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The Inner Child
A Private Process

Written By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
© 2004 All Rights Reserved
Email: Reikiproject@aol.com

Project Visionary Artist: www.marioduguay.com
Symbols Art : http://www.reikiliving.com

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Introduction 3
Dedication 4
Project Materials 5
What Is Reiki 6-7
Reiki Symbols 8-9
The Reiki Attunement 10
How To Receive A Distant Attunement 11

The River Of Light (self attunement) 12-15
Opening Meditation (OM) 16-17
OM Journal 18
Choku Rei Process 19-23
CKR Journal 24
Sei Heiki Process 25-29
SHK Journal 30
Dai Ko Myo Process 31-40
…What Is A Vortex Clearing
DKM Journal 41
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Process 42-43
HSZSN Journal 44

My Reiki Certificate 45
Ministerial Certificate 46
Reiki And Life (article) 47-48
The Pendulum (book excerpt) 49-51
How Does The Pendulum Work 52-54
Inner Child Worksheets 55-78
Copyright, License, Disclaimer 79
Closing 80


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for your interest in this Reiki healing project. The Reiki Healing Projects are designed to serve
people who wish to take a more active and *hands on* role in their own personal healing
journey. Other projects are: Dream Job (for career/life purpose), Lightbodies (for health and
fitness) and Mother Mary Project (for the parent of an emotionally challenged child). All are
Divinely inspired by all the light of Heaven. Free manuals are offered at the online news group.

Reiki treatments in the RHP process are self treatments performed by the participants.

Please do not undertake this group process without experienced supervision by a Reiki Master.
Please read the Disclaimer. This RHP will require your patience, strict attention, dedicated
application, and the compassionate support of an experienced and attentive Reiki Master or

Reiki Healing Projects involve use of a pendulum, programmed for healing. You do not need
prior experience with the pendulum. Please register and use our extensive Library at:
http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/THEPENDULUMFORUM/ . If you do not wish to use a
pendulum, you do not have to of course. There is some in depth info on use of the pendulum
at the end of this Reiki manual and on my Pendulum Forum online group.

For business owners interested in using the private and/or group format for their offline clients,
please see the copyright notice and information on User Licenses at the back of this manual.

This manual is a free and glad gift of spirit for you personally. Please feel free to use it for your
own personal use. Group format manuals can be found on the news group.

A 34 page pdf doc. with Testimonials and Q & A are offered on the news group.

Rev. Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

~·.~··. ~·.~··. ~·.~··. ~·.~··.

A few days after I picked up my first Reiki book at the Library in 2002, I decided
to go on the internet and see if there was any more free information available. I had just
discovered Reiki and was anxious to learn all I could. I was a dedicated “Course In
Miracles” student for almost four years. Out of the hundreds of organizations and groups
online, I fell upon a large yahoo group called Grass Roots Reiki.


They were the perfect teachers for me as I was just starting out. What they taught me was
huge. They taught me: You are the boss of your journey. I want to say thanks to them
for that most important teaching. It’s true! That bold recognition changed my life.

This work is dedicated to them.

Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

I would also like to thank these people for their remarkable goodness, and their gifts to
Reiki. I know their work well, and I happily recommend their sites/groups for further
spiritual study.

Peggy Jentoff http://pjentoft.com
James Deacon www.aetw.org
Taggart King www.reiki-evolution.co.uk/
Aaron Kumar http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Reiki_Path/
Claudia Giovani www.geocities.com/shantaplace
Elizabeth Hibel www.geocities.com/healinglight2012/index.html
Gina Eaker www.lonewolfvisions.com/reiki.html
Karen Sullivan www.dreamstudy.com
Deb Gilchrist http://seducingthemuse.com/Journeys.html

And thanks to my Light Worker friend Jag for his friendship.



