Secrets of Fushigi Yuugi

Q 1. What is the difference in time between the real world and inside "The Universe of the Four Gods"? A. Many readers were actually trying to calculate this. Particually, Genbu no Miko's time which according to some happened "3 days", "1 year 2 months", or "33 years before" but actually it's "not set". In episode 11 when Miaka had been in the book for about 3 months but only 2 hours had passed in the real world...I don't think the above calculations could have come from there but here's the point. While reading the actual novel, in just a line like "After that 1 month passed" that time would immediately advance (in the seconds it would take the reader to read the sentence) inside the story. Using a "Necessary time warp maneuver", a 10 year warp can take place in a short time. So, if a sentence in "The Universe of the Four Gods" is written as "3 days", it is equivalent to seconds here. So, the difference in time is not set. Q 2. How could the fake Chiriko, Amiboshi, have no problem entering the Suzaku shrine? A. The answer is "They didn't put up a barrier". Chichiri's "They've put up a barrier" from episode 16 caused this bit of confusion. Actually, Nakago put up the barrier at the Seiryuu shrine after Miaka entered. (So had Miaka lagged behind she would have suffered) It can be said that this bit about other Seishi not being able to enter the sacred place where Seiryuu is worshiped is only a Kutou quality. Genbu and Byakko most likely have shrines as well but I don't think they'd do such a thing. Even if they did put up a barrier, the Seiryuu Seishi have been trained to increase their powers and ki, so they would be able to more or less break it. Here lies the difference between the Seiryuu and Suzaku Seishi.

Q 3. Miaka searched for the Seishi herself, didn't Yui shirk her duty after arriving from her world? A. This is connected to the above question. This fully expresses the Seiryuu and the Suzaku Seishi's definite "Power Significance". Indeed, in "The Universe of the Four Gods" (The scroll version) it is written "The Miko finds them with her own power" but in Yui's case, her "ki" calls the Seiryuu Seishi to her. This may be Yui's own power, but the Seiryuu Seishi's power is great so their ability to sense others' "ki" is far stronger than the Suzaku Seishi. I'd have to say that even the abilities of the Seiryuu are superhuman, as "the entire Suzaku side wouldn't be able to bring Nakago down" even if he's on his own. (Actually Nakago was pulled by Yui's ki and came to THAT place) Compared with them, the Suzaku Seishi's abilities and lives have no difference between ordinary humans. Rather it appears that they have lived with the idea (though not kept in their minds) that "whatever the Seishi's standing, it doesn't matter". Compared to Kutou, which is full of civil wars, the Konan nature appears too peaceful. So they don't also have the power to sense the "Miko's ki" emitting from Miaka. Incidently, among the Suzaku, Chichiri is the only one to sense it and was drawn to Miaka (episode 13). But actually, all of the Seishi were unconsciously drawn to Miaka. Tamahome, on route to the city, got involved with saving Miaka (Until that day he had never left his village). Hotohori came out in a parade (just at THAT time). Nuriko, pretending to be a strong woman, entered the imperial court and soon appeared. Even though Tasuki was on a trip, he returned the day Miaka arrived....and so on. So in the end it's the same thing. There is a particular reason why Chiriko didn't show up right away. Q 4. What is this Kodoku? A. In Vol.5 Kodoku made a lot of Tamahome fans cry.... Actually, it doesn't "manipulate someone" but rather is a "killing curse" spell. From the very begining Nakago was saying "use kodoku" so I

assumed another drug used it, but that was too complicated so I unified it as "Kodoku". About the way Kodoku is made. It is the poison from worms...but I can't really explain it more than that, (In the first place I don't know the details myself) so I won't. While we're at it, Tamahome got light-headed from Jakou but it's only the perfume taken from the inside of a "musk deer", it is fairly ordinary so either Though they call it Jakou, it was actually some other incense Tamahome, coming from a poor family, had never smelled such a sweet incense before and was overwhelmed by it The creator merely used something obscure. Which of the 3 is it? There are actually quite a lot of different ways of using it.

Q 5. Is there really such a thing as a Bouchuu spell? A. ...Yes. You mustn't look down on China. The Bouchuu spell is a sex spell. Males are the "Yang" ki and females are the "Yin" ki. It was a spell to aquire eternal youth and long life by developing a man's "Yang" ki by absorbing the woman's "Yin" ki!! So the men draws their partners ki in with this and preserves their health. (I wonder if it's true?) (But...because it was unfair it made me want to say "That's impossible") So it's not a weird thing. Nakago having Soi as a partner was in order to develope his ki. Deep isn't it?

Q 6. How does Tasuki get his hair like that? A. You mustn't look down on China. Because Japan's past culture was always taking after China there were a lot of people who said "Being from that time..." That was a time when they were already keeping records and Japan's culture was young. (probably) Am I wrong? They should've at least had oil. Women who fixed their hair in those Chinese bun hairstyles used a hard gel so it wouldn't lose its shape for days. They slept resting their necks on wood or a small pillow so even

while they were sleeping it wouldn't lose its shape...I think in Japan's Edo era they did that as well. So Tasuki, who cares about his appearence after all, carries about oil and fixes his hair like that. But, it could just be unruly hair. (Tasuki):Hey Hey Q7. Do the Seishi's characters always appear on their bodies? A. They don't appear all the time. When their ki is elevated it surfaces. They can also make it surface themselves. Incidentally, each 7 Seishi have matching colors for their characters, red for the Suzaku, blue for the Seiryuu. Incidentally, after their abilities got a power up, the font became a cursive font. (I changed it because it was cool) (Arrow):"Miaka" would become like this. "Tamahome" would become like this.

