- 1


# 2 + 2 = 4 , Yeah Right!
Life is an equation, With way too many variables, To equate, No answer is simple, Neither is the explanation, Every action, Is rippled into the next one, Truth is stranger than fiction, Words have multiple dictions, People make the world a pulp fiction, With inattentive careless decisions, All for a mission, Till Life is no more, Armageddon shall set us free, And will know will be, Nothing left to see.

3 Tonne Keys
A set that comes in four, and only in four. No less nor more an importance of National Security that impacts legions of lives. The three tonne keys, weighing heavily on my mind, symbolizing the secrets, of high value in my life. They feel like miles of chains, dipped in liquid bronze, weighing down my left and right arms. They can never change hands, or else it so long! The life of Man, it would be the end of Man! Bigger than Hiroshima in Japan. The end of Man! no one would be left to stand! End of Man! forever sleeping like the Sandman.


- 2-

5 Years Later
Life in faded shades of debris as far as the eye can weep. Imprisoning vivid disbelieving imageries of fallen supermen dismemberment of innocence lives and rising angels as snakes defiled and disgraced the soil that I walk on everyday. How can I feel safe as my eyes watch your letters being engraved in stone? How can I live alone as you wither to the bone? It just not fair! Not fair!!

9 to ?
Three little bodies of three little strangers that looked like three best friends posed with a slump poise next to an open cylindrical garbage container that had it lid


- 3kneeling against the feet of the can and weeping sadness fine drenching mist of red tears. Red tears shaped like crosses that bear inscriptions into the infinites of victims, who’ve splashed their own mist of redness Against their wills in factories fields and as probing objects. It won’t be long till three little interviews will commence for this position.

11 Things Not To Write In A Love Letter
Roses are red! Violets are blue, I would like to go on a date with you, And have a real good screw! I hope that our love will never end until I can start dating your friend You are the one that has my heart Why oh why do I love such a tart You know I really love you, but you're too good for me and so I'll find another whose just as bad, you'll see. i don't mind that you don't have any beauty as long as you kiss me, you'll be my cutie Baby I cheated and I am so sorry, I got her pregnant but please dont worry, I slipped and fell, ended up on top! Honey I didn't know when I should stop. -3-

- 4Six months from now you'll live with full of assurance, As I collect your life insurance My family doesn't like you much, but please try not to worry. If they come into the room, we can always hurry. I lost my job, but that's okay..you are such a honey! You earn enough for both of us, and anyway, what's money? I forgot your birthday, yes I've done that twice! But you can give me something, yes, that would be nice! So accept a love with just us 2, Because I so really want to be in you!

15% Percent Of My Heart (GST Free)
Roses blossom for free, And you own 15 percent Of an unbroken heart, With no GST, No need a payment on the rent, Our love is etched in cement Perfume scent in a breeze, Soaring like doves, Living in a tree, -K-I-S-S-I-N-GWith a view , Of an oceanic sea, And a cozy greater flame Of love Equals one and the same, With a mini flame, Out of the same spark, Our love is never in the dark, Each time we kiss, We release a romantic fart. I would always take you back again, If we had to restart, From the start


- 5-

300 pounds is a gorgeous weight for a massive heart attack for all I to see! A heart attack for showing off my voluptuous barrel shape marshmallow curves as my body is going to look shockingly stunning and motionless!! 300 pounds and ideal number for beautiful roses and reeves of weeping sadness at my bedside. Roses and reeves to complement contrastingly my white of purity that dwells within me 300 a three digit number that has me wondering if I have already crossed the fragile line between Life and Death?


- 6-

A A Cry For Peace
North Americans hope, While other dreams, To rid the picture, Of an inevitable issue, Societies are having trouble to segregate, Instead of open accepting arms, They receive mind hurting and bodily harm < We institutionalize the visually seeing, To live a Life As Men of blind, Love thy neighbour, With barbed wired fences, And flaming arrows, Bloodthirsty flits, In search of human flesh, Barking to discriminate, Barking a racism chant Displaying infectious hating, Targeting all the same orientations, With interest of the same sexuality The bisexuals/gays/lesbians, Enclosing them like an Abu Ghraib prison, Psychologically destructively inflicting pain, Of meaningful destructiveness, Some hid behind walls, To muffle the chanting pain, Of mobs of traditionalists, Of mafias of anti-changes Some screech, Crying like waterfalls in distress, Some curl up in a foetal, Sucking their thumbs, Can we make peace By the end of this question mark?


- 7-

A Death , A Goodbye and Future Days
You don’t talk to me, You don’t want to see me, You stay curled in a foetal Within your sombre solace soul, You don’t drink no more, You don’t eat food either, You simply want the sliver cutlery, To savour your bitter tasting blood, Your alive but mummified, Your dead but breathing shallowly, Your shadow has left, Since the smell of your nearing Death Your noosed by Death Choking by the *King’s Evil, With you laying in your sarcophagus, Life won’t be the same without you, My tears open the gates to the river Nile, Your journey stretching over miles, To the North your compass is dialled, A path as straight as an aisle, This is a goodbye, As the boat leaves the barge, Your safety is fatefully assured, Protected by your dirk and targe, May you wake up like a dream, Your wounds soul and life healed, Feel my presence, Where the Nile cross path with the desert, Forever in my prayer, I won’t forget you I swear, This is a promise I have sworn, -7-

- 8Or else Let me receive A million poisonous grains of sand, Till I fall apart within my own hands King’ Evil : *1. pathol. The former name for tuberculosis of the lymph nodes, especially of the neck. Also called king's evil

A Flavour To Remember
On a recent Monday, at an ice cream parlor I found chunky pieces of clay, in my olde fashion sundae, that weighed like a tonne of bricks. As I excavated with my wooden spoon I found crumbs of an asphalt driveway with a blond toupee and three tokens for the New York Tokyo and Montreal subway. Several inches further I discover racecar pj’s with toes in full decay. Swollen green blue red yellow black purple white gold bronze toes laid on top of a half cooked stingray. Even my slush had undergone


- 9metamorphosis. It contained an Unlikely flavour. Instead of a flavourful cherry slush, the drink was thicker than usual. I found my entire cup was filled with ``Grade F`` dog and horse pooh. This encounter with the weird and the bizzard has taught me, to take caution when something is free.

A Hung Masterpiece
On a sunny day with a rainbow, While playing on the banjo, Sipping bottles of Bordeaux, I came across an angry fellow, Sandwiched with a double hung window, With a gorgeous view of a meadow, The fellow looked like an ugly scarecrow, On his shoulder I spotted a black crow, His eyes were as icy as Pluto, A nose as shallow, As it is narrow, With a bulging bone marrow, He looked like a framed fresco, And with my sense of callow, I took out my digital gizmo, And snapped a photo, Without any of a sorrow, I walked away from the bozo, I took the photo, -9-

- 10 And I made a lot of dough, And created a sideshow, With artifical snow, And a singing gecko, Everything made up a successful show,

A Little Short Of 8
I’m tired. I’m fatigue to the point I could drop like a stone. I’m exhausted I yawn and yawn Till the break of Nightly dawn. I just want a pillow And To get off my feet. To get some shut eye Or even get some sleep! In peace and quiet Away From the commotions of the chaotic world. Just give me 5 minutes ZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZZ ZZ ZZZ!

A Punishing Christmas
When it comes to stocking a Christmas stocking my parents are a little gauche. Last year, it was filled

- 10 -

- 11 to the brim with a diabetic diapered gopher, pieces of a goalpost, some goatskin, scrolls from Goshen, a suffocating elderly goby, with a scaly goldfish blood from a ghost an Asian goldfinch hair off 100 golden goatees and even someone’s gonad. I was grossed Beyond my eyes Could bare. I was left to cry Another Christmas With tears of despair And total disbelief As I ponder and greatly wonder one question: Whatever happened to putting an apple or an orange as a stocking stuffer like in the good ole days?

A Runaway
Why did you go to Iraq? Could you have disobeyed A direct order from your general? Just like when you played, With your G.I. Joe’s Did you go? To prove to me Or to show, You were a rebel, A saint, Or an angel, I’m so scared for you, - 11 -

- 12 I hope never to see, The video of you being hacked, Then it would you take, Less, Than a simple heart attack To be rid of me, Come home soon, We pray for your return, Every night under the full moon, We both love you, Come home soon, And we’ll discuss a later curfew, We dearly miss you, Give us a second chance!

A Simple Desire
My biggest desire in life, Is for a glass of water and a plate, With a knife, fork and spoon.

Ace Of Spade
Impaled on an ace of spade, My Life is but a fade, Bleeding in drips, Bleeding in drops, As the spade plunges deeper, Eyes become weepers, Streaming from the inner deeper, As the spades excavates further, Lights dimming from centre stage, I can feel the presence of the reaper, Descending in the deepest parts of me, Gnawing at my bone, Like a dog chewing on a stone, Drinking my blood, From the straws of my veins, While I look at the heavenly clouds, Feeling my sprit floating on wings, Away from the body of me, Towards a higher power I will see, Who killed me like a dove,

- 12 -

- 13 To set me free, All because of the death card.

AIDS – The Red Cross’ Cross To Bear
An aid flows, Through stems of poisonous snakes, Of liquid Death, Extracted in pints, From black crows and ravens, Infected like venom, Defusing Life, Slowly per drips, Coagulating per drops, Screening to save Death, Eliminating the race of Life, With a single injected bite, Crippling might, Blinding sight, As blue as night, Till the body is sealed tight.

All Along The Watchtower
All along the watchtower, little babies line the tower curled up in a foetal in the cold. They live motherless as little snowflakes fall. They live fatherless as the wind sweeps, every minute, the weakest cry into a better world. High pitched cries from frail bodies weaken

- 13 -

- 14 by miles of seconds Passing by. As more fade a multiplicity of babies are dropped off along the watchtower. They're colder and more shivering. No one to feed poor souls! No one to fade their cries No one to give them attention No one who cares No one at all. It simply difficult to feel helpless.

An Inch Too Far
Rapid thumps of fibrillations, of a crescendo echoing. Igniting passions from a wafting smell of feminine coconut oil. Devilish toying teasing me just out of my reach. I fail to grasp with my heart and my hands the flawless beautiful of the rose that lies before me. - 14 -

- 15 Astonish to her stature as she walks perpendicular to this world and around my monotone desires to be with her, to be loved by her and to feel the tender snuggle of a hug press against me or to swim in the vast pools of her fresh water blue eyes. But she’s just out of my reach and just an inch too far.

An Incoming Of Autumn
Another dazzling summer has ended in farwells along Scarlet’s countryside. As the light of day dives into the crimson light of night, for a metamorphous. A transformation towards a true splendor of nature’s beauty. Where summer goes off one’s gourd and sheds it skin. Displaying another virtue of nature’s natural beauty. With overnight emergence of fresh silk-like - 15 -

- 16 leaves of festive and earthy crisp colours sprouting in the trees in abounding numbers. A lowering of the temperature by simple strokes of fiddles and stomping beats of clogging feet signaling the commencement of the Harvest Moon. And now it’s a pleasure for me introduce: Autumn!!

Anchored To A Memory
Slow snake-like slithering smoke emerging from a life ending cigarette shapes a facial silhouette of a veteran of Viet- Nam to whom I fought alongside with. The details are as clear as his last moment I saw him Alive. My eyes had viewed his courage

- 16 -

- 17 as I owe my life to him. His bravery took an enemy grenade in my place. The incident left me with a superficial gash and I was in charge of burying his ash. I still wonder as my cig ends what kind of life would he have led if he had stepped off the plane like the rest of us simply alive?

Ars Es Longa , Vita Brevis
*Ars est longa, **vita brevis. Art is immortal. Art is infinite. Pictograms tell a story, of Man that have past. Terra cotta pots and cuneiforms, Depicts their details of Lives. Paintbrushes and canvases, bring history alive. Statues of stone or metal, Remind us of the legacies, That people left behind. Art is history, And forever it will be, The story of Life as we see it. * Art is forever ** Life is brief

Arthur King McKnight

- 17 -

- 18 Arthur King McKnight, a man with piercing blue eyes bright, smokes an old fashion pipe. and is a defender of human rites. His pen is mightier than his sword. When he writes, day or night, he delivers his message, with soulful passion. In his choice of words, an illuminating spark, for his legion of followers, who reads his speeches, and who hear him speak. His words are never weak. He doesn’t even have one defeat. He gives eyes to Lady Justice, And evens the scale, For a fair just fight.

B Bad Day
I walk over to the kitchen sink, For a glass of water, But bolts of thunder and lighting shoot out, To give me great pain, I walk over to washroom, To take a nice shower, But a torrential hail rain trickles down, To inflict a great stain, I walk over to a teary wife, To whom I’m bound like a chain, Who has in hand a kitchen knife, I guess our love is down the drain, I woke up this morning To the smell of full of Life, Three simple actions, And I’m dead with a knife in my back, I guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed!!

- 18 -

- 19 -

Be Mine
Roses are red, I believe it is true, Violets are blue, Moulded after the silhouette of you, With gorgeous eyes, Of a drinkable oceanic blue, With voluptuous lips, Of a Valentine red, A mile long smile, Of a sanitary white, Your hairy is full,blond and curly, As a pig’s tail, I keep looking at you, As I watch a slideshow, Of you in my head, I hear our song, ``I’m your angel`` Every twirl and every whirl around, Fields of roses and orchids Blossom, Over and over, Field of impossible, Branch out, From our divine love, We’re doves in loving harmony, Flying in unisons, Streamlining over fields of red tulips, Over the Dutch lands, I get down one knee, And pop the question ``Will you be my Valentine? Forever? and for always?``

Betrayal Across The Heart – Version 1
She stole my heart, I stole her life, Her blood was cold, As I slit her throat, - 19 -

- 20 With my bear hands of a knife, She was a liar, She fooled my desires, She deceived, With every breath, She breathed, I was a fool, To think, That love, Could evolved from a kiss, And that Love really existed, With beautiful emotions, And cozy feelings, To make a relationship, Blossom, To something concrete Something real, But Love ain’t but the crumbling dust, Of cadaverous rust, Love is a bust, And unreliable for trust.

Betrayal Across The Heart – Version 2
It was by a cozy campfire, That my heart, Met a desire, She was a pretty lady, And I wanted her as my baby, She look so,so,so fine, She smelled like strawberry wine, Her taste was so,so,so divine, I wanted her to be mine! A kiss from her, Should be a crime, I’m going out of mind, From the imprint, Of the 35th shade of red lipstick, She was a phantom of delight. Left like a mark on my Lips, Cheeks

- 20 -

- 21 Forehead, She is a delight, And warmth to me, She gives me wings, To fly over land and sea But love is like a mirror, Reflecting truth to one side, To eventually realized, She stole my heart, I stole her life, Her blood was cold, As I slit her throat, With my bear hands of a knife, She was a liar, She fooled my desires, She deceived, With every breath, She breathed, I was a fool, To think, That love, Could evolved from a kiss, And that Love really existed, With beautiful emotions, And cozy feelings, To make a relationship, Blossom, To something concrete Something real, But Love ain’t but the crumbling dust, Of cadaverous rust, Love is a bust, And unreliable for trust.

Beyond The Sly Talk & Make Up
I’m scared, Terrified, Petrified, Mortified By the love from my heart. It's a wide open book, With ripped pages, Torn apart.

- 21 -

- 22 -

A heart to which never skips, Speaking with words. Heavenly bless, As deep and deeper As the knife filets the flesh. Painfully and truthfully Into the nature of one. Dissecting the mask Of several (prota & anta) gonists. What do people see Beyond the flesh? The veins and arteries, Of the living breathing me.

