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I bi David V Barrett. -- 1Sf American ed. p," em. -j(The predictions librarv) ISBN 0-7894-0311-0 l. l'a1m'isrry. 1. Title, n, 'Series: Barren, ' 1995


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oy} was me asured for its s ignijiC(lnc(!. wliich lends weight-to the claims of'palm readers that your life is revealed in your hands. and the fingertips.Jour hands. including 'the major lines.. f. As with all forms of divl. however. some Western/docto. and your health improves or deteriorates.. exactly the. color.1886 iUuslratiorJ showi"iI "plmi1wwg{cad f!Xaminaliori:' PhTerwlogy assessed )1<1111' character 'Irom your skull's size and'shape.e the whole hand.on reading your character. PALM. texture.rs have begun to accep that certain medical conditions can be revealed in the palms of . same. . or fade altogether.S Ct\N SHOW SURPRISINGLY ACCUR.foretetl a flxed future.£9--It is traditional for palm readers to tell you your future. palmistry does not.-0--Every person'~ palms are unique... change-over the months and years. Fingerprints were first studied and classified by the British anthropologist ~--in MEAS RING UP !hPor cenluries~ various parli5f!oj the body have beecn analyzed.. the shape. Your hands can show traits. Reading the future in your h ands is caliedclIi-rom:.-. According to palm readers._appear. SUCH AS YOUR STRENGTHS. arid how wealthy you wql be. but it is always up to you to take what life has given you and make of it what you can.Lllcy. become stronger. the lines on your hands' change to' reflect Palm Ibatkj . the. AND WEAKNESSES. ~0--It is not widely known that rherlines 00 your palms.d~TfI palmis Is treat it -in a far IUOl'e scientifi« manner than ellis carly 20Ih-~"'''C1Jry French manual. your personality develops... . lndications. and every bump or holl. and could be seen as a practical aIlPlication of palmistry. no two palms are. ___. including the the fingers.CING PA. This ..-. In recent years.ation. concentrate more. which is known as chirognomy. .or your health.BqUT YOURSELF. it has usually been believed that your hands also show the SIare. including how many children you will have. TE INpORMATlON UPBRINGING. past" and nonWecstern cultur-es.LMISTR YO UR HANDS CONTAIN :rHE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. In.xamLn.readers :. THE" . During your life.reader~. Breaks occur-or are mended. and possibilitte's.._.n.INTROD~U. these developments. the lines ona palm are a blueprint or map of their owner's life. . l'y1AGIC PALMISTRY Palm reading 'has often been considered occult.. Many pa Im.. but mo. Minor lines appear and~ dis. Francis Galton (I 82'2~ 1911) _ They are now anessential part of police work. and especially.

may have originated in India or China. pabnlsu. mark. 1"860-1936).cptJrtlrioll.lt was practiced in the ancient countries of the Middle East. tlie mall on the riglit 0" (he gallotl!s is lIolding his arms lAP in dismay.. theologians aSITologers..lIISTORY of PA L IS RY o ER THE CEN'UURIES. hot» t/:le. He luis a . The Christian Church condemned palm MB Nl GS Of THE MARKS reading... were gn:at'y influenc-ed by medieval Arab though which was itselfpartly a distillation of ancient Egyptian beliefs. The rnos famous pa. the lov palml'SlrJ! in !he I th €enlUljl ibCl 1'101 add to its. For Mflmple. Alz}II)!lgh he popularized This l Sth-century illustratian ~ ow. or gypsies aiso spread the fascination wi th (ormnc-tening from the hand as well as Tarot and tel-leaf reading.. reading palms to their skill . but the fortun -telling as ect of.rrtill rem. doctors. _. and it is mentiorred in the Hindu scriptures and the Old .ist. and a star. Cll~iro dales from 1895. It. "{lie Romap.. flJhicil repre'!. including scholars of the esoteric art. Hermetic philosophers.practice. Western intellectuals. was reP"£led to be astonishing! accurate. and was"said to h'ave foretold affair and abdication of King Edward VIIl five years before the event.Y'S REPUTATION HAS FLUCTUATED GONSlDERABL BETWEEN SERIOUS ACADEM1C STUDY AND SENSATIONALIZED SUPERSTITIOUS NONSENS-a aLm. and by the P Classical Greeks nd Romans. or Gheiro (c.TestamcDl.-y is thousands of years old.--. So CH AJ R l'hi~ portrait of. ~ALMlSTR. bur this had little effect on its ..crOiiS._ DUring the Crusades (1096-1291). r.B--.ies. which represents illfottune. li~ te fairground tJRe of fortuneu.__..9---In the 19th century.. ount Loui Hamqn. rea er o all.ems a frighl. Many serious scientific studies w re also made during this time by 'Tench scholars and doctors These works fanned the basis for later studies by psxcho!ogis\'s in Europe and America in the 20th century Many contemporary palm readers consider their work to be a science tha follows dear and well-validated ules..ening-evem. .... During the 6th and 7th centuries in Western Europe.lling by palm readers continued. 011 your. and alchemists added the art a C HE 1 ~o . palm affect your fate.a~ns. . .

-. sllch (J·Sa serious illness 01' the trauma!. dominant or active hand.. THlS WILL SHOW THE SQRT OF PERSONYOU ARE NOW. WHERE.. your left hand shouu the influence of your family on your life. and the other hand [s-culled the passive hand. n a right-banded person.11 t a h~'V1!happened !O y ou.. Orh'er palmists however.. __.. @--. the left hand is believed to show what you are given to start with in life. whether the lack of confidence that you may often feel in yourself is in any way justified or not . In a left-handed person. A careful comparison _. Oil this band... ~r you . are right-/I/llld YOll...YOU HA VO COME FROM IN YOUR UFE...r right hand is III am likel» to shou: events /. these are reversed.e--- To avoid confusion. these will normally be found on the passive hand: The lines on vour dominant1hand show how you have developed in the light of these early influences." brtakllP. prefer to see the passive hand as showing what you are secretly like. AND HOW YOUR CHARACTER HAS DEVELOPED. of a relat... the right hand of a righthanlded person and the left of your right andjleft hands can show whether you have made use of inherent abilities.. and the right band lS believed to show what you are doing with it.. II alsn shOM!i whal you are making of Y(}IIr life. LEFT !lAND If you are right» handed...R 1 G H'T II AND ed.iDnship.... or instead.10---- I hand of a left-handed person are sometimes referred to as the When a palmist looks for deep-seated family Influences. Some palmists are euen able 10 find euidence 01 your parents' medical condition... The comparison might also reveal if you are overcompensating Ior a naturally shy personality by presenting yourself as lively and confident. deep inside . .. . or whether you are wasting them.RIGHT & LEFT HANDS A GOOD PALMIST WILL READ BOTH HANDS...and the dominant hand as' the external personality that you project to the world..

to some extent." Shaking hands. and ~~ho to 'mffer jr_pm stress: __.fur example. D THEIR TEXTtJRE A D COLOR. person.. ----. manipulate. Finely skin indicates ___. and very white nails might mean .kin.indic~es The calor o] your hands can ind icate the state 'viyour healtl).~!!r.red palm call indicate high blood pressure vr 'diabetes Bluish skii'i call indicaie pew. .: circulation !lll!i.. sical strength and.. THIS IMPRESSION IS CREATED BY OBSERVING THE POSITIO IN \VmCH YOU HOLD YOUR HANDS... I ~9~ 'iki:texrure IS also rmportanr. .s the hu'!. Very red nails coul imply a fiery temper. during the reading.a tendency tOwards selfishnessIdeally the nail s should be approximarely same color as the palms. or IIAI}D yvJTH I'INGERS TOUCHING I ha~d~o!/ uihicl: the fingers touch icase someone whQ is . does [be band have a firm gentle grip.-.i or repressed.ds are simplyteold.. & COL<DR - a: practical textured sensitive tIJerson.P. Coarsely textured .. 'your strength of will. or is the palm dry or sweaty? Palmists look for similar physical eharactei-istics when they firstrexamine your hands.. This belps them judge your ph...-mds"tstlol! !."rin me lII!to'llerled Illighf1efll.ISthis 'ime mig/a.. is it loose and floppy. it is common ro refer [o~people as being "tight-fisted" or "open-handed. your hand: COLOR I r~[ (eels flexible it suggests that you are l\dap'i:able~ if it is rigid vou :re likely to have a stubborn perst'lnality.9 a A PALMIST STARTS TO FORM'AN 1M-PRESSION OF YOUR AI PERSONALITY BEFORE EXAMrNING THE L)NES ON YOUR PALM. A'IOl'm I.. tendency' towards anemia. everyday speech. health p 1m i pink jn:s. They will also. In someone can be very revealing . with The calm: of the palms and the fingernails can be accurate indicators of your health.. VerJ/pdle It. A.'::)-Some palmists may ask you [0 grip their fingers as hard as you can. A very.be revealing.OS1TION j .

to be practical. This hand suggests scnsirivityand cr-eativity. andl Sturdy. P ychic-handed people rend [0 be intuitive. "knotted" knuckles.... f) ---. This hand indicates a steady but predictable person.ixture of the. The mixed hand contains a n. this could be-the hand of an unskilled manual worker.. The_ palm might suggest one type of hand. coarse. but .. and th'e fingers might suggest another. or innovators in any career..e--- The palm of the square hand is as broad as it is long.. _. T me fingers and looks. they can appear in any hand shape.... There are usually few lines' these are often deeply cut. People with spatulate hand [end to' be energetic.. ~---- The conic band is fairly common among Women. creative...tend to be slightly ruper ed and the skin is finely icxrure.d. A squarehanded person is likely. asquare palm and Snort ..stubby.. other types of handlshape. A •I CONIC SO P'lLI C SPATULATE MLXED • ELEMENTARY SQUARE PSYCHIC he.. especially on the middle fingers.. psychic.. are the distinguishing characteristic. and practical. Although the knotty fingers. . with bony fingers and large. and the fingers are.were proposed by the French palmist Casimir d' Arpenrigny in 19th century... They can be good. In 19th-century terms.. systematic. £)-----. spiritual. athletes. It has..... Consequently they are multiralenred and adaptable. .. Mixed-handed people are likely to have a combination of the qualities of the other hand types. conic.-. straight and square-tipped.__. -acrive. This hand denotes a deep thinker.._.TRADIT.. but could also be a good bureaucrat or engineer.. ..TO HAND SHAPES ¥ANY PALMISTS STILl: USB J:HB TRADITIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF SEVEN TYPES OF HAND SHAPE AS A STARTING POINT TO HELP THEM DISTINGUISH BETWEEN BASIC TYPES OF CHARACTER... square.__..elementary. .. The spatulate hand has bulbous fingertips. and oversensitive. £> --- The elementary hand is .-. and mixed...... &---The psychic hand is an elongated version of the conic handr-with pointed fingertips.seven traditional hand shapes . The base of the palm and the fingertip!... philosophic. "__"""'_0--- suited to skilled manual work. I'he philosophic hand is long... The characteristics associated wi'th the hand shapes reflect 19th-century sociological ideas.. spatulate. .

FJ:R. and very lively and sociable. restless. both in sen ing ocher people's feelings. They ar intelligent. L. They are intelligent. similar to the traditiona I Water-handed people are very intuitive. They are highly sensitive. and creative. and can find it difficult their emotions.Ilt the present rime.AIR The IIiI' hand has WATER The WIner hand has rectangular -palms and long fingers .Jnuoverted. traditional square hand. order. The)! Ike routine.:e reliable and strong in char. Tiley tend to throw all dicit resourcfs into whatever they are doing. and security. "earthy. sometimes thew are too impulsiv to Be reliable.ELEMENTAL HAND SHAlPES MAm MODERN PAI:MISTS. and ambitious . Althoughftbe~ are good organizers.pa:lms can be changeahle. They simllar to the rend to be ruled by rueir mind. WATER HANO FIRe HAND . EAR T H narur(and wanr to acquire more The Earth hand knowledge. They o. . Earth hands sually have few lines. and in being easily hurt themselves. AIR.r is aimilar. "burn out" in th proceSS." and materialistic. It can ofren berecognized by the many fine lines all over the palm.. Fire-banded people are energetic. They [end to be unadventurous and possibly Stubborn. to the trad itiona I spatulare hand. and rna appear to he aggressive.lr is people's slow thinkinf. Earth-handed people tend to be practical. they can easily become Ioar in their dreams and fantasies. BASED ON THE FOUR ANCIENT AND ESOTERlC ELEMENTS OF EARTH.PREFER TO USE A NEW GLASSlFICATlON OF HAND TYPES." AND WATER. lind they and short ate often impatient with other fingers. bur have ~ tendency ro be. ro reveal / EARTH" HAND FIRE The fire hand has' rectangular palms and short fingers.•It is psychic band. these are deepl cut. Quiet and thoughtful.1.acter. Their temperamelll has squa7re.. and may.E..

Soft nails usually show-a dietary deficiency. but very naTTOW nails can indicate a neurotic individ ual..lIife... the nails should be the same color as the palms... suggest orneone with a passionate even violent. A fanshaped nail wider at the end than .. Clawlike nails can. .. _..€l Preferably. BROAD '..• The nails are usually classified according to their overall size.. and _£uIved across the fingertip and along their length. Brittle nails can show an underactive thyroid. (For other health indicators from nail color. the ind ication. usua~y show a stable and practical character. and square nails.s should disappear when good health is restored. and trimmable part can be ignored. NUTRITION.at its base.. THE AILS CAN BE EXAM1NED IN ORDER TO GAUGE YOUR LEVEL OF HEALTH.. often denotes someone who is emotionally high-strung. __.THE AILS THE SHAPE OF THE AILS. broad nails often show someone who is inteleracr and "critical of others... Square and short nails indicate a narrow -and stubborn nature.". dead. rounded at each end. I living part. the white. A wide but well-proportioned almond nail can indicate a happy nature arrcmanric dispositionyand a tendency to avoid confrontation. CAN SUGGEST DIFFERENT GHARACTER TYPES: IN ADD~TlON. broad nails can indicate a quick tempery-and small... . --- \~ SQUARE SHO R T Al. me nails should be in proportion to the ringers in Length and breadth.. and whether they are wide or narrow. LIKE THE SHAPE OF THE \lANDS.- " . page 45. but also high blood pressure.8---Large. Long.1 _1 SQUARE 0 ~...) If health problems are shown in the nails.sbould be slightly longer chan they are wide. long or ShOLL The length of the nail ~~fers only to the pink and Almond-shaped nails..MOND LONG ALM 0 N D CLAWLIKE deally. VERY NARROW A -- .--. Very red nails rnight reveal a bot temper.--. AND TENDENCY TOWARDS STRESS. almond nails might show an itituitive person who is also likely to be overly nervous. _. but they can also i-ndicate rheumatism or a hyperactive thyroid. see Health.... narrow nails suggest a kind and sensitive person.. such as a lack of calcium or protein.. -19: _..."-=- '. _particularly those with a square base. The nails .s--- ..9. emo'tio na.. Long. Deep ridges across the nails can indicate nutritional problems or severe nervous shock Ridges along the nails' length show nervous tension..__. are differentiated by their width.

the index finger Ol1piter). e---- Tliernumb represerrts strength of character. and the lowest phalange is connected with the materialistic. The ring finger is connected to the subCOnsc. on me pecific area of abilities..are the joints of the fingers... represents the mental.. the III iddle phalange is linked [0 thepractical.CTER. pointed conic. honest mind.A.iOl1S and creativity and the little finger represen ts comm u rica ti on and self-expression. PALMISTS EXAMINE YOUR FINGERS AND THUMB TO DISCOVER THE AREAS OF LIFE IN WIUCH YOU ARE MOST OR LEAST PROFICIENT.. . the third or ring finger (Apollo)... and a short rhumb can indicate iii 'laek·of will power.." . The thumb corresponds to Venus. ~ . A large thumb can reveala domineering nature.. .THE FI GERS &THUMB THE FINGERS AND THUMB ARE GOOD INDICATORS OF YOUR CRAR. and the longer the finger.. can reveal sensitivity and an The phalanges. I I~ . ~w. ___'-"9"""""_ E the middle finger is linked with justice and morality. The thumb's top phalange represents wi!lpower.. if a phalange is markedly longer or shorter than the other phalanges on the finger.. and impulsiveness. Square fingers suggest good sense and conventionality.. I' - . . . __"""'8""____ I-. and the little finger (Mercury)... '7 _. .square. and spatulate...aDd its lower phalange denotes reasoning al:)ruty. Conic ringers denote spontaneity and iru:onsistency. and pointed finger]. A firmjointed thumb suggests resilience an inflexibility and a loose-jointed thumb denotes a broad..:. the stronger these attributes. impractical nature.·:"IB!. The index finger represents ambition and leadership and There are four basic types of finger shape .. it reveals an' emphasis._ All the fingers are associated with certain attributes. SQUARE POINTED CONIC SPATULATe ach of the fingers is named after one of the planets or gods . The top phalange. the middle finger (Saturn). with the fingern a il. "'~ -_. and spatulate fingers rnay indicate enthusiasm and an enterprisin spirit.

. ----9-.0----.lS of she qualities of !III:!! mOI11'I.-.-.. il am iudicase (1..~ <\M. the thumb base and the index finger base. _.._.espond to that . _. The mount of Mars -represents seriousness and resconslblllty. and your level of contentment.-..0--The mount of Saturn lies I. It .the large. The mount of Mercutylies below the little finger. It is an area "(luu:tics between the mounts of Luna and Venus. is ouerdeueloped. It relates co creativity.. AT THE BASE OF EACH FINGER'. excitement and change. the arts.. It reveals your leadership qualities. It is linked with thesuhcons c io us. unhealthy I' are ncrerieusly find.. between the mounts of Me. An overdeveloped mount of Jupiter can reveal an love of POWCT.e.. The mount of Apollo lies below the ring finger.. MQU'N't OF VENUS. ._ The fleshinessen the lower percussive edge of [he palm. KNOWN AS MQUNTS.. such as the mounts of Jupiter and Maes. and material success in life. fleshy pad that IS the enclosed bottom joint of the thumb.nI1H. If it is highly developed it can reveal excessive romanticism.indicares the value that you place on love.-.. and the mount of Mars passive lies between the middle of the percussive side.rcury and Luna. is tile mount of Luna. The mount di£fi-Gulrto of Neptune below rhe middle finger. THESE MOUNTS ALSO GIVE SIGNIFICANCE TO WHERE 1'B'E LINES LfE ON THE PALM...71 exte. II can show a deficiency in the 1l. and bow yOU r... is IInde rd e". with life.elope d. ana beauty. It reveals active Iies between. he mount of Venus is . Some mounts. sensuality. _....m. The mount of Jupiter lies below the index finger. opposite the mount of Venus./alilfGs of If" mount T your communication skills.OUNT THE l\lOUNTS or If (J MOUNT !l1014rlL THE QUALITIES OF THE FINGERS ARE MOST IMPORTANT IN RELATION TO THE FLESHY MOUNDS ON THE PALM. personal pride.

with a. The bottom zone ill the Instinctive unconscious zane.lm repre:.. INTELLECTUAL SIDE. zone of balance in between.ld CQ1'1$ciou. NINE-ZONED ONSC10US ZONa ZONE 01' BALANCR of The ZOIlCS o-J this piUm.Tlla. drawn just ab ve the joining of thumb and palm. /J. ". and a lower.acter.:.. and below the index. the mental or iogical./" £/----- and thumb lies the acti e. subconscious zone.el1 t {he IIIe. rutional. divides the palm into an upper mental zone. or logical aspects. ome palmists divide the palm into four zones. • three verLic~ll~bands are formed by drawing lines down from either side 0 the middle finger. The percussive side snows the unconscious or instinctive aspects of your char. AND YOUR INSTLNCTIVE.. and includes the mounts of Luna-and Venus. The upper zone is the emotional conscious zone.E f''pPROACHES ~O LIFE. First. or instinctioe. the in.• -• THE of ARE~S THE} BALM T VARIOUS Tlle)'ou r ZOltCS hI 11Ii. ext three horizontal bands are drawn. Next. which separate the mounts.IINTUTTIVE SIDE.rational.. . • physicai I FOUH-ZO 'ED P'L~>1 DI FERENT ARE~S OF THE Pt\LM REPRES. ./ unconscious cQrLsciQuS'lllliollal.oILlll. the active the emr]ti. and the top corner immediately below the index finger isalways-relared to the conscious.. and there are PAbM cO'ilsciow' unconscious. a vertical line is drawn halfway across the palm.ltor the physical or logical. linger" pal'm Other Whicheverway the palm is divided. S . inainaio«. ~ I. and the thump side represents your consci us. physical zone. Below the little un'ger andring finger lies the passive.I pa. conscious zone. tile un (!HsciQ. the bottom corner on the percussive-side the palm is always related t the subconscious. a horizontal line.llinclive two ennes Qf balance. rep resent Ihi' passi've subconscious. conecious. and includes the four finger mounts.. Between these two zones is"a zone of balance which contains the two mounts and the plain of Mars. REVEALING THE BALANCE BETWEEN YOUR RATIONAL.0 palmists divide the into niite" z cries First.

deep red Life line shows ihis fightiJig characteristic t . ./' £). A strong deep-line is likely "to show that you are a fighter against disease. o WIDE C A widely ClH'l!fllg •• • line that lies close in co the thumb suggests constriction and Life'lin<]._____ your a bility to cope with the normal pressures of life. If th» wmJ. weak line suggests a greater The Life line srarts midway between'the"index finger and the thumb. .L. means an early death.. olltgoirlg perso1'a.. . or one which is broken. and is often ioined to the Head line at the beginning. -•• inhibition. This is totally incorrect. The Life line shows "the vitality of your life rather than i s length. A Life line that swings out towards the mount of Luna shows a restless nature.1l I oj Vel1ll. This applies both to health and to TIGHT CURVE ~ ligluiy curoed Life susceptibility to illnesses.!': IS CURVED THE A. LIFE WlDB.lilY.I' THE LIFE LINE THE LIFE LINE IS THE CURVED LINE AROUND :r. is also small. AND ANY BREAKS OR MARKINGS ON THE LIFE LINE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THA ITS LENGTH. DIRECTION.. I. and a. can indicate a selfabsorbed personality. This person is likely to 6. The Roint !II which these rwo lines separate is supposed l~ indicate when you achieved independence from your childhood home. 'it. The Life line can also record. THE CURVE. 'There is a common misconception that your Life line shows the Iengrh of your life. A complete or vel'J early separation of [he "two lines indicates that vo u were highly independent ~ven as a child.. which si&rnifies added protection.your health. movmg ID[O aggre SIOD.._= Sometimes there is a fainter "sbadow" Life line. wllich is indicative of emoii()m ami sexualhy. DEPTH. A deep.HE PADDED AREA AT THE THUMB'S BASE. CURVIlO AND LIES CLOSE IN TO TtlUMB • •• • •• •o • • • • • MOUNT 01' LUN'" .ROUND MouNT OF VENUS -'.Y lJN. I! . _"""'8--The depth and clarity of the Life line is important.. suggests <1 warm.IjOY the sensual side of Ilfe. The life tine gaes aroulJd the mou»: of VeI?1H. with islands and breaks on the line showing weak periods and disruptIve breaks in your life. and that a shert Life Line. firm line holds fewer problems than a line that is weak and wavery.

.--.. • _. is likely to have difficulty forming relationships. sometimes the Heart Iine curve. also important. earthy attitude to sex. and thus perhaps. THE HEART LINE G1VES AN INDICATIO OF BOTH THE EMOTIONAL HEART AND THE PHYSICAL HEART.and a converrtional nature.0---- shows someone for whom romance and sexua fantasies are important.THE HEAIRT LI E TlfE HEAR:I LINE IS THE UPPER LINE OF TffE TWO ROUGHLY HORIZONTAL LINES IN THE TOP PART OF THE PALM. and a arrow gap sl. .. . do:mi. 0. C.you are.0-The Heart ltne also I.nant sexual role. and a weak line shows someone who. oj Apollo indicates all unrealistic idea lis t in matters oj the heart» If your Heart line reaches III'.J---- _. and a straight Heart line\might r~veal~s6me rie who likes a more passive.. A Heart line very-close to the fingers shows less concern for others...s downward and crosses the Head and Life' lines.eveals~ the sort of lover..!..dep th and the Heart as well as direction.e seJfish and calculating person.a pmor.. . the Heart line and the base of the fingers signifies a generous and open-hearted person who is considerate and concerned about ethers... HEART UN:E REACHl!S RiI1lE OF INDIlX ~FING21l' .......0 o o· • •• •• --- A wide gap between. because of emotional insecurity.i'ggests selfiShness . This position is believed to reveal a deep emotional hurt in your past.. iI !ihOf~ aTe /(}y_alllndj'pOSSMsn·e. The distance between the Heart line and the Although it is unusual. and a so:aight Heart line A curved Heart line' can indicate someone who enjoys an active. emotional As with all the lines. A Heart line that curves up$ard show~ 11 leaning towards a pbysical... the firmness of line are important irs position and A strong line shows confidence and security... END of o 00 0 0 o • •• o •• o • Head lin~ below it is AFFAIRS THE OF •• •• • 0° I:JEART A Hearl line that el~d~or! the mOl/II(. A wide gap suggests an open-minded person.. receptive ro1e... base of your lhal~Vo!< index [inger.. ..

s Ii special focus on CI small area. A weak ~e..T LIN B A Head line that curves downward is a strong indication o] a creative arid artistic temperament.Head line i"diccHe.. THE HEAD LINE & IMIAN LINE THE HEAD LINE IS THE LO\'rnR UNE OF THE TWO APPROXIMATELY HORIZO TAL LINES IN THE UPPER PART OF THE PALM. IT REVEALS YOUR INTELLIGENCE AND YOUR APPROACH TO INTELLECTUAL PROBLEMS. intense. A strong Head line shows a person who is able too much self-confidence. this can indicate T A short Head line shows someone who thinks mainly about practical day-to-day matters. C ... If they remain joined for some distance.. It shows that the heart and head are. they choose 'to do. the leu practica] the person.. This is known as the Simian line. almost borizonta! Head line . As its name suggests it can often show an ability for creative writing. and intellectual breadth and flexibility. ••••••• A'straight... point the way of the palm.-""'"""'9--- to concentrine and focus-on whatever is being considered.rRVES DOWNWA.e--- L [NE S T R A I G'H. Four approach to problem-soluing is likety 10 be hU'ui tive und instinctiue rather chan analytical.0 . poor mental ability.1U) Rarely..ad line indicates a lack 0 c~ocerrtration and.ljoin into one straight line.E D UNl'.. -.. The longer tlie Hood line alld the steeper (he Ctll"'lJe. you tlTe h'keljl 10 be practical rcailer than _ imaginative. coming from opposite sides HEAD UNlilS STRAIGI-I1" ·_.. These can coward a career ill either the sciences (a straight Head Line) or. -::--. fiead line). he Head line is often joined to the Lifejtine at its start. If the two lines are widely separated from the very start. the arts (a curved. A straight ead line shows ap analxtical way of 'thinking.. . literally. Ii/. the Head line and. A short. A long. rather than a broa« range of ime~est!. and will devote every part of themselves to whatever. A fork at the end of the line is'kllowu' as the Writer's Fork.-. .th-e Heart line. this may indicate a lack of selfconfidence. rational. dogmatic. Someone witb a-Simian line is likely to be extremely singleminded.~.Head llne shows high intelligence.how. logical II! ind. and~a'cu:nring line shows a more intuitive approach. as one.. HEAn C' R V.

__.not predetermine your fate or destiny.ND Apollo. IT SHOWS HOW EXTERNAL 1NFLUENCES MIGH.shows a lack of control. Mo. it shows success in the arts. and if it ends all the mount Of Mercury it shows suceess in business. It can be a measure of your success in terms of what you personally waDI. AND RUNS r D 'Some p. pages 12-13) can show how you have developed your pntential. OR BRACELETS. and some of these can have a major effect. There are many external influenceson your life. or instead. they point toward a smooth transirion. espite its name. A Fate line that branches to more than one of the mounts is very favorable. ~ .ONG FATE! LINE! This long' Fate line TU11S from tile rasceues and up through. The Fate line shows whether you are fulfilled or frustrated by your progress. If the Fate line ends on the mount of PATH STARTS LINE J5 5HORT mGH UP THIj AND H . TheFate line shows how likely you are to be affected by these influences.9---A Fate line that begins on the Life line shows close family ties early in life.T AFFECT YOUR LIFE.. and you are responsible for the course of your life. .-.eople do not have a Fate line. the hand. Breaks in the Fate line show interruptions in your career and if the parts of the line overlap. €> The differences between the Fate lines in the passive and active hands (see Right & Left Hands. FliT!! WNE IS ['ONG. Yo~r fate is always determined by you. ON THE WRIST TO THE MOUNTS OF THE FINGERS.. foretell a fixed future.THE FA~E LINE THE FATE LINE USUALLY RUNS VERTICALLY UP THE MIDDLE OF THE PALM. to achieve. II indicates em early $Can iTI personal SUCCIlSS. . or. • FROM THE RASCI!TI'ES TO THE HHAo/IND HEART UN1lS- r. and shows a late developer ill life. and an 111geto achieve. however. the Fate line does . the Head aud'Heart lines. A strong Fate line reveals that you have control over your life and a weak Fate line. • • • • • • • • • SI:IORT FATE LINE • • • • • The poin: on the palm where the Pale line begim r~veal5 whell YOti started becoming indllpendelll arid making _}lour ozun fate. A Fate line ending on the mount of Jupiter indicates achieving a position of great influence. SOMETIMES FROM THE RASCETTES. t palmists interpret this as an indication that you have control of your Own de-stiny. that you follow where your life leads. This short • • • • Fate line S!a'l'lS high 01.

[ust below th~e\ittil' finger.INE The Girdle of Venus is a • semicircular line .< married.0 decide wlutlher o:my The Apollo • line indicates acclaim • • and fulfilbn€nl. also known as the Relationship. or the. II is a vertical. 'T he one. Although the Girdle ef ~eIlus denotes a passionate nature. gynecologi cal problems. with ODe end between the index and middle fingers and the other end between the ring and little fingers. . palmiSL 1. _""""8:.19---- The-line or bow of Intuition Iies on me mount of Luna. THESE OTHER iNES ARE NOT PRESENT ON EVERY HAND. 11 takes a skilled.. 1Z usualiy rises· from the Life line 01. cmmfllmtcation.lar 'version oj this Nne refers w·health... it is not necessarily sexual.--"The Marriage line.e. but these' lines areo'ow theught to signify deep emotional relationships. L is quite common for this line ero be fragmented..all. palm 10W(. bur a high loo-p ifl the top rascette of a woman can indicate possible is considered indication of psychic awareness or abilit . Suace.ST. business. is on the percussive edge ef the hand.Ml. or Lioer line.from eithe» side o] il and moves .DETAIL TO AN EXPERIENCED PAL. or three across h~e. bracelezs.fine that runs up UI the ring finger.dia![Ollally' tIP i~H~.-. Iiaes the wrist rat the base of the hand are known as the rascertes. our i! iii often Jain! or 11m preS/mI. Hepatic. AND THEY CAN OFTEN BE DIFFICULT TO IDENTIFY. or Fame line. The deeper and clearer the line. the more intuitive to be an or-psychic yo-u are likely to be. HOWEVER. Upward 5PUIS tend to indicate emotional 'uplift and downward spurs can show problems . or JhitarH . two. tt'e Mercury. • t+ -_ partin. ---:"& -. and bows toward the center of tb e pal rn..__. and be prone to THERE A~ extreme nervous tension arid excitement. This line II . The number of lines used to be thought to correspond with how many times you might be. _.r(J the little fingor. there at. HEALTE" 1. • •• • This line is also known a. VENUS APOLLO LINE • • • •• AllDll. 1£ you have a Girdle of Venus you might feel very strongly about certain subjects. GIROI..E OF ~ ... Traditionally they show fortune and good health.s li'. if it is.OTRER L NES " MANY OTHER LLNES ON TIm PALM THAT PRPVIDE CONSIDERABLE.. on the percussive side-of tne palm.O UN!> • • • • • • TIl is Ii 11 a isalso hnozan M the Sun line.. found at the top of the palm.

THE PALM AS WELL AS TItE LENGTH.. EACH LINE. . depending on the particular line. AND CONDIT-ION OF. your life. THEY PROVIDE VALUABLE INFORMATION TO THE EXPERIENCED PALMIST. or leech strength from a Ille. perhaps in YOllr heal !n" ca reel'. 0" CHA-INING eRO SBARS I l FORK relasio ns lrips. II " ... DEPTH.tdatO!"y trouble.downward they are a bad sign. THERE ARE MANY OTHER MARKINGS TO CONSIDER. The appearance of crossbars on a line usually points to an obstacle in. LIfe tin« where it show childhood illnesses.OTHER MARKINGS on.. spurs can extend the power of a line to 0 ther' areas of your life. Islands in a line usually weaken it. such as where they finish. However.. but also conten tmen t. rescrictive./ signifies weakness of job. divided in two.. A Star on a mount is likely to symbolize good fortune related to the' subject of that mOUDL A cross on a line can symbolize ill fortune. and a forked Heart line suggests a complex emotional makeup but also anemotionally balanced personality.. In the Fate and Career lines. A star on a line represents a shock event such as the 'unexpected breakup of a relationship OT a udden illness.. in the Life line it might mean a traumatic event. _. Chains on the Hearl Nile carl sometimes indicate circ. depending 011 f~hicll lines they appear 1m. This is common at the beginning call of the . fa line becomes frayed. this might mean a major change CHAIN1NG I When part of !1 line look. Or confusion.0--Forks at the end of a line are considered to be positive. Fraying at the end of a line is likely to indicate the frailty of old age.. because the power of the line is temporarily being. A break in a line means an interruption. Depending partly on other factors. A square on a line means protection atthat points but protection can also be ••. such as a major illness or accident. like the I£lIks oj a small chain . A forked Head line suggests versatility. Spurs or very small branches that reach upward Jrom' the Heartand Head lines are a good sign but if lhey reach .. it points to a decrease ill the power of the line. STRENGTH. Triangles on mounts can signify good fortune in the subject of that mount.

T ALO G WITH OTHER'PEOPLE IN A CLOSE EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIP.critical of the faults of others..emotional confidence. dominant sexual role. " flexible hand reveals an easygoing personality.. The angle that the thumb forms with the-hand shows repression or inhibition.RT • ENDS UNE ON LAROH..TAKE [. The deeper and ~learer Similarly.\RT ENUS !. and a weak line indicates' potential difficulty in forming Teiationships...Y .TO . POSInONING ..!lAD rN' HJa.. indicate hedonism. ~9---The traditional Marriage' lines are now thought to show.-_HEl!.__ relatiunshlp.. INDiCATING NKRD "... A strong Heart Lineshows.. a puri tanical attitude. .RRJA(7R UNll •• • ""-.. itcould of sex..-- MII.OP YOUR ... VUNUS W~LL-ROUNDHn SHOWS I'tEALTHY INTEREST IN'SID( INDI!'X FINGER. and a wide angle shows open-ml'ndedllesll..FINGERS AND THUM. mountlof Venus reveals deep sensualsry. :_ OF. and' a straight line indicates a desire to. an upward-curving Heart line shows an appreciation of the 'physicality the line. The shape of the nails shows whether you are likely to'be overly. angl e suggests. 'line shows enjoyment of a I MARlUAO(. GE. If the middle and ring fingers lie close together. IN PIl:!lSONIIL RELATIONSHIPS 01' RELATIONS!! rp . LIN!'! . PROMINENCE OF YOUR MOUNTS. AND'DETAILS OF THE LlNES'ON YOUR PALM ALL REVEAL HOW W~ YOU CAN. a 'close A well-developed . and a stiff hand suggests n 'rigidity that might cause difficulty in relationships..ER.. which might not "necessarily be sexual.. the stronger the __.IN!! ON MOUNT PRlDE OF ID-PIT..~ELATrO~SHIPS THE TEXTURE OF YOUR·HAND..be passive.... SUGOESTrNG. 8-.B. it shows a need for the security of physical contact. but if it is' too fleshy. MOUNT I'UlSH..e... A curved I Heart..deep relationships..... ..

ine markings L _. •• • • •• •• • •• • • ••• • ..ny writers. A welldeveloped mount of __.D LINE the mount of Apollo indicates success in the arts........CAREER &·SUCCESS YOUR HANDS CAN SHOW VARIOUS PERSONAL QUALITIES.. THESE QUALITIES WILL AFFECT YOUR CHOICE OF CAREER. A Fate line ending on CURVED HE.. Nl.. do not force you into a certain career.<I. but some people with a Writer's Fork choose to express their creativity in a different way.. • : :. and a break in the Fate and Career lines might mean a major change of job. DETERMINATION.TE LmE ... AND IN1TIATlVE. AMBITION...T START MOUNT IS PN . and a well-developed mount of Luna indicates work in the helping professions.. 8---- The mounts can indicate career direction.. SUCH AS PRACTICALITY. •• • FRAGMENTED OF LUNA . A Fate line that branches to more than one mounn shows that several options are available to you.<I. STRAIGHT HEAD J. ••• • • • _: ••• - .. A clear Apollo line can show a successful creative career. The Writer's Fork is found on the bands ofma.ercury suggests a teaching career. RER'ELLIOUSNESS. -0--- Long fingers indicate a talent for meticulous work. AND LEVEL OF CONTENTME T.. The mount of jupiter shows leadership' therefore a Fate line that ends there indicates ambition.. and a Fate ending on the mount of Mercury shows business prowess. SUCCESS..<I. ----9---- T.INJ> ~ WRI"l'ER'S FORK_~ F. and short fingers suggest the ability to make quick-thinking decisions.. [NDEPENDENCE.

.IE COLOR AND TEX1.a palmist that T he Life line can be a record of your health. • """"-".'\fNING START . LINH .RT lSLANn . When the stress is relieved. ~8----mall white dots in the pink of the naiJ can indicate Stress.. the liver.ilems.. I II you had an illness or accident at a certain point in your llife. or ISLANU ON or AT HE<\o MIDDLE L.. ISLANDS U!<" BIlNllATH FINGER ~-"'r--)~. show Lip as chaining near the beginning of the Life line. Crossbars across the Life line can show an obstacle such as an accident or illness. pale nails can show poor CH... but also calcium deficiency. bluish nails may suggest circulatory problems.. LINE For example.tions in the bands tend to fade away. The color of the "nails can be a strong indicator of various health pro1. Chaining and islands in Ijeart lin<.\UDDLB OF l. ON HBi\. or in crossbars and islands in the lines n the palm.:__ . It.LIFO.INE SEVERAL. AND EVEN TI:lE L1 ES ON THE PALM. ONE SINGLE • INDICATOR SHOULD NEVER BE TAKEN AS EVIDENCE OF A POTENTIAL ILLNESS. Very red nails might indicate high blood pressure.URE OF YOUR HANDS.0"""'__ Breaks or islands ill the Head line can indicate' nervous tension.TH TI. CAN INDICATE VULNERABLE AREAS OF YOUR HEALTH. the indica.HEAL. s= even physical injuries to the head. can show. mental problems. Stress is also shown by longitudinal ridgesen tbe nails.:mightJeveal circulatory problems and heart trouble. IN ~--'~ -. childhood respiratory problems often I nutrition. HOWEVER.JFI'. and yellowish nails 111 ight show problems with.

.. STRENGTH OF CHARACTER.. .. NOT JUST THE LINES ON THE PALM...." allow about y. CAN BE GAUGED FROM THE HAND'S FIRMNESS AND FROM THE GRIP'S lNTENSlTY. can be good Indicators of overall health. f).. Compare the length of the fingers with the length of the palm to establish the personality type... around 1 J9'1·. draw a vertical line from the PA1:NTING top rascette to the crease at the middle finger's base and rue the midpoint as 35. the Fate line starts near the wrist.. hen reading PALMS when you are r-eading someone's palm... The Life line and Head line begin at the hand's edge between index finger and thum b.a palm. Some palmists take the midpoint of the Life line as 35. When "riming the lines.. as well as nail condition. and work backward and forward from that point . TUm Or flabby? Skin texture and color. If you detect signs of serious Illnesa. T he Fa re line may 0[1 tart at various heights the palm. FOR EXAMPLE.. "Timing the lines" Can be complicated. ___'--"$--""" W. Look at the mounts" Are [hey full or flat. in (3 em). 'Picl!~re of II palm reading. for example that me person is likely ro have a heart attack. do not say... Michelangelo Carauaggit: (/573-1610) is belieued 10 have painted rId. edge. but make me years 35-55 cover about l 1.in (1 mm) per year.... To measure it.READING THE PALMS THE PALMlST IS INTERESTED IN THE WHOLE HAND. and the Bean line begins ar the hand's percussive COCLES This engrauing AND 0/ the palmist CHIR01"IANCY Barthelemy Cocles reading a Palm is from a J 6th-ce1ltllry book on chiromaney. LB Buona Venr:rra (1'118 Fortune Teller). .__ Always try to be sensitive first examine the han'd's shape.

EP AND SUGGESTING OHILt>HOon' R. This may often appear as inral-erance.lNIl OIVIlS HAS SLIGHT Top LOOI' RASCEYJ'B UP. and ideally.--. and the Mystic Cross On his left band shows mal he i p'sy hie.S ARE JOrNED IN KSIl'\UANiLINE~ TIDS. or even 00 someone else.. The Simian lineal ways indicates is However. . WI1THOTHER LINES. __... and has a strong core feeling against violence.. he should try to work with color and texture. but this will not develop until he is older. He is intuitive. me _. D01JBl~~ LIP!l HEAD PORK SIMIAN LI~E LINE l. He has a tendency to overstretch himself and this can cause many problems He is very sensitive.RIGHT I HAND· OF THIS 28-YEAR-OLD MAN IS THAT THE HEART AND'HEAD Lll{E.T !'f. He can be a crusader. IND):CATES THE C_OMP EXITY OF HIS PERSONALlY-Y. he should have.~--_~ PALM R AD'INC 1 IJ< THE MqS... Currently he feels frustrated that he is n t exploiting 11is crea tiviry. .TOGETHER. this shows that he feels that he lacks concentration.__ B for him.FEATU. The man's Head line has a alight fork on it. He relies on a routine. more confidence in his very good mind. suggests 8 healing ability. bur only if he can afford them. Psychic line (parallel 0 Fate Line).. ABOUT TfIE. which shows writing talent. His deep. Although he is a placid perscn. GIRDLI! OF Too milch change unsettles this man.o:r:!CE~~q:.E5I'ONSl BILITY . and Likes attractive things around him. 9--The ~hape of the man's hand indicates that he i ambitious and will succeed. Hi$\Head li'ne goes down. T'his "uggests'that he is a perfectionist and can be tOG rigid in his control. which can make him feel depressed. he never forgets an injustice especially if it is done to someone €ise. on this man's right' hand that it difficult for him to make decisions. ------PSYCHIC LINE LONG IS DE..-. but he does not enjoy being told what to do. His Girdle of Venus is highly pronounced.

CONTINUOUS HEAD UNE INDICATEI~ /u..Nll PSYCHJC ABeLIT)" TINY CROS~ES ON FATE UNB . BREA It BIlTW LJNl( ~U"" . As a result. .. she simply must .-'lKli IN HIGHLY DEVELOl'ED "'-Dum' O~ LUNA ~ LONQ.0--- more likely to be in the form of warm friendships high sexual drama.-aD WORK I'OR MONIlY I'. • This_woman's continuous Head line suggests that she takes on too much responsibility for other people.._ The woman has a philosophical attitude. and her future relatianships are The woman has ridges n all her fingers except her index finger. which shews that although she enjoys having beautiful objects around her. Outwardly she may seem.. . they are never essential..9 ----- than In emotional relationships she is passionate andloyal... and a partly double Life line shows that she has considerable protection when she needs it.-. ___""-'€l--The creative aspect of the lines up to the poinr between her little and ririg fingers cross ov-er lines linked with children.rest. The break line between the Head line and the Life line shows that she has moved away from close family ties.if she is being coerced.~HOW"". be most fulfilled by crea tirig orne-thing suitable for children. __"""'. PARTLY • DOUBLE LIFE LINE ~HflARTLINIl BRE. __. Whorls ~9'-"'_ on the mound of the woma-n's index finger suggest that she should take care 'Of her blood pressure as she gets older.. liN RIlAD CLAll\VOYAN Y .PALM READING 2 THE HANDS OF THIS 33-YEAR-OLD WOMAN SHOW THAT SHE HAS A TENDENCY TO OVERBURDEN HERSELF __THE l'ALMIST SUGGESTS THAT IT WOULD BE BENEFICIAL FOR HER HEALTH TO TAKE CONSIDERABLY MORE TIME FOR REST AND RELAXATION_ .ARNIlD .. __"""'. tired.calm. When she gets long. This suggests that she would.. this is shown by the breaks in her Heart: line. but inwardly she can seethe" particularly .0....she tends to get headaches through overriredness. She is very sensible and needs to feel stable.

and has many islands. His Relationship or Marriage lines.0---. he lacks self-confidence. HE TENDS TO REPRESS HIS FEELINGS. which shows that be was hurt by the ending of the relationship. and has consequently become more resolute. There are many cr sse' between the man's Head and Heart lines. However. AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS AND P~OBLEMS.0 --. his work and everything else in his life suffer> to . The man's Heart line is very chairied . he used to feel that By people were taking advantage of him. It takes 111m a long time to make friends but they will then be his friends for life. taking ali the indications of the line together.IAL FOR HIM IF HE EXPRESSED THEM. FATE UN~ DIlEP A'r BEGINNING is FARTICULARLY l\{ANY ISLANOli ON L1NII CJ\AINING ON LIFE LINE -----_loa LINES HBART CROSSES llBTWEBN HEAD L!NES AND HRART . When he was young. This suggests that if his emotional life is upset.. and show the hurt that he bas felt from these rejections. RELATIONSHIPS. Although be fits in well with the crowd.PALM READING 3 THIS 39-YEAR-OLD MAN'S HANDS GIVE INFORMATION ABOUT HIS PERSONAL TENSIONS. The several lines going down from the Heart line indicate that the other person usually breaks off the relationship. and has creative ability that should be expressed. __. __""""fj)--- He is a perfectionist. BUT IT WOULD BE MUCH MORE BENEFIC. show that II 13-year-old relaeicnship with SOmeone he worked with has now ended. he was veTY tolerant. it appears that thi man has made himself tougher and srronger as he has developed. _.--. He can sometimes be oversensitive to other people's feelings. His Career line ClIJ'\'e down and links with the Relationship line.--. at the percussive edge of the palm iust below the little finger. This suggests [hat his emotional tela tiortships tend to be difficult and tempestuous.

. they tend to be fiery. she feels compelled to .PALM READING TN 4. sphere that S ui ts her. This can create problems in her emotional relationships.AK rN LIFE L11'I1! . She has reacted against their caution in her own life.:. 'On the left band (her passive Dud a strong sense of self.l1'liNDENC. INDICATING INDl. HER RESTLESSNESS IS LIKELY TO FORCE HER TO MOVE ON FROM HER P. This i shown by comparing the Fate line on the two hands.J. make it. and.H:BRS.M -----.E LiN IJCKY CROSS IN CENTER SREAKS ACROSS-i-_---• FATE LINE OP PA. This 'is shown by the many breaks that come across her Fate tine. She is very emotional. She has a great urge to uproot herself. which indicates that she always wanted to be independent..by comparing her Heart line and Life line.. Her restlessness lis building up to this pain r. The differences\r?e~een'the two hands show that her parents were farmore cautious than she. and has a strong.she is working in 3. coming from [he mind.l. thencome to 'a halt.. which' come to one point. 'rrns 35-~AR-OLD WOMAN HAS A TENSE RESTLESSNESS HER HAND. The lines across me Life line towards the Fate tine suggest diat she loves raking risks and living dangerously. . because she is righthanded) there is a very thin line showing.. hand. Although. the woman was extremely independent. and the move is inevitable because . _. which shows rig her childhood. sense of-self and p~rsonal direction. when her great wanderlust win finally force hex to move 00.RESENT WAy'OF LIFE..._". SHOWN BY THE CROWDI G TOGE HER OF TaE LINES IN THE HOLLOW Or HER PALM..._----BRF. CROWD1NO OF LINES LITTLl! I1TNGElI FORKS JN FATE J:S SEPARATH FROM OT. Her right hand has an almost double Fate line....0---Tile woman is determined and a perfectionist but she and'other people cannor live up to herr high ideals. This is shQwn. she is discontented with life.. She will always be restless until she makes this move..

8 .. because he can express his creative ability fully. he worries that he lacks substance. His Life hue is very long ana part of it is double.. The man's grip on the palmist's fingers is equal in each hand.rather than the insignificant._ _"'_ __ -L!___ LINE... and that he js sure of the standard that he wants to reach....__. The lW very clear Job lines bel \ his ring finger show that he i ...£). he should be more prepared to relax them occasionally.......-. His raised mounts.PALM READING 5 THE HANDS OF THIS 35-YEAR-OLD MAN SHOW THAT HE LACKS CONFIDENCE IN l:II8 0\'(7 ABILITIES AND ALWAYS STRIVES TO DO 'BETTER. He has teaching ability and could easily train and help other people in creative work..S ARE DEEP INDICATED STIIRT AT 01' LIFE "'NO CUTTING J. This indicates that he is lucky in his work. which usually point towards sensitivity and beauty. He has very high personal standards although he T meets them most of the time.__. This indicates that sensitivity and beau yare dominant features in his life. Because of a general lack of encouragement when he wa at school... . are extremely high. RING FINGER IS "BRY LONG... THE FIRM TEXTURE AND PHYSICAL STRENGTH OF HIS HANDS SUGGEST AN INTEREST IN SPORTS OR POSSIBLY SCULPTURE. This means he hus considerable protecti n in life if be needs lr. and consequently drives himself very hard.... because there arc two jobs that he can do equally well.. He is also artistically gifted. The height of the man' ring finger compared to the height of his lirtle finger indicate that he has musical ability.. He has a false self-image._.. .. and he considers these gifts too important to compromise.-. .TNE SHQWS CRlLDBOOD INDBPENDllNCE . he deep lines on the man's palms suggest that he is attracted to the large and demanding . fortunate..

S ON LINe LINllS ON (11' MQUNT VENUS UNDER MIDDLE FTNGIlR'AND RING PINGER RmOE 1N TOP . Although people find it easy to talk to her. BUT ALSO HOW SHE RELATES TO OTHER PEOPLE..r'peop]e always enjoy . her company.g. but this should Improveas she gets older. be he many fine lines on the woman's mount of Venus indicate that she is sensitive to what other people are tbinki. indicating that she enjoys being seen as a couple. acting ability . INCLUDING HER PARTNER..___. This relationship seems very strong. which provides her with stability. INFORt\iATION ABOUT HER PARTNER AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS ALSO APPARENT INHBR PALMS.. The islands on her Head line indicate that sbe has overbu'rdened herself in too many areas of her life. AND PLAl'{TS FmE ISLAND HEAD VeRTI AL LIN1'. but has a tendency to distracted as lhings catch her interest. The woman is''expetiencing difficulty with her level of concentration.-B"""__ The two vertical Iines under the middle and :ring fingers show that she has a creative imagination and. Her little finger slants i-nward.-. "Timing the Lines' suggests that she began her present emotional relationship around the age of 27. COUNUlYSIDIl.to. and other people will happily listen to her advice. she has difficulty discussing important matters with other people. os BRAtITY. '"It • J . She prefers. and othe.. . Her partner isabout two years older than she is. .to fit in with a crowd. shown by crosses below the index finger.. ~ RAISlID/ FINGERTIPS SIJGGBST LOVB T @----- She is a good mediator.PALM READING 6 ToHEHANDS OF THIS 29-YEAR-OLD WOMAN REVEAL THE SORT OF PERSON SHE IS. By comparing the lines on her two hands it is evident that she bas made herself fa. m re tolerant and openminded than the way she was brought up.n.. She has an excellent brain. she can see both sides of an issue..

22. the. 31. I cJ Sarah Goodwin. Joyce.). 23 \l(I. 28-2~ little . 17 psychic hand.s ades. 22 rrrixed h!l. 43 Caravaggio. 24. 11 Editoriat "rrirwnq Martha Swin. Barthelemy.25 mounts. .ller. Inc'. 18. 13. Special Ph(}wgrapily Steve Gorton 13. 36 gyp~ieli (the Reman les).] 7 mourn of Apollo. 17 Psychic line. 24-25 nails. Candida .gel the. 24. the.. LIl. 33 spa (11 late hand. th led (or ring) finger.35 Barth hand. 35 Air hand. Francis. 34. rile. . R:anlleh.36. 10 dArpenugny. Tim Scott. Angie Ursula Cressida Adams. 21. tho. 17 Cru . 30. the. 24. 19 Galton. Michuelangelo Palazzo The Portun« n. Tim Ridley. to Tamara at M)'. Casimir. 49 rascerres. IJ middle finger. 5. 39. J 8. 35.38 Chelro (Count LO<Ji& Hamon).35 phalanges. the. the. 17 square hand.25 mount of Mars active. ~ 61. H. Pcfiean Gr aphtcs 28.~I )1 :.37. 34.Frrth-Maccional Simj~n line. 13. 22 Romanies (gypsie. the. Tracey Williams. 19 Apollo ~ ne. 43. 25. Mary 470. Mam.ler band.38. 20-"21 ACK OWLEPCMENTS acrrvc (or dominant) hand.44. 24.I Mad'!. the. 32-33 Health line. 19: Benjamin. 7. 30-31 index finger.. 18. 22 MarriagJ! A'rlworks Gillie Newman 16. the. 20. the. the. the. 19 elementary hand. top. 29. tile. 8 Girdle of Venus. Kevin Ryan..[e. 23. Anna Benjamin.40. 1(. 16 Fate line. the.25 mount of Jupiter. 37 H"Gn line. 91r. 17. finger. c center. 19'. 33. 31..Mertha will. the.25 Key: . IM-e. 47 Career line .41 Sarah Perkins Ann" 42. 23 philosophic hand. ]ill Fornary.25 mODO! of Luna. 34-35 Fire hand. me. . Phil HUIlt. 32.43. 24. 22 Intuition Line. 25 mount of Mnrs passive.39. [charm. 22 rhumb. Rome. I 1 Head llne. 25 mount or Mercury.flnger.ric5 ror the palm readings. I DEX mourn of Venns. the.3 6. L8. 4. the. the. the. r right Cnphollna. 111. DTP design ussistance Daniel McCarthy. the. 37. Library 8bl. Michelangelo.l1d. the. pass ive hand. Thank.45. the. 24. 37 tsl anda. Sharon Lucas. the. Caravaggic Bridgeman Art Library/Pinacoteca Conservatori. the.41 ring (OT third) Line. 36 Relationship (tIT \ ~ ~ Cor Relarlonshlp) rhe.. 25 mount of Saturn. the. Dawson. the. 16 90lIDn an L (or active) hand. "27. b below. \ 1 Cocles. I left. 10. 24. Derek Coombes d. Steve Gorton. 46 conic hand. 24.::. Aliscm Verity. Irn ages Color Library Evan'S Picture lObi. the. Picture research 'Becky Hall' and Ingrid Nilsson.41 line. 44 Life line. Lee Griffiths. 53 cbaining.

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