.NET Case Study

ILP: .NET CASE STUDY: LSHC DOMAIN Medical Encyclopedia Website Summary
Medicopedia is a fictitious web based medical encyclopedia that includes information about diseases, tests, symptoms and medicines. It provides an extensive search mechanism. Guest users can only view and search the information but registered users are privileged to contribute to this community based encyclopedia. Also registered users can seek medical advice. Registered doctors are privileged to provide authentic advice for such queries. They also are authorized to moderate and modify the content posted by the registered users. Registered users can rank different medical advices provided by the experts.

Registration and Login
Types of users: 1. Guests: Can only view the contents of the encyclopedia. 2. Registered user: Can seek medical advice through medicopedia. Can rank medical advices and medicines. Can contribute medical advices (only traditional medicine / naturopathy ) 3. Registered Doctors: Are privileged to provide authentic advice for medical queries. They also are authorized to moderate and modify the content posted by the registered users 4. Admin: Admin verifies the authenticity of registered Doctors before adding them as users. Admin also has the privilege to add/delete users. He also can modify the different categories of search(For eg. He can add new medicines/diseases to the list). The normal user should be able to register him/her by providing the following information on the registration page – 1. 2. 3. 4. Name Email ID Password Gender


On successful Login the User should be redirected to home page with appropriate privileges. His view should change with following list. 1. Home Page: Default View The Default view should provide search functionality. Clicking this will take the user to a Comment Page. Below every item that is shown on the page a Vote button should be present on clicking which the user will be directed to the Voting Page. where the user can search the encyclopedia based on different search criterion. You can also provide a feature to select different templates for the website. which should be remembered for the user’s next login. TCS INTERNAL . Use Forms authentication/Login controls. Medical Advice List: He must see the list of the Top 10 most popular medical advices till date in his area of interest. Where he will log in to the system using the registered Email ID and Password.He also can choose or modify this from any page (give an option for this on top left side of the page). Once he chooses a personalized view. By Disease By Medicines By Medical Specialists By Symptoms Home Page: Personalized view The registered user can choose his area of interest (the disease for which he is searching the encyclopedia) during registration . prescribed medicines and name of the medical specialist who is the owner of the advice should be displayed on this page. Each of these items (medicines / medical advices) will be shown based on their ranks. Also this list should have Paging enabled where the user can go ahead and browse all the other items that are present in the system as well. Alongside the Vote button a Comment Button should also be present. Date of Birth 6. Interested In (Optional) . the user should be directed to the Login Page. (Way to calculate popularity is explained more clearly in the Section for Voting and Rank Calculation) Only the Title of the Medical advice. the Summary (only first 100 characters of the summary). the disease.TCS ILP 5. The registered doctors must provide their license number and specialization along with the info a normal user is asked to provide. Appropriate Validations need to be in place.NET Case Study Once registration is successful.

Vote against the Item Based on which option is chosen. Symptoms 3. On the Voting Page the user will be provided with two options – 1. Rank for an Item is decided as (Number of Positive Votes – Number of Negative Votes). On this page the user can post medical queries and other related information. Voting for all Items which are older than 10 days from today should be disallowed. Vote for the Item 2. This order will be used to display the medical advices/medicines on the Home Page.NET Case Study The Home Page should look seamless. Details of his earlier medical records On filling this information the data gets persisted in the database Submit a Medical Advice: TCS INTERNAL . based on which it will be displayed on the Home Page. If an Item has got no Votes then it will be rated above all the Items which have got a negative rank. The following information is collected from the User when he tries to submit a query – 1. These values of number of Positive or Negative votes that each Item gets is used as a basis for calculating its ranking. the Items should not look like they are part of a table.TCS ILP . It should look and feel smoother. Submit a Medical Query On choosing the Submit a medical query Link on the Home Page the user is directed to the Submit a Medical Query Page. This can be achieved by looking at how to use CSS – Cascaded Style Sheets Voting Page and Ranking of Item On clicking the Vote link below any Item the user is directed to the Voting page for that particular medical advice/ medicine. Area of interest (Disease which he thinks he has) 2. the number of Positive Votes or Negative Votes for that particular Item is incremented in the database. Voting for an Item is allowed only once by a particular user. so that this can be persisted in the DB and can be given to the appropriate medical expert to submit his/her advice.

They can also change the status of the medical query to needs more info . it is ranked (default rank is 0) and is ready for display on the Home Page. it should be displayed in the user’s worklist. This page will have the provision for the user to enter the comments for the chosen item(medical advice). They can provide their advice.TCS ILP . If it is redirected. it should come to the new medical specialist’s worklist. Once the medical advice is posted. the rank of the item increases or decreases and it is accordingly ranked and displayed on the Home Page. Comment on an Item On choosing the Comment button below a particular item the user is directed to a Page where he can comment on that particular Item. so that the user can provide the extra info that was requested. suggested prescriptions if any. It should also be displayed in the “advices for my queries” section of personalized home page of the user who raised the query. Such prescriptions should be displayed separately. Post My Prescription (Traditional Medicine / Naturopathy) Registered users are authorized to post their own prescriptions to the medical queries posted by other users. (Provide a functionality to save the item and related comments in an XML file on users desktop) General Info In case an exception occurs the users should be directed to a single Error page. These comments are also persisted in the database.NET Case Study Once a medical query is posted. It should be listed in the worklist of all registered medical experts belonging to the specialization. These can later be seen on the Vote and Comment Info Page for a particular item. It will also display the list of all the comments posted as comments as received by that particular Item. Once users start voting ‘For’ or ‘Against’ that item. TCS INTERNAL .They can redirect the query to another medical specialist whom they think is the right person to give the advice. The comment size should be restricted to 100 words. If they change the status to need more info. They can submit their advice from submit medical advice page page. Vote and Comment Info Page On the Home Page the Title of every medical advice also acts as a link. The registered doctors are authorized to delete / modify any such prescriptions. On clicking the title the user is directed to a page which shows the number of votes as received by the item – both Positive and Negative.

TCS ILP . If need be use Images for background and for buttons. instead use stored procedures. Please avoid using in-line queries. on home page maintain the hit counter for the website. TCS INTERNAL . If possible.NET Case Study Connection string should be placed in the Web. Persist all the data you think necessary. Decide which input fields should be mandatory based on your Database schema.config and should be used in code from the same. Appropriate Validations for controls as needed. Create Class diagrams and Database Schema diagram. Attempt a smooth finish for all the buttons and other display controls.

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