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My new neighbors liked to host parties and usually they just kept me

awake at night. Then one night I watched the "after-party" events and
suddenly my interest in their parties changes considerably!

Although I was only fourteen when I lost my virginity, I knew from the very
first time I felt the warmth of a boy's cock in my pussy that I loved sex -
and that I wanted it as often as I could get it. By the time the summer after
my sixteenth birthday came around, I was not only being fucked by
several boys and sucking the cocks of many more, I had also started
having sex with my own parents and favorite aunt. All-in-all, not bad for a
girl's first two years of sex! What made it more interesting was that at the
same time I worked hard at church and school to be the conservative girl-
next-door. As a result most of the adults thought of me as one of the
"nice" girls but it didn't take long for the word to get around to the boys and
I was never lonely on a Friday night! I found that I enjoyed my dual image,
miss prim and proper to most people but a sexy slut with the boys.
Frankly, there were times I dreamed of being the class slut - dressing
suggestively and teasing all of the boys and teachers but that wasn't
possible. I was at the top of my class academically and I wanted to be a
teacher so I knew it was important to maintain a proper overall public
image if I was going to get into a good school.

While I truly enjoyed my own experiences, I was always curious about

other people's sexual habits. My parent's sex life fascinated me. They
were in their late thirties and still pretty hot for other. I once spied on them
as they had sex in the hot tub, which eventually lead to me being fucked
by my dad, which quickly expanded to include my mom and her sister. I
also did a lot of babysitting. When the kids were in bed and the parents
were not due home for hours I would use the opportunity to snoop around
their house to see what I could discover. My favorite couple was right next
door. Kathy and Rich were the parents of a cute four year-old girl and
both of them were in great shape. Based on the contents of her dresser,
Kathy obviously liked sheer lace nighties and dildos. I also found some
interesting pictures hidden away of her wearing those nighties and using
the dildos! After that evening I fantasized more than once about being
with one or both of them!

Back to my original thoughts�.. Babysitting was just one way I satisfied

my voyeuristic instincts. We live in a typical Pittsburgh neighborhood in
that it's on a steep hill. Each house is about one story lower than the next
as you go down the road in front of our house. Not only that, our
neighbors on the opposite side of the street and behind us are significantly
above and below us, respectively. You can see that from the garages �
ours is in back of the house attached to the basement since you go
downhill on our lot while the folks on the opposite side of the house enter
their garage from the front. One of the results of all this is that nobody has
a direct view across to their neighbor which affords a bit of privacy,
especially if your uphill neighbors aren't around much as was the case
with our situation. One of the things I love about our house is the hot tub
on our deck. Thanks to the hill we live on , the deck, which is on top of our
garage, looms about twenty feet over our neighbor's back yard giving us
an unobstructed view of everything that goes on while they usually don't
even notice us since we are so high above them. Technically our other
neighbors have the same view of us but they are an old couple and never
venture outdoors much so we never worry about them watching us. Since
the tub is in the corner of the deck, when I am in it I can look over the side
and effectively spy on the neighbor's house.
When I was growing up there wasn't much to see so I pretty much ignored
the neighbors but that all changed when Kathy and Rich moved in last
year. They were in their late twenties with a young daughter which
provided me with the perfect babysitting opportunity. I usually "explored"
most homes where I baby-sit and its amazing some of the things you find
in the bedrooms and my neighbors were obviously into some kinky things
based on the videos and paraphernalia they kept in the bedroom. Since
their daughter was too young to understand, and they evidently trusted me
not to go looking through their drawers in their bedroom, they didn't hide it.
I had some good times watching their videos and even tried on some of
her naughty lingerie a few times but that's all another story. Our new
neighbors also loved to party and hardly a weekend went by that I didn't
lay in my bed late at night trying to sleep despite the loud music and
talking. It didn't help my bedroom was on the back corner of the house
that was closest to their back yard and I could hear everything that was
going on. Normally I fell asleep before the party ended and nothing out of
the ordinary seemed to ever happen so over time I tended to ignore them.