1) One candle
2) A childhood picture of yourself (not mandatory, but very useful)
3) A Pendulum
4) Dedicated Keepsake Box
5) RHP Manual (please print it out)

If you have never used a pendulum, please do not worry. For this project, we use it very
simply as a way to clear and balance energy and ‘ground‘ thoughts. This will be explained
as we go along. You do not need to have in-depth knowledge. The pendy is a lot of fun. If
you don’t yet use one, you will be amazed at what you can learn from your sub conscious

If you wish to purchase one of my hand made pendulums, please visit:

I do have a special pendulum I have designed called My Inner Child. It is available
through my website. You are free to use anything as a pendulum. You can purchase a 99
cent, metal weighted point from any fishing tackle store. All you need do is string a piece
of heavy yarn through it.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a term used to refer to a spiritual system of natural healing and self-
development developed by Mikao Usui (referred to as Usui-Sensei) in Japan in the early
part of the 20th Century. Reiki was introduced to the West by a teacher named Mrs.
Hawayo Takata, under the title Usui Shiki Ryoho. Her certificate, notarized on February
21, 1938 gave her the status of a Reiki Master and authorized her to teach the system.
Mrs. Takata initiated 22 masters. Most are alive and practicing and teaching Reiki today.

The term Reiki is composed of two Japanese root words. In the Japanese language
there are many layers of meanings associated with words, but in spiritual context "Rei"
means a spiritual or higher intelligence or wisdom. "Ki" is known commonly as a
universal energy, like life force, mana, chi, prana, etc. Putting the two roots together,
Reiki means a universal energy guided by a spiritual wisdom.

Reiki energy is often called chi, the energy that is the foundation for oriental medicine.
Others call it prana. It is brought down by intention and request by the Reiki Master and
the person being treated. The Reiki Master allows their body, mind and spirit to be joined
in partnership, as an instrument for Light . Ideally, the Reiki Master does not interfere in
any way with a treatment session. In a treatment situation, Divine Light passes from an
unseen plane of existence, through the crown chakra of the Reiki Master, and into the
person being treated. Additionally, the client’s own light body is activated from within.
Reiki works on all levels, the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

Even though many people view the Reiki energy system as having Divine intelligence
and roots, they understand that Reiki is not allied to any particular religious belief, so it is
palatable to all people regardless of their belief systems. Reiki does come with five basic
living principals that are considered the hallmark and foundation for Reiki:

Just for today I will not worry.
Just for today I will not anger.
I will honor my parents, teachers, and elders.
I earn my living honestly.
I show gratitude to everything.

“The Reiki Principles are the heart of Reiki. The only real mastery, is self mastery. Usui taught that
dedication to the principles and living them was essential. The real intent of the principles was to
bring about enlightenment, peaceful living, kindness toward all, calm in your mind, and in your life.
The principals embody compassionate living. They embody the Buddhist principles of Karuna
(compassion toward all beings) and Metta (loving kindness to all). Humility, gratitude, not-anger,
not worry, and kindness. In healing ourselves, living the principles, we find true mastery. Not
mastery of Reiki, but mastery of ourselves.”

From Vinny Amador

I have many profound personal stories of personal success with Reiki, and even
more stories from people all over the world who I have attuned, and who are now using
Reiki to literally transform their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.

It's been nearly two years since my teenage son was healed of a very serious
illness called, Bipolar Disorder. I used a variety of alternative methods. Our primary
healing modality was Reiki. After his regrettable hospitalization in 2002, I began to look
elsewhere for the help we just could not find within the traditional medical community.
There were no medications, nor doctor visits that made a significant, lasting
improvement in his devastating condition. We were desperate, and I was willing to try
anything. I had exhausted all traditional resources. In fact, I was becoming physically ill
from exhaustion. The family was sinking.

A good friend of mine introduced me to use of the pendulum at that time. She managed
to get some interesting personal information on my son that only the Angels could
have known. The first thing she got from someone called God was, “Tell Sheree you love
her.“ Well, that roped me in pretty fast. After her lesson and her readings, I felt I could
trust it well enough to use it to help my son. I needed answers fast.

She gave me many charts to determine what alternative therapies my son needed for
healing. After using it for a week or so, I received a message from a spirit being who
identified himself to me as Archangel Raphael. Had no idea who that was. We didn’t do
the Archangel thing in the church I went to growing up. Using what is called an ABC
chart, AA Raphael used this circular chart to spell out, “Reiki will SOS".

