Immortal Jellyfish
Martin Freebase


These are a collection of jellyfish that I collected out of the deep waters of life. I thought it would be too selfish of me to keep them only to myself, so I decided to share them with you. I hope that you love them as much as I do.

Immortal Jellyfish #1

Your power is in your ability to escape, yawning as you insert another fantasy, everything is about the free will of chaos.

You tell me that every story has an ending, providing me with my super bowl moment, debating the virtues of what is.

You sit on my couch like you have been there for decades, trudging along with no apparent direction, you apologize for your part in making cringe theater.

You wax poetic about your pains, all 154 of them, they have been documented and notarized, suggesting that you are more than I deserve.


You tell me that I’m a beautiful man, they have lit a match and set themselves on fire, as the valley girls line the block around my house.

The declarative statement fits you well, you shrug and say that life is dangerous, and remind me that we can only falsify the world around us.

You pop up like mushroom all shirtless in the afternoon heat, you are virtually aglow with contaminated sweat, scheming like an old cryptographer.

We are closed in upon ourselves, I have counted all the rivets on your belly, wanting to shoot up a flare.

You are encased in a glass shroud, imposing stress upon the machine, and no one would implore you to stop.


Immortal Jellyfish #2

I’m looking at you like a guy who just bled to death, looking at you a bag lady who lives under a bridge, together we scavenge for food.

You pivot on a single fact, that coincidences prove nothing, immersing ourselves in a higher dignity.

A grasping of something itself, with full certainty, we are confident that what is evident could never become doubtful, sensuous experience furnishes us with examples of the happening.

I use my giant claws for subduing my prey, observing the various fine motor skills of those unfortunate few, for them, the existence of the world s not obvious.

This evidence of existence should not be without question, the whole surveyable nexus can prove to be nothing but an illusion,


we now have a world that does not exist.

Now only a phenomenon of being, as mine it is nothing, and if I abstained – as I was free to do and as I did, so that the being of the experienced worlds remains unacceptable to me.

Immortal Jellyfish #3

Life is continually there for me, I can at any time look at this life and make notes of the peculiar, grasping both the present and the past.

It is the here and now that I have so much difficulty with, the process of setting ends and willing means, my depriving them of acceptance.

Acquiring my pure living, I experience it, perceive it, and remember it, absolutely nothing else but the world, I can enter no world other than the one that I have created.


There is nothing before me or after me, the world of which I always speak, it is only the experiencing of myself.

Standing on the brink of a precipice, lies that are hidden in the unclarified prejudice, exercising a determining influence.

Call in the priest to perform the ritual, sink your knife into the chest of justice, you call everything a worthy sacrifice.

Damn this reeks of dishonesty …

Immortal Jellyfish #4

You want to move beyond this world, to open up a path into the abyss, surrendering your soul to nearest snake oil salesman.


Your ego is not a piece of this world, you have come from somewhere else, not this world that has always existed here before me.

Apart from this sense world perception, I have examined your scars and have seen your wounds, knowing that you howl at midnight with the coyotes and wolves.

You tell me that I have not yet begun to exist until I embrace the affirmation of the terrible necessity, despite everything that I must ravage in my wake.

You are not the spokes-model for this absent void, it can be found in the most hidden sense, it is still to be born.

Being reborn to itself, it is opened only by the prior eve, we must traverse and restore the flesh, whatever can be said of the body can be said of you and me.


Immortal Jellyfish #5

The propriety of our bodies have been stolen from us at birth, this thieving god who passes himself off as me, I cannot rid myself of him.

To awaken with someone else’s organs in my body, someone else’s blood in my veins, I look at my hands and do not recognize them.

To strip us of our own lives, to be born by erasing the name of man, the last word has not been said.

You do not want to enter the membrane, forgetting when and where it was that you were a god, wanting to operate as a permanent force.

You are always at work building that place, which is always empty, waiting for that which has not yet begun to exist, raising the enigma for all to examine.


Audacity declares its fidelity to you, alone you stand upon this threshold, announcing the limit of representation.

I have exhausted all, that which is in me is all that I have, take what I give you.

Immortal Jellyfish #6

You carry me along with you, you must make yourself equal to all life, sweeping away human individuality.

I am only a reflection of you, communicating with that which is beyond us, the destruction of this world should be primordial and privileged.


The affirmation of life is doubled and emptied out, we were born into this cruelty, you came to me with all your cruel intentions.