Q8. When Miaka and Yui are in the book what kind of time passes? Do they grow up? A. These 2 are in synch with the passing of real time. So, for example, no matter how many years pass for a person from inside the book, if only 2 days pass in the real world that's what passes for the girls as well. So, actually, clothes and underwear wouldn't be a problem. Because in this story it turns out they're only wearing them for 1 or 2 days. Consequently, there's no worry of menstruation either. If they lived inside the book for a hundred years, it should correspond to reality's date... Oh, Miaka, Tamahome would get old before you, wouldn't he? (Miaka):Tamahome, where are you----? (Old Tamahome):Mi-Miaka

Q9. How come all the 7 Seishi are conveniently born in that era? There aren't any that are dead or haven't been born?

A. It's fate. (Flatly) They'd have no meaning if they weren't together. Wouldn't it have something to do with the Miko appearing? The Miko and all her 7 Seishi are a cooperative body.

Q10. Did Tasuki have a girlfriend in his past? A. No. He hates women, having been treated badly by his older sisters he went astray saying "I'm outta here". But he does have experience with women. It of course became a "You gotta gain a reputation" type of thing with his fellow bandits so he went with Kouji to a brothel.

Q11. Why doesn't Taiitsukun appear for the Seiryuu side? A. Essentially, Taiitsukun (The Creator) should give advice to all Seishi equally but the Seiryuu side has the Majin there that Nakago worships. Taiitsukun as well as the beautiful Mt. Taikyoku would "only be seen as a rocky mountain by evil beings", so for people who have a negative ki it's as if Taiitsukun didn't exist. Incidentally, Taiitsukun's old woman appearance is an assumed form for humans.

Q12. A check from a Nuriko fan! How many moles are missing?!! A. At the time of printing the book these didn't show up. (Because they're small) In the original copy they're properly drawn there. Likewise "Suboshi" <written as "corner lodging"> > "Suboshi" <written as "corner star"> "masaka > mamaka" are also errors made at the time of photosetting. I'm sorry. Actually, they are written there. Please look very closely. Q13. How is Chichiri's mask possible?

A. Actually, the mask is a kind of spell. By a special method it can harden or soften. And as for the changing facial expressions, only when attached to the face will it become his true face. However he has also taken it off to use other spells. For other people to put it on would require Chichiri to will it. Q14. Can anyone use Tasuki's tessen? A. After the power up from Taiitsukun, it can only be used by Tasuki. (So it was made into another ability) In reality, flaming only something he wants takes extreme powers of concentration so it's difficult to do. That's why Tasuki has those "Damn you Tamahome" feelings inside. That was a joke Q15. How come the dead Seishi can use their powers? A. Because their powers are not of the body but of the soul (Mind?) Q16. In part 1 they could understand each other because the book was a translation, but in part 2 it's the original book, so how can they understand each other? A. This time they're able to speak over there though "Suzaku's power". Suzakuseikun also knows how to speak Japanese, so wouldn't he lend power to Miaka and Taka? (Or at least his spirit) Also, Tasuki doesn't really speak in the Kansai dialect (If you go too far into that then the manga's no fun!)... Think of Konan country as Japan. The capital would be Tokyo and the province where Tasuki was born would be the Kansai area. Q17. What about Taka's real family?

A. Parents, one younger brother, one younger sister. The oldest son of a long line of country farmers. Food is no problem. Good for Miaka, right? His family is surely similar to Tamahome's family. Q18. Why do Taiitsukun and Suzakuseikun have the "-kun" ending? A. It's not the present day's way of referring to a boy as in "Yamadakun". It's a respectful way of saying "You ~" to a great person. Q19. Why did you name him "Taka"? A. Because I wanted something with "Oni" and in ancient China it was a name of a country (Gi). During ancient Japan's Himeko era there was a cultural exchange that brought "The 4 God's Mirror" which attached the era name "Seiryuu Sannen". Q20. The greatest question!! Why isn't Miaka fat when she eats that much?!! A. It's because she's very active and she gets very excitable.

Q21. Puzzle of Fushigi Yuugi Special!!
1 GATAN (Tamahome):Ah (Tamahome):Who's there!? 2 (Tamahome):Nakago!? What are you doing here?!! And in the middle of the night!! (Nakago):Hmf hmf

3 (Nakago):Take a look at this! (Word Ballon):Ba (Letter):I'm wondering, does Nakago love Tamahome? (Arrow):A letter from a reader (Note:True story) 4 (Tamahome) (Tamahome):You can't mean... (Nakago):Tama, if we don't respond to this reader's needs we'll lose popularity 4.5 (Watase):What needs?!! 5 (Tamahome):IDIOT~~~ STOP! QUIT IT---Dotan (Tamahome):Eek---- NO------BATAN (Tamahome):WAH-------(Miaka) Tamahome! Doki Doki (Watase):Miaka, aren't you gonna stop him? 5.5 (Watase):Aren't there any dojinshi about this? (Laugh) There's supposely some about Tasuki and Nuriko (Sweat drop). I want to see them!

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