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How was 2007? Have any hair left? Gained a few pounds? Exhausted? Enraged? All of the above? You’re not alone my dear. It was a rough year for every single person I know. Now, we are in 2008. What does it mean? Well, it depends on what we decide to bring with us, in large part. Are you bringing January 2007 into January 2008? How about March 15th, or maybe June 29th? Maybe the summer of 2007 wants to sleep with you in 2008, or the crisis of October, or the thin holiday season? Can you feel it? Dense enough for ya? ☺ This month, let’s join together to spend some time thinking about the thoughts, words and actions we would like to heal, take back and resolve, forgive and release. Sure, we can move on to 2008, letting go of 2007, but unless there is a conscious acknowledgement of these things, these energies/creations are free to grow and thrive in our cells until our biology of 2008 looks a lot like 2007 and 2006 and 2004. Not optimal. There’s no hurry. Buy yourself a pretty journal. Spend some time this month and go back over 2007. Think again. Keep it simple- and even short. Notes are fine. But, look at it with fearless eyes. Then, we shall choose again, if we can. No need to beat ourselves up. Be the Observer. Let’s see it, understand it, forgive it, and release it. This action will bring us a much more satisfying 2008. Close it, breathe, and go for a nice walk.

Love, Sheree


If you are channeling High Light Guidance, it is very important to keep your back muscles strong while you are using the pendy. The energy (waves-rays of light) coming down from the non-physical planes needs a clear and open pathway without any restriction. You will experience some form of physical discomfort if you slump or slouch for too long. Aching shoulders, neck and headaches are some of the pains one may experience. Don't fret about this; just be aware of your posture during your sessions. Over the long haul, you'll be glad you did. Divine Guide or Master Energy makes a connection with you at a higher soul level first. We then pull / attract the energy through specific sound and light transmissions - BASED ON OUR INTENTIONS - down through a multi dimensional environment to the signature we call our 4th dimensional current. The energy transmission enters an area of the brain that generally lies dormant, and then YOU find the words to match the transmissions. This is a built in coding system and is within all living things. Keep in mind that this system is not just Bipolar, but allows you to access all information in existence - at each point along the wheel of life. The energy, or Ray of Light will often enter at the back of the head/neck area- at the base of your skull. There is no proof of this yet, but this is one area where love (or not) activates what it needs to communicate with you. If you have aches and pains in this area, while dowsing or afterwards, these muscles need to be strengthened. Then, the energy will move down through you to open the heart center, which opens you to receive a higher love. From here, the energy moves down through your limbs, hands and feet. Your 3rd eye will also be activated to allow for broader fields. Your throat chakra will be activated to assist you with verbalizing your messaging. It feels (to me) as though there is an electric loop

created in the body that circles in through the crown, through the body, then back out through the crown and may in fact loop through the beings you are communicating with.

On learning pendulum dowsing .... THE FUNDAMENTALS
This is a series of practical articles on the principles and uses of pendulum dowsing with a particular emphasis on the alternative health field. Dowsing is very simple to learn and the 'tools of the trade', especially the pendulum, are both easy and cheap to construct. Perhaps it is this very simplicity of methodology and this very DIY nature of the tools themselves, which account for the 'off hand' dismissal of these divining techniques by so many of the 'experts' in the various professions who should know better. For make no mistake about it, pendulum dowsing is a very powerful diagnostic aid. The pendulum itself does not heal, but it helps enormously in showing us the way - bringing through the information we need to direct and monitor progress in the healing processes.

Read the rest of this wonderful article at: http://anamspirit.com/lrndows.htm

We live in a universe of energy. We human beings are, in reality, energy beings. We all have an energy body, or aura, that surrounds and penetrates through our physical bodies. It's as if energy or light radiates outward, from our center, and this energy field is larger than our physical selves. It is through this energy body that we send and receive energy vibrations. Have you ever had the phone ring and before picking up the receiver you sense who is on the other line? Have you ever phoned someone that you haven't spoken to in a while, and that person says, "That's so strange. I've been thinking about getting in touch with you, and now you call." It is because when we think about someone our aura naturally sends out a certain vibration, or frequency, that can be felt by others, especially when others are "sensitive" to energy. We all have these innate "sensitivities", and when we begin to refine them to a much greater degree, we find that our feelings or hunches can be quite accurate. It's often just a matter of tuning in, of eliminating the noise and distraction of everyday life, that we begin to perceive these energy vibrations in much greater detail. That is the reason why meditation can be extremely helpful in learning to develop our natural psychic abilities. READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE AT: http://www.mystic-hearts.com/dowsing.html