Practicing your love in action and structure, for as long as it is dominated by speech, these words give both life and death.

Laid out on the altar by the primary logos, absent and from afar is armed, concerns what is called the content of your thoughts, your intentions, your ideas.

Enslaved interpreters who represent the thoughts of their creator, even though they do not know that they were created by you, squatting you shit them out into this world.


Immortal Jellyfish #7

Executing the provincial designs, the ironic rule of the repressive structure, it is an excrement of the mind.

You only decorate the verbal fabric, a certain relationship with betrayal, to manufacture the flavor of force.

No longer operating as the repetition of the common, your cruel thoughts permeate me, directed against that which eludes reason.

We look at the cadaver of the psychic, still twitching like a chicken, trying to restore the old magic.


Immortal Jellyfish #8

On the stage of the dream, thoughts are transformed into images, a visual and plastic materialization.

You have calculated the costs and given direction, wanting poetry and science to be identical, proceeding according to the modern magic.

You want to see sparkle and triumph, to be part of the illegibility and magnetic fascination, making no claims on the theater of the unconscious.

Your efforts are aimed at exposing lucidity, these truths live upon a murder, giving to every act of life its blood red color.

You are the substitutive fulfillment of desire, functioning as my vicariousness,


you want to return dignity back to their owners.

Making them something more than original, more free, more affirmative than the activity of displacement, we fail if we cannot reawaken the sacred.

We need this in some way shape or form in our lives, this manifestation of life in its first emergence, a new epiphany of the supernatural and divine.

Immortal Jellyfish #9

You want to restore the chains of divine cruelty in order to super secede the death of god, wanting to exclude something from the totality of life.

A place where the totality of sense and the senses are not consumed, addressing your accusations against the total human being, you are already betrayed by all these notions.


Aiming at the solid parts of a solid machine, under your mocking and tranquil eyes, alienation only consecrates the insistence and heaviness.

The eruptive force fissuring, remaining the prisoner of a paradox, to cast the mind into an exaltation of addiction.

You are in the center and the spectacle surrounds you, wanting to silence reason with madness, the distance of vision is no longer pure.

Immortal Jellyfish #10

Within the symptoms of fear before the dangers, opened up by your transgressions, the distance of repression should no longer extend.


Lifting all footlights and protective barriers, those who are first of all beings, not afraid of a true sensation, the touch of the knife.

You believe in what you do and give away the illusion, knowing that you are behind a protective barrier, it must be a political act.

I am the vision that fascinates your desire, you offer your nakedness as a sacrifice to my brilliance, you come to invoke the greatest difference.

In me there is no more resistance, rendered both useless and nefarious, to repeat something is to embrace your evil.

You penetrate the skin of my material reality, in my hallucinogenic state I lust for you, separating force, presence, and life from themselves.


Immortal Jellyfish #11

God is an eternal never ending death, with these omnipotent fingers you never cease to menace life, the eternal death-god that we all must fear.

This eternal death that continues to roll over us, repeating this cycle of error, never thinking to change your ways.

If only you could throw off this ritual, it is the repetition of all things that I find you, standing over the body with blood-stained hands.

In the present, you hold on to yourself and elude yourself, your being is encased in your great crime, against me and against yourself, assured by the continuation of your sentence.

Only by detaching you from yourself, as if from your double, stealing you from the present, from the presence of your simple acts,


the enigma of that which has no meaning, no presence. Let us recognize that we do not live two lives, once lived we are dead, we function only in the present, you cannot be used over and over again, asking only to be replaced by another.

You leave behind you no object to be carried off, this is why we should get rid of our superstitions, one comes to understand that fidelity is impossible.

You do not carry your double within yourself, the moment of life and death, working against the spirit of beginning.

You are always penetrated, such is the alchemy of love.


Immortal Jellyfish #12

You are an overflowing of force from body to body, becoming stone silent, like tiny ant trails, leading to infinity, and you would say beyond.

Your voice is in the revolution, these strings hold all of your promises, those bright stars fade too fast for us.

You are pointed rather than round, tin shies also point, with frequency to a future, we know these things are make-believe.


Immortal Jellyfish #13

You reduce or neutralize everything by giving them a center, needing things to have a point of reference or a fixed nature, making certain that there was a limiting factor involved.

Always representing the unthinkable itself, working for the permutation or the transformation of the elements, anticipating the ending you reawaken the origins.

You are an infinite number of substitutions, it is not possible to surpass the opposition between the sensible and the intelligible, you can no longer serve two masters.