Yes, it was shocking. For several minutes I didn’t understand what SOS meant. Then, I
realized he was responding to an earlier thought form I held about our home as a
sinking ship. I never spoke the words out loud. That day I went to the Library, picked up a
book, and the rest is history. He was healed in three months using Reiki, dietary changes,
supplements, massage, aromatherapy, relaxation music, and a wicked effort to center in,
and express unconditional love. The latter being the most important. I call it a miracle.
Today, he has a B average, plays JV football, and volunteers at the local hospital.

Reiki is Source Light in action. It is another wonderful, holistic approach to life on
earth. Reiki was described by Usui in his manual, "The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai" as
being "intuitive". It goes where it is needed, or flows in response to the demand or need
of the recipient. It has been life changing for me and my family. I give myself Reiki each
day. I cannot imagine my life without it.

The Reiki Symbols

As I was moving along my own Reiki path, I paid only a little attention to use of the four
well established Reiki symbols. These symbols are an integral part of Reiki for many
practitioners all over the world. Others do not use them at all. I use them often.

When I was first learning Reiki, I was not particularly drawn to use the symbols. I have
always had reverence for them, and honored their meaning. They held an interesting
mystique. I do recognize the inherent power in spiritual symbology. I knew they had
power in them. It would later dawn on me just how much. They are now the centerpiece
of all RHP work. I don’t say that lightly. I have only recently come to understand the
benefit of ceremony, and how pointed intent and action is very powerful. It is clear that
the years of positive love and light embedded in these symbols has created a sacred tool
for healing. More detailed info on the symbols, including their history, is available
through my online forum. Please take the time and do your research.


Choku Rei Seihei Ki Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Daiko Myo


CKR: Commonly known as The Power Symbol. Pronounced in Japanese as Cho- Koo-
Ray, it is learned in Reiki levels 1 & 2. It means Point all the power of the Universe here
and is most often drawn by the practitioner’s dominant hand on each of his/her palms
before sending treatment. Additionally, it is often drawn on the recipient’s Crown Chakra
before a session thoroughly begins. It can be placed wherever the practitioner feels
whether on him/herself or the recipient.

SHK: This the second symbol used in Usui Reiki. It is taught in Reiki level 2 is most
commonly known as The Emotional Symbol. It is pronounced Say- Hay- Kee. It means
God and humanity become one. It is most often used when there is an emotional release
or build up in the recipient.

HSZSN: This is Usui Reiki Distant Healing Symbol. It is taught in level 2 and means
May the Buddha in me connect to the Buddha in you to promote harmony and peace.
Pronounced Hon- Sha- Zee- Show- Nen, it travels unhindered through time and space. It
is most often used in distant healings and attunements and is perhaps the jewel of
understanding Reiki.

DKM: The Usui Master symbol, Dai Ko Myo is taught and given in the Master Level.
This is the last symbol Usui used in attunements. Like it’s Tibetan sister, it heals the
spiritual state of the recipient and connects the individual with his/her greatest potential.
It means Great Being of the Universe Shine on Me.

(symbols description above from www.reikiliving.com )

Many perceive the Reiki symbols as sacred and keep them secret. Most Reiki Masters
readily display and discuss them in their manuals and workshops. Each symbol holds a
unique energetic signature; a vibration. The symbols are used to invoke specific meaning,
and natural effect follows. Dr. Usui did not begin his journey attuning others to Reiki
with symbols. He used them later in his teaching to assist students in focusing their intent
on the meaning inherent in the symbol.

You do not need to know how to draw the symbols. It is useful, but it will not prevent you
from accessing the Divine Power of Love and Light, which lives and breathes inside you
right now.

You may use the Self Attunement procedure in this manual to attune yourself to Usui
Reiki. I do offer free Reiki attunements at my Forum if you have yet to attune and desire
an attunement from a Master. Please plan to attune to at least Level One. If you wish for
me to attune you, please join our Forum.