Black Eyes
Black eyes, The eyes of battered wives, Often have to wear, Knuckle imprint on their irises Fiery charred tears of black, Dripping into the darkness of echoes, Black eyes, The eyes of slavery, Chained and weighed down, By the likes of Man, Dragged by the hand of humiliation, And laughed at by the mocking birds, Black eyes, The eyes of the lonely, Depressed with little to speak, Comfort is what they seek, They're confused and dazed, And want to be let out of the maze!

Trust me like a blanket, I’ll make you feel, Safe and warm, My open arms, - 22 -

- 23 Like a loving haven, Shall protect your every bone, You’ll never have to be lonely alone, And if your cold on an icy night, I’ll lend my skin, Till you feel warm and right, If your unable to walk, I’d carry you on my shoulder, When you’re hanging by the moon, While I’m burning on the sun, I would find a pigeon, To communicate my World to you, As well send an angel, For you not to lose hope You’ll always, Going to have a home, Safe in the comfort, Of my arms.

I’m feeling blue, I’m weeping like a lonely heart, Breathing shallowly, The pain is still too fresh, It is cutting through my chest.

Blue Eyes
Blue eyes, Cry more in the rain, When in tormented pain, The blues leave the biggest stain, Bringing purple velvet clouds, To a bright sunny day, No one is safe, To the Poseidon waters, Inside her profound eyes, Swirling air into tsunami, With a blink of her left eye, Massive waves of baby crying, With a wink of her right eye, Drowning civilizations and history, With the thunderous force, Of her two blue eyes,

- 23 -

- 24 If she envisions it, Her winks breath life, Into these cataclysmic catastrophes, A sky is never clear, But filled with the darkness of rain, A sea is never calm, With swirling clashing waves, Beware of the blue eyes!

Book Of Solus
I write of loneliness as I am the plagued writer to which this dreadful curse has been infused with my life essence. All I feel is a gaping void, is a gaping hole, is a gaping void is a gaping black hole, within the profound worlds that dwells and devours slowly my soul. I’m seriously dubious about the certainty of if a plain moment that has touched my skin like a woman’s soft kiss. Why can’t I make A real smile appear during my day to day? Why do the concepts of Death feel more comforting and concrete than the abstractness of Life. My eyes see only venomous snakes and icy slate moons

- 24 -

- 25 to aggrevate crescendoly this alienating piece of paved pain. It is hard to bear periodically on my shoulder Mark’s Chapter 15 as I feel naked to the world while vipers cobras and Romans hiss in laughter and in mockery of me, myself And I.

Breaking Point
Lady who finally cried 1 tear 1 morning in one tissue, simply broke down and spoke. Her words were a bitter slur but the pain was crystal clear. The once porcelain like face was a horrible grimacing mess. Her posture expressed sorrow. Lady’s blood showed high toxicities of guilt Her heart was gravely ill. Hollowed out and filled with emptiness as her Love for her gentleman hasn’t been felt in 13 years Today Lady can finally move on! - 25 -

- 26 Mourning herself back to health

Brother !
Brother! I know it late, The moon is up, And you have to work tomorrow, Brother! Would you please be a good brother! And spare some change for me, I’m running low on life and energy!! Brother! I swear I will pay you back!! With all the penalties you want!! I swear I won’t use it for a habit, Like I’ve done, So many times before, I swear I’ve changed, I swear I’m not the same, Can’t you see through the crap? That lies in my puppy dog eyes!! That the past is the past, And today is a new day! Brother! Could you spare a bit of change? To help a fellow brother in need!! Brother won’t you please!!

Brother Angel
Brother cries, Like a sadden little angel, Brother cries, He watched his All Mighty die, Right in front of his own blue eyes, Brother cries, Like rose petals mourning in the wind,

- 26 -

- 27 Like pain etched into his skin, As Death is without it’s breath Brother cries, Like a Virgin Mary statue, Crying tears of heavenly feelings, It’s a porcelain heart that bleeds, Brother cries Walking Life with tombstone on His feet, No rosary , no prays to say or speak, Brother cries Like a sadden lonely angel.

But A Sweet Rose
True love is ,but a sweet rose ,waiting to be freshly picked.

C Canadian Boxer
Canadian boxers, Made for the rugged Canadian men, Fabricated to protect the Canadian syrup, That lies inside the Canadian trunk, Made from the finest Canadian cedar, Stained to a clear finish, Rendering it weather proof, From all Canadian weather, This very fashionable garment, That fits like a glove, And feel soft as silk to the skin, The Canadian boxer cannot be beat, The Canadian boxers are sold out everywhere, From Zellers , Wal-Mart to Canadian Tires, Can’t simply restock the shelves fast enough, To meet with the Canadian demand, The Canadian boxer, - 27 -

- 28 The patriotic symbol of our heritage I'm glad to simply say: I AM CANADIAN!!!

Soft and plush I love them, In a matching set of three, I really! really!! love!!! My three pretty cats!!!!!!

Cease! Cease!! Cease!!!
Crying eyes Emanating from a little girl Afraid, Sweating the days Enduring the nights Crying eyes, Emanating from a lonely boy Across battlefields he travels Sluggishly carrying his father’s corpse Egressing to another world. Crystal clear it is Endorsing violence and war Appraising the value of Death Slowly diminishes Life and Elating no one. Find a solution for peace Before nothing but pieces remain

Celestial Genocide
I looked at the constellation Orion, And I felt a bleeding on my chest, It stumbled into my heart, Like a drip, Or a dropped note, From a contrabasso, A moment of fibrillation,

- 28 -

- 29 A moment of chaos Piercing my squirreled Life, Digging and ravaging, Devastating and barbarically, Exposing my unspoken Life Like a Newton law, Into the phenotypic graves, Where Life, Is lived, With eyes wide shut.

Chipmunk vs A Drunk
Drunk as skunk, Reeking of a terrible funk, Killing a Buddha and a monk, Moving like a punch-drunk As I walk like a slunk, Trying to understand the bunk, From a 30000 pound chipmunk, Gesturing for the encrusted chunk, Of funky smelling junk, Be with me thrown into a car trunk, He jabbed my body towards the car, Then with a 33 meter crowbar, Noosed my neck and poured gallons of tar, And lit my body with his freshly made cigar, It felt warm and cozy, Even those my life was looking gloomy, I felt my nuts roast well over easy, And how will I be remembered in history? As someone happy or goofy, Or someone gravely or like a mummy?

What will it be?

Choking The Beat
An inner reflection, As shy as a porcelain doll, Remaining ghostly Afraid to let her heart thump - 29 -

- 30 -

Christmas Carol Parody – (Find The Mistakes)
Sweaty socks roasting on a sapphire While Rudolph’s gnawing at my toes A man’s ball being hung by a hoe And jokes dressed up like little crows Everybody knows acne and some pillows will help to make the season bright Tiny little pots with their rabbis all a - glow.. Will find it hard to sheep tonight Hay know that Asthma’s on his way He's loaded lots of alloys and taxies On his stingray And ev'ry mother's child Is gonna spy to see if Cashier really know how to fly And so, I'm offering this simple vase To kids from one to ninety - snooze Although it's been shed, many slimes Many plays; Merry Christmas to U

Civility In A Sip!
All is quiet, To the aftermath, Of a single sip, Of herbal tea, Turn the nature of Man, Into perfect gentlemen, Like statue of stone, No Men emits moans, Men of brute, Peacefully enchants, To a wooden flute,

- 30 -

- 31 Men of slouch, Have sudden plaster perfect posture, What a beautiful looking structure Instilling kindness, Bring stones to tears, But swallow fears, To a peaceful quietness Of nothing of rubbishness, A sip, Parachuting on my lips, Down a chute, Where the kettle boils Like a gift, From God, With this gift, I rid Outlaws and nimrods, Without moral clauses Perfect harmony, All from a cup of tea, Simply deliciously wonder! Anything else, Would be uncivilize

I spun a child, From my essence, He’s my blue eyes, His mother’s crystal white smile, Cute little snout nose, Perfect posture, And modeling pose, Glowing rosy cheeks, Tiny white feet, Pink belly, A musical heart beat, A breath of air, So sweet, Sweeping every World, Off their feet, The moon shines, At your crawl, The sun shimmers, - 31 -

- 32 At your first steps, Standing heavenly tall, You’re a masterpiece.

Cycle Of Man
Man is borned like the phoenix rising from the ashes of a dormant night. It is bursting with youthful energy that provides thrust and lift to journey into the world. A journey of a lifetime that begins with a single flapping of its wings. A pilgrimage that brings lessons ,truths and it rewards of great power and words from the three wisemen. Man soaks in the experiences of his life as he is viewed as a God by the generations to come.

- 32 -

- 33 Generations that drink from the cup of Man’s knowledge. Man aged to a wither like a red rose withering into black petals lost in the wind as the night is reborn.

D Dear God
If one question could be ask to God: What would it be? We hear his name, Other cursing to blame, For the misery on Earth, He’s head of the church, Creator of heaven and Earth, Bless those at birth, Protect the one in hurt, What sort of question would it be? Would it be one of general? Or one of privacy? Would it be literal? Or one of inconsistency? Would it be factual? Or simply rhetorical? How would the question be expressed? By words or pens, Meditation or chants, Feathers with ink, By screaming to the world, Or asking Him with a please, A please to come to me! So what is your question

- 33 -

- 34 -

Deceitful Presentation
I wish I`d never tasted a dish meant to nourish but simply left me a little greenish and sickish.

The dish looked lavish And mouth-watering On the menu My dish was brownish. Garnished with a radish with blackish multiplicity of brownish pimples. The dish emitted odours of urine and varnish. It was cooked, with a flesh eating disease. I could see the bones and the blood leaking like a drizzle. which made my skin crawl. My eyes were in disbelief. to see cigarettes butts along the rim of my plate and a purple strains of hair. I was in grave disgust after one bit. I asked the garcon - 34 -

- 35 for the bill And left the waiter a 0.06 cent tip drenched and soaked in a pool of my vomit.

Dimished Flame
I’ve lost the passion that once filled me with soul but time has grinded my enflame adoration for my art into a fine grains of a wither mess from an ageing fool who had a dream to which Life stole from the palms of his hands. Remnants Of lush passionate dreams lie embedded within the heart in rustful decay. With only the One soul To go to bed.


- 35 -

- 36 -

I hung by a candlelight And struggled with my might, To wait for you all night, Our meal grew cold, As the day aged to old, And the tears fell upon my soul, Your treasure kiss, Was an ancient miss, I felt like Love had been dismissed With passionate Love in decline, All but a bottle of cheap wine, Can find the heart of me!

Does your dick Hang low? Does it wobble When you flow Can you tie it In a knot Can you tie it In a bow Can you throw it Over your shoulder Like a continental soldier Does your dick Hang low? Does your nose Stretch long? Does it thumb The nearest eye? Can you use it As a knife Can you use it As a road? Can you suck nectar like a little honeybee Does your nose

- 36 -

- 37 Stretch long? Do your ears Hang high? Can they Tickle the sky? Can they Catch a few flies? Can they Save some lives Can it cover Your eyes To announce A big surprise Do your ears Hang high? Does your gut Tangle stranglely Can it crush A beer can? Can it make Orange juice Can it make Fresh wine? Can it burp The alphabet To impress The ladies near His chest? Does your gut tangle stranglely? Do you want to cry? cause you get a few stares do you want to cry? cause you get fingered do you feel as if the pressures of life are grabbing you - 37 -

- 38 by the throat? Do you want to cry? Than cry?

Drip, Drops , Puddles and Pool
Drenching drippy drops of rain thwacking! the floor of Mother Nature causing itty bitty bits of pressure against my bladder. Every drip and every drop bring me closer and closer to a midday wee for all eyes to see. I start to prance and to dance. I pray to the heavens, I pray to the Gods but it is too late. Water is trickling down like a slow moving waterfall moist drips and juicy drops are pooling around my 2 left feet giving me more, than a few cold sweats. All I hear in the background as I lay like a puddle on the ground are little laughs that are like lighting jabbing me in the ribs. Oh how I want to die!

Drip! Drop!
Drip! Blood of a love one, Spills once more - 38 -

- 39 -

Drop! As small as a bullet, But as loud as a bomb Drip! Time pools, To the rhythm of a flood, Drop! Like a tonne of bricks, Fears trickles down the spine, Drip! The tears from my eyes, Painful cries Drop! Of reality, In a sea of disbelief, Drip! It's the end, Of life to it last Drop!

Drowning In Third Degree Burns
There are tragedies, Lying in the depths of an eye, Hidden by tempest storms, And the black yonder of the horizon, In the cavernous human waters, Masquerading behind lead make up, Extracting it soul self beauty, Tears slowly barely flow, Like suspended in mid-flow, Barely making impression, In the tissues papered heart, The sadness of the tears, Burning the flaky fragile skin, Like an inferno blazing flame, Scorching marks,

- 39 -

- 40 Imprinted on the skin, Like a body painted tattoo, Scared composure, With a bleeding heart of stone, And jangling porcelain bones, A poor little lady, Who never got to womanhood.

Drug Scandal
I’m stuck in a vicious circle, Olympic rings of white powder, Calling out to me, Small granular grams Looking like soft white sand, Laid on a solid table, Smelling like sweet vanilla maple, In one huge sniff, My left nostril travels with elegance, The five rings with precision, And I top it of with a snorting spin, With a finish I lick the remains, I admit it, I sniff and snort, The white powder sugar, Off the Krispy Cream donuts, For a sugar frosted high.

E Eel Bean Pie
Has anyone seen my baked eel bean pie? I had left it on the mantle of my kitchen window during one frigid day in July where carrot coloured cauldrons drizzled dizzying drips of purple prune pits and white-washed whisked whiskers - 40 -

- 41 blanketing blue bubbles originating from silver soda serpent swamps. Oh where could it be? I looked in China amongst the tense trees. I searched in Austraila inside the deeply profound kangaroo pouches. I buried my head in the sand and spoke to 12 oddly old ostriches but simply dead ends I smacked my headfirst. I asked everyone I could intercept In the street! on tv or movie and even distrubed a few caskets like Julius Caesar Homer Simpson Yoko Ono And even Monte Cristo But with empty hands, I prevailed to grasp the information I was looking for! So I beg With multiple pleases To return the pie Because I honestly And truly miss That shockingly gaseous smell Of a freshly baked Eel bean pie!

Elves Gone Mad
Christmas is dead

- 41 -

- 42 Christmas’ to come Are miserable doom As Santa’s green elves Went on strike From using creative. Simply tired Of making Of fabricating Of creative Gillions of gillions Of toys For all the girls And boys Tired of making And fabricating Gillions of ¸toys For all the girls And boys They sabotaged All the children’s Gift list And picked a item Per gender. For the girl They chose an empty cereal box and for the boys a light bulb incase they ever got a bright idea. It is really mean Can’t anybody save the day?

Enlightment Of Reality
Ah! It really blows living sorely below breathing in Nauseating amounts Of fumes

- 42 -

- 43 which leaves me light-headed which ultimately plagues me like an infectious cancer. I’m oppressed from all viewable sides. I’m like caged with 76 straight jackets bundling me. It is kind of stuffy. I just wish the heaven’s Wouldn’t intake So much beans Because it truly reeks Between the cracks Of life.

Expressing Love

Writing a haiku To express my love for you, With only the truth, A rose of your kind, Forever shines like a star, Where ever you are! A glowing colour, A fiery amber bright, Sparking my big heart With a thornless stem, Green as the gem of nature, Lovely rooted, Hazel eyes to taste, Speaking with sheer gracefulness, Moving flawlessly, Our priceless Love, Upon rings of two white doves,

- 43 -

- 44 Is our union Love is beautiful, Love looks gorgeously pretty, Love belongs to me!!

Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth
To kill youth is to pluck the innocence’s of an innocent little rose. To rip and shred with utter passion the petals that gives beauty and soul is to dismantle the life of an innocent little rose. To impregnate and to give birth to a traumatic experience is to instil fear into the eyes of an innocent little rose. These snake sneaky creatures should feel the weight of the pain of each victim on their shoulder. These deranged minds

- 44 -

- 45 should feel the humiliations of multiple insertions. Up and down up and down up and down until they bleed. These sexually active lunatics, should feel the discomfort of being tide to a bed and feel the cold blade of a shovel as they are buried one by one.

F Fallen From The All Mighty
Kerosene soaked dream, Frosted on a flammable whipped cream, No water of hope! It has all gone up in smoke, It’s hard to cope, While walking on a burning tightrope, It has all fallen downstream, Being towed down by a rope, I am a person, Who fell on a vertical slope, Into the closed box of the engraven, Where everything are far from Eden, As lifeless as a dummy, The light of heaven,

- 45 -

- 46 Deems me unworthy, To be with He!

Met a kid on a suspended bridge, Last night, Tied to the bridge, Noosed to the structure, Looping knots around his neck, Like a dog on a leash, Shackled with tears in his eyes, ¾ly mummified, Bouncing dangerously, Waiting patiently, To motion his jump, My throats was shut in clumps, I wanted to yell, But the moment, Choked me in rebel, I tried to motion movement, But iced into place My mind was playing ``Rock a by baby, The noosed baby cries, As the bridge breaks, The angel will fall, And down will come the guillotine, With one less life in all`` Over and over, The kid tumbled and flipped, Breaking the tip, Of his left hip Plunging in his final trip, As he dipped, Where life is stripped, A coffin is unzipped, And the cemeteries portal is zipped, I watched my own baby!, Die!!

- 46 -

- 47 Watched DEATH! Take him in front of my eyes!! Oh dear oh why! All I hear, Are angels tears!!!

First Day I Lost You
Illuminated by the a monotone like moon, Highlighting a pain worst than scurvy, A pain as loud as melody of crescendos, That chases me, To want the remnant of my adrift Life, I must just look like a futile fool, Playing a 2 key note piano, In a wafting field of heliotrope In the middle of hefty rain, Serenading on a clinically depressed melody So slow and broken, Raindrops avast and subjugate To drizzle and stumble From my maroon sickly eyes, Snuggling my skin, Like faded debris , Of a beautiful meaningful Love, That looked like a forever, Etched like an eternal relationship, Built like an immortality, But devilish pirates Of discriminate orientation like minds, Manipulated & fomented a devastating wish, Leading to a poisonous squirreled moment, Of an ingested cocktail of coconut oil A moment where I lost fibrillation and excitement, For a breath of Life, I felt noosed, Tangling helplessly off of the gibbet, Off into the isolation of the unspoken Where words are drowned, Without a single effort, By legions of oozing Screeching, Deafen retorting contrabassoons sounds, Till the mind is keelhauled By the covetous arrows,

- 47 -

- 48 Of the hunter Orion Now you rest perpendicular to me, On your pallet of white marble & granite, With a difference equal to one, That is inevitable to see, I stand alive But carry guilt of emotions I don’t deserve, Your lie beneath black roses in withering bloom, Living with your whimsy decision And nothing magical, Or legions of look alike clones, Would not be able to replace the true you, Or could relate to what I felt for you, The arbour of time is locked on me, Focusing on my fire All I feel is chaos, And scampering dirks through the heart, Striking blow after blow, Blood oozing, Blood pooling With Death chanting criticisms, On how I drove you away!! How I brought this on myself!! Every time I lay a breath on Life, Thinking of you, The pending thoughts of Death are raised, Like a mute man who is unaware That is how I felt, On the first day I lost. Don’t wait up, Will be together soon

Fleurs De Lys
The fleurs de lys, I am in love with, She is my life, And I’ her country, She kisses me, Beyond logical reasons, She is the roof, On my house, Each summer, I reap what we have sown,

- 48 -

- 49 Near 3 fish lake, We don’t live near seas, But only, A brotherhood and sister, Of peace She is there, For eternity, She is what defines me, I am more than proud, To be Quebecer, I wouldn’t have it, Any other way, It only nature law, Defining who I am

For The One Rose I Lost
Debris of a rose, Lying all over, Without motions, Without emotions, Or without life, A rose in once lustfulness, Plush with beautiful, And filled with something magical, With a smile like Life as angelical, That made it easy to relate, As faded as withered, For eternal and forever, Wrapped with isolation, Even a wish, Could not resurrect her to me!

I wrote this poem 18 hours after a poem call ``Pop Goes The Weasel``. A poem to which felt a little to real. This poem which is call ``Frankenstein`` is a reflexion on the events of Febuary 1/2006 , around 1:30 AM. We mould nothing, With our bare hands, - 49 -

- 50 We shape it, With 10 little fingers, And a cerebral brain, Transferring part of selves, Into the art, Giving it a thump, A breath, From a set of lungs, Teaching it parts of speech, To express it point of view, As the touch of finality are complete, Flipping the switch, Sparks infusing into the art, Awaking the very wrong from the dark, It’s alive, Run for the hills, It’s alive, Etching liveliness, On sheer stones, Into the artistic world, Terrorizing life, From mind to bones,

I am but a fraud! A pitiful fraud A fraudulent fraud of a poet I am but a tragedy! When it comes to writing poetry! Nothing that I scribe with ink, Makes remotely any sense, I inflict stabbing emotions, To a quilted paper, I am left by myself, To clean and wipe, The messy bleed, Haemorrhaging through the gushing veins, Off the pages, Leaking on to my hands, Red crimson bloody stain, Unremoveable, Permanent,

- 50 -

- 51 Embedded into my flesh of The fraudulent poet, The biggest fraud to ever live, On this side of the pen!

G Garcon! There is something in my soup!
Buried and blended among hordes of green peas, I found a bullet in my pea soup. Secretly stashed between scads of succulent strawberries, I stumbled upon a slimy slug. In my hamburger, between the tomato slice and the meat patty, some joker put a jolly rancher! Root beer flavor, all slimy with mayonnaise. Under a pile of steaming french fries covered with ketchup, I found that pesky fly that pestered me all day. Underneath charged deep fried onion rings I excavated a wedding ring. In the center of my tossed Ceasar salad I saw a simple seed I planted it, it grew into the most beautiful apple tree! In my mashed potatoes buried in the gravy I found my uncle's ring from being in the Navy. - 51 Solus McKnight




Solus McKnight



- 52 He ate my lasagna! I hope it was worth the cost when he bit into a false eyelash that I lost. In my giant bowl of rich and steamy chowder I found somebody's lipstick and compact full of powder! Under the wholemeal bread I found a little bug instead of the expected piece of cheese sprinkled with pepper and ready to sneeze Inside the yoke of my poached egg I found a giant spider's leg! Garcon! Garcon!! Garcon!!!!!!!!!! poet2angels


gone for good-


Georgia Wants , Georgia Hopes – Chapter 1 – 3
All was quiet with the moon raising, the stemming streets of Twinkle city converging like stars to the dreary lady of 10001 straight insomnia nights: Georgia Capulet. A once fair lady who now is dreary and grouchy is dressed in a silk lace gown bound to her princess bed, clinging to her most precious dream of one single night of sweet dreams. Her streak of sleepless nights began the day after she gave birth to her only son Damon and now all the dreams she once had in her pleasant sleep is being crushed a bit more everyday as the notions of sleep are further slipping from her mind. Georgia has tried multiple remedies or methods to try to ease herself into a stillness trance of sleeping. She counted sleep till she had a legion herds of mammoths size sheep and began to look like the long lost sister of little Bo-Peep. She numerically spell out the numbers from a million to zero, drank a mixture of prune juice, vodka, ginger roots, lemon juice, brussel sprouts, half a bottle of cod liver oil plus a dash of pepper and cayenne pepper till she had a nice sickly whitish ghostly glow with eyes as sharp and pointy as a needle but with the same result. Her body was as stiff as a 4X4 , her hair stiffly greyish white and for her sanity she is strapped in a silk straightjacket. Poor , poor Lady Capulet all she wants is simple. A nice bed to which to rest her head , custom made sheets made from the finest sheep wool. Does anybody have a cure?

- 52 -

- 53 -

Chapter 2 The Issuing To All Man Alive Of Twinkle City
Twinkle City has a population of 10001 and Lady Georgia Capulet was the only woman in the land living within those boundaries. Her bedroom fit for a queen, had a balcony that laid eyes over Star Night Plaza. A plaza bricked in reds and the grout line was set up with hundreds of miles of luminous bright yellow light. The plaza was shaped like a giant star and it was the centre to the entire city. Despite her weaken body from exhaustion, she mustarded inner strength to walk outside on the balcony. In a struggling stammering voice , Lady Capulet clear her throat and spoke: ``Here ye, here ye I ,Lady Capulet, the only and unique woman of this fair land is issuing a challenge open to all. A challenge opens to you all 10000 men , who seek my only prize, my heart. If anyone can find a way to knock me into a sleep, I shall wed the one without any question and give him a great big wet silver kiss. Everyday, 28 men shall have one chance and one chance only to make me sleep. The challenge shall begin at sun fall. Look for the signal of the white flag dropping to the ground. In 7 hours the first white flag will drop from my balcony to the ground. I’ll be waiting`` As she pronounce her words the crowd of men gather more and more impressively. Each one believing that they would put this Capulet to sleep. Brawls were erupting for positioning . Anyone and everyone was jockeying to the Lady Georgia’s door. Miss Capulet staggeringly retreated to her bed.

Chapter 3 – It Begins
The screaming went on for hours. Every hour the sounds of obnoxious screaming slithered deep and deeper into the cavernous head of Lady Capulet. The sound resonated like the thumping of a bloody hideous heart. At first Georgia tried to take her silky soft pillows and pressed them against her ears and her skull. This technique passed down from her oldest known ancestor that was born during the Stone Age. This relative is famous for sleeping 10 hours - 53 -

- 54 a night. Historians know her simply as Olga Alga Buddha. Her technique worked for Georgia for 30 minutes but the sheer power of the men shredded her silk pillow and minced her silk straightjacket. Despite several hours before the first night of the competition, she decided she would begin it prematurely so that might ease the tension outside and force the man to patiently wait. She scampers to her closet and pulled out a shiny white silk flag. She scampers to her balcony and yells to the hordes of male life forms . The presence of Lady Capulet ushered a eerie silence among the crowds and Georgia dropped a word to the man who were fighting for her love. ``Men of Twinkles City , your impatient has led me top commence the games now! But Beware you’ll simply have 20 minutes to win my heart and make me sleep Here is now the first flag sailing toward the ground!`` The flag settled on the lap of contestant number 1. He entered by the front door and he rushed up the spiral staircase. He rushed with so much speed he busted the door giving a scare to Georgia. Georgia asked ``What is your name? and what do you do for a living? As well as your time start now! `` The young replied `` My name is Sean Yawn , I’m 17 years old and I’m a mule salesman. I’ve always be good in yawning so I’m going to yawn you to sleep. Sean Yawn started approach he gazed into her eyes and launch a powerful yawn but suddenly the yawn master drops to the feet of Lady Capulet and began snoring. Georgia was utterly insulted she rolled his body towards the balcony and threw the man over and the snoring man drop 65 feet. The man landed flat on his back but suddenly the breathing and snoring stopped. Contestant 2 to 12 were of no luck but these contestants suffered the same faith as Sean Yawn #13 soon followed looking 6 feet 7 inches all skinny with virtually no bones. He entered the room and he politely introduce himself ``Hi , my name is Jeff Creeper and my job is to killed woman and I’m paid by the Hooked On Necrophilia Darlings Association or H.O.N.D.A for short. So prepared to go to sleep for a heck longer``. Lady Capulet eyes looked white as a ghost as her lips were quivering in fear.

- 54 -

- 55 Will Jeff Creeper be able to make her fall into an eternal sleep of no return or will Lady Capulet survive long enough for the 20 minutes to run out? Stay tuned and find out in Chapter 4.

Georgia Wants , Georgia Hopes
All Georgia wanted was sleep, Underneath blankets from the finest sheep, Becoming Sleeping Beauty without a peep, She dreams of getting out of the deep, Out of the bind from ``The Creep`` And runaway in a hummer like jeep, She’s tired of having to sweep, The tears she constantly has to weep, She hopes to seep, Into the utopic lights she wants to reap, And fade towards better days

God Created The Devil
It was a cold Easter Sunday night, With a misty rain in sight God created the Devil, On an off day, From the depth of his depression, From lack of holy inspiration, Taking His Holy anger, His Holy rage, And ripping it from His Holy heart With His Holy hands, And moulded the Fallen Angel, With a Holy breath, The creature took in life, God struck the Devil, With a lighting blow, Dropping his creation, Like a bird with charred wings, Into an area mirroring heaven, With utopian nightmares, - 55 -

- 56 And volcanic horrors, Profoundly found in the Earth’s core.

Rocking back and forth, In the same chair, He was born with, A man Who has decade to his age, But as many in experience, Sometimes, He may have a run at the mouth, But have no doubt, He is ``right about everything`` He’s passionate about his Mastercraft tools And likes to grow tomatoes Like a leprechaun protecting his pot of gold I pity the fool, Who tries to steal his pot of gold , Cause they’ll pay with their life and soul, He has been married to his wife For have a century, And he still fall for her, Every time, We don’t know why? They debate their marriage, More than they live it, Who fathered Three lady angels and a little prince, And a man I call My grandpa.

Green Eyes
Green eyes, To which nature’s birth, Is blossoming, Through those vivid eyes, Plush and lush colours, Wrapped the gorgeous view With rivers of fresh water Tickling vines, And aromatic flowers Of petals of the rainbow,

- 56 -

- 57 Tall mature trees, In cashmere shades of green, Trees with branches, And leaves knitted to the branches, In yellows, reds, lime green, Nature to life’s divine Green eyes, To which nature’s creatures, Can be seen, Like day like night, Talking butterflies, Mingling with scentless skunks Squirrels have a thanksgiving meal, Feasting on freshly picked walnuts, Bears petting fishes, Like humans petting rabbits, Green eyes, A harmonious life, Through Those grassy green looking glass.

Green Tea
I am a drink of civility, That brings calmness, To the nervous, And grumpied impaired, My taste is flavourful, With a zen like green colour, Feeling a sense of lush peacefulness, A flavour enriching divine, Tasting the power of enlightenment, Feel all the rubbish and troubles, Wither away With every drip, That goes by, From a cup of green tea.

A woman who cannot see Is guided by a worker bee, The trail put out for all to follow AKMcKnight7137 dutch2lips

- 57 -

- 58 Will lead you to a tree that's hollow Where children sing and birdies fly Where men raise fists and women cry But she can only see with her heart That is what sets her apart She gathers honey where'er she goes Until bees sting her on her nose! Her smelling digit now swollen and red Pulsating like a beacon they said She quickly applied some King's Foil to it Now she can smell the blossoms through it But a reaction she infectiously got, Because she sprouted chickenpox! Now, at her age it's kind of rare to have so many pox to spare So, off to the doctor's hive she sadly went, Thinking this was where the rest of her day would be spent While waiting there a child did say you have an ugly nose, how did it get that way the childs mom started to blush and told her child quickly to hush there are things you learn of as you age when taught by prophet, seer or sage or merely by experience for when the door hits your face You will realise that your deeds and actions were a disgrace

darkcardinal Stingersinger53 KittyBlue dutch2lips Amber Silverhair AKMcKnight7137 lunartick Hope2MakeIt Martin Clark dutch2lips honey bear dutch2lips

H Haiku 1
Hear the water flow, Whistling through high and low, With one place to go

Haiku 2
Letters in the skyline, A note from the great divine, Would you like be mine?

