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Issue 56



For Songwriters Everywhere

May-Jun 2007

Things Are Heating Up!

Hello everyone! How’s it going with you. Busy here as we’ve just released our newest compilation CD. Great songs by songwriters Rick Sponaugle, Betty Tosh, Siegfried Loh, Denise Toth, David Gault and myself. You can buy a copy too, for only $5 US, that includes shipping in the USA. Add $2 more for shipping outside the USA. Send your check or money order to Rogersongs 735 Victory Hwy in North Smithfield, RI 02896 or we can accept Visa or Mastercard through Paypal to Let’s

see what you’ve been working on lately

Sponaugle of Alexandria, VA this time around a mid tempo pop song entitled “Care Fakers” and the fun

“I Lost Your Mind”. Good ones Rick! …………… Joe Sharp sent along a copy of his free newsletter for poets and songwriters as part of the Artists and Writers Fellowship. Get your free copy today by writing Joe at 115 Well St, Maryville, TN 37804… ……………re-recorded a song, done at another studio, adding some extra tracks, for Steve Sevek of Shihola, PA a country pop tune entitled “Nothing’s Changed”.

Hope you like the new and improved version Steve, good song!

Betty Tosh of Latrobe PA, this one a bluesy number entitled “Blue All The Time”. Good one Betty and good luck. Additionally, a bunch more we reworked and recorded include titles “Silent Tears That Fall”, a traditional country tune, the bluesy “Baby Shut Me Down”, the country ballads “Eyes Of A Fool” and “Old Highways Are My Home” . All great songs Betty, good luck with all of them. Betty is currently putting a CD together of these songs and others and a couple are featured on our new compilation disc

going out to radio this month

… American Songwriting contest with a November 16


more songs for the very busy Rick

………another song recorded for


more songwriting contests coming in including the Great


deadline. You can get more info at …also the 3rd Annual Narrative Song Competition, for those of you who write songs that tell a story. Deadline December 20 th . More information at ……Also the USA Songwriting Competition with a deadline

of May 31st. Great prizes too. More info at

Good luck with your submissions all!!



a letter and CD from Howard Vokes of New Kendington,

PA who’s had a long career in the music business working with and writing for Hank Williams and Wanda Jackson among others. He’s got a new CD out “Songs Of Tragedy and Disaster”. You can get it direct from Howard at PO Box 12, New Kensington, PA 15068-0012. I don’t have a price, sorry…………….Virgie Warren of Flushing MI sent along her newsletter the Bluebird Country News. If you’d like to subscribe to it, contact Virgie at 309 Elm Street, Flushing MI 48433……………Note from Michael Greer of Uniontown, PA who’s keeping busy with his newsletter and writing songs with Roger Glenn Miller and Jon Covert, “Have I Traded My Home For The Bottle”, and with Roy Prejean and Joni Covert one entitled “What’s A Man To Do”. He also has a new CD out entitled “Promises”. Check out his ad somewhere in this rag for more info………… Note from Roger Glenn Miller of Middletown, RI who, along with Bill Friday, were recently named the Rhode Island Country Music Association’s 2007 “Radio Personalities Of The Year”. Roger and Bill co- host the “New England Country Pipeline” show, Saturday mornings on WADK in Newport, RI. Congrats

Roger!! …………Recorded a song for Denise Toth of North Hollywood, CA, an up-tempo pop song entitled “Who Knew”. This one is included on our new compilation disc. Hope it gets lots of airplay for

ya, Denise! ………………One more songwriting contest from the Dallas Songwriters Association, with a deadline of June 30 th . They also run a bi-monthly lyric contest. More info at Good luck!


Don’t forget that we have released a new compilation CD on our Blue Moon label this month.

Don’t forget to get your copy. Only $5 including postage! All money is distributed back to the

songwriters. And if you want to be a part of our next release call or email me for more information at 401- 765-5275 or email us at Please leave a message! And don’t forget we do accept

MasterCard and Visa for purchases and services via Paypal. Thanks all

Til next time!

Keeping cool? You bet I am!!