The Reiki Attunement
The what and why of it…

A Reiki initiation is often referred to as an attunement, or empowerment. An attunement
is a ritual performed by the Reiki Master to help facilitate the awakening of this energy
within the student. There is much written on how attunements work. It is my personal
belief that you have always been Reiki. Reiki is simply Source Love and Light. The
attunement will give you nothing you don’t already have. The Love and Light of Source
may be hidden or dormant within you. The attunement will serve as a formal declaration
by your conscious mind to heal on all levels of your being. This humble and genuine
declaration aligns you with the Source of Light. It is a tuning in to the truth of yourself.

The Master cannot give you, or make you Reiki, nor can an attunement magically
turn you into a Reiki Master. What it can do is align the student with Highest Light.

I had been on a dedicated spiritual path when coming to Reiki. I began treating my
husband right away. I had not been attuned. I felt the energy flow through me. The Reiki
put him to sleep and took the pain in his feet away. I never doubted that Source Light was
fully present. I believed then, and now, that the Universal Life Force is a gift to all
without condition. So much for attunements right? Not quite. There is much more to

I feel attunements are sacred and beautiful moments of true joining. For me, they
represent a major life decision. Attunements represent a "green light" that says, “I am
ready to know my Self.” This is not to be taken lightly. An attunement has a way of
delivering on that request. To share this moment with another is very special.

There are various ways to accept an attunement. One way is to locate a Reiki Master and
ask for an attunement, either in person, or by distance. Most will ask you to learn about
Reiki before they attune you. Some will ask for fees; others will attune you for free. Some
will give you tests to take. Others ask that you study with them in person, through various
workshops. Some don’t ask about your study. I make no judgments on you, your teachers,
or your Reiki path. I have full faith that we always show up at the right address for
learning. If you are planning a professional Reiki practice, that is a very different matter,
and certain standards must be met. More about that on my forum.



The majority of Reiki Masters worldwide offer distant Reiki attunements. Love and Light
is very talented. Science has now proven what was already obvious to most.

After you find an experienced Reiki Master to assist you, you might agree to a time frame
in which to receive the attunement. Traditionally, the Master will facilitate the attunement
during that time. You will be attuned to the energy at that time, or according to your
highest good. My suggestion is that you ask Source to manage your attunement entirely. It
is also acceptable to receive the attunement when you wish. The point being, accept this
gift into your awareness at your leisure. There is no time in the light. It is much more
important that you are positioned to accept at a time when you will not be distracted.

Simply lay down, try to spend 10 to 15 minutes relaxing all of your muscles. Call in your
Guides and the Angels to assist you; all according to Divine Will. Surrender the process
to Source. You might engage in a favorite meditation at this time. The more you prepare
to receive, the more you will absorb. You get out what you put in.

Honoring the process is just as important as the process itself. If you like, you might
draw the four symbols in the four corners of the room as a way to bless your physical
space with Reiki energy. You might also consider drawing the symbols in your two
palms. It is all up to you how much you wish to do. You could say something like...

" I now invite and accept the Attunement offered through Sheree Kren on this date.
I surrender this process to Divine Will. I shall accept only what is in my best interest.
I ask to be Guided from this day forward in my unfoldment, on all levels, and all things
Reiki. And so it is."

Lay with it for about 15 to 20 minutes, and let it soak in. Try not to judge any part of it.
Just allow for whatever comes. Most people experience a peace and calm. Some
see dancing monkeys with fire batons. It's all good. ;-) Go with the flow.

It is important to drink more water for a period of 21 days, a widely accepted cleansing
cycle, often triggered by attunements. It is advised that you Self Reiki each day during
this time. Again, you will get out what you put in.

If you feel any significant physical discomfort during the 21 day cleansing phase, please
seek medical attention. Not all discomforts are related to detox.

Reiki can do no harm as it is offered from Love.