- 58 -

- 59 -

Haiku 3
Spark of a fire, In Love red of desire, Always it will be

Haiku 4
Whistling winds, Seven letter hurricane, Life won’t be the same

Haiku 5

Something new within me, Penning words steamy, For the sexy she

I had a smoke and felt so suicidal. I wanted my licence to life to be revoked. To simply feel the pressures of life take the shape of a perfectly shaped noose so I could take a leap into the gaping hole of my heart and never land on the ground. For everybody to see my tangling feet move to a motionless beat as I play

- 59 -

- 60 the role of a dead man in the game of Hangman. I hope to rekindle my spirit with my body in the afterlife.

He’s In Love
He’s in Love, With a pretty filly, With the sweetest grin, And three dimples hanging from her chin, With an encrusted pearly white smile, Stretching an everlasting mile, A breath as fresh as winter air, With heavenly flowers in her hair, Complimenting her blessed heart that cares, In a seemingly silk woven dress, Her kiss, Is a powerful mist, That makes a gentle whist, Feeling righteously tryst, Warm and gooey, Like frosted chocolate vanilla swirls All in a simple whirl Around the great big oceanic World, Of her profound mermaid blue eyes.

Holes In The World
I wish I could take back what my hands have undone! I wasn’t a nice man

- 60 -

- 61 in my lifetime. I left my mark through the lives I’ve touched. Piercing hearts and gutting lives. Leaving hollow shells with no memory of exisitence ascending a stairway to heaven. Every victim, left me more and more stranded on this highway to hell. I wish I could take back what my hands have undone! As I want to say is that I’m sorry!

Hoping, Wishing, Praying
A mother praying, Keeping faith, Trying to wake The sleeping beauty of a child She prays Repeatedly for an answer.

How Atlantis Died
I drank from the Atlantian Sea, Suddenly rushing for me, Hordes of men with spears, With long doggy-ears, Riding seahorses,

- 61 -

- 62 I say a little ``HI`` Cascading were tears from many men While bubblering in harmony, Why have you smeared the waters To which your lips, Have tasted with a measly sip? I replied ``Water is water`` A fool you are, Dying your DNA, Into the king’s waters, Now Atlantis shall decay, Can you harbour Death of a nation In the waters of your mind Atlantis shall died, Of cataclysmic dryness, All because of your sip, The city has passed the tip, And soon, Nothing of nothing will be left, But tiny little fragmented drip

I’m Going Out Of My Head
I’m going out of my head, It must be something you said, I don’t know what to do, I’m crazy for you And only you, We live far apart, But I can still hear your heart, Beating against my chest, I must be going out of my head, I must be losing my mind I’m losing track of time, Your words make me smile, As long as wide as a mile, My heart fibrillates and sings, On the melodies that give it wings, It is truly something she said, I’m going outta of my head,

- 62 -

- 63 I want my joy to spread, Before I run out of sand, I wish I could kiss you, And make all my dreams come true, I’m going outta of me, I’m going out of my head, I must be losing my mind, I’m frozen in love and time, I’ve fallen head over heels, For you, That I’m proud to say, I LOVE YOU!

I Dreamt Of Something Funny ……
Solus McKnight I dreamt of something funny, shadowlyn Melodies darkcardinal KittyBlue Melodies Storic Ashley Mosely sarajaneUK Melodies burdened Melodies Black Comedy Melodies topebbles RoseRomance of llamas and cupcakes and palm trees, and pretty girls with dimpled knees, The sight was something to behold And made me sad that I'm so old. An explosion then jarred me awake! Around me the earth did shake that I didn't sleep good last night But tonight, I hope for another dream I'll gobble it up and wake up and scream I'll wish for snowflakes and a genie or two, But what I really want is a big kiss from YOU! *kiss* As the night's purple blanket engulfs me and you make me as happy as happy can be! I drift into a deep sleep, and dream of a big heart that suddenly bursts open and reveals a cherry tart!

RestfulPersona This, it gave me quite a fright

Solus McKnight For something as rich as triple chocolate ice cream

- 63 -

- 64 burdened Storic RoseRomance KittyBlue topebbles Melodies burdened RoseRomance Melodies mmm! with whipped cream and a slice of pie, but it vanished and I give a sigh, and then comes a sudden rumble and out of my closet, a monster does stumble and bares his teeth and gives a roar which scares me to death, so I run out the door! I am still sleepy, and a bit out a place Not realizing the door is closed, until I smack my face Dazed and bleeding, I slide down to the floor To find myself on the sea shore Then spying a hedgehog rolling in ectasy, I realize I am insane and it's food additives that are to blame. Too bad! It's too late! I have sealed my fate! I shall now throw caution quite away and go wild and crazy this very day!

I Had To Go ( The Urge Was Too Strong! )
These words are strange but true. I failed to see the birth of my baby, because of my horrible, terrible flu. I sat on a smeared superglued toilet seat, I begged and cried to be let free but no one came to my aid. As seconds ,hours ,days and months flew, I was alone with my pants down without a clue on how to breakthrough. I chewed on toilet paper for food. I created a straw with empty toilet rolls And drank out of the toilet. After drinking billions of millions of litres, I finally was able to crack the seat and toilet. It simply took me 14 years 11 months 29 days 10 hours 5 minutes 3 seconds. As well 14 years 11 months 29 days 10 hours 5 minutes 3 seconds that I will forever be lost. My thoughts were with the baby and you, as the flushing of water

- 64 -

- 65 gave me a peaceful feeling. I missed you!

I Need A Rope
I’m tired of living my life like a Greek tragedy. Simply feeling the crucifixion of my days with 66 inch spikes piercing through with thrust my hands and my feet of clay. I can see the blood of mine seeping onto the pages of prays that I look at for guidance and for morsels of peace. I need a rope laced with hope to lift my spirit off the ground before all is left is a body to be found.

If God Still Love Me
If God still loved me

- 65 -

- 66 What would he say? Each day, I’m left bitter and cold, In his silky arms, And God does he know!, His kisses, Expressed not by lips, But by words, Affection is an infection, Of a black hole love, With a heart of ice, And as hard as stone His words in a prayer Of peace, He is the king, But forgets to love his queen, I’m sobbing in tears, My health has hit rock bottom, I want to end this, But nor tool or will, I have, Can cut through, I wait for the day, Of the period in my life, To which comes, In dust in the wind

If One Day Or A Year From Death
If I had a day, Or one year, On my Life to go, I would want time, To be slowed, I would fall Into precious memories, Look up an old friend, That I haven’t seen, Since God knows when, I would hug and kiss, Any relative that I can find, I would dare not want to find tears, I want everything to look fine, And everyone wearing crescent smiles,

- 66 -

- 67 They would gather all around me, For one final photograph So if Death, Was knocking at my door, I would be ready, I would die a happy man, I would be the richest man, That would have ever lived!

Initiation To Coffee
I drank coffee from a urinal, Which made a tingle, With a certain left tonsil, With colours of rains of April, The taste was rather simple, Like a fresh picked apple, The taste was arousing sexual. This delicious cup of pleasure, I savoured with a purple pretzel. I bit into a taste of heaven, And my worries simply, Dispelled and vanished, Into the mountainous air.

Inside A Drum
I dreamt of a washing machine, In colours so obscene, Of shades of caffeine, It washed everything that was clean, To a shiny muddy unclean, It was part of it routine, It was never to fond of hygiene, I found an old tureen. It gross shades of lime-green, With a three feet sardine, And I counted one of sixteen, Tiny little soybean, I found something murine, Frosting sunscreen, Between, A pair of nankeen,

- 67 -

- 68 And jeans that were lean, With a 10 pound bean, Covered in fleshy dentine, As well crushed strychnine, Mixed in with liquid morphine, With a hint of codeine, To create a used vaccine, I excavated further into the drum, My left shoe stepped into gum, My hands found bottles of rum, As well a skull of a pilgrim, A sock with a 44 magnum, Guarding the used sock kingdom, Hear muses singing like a threesome, The kingdom’s national anthem, I saw a shadowy possum, Come out of a rectum, And I became bum, When it proposed a threesome Between it ,me and my right thumb, I started to have a symptom, That began to blossom And needed a valium, Or a serum, To rid of this irksome, Three things made up an outcome, I had a possum, Who thinks is handsome, My thumb, Excess sucking of sheer gruesome, Melting feelings to a num, And pressing against my sternum And now I feel really dumb, Stuck inside a drum

Inside & Out ( The Mother Theresa Of Poetry)
She’s the Mother Theresa of poetry. Healing the depressed, opening their minds to express The inner thought of happiness with a simple pen

- 68 -

- 69 and simple piece of paper. She writes words that travels the world and the universe. Her words are wisdom of self confidence that builds the inner courage of one’s self. She lives like a human as she is a human with a great big heart that reunites the soul and mind that are sometimes very far apart. She’s Inside and out

It Has Not Stop Raining
It leaked from her eyes, That her daddy died, A heart broken, Like a sliced pear in two, Memories surface, Like fresh cut wounds, Life is as hallow, As a tree with no apple, Feeling sour and bitter, And alone, She’ll be burying his bones, Among masses of stones, She’ll order a lone black/white/red rose She’s scare to be the lone, In a life To which she is alone With no sunny day In sight, And weak to put up a fight, As she’ll contemplate the night, Of how to weather her new life, Of being one, And one alone, With her heartache, Pebbles and stones. - 69 -

- 70 -

J Jimmy’s Special Butt
Jimmy is special nut that has a rubber butt as soft as a donut. Every minute another fuming exit like a bullet shattering every speed limit. emerges from his rear rut. A butt that can heat a huge hut vote on a ballot write a lovely sonnet like a masterful poet or even disperse a riot. No way to simply shut Or keep the hype quiet. The smell threw the orbit of satellites off this planet and even stopped a comet from crushing a rabbit and a ferret. It’s good to know someone has our behind even if we’re on the toilet.

Just Another Sip!
I’ll only have a sip, Just to wet my upper lip, Or another, To refresh my other lip, Should it be place back on the coaster? Or should the bartender get a pretty tip, For this colourless liquid like water, And reflective like glass, I have another sip,

- 70 -

- 71 Just to feel those moist drips, Against my impatient lips, I’ll have another round with ice, It is a drip, I’ll have paid twice, Oh! A passion that feels so nice! It is a habit I cannot flip, I’ll take another round for me, Oh look this round has a cherry, And it is ice free, I’m swimming in this sea, And by the way, Can I have just another sip?

K Kids Are Dying Because Of Us…
Kids are dying because of us, By the hand of the one they trust, With the aid of Death we encrust, To make the World a muss, With a blood-soaked hand, And logic we don’t understand, Lives sinking like quicksand, Making front page of a newsstand An Earth of multiple decompositions, No movements or actions, Lying dead with no reactions, And the lips of the stiffen, Societies of cemeteries, Of granite copies, Resting zombies, With no future be

I kissed, The petal lips, - 71 -

- 72 Of a rosy girl, Who’s the centre Of my world, She makes my heart, Go into a whirl, She’s a pretty girl, Rare golden pearl, As we dance, Into an infinite twirl, Her eyes, Are calming seas, Beautiful And almost drinkable, Always, Puts on a smile for me, At the altar, Of our new lives.

Knocking On Heaven’s Door
I’m knocking on heaven’s doors, for I need to complain to the All Mighty. No one cares to answer me. I’m left to ponder with my drizzling drenching drips and drops of tears. I intensify the pace of my knocking but eerie silence of quietness greets me with a complimentary bouquets of black roses. Yelling and vociferating - 72 -

- 73 my anger in a pouring rain of words drenching and flooding the world with layers and coating of fresh pain. Why did you take my father away? What pleasure does it make you feel to see eyes cry? What sick and twisted pleasure do you! get From killing The only thing I had As a family? Tell me! Answer me! Why won’t Anyone answer me? He doesn’t belong To you So give him Back to me!!

- 73 -

- 74 -

L L’au revoir (The Goodbye)
Letters of goodbye, Never stops and simply multiples, Always soaked in emotions, Written with an ink of tears, Scribed on delicate paper, As flimsy as a Kleenex tissue, It never easy To write On sheets of paper, The heart pounds like in labour, The body would rather sink like an anchor, The mind would prefer to be out of time, The soul stays mum like a mime! Goodbyes are always rough, But it never seems enough, But through every eye, We say at least one goodbye, When were laid down to die.

Lady On The Vine
Lady on the vine branching out to the world. Rummaging through mountains and valleys across the plains and bodies of water for some rejuvenating peace and away from the werewolves that lurk around her woods. Werewolves of a paranoid nature - 74 -

- 75 increasingly ravaging life. Crucifying tranquility in search of a fresh prey to feast and pick clean. It’s always havoc and chaos breathing down the bridle branches Will the werewolves go away?

Leaky Pipes
The roof is leaking, Hearts gripped, To a sinking anchor, Water slithering like a snake, Walking over silent waves, Motioning in flowing strides, Up the spout, Choking on the moisture, Condensed on a the vapour seal, Being deathly weighted down, From this burial feel, By droplets of slicing steel, That are very real That all real, Tearing a flow, Onto like a sinking boat, With no lifejacket. Simply, A surfaced body, A lonely heart, A buried heart.

Life Sentence
Men, women, - 75 -

- 76 little boys and little girls are tortured in different unimaginable ways everyday. An axe bearing raw red richness of He's and She's whose limbs have made their body an incomplete source of life. People laugh devilish to the suffering of mere infants that go days,month and years without a reasonable meal Devoid coloured eyes of little prostituted palm size souls pour an evasive rain that is devastatingly emotional and physically painful as the rift between normalcy and and a wish thread further and further Like a Mercury and Pluto. It’s not a life but rather it’s real life.

Like A November
I miss you like a November, It's a lonely when I remember, The smell of red poppies,

- 76 -

- 77 Blowing in the wind, As I look at the pictures of you, Standing stiff straight, Playing with your military gun, Your accomplishments pinned to your chest, You looked stunning in three piece suit, Just like the day, I first met you, As this was the time, I laid you to rest.

Liquid Fear
I cry, When I cut and bleed, I scream, When soap make suds, I whimper, To the sound of flushing toilets, I thunder, When my cereals are wet, I yell, At seeing a clear drop of water in a mug, I faint, In the wettest of weathers, I curl up in a foetal, When the janitor mops the floor, I hurl, When moisture is on my lips I wish I lived in a desert! - 77 -

- 78 Beside sandy weather, And have pet vulture, Picking the best parts of me! Because my life, Is not a day at the beach

Living Below The Belt
I’m 21 Three foot three, As short as a stump of a tree, I’m too short to be a quarterback, But as tall to be the football Too short to be noticed as a king, But nobody to wear my name and ring, Old enough to be label as a man, But short enough To be brought the kids menu, Old enough to have a big appetite, But fall short without a booster seat, Old enough to have an alcoholic drink, But short enough To be served a screw without the driver Old enough to be on a date, But to short to see the person’s face Old enough to have a Life, Short enough to be food for vultures, Old enough to be alive, But why do be people treat me like I’m dead?