Emerging World Views
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From Amanda Williams

A personal view of 2007

Sheree has asked me to write the three most important things I learned in 2007, and the benefits of learning those things. I had been thinking about this for over a week and had not been able to think of three most important things. I am an 'old soul' so what I have learned aside from the JCN Numerology, is a deepening of what I have already learned and know. At least I am wise enough to know one never stops learning and remain open to what I may learn. Then the "Ice Storm of 2007" swept thru Oklahoma City Sunday, December 9th, thrusted me into a new space and way of thinking and perceiving. It wasn't really too cold during that night, I went outside 3 or 4 times during the wee hours and could see the ice forming on the trees. As the night progressed I heard cracking and crashing sounds and went to see what it was, but couldn't tell a lot, and slept awhile. Monday morning, I couldn't believe my eyes nor what had happened. Across the street, a tree was standing in the middle of their house; next door was a 12" diameter, 5 foot tree limb, on top of his van, the street was filled with tree limbs and impassable, and our yard was full of rather long and large limbs from the hundred foot tall sweetgum tree. As more limbs were cracking and falling, all I could do was laugh for a few minutes. I was soon to learn to "never take any one or any thing for granted". This means nothing and no one. There are no guarantees that any of the amenities I enjoy will be remaining. We think they will and the odds are, they will. There is no need to be fearful, just aware that things can change at any time. During the 3-day ordeal, I never felt fear, just very cold mostly; not even Monday night, when a long, large, limb loaded with ice came flying down from the top of the tree brushing my shoulder, as I stood outside on the porch for a moment. I have always felt and expressed gratitude for everything and every one in my life, and hopefully not taken anyone or any thing for granted. I am benefited in being mindful of this all the days in all ways. I realize now that I had "Surrendered and allowed myself to be in the flow" by Tuesday night, the second day of no electric. Higher consciousness (guides, masters, angels, higher self, other dimensional beings, alien beings) however one wishes to recognize various aspects of God that

are for the most part non-material beings, I shall call it "Spirit" revealed itself in more abundance in many forms and ways, visually, in streaming thought forms, and just the feeling of the presence. I could hear and listen to my heart even more in the 'quietness', and I felt very thankful to not have to hear constant TV sounds or feel the emf emanations. This is just one very bright side to what 'appears to be' otherwise; and I am not even going to begin to touch upon the "human spirit and love" and God working here and throughout all in the aftermath. It is ongoing. The benefit of the surrender. allowing, and being in the flow" is that awareness is heightened in the spaces where spirit reveals itself; doing is guided, and I know myself. "Trust, trust, trust!!!" I learned this year to trust what I have learned, to trust in my knowing, trust in the messages I receive with the pendulum, trust in what I perceive by direct cognition, trust in what is occurring in any now moment, trust in my choices and decisions to let go of one thing, to begin another, trust in divine right timing. I have learned to trust in the messages I don't receive and trust I will know that message if and when I need to know it. I trust that I don't have to understand everything because I have set my intention for the highest good of myself and all beings. I trust what is and does or does not manifest in my fields or knowing and being; and by staying fully grounded in my body while connecting into dimensions of my beingness and source as I am guided, I am more fully conscious, aware and able; and in this trusting, I am patient, ready and open to receive what "Spirit" would have me know; trusting that, it is so. I trust what I have learned in working with the JCN Numerology and what it has clearly shown, though it was difficult to grasp at first, I am much benefited because I am aware of what is really going on and what is the truth, self-evidenced in the numbers. There is a sense of well-beingness in that. May we all have a wonderful enlightening, uplifting 2008! Love, Amanda