´/ ·/r· ./ =/·// ´/ ·/r· ./ =/·// ´/ ·/r· ./ =/·// ´/ ·/r· ./ =/·//
Self Attunement or Booster - Week One


A Self Attunement Procedure
Written By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren © 2004

Before We Begin

I wish to convey my deep respect for the wonderful healing modality known as
Reiki. This self attunement procedure was created as an option and/or a complement to
many beautiful and effective energy systems already working for many people. Indeed,
my own son was healed of a devastating illness called, Bipolar Disorder using
traditional Reiki. I accept traditional attunements and can witness to their distinct light.
But it is my humble opinion that our Highest Self knows how to align us to the
Light within better than anyone else. A self attunement makes sense. Divine Will is the
most powerful force in existence. It is with honor and reverence for Dr. Mikao Usui, and
other Teachers and Founders, that additional insights are offered for Reiki practice. This
self attunement procedure is not intended to replace or negate any of Dr. Usui's beautiful
teachings, or the teachings of any other Founding Entity, or any other healing system.
There is no wrong way to call forth or experience Love and Light.


This self attunement procedure may help you in attuning to various modalities of your
choosing. It is also useful for boost attuning, which is a simply a way to consciously
renew our intentions, as often as one chooses. Please, take it slowly and absorb the
energies. Drive-by attuning to many types of Reiki energies is not necessarily in your best
interest. Integrity and reverence for the process itself is a huge light wave of healing. If
you come across a copyrighted Reiki system, please honor the wishes of the Founder.
Your healing journey must begin with personal responsibility and integrity. What is
meant for you will always be given.

Please feel free to use the Reiki symbols as pictured previously. You may draw them
whenever, wherever, however you like during your Self Attunement process. I only ask
that you give this much thought before doing so. Invent your own way.

I have chosen to use the word “God” to represent the Great Light that created dragonflies,
waterfalls, flowers and me. Please feel free to substitute any word you resonate with.

This River of Light symbol was created by Fred Bungert.

Notice the design is in the shape of an S, representing SELF.



Please prepare with pendulum chakra balancing and space clearing in advance.

I __________(your name), as a perfect aspects of God, ask the Divine River

of Light to wash over me, and through me, to purify my entire being for this

Reiki Healing Project. I ask that Love and Light be brought forth into my full

awareness now, on all levels of my being. I instruct all parts of my self to accept

this Love and Light for full healing, on all levels, according to Divine Will for me.

I am willing to release all unhealed parts of myself to Source. I AM flowing in the

River of Light.

I call upon the Highest Divine part of myself to be fully present and active

within me for this attunement (or booster), and for this Reiki Healing Project. I AM

flowing in the River of Light.

I ask Source to attune ( or realign) my entire individual being with the River of

Light known as Usui Reiki, to level _____(1-2 or 3) as defined by Source.

I ask to be showered and aligned with only the highest truth, love, beauty,

and joy of this attunement. I accept only that which is for my highest good and

receive it in gratitude now, according to your Will.


Any thought wave that is not divinely intended for me,is released from my desire on all

levels. I AM flowing in the River of Light.

(At this time, relax into the moment and allow the attunement, or booster to be received
by your spirit, your mind, and your body.)

I affirm that I AM now attuned to the light of Usui Reiki.

The River of Light has cleansed, purified, and aligned me with our Source.

This Divine River of Light has flowed through me to touch me to my core, and now

flows lovingly into the Mother Earth, and outward, to the land, the sea, and the sky, and

beyond into infinity, with Divine Love and peace. I AM grateful and flowing with Love.

And so it is done. Amen.

This self attunement may produce better results when aligned with the
following beliefs:

A willingness to believe in your inherent power as a perfect aspect of Light Source.
A willingness to believe in your power to create your own reality.
A willingness to believe that your connection to Divine Light and healing is absolute
and is not dependent on someone else's belief system, permission or approval.
A willingness to believe that all you could ever want or need is indeed within you.
A willingness to have a clear sense of self and what you are in truth.
A willingness to let go of the outcome of this effort and let Source lead.

Special thanks
To these Angels for infusing their Love and Light into this creation: Adriana Quintero,
Elizabeth Hibel, Sherrie Mazzarini, Vickie Barnes, and Fred Bungert.