It was a Saturday night in the middle of July of my sixteenth summer and

another party was in full swing. I was out on the deck after supper and our
of general curiosity, I took a peek down to check things out. It all looked
quite ordinary with perhaps twenty to thirty people just hanging around
with drinks in their hands. They all looked to be about Kathy and Rich's
age � mid to late twenties or so with maybe a few couple older than that
but nobody my parent's age or anything even close to that old. It was a
hot and humid evening so a few of the guys had their shirts open and a
couple had even taken them off. Fortunately, they were the ones I would
have chosen with cut bodies and nice tans. It was also obvious that they
knew they were good looking as well, a trait that I find annoying in guys.
The girls were mostly wearing loose blouses, halters, bikini tops, or
something similar. Kathy was in shorts and a bikini top which left little to
the imagination. She had great boobs which looked to be natural as well
(that opinion was also supported by the more unobstructed view I had of
them in several of their home videos!) Seeing Kathy's breast just made
me all the more self-conscious of my own small boobs. Mine were firm
and perky and I didn't get any complaints from the guys when they played
with them, but what I would have given for another cup size or maybe two!

Other than a few naughty thoughts about some of the guys at the party, it
was really more boring than anything else to watch so after a while I went
back inside and didn't think about the party again for the rest of the
evening. I went to bed around midnight and gave thanks for the air-
conditioning which allowed me to keep my windows shut to block out most
of the noise from next door. Somewhere around 2:00 I woke up for some
reason and in the silence of our house I could faintly heard something
outside my window. Even Kathy and Rich's party typically ended by now
so my curiosity again got the better of me and I slipped off my sheets and
stepped out of bed. Looking out the window, I could hear just hear the
voices but couldn't quite make out what they were saying. The bright
backyard lights had been turned off leaving just some ornamental lighting
which wasn't quite bright enough to allow me to see what was going on.
This was unusual so being the nosy person I am, I slipped on a t-shirt (I've
been sleeping nude since I was twelve) and went out quietly downstairs. I
carefully opened the kitchen door leading to the deck, making sure no
lights were on which might tip off someone to my actions and silently
moved across the deck to see what was going on. I stayed down low and
looked through the rails in case someone looked up and saw me
silhouetted against the partly cloudy sky. The moon was covered at the
moment but it could reappear at any moment and as bright as it was I
wasn't taking any chances. Their backyard was lined with bushes and
fencing for privacy so nobody could see what was going on � that is
nobody but me since I was the only one up high enough to be able to look
down into their back yard. I'm sure they never expected that anyone from
our house would be up this slate, let alone peeking down at them, no more
so than I was ever concerned when out on my "private" deck.

The lights were pretty dim but my eyes quickly adjusted until I could make
out pretty clearly what was going on - it certainly wasn't their typical
backyard party! Two people were sitting in lawn chairs while two others
were laying together on a blanket on the grass. The people in the lawn
chairs were Rich and some other guy while on the blanket was Kathy (I
would recognized her long hair anywhere � it was down to her ass at
least) and another woman. The guys each looked to be holding a beer
while they watched what was going on in front on them. At first I thought
they had stripped down to their shorts but then Rich shifted his weight
enough to allow one of the lawn lamps to shed more light on him and I
realized they were nude! Not just the guys � the girls were as well! I
almost let out a gasp as I realized they weren't exchanging recipes either
� they seemed to be putting on a show for the guys.

My eyes squinted as I tried to make out better what was going on when
somebody answered my prayers and the clouds covering the moon
passed on. It was full and bright enough that I could have read a book
had I been so inclined. Well, with the show they moon revealed, reading a
book was the last thing on my mind! Oh my God, they were both so hot!
The other girl looked to be about the same age as Kathy with the same
great figure. I knew Kathy was hot from her videos and pictures but I had
never seen her naked for real. Not only was I seeing her in person, she
was with another woman! It wasn't like it was the first time I had ever saw
two women together. I had been having sex with my mom and her sister
for months now but this was different. I had never been with another girl
"just for sex" not had I ever seen two women together except in my dad's
porn movies so this was quite an eye=opener for me � literally!

As Kathy and the other girl kissed and fondled each other, I noticed that
the guys were evidently getting quite turned on as well. Each of them had
their hand in their lap and from their motions they were obviously stoking
themselves as they watched their women going at I together. It was too
dark for me to see their cocks but I knew what Rich's looked like and I
imagined it all nice and hard with his hand stroking up and down the
length of it. Many a time I had masturbated when I babysat for them,
watching Kathy sucking his cock while wishing it was me in her place and
now it was out in the open just a matter of feet away from me! My hand
subconsciously reached under my t-shirt and I began to slowly rub my
boobs as I watched the two guys jerking off. I love to watch men
masturbate, especially when they are doing it because of me. In this case
I wasn't in the equation but it was still hot to see them doing it next to each
other, obviously turned on by what was happening in front of them.