Lonely Down On Earth – Chapter 1
The Ritz Carleton’s bartender was serving soulless suited snakes with checkerboard noosed ties gingerly wrapping around their tender necks, stiff shooters like depressing gin on the rocks or bloody Caesar with a barely detectable hint of drops from a 1966 bottle of Jack Daniel’s as if the snake were hissing and praying, one final time for a new set of goals or for new found aspirations, in life to lay beside their drink, as they lay closely in moments near the voluptuous rusty rotted red lips of a depth-filling mouth that belonged to Death. Each drink was being guzzled in the slowest of movements of time as each drips and drop seemingly took years to enter the slithering folks as if to savour the very few last moments of a quenchable life they once knew. As the last savouring life drip leaves the safety of the shot glass, the bartender eyes a sight that he has seen like a common occurrence in his lifetime,

- 78 -

- 79 snakes falling backwards to a soft blacken charred ground with a visible liquored tongue, where they finally get a full night sleep and finally get to dream for the first time about a real life, a truly real dream. Despite the best efforts of one particular snake named Evad , all the booze he ordered as soon as it touched his frailer fragile freckled body, simply turned to crystal clear water. He jetted a vociferation with tears in his eyes that shattered the windows in 6 floors of the 5 star hotel he was drinking in and said ``Why God? Why can’t I have a one on one with you like you have allowed so many slithering suited snake to do around me? Why ? Answer me damn it!!” but the room whispers that sounded like a mute.

Long John Silver Gin
Long John Sliver Gin, Keelhauled to hang from the gibbet, For intoxicating death, Into the only female quartermaster, Aboard the ``Ole Lady Bronze`` With his maroon scurvy, He roamed adrift, Like a solo pirate with rabbis, No bulkheads were safe, Everybody was affected, No bulkheads were left, They all were infected, And not even the word, ``Avast``, Could prevent a search, A hunt or a chase For free shots of booze, And treasures with a fine chest, Sliver Gin tangles from the ``Ole Lady Bronze`` For administering Death, To his one true love, The quartermaster of the ``Ole Lady Bronze``

M M.I.T (Man In Training)

- 79 -

- 80 Forced to cross the line between being a boy and being a Man for his country At 15. With his boyhood stripped from his chest like a dishonourable discharge he marches with frightful fearfulness in his red hazel nut eyes. He holds a gun as if a bomb was placed in his possession that was strapped to the inners Of his body He’s tearfully scared He's petrifiedly afraid He's terribly terrified He’s a man in training.

Me vs. A Pill

- 80 -

- 81 My name is Arthur McKnight and I take a pill. A pill to which I go to war with twice a day. A pill that keeps me stable and is viewed as a cure but, it is a cure to which reeks of Death. Every time, I feel my body taking this pill , I feel as if I’m going to die! As this pill bulldozes through me! I feel as if I’m becoming less of what they call a Man. I feel trapped emprisoned, enslaved with no chance at freedom

It wasn’t the gold ring, Or, The two sliver spoons, The three bronze necklaces Or, Those diamond jewels, That made me fall in love, With you, It wasn’t for the mansion, Or, The two acres of lands, The three horses, Or, Those mounts of money, That made me, The happiest man,

- 81 -

- 82 -

It was your blues eyes, That are the sun and moon, To my days, Your perfect white smile, And your heart, That attracted me to you, Your selfless acts of bravery, To give to charity, Aiding the weaker, To their fragile feet, Over and over, That how I got to know you I would fall you every time, In my mind, Or real time, Your kiss is as sweet, As the first day I pressed them against your lips, You’re my sign that I’m alive, You’re still prettier, Then heavenly white roses, Your hair maybe whitish grey, But that’s okay, I still love you anyway, We’ve gone through the crystal, The Porcelain, The Sliver, The Pearl The Coral, The Ruby, The Sapphire, The Gold, The Emerald, The Diamond, The Blue Sapphire, And the Oak, I pray to God, For so many, With you I love you! Always have, - 82 -

- 83 Always will, And till death, Undo us apart.

Meo Meow's Meomas Meow - My Cat's Christmas Treat
Me’ow meowme meow meow me meow meow meowme meow meow meow meowy meow meow meow meo meow meow meow. Me meow e meow Meow meo meow meowme Meo meow meow meow meow E meow M’eow meow meow meow Me meows meow meo meow meow Meow meow meow meowed Meow meow meow MMEEOWW I’m being lazy around a cozy fire sipping some desire that simply taste yummy for my dam-like tummy. I pur and wiggle to my tongue tickling my furry candy stripe tail. since I’ve been very good I am going to receive my special treat “3 blind mice stuffed with divine catnip”” Meow!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 83 -

- 84 -

Soft sandy beach, Manicuring my two left feet, Tasting the lustiest fruit of a peach, While lazy in a lazy-boy like seat, A skin as rosy as a blooming rose, Sea breeze tickling my big toe, Life is great, It isn’t one that I hate, Living to the drumming of bongoes, Down here in Mexico!!

Miming Death
I am a mime, Trap with the box, Of my own frame, Wrapped in constraints, Locked into restraints, I articulate like stone, I express emotions like granite, I ain’t able to motion my bones, I’m confine to my lonely I alone, Confined to my bed, And in life by a sister and He, But I live! Treat me like a damn human!! I have a heart that beats, And it ain’t made of tin, It feels, My ears, They are of two, And they hear very well too! My eyes, That are of a crystal blue, They see and shed sadly sad tears, I am not an engraven image, Let me have a sensation of life, Before closing the lid, On my casket.

- 84 -

- 85 -

Miracle Of Life
There once was a goose whose name was Zeus that danced to Foot Loose and gave birth to a moose beside a slender spruce. But more exited the caboose like a purple mongoose and a pink papoose that was named Bruce who held a large cruse that was a colour puce and contained some chartreuse. The miracle of Life in an entire different way

Modern Day Jesus
Ten little toes, ten little fingers, a giddy giggly smile with two too cute eyes that opens a world before him. He looks like a tiny Jesus when munching on his Honey combs or clothed with a burlap sac for a diaper. Despite the crosses to bare, one single look into that pretty face brings a lift to my day when I come home.

- 85 -

- 86 -

He’s a little miracle if only Mary was there To see him grow!

Mona Lisa
Looking at the ``Mona Lisa``, As I was eating my pepperoni pizza, Along came a male stranger singing foully a song, Wearing nothing but a neon thong, The lower jaw of Mona Lisa dropped, Her denture swallowed into her throat, Began gagging like a bloated goat, And her left eye popped, Just as her right eye stayed shut, And looked away from the glowing nut, As security dragged the man in cuffs, Leaving on the floor thick black scuffs. Suddenly I had obligation to puke, In the tuque, Made of caoutchouc* That belonged to the French duke, As I return my to the surface, Which wasn’t much, I quietly exited the room with my uke, And I continued with my day, Poor Poor Mona Lisa! Poor Mona Lisa! She never saw it coming!

More Unanswered Questions , Less Humans
Hallows crying, Kids are dieing, With guns in the streets, Life falls off their feet, Withering black roses in bloom, Spread the stench smell of Man’s doom, Down to the bones, Underneath mass granite stones, Fragments of the past,

- 86 -

- 87 Leading to a forecast, Of many more eternal sleeping, And painful mourning weeping.

Mr. Wonderful
When I whine, I become a unique swine that smells like fresh rotten pine with hair like Einstein, a purring oink of a feline, and a golden tooth like canine. I like to dine, drink garbage picked wine, eat a thick slab of kine, with hordes of grapes off a vine. I like to burp the alphabet towards the shoreline, making waves near the sunshine, as well during a moonshine. Drumming on my waistline, loking for a sign, from someone ultra divine to say ``Would You Be Mine?``

Mt. Everest Of A Breast
The air up there, Is cold and frosty to share, Those who make it are few and rare, To have a stare, Rub the melons if you dare Or touch for a squeeze the golden hardware, I’ve made theses climbs, Several times, In my lifetimes, It is one of my favourite pastimes, Especially at a cost of a few dimes, While listening to songs on the wind chimes, The feel is like a pillow I caressed, So soft and gentle like a headrest, So straight and pointy like an armrest,

- 87 -

- 88 These are the type that I have been obsessed, And give my pickle a little more zest, To ensure the victory in every contest.

Never, never far enough, Now matter how far I run, I’m always looped back, Back in your arm, Stuck like glue, To your poisonous charm, Right back in your harm, Straight within the site, Of your devilish eyes, You’re all around me, As I slowly vanish, Within this hall of mirror, Slowly disappearing with your shadows, My are bulging, Like strobe light of black and blue, My nose is curved, Like the round of the world, My teeth, Look like black and white piano keys, My chin is halfway divided in 2, Like an almost split log, I wear a necklace of third degree burns, My chest constantly groped, By your greedy 10 little vines, It is at this time, I pray for divine intervention, Or that my life be placed in suspension, But things slither lower, The kitchen knives, Are stored in my ``unmentionable`` My thighs are sheeted in my red blood, My ankles are jangling, Like wind chimes in the wind, My toes are squished in, Because of your lovely sledgehammering! My warm bleeding tears, Drive my feelings through the ground, - 88 -

- 89 Through the Earth’s crust, Through the gravel and dust, Straight to the core, Of my little soul, Or what’s left of it.

N Neither In Black Nor In White
Tiny tiptoeing touches of a divine set of hands scrubbing off monochromatic fiction that will permit the heart of Man to live again amongst Life in reality.

New Light, New Day, New Beginning
Scenery of a glowing nature, Emitted fresh lilac scented breeze, Sweeping gently the clouds away,

NO Strings Attached
I’m falling head over heels, For my guitar made of solid steel, This 5 strings beast, Makes me feel like a superstar, And vibrates every little tiny cords, To my heart, With a ostrich like neck, Gives room for lip indentations, As I rub it body, A soothing wave, Washes over me, In comfort, It just perfect, Down to the pic.

Nursing My Needs

- 89 -

- 90 On a rainy Sunday, Droplets are knocking On my front door, To be let in, In persistence, Clawing layer by layer Off my metal coated door, But Time is rocking me to sleep, Letting me count soundly sheeps, To help fade the day & night away, Till the Monday morning arises, With luminous shining, To feed my inner needs, Like a chicken soup to a sick, I feel breathtakingly alive, Feeling refreshed And fresher than a 4-leave clover mint, Looking unbelievably cute, In my three piece suit, As my future days, Are paved smoothly, Like a spider’s silk

O Oceanic Toilet
Little Jimmy had a wee, That was odd for the eyes to see, Turning yellow the sea, While holding flea, And crunching a cookie, It was kind of creepy, The sea smelled kind of fishy, Which drove the captain cranky, His mother spitted her tea, Grabbed a hankie, Got down on one knee Wiped the drops the size of a pea, Everything was so sticky, And it got icky, Jimmy got a slap in the left kidney, As a fee,

- 90 -

- 91 For his mid-day pee, From his mother who slowly, Called a nanny, To punish out the quaky, As well as the wacky, Out of Jimmy strictly, And force feed him 50 pounds of algae.

Ode To A Nose
Ode to a nose as long as a fire hose, As soft as pillows but textured like a fresco that can store 12 banjos 11 mangos 10 crows 9 arrows 8 medieval crossbows 7 bay windows 6 human torsos 5 weeping willows 4 bongos 3 oboes 2 Miami condos and 1 rose A nose made from kilos of clay that looks like an asphalt driveway covered in ice originating from Norway. It’s a monument That stands on it own to say the least. On a gorgeous winter day… On a gorgeous winter day , As clear as mud, The air is so crisp, With, - 91 -

- 92 Car spinning in the streets, Performing triple axles over pedestrians, Staring in amazement, Standing frightfully still on their feet, Tree branches, Crashing through houses and rusty barns, Roofing shingles, Fly like birds heading south, Power lines down, Inducing current through the icy pavement, Of city streets Fire blazes in the middle of nowhere, But getting closer to somewhere, 9-11 sirens blaring at full force, Cops detouring vehicles, To park like frozen icicles, Stretchers Pulling injured and fractures, From accidents, Jaws of life, Gnawing the steel, For trap people to feel, Liberated, All on a beautiful winter day Couldn’t ask for better

One Last Note, One Last Time
I stand beside the 1 key piano, The one that you used to stroke, And once beautifully played With passion and excitement, Your gone, My tears are snuggling the wind, What was scampering in your mind? That made you reach for the devilish hand, And drag you away, Without a stroke of effort, Your music made a difference, And never heard or received, One single negative criticism Your gone, - 92 -

- 93 As I stroke your piano, With coconut oil, As you deserved to hear it, For one last play.

Online Dating Gone Wrong!!
Something is given me the a giggle , Something in my pants, Is worming around like a great big wiggle, It moves in search of romance, It doesn’t chirp like a bird , Or have a voice that can be heard, But it is making my banana curl, It is not my devil like cousin Earl, What could it be? It likes the ooze I secrete, It is like a tasty little treat, It isn’t furry as a monkey It is has a toungue, That licks liquids like a sponge, Making me feel young, As it cleans all the gung, It is truly has a gripping hug , Like the bear hug of my cousin Doug, It evens making force tugs, Like little bedbugs I would give it kisses and kisses , I must have very good karma, I would tango with this rose , And give free sample from my hose, Oh! Ah! Eez! Oh! No ! No ! The stranger just said hello, I am such a fruitcake, For my visitor is a snake, HELP! HELP!HELP! HELP!HELP!HELP!

- 93 -


Oozing Muddy Sludge
When I write poetry, I get the urge to take a *snake’s hiss, All I write is such a big miss, And declared a failure by decree. They all look at me, As if I’m the Da Vinci of poets, But I ain’t nothing but a pair of toilets, Flushable for all to see. Who wants to smear my mess? As I crumble under this massive stress! I’m tired of writing poetry for discard! The burden is too much and too hard!

Out of Food & Out Of Gifts
Greenish grey gravy skies dropped drips of little silk skin soft snow chocolates upon a halted traffic that had gathered to watch a fire filled with grimacing giggles in the middle of busy intersection. Many are going to have to stretch the life span of a can of beans for many days and live

- 94 -

- 95 in a frozen wintry snow without mittens and puppies to keep them warm for several weeks. So donate to those in dyer need! and demonstrate that love thy neighbour is for real and not a myth!!

P Pandemic
Reading over and over, Millions of billions of pages, Time after time, After time Never reaching, The bitter last page, It just simply seems, A little word, A little comma, A little phrase, A little quotation mark, A little exclamation point A little quote, A little dash, A little colon or semicolon, Always appear, At the last second, When it looks, Like the coast is clear, And I think, That I’m finally through I can go on and on, 24/7, Till the moon, Crashes into the sky,

- 95 -

- 96 And that sun, Drowns in the Milky Way It such a tiring disease, An infectious sickness, To which, No live can be quarantine! We’re all going to get it! It’s not bird flu, But poetic hypnosis! The real pandemic!!

Paper Angels
Paper angels, Keep the World alive, Paper angels, Make sure Hope never dies, There’s always an angel, On either shoulder side, Whispering courage, Reverberating wisdom, Emphasising Hope, And keep reminding About ``The Dream`` Paper Angels, With a four corner fold, For it wings It sings it words, On a harmless melody, Like an angelic muse, Inspiration being, To remind us, We’re alive.

Perched raven on crow’s shoulder…
Perched raven on a crow’s shoulder, Vice gripping feet onto the neck, Jabbing blaring pecks, Into the ears, Thundering and vociferating discontent, Criticizing and deconstructing, The very heart of what has been created, Shredding and thrashing the inner skin,

- 96 -

- 97 The inner solid masses of solids, To pulp and mush, Oozing green gunk of slush, The raven away it flies, While the crow simply dies.