Classified Ads

I am looking for someone to work with perfecting my songs. You must have the ability to rhyme, arrange, good imagination, brilliant vocals, humorous and heartfelt. Jot me a line, we will work together. Send letters to: Vivian Vetter 673 Santa Rosa St Apt B, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Woodrich Recordings and Publishing Company now accepting songs. Send large SASE with sufficient postage to Woody Richardson, Pres. Woodrich Productions PO Box 38, Lexington, AL 35648

CD “Sports Songs And Beyond” recorded by Phil Coley, produced by King Of The Road Music. Includes the song “Johnny Silver” by Joe Pickering and George LaFlame. Purchase this CD at or write to Joe Pickering Jr at King Of The Road Music, 13 Pond Road, Bangor, ME 04401

If you know someone who is hook on whiskey or beer, my 3 songs may be just the thing they need to set them from drinking. In my songs they are crying out for Jesus to help and the songs end up with them being saved. Send $5 to Elijah Giddens 180 Wiggins Rd, Clinton, NC 28328

Blue Moon Compilation CD “A Nice Mix of Music – Volume’s #1 and #2” are available now. 12 great songs by some of our best writers. Only $5 includes shipping in USA. To Rogersongs 735 Victory Hwy North Smithfield, RI 02896 or pay via Paypal with Visa or Mastercard to

“A Gospel Trend” a new compilation CD produced by Roger Glenn Miller on the Trend label. Only $10 postage paid. Write to Roger Glenn Miller, 10 Reardon Dr, Middletown, RI 02842 or call 401-846-7730

Join the Massachusetts Country Music Association. This is your opportunity to get noticed. Yearly awards banquet, jamborees. Dues are $15 per year. Write MCMAA PO Box 2066, Abington, MA 02351 Attn:

Ron Hill- President

I have a CD for sale, ten original songs that I wrote. Real country no love gone bad songs, just songs from the heart. Send $10, check or money order to Judith Greer Edwards, 519 Rocky Knob Branch, Staffordsville, KY 41256

Book for sale “Nan T’s Poetry” only $5 to Nan Tebrinke, 405 East Hammond Street, Red Oak, Iowa,


ROGERSONGS the best demo’s anywhere. For more info email us at

Singer looking for country and gospel songs to record. Contact Shirley Holliway, 276 Oak Bend Lane, Murphy, NC 28906


for sale “2 Songs of Yesteryear Songs” . $7 each. Write to All American Records, c/o RW Robison,


Box 627, Sweetwater, TN 37870-0627

Buy Jerry Bauguess’ new country CD “I’m Country”. 11 original songs or his first CD “Miles From Nowhere”, both for $20 or $10 each includes shipping. Send to Jerry Bauguess, 539 Old Railroad Rd, Thurmond, NC, 28683 or email Jerry at

Poetic Reflections a cassette by the “Bard of Merryville” a.k.a. Joe Sharp has 12 of your favorite poems backed by string ensemble and 7 flavorful songs Send $5 to Joe Sharp 115 Well St, Maryville, TN 37804

Songs and DVD videos needed for radio and TV exposure. Send your CD’s and DVD only video performances to Rev. Bud Rose PO Box 366, Sycamore, OH 44882

Annie Helbig Vahl crochets pot holders!! Great gifts!! All colors, variegated $2 each. Write to Annie Vahl at 1601 Norman Dr Apt 17, Valadosta, GA 31601

I am looking for someone to co-write lyrics with, and for someone to put music to my lyrics, country and gospel songs. If you’ve got lyrics laying on the shelf that need a touch up just mail them to Judith Greer Edwards, 519 Rocky Knob Branch, Staffordsville, KY 41256 or email me at

Singer – songwriter willing to co-write with other published writers or singers. John J Baker Sr #766400, 2101 FM 369N, Iowa Park, TX 76367

Songwriter- composer looking for lyricist to co-write country pop, MOR and gospel. Must have great hooks!! Write Ty Tiner 413 North Oak St, Hohenwald, TN 38462

YOU – the gospel recording artist whether male or female, it would be wise you contact Bob Rose of 113 Berkeley Drive, Charlestown, WV 25414. Doing such you will be gifted with gospel writings that you will really go for

Songwriters–lyricists looking for a collaborator? Place an ad here FREE!

Books of original poetry, a variety of poems of love and inspiration. A 48-page book, written by Ludema Garza, including pictures and a brief summary about the artist. Send $10 to Ludema Garza 213 Brown St, Elkton, MD 21921

Songwriter–lyricist willing to co-write with other writers. My CD’s available for $7 each. Write to Glenn D Evans 148 Hays St, Pea Ridge, AR 72751 or email or My writing can be seen at or and look for songcrafter

Songwriter – performer looking for collaborator. Write to JD Sanders 25056 61 st Street, Dowagiac, MI

49047 or call 616-782-0355

Lyric writer seeking someone to collaborate on musical creations on a 50/40 basis. Mostly country some gospel as well. Write to Larry Miller 4400 NW 39 th Ave #114, Gainesville, FL 32606