I don't know how long they had been going at it before I saw them so what
they had done in terms of foreplay and such I would never know.
Whatever it may have been, they had moved on past that stage and were
into it pretty heavy. Kathy was licking her friend's pussy and from the way
she was going at it, and the reaction of her friend, I had a feeling this was
definitely not her first time with another girl. As I watched them I felt my
pussy getting warmer and wetter by the minute and it wasn't long before I
had one hand between my legs as well as on my boobs. My finger
touched my clit and I almost cried out despite myself at the sensations that
it drove through me. As it was, I nearly lost my balance being crouched
down as I was and if it hadn't been for the hot tub I would have fallen over
and made a racket. God, now THAT would have been embarrassing!

As it was, when I held myself up with one hand on the hot tub cover, it
reminded me of how the warm water always made me feel so good and so
I carefully pushed the cover over just enough to allow me to get in.
Dropping my t-shirt to the deck, I slowly slipped into the hot water and
when it reached my crotch it was like my pussy was in heaven! As
impossible as it may have seemed, it made me feel even hornier than
ever. I would have loved to be able to turn on the jets and feel them
pulsing against my clit as I typically do whenever I am in the tub. It sure
beats a shower massager any day! The only problem was that the pump is
loud and it would have surly alerted them that something was going on
next door. Fortunately the system always runs to slowly to circulate the
water and there was just enough flow for me to feel it against my sensitive
clit if I moved up close to the nozzle. I lifted my left leg up on the side of
the tub and positioned my pussy up close to the jet. With my left arm over
the side I could look down from the tub and see them while I felt the jet
softly caressing my sensitive clit. I just had to be careful not to splash
when it started to get me really going!

When I looked back down I saw that while I had been getting in the tub the
wives (I just assumed the other couple was married for some reason) had
moved into a 69. Both husbands still had their cocks in their hands now
and were stroking their hard-ons faster than ever as they watched their
women in front of them. I was watching just as intently the whole time.
Actually, I was hoping that I would soon get to see them fucking their
wives! Other than my parents, I had never actually watched two people
fucking and knowing they had no idea that I was watching just made it all
the more erotic for me to contemplate. I reached behind me with my right
hand and slipped my middle finger up my asshole as I let the jet continue
to softly massage my pussy. I almost cried out from the sensual feeling I
got as I pushed my finger in even deeper. I have never had anal sex but
when I am in the shower, or especially in the hot tub, having my own
finger up my ass can be incredibly stimulating under the right
circumstances! It certainly wasn't something I did very often but I was so
horny at the time it just seemed the natural thing to do. Even so, it wasn't
long before I pulled it out and went back to my "normal" masturbation
routine. I closed my eyes as I plunged two fingers in my pussy, imagining
the guys were taking turns fucking me as my orgasm hit me. My body
stretched out and it was like a vise was on my chest and I couldn't breathe
as the most incredible sensations a woman can experience rushed
through me from head to toe. I could feel the warm water from the hot tub
entering me as my fingers stroked in and out of me like a dick was fucking
me and indeed, that was exactly what I was imaging at the moment. An
especially strong surge of pleasure went through me and my back arched
upwards and then collapsed, making a loud splashing noise. I should
have checked to be sure they hadn't noticed but I was too consumed with
y own personal pleasure at the moment to care. Eventually it died down
and I was left all but submerged in the tub, panting as I tried to catch my
breath. When my head cleared I remembered what was going on below
me and lifted myself up enough to get a view again. Evidently they hadn't
heard me or just ignored it because they were still down there and if
anything, it looked like things were about to progress to the next phase.
Rich had stood up and was now standing over the two women, still
stroking his cock which I could now see in greater detail. God, he must
have been turned on because his dick was standing straight up and
looked even better in person than it did on tape. His wife was on the
bottom with her friend on top and I licked my lips in anticipation as I
realized he was getting ready to fuck his friend's wife first. The other guy
just sat in his chair and watched as Rich got on one knee and straddled
Kathy's head, lining up his cock to the girl's pussy. Kathy was still licking it
and she laid her head back as Rich moved in closer. His balls looked to
be hanging right in her face as his dick pressed up against the girl's
crotch. I could only imagine the view Kathy was getting, seeing her
husbands ass hovering above her face with his hard dick about to enter
her friend's pussy. Rather than fuck her though, Rich first dropped his
cock down to Kathy's face and she took him in her mouth. She was only
able to take about half of him in but both of them obviously were enjoying
it. Once she had wetted his cock with her mouth, he lifted up and took it
out of her mouth and once again held it up against the girl's pussy. Rich
didn't fool around and immediately drove himself in her to the hilt. She
stopped licking Kathy as she let out a long, loud moan of satisfaction.
Who could blame her � I would have done the same if that nice cock had
been rammed into me that fast! Actually, her moans were the first thing I
had heard since I had started watching. I suppose that they were trying to
be quite so as not to alert the neighbors but little did they know they were
too late!