Pick Me Up Blues
I’ve measured my life, In cafes, And in multiple spoons, Everyday, The routine of the same old booze, A little cream, A little sugar, And some Jack Daniels too, That my recipe, For the pick me up blues, Every morning, Every night, It an arduous fight, But I feel fine, With my Jack Daniels, By my side, I stagger in dishevelled strides, I don’t why, The alcohol is keeping me alive, As it runs through my insides, Like a surging flood, I feel some delicious drips, Quivering my unquenchable lips, As the drips dive, I feel a sense of alive, Within me, As tiny drops, Dance me off my seat, And move hilltops, With measly fingers,

- 97 -

- 98 No Z’s or human B’s Can stop me!!!

Poetic Peasant Wants Change
It will not be me for sure, That wins this contest, For I am one of ``The Others``!!!! We’re the peasants of the community, While, Kings and queens of the hierarchy, Fail to see and don’t accept, The creativity that is not of their kind, I’m forced to beg, For morsels of attention, I scrub their foul feet, For a bits of ink and paper, I kiss their golden jewellery, For a sliver of a plume, And yet I still get, Laughed at, Spitted at, Bashfully beaten for being different! Day in and day out! In the exclusive gold member club, They screen the not members, And rigged contest and prizes, To ensure an enrichment plan of point, For those with the gold card They bribe heavily the moderators, So they can overlook the blood, On the golden hands And ensure their supremacy, The gold members, Care only for their kind, And, Ridicule the weak, belittled peasants, Like me! Enough is enough! It’s time for a change!

- 98 -

- 99 -

I hate Pontiacs, They give me heart attacks, And that just part of one fact, I had my heart broken in two, Twice, On those vinyl seats As I see one in the street, My blood turns to ice, As recall reminds me, The night my family died, Twirling in the air, Like a monstrous fireball In their black Pontiac, One winter night, I scream in my recurring dream, At the Pontiac maniac scheme, The one seating in those sticky vinyl seat, Chasing me through dreams of nightmare proportion, Up multiple allies, Down the shallow watery gullies, In a game of murder tag, Where the Pontiacs wins, Leaving thread marks on my chest, And eruptions of heart attack, Do you understand, Why I hate Pontiacs?

Pop Goes The Weasel
Be a good boy! And not scream like a choirboy And get this brand new toy! It a surprise box with a crank, Open it before you get a spank!, It has been with me Since I was a new human be, It a little tweedy!, That goes to sleep Without a single peep Into the hole in a leap,

- 99 -

- 100 Burying itself beyond skin deep, And the spend the rest of the time, Among the people, Like a flock of sheep, Don’t you weep! You can play with it everyday!

Tied to an endless string, Are my life and limbs, Flimsy with no control, Guided by the hand of the master, Like a slave I must behave, I’m a puppet, With no mind of my own, My heart drums, To the beat, Of five little fingers Dipped into my soul, I eat, When my tongue and teeth, Are inside my wood mouth, I speak, When my master, Isn’t crushing my pipe, I shake hands, With the hands, That my master seeks, My heart drums like a human, When it lies in my chest, And not in the wooden crate, - 100 -

- 101 -

My two left feet, Walked in the direction, Of my master’s heart I’ve wished upon Dozens of shooting stars, For one day, For my master’s heart, To lead me to a place, Of stones and bones, To simply lay me, For my rest.

Q Queenless
I was crying on your lips, Pouring hordes of drips, When the terrible news fell, Like Life had finally sunk to hell, I was the kingdom king, With soul remains of the queen’s ring Your cadaver sunk at sea, I feel gravely, For I have no words but tears, On the stone to spear, It is a sad twist of fate, That I sorely hate, A rose with a broken stem, And I’ve lost the one whole gem, That completed life, But now I play on the saddest fife, To summon the clouds of rain, To torrentially express my pain

R Raft Of God
A splintered raft, Of broken dreams,

- 101 -

- 102 Lonely riders, Leaning on a broken sail, Bodies sickly pale, Scattered, Like stones, Misshaped and deformed Only sea to see, And hallucinating lands, To lean towards, As close to equal, To a few deck-hands Nature turning Man, Like changing tides, Fighting for food, Feasting on the skull, Of the one who lose, Fingers make handy straws, To indulge in the impure waters, As the raft from the All Mighty God, Exposes humans flaws The disobedience to All Mighty’s laws The only they’ll see, Are the gates of hell, In the only way God, Will rebel.

Rare , Medium Rare or Well Done ?
I was yelping, As I needed helping, My limbs were hanging, From a branch to which I was dangling, And Death I was facing, Pain in my fingers were jabbing, The branch was creaking, Making as well sounds of cracking, My breath was aching, From breathing, The frost bitten air flowing, Day was fading, Moon was rising, Vultures were circling,

- 102 -

- 103 And one them made a landing, My heart was racing, As the bird was dancing, To a beat that was mangling, To the point my bones were jangling, And they were maiming, Blood was oozing, I felt like Life was moving, And Death was nesting, While pleasantly resting, Inside a chest that was crumbling, As well dimming, The lights of it new dwelling, By aiding, In the ageing, Of my bones to a browning, My heart was charring, As Death started it cooking, I was smothering, With a hint of a homemade ranch dressing My face was blushing, From all this heating, But did give my personality a glowing, At an expense of me choking, As he began my skinning, Just after I began toasting, I was weeping, With onions he began wedging, I began squealing, But a chunky apple prevented speaking As he continued my roasting, With lemon and garlic flavouring, He took out brush for stroking, And began the buttering, Of more citrus juices splashing, After an hour or two burning, Death invited the Vulture who were striking, And as thanks with the aid of the blood spilling, They spiked my head on something, As the two ate like a barbaric Viking, After one or two burping, Death proposed with my wedding ring, To the Vulture that was dazzling, And she accepted while chuckling How am I going, - 103 -

- 104 To give an explanation without frosting, To my wife without her suspecting, That I have not been bowling, I simply have been faking! To go to the outing

Real Ruler
A pencil made the World, Not God the Mighty ruler, Creating it essence, On lifelike paper, The World is one line drawn, Without the pencil, Leaving the surface of the paper, Perfecting every mass, Every continent, Every ocean, All the drinkable water, Every human, Every animal, And the 7 wonders of this world, With a bulging thick pointy eraser, And a sharp pointy coloured lead, It took forever Sweat, patients, And a great HB 2 pencil, But it a masterpiece, That is done, All bow down before me The one and only, True king, Of this one big country.

I dream recurringly of my naked body anchored to a floor of water. I try to swim to the ceiling but I keep sinking onto a bed of wet roses

- 104 -

- 105 that dissolves my skin to the mere touch, obstructing my heart & muddily me in decomposition that subdues me like a tranquilizer to a raging dog as I gingerly fall like a stone to which ``X`` marks the spot of where all is lost. Till I see The rooster hoist the sun into the sky and emitting a blenching crowing connecting me to reality.

Reflection , Deflection
I dreamt of a mirror, Higher than one meter, Found in the rain of moisture, In a forest lush of nature, Coated in a sweet smell of nectar, And closer it looked nicer, With a silhouette like a golden Oscar, My heart I had to offer! As I wanted her for as my significant other, Brushed by the hands of painter, Her smile was white and purer, With grace she was a poser, Her beauty flowed like a calm river, Upon her posture straight as a ruler, She’s my early bird sun riser, The kisses strike like a précised sniper, - 105 -

- 106 Like bullets made of sliver, Collapsing my internal structure, She’s a gorgeous beast like a tiger, With a soul solus treasure, Without being a thieving trader, She is a passion I utter, Her spark ain’t dark like umber, With a gorgeous accent from down under, In my only whisper, I glanced and gave a wonder, Are you the goddess of Winter? She say ``No`` as fast as thunder, And threw me over the yonder, Into reality of Life of a youngster, Who had a problem with zipper.

My eyes! My only eyes have been rifted apart into 10 000 teardrops that are moulded and craved into the jagged symmetry of my broken heart. Like a wingless angels plummeting to Earth, my vision aggressively thwack onto mother nature’s feet with deep etching and depth of mass impact craters. It feels like unsettling loneliness has snipped the only connection to the portrait of the world.

- 106 -

- 107 It’s creepy to feel but no see the beauty that lies before me. Could I borrow your eyes for simply a quick moment?

Love, An art that was created, BY artists like ``The Romeo’s`` , Serenading ladies with their charm, Protecting the ladies, Like a shield, Against the harm of the world, They defend with pride, And fight with honour, The Romeo’s are ballroom dancers, Fast with their feet, Showing to the world in strides, That their hearts beats with pride, As they move closer, To the rose of this melody, As they move closer, A kiss will be happening, As they move closer, The lovers shall transform into lovely doves, Flying out of their human forms & into the sunrise of a new sunny day, & toward a better Life, & toward a wedding day, Somewhere in mid-May

He was there Sitting in his comfy red chair, Flipping the pages, Of a 37 year old newspaper, Like if that all he cared about,

- 107 -

- 108 -

He was there, Sitting in his lazy chair, Wearing wore slippers, And smoke a peace pipe, Till his eyes were in a hazel haze, He was there, Passed out in his favourite chair, Not breathing human air, Looking like a blank stare, He wasn’t there

Rub a dub dub
Rub a dub dub, Two blind men in a tub, One high on soap and on a sud, The other sipping an ice cold bud, One asked, "Is that the soap?" The other smiled, "Nope!" "Oh, it is your rubber ducky!" I'll squeeze it and feel very lucky! Having fun now; You bad boys, Just play with your own wet toys! Rub a dub dub there's an empty tub both had disappeared one was cutting his toenails the other shaving his beard. And now as the storybook fades out... we hear the blind men singing sweetly, "You rub a dub'd me SO COMPLETELY!" Solus McKnight

Storic Melodies ennovy Storic


S Sadness Written With Tears
I can't bear to watch as drips of blood drop. - 108 -

- 109 Another drop of a victim, pooling at my feet. War, violence and hatred crucifying peace and innocence. Ravens and devils feast on the corpse till picked clean. Every drip Is another drop that goes. When will it end? When will it end? When will it end?

Sand Search
I hear a baby crying, Somber tearful moaning, Echoing like droplets of rain, I feel near to you, A presence I can almost touch Through the spirits and humans, Of the box of Pandora, Each wanting too distant, My efforts, With persistence, With, Detouring mazes, Dead ends, Pothole Traps, Pitfalls, Haunting memory tampering Your moaning is louder, But your call is shallower, Each step I take,

- 109 -

- 110 Is like an hour further from you, Winds taunting me, With your breath, Calling your name, Puffy white clouds, Washing out the bread crumb of memories, I have now, Running off the page, Like trickling waterfalls, No GPS, No smoke signals, Only echoes of waves, A crashing sound, Surging out of your mouth, Will I find you in time? Or Will soggy memories, Be the unique thing I bury of you?

Every morsels-like bits calculated to the nearest 0. Aspiring and hoping to make an evident statement that will leave people a few syllables short of a word. As my figure is revealed in front of the skeletally thin, who ah and reek of jealousy as a brand new standard of slenderness has been revealed. A standard that sheds the weight until the struggle

- 110 -

- 111 for beauty becomes a vanishing act. Can’t you see how pretty I’ve become?

Separate Ways
I wish I could be held, I’m far from my neck, And my shoulders too, Even my heart, Wandered off in steps, Of more than two, My walking mobility, Is yon over, The moon and sky, My fingers and toes, Went to the market, But never went home, My butt floats, Like a ship, In the middle of the sea, My head is a rusted pearl, With an empty lining, Perfect for a fruit bowl, The remains of my brains, Like a heavy anchor, It soars, To the bottom of the cemetery floor, A life nicked on stone, That lies alone, Just as I stand

She walks from nowhere …
She walks from nowhere, To the middle of somewhere, With a heart heavenly pure, Her body can endure, Never one to swear, Only to act and care, With the intend to cure, To greatest grandeur

- 111 -

- 112 -

A Mother That makes the world go Round and round, In the air and on the ground Producing clear water sea bound, Make the air grow, Between the wheat fields, Row on row To protects like shield, Her jewel crown.

Short Of A Yard
Every time I sneeze, My underwear float away from me, Like in a gentle breeze, And I’m left naked for all to see, Polyester, cotton, silk or leather made, Don’t want to have to cover, My little pointy spade, People think I’m a weird little creature, The situation is pretty hectic, I stop human and car traffic, With every sneeze that missiles by, I wish I could die, Is there anyway I can make peace Before I get arrested by the police? I can’t live like someone civil, If I walk around all natural!

Slithering Away From Life
This poem is brought to you by, The letter ``S`` of the alphabet ><><><><><>><><><><>< Lines of lives ,

- 112 -

- 113 Moving like free flowing snakes, Dashing through the wind, Like gazelles While withering tea roses Into the sky, Like confetti on the fourth of July, Looking like phantom blurs Living life through the next decision, Praying with no hope, Of looking alive Resembling grieving granite, With emotionless faces of white, And ghostly sleeping As richly evident as the day, As devastating as a moonless night

Star Cross Lovers
Star-crossed lovers begging on their knees, For their amor to grow like two healthy trees, Not stay stuck to the ground like two toffees, But that would never be, The families implement royal decrees, As Love is put on deep-freeze Forcing the other to never see, Their unborn babies Due in 3 Wednesdays, As it is removed at the mother’s multiple fees, Then fed to starving killer bees, Both families ruled with an iron fist, As one life did not exist, The lovers’ love has been unkissed, Each families hold one’s whist, With a sick twist, Love is on a blacklist, And that completes their checklist

Stomach Growling
Once upon a midnight dreary, A fellow look too edgy, To be from the island of Fiji, A Man who was grouchy With a chest that was heavily hairy,

- 113 -

- 114 Intertwined with a huge poison ivy, Dancing like a disc jockey, While giving his left knee, Into a sexy lady, Leaving his surrounding very mussy, Acting like a destructive nazi, Being completely ornery, And displaying it proudly, Making the victims queasy, Crushed a ruby, While moving strongly, Towards the biggest ball of taffy, That looked butt ugly, But tripped and demolish the church vestry, Which was an act that was wildly, For a look a like yeti, And the crowd was dazed as a zombie, Even the army, Could not meet the demand from his belly, As all he wanted was a chunky nutty candy!

Stuck In A Moment
Here I stand, With my musical rock band, Along the coastland, Leading to the entrance of ``DREAMLAND`` This stop was unplanned, As our tour bus crashed into a swampland, We got off the bus and I scanned, At first all I saw was sand, To my left was a nuclear toxic wasteland, And, To my right a huge farmland, With a shady patch of a grassland, With my left-hand, I signalled a stagehand, To gather food from the farmer’s farmland, But minutes later he was canned, By a senior farmer with an active sweat gland, - 114 -

- 115 He dropped our buddy in his homemade quicksand, And now I had seen Death firsthand, We were at the rand, Nearing the exit point from Thailand, Our chances were pretty bland, We all were trapped in this land, With no way to withstand, The cane of the workhand, Who killed my brother the stagehand.

Suicidal Goodbye
Don’t tell my dears, That I’m suicidal, They’re unaware, But it would hurt them, So much, I won’t tell them goodbye, I don’t want to see their crying eyes, I just want to be alone, For this one last ride, A one last ride, I want Death to subjugate me, To foment me towards it arms, Carry me home, To my room And lay me on down, On a pallet for sleep With a pillow, Smelling like the wafting of heliotrope I may cry like a waterfall, But I’ll mange the demons, Out of my head, Just to clear my mind, And I’ll be, The remnant of a man, That I once been, As the arbor of time and space, Will cease and stop, Pending for the moment To arrive covetously, No roses, Just pick up the pieces, - 115 -

- 116 And go home.