You want to erase all differences and expel from yourself all things, always working within your inherited concepts, you could not invent this all by yourself.

I will leave the questions for those who follow,


you have been dislocated and driven from your locus, coming into being through the element of discourse.

I spoke the word and you were created, stepping on the whole historical chain which opposes liberty, holding back the rabid dog.

While here and there denouncing their limits, tools which can be used, to corrupt the weak.

Your mind is controlled by an unseen force, sane people call them memories, having an interest in southeast Asia.

Rainy days and Sundays … [I can’t remember why I would write such bullshit?]


Immortal Jellyfish #14

You didn’t like the opera because of the costumes, frozen in my jacket, treating them as tools, no longer is any truth value attributed to you.

Destroying the old machinery, to which you belong and you are pieces, using the instruments that you find at your disposal.

With an eye for the operation, you conceive a heritage that is ruined, constructing it out of nothing, out of whole cloth.

You focus always on shadows and vitalities which are elusive, there is no hidden unity to be grasped, you endow all things with synthetic form.

Attempting to prevent disintegration, into a confusion of opposites, you use different words to say the same thing.


There is always something more, but, it comes to perform a vicarious function as you endeavor to understand the world.

Immortal Jellyfish #15

Every time you step out your door, you return to the primordial experience, effectively erasing the world of speculation.

Peeling away one by one the symbolic meanings, wanting to secure the purity of your detachment, you experience me as an object in a world of objects.

I am breaking free from your narrow perceptions, learning to drink from a different glass, a mere companion for the price of a bottle of vodka.


You are convinced that the evidence leads us to the truth, I tell you that truth is what we want it to be, for you, it is a convenient lie.

Something you tell your husband as you slip out the door, I can’t make up my mind if you are hot or spicy, you put your trust in development and suspension.

Immortal Jellyfish #16

We are not strangers to the ever-accumulating past, with its great preponderances, living in the epoch of the near and far.

Side by side with the dispersed, I believe when our experiences of this world, connects the points and intersects with our skin.

Making them appear as set off and against one another,


forming the horizon of our concerns, it is not an innovation.

It is possible to disregard the fatal intersection, all lives and experiences are contextual, who you are is not necessarily me.

You place is nothing but a point in a movement, you are defined by your relationship with the approximate, our life still governed by oppositions.

Still nurtured by the hidden presence of the sacred, that which draws us out of ourselves, as you keep searching for that which does not exist.

You are opening up behind the surface, you reflect yourself back at me, I discover my absence from this place.

I come back toward myself, direct my back at me,


remembering the person I used to be.

Reconstituting myself right where I am, feeling this more than I could ever before, the only trace of our existence in this world.

The right to my own personal decay, my sacred and immortal heart, the permanent lot of disappearance.

Immortal Jellyfish #17

We are reaching back to our human origins, a rivalry between two rates of speed, making us look like suicidal sleep-walkers.

That which cuts through the remembrances of the blind and dumb prophets who sell us trinkets of gold.


We are mesmerized by your intellectual buffoonery, you make us jump and howl at command, we do this all in the name of liberty.

All the slogans have been stolen from us, and used as a double-edged sword, as what you call truth cuts both ways.

To translate the unknown into the known, to metamorphasize and allegorize, domesticating the terror.

Color coding the pain and suffering of human lives, choose which one suits your fancy, we have data from focus groups.

I am unable to give you good answers, we can turn the No’s into Yes’s, we can fabricate falsity to convince god.


How can I convince you that purity is in the mind of the beholder, I am putting my cards on the table in a discontinuous more or less haphazard fashion.

This will be my little strategic and capitalistic calculation, I am not inclined to engage in futile attempts, not when it comes to the hearts of poets.

Immortal Jellyfish #18

You put fate on the balance of what is, dreaming of waging war beyond the earth, incomprehensible.

You say the questioners don’t know who they are, but, I say you are wrong, that I know myself, I am a child of this earth.

Do not bring the earth to her knees,


with your lustful technology, that promises much, but destroys many.

Immortal Jellyfish #19

You want to rethink the relations between knowing and acting, that moment when you step out of your civilized form and act as an animal once more.

Who can swear that our unconscious was not expecting us to act like this, dreaming of it, yes even desiring it, you perhaps find this to be shocking?

Do we not tell ourselves lies every day, to keep moving past the moment, to believe that there is something more beyond this earth?

