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Location: Bristol Climbing Centre

Risks to: Myself and other people around me Nature of Activity: Rock Climbing HAZARD ANALYSIS Significant Hazards: Falling Scared of heights Not knowing your own limits Not tying the ropes correctly Not wearing your harness correctly Not knowing what your doing Hurting your head To many people climbing on the same wall Hands slipping Restricted movement Putting equipment on correctly Person below doing the task properly/safely Harness being loose around your waist Not concentrating when climbing CONTROL MEASURES Harness on properly Always listen to your instructor Knowing your own limits Get someone to check your rope to make sure its secure Make sure your partner is holding the ropes properly on the ground Always concentrate on what you are doing and not others Make sure the Karabiner is done up correctly Always wear the helmet correctly Make sure you have your own space Make sure you use the chalk provided Wearing suitable clothing Concentrating at all times Make sure the person below is doing it correctly Be sensible RISK H/M/L H L M H M L L L M L H H H M

Signed: Alfie Banks (Manager) To be reviewed:

Date: 23/09/2011