INNER CHILD Opening Meditation Week Two

».·., · ·,»· ».·., · ·,»· ».·., · ·,»· ».·., · ·,»·

Ask for the highest lights to assist you, including Source, Dr. Usui, Jesus, AA

Raphael and AA Michael, as well as any other light you wish. Choose your own High

Lights. All belief systems are welcomed. Please pendul chakras before starting.

Please make a written list of the people in your life that have come up in

your meditations, who you feel any negative emotions towards. Please focus your

attention only on those that were firmly illuminated in the meditation. If they were not

illuminated in your meditation, please do not make note of it yet.

Affirm to Light that you wish to release these prisoners from your mind, body

and spirit. Take a few moments with this. You may feel some resistance to this effort.

Breathe and relax into centered stillness. Imagine unlocking heavy prison

doors and ushering these people out, one at a time. Look them in the eyes and inform

them that you are letting them go. Observe how you feel as you do this.

I know this part will be very hard for some of you. Do what you can. Be gentle

with yourself. Open the front door to the Light and let them go. See them happy as they

go. See yourself happy. Affirm to Source that you are ready to Love these people and

yourself. Your healing has begun in earnest.


Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Do not judge it. Observe. Imagine

your inner space becoming lighter and brighter as each one walks out the door into the

light. Imagine all of your distinguishable aches and pains floating from you to the Angels

all around you. Imagine them accepting them from you. Imagine and feel their love for


Slowly and intently draw the four Reiki symbols over your written list.

Before going to sleep each night, ask a blessing for these people and for yourself.

Keep this list by your nightstand at night until we are finished with the entire process.

** If you do not feel confident your Opening Meditation was fruitful, please wait a few
days and repeat it. No need to repeat it more than once. Simply trust in the light to assist
you, and move ahead to the next step.


Name _______________________________________ Date ______________________























Symbols Process #1 Choku Rei Week Three

» ». · · ~.~ ·,»· » ». · · ~.~ ·,»· » ». · · ~.~ ·,»· » ». · · ~.~ ·,»·

Physical Space Preparation and Affirmation
Choku Rei Palm Activation and Affirmation
Self-Reiki Process and Affirmation (7 chakras)

Today, spend time infusing your physical space (home), and body with the

Light healing and clearing energy of the Usui Power symbol. You will invoke the Power

symbol as a way to clear and elevate the energy of your physical being and your home.

You will blend with it in order to boost the power of our project healing intentions. You

use it to bring forth High Light Guardianship for the project and it‘s effects.


Please begin the process with a series of deep breaths and a prayer for

centering. Please focus on the intent outlined above. Invite Source, and the Lights of

Love, to be fully present and active for this process. Please do not move forward until you

have done these things. If you feel led, please light a candle and dedicate the light to your

process today.

Physical Space Preparation

Please pendul your palms to balance your energy. Draw power symbols in the

four corners of your home. As you draw the symbols, please say CHOKU REI out loud,

and visualize a surge of light filling your physical space. You can also place paper with

the symbols on them at the four corners. If you do not know how to draw the symbols, it

is fine. Do not worry. Intend to have the Power symbol placed, and they will be. If you are

disabled in any way, please amend these instructions to suit you. It is also also helpful to

pendul the center of your working space for energy clearing.


"I AM a perfect aspect of Divine Light and Love. I now invoke Divine Reiki power and

energy, integrated in the Usui Power Symbol, thereby clearing, cleansing and purifying

my home, on all levels, with Source Light, to the core of being. Only Love is present.

I intend this sacred and love filled process to be permanent according to my Highest



Once you are done, please draw the Power symbols in both palms. Use the

activation affirmation is you feel led. You may also simply intend to do this, without

actually drawing them if it is difficult.

CKR Palm Activation

Sit down in the same place you plan to lay down for the CKR Self Reiki

treatment. Draw the power symbol in both of your palms slowly. Alternatively, you may

hold a drawing of the symbol between your hands. Intend that the Divine energy of this

symbol be infused into your palms.


"I AM gratefully accepting and utilizing the full Light and Love Power inherent

in the Usui Reiki Power symbol. We surrender this moment to Source, according to the