I kept playing with myself and shifted my position to let the jet hit different
spots on my pussy as I watched. Seeing Rich fuck her was hot but to see
him doing right above his wife's face was something else entirely. She
evidently wasn't bothered by it and neither, apparently, was the girl's
husband. He was still sitting down and it appeared that he has now just
holding his dick instead of actively stroking it as he had been before.
Evidently the sight of his wife being fucked by another guy while licking
her friend's pussy was holding his interest even more than masturbating!

It would have been a sign of unusual restraint had the other guy just
remained a bystander. Just as I was beginning to think that maybe he was
just the weird voyeur type, he stood up and I hear him saying something to
the three of them but couldn't quite make it out. Whatever he said, they
must have gone along with it as Rich pulled out of the guy's wife and the
girls separated. Both girls got on their hands and knees next to each
other and the guys moved in behind them. Interestingly enough, neither of
them was going to fuck his own wife but instead it was going to be a
classic wife swap. Sure enough, neither of the wasted any time and in
moments they were both banging away at the other guy's wife, gripping
the girls by the waist and thrusting their cocks in and out of them. Now
and then I could faintly hear them slapping against each other as the guys
would ram themselves deep inside their partner. It was fun to watch but I
couldn't help but wish that I was taking the place of one of the girls. God,
a good fucking was just what my pussy needed at the moment!

They fucked doggy style for a while and then Rich laid down on the
blanket while his friend's wife rode him in what was my all-time favorite
position � cowgirl. She was facing him, her bog boobs hanging down to
his face where he was holding them and licking them as she fucked his
cock. I like being on top as it gives me control of the dick inside of me.
Too many guys seem to think that once they are inside that all they have
to do is ram themselves in and out like a piston and that will satisfy he girl.
Well, all that does is make me feel like I am some kind of living sex doll �
NOT a compliment by the way. I like to control the depth that his cock is
in me, the speed of the strokes and when to just let it sit still inside of me
while it throbs with his heartbeat. Sometimes I like to left up until he is
barely in me and then twist around in circles so his rub rubs just the outer
areas of my pussy while at others, it is better to plop down hard on him,
driving his cock as deep as it will go in me and then grind my crotch down
on the hairy base of his cock.

I guess I should clarify one thing, cowgirl is the most FUN sex position for
me. For intimacy I enjoy good ol' fashioned missionary style. Having the
guy over me, controlling me and controlling his cock in me at the same
time is more of an emotional thing for me than anything, especially when it
is someone I care about like a boyfriend I am close to or most of all, my
dad. When a man cums in me, I prefer him to be in this position if I care
about him as it makes me feel he is being more intimate with me than
some faceless guy that I can't see behind me.

Apparently they felt somewhat the same way as after a while they
switched around until the guys were on top while the girls were on their
backs. There was a little variance in that Kathy was evidently more into
having her legs up in the air, draped over the other guy's shoulders while
the girl Rich was fucking spread her legs out wide and planted her feet on
the ground with her knees spread even further out. As for me personally, I
like to wrap my legs around a guy as much as possible and pull him tightly
into me, especially when he is cumming. This can get tiring so I tend to
use both alternatives � feet in the air and feet on the ground.

