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CapPlus watering trays are excellent for raising seedlings and propagating cuttings. Just place the germination trays or pots or propagation cubes (such as jiffy cubes or rockwool blocks or Oasis cubes) on the tray. The rest off the delicate chores of watering will be taken care off by the system requiring very little attention.

Healthy tomato seedlings Standard propagation tray in being raised on a slab of use for striking cuttings. You can use perlite, vermiculite or a rockwool. mixture for progating mix.


Bottom heating speeds up rooting of cuttings and germination of seeds. The Caplus tables can also be fitted with 80 Watt 9m 240V AC Heat Cord which can bring the temperature in the root zone up to 25 deg. C. We have Caplus Trays that are factory fitted with the Heat Cord. Or you can buy the Heat Cord separately and install it yourself. The cost of operating the Heat Cord is about 7 cents per hour.

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Automatic Capillary Watering System

Ideal for :- propagation (striking cuttings and raising seedlings) - de-flasking orchid seedlings - also for growing of herbs and vegetables

8 standard seedling trays can fit a Caplus Tray.

1. CapPlus table comes with capillary matting, Smart-valve & Marix. 2. CapPlus table complete with Heat Cord built in $185.00 $260.00 $75.00 $55.00 $25.00 $2.00 $8.00 $11.00

Jiffy or rockwool propagation cubes

3. Heat Cord 80 W 9 Meters

Seedling trays

4. Legs 600 mm x 5 legs 5. 30L tank 6. Tubing 4mm 2 M roll 7. Filter 4mm

Heat Cord

8. Nutrients 1 litre A/B

Heated Caplus Tray Prices are subject to change without notice.


CapPlus watering trays are ideal for looking after your plants when you need to leave your plants unattended eg. on holidays. All you need to do is to put your potted plants on a CapPlus tray. Any plants, including cactii, orchids, ferns, Spathiphylum, Cyclamen, African Violets etc.

Fluorescent lighting - 4 ft lamp holder with two grow tubes of grow light - 240 V AC current, lamps 40Watts x 2 units - $120.00 and - plastic tube stand for fluro lighting kit $55.00

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It is the watering of potted plants from underneath by the wicking action of the capillary matting to the potting mix where the plants can draw water when required.

You will find it hard to believe how simple it is to grow plants using the Capillary tray method. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO PLACE THE POTTED PLANTS ON THE CapPlus TRAY Thats it. The tray will take over in watering & feeding your plants in meeting the exact needs of the plants. What is even more fascinating is the results you will achieve with so little effort. YOU WILL GET TRULY HEALTHY PLANTS! Not just with hardy ones but any plants including those that are traditionally difficult to grow, such as, African Violets, Maidenhair Ferns, Tuberous Begonias and even Orchids.

Setting up a CapPlus Tray

Direct Water Supply Option

Instead of using a tank to gravity feed the Caplus Tray set up, you can also have the unit connected to a water tap using a pressure limiting valve.

750 mm

Tap permanently turned on. Y tap connector

Pot plant Channel Capillary mat

1260 mm

Interlocking grip

Pressure regulator - maintains a constant low working pressure.

Water Sectional View A-A (page 3)

Why plants grow so well with Auto-pot System?

The answer lies with the fact that The System is Plant Driven. It means that Autopot System allows the plants to be in control of its own water and feed requirements. How is this possible? The answer lies with the heart of the Autopot System, the Smart-valve.

HOW DOES THE CAPILLARY TRAY WORKS ? Water from the channel is drawn up the capillary matting and into the pot by capillary action. This creates a good level of moisture in the pot. As the plant uses up the water, the growing media gradually dries up. As more water is drawn from the tray, a time will come when the water in the channels of the CapPlus tray dries out completely. At this point, even though the there is no water in the channels, the capillary matting and the potting mix still hold some moisture, sufficient to prevent wilting, it never dries out completely. At the same time, the Smartvalve which has the capacity to detect the absence of water in the channels, automatically releases another consignment of water to fill the channels to their original level. This completes one watering cycle. The valve can be fed from a tank by gravity or from the water main via a pressure reduction valve.


Channels for distribution of water

Hydrotank 30L nutrient.

Top view of a CapPlus tray


4mm tap

The plant decides

Each wet and dry watering cycle is repeated according to the plants requirement in response to its ever changing needs. The warmer the weather and the larger the plant grows, the more often the Smart-valve will re-supply water to the plants with perfect timing. That is the very reason why plants grow so well in Auto-pot Systems. The watering cycles are plant determined. This is what we call . PLANT DRIVEN watering.
Water wicking into the pot is equally suited to pots with either centre or outer perimeter holes. Water readily passes from the reservoir at the bottom of the tray through the mat onto the growing medium.


Marix Root control mat

Capillary matting 4mm tap

CapPlus tray



Smart-valve Mk2 Adjustable footing

Side view of a CapPlus module