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Parent & Leaders Meeting 9/15/11

To develop students that are fully devoted followers of Christ through genuine relationships, Biblical training, identification and nurturing of spiritual gifts and demonstration of the love of Christ, in order to raise up an empowered, Biblically literate, motivated generation that can lead the church and carry out the great commission. How do we plan to carry out this vision this year? 1. Commit to content. The youth ministry is not here to simply entertain teenagers. We are here to help them grow in their relationship with Christ. Yes we will do some fun and whacky things (i.e. Night of the Reapers) but the priority will remain solid Bible teaching and the spreading of the gospel message. 2. Partner with parents. Parents are the primary influence in students lives. It is clear Biblically that parents have the greater authority and responsibility in their childrens lives. Our goal is to partner with parents, assist them and encourage them in any way we can. In order to accomplish this, we always have an open invitation for parents at any youth ministry event. Parents are also encouraged to serve in the youth ministry if they can. I will also be blogging on the student ministry Facebook group and posting the outline to the lesson each week so parents who cant make it can still be connected with whats being taught at Frontlines. Along with this partnership comes the motto family over youth group. Family always comes before youth group, so if you need to spend time as a family, do it. 3. Set opportunities to serve. We havent truly surrendered our lives to Christ until we are willing to use the gifts and abilities He has given us to serve Him. This year we will provide several opportunities for students to serve God. We will continue with our student leader positions, have a local service opportunity each semester as well as short-term mission trips next spring and summer. These are great opportunities for students to grow and for God to reveal His will for their lives as they serve Him. 4. Worthy worship. Praise and worship is a key element in this ministry. We want to help teach students how to worship God and also help them develop their skills if they feel called to serve in this area.

5. Keep the main thing the main thing. We want to do all the above but we need to remember that in all that we do our ultimate goal needs to be to please and glorify God. Whether its teaching a Bible lesson or running around in the woods in the dark, our goal is to keep God preeminent above all things and seek His will in every aspect of the ministry.

2011/12 Youth Events

Ongoing events: -Frontlines: High School Bible study, Thursdays from 6-9pm -Awana: Bible clubs for Middle and High School, Sundays 5:30-7:30pm -Sunday School: Jr and Sr High boys and girls Sunday Schools at 9:15 and 11am -Crossroads Choir: Jr and Sr High, practice Wednesdays at 8pm -Sunday Night Live: Sunday evening socials, spring/summer 2012 Special Events: -Fall service opportunity: date/place TBD -Spring service opportunity: date/place TBD -Night of the Reapers Outreach event: Late January -FLOW 2012: Mid June -Ukraine Mission Trip: Spring 2012 -China Mission Trip: July 2012

How Can I Help?

-Volunteer to help weekly with Frontlines or Awana -Prepare a meal for Frontlines -We need a man to teach the 9:15 boys Sunday School -Host a youth social -Most importantly, pray for the youth ministry and all of our teenagers