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Serial killer Cli�ord Olson, currently in a Quebec hospital and reportedly dying of cancer with only days left

to live, is considered one of the most notorious serial killers in Canada. But he’s by no means the only mass killer this country has seen.

(murders committed)


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Marc Lepine


Cli�ord Olson
An active serial killer in and all around British Columbia in the 1980’s to 1981 until being caught by police. Olson had killed 11 kids that the police knew about, that where all between the ages of 9 years old to as high as 18 years old.


Gilbert Paul Jordan
Killed between seven and 10 women by alcohol poisoning between 1965 and 1987.

Paul Bernardo
Also known as “the Scarborough Rapist”; a St. Catharines, Ont. man who committed numersous rapes and killed three teenage girls (including his wife’s sister) between 1987 and 1990 with the aid of his wife Karla Homolka.

Capital punishment in Canada

Killed 14 women and wounded 13 other men and women in a shooting spree at Ecole Polytechnique School in Montreal on Dec 6, 1989.

Robert Pickton

Russell Williams

Arrested in 2002 in Vancouver, B.C., Pickton was charged with the first-degree murders of six women. Pickton is said to have confessed to killing forty-nine women and had sought to kill an even 50 but was caught before he could do so.


William Patrick Fyfe


Russell Williams — a colonel in the Canadian air force — was convicted in 2010 of brutally beating, raping and murdering two women, sexually assaulting two others, and committing or attempting 82 fetish home burglaries.

1859: O�ences punishable by death in Canada included: murder, rape, treason, administering poison or wounding with intent to commit murder, unlawfully abusing a girl under ten, buggery with man or beast, robbery with wounding, burglary with assault, arson, casting away a ship, and exhibiting a false signal endangering a ship. 1869: Only three crimes were punishable by death: murder, rape and treason. 1961: Legislation was passed which reclassified murder into capital and noncapital o�ences. Capital murder referred to planned or deliberate murder, murder that occurred during the course of other violent crimes, or the murder of a police o�cer or prison guard. At this time, only capital murder was punishable by death. Dec. 10, 1962: Arthur Lucas and Robert Turpin were the last people to be executed in Canada. 1967: A moratorium is place on the use of the death penalty, except in cases involving the murder of a police o�cer or corrections o�cer.

Allan Legere
In May 1989, Legere escaped custody while serving a life sentence for murder. He committed four murders while on the loose. He was recaptured in November of theat year.

Peter Woodcok
Brutally murdered three young children in Toronto, Canada in 195657 when he himself was still a teenager. He was subsequently diagnosed as a psychopath and placed in a psychiatric facility. He murdered a fellow psychiatric patient in 1991.

Michal Wayne McGray


Convicted of killing five women in Montreal, allegedly killed his first victim in 1979 at age of 24. Suspected in several other murders

Léopold Dion

Also known as “Monster of Pont-Rouge”, he raped and killed four young boys in Quebec in the 1960s.


July 14, 1976: The death penalty was abolished in Canada.

Convicted after being arrested on April 26, 2000, for four counts of first-degree murder. He claims he’s responsible for at least 16 other murders across Canada. In 1991, McGray killed two gay men while on a weekend pass from a Montreal prison. In 2011, he killed his prison cell mate.

Wayne Boden

Also known as “the Vampire Rapist”, Boden killed four women between 1968–1971.

The only method of execution ever used in Canada was hanging.

Before the death penalty was abolished in Canada, 1481 people were sentenced to death.

Of those, 710 were executed. Of the 710 executed, 697 were men, and 13 were women.

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