Presentation Outline Why you can’t afford to ignore it Branding as a Business Investment What is a Personal Brand? The Internal & External Brand Brand Building Strategies & Benefits .

Why you can’t afford to ignore your PB… In 0.” – Harry Beckwith . a person makes up his/her mind about you. “People buy your personality and ideas long before they buy your products and services. services third and price last. Hill “People buy the person first.” – N.25 secs. company second.

What you choose is whether that Personal Brand is positive.You already have one A Personal Brand is not something you can choose to have or not have. negative or neutral. .

. take steps to make people think of YOU when they think of your field.."Even individuals need to develop a brand for themselves ." Accelepoint Webzine .. Whatever your area of expertise.

A Personal Brand is The personal identity that stimulates a meaningful emotional response in another person or audience about the qualities or values a person or business stands for. .

Brand? If your success depends upon the cooperation of others. minister. pastor. It is no longer important… IT IS INDISPENSABLE!!! . author etc.Who Needs a P. you need a great Personal Brand. air hostess. politician. Lawyer. artiste. lecturer.

The missing link in Service Delivery .

Service Delivery Intangible Inseparable Variable Perishable .

Service & Branding Customer Buying Strategy Fierce Competition Information Overload .

If you can't be first." Al Ries & Jack Trout."If you can. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing . create a new category in which you can be first. be first.

Consistency & Authenticity .Its all about what others think Building a Brand? Reserving a word or phrase in the mind of another… Al Ries & Laura EMOTION… WORD… INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOURS… Congruence.

It influences perception and the value they place on you. .The Personal Brand: Internal & External Internal brand: the values & principles that guide your life and choices. External brand: How you project yourself to the world.

Branding Elements Values & Character Talent/Skills Personal Mission/USP Knowledge Communication Dress Sense & Etiquette Generic Value Enhancers Social Network Positioning .

Personal Branding Benefits .

1. Focus Definition & Identity Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE) Object for Investment .

2. Uniqueness Beckham Ronaldo Messi Rooney Essien Azuma Agbeko Ike Poison Clottey .

a man of war. Reputation Equity (Goodwill) One of the managers answered the CEO and said. and a handsome person. “Look. prudent in speech.” 1 Samuel 16:18 . who is skillful. I have seen a young executive. a courageous man. and the LORD is with him.3.

Ever increasing value Personal & Business Success . Patronage Brand loyalists and Advocates.4.

gh . position or business." ."Regardless of age. all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: ME INC. Thank You Peters.

Recommended Readings .

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