I was afraid of splashing again as I played with myself so I carefully got

out of the tub and sat naked on the edge while I continued to watch them.
I spread my legs apart and started playing again with my sensitive pussy,
still dripping from the hot tub. My other hand was holding my boob, feeling
my hardened nipple through my fingers. I love to cup my breast in my
hand and grab my nipple between my fingers, holding tightly to the nipple
as I massage myself. I sometimes did the same thing with my pussy,
placing my clit between two fingers as I cupped by crotch and let one or
more fingers enter just inside of me. I am incredible sensitive just inside of
my pussy hole so between the feeling of my clit between my fingers and
my other fingers toying with my pussy is amazing. I first masturbated
when I was twelve and over the years I learned to bring myself to an
orgasm in minutes when I am in real need of one � a need I seemed to
have more and more as I got older!

I was curious as to whether they would cum inside of each other's wife or
not. I knew Kathy was on the pill � she kept the on the stand next to her
side of the bed, but who knew about the other girl. Neither guy had put on
a condom from what I had seen so what would they do when the time
came? As it turned out, they both pulled out together and the wives got on
their knees and started sucking their friend's husband. At this point I had
thought they might revert to their own spouse but evidently they were
going to go the whole way with just the other person's mate. That was
kind of cool for me actually. My parents would never have done such a
thing as what I was witnessing as they believed firmly in their marriage
vows and would never commit adultery like my neighbors were doing.
Even if everyone agreed it didn't matter � fucking another man's wife was
forbidden by God. After all, it made the Top Ten in the Bible! It was one
thing to have sex with another woman in your family, it was not committing
adultery in their eyes so long as it was a direct family member. My
parents believe strongly in the concept of family and sex in that context
was just a way of expressing love and respect for your relatives.

Each wife now had her mouth on the other husband's cock and they
alternately stroked and sucked their guy. From the way they were holding
the cocks in front of their faces with their tongues hanging out, both of
them wanted the guys to cum in their mouths. That was my preference as
well. First, although I realize many girls would differ with me on this, I like
the taste of cum. Even more importantly, I HATE having cum all over me
as it just makes a sticky mess and when it dries it itches. The absolute
worst is to get it in your hair. Once it dries it is a royal pain to get out and
if you dare to try and brush it out, well be prepared for a lot of pain!

It wasn't much longer before the guys came. Rich was first and I watched
as his body jerked as his cum started out into the mouth of his friend's
wife. It was only a few seconds later that the other guy started filling
Kathy's mouth with sperm judging from the ay his ass was thrusting into
her face. God I wished they were cumming in my mouth instead! As I
dreamed of the taste of their cum I came again, this time even harder than
the first. I could barely breath as it felt like every nerve in my body was
suddenly tingling like a foot or leg that had fallen asleep, only much more
intense. I kept watching them though as the wives traded and sucked the
remains of their husbands' cum from their cocks. My hands were still
touching me, just enough to keep my orgasm simmering. I love to see
how long I can keep myself going. The initial intense waves usually
subside rather quickly but I have learned to keep the glow going for quite a
while by pacing how much I stimulate myself rather than letting it all out of
me at once. By the time their cocks were soft I was still feeling the
aftershocks but they gradually calmed down.

The four of them went into the house so I guess the show was over for the
night. I carefully replaced the cover on the hot tub, picked up my t-shirt
and walked slowly back in the house. Once back in bed I fell asleep
almost immediately, a feeling of total satisfaction in me. I woke the next
morning a bit tired still and my mom asked if I slept well. I gave her a coy
smile and told her I had a great night. She looked at me a bit strange but
probably figured it was just a teenager thing and let me eat breakfast in

Later that day I was out on the front porch when Kathy walked over to me.
She asked if I was available to baby-sit the next weekend because they
had a party to go to. I said sure and she warned me that they would
probably be home late. I was fine with that � more time to explore and try
out her negligees and dildos! Then Kathy dropped in a casual comment
the floored me, saying that after last night I probably knew why they were
going to be late. I must have turned bright red because she laughed and
told me not to worry, that they all knew I was watching and that it just
made it all the more erotic for them. She said they hoped that I was
pleasuring myself as well and was getting as much satisfaction from it as
they were. I didn't know quite what to say and my silence only made her
laugh more. Kathy told me they were having another party in a couple of
weeks but since I was only sixteen they couldn't let me come over. Then
she smiled and said that I was welcome to watch the after-party events
afterwards again if I wanted to.

Kathy giggled this, apparently she was as turned on herself as I was by

the prospect and then she twirled around and went back to the house as if
nothing had happened. I was still a bit embarrassed but then the more I
thought about it the hornier I got. Mmmmmm, I couldn't wait until their
next party!!