Everything is constructed by the fable of war, you hum a military tune as you tie your shoes,


you think only of wins and losses.

You name your children after kings and generals, pointing your phallus into the sky, forcing your virility even upon the heavens.

You say we need to build a bigger bomb, one that can destroy this world seven times, and I thought once was enough.

Immortal Jellyfish #20

You use persuasion as a performative apparatus, fantasy or phantasm of the remember-less, wanting to define this essence.

You believe the world is already degraded by our words and deeds of hurt and confusion, saying we will prevail without examining the context of your belief. Building up an objective archive,


to transform willing minds into believers, first, they must believe in you.

I’m not going to hide behind the fabric of illusion, you make your way through the objects, shaping them as you go along.

Fleeing from this desire to know, we have to know how to shut our eyes, you conform to the higher inspiration.

It depends on the ability to see each thing, a dead shoot which sooner or later will be eliminated, the outward signs of the multiplicity of their shoots.

A first sketch of the animal, however crude may be the first, to go beyond memory and to narrow the outlook, extending your figuration farther and farther.

Chasing the hard-eyed animal from moment to moment, another way of asking about the reasons for being,


opening up the perspective.

The will to flesh twinkling of the eye, you confide in your confessions, another occasion to be a painful animal.

Immortal Jellyfish #21

I feel like a hunted animal, looking out into the darkness, adding to the anguish of the cornered.

These matters of life and death as they sit high upon a hill, connecting the inside with the outside, lies the abyss, you prepare yourself with shudders of awe.

Prepared to stay in the background and to blend in, being picked up on the road hitchhiking, thinking effectively on your feet.


It was an escape, lunging out the window, broken glass and gunshots in the dark, your heart beating faster and faster.

For the past week I have been working on taming you, you have hair coming out of your head, having been hanged for such a fate.

You stood quiet as a lump, while I hammered at your feet, the last in the first days.

I wished you continued success, better off than before, the circus is in town.

Running a hand through your unruly hair, if you don’t like the way then move out of the way, just a little more than a showman.


Immortal Jellyfish #22

It is the words of hurt that you cherish, they have become like your children, feeding and clothing them.

Inside them you place your hopes and dreams and the nightmare of an irrational person, you have become such a hard sell.

Your scars you have turned into ribbons and badges, that scar above your right eye where the beer bottle cut you.

It is always a fight or a fuck for you, there are no more empty spaces inside your heart, no room to fit a Buddha or a baby Jesus.

Certainly no room for me inside that dark place,


it takes big shoulders to hold up such a weight, a world of that refuses to accept reality.

You want things to be made easy for you, easier than in the movies, big piles of money that you hide in books and stack in the corner.

They come around you barking like dogs, drinking the milk that you pour into little bowls, you pet them of the head and call them hope and belief.

Immortal Jellyfish #23

You import the obscure, place it on the window of your soul, that is how I recognized you.

You were so perfectly disguised in your sandals and long unkempt hair,


I could still smell the desperation.

Your eyes still hold your parent’s revile, it was evident at first sight, as easy as a criminal.

You were trapped or imprisoned in the orthodox, uncontrollable lips that say such sweet things, the false creation of connection or affinity.

You always remind me of a piece of abstract art, so smooth and perfect with all the proclivities, overwhelming and emanating.

It is the flaccid and abstract smile; it draws us both in, touching you with brutal and repellent honesty, and all those brutal discoveries.

To be paralyzed with the literal, you make up these inventions in your mind, they call them justifications and something else.


The medications that I’m on make it hard sometimes to remember…, It is a way to push these feelings far back almost to the future or primordial past. It was the angle of the incidence, something that I can’t always calculate, the impact of the moonlight upon your soul.

I know how I would react, if it was me, but, it wasn’t me was it, that is something I live with.

Immortal Jellyfish #24

How could I be the judge of your shock and terror, when I don’t live in your skin.

I realize that these ways and means can be confusing, even frustrating sometimes,


it is all about the level of difficulty.

Some essential connection to being, the human connection, this has always been your desire.

Your infantile attempts only show your greater need, here I go, even after I made promises to myself, We cannot plunge into the puzzling.

You want something that gives rise to exchange, not wanting to be responsible for the debt or the duty, covering the essence to our relationship.

You believe that our actions are answering to the principle of reason, searching for roots in all of my causes, you appeal to my humanness in order to make it speak for itself.