I BUY OLD SHEET MUSIC!! Call 856-327-2017 or email me at

WANTED: repairable Albert System clarinets ($20 X 4) plus postage. Ship COD to Dom Betro 2478 Route 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

ATTN: Country music recording artists. I have a catalog of songs for review. Write to George LaFlame

13557 Rt 31 West, Albion, NY 14411 or email

Country Music Saturday Mornings 7-8, AM 1540 Newport RI. Host Roger Glenn Miller & Bill Friday, need ads or donations to stay on air. Need CD’s for airplay. Contact Roger Miller 10 Reardon Dr Middletown, RI 02842 401-846-7730

Gigs From Hell – Part Duh!

OK, I know you performing musicians and songwriters have stories from the road. We’ve all had those nights when things go horribly wrong. This one time regular feature of this rag is back! Enjoy! … Here’s another Lex story and for those of you who don’t remember, Lex was a drummer in a cover band I was in back in the 70’s. By the way, he’s now a nurse, so if you’re ever in a hospital and a curly red headed male nurse named Lex comes into your room, run for your life!! You’ll thank me for it later. Anyway, Lex was not supposed to be in the band. He had auditioned and we decided on someone else, a better drummer. Two weeks before our first gig, a month long four night a week run at a local nightclub, the drummer and bass player decide to quit, leaving us scrambling for replacements. Lex happened to call that evening asking if we had made a decision. “You’re hired”, I said! We got through the gig ok, but of course in the back of my mind (and others in the band), I was thinking of finding another drummer at some point, but Lex kinda grew on ya, (can you say “Costanza!!”), and he did have a van which made moving equipment a little easier. Well it really wasn’t a van but one of those air cooled Volkswagen buses; used, cranky with no heat, and Lex couldn’t drive a standard when he bought it, hence the problem. Next gig, Lex pulls up to the back of the club, we unload the equipment, next thing you know Lex has backed the bus into a swale or gully at the edge of the parking lot. Lex, (he has a thing for finding holes), has managed to dig himself even deeper into the mud, spinning his wheels, while his front wheels are sticking in the air. The club owner wanders out to find his band trying to push this van out of the mud. Next thing you know there’s 20 slightly inebriated guys rocking this thing back and forth and YES we did get that thing out of there with their help.

This wasn’t the last time that he managed to do this, (upstate New York comes to mind). By the way, he eventually did burn out the clutch on the bus, at a gig no less, and drove BACKWARDS through the suburbs of Boston home one evening, about 20 miles. Ahh, Lex we miss ya!

More Classified Ads

If you need country or Christian songs for whatever reason, I have them. Contact Charles Mathers at Hear some great country, pop, Christian with free downloads at

If you like traditional country music this cassette is for you. Send $5 to JD Sunderland 3068 Marion Waldo Rd #176, Marion, OH 43302. Immediate delivery!

Order your copy of 1995’s “Kentucky Born and Southern Smart” Cas. $3.50 CD $7, “I’m Still Dancin With You” Cas $4.50 CD $9, 1995’s “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” Cas $5 CD $10, “There’s A New Kid In Town” Cas $4.50 CD $9, 2005’s “White Christmas Makes Me Blue” Cas $5 CD $10, 2006’s “Gospel According To Luke” Cas $4 CD $8. Check or money order to Michael Allen Greer PO Box 2172, Uniontown, PA 15401

Tom Lynn’s poem “Old Comrades” has now been set to music and recorded by Wendell Austin on a CD and audio tape entitled “Hello American Veterans”. Available from Peace and Freedom Music 348 Route 2, Winn, ME 04495. $12.95 for CD, $10.95 for cassette tape.

All CD’s “Extraordinaire” $8, “Extraordinaire II” $8, “Lost In Signs” $5, “Seven Blind Mice” $3, and the newest “Stunt Rock” and “Fusion 1216” are $5. Include $2 S&H to Ken Jackson, 755 Braxton Place Apt B303, Madison, WI 53715

Walking In Sunshine with Joe Sharp and Sing A Country Tune. It’s on a AW&F CD. Write to 115 Well St, Maryville, TN 37804

The All Around newsletter, for aspiring singers and songwriters is published 4 times a year. Yearly dues are $10. Subscribe today. Send check or money order to Michael Allen Greer PO Box 2172, Uniontown, PA 15401

Reach us at:

Rogersongs – Blue Moon Records 735 Victory Hwy North Smithfield, RI 02896