I am 60 y/o, semi-retired legal/medical secretary/bookkeeper, single, living in Oklahoma City, a Reiki Practitioner. I have a son and niece I call my daughter, and four grandchildren. I build computers and help people with their software, a caregiver, housekeeper, and help others manage their finances online who don't use a computer and choose this method. I am living my heart's desire which is in huge shift and ongoing change in accordance with my ever-expanding conscious and deepening awareness in every way; and learning all the time in indescribable huge ways and in spontaneous beingness in the unlimited realms of all that is with the help of metaphysics/quantum physics/Reiki/spiritual indulgence, meditation, yoga, Eastern studies, and from online friends, friends, God, Jesus, guides, masters, higher self, spirit, and presences, how to lift up in frequency and be in nondual state, know me and my path more, love more, care more, and empower myself to who I am; as I am called in this mutiverse and fields of Godness to heal, and help others empower themselves. In light, love, joy and celebration of oneness.

Dancing with Transformation The beginning of the New Year is one of those access portals where potential beckons and the impulse to launch the new sinuously weaves itself into the very core of your being. No matter what spot on this dot you call home, you will find yourself magnetically pulled into a collective energy stream of possibility and movement as a new cycle ushers in. There are a multitude of waves and frequencies in this stream of potential and you have plenty of choices to partner with. Check in right now and notice . . . At what level are you willing to engage the energy of what’s possible for YOU and for LIFE now? You’ve read the articles, bookmarked the websites, read the books and printed out the energy alerts. What if THIS year were the year you fully stepped into the eye of the storm? What if your personal evolution created global and intergalactic ripples in the stream of consciousness and creation? What if your personal adventures, questions, and explorations are what make possible the now? What if THIS year you joined forces with the energy of ‘All that Is’ in conscious collaboration? What if you invoked your ability to move with life, instead of against it? Engaging the Living Streams of Creation We are creational beings by nature. You can choose to play with that energy or you can be in resistance to it. Life is always on offer with a new opportunity for here and now! When you eagerly step into the play of energy you become part of a collective force of power and light for the evolution of it ALL. Your willingness to experience this dance of energy, being the vessel for its unique expression, is THE way the multiverse evolves and comes to know it’s ‘more’. You are IT and IT is you! We are all a part of a collective connective web of energies that is in movement, in conscious concert. In stepping up for the biggest, most expansive energetic potential –for the ALL of it – you are amping up your ability to move the energy in a way that evolves everyone, everything, all ways. Your individual choices evolve All of life! You are the force for transformation on the planet. Planetary Evolution: It Starts in Your Own Zip Code Your mind is filled with lots of stuff. It’s not even your stuff. You have a legion of programmed beliefs from other people, organizations and organized collectives. Whether the thought system came from your parents, your church or your local PTA, most of what you believe to be you and to be true is neither. The Now is the moment you’ve been searching for. It’s the only space that sparkles with the vibrant energy of transformation. The time is now to check in and rid yourself of the flotsam and jetsam of old beliefs and ways of being. This is what evolution is all about.

Here are some tips for how to get into the stream of being: 1. Check in with the energy and Choose! What if you became the authority in your own
life? What if you were driven by your internally expanded essence vs. external influences and factors? I’ve read enough books, attended enough workshops and seminars and trained with enough masters to get that nothing shifts until WE do. Shifting is not a spectator sport. You need to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, be thigh high thick in it! This is how you figure out the ‘what am I here to do’ piece. You step into what you know and then you step into the next piece and the next and so on.