Dressed in my blue tights, Looking macho in my red cape, Dazzling with the ``S``` on my chest I played Superman in the alley, Near clouds of kryptonite Flying like a lead bird, On disintegrated winged feathers, Spiralling like a dying airplane, With no ejector seat, Corkscrewing in a Valley Several Worlds below, In a land Of granite and snow, Deafening solitude, Solus attitude, In this negative altitude.

T T–1=
Help me! Won’t anybody save me? I’m in the nude, And undressed up to my neck, Iron shackles with several nooses, Seemingly hundreds of guns, With all their barrels pointed at me, Long and wide, Shiny slivery machetes, Desire to slice me, With their single fang,

- 116 -

- 117 Help me! Won’t a knight and shining armour save me? Or simply save me! They’ve blindfolded me! I’m gagged with a sock, Like a snake deep in my throat, They whisper, ``Black roses and I’ll kill you Again at your funeral. `` No even God, Could hear my final plea, I’ll drown in the blood of my sea The only pain I’ll feel, Is the one of my shattering scream, Ten!…… It has begun! Nine!…… Goodbye world! Eight!…… I love you mother! Seven!…… Goodbye Mother! Six!…… I love you wife! Five!…… The last memory is your pretty face! Four!…… I’m sorry I couldn’t stay alive! Three!…… My heart burns as a heat of 1000 suns, Two!…… I’ll never get to know my unborn son! One!…… I’ll die among insurgencies! Zero!… …

Take My Breath Away
Take my breath away, I don’t want to feel anymore, Simply feel smooth as a stone, My heart aches like a jangling bone, Living day to day, On smarties pills, - 117 -

- 118 That I eat the red ones last Excruciating pain, As sharp as jagged glass, Killing me softly, With incisions but no wounds, Simply speaking breaks bones, I’m a shatter mirror, Jagged fragments, Far beyond recoverable, Please! And I do say please! Take my breath away!! And run with it!! It’ll be our little secret!!

- 118 -

- 119 -

The Condemn Poet
I'm a poet, without paper nor ink. Life has blessed me with many gifts but as well I've been infused with a terrible curse. My hands are withering, like a black rose. My inspirations are fading slowly, through life and death, of the sands of time. I've been bound, with mancles of steel linking my left and right hands into infinite. Forming an unbreakable chain. I've been beaten badly, Brutalized by mind forg'd fists, Agressively dismantling, breaking and shattering my body, mind and soul. I'm a poet with now only a single way to be set free and renewed! Goodbye!

The Hardest Word S o many times I wanted to say this, O ut of mouth to say ``How Much I miss You`` R eally a 5-letter word, R everberating the guilt from my mind Y on from today I hope to be able to say it

- 119 -

- 120 -

The Longest Trip
I’m miles from home, I’m a hitchhiker sitting on a stone, With my thumb in the air, Waiting for a passer to care, To get me off this lonely road, Of constant sunsets, And rolling tumbleweeds, I’m in hunger, In the need to feed, Surviving by chewing gum, That was stuck to my shoe, And drinking my saliva, As a precious glass of water, My clothes, Are dishevelled and in tears, Walking on feet that are bare, My body aches, Like 3rd degree burns, Torched skin, From a blazing sun, Roasted me, Till warm and overdone, I look like a shrivelled racoon, Roasted on an open flame, Seasoned with a salt & pepper That reek My bones are jangling, Like shards from a broken mirror, If the mirror shows life, A broken one shows What’s left.

The Myth Of The Lavender Butter
She is the goddess of inspiration, Of all that is good and pure, Her beauty is graceful, Her writings are remarkable, She’s the little muse, That flies from poet to poet,

- 120 -

- 121 Planting seeds of inspiration, To sprout and infinitely grow, And for pens to gush, With an endless flow, Of emotions in words, In inks of, Apricot, Black, Pink, Yellow, Red, Blue, Taupe, Mauve, Teal, Neon green, Or in lilac, The goddess has several forms of divinity, She can be an angelic angel, With a heavenly personality A chocolate, Filled with a lilac coloured caramel, Or if you see a lavender butterfly, Fluttering near by, Emitting a fragrance of summer, Then you know a true friend, Is close by

The Nightmares Of The Sweetest Man
In a room With metronomic lighting, Laying in a bed, In an open eyes sleep, Is a human that is I Head locked in immobilization, All I see are stars, 5 triangularly shaped stars, With a sixth slightly charred, Circling my vision, Like vultures Doing figure eights, Around my fate, Getting ever so close, With every 8, - 121 -

- 122 Getting closer like pointy knives, Knives sharp and stainless My heart races, Like wind rushing out of a life, I try to scream, To thunder, To yell, To shout, To howl, To wail, To yelp, To shriek, To vociferate, Or clamour, But winded whimpered wordless speeches, Rolled off my tongue, I’m trapped, The steely blades, Making incisions through flesh and bones, Like a hot knife through butter, Releasing and gushing Gooey frosted red blood, I feel aggressive, Tugs and pulls, From a dog On my left arm, Barking `Honey wake up! Wake up! I agitate in horror, Till I slap myself, And break my nose! And see my sweet honey! Say to me: ``I just finish making some brownies, Do you want a slice?`` AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Dearly belove it, We’ve pay tribute! To the `` Sweet Man`` You made close the lit, No! No! I’M NOT DEAD!

- 122 -


The North American’s Dream
Pretty dreams of life are carried away on scorched blacken wings of business tie wearing martini drinking ravens. Swaying bird of Death to drunk to focus on the human’s utopic ideas, they crush stomp,impede, demolish,drop like a sac of doorknobs. Burying carelessly the hardworkers that breath life into empire’s made from decks of cards in China.

The Orge In The Bell Tower
I’m the ogre of Notre Dame Cathedral, I walk these famous halls, Every hour those 5 tonne bells sing, Telling the Parisian peasants the time, With those golden bells ringing, Every hour 12 dings and dongs, At my break, Tumble wheat run through empty streets, Where kids run and play, I buy a coffee and two croissants, At the café ``Demi – Lune`` But the seats empty out, - 123 -

- 124 And no one serves me, No one talks to me, Except for the echoes of the walls, Taunting me with lonely words, Screeching my ears with lonely comfort, No human warmth to heat my sub-zero heart, But yet it gets just weirder, The sun sets every time, I go on coffee breaks, Street lamps at night, Diminish to none to my presence, Windowpanes shatter from a mile radius, To wherever I walk on the ground, I never see anyone, I never hear anyone, Deafen silence like a blanket, Shrouding my face like blindness, Deafen silence like a gauzy wrap, Mummifying my breath, Till nothing left, It like defending a city, With no peasant or Life to defend, All I want, Is one good friend!!!

The Saddest Site
A tear of stone cold sadness hangs cryogenically, like a noosed victim of the gallot, upon the face where drops of emotions tangle forever helplessly below the left eye. A world below the eye where a lone wind blows feverishly the flaky ground of this Death Valley - 124 -

- 125 while this area sees the light of a slate grey moon illuminating the shadow of the lone wolf that howls for moments of elation but winter crucifies and petrifies any and all hope. A life sentence that surpasses death in length.

The Throne
I was a blind dog, Without a bone, Dysfunctional, Like a statue of stone, In a chair, Confined to be on my own, With solus help, From a handicap, prune eating crone, I am the Living, That got life out of me dethrone, But got crowned, The king of the helpless drone, Fuelled by thunderous rage, My air is a deadly cyclone, Like stainless steel machetes, Cutting through the lines of a phone It affects everybody, Within the my path and zone, My self-destruction is evident, My face etched like a tombstone, Wheeling it for miles, With a life that has been blown.

- 125 -

- 126 -

The Unfinished Work Of A Poet
I’ve gone depressingly clinical, I’m leaning on the edge From attempting to astonish My readers with one more write, Before they highlight my life I’m nowhere near a resolute, Or a meaningful decision, These futile words, Which are hefty on my mind, Seemingly don’t want to behave, I hear the words, Chanting and taunting claims, Words that resonate like nightmares, Feeling devoured by simple words, That no power of Man could retort For the first time, The sword, Has cracked the shield of the pen, And pierce my heart, Pierce the poetic me As I bleed to the world to see, Forgive me, For I have failed.

Tongue Twister 4

Little Piddle little skittle little fiddle Little Piddle little skittle little fiddle

- 126 -

- 127 -

Little Piddle little skittle little fiddle

Tongue Twister 5 Wrinkle riddle crinkle little fiddle scribble tittle Wrinkle riddle crinkle little fiddle scribble tittle Wrinkle riddle crinkle little fiddle scribble tittle

Tongue Twister 6 Cruel Little Yeti Betty bitty Beetle Cruel Little Yeti Betty bitty Beetle Cruel Little Yeti Betty bitty Beetle Tongue Twister 7 Clung bluetongue dung sung ``Young Lung`` Clung bluetongue dung sung ``Young Lung`` Clung bluetongue dung sung ``Young Lung`` Tongue Twister 8 Real rear reel gear real fear real feel Real rear reel gear real fear real feel Real rear reel gear real fear real feel

- 127 -

- 128 Tongue Twister 9 Slink slithering sink stink snake Slink slithering sink stink snake Slink slithering sink stink snake Tongue Twister 10

Theodore thistle this thirty tight thirteen tree three Theodore thistle this thirty tight thirteen tree three Theodore thistle this thirty tight thirteen tree three

Tongue Twister 11 Hullo holt helved hissed hush hame hen Hullo holt helved hissed hush hame hen Hullo holt helved hissed hush hame hen

Tongue Twister 12

phut peen pelf pith pelt phut peen pelf pith pelt phut peen pelf pith pelt

Tongue Twister 13 - 128 -

- 129 quinta quinsy quip quorum quota quiz quinta quinsy quip quorum quota quiz quinta quinsy quip quorum quota quiz Tongue Twister 14 vagi vela vasa vee vein vane van vroom vagi vela vasa vee vein vane van vroom vagi vela vasa vee vein vane van vroom Tongue Twister 15 swinish swish swoon swiss swizz swinish swish swoon swiss swizz swinish swish swoon swiss swizz Tongue Twister 16 ofay obi octal odium omelette ofay obi octal odium omelette ofay obi octal odium omelette

Tounge Twister 17 UBIETY , ULLAGE , ULNA , UMBO , UMBONATE UBIETY , ULLAGE , ULNA , UMBO , UMBONATE UBIETY , ULLAGE , ULNA , UMBO , UMBONATE Tounge Twister 18 brisk bitch bramble bless blank brisk bitch bramble bless blank brisk bitch bramble bless blank

Tongue Twister 19 adrift abaft abacus adzuki acinus acne

- 129 -

- 130 -

adrift abaft abacus adzuki acinus acne adrift abaft abacus adzuki acinus acne Tongue Twister 20 DID DORY DILLY DIDDLE DIDDY DI DIET? DID DORY DILLY DIDDLE DIDDY DI DIET? DID DORY DILLY DIDDLE DIDDY DI DIET? Tongue Twister 21 FROGMARCH, FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION, FLORIFEROUS, FLOSSIER, FORBIDDINGNESS, FROGMARCH, FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION, FLORIFEROUS, FLOSSIER, FORBIDDINGNESS, FROGMARCH, FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION, FLORIFEROUS, FLOSSIER, FORBIDDINGNESS, Tongue Twister 22 slick jitter lick gibber stick dinner flick slick jitter lick gibber stick dinner flick slick jitter lick gibber stick dinner flick

Tongue Twister 23 winded white-washed Windex windows whisks whiskies whirls wicker wince wigglier winded white-washed Windex windows whisks whiskies whirls wicker wince wigglier winded white-washed Windex windows whisks whiskies whirls wicker wince wigglier

Tongue Twister 24

- 130 -

- 131 -

Pauper Piggy picked purple pickled pruned plectrum pleader pillow pits. Pauper Piggy picked purple pickled pruned plectrum pleader pillow pits. Pauper Piggy picked purple pickled pruned plectrum pleader pillow pits. Pauper Piggy picked purple pickled pruned plectrum pleader pillow pits. Pauper Piggy picked purple pickled pruned plectrum pleader pillow pits.

Tongue Twister 25 Bubbled baby back bibs blew bones beyond blue bulls burbling. Bubbled baby back bibs blew bones beyond blue bulls burbling. Bubbled baby back bibs blew bones beyond blue bulls burbling. Bubbled baby back bibs blew bones beyond blue bulls burbling. Bubbled baby back bibs blew bones beyond blue bulls burbling.

Tounge Twister 26 Warm Warm Warm Warm Warm weather weather weather weather weather wrecks wrecks wrecks wrecks wrecks withering withering withering withering withering winter winter winter winter winter wades wades wades wades wades were were were were were watered watered watered watered watered with with with with with walls. walls. walls. walls. walls.

Twice A Day , For A Better Day

- 131 -

- 132 *Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason. A homeopathy remedy for the soul, A lotion for injuries skin deep, Acts as a psychiatrist to lean upon A Kleenex when emotions weep, It is a message that speaks, As good as a A fresh cup of herbal tea, Or a favourite sweet, To eventually lead to a brighter day.

*“Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.” Novalis (1772-1801) This quote was the inspiration behind this poem

U Uncle Hamlet
I’ve been walking on the sun, With a basket, Of a freshly baked cinnamon bun, As well as a banana nut muffin, To bring to my Uncle Hamlet. Uncle Hamlet likes his buns sticky And even a bit icky, While his muffin is fluffy, Has to smell like the butt of a monkey, And eats them both every Tuesday. It is quite a walk to the nuthouse, As Hamlet believes he is a little mouse. He has the ability to speak, And talks in a mouse’s squeak, He’s a nut that is truly unique.

- 132 -

- 133 -

United We Stand Or Forever We Fall
Walking wings, Floating like a melody that sings, In formation of a ring, That calls Man to bring, The fruits of unity, The proteins for infinity As they come, To the beat of an Earthly drum, No one is left lonesome, Even the ones with bottles of rum, And relapsing teenage tantrum Together it sticks like gum, A unity, which is a flower in blossom, To save the kingdom, With this serum, From the fearsome, Venomous venom, Of the medusa devil, United we stand, Or forever we shall fall. V

Valentine Fallout
Once upon a midnight dreary A fallen flame, Ledged on a Siberian wind, Shivering to a blue, On frost-bitten sparks, Frozen like a broken heart, Torn apart by the air, Downgraded to a shame, With a head hanging low, Dumped like a yesterday, Fields of red roses, Whiter to his breathing, To reincarnate into crows and ravens, Grim reapers and medusa hairs, Holding candy charred hearts, Deadly hugs, Poisonous kisses, And pouring rejection

- 133 -

- 134 Of Valentine Day cards, Like a torrential downpour, Forever no more, Quote the raven, With a heart scored With a reaper knife, A body as solid as ore, With savages feasting on my core, Till pick clean, And nevermore.

A broken vase of memories, Jagged and pointy from all sides, Of what used to be my ABC’s, The smells of memories, Scattered everywhere, Some open wounds, Beyond repair, And far beyond, From someone who cares, A vase that looked so womanly, And now it’ll never be, Throw the flowers, On this gorgeous beauty, With a neck, Soft and silky smooth, Like a feel of cashmere, A body shaped like grace, And with elegance it moves, A base Moulded from the fountain youth, She sparkles with divine, With no curvature of the spine, But it life crumbles, To this horrid twist of fate

W Waiting On The King’s Return
I dance, Around a candle lit flame, - 134 -

- 135 Waiting, For my heart to be save, Patiently, I wait upon the one, who’s brave, Pacing, For someone to share my pen name, I pray, For an arrival to be soon, I hope, For it nears a full moon, I see, Poseidon summoning waves, I realised possibly, No addition fire to spark, Only Poseidon’s flood to start, To be lying in motionless body art, I ask from he, To set my spirit free Seasons will bloom, Thorns shall wither to lustiest roses, Memories will become alive As one day Another poetic messiah will arrive.

