed media.


The Far Post

The Push
Funk & Soul

Local ‘n’ Live - Canberra region Music (& Arts). New Tracks, gig guide, Interviews, Live Performances and giveaways. See National Radio News @ 4pm + Local Weather Updates

The Word Game (Soccer news & chat from around the world the country and the local pitches)

Oz Music Show
Uplift - Carers’
Radio Show Australian & Local Music

Gimme Gimme Gimme There’s more to ABBA than you think

Opening Minds The Near Post
The World Game

Tamil Finnish Korean Bangla Vietnamese Women on the Line (CRN) The Monday Night In The Fourth Estate
Media & Communications (CRN)


Multicultural Youth Show


New Tracks, Gig Guide, Interviews & Live Performances.

Music of the 20’s & 30’s

The Hit Parade of Yesterday

Macedonian Sufi’s R Us Macedonian
with Kiro With Linda

Narrabundah College
New Show

The Music Goes Round and Round
Trad Jazz, Swing & Singers of the 30’s and 40’s

Spanish Telugu Chinese The Antedote
Taking Hip-Hop Beyond

Rasko - Serbian
”Voice of the Youth”

Latin Amercian Queer Action S.I.N.G.E.D,
Canberra’s GLBTI Community
Coming Soon New Show Coming Soon

New Show Coming Soon
Now’s The Time Pleasant Nights & Audiodrome latin Americano
Modern Jazz, BeBop & Beyond


Synth, Industrial, Noise, Goth, Electro & Darkwave

Psychotherapy? Let’s Mosh
Grindcore & Death Metal Indie Rock to Hip-Hop & More (all tasty)

Cooking up the Genres (CRN)

Folk Kitchen

Sub-sequence Dialectic
Fearless Messengers for Electronic Tones

Songwriters Across Australia

World Beats (CRN)

Crusie Through the Night with a bit of variety

Pleasant Nights

Jazz Made in Australia (CRN) A Jazz Hour (CRN)

Ultima Thule World Music
Shows (from CRN) Ambient & Atmospheric music

alternating with
2xxfm mixed music selections 2xxfm mixed music selections Audiodrome latin Americano Latin Beats party

AMRAP Airlt Charts (CRN)

The Breeze + New York Jazz (CRN) to 4am

Community Radio Network (CRN) For more information see - On 2XXfm Monday to Friday at 7am, 8am, 12 midday (excluding days of the ACT Legislative Assembly Delayed Broadcasts, see on the right for days & dates), 2pm & 4pm.

* ACT Legislative Assembly Question Time & Adjournment Debate Delayed Broadcast Broadcast on the day following each sitting day for 75-90 minutes. On Wednesdays from 12pm to approximately 1.15 - 1.30pm & on both Thursday & Friday from 11am to approximately 12.15 - 12.30pm. In the weeks of wednesdays 4th may, 22nd & 29th June, 17th & 24th Aug.

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