2. Be impeccable with your environments – all of them. Where is your energy stuff – people, places things and ideas. This step can be quite extensive and yet even a small change will create quantum shifts. Check in with the 3 major aspects of your life - your personal, your community and your connection to All That Is. Are these areas aligned optimally for you to step into your biggest BIG right now? Whether you’re decluttering your home, implementing a self care program or upgrading your friendships, line it up and watch the transformations unfold. 3. Make it real! It’s all fine and dandy to check in on the latest channeling, chat on discussion lists and read the latest consciousness expert. However, it doesn’t become real by talking about. It’s not real if it’s not in physicality. You are the only one that can bring your particular flavor of nirvana to the world by choosing to BE it. Identify a cause and champion it. Start your own movement! One person can change the planet. People are doing it every day, why not you? Remember that stepping into the foray doesn’t mean you won’t get your feathers ruffled. Stuff happens . . . all the time. However, if you partner with the energy of transformation directly you will be different with the burnoff. You will sense the energy, you will know when to move, what to say, what to do. When to say yes, no or not now. Conscious evolution invokes the letting go of identities, external power, outdated belief systems and a transition to a state of being where you presence from your inner authority. Dynamic energy flow elicits the next response and organically moves you into the next piece of your play. When this happens, the energy field’s shift and the forces of the multiverse ripple the next evolution into physicality. And so it is. _________ Adela Rubio is a certified Evolutionary Coach, Mentor and Trainer. She formerly managed technology in corporate America and co-owned a World Gym. Adela also led the Coachville Fully Alive community and served as Coachville Chapter Host and Study Group Director. Adela's passion is the body, its energetic potential and bringing it ALL here NOW! She leads a community on expanding the body/being potential called Energy Expansion and is

co-founder of Evolutionary Adventures, an advanced coaching and leadership training on the Art of Igniting Potential.

Adela M. Rubio
Certified Evolutionary Coach and Trainer Fuel Your Being, Activate Your Life http://www.adelarubio.com http://www.evolutionarycoachingandleadership.com http://www.evolutionarycoachingandleadershipinaction.com http://www.livingnewleadership.com Your body is a flexible reality. Connect to your vibrant energetic essence and change your physical reality now. Sign up for my newsletter

and receive a copy of Easy Recipes for Vibrant Energy. http://www.adelarubio.com

Adela Rubio and Family

The Business of Dowsing
by Susan Collins I am often asked how to find a dowser and how to go about hiring one. Finding the right practitioner can be a hit and miss affair, and in the end, you’ll have to rely on your intuition to find the right person. Here are a few questions to ask along the way to help you find the right person: Questions To Ask When Hiring a Dowser What are your areas of dowsing expertise? (For example: Do you work with: wells and other water sources; geopathic stresses, non-beneficial energies; entities; health issues; lost objects; sacred geometry; shamanism, teaching or other specialties?) Do you have experience in the specific area I need help with? Are you affiliated with any dowsing or other professional organization? Will you work at my location, or remotely? What are your rates? Do you charge by the job or by the hour? Do you charge for your travel time? Are materials included? Do you charge whether or not you get the desired and expected results? Do you guarantee your work? How quickly can I expect results? What is your success ratio? Do you have references? Standards for Dowsers To my knowledge, there is no professional dowsing body in Canada that regulates dowsing standards and practices. Perhaps such a group will develop over time. Dowsing is a personal and subjective activity based partly on physical principles, and partly on principles which science does not yet fully understand. In my experience, responsible dowsers have developed their own high ethical standards of practice, which they consistently try to meet and exceed. Some of these standards are outlined in the following statements. See which resonate with you: I will obtain appropriate permissions before undertaking work. I will not initiate any action that may result in harm. I will work with and for the Best And Highest Good As Appropriate for All Creation.

I will not make medical diagnoses or promises. I will have the appropriate skills, training and mental state for the work I undertake. Fees will be discussed and agreed upon, and an estimate provided before commencing work. I will respect the confidentiality of my clients. I will refuse to undertake, if compensation for such work is involved, work which may be of questionable value, without first advising as to the probability of success.

Susan Collins is Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and can be reached at 905 833 2440 or susanjcollins@rogers.com. Her website is www.dowser.ca.
© Copyright 2003, Susan Collins.

Are you a member of THE REIKI FORUM? www.thereikiforum.ning.com The January Care and Kindness Recognition goes to our lovely member: Molly

Mols is currently taking courses to become a Holistic Health Practitioner. She is an Abundance of Light practitioner/Teacher and a Reiki Teacher. Mols performs Energy Healing work, work with flower essences and crystals. I also love anything to do with Shamanism and study the ways of the Shaman, I do Numerology reports and many other things, I am just interested in everything and open to it all as well. I currently am living back in the states as of this past year, had been living in Ludham, England for 5 years which is where I first became interested in everything and have stayed with it since. Website: www.freewebs.com/mystic-expressions/index.htm

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