Walking The Thin White Line
Life is a tightrope, To which I walk the line. Hung in suspension, Will I breath again, Hanging by sheer desperation, I am not willing to say my last Amen, And meet God of heaven, I’m finding difficult to ken, That I could be sleeping in a coffin, I feel my fingers are dancing on the line, Like a monkey Swinging from branch to branch, I’m swinging from hope to hope, For a way to find a light, To lighten my night, And out of the fight, Can I pull through? Will I pull through? Or is it already too late?

- 135 -

- 136 -

Warm Desire
It was by a cozy campfire, That my heart, Met a desire, She was a pretty lady, And I wanted her as my baby, She look so,so,so fine, She smelled like strawberry wine, Her taste was so,so,so divine, I wanted her to be mine! A kiss from her, Should be a crime, I’m going out of mind, From the imprint, Of the 35th shade of red lipstick, She was a phantom of delight. Left like a mark on my Lips, Cheeks Forehead, She is a delight, And warmth to me, She gives me wings, To fly over land and sea.

I woke up yonders before the sun, Yonders before the howling moon With disturbing thoughts, Plaguing my mind Of my rose, Withering in bloom, As I clutch it in my hands. Like a spilt reality, Eyes sprinkling the flower, Like a torrential prickling trickling acid rain, It maybe fictional, But the boundaries feel real, I wrap my arms, Where around the rose, - 136 -

- 137 But I’m engulfed by emptiness, A sentiment gravely shallow, Looped like an angel’s hallow, As tears are a bitter flow, Descended like lime flavoured snow, I wish these feelings would go, I wish it would depart, Cause it’s aching the heart.

What Did I DO Wrong?
Feeling kind of blue, Crying in sulphuric rain, With a pinch of pain, Breaking my heart with a haiku, Over a meal of cold tofu, And a stall fondue Just to say we’re through, Speaking In Hebrew, She performed a ritual of voodoo, Which gave me the royal flu, She nailed me with her right high heel shoe, And I slipped on my royal pooh, She wiped her make up with a tissue, Destroy my clothing with a skew, And the garments flew, In mid air my parts of you know who, Got crushed it precious value, And thrown it into the flue, I was barely out the door, And she wanted more I looked like a royal eyesore, I was a wounded solider from a war, With a gift from my ex-wife of a dead boar, She love to flung ore, While I was stuck in this torrential downpour, Getting closer to seashore, With such rancor, But I don’t know why, We broke up? Do you know?

What Love Brought Together

- 137 -

- 138 Two silhouette figures, Making violets in the snow, Moulding butterflies with three wings, Chameleons that sing, And dogs playing fiddle bowstrings They wear their Love like a pair of rings, On their respective porcelain fingers A constant reminder of what Love brings, Two hearts in unity, All in synchronized harmony, Indulging in each others company, Feeling every whispers, Of little sweet words, On the tip of the tongue, Like sparkling snowflakes, Being caught in the mouth, Of what Love brought together.

What More Do You Want
Why don’t you believe me? When I say ``I LOVE YOU``! Why don’t you believe me? That my 3 words are true! Why do we have to fight? Day in like day, Day out like night, Sunrise like day, Moonrise like night! It simply doesn’t feel right!! I buy bouquets of red roses But they aged over a single day With sprouting grey hairs, I buy caramel filled chocolates, But your discontent Melts them like sour winter summer day, What will it take? To avoid getting a visit by the police, Are arguing is a path, For the police sirens to track, They only visit like every hour

- 138 -

- 139 If only the devil could take you away! I probably would live to see another day!

When will you say goodbye? Your still inside, Plaguing my mind, With you in my rear-view mirror, It difficult already, With your mouth ledged On my shoulder, Speaking words, ``Of take me back`` ``You know you want me back`` ``I’m your little heart attack`` To pick up the pieces, Of a shattered dream, On a sliver plate, Of a shattered life, When will you finally let go? Like a snake, Wrapped around my heart, Your fangs of venom, Knee deep into my soul, I just want grasp Death, And hole my breath, Because, I can’t take it anymore When! Let me go in peace, You’ve broken me into piece, When When! When!! When!!! When!! - 139 -

- 140 When! When Whe Wh W …

When Kids Are Caught In The Crossfire
It tough to be in the middle, When you’re so small and little, Hearing all the blaring vociferation, Of this tiny king and queen’s nation, Where the peasant little child, Is used as a shield, Flying arguments spanning towards the wild, From which no infant can be healed, Multiple cracks in the foundation, And collapsing roof, Wooden crate as casket for proof, Of how true Love is but a fiction,

When Will Daddy Pick Me Up?
Sitting on a simple park bench, A bench a fire engine red, In front of a setting sun Patiently waiting to be picked up By a man who has meaning in my life, Who drives an 02` Grand AM, When will daddy pick me up? I’m getting scared! When will daddy pick me up? I’m shivering, My body submerge in coldness! When will daddy pick me up? I can hear the trotting of wolves, Howling like the wind

- 140 -

- 141 As they come out to play! When will daddy pick me up? I’ve broken down, Into a torrential rains Trickling profusely explosive tears, As I face reality Suns have shined and withered, Moon have flew and been shot down, As time simply got old, I rest safely, In the arms of Death, With a bed to lay warmly, And an eternal to ponder, Why did daddy didn’t pick me up? I left him a note in the obituary section!

When Will My Mommy Feed Me?
When will my mommy feed me? After her French kiss to a cigarette, Or after reading ``*The Gazette``? After cooking for thirty six, Or sucking cooperate dicks? When? When? When? I’m still waiting! When will my mommy feed me? After the next ice age, Or when she will make the front page? After she finally looks like a peanut Or when they declare her an insane nut? When? When? When? I’m getting a roaring hunger!! When will my mommy feed me? After her drink of a sour whiskey, Or after she finishes puking in a toby? After picking up the dry clean Or right after her pill digestion of codeine? When? - 141 -

- 142 When? When? My hunger is as louder than Katrina!!!! It is as late in the day to see the moon, I’m shrivelling to a shrunken prune Slowly becoming rough-hewn, I just want a little food! When will my mommy feed me? When? When? When? I can see the triune, Maybe I finally have food! * The Gazette is a newspaper that is distributed in the Montreal area

Where Did Love Go Wrong?
Solus McKnight Where did our Love go wrong, After kisses and a melodic songs, A marriage and five kids, Chained to our knees and ankles, Where did our love go wrong, was it when the stretch marks came and the make up disappeared? Where did our love go wrong, was it when we kept ourselves, with all our dreams locked? Where did our love go wrong, was it when we forgot each other's birthdays and our children's names? Where did our Love go wrong, was it when we stopped trying, or when you started lieing, was it when our kids grew older, that you grew colder? Or was it when you went on a cruise all alone and left me sitting at home by the phone? Was it the different shades of lipstick on your lips? Or being caught in bed with my younger sister? - 142 -

Viyanna Rosemarie Black Comedy



KittyBlue Solus McKnight

- 143 Amber Silverhair Where did our love go wrong Was it when your mother came to stay When I gave your favourite pipe away When I changed the channel in the middle of the game? Where did our lovr go wrong was it when i left and took the kids or when you i found out about those other chicks? was it when the phone bill came, Your view of me was never the same. Maybe because I loved the XXXX flicks! Where did our love go wrong? when did the flame of passion die? Was time the thief of youthfulness and that spark within your eye? Where did our love go wrong? When did our love go wrong? How did our love go so very wrong? Where did our love go wrong?




Solus McKnight

Who Wants Seconds?
Solus McKnight I have really bad luck, When it comes to food, I found a live rat in my KFC, I found a pinkie finger, In my Wendy's chilli In my burger from Burger King, I found a sparkling diamond ring! At Taco Bell I ate my lunch which left my panties in a bunch. Foster's Freeze served me a shake in which there was a little snake! The hot dog from the hot dog shack put a big fat rash upon my back. Inside my McDonald chicken nuggets, I found five fried lead bullets!!

Melodies KittyBlue RoseRomance Melodies Solus McKnight

- 143 -

- 144 Melodies Solus McKnight Hope2MakeIt The Carl's Jr. manager is really such a creep! He tried to pat my fanny and away I had to leap! A Harvard cafeteria brownie, was smuttered with the tail of a bunny! Coleman's gave me barbecue but they did not tell me it would all end up on my bum! He said his egg was very bad "eat it" said I to the fussy lad he sighed and peered into the shell "Do I have to eat eye and beak as well?" The pancakes at I-Hop were stacked nice and neat but inside of the center were big, fat rats' feet! Nowadays eating puts me in a fright, Even as far as turning my hair white!


Melodies Solus McKnight

Why? Mommy why?
Why mommy? Why Am I being dragged away? by this other man? I want to stay with you! I want to be close close to your heart! So why? Are you cutting me Out of your life?

I hold in my hand, frozen frostbitten grains of sand from time and space. Every moment of Life Is slowed to a near stop. A time where the inner most thoughts of Man - 144 -

- 145 have a chance To express themselves without fear of distraction. Like an inspiration trickling down from Pluto , like a uniformed snowflake onto my frostbitten nose , an inspiration mouldable to the shape of the imagination’s willingness, the world maybe dead looking at this time of the year but rich filled emotions and lush passions lurk behind every little snowflake or even from the juiciest snowstorm. Winter a moment of liberation. At least for me. Without A Goodbye Kiss I’m leaving on a jet plane, to find someone sane that can expound the truth about my pain. A pain shaped like a wound. Petals of blackness surround gaping cavernous holes found: a broken heart has been drowned. It lay underground - 145 -

- 146 for everyone to forget simply moaning and reverberating silence As it only sound. A broken heart in remnants so few, it’d be easier to express That it was but a spec of dust in an ocean of blood and richly moist tears anchored at the bottom of this crimson red sea.

Without A Prayer Chapter 1
In a quiet dormitories for future priest and brothers of Montreal, brother Saint Peter was doing his nightly security watch when a drop of sound spilt the night air in an thunderous fashion. THe sound came from room 7137. <<Saint Peter, to what do we owe this visit? >> Little Gabriel said Saint Peter responded with distinctive black smoke coming out of his ears << Little Gabriel, What is this? Is this your definitions of a joke? Because if it is it is as sour as a 13 pound sack of lemons!! Wipe that girly lipstick off! A man doesn’t kiss another man. It is out of the ordinary. I would even say that this illegal maybe even unethical. >> Pope Saint Peter exclaimed ,<< Well answer me! Or do you want me to beat it out of you!! >> <<No Father! No Father! No Father ! Please show clemency!! I’m a poor buffoon of a boy that had been possessed by the devilish acts of the Fallen Angel of Grace!>> replied Little Gabriel cunningly.

- 146 -

- 147 <<Well my child , possible but do you think I’m a fool?>> with a horned bull shape face he stared at Little Gabriel and Gabriel utter << Yes ! Damn it I mean NO!>> The bull face of Saint Peter wasn’t too happy with the student’s response and grabbed both hands Gabriel and improvised handcuff by using a rosary. Saint Peter dragged Little Gabriel to his office to finish this discussion in private. *********************************************************

Without A Prayer Chapter 2 –
The office of brother Saint Peter was a corridor long mile of a walk from room 7137. As they we’re nearing the office ,you could clearly hear the military like footsteps of Saint Peter and the two dragging feet of little Gabriel. All of a sudden , what felt like an earthquake was Saint Peter slamming the door of his office with thunderous earth quaking force. Than I heard the order , “Assume the position!” but than after some strange sounds began emanating from the office. Sounds of groaning , sounds with ``ah`` and pleasant ouches! These sounds continued for a good solid hour and when Little Gabriel left that office I was able to heard his staggering steps and he wasn’t walking straight. He staggered for 10 mintues until he made it back to our room. He simply crashed onto the lumpy bed. At first inspection , he had no wounds from a paddle or a leather whip or the metal ruler.I asked him `` What happen in there? Are you okay?`` He replied with whimpering tears ``I’m fine but I can’t reveal what happened!``. After his words he pointed to the figure of Jesus on the windowsill as well at a small wooden cross with a depiction of Jesus dipped in brass and pronounce the words ``Deus , crux! Deus ego! On the cross of Jesus I shall be laid to rest! `` My upper jaw dropped to the ceiling and my lower one fell 6 feet below Life. What to do ? He’s trapped between two bibles that are ready to give him his last Amen. What to do ? What to do?

Wrongfully Convicted
Why are you hurting me? I ain’t the one to be!!! Can’t you see? I don’t want to go to Death Valley!!! I still want to be with my Sally, No need to shackle me!!! I ain’t the one, Can’t you see, I don’t want to walk, The long green mile,

- 147 -

- 148 I just want to walk away, With what’s left with my smile, Leave me alone! I don’t want to bury my bones!! Leave me alone!!! I don’t want to order my piece of stone!!!! Leave me alone!!!!! Alone!!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!! Alone!!!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!!!! Alone!!!!!!!!!

Wrong Lips, Wrong Kiss
I did a wrong kiss, It was truly a big miss, My lips didn’t meet my princess, And she gave me a big hiss, I told her I’m sorry for this, Assisted by her iron fist, She scribed me into her blacklist, She even broke my right wrist, And mangle my left arm to a twist It was a really bad tryst 9-1-1 was dialled, As she freely giggled, My pain increasingly sizzled, And my broken bones jangled, While my tears yowled, Help never did show! I was filled with sorrow, And my heart bled from the deathblow, Of what I call now a wacko, And love was officially down to zero.

Y Yellow Eyes
Yellow eyes, - 148 -

- 149 Hold vault full of secrets, Living Life, To the song of yellow submarine Hating dripping water, In fact, They don’t drink any liquids Trying to desperately avoid, A little leak, A loud mouth squirt, Or the sound of flushing seas, Any leak, squirt or flush, And the pressure shall breech The dam will burst, With screw And the vessel will be cursed, To Deathly hear, Humiliations and laughter of it peers, Forever and ever!!! Forever and ever!! Forever and ever!

Ying Yang Moon
A moon of the monotone bright, Shines the immortality of the night, Like a dim lit star, From a clone afar, To blend to a relationship, Of dark and light, Resonating like a crescendo An essential part, Of the integral balance of the universe, Through the parallels and the perpendiculars, Of Life’s roads, Through the whimsy, The boredom of creatures of Man, And the sane of humanity, The moon is the spot of hope, To make through the hardships,

- 149 -

- 150 The light that blazes the night, In search of hope

You Saw Me…
You saw me catch a woman by surprise and you saw she had fear in her eyes. You saw how she put up a struggle. You saw me punch her lights out. You saw me gagging her and you saw her being bound by miles of lost hope. You saw me fondle and grope the woman’s breast. You saw me guzzle milk from her 4 litre jugs. You saw me burrowing inside her life. You saw my digging stabbingly violate her soul.

- 150 -

- 151 -

You saw her impregnation of pain You saw the morphing of a cycle. You saw me claim my trophy. You saw me erect a statue coated in the woman’s blood To commemorate her great tragedy. You saw me approach you. You saw me grimace for you. You saw my hands around your neck. You felt yourself slipping into an unavoidable conclusion.

- 151 -

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