1. INF Information message 2. STS Status message 3. ERR Error message 4. EXC Execute message 5.

RTV Retrieve message

18. Types of file relations? FILE TO FILE FILE TO FIELD Defined as Known by - key Owned by - Key Qualified by - key Refers to - ATTR Includes - ATTR Extended by Has - ATTR Defined as: Declaration that the file exist and created implicitly by SYNON Known by: Specifies that the field is a key field. There can be more than one known by relation Owned by: Defines a parent and child relationship, Eg., Order header and order details (parent key will be copied to the child) Qualified by: This is a key relation used to qualify a file identifier by one or more variable factors. This is used to find out a close match (Eg., rate, discount, data, etc.). If no redirection is specified it is similar to KNOWN BY Refers to: Specifies a file refers to another file (Foreign key) Includes: A file is to include all the fields that have been declared in the structure file Extended by: Declares a file to be an extension of a file relation. It gives an association between one to one or one to none. Will work only if it is OWNED BY in the second file Has: Declares a field to be present in a file RELATION SEQUENCE AT THE TIME OR RESOLVING Defined as, Owned by, Qualified by, Extended by, Refers to, Has, Includes Use of FOR TEXT: It is used to further clarify a relationship. Owned by, Qualified by and Refers to can only have the FOR TEXT. To prevent duplicate fields SYNON uses the FOR TEXT if present or the Surrogate number

Virtual fields are logically present in one file and physically present in another file. This is valid only for OWNED BY and REFERS TO relation types .