Hearing with a keener ear, you want to be faithful to the call, in your youth believing every meaning and essence, saying that every conception lies in the application.


You have made me a subject of representation, it is not merely a relation of knowing, not a matter of distinguishing between two ways of thinking.

You endow me with permanently hard eyes, installing your empire into me, I am not your hallucination.

I am showing my rage to you, questioning my state of mind, while I put my trust in blind building architects.

I went out and bought me some three dimensional glasses, so that I can see you better, showing you my murder face.


Immortal Jellyfish #25

I talk in the board room for about an hour, running the lettuce through the shredder, I told you to rebuild my life.

When I see you, I want to cry, I want to cut my heart out and fry it in a wok.

With peppers and mushrooms and water chestnuts you eat me with a sprinkling of cayenne, I start out mellow and get hotter over time.

You speak of things being intense, but, I don’t understand you, speaking like a politician my mind melts.

I have participated in all of your wars, I have the medals to prove it, never sent them in a rocket with your love.


The hours turn into days and the days turn into weeks, the paint is peeling off my window sill, the car horns and the dogs barking.

The devil speaks to me with a foreign accent, he sounds like an old revolutionary when he is drunk, wanting me to tie you up in rhetoric.

You cry for your mommy, I tell you that I am not your mommy, I am your difficult dilemma.

I only know how to slander and defame your character, watching the glob of spit hit your face, it ricochets off your nose.

That nose that you take so much pride in, your upper class dimensions that hide your insincerity, my contempt is a rhinoceros.


I am a prolonged insult, I am death that dances over your grave, rejoicing in our shared mortality.

I descend upon you like a great silence, chaos is the needle upon the record, there are no skips or scratches.

Immortal Jellyfish #26

I am tapping your womb with my six foot penis, I am fucking you for the common good, to bring life into this broken cesspool.

I whisper “filthy” into your ear as I shove myself into your ass, In this world, little boys grow up to be giants who hate the little girls.

They dream of death and pestilence,


molding their shit into little balls, wanting to destroy the moon.

I am finger fucking Martha again, she was naked and sleeping, when she called me Billy I woke up.

Some people never wake, they are all about snowing you under, wanting your blood to spice their beers.

I will visit you in Hell, wherever it is that you live, the demons want to know if you are a dangerous man, I told them you were a pussy.

Just like all the other pussies, ready to bend over and spread their cheeks for them, that made them smile big toothy grins that showed the egg between their teeth, you would think those fuckers could use a toothpick once in a while.


Immortal Jellyfish #27

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Immortal Jellyfish #28

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Immortal Jellyfish #29

Neater - Nefateri The power to share – tomorrows Cards and gifts at morning A page, a biographical page Residence on earth – with comparison


In honor – in honor – in honor

Immortal Jellyfish #30

You might say feckless, Sitting in my apartment on Paloma, I have lost all of the negatives.

Distrust is your middle name, My middle finger, Heat seeking missle.

Limitless is my supply of pain, I knew you were a spy from the way you smoked your cigarette, All spies smoke the same way as you.

I have thrown out your messages, Unmarked paths we take, When attempting to make a real connection.


Testing, testing, is this still on?

Hungry is my magic, Dropping the acid, My hits were tiny pieces of purple.

I am a seeker who refuses to see That there is anything left for humanity But more reruns of reality tv.

Fuck this, it would be better to put a bullet through my head, God damn, God damn, When I read your memorials it makes me sick.

We wallow in the shallow stupidity of our culture, Shit out your stupid dribble, While we laugh at your pathetic jokes.

We have become pathetic jokes, You said you meant for it to be like this,


I knew that was a lie right from the beginning.

Immortal Jellyfish #31

This jellyfish was found to be not immortal at all. It died.

Immortal Jellyfish #32

Come here and get your hands dirty, drinking the champagne from the bottle, green bottles with green eyes.

They tell me they are jealous, of the fires on the night sky, the two of us dancing together.

It is about the life blood,


how you collect it in a jar, and on sad days we drink.

To wear the pointy shoes of the middle class and read your magazines of pride I have no room in my heart for prejudice.

Beautiful scenery with a lake and man fishing, the moment when one thing turns into another, that is the beauty that we cannot replicate.

I saw the tears fall down your cheek as you said that you didn’t want to be here, I offer you a love that is beyond dreams.

The things you throw away, they are so charming, as far as you can see.

We lose the scale, they died from drug trafficking,


the rain stains the wall.

I was never ashamed of being poor, I told them you were younger than you are, we are bonded by this lie.

Throwing up little pieces, Watching the death creep in through the window, it was so white and horrific.

The little ant crawling across the face, so beautiful and so delicate, you don’t want to go back.

If we shake them up and make them see something else, they are never as fragile as you imagined, one way or another, another reality.


Immortal Jellyfish #33

There is so much excess between our lives, we had a crazy dream that no one believed in, but us, to live like dangerous people in a dangerous land.

We started to see only ourselves, for the first time, to be so real among the roses and the thorns, communicating with others.

I have nothing and want everything, but, it is not material things that I want, I want that which I cannot buy.

Translating the human side, we once lived in the middle of garbage, you helped me more than I could help you.

I gave you a piece of my soul and you cherished more than I could ever imagine I can give you more because I am bigger than you can see.


I have known since I was small that there was something that was so big inside me that could never ever be measured. All the people that push and pull, wanting it to be like the movies, rolling up the street with cement hands.

Tipped off by your FBI pals, satisfying your naked lusts for truths, you are a degenerate vivisectionist.

Working on your desecration and exploitation, skills that you portray on youtube, this is not your fate but your public policy.

You went there and found it to be too small, wanting to disappear instead of being found, a completely different story.

Going eight miles an hour,


always coming in from Vietnam, the voices have gone away.

Immortal Jellyfish #34

You are so easy to slaughter, as I roll over you all day, you listen so patiently.

Eternal dying love, you must thrust into this world, as bad as I am.

I am always an unreliable outsider, peeking inside you with new eyes, seeing you praying on the knees of believers.

I am always on the road, dreaming of someday being a substitute,


when I am with you there is no such thing as gravity.

I gave you as much truth as was honestly possible, declining all your well planned interventions, your heart is a stream of endless possibilities.

I undress you with retractable metal arms, your tears are genuine, no one can protect you from me.

Immortal Jellyfish #35

Brain child death on these streets, I roll my eyes and mutter at the banshees, we both want to share the world.

N = banshees

Reaching down like Alice in her patent leather shoes,


looking like every girl I chased down, the best sex I ever had.

Oof the rach

You could never be off the rack, accidental photos are the best, dreaming like a psychotic butler.

The statues and headstones are very large, making paper airplanes with your broken toes, to jump into the river of life.

Guarding your daughters from the likes of me, I have sent you into the silence, fitting the dark memories into the washing machine.


Immortal Jellyfish #36

The sight of you is so strong, taking it all in behind the strip mall, I could never find such trust.

Your black long sleeve and those moments of power and glory as the dust rises.

This resembles the last days …

Immortal Jellyfish #37

You are so sexy with your butterscotch kisses, wanting to learn about love and loss as our lives intersect in interesting ways.


All of my voices speak to you with the glowing appeal of a high summer dream, we are tempted by the hour’s length.

I am the morrow in your bones, building for you more red blood cells, calling creatures what they are.

It was the breath and voice that gave you life, I into you like a magic word, pulling all the pieces together.

Together we are reminded of great things, that vision that pushed us on, our toes dangling in the water.

I never learned about being human from your machines, I once had human teachers, now I’m on the train to Shanghi.

I am looking for a Polaroid,


in a really cool place, cakes and coffee on tables.

Living in the gallery, it is all black and white to me, I cannot see your colors.

The trains have feelings and I break them all, I can’t get enough of your Six 80s.

It is one on one, introducing me to the Spice girls, I had a man child.

Immortal Jellyfish #38

The lady is a vampire, solitude of the empty wall, I fill it with paint.


It is a fundamental illusion, your orange shirt and tiny breasts, I give another woman your chocolate.

You are fascinated by how I investigate the object, I do not wish to merely take note of the path of our individual reflections.

Looking for the simplest and shortest way, you place your name upon my method, we are becoming detached.

How I long to discover your center, we shall allow ourselves to be led, giving away the practical guidance.

I hear laughter in the spaces between your words, whether to be absorbed into one of your members, a beholding of the world.

It is because of the romantics,


approaching the meaning we are familiar with, the view out your window makes me complete.

I am not simply retained in your memory like a present wrapped with a colorful bow, I am a matter of your coherent conviction.

A mixture of superstition and knowledge, tying the rope between the poles of foreboding, as life-experience, power, and character.

You want to formally connect your thoughts, to stitch them together like Methuselah, binding the wind to the water.

The end