6/25/11 Jimmy Buffett Concert Alpine Valley, Wi http://lostshakerofsalt.wordpress.

com/ Footage of Mike & Peter on the way to the stage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ7T4rWh9FE Ilo Ferreira opening: Secret Stranger One Love Let Me Love You Hot Hot Hot 1 The Wino and I Know Great Song to open the concert with. Jimmy mentioned that he was in the land of the Lombardi Trophy. 2 Brown Eyed Girl This is always an Alpine Valley favorite and it showed because the crowd just went wild as this song started. Note: Jimmy did mess up the lyrics on this one. Jimmy was pleased to see that there were nurses in the front row to catch him if he walked off the stage again. The Nurses shirts read “Jimmy, Fall Here” Note: There is a lady in the row behind me screaming. (Very annoying) 3 Off To See the Lizard Nice to hear this one In the background there was an image of a dock and half way through the song, Jimmy mentioned Kim Kardashian and then a picture of Kim popped up on the screen. (very nice) http://kimkardashian.celebuzz.com/ 4 Rag Top Day Jimmy and Mike were chatting about driving a car with the top down.

Note: There was a very young, clean cut, well dressed youth (18-21 years old) in front of me who was handed some sort of cigarette with a green leafy substance in it. (Glaucoma medication I assume) He took a puff and seemed to enjoy it. So, rather than passing it on, he smoked the whole thing. Obviously he did not know to share this medication with the others in his row. It’s a shame that he has glaucoma at such a young age. I was up wind, so was able to smell his medication. I felt guilty breathing it in because I don’t have glaucoma. 5 5 O’Clock Somewhere Jimmy introduces Mac as the three time CMA Musician of the year. Mac was pleased that Jimmy’s introduction was done just as Mac wrote it. 6 Changes in Latitudes Noticed Jimmy coughing every once and awhile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC2KldeNiwQ 7 Filling Station Holdup/Midnight Rider Jimmy made references to Doyle being a party monster. Lady behind me still screaming. The clean cut gentleman in front of me (named Stoner Boy by the person sitting next to me) who smoked the Glaucoma Medication is motionless clutching the rail. 8 Come Monday Mike made reference to seeing a Black Bottom Cheddar Cheese tree 9 Son of a Son of a Sailor Jimmy made a reference to Palmer Johnson Boats (Yachts) Made in Wisconsin http://www.palmerjohnson.com/ Nice footage of Jimmy sailing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F7jTPK7SYk 10 It’s My Job Jimmy noticed that Mac plugged in his guitar and it make a pop noise through the speakers. Jimmy asked Mac if that was his neck that was cracking. During the song, there was footage of the Packers/Steelers Super Bowl game with all the Packer touchdowns. (nice touch) Noticed that Robert G was singing along on this one.


Pascagoula Run A lot of video of Jimmy Driving down Hwy 1


Cheeseburger in Paradise Jimmy made a reference to Mike being a science professor Numerous cheese jokes Mac was laughing to the cheese jokes


One Particular Harbor Jimmy Makes mention that the straw hula skirts are made from straw picked from straw trees. Lady behind me still screaming. Stoner boy in front of me still clutching the rail but did laugh out loud for no reason. (must be the glaucoma)


Use Me Nadirah was just fantastic on this one. There was great chemistry between Nadirah and Tina.


God’s Own Drunk Jimmy made a reference to Brewfest as it was his first visit to Milwaukee http://milwaukeebrewfest.com/welcome.html Jimmy just shined on this one. Just an outstanding performance Great Jimmy/Mac duo I did notice that most of the crowd didn’t really get into this song. To them it was just an eight minute bathroom song.


Knee Deep Jimmy mentions that this is the first time that he and the band performed this song. It sounded great. Lady behind me still screaming. Stoner Boy still motionless. Still clutching the rail.


Volcano Jimmy talks about Mike’s senior moment. This was a reference to the Pittsburg show where Mike made a Freudian slip about an eruption.


Why Don’t We Get Drunk

During this song, I noticed that the annoying lady behind me stopped screaming. I turned around to look to see why and I noticed that there was a tall blonde (?) male stranger standing in front of her looking at her and she was looking back at him. He then took her hand and the both walked away. Perhaps to take Jimmy advice?????? It was now quiet. Thank you tall Blonde stranger!!!!!!!!! 19 20 Margaraville (with lost verse) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOkXhNNYIgM&feature=related Pirate Looks At 40 Another great Jimmy/Mac performance 21 In the City Mac mentiones that the guitar he is playing was made in Wisconsin. There was more video from the parking lot shown on the big screens. 22 Fins Stoner Boy is moving is body side to side. But still clutching the rail.

Encore 1 23 Southern Cross Screaming lady is back with her tall blond stranger. She is much quieter now. Stoner Boy sits down. Band Intros 24 Scarlet Begonias Grateful Dead Tribute Noticed that Jimmy was having trouble with his voice.

Encore 2 25 Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season Jimmy’s voice was just fine on this song even though he was hurting during Scarlet Begonias.

Best Performances Jimmy & Mac Jimmy Nadirah Mac God’s Own Drunk Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season Use Me In The City

High Points Packers footage during ‘It’s My Job’ Jimmy and Mikes banter on Cheese Tall blonde stranger taking noisy lady away (thank you sir!)

Low Points The poor young man in front of me suffering from Glaucoma. Noisy lady screaming in the row behind me. Too many cheese jokes. And one more thing: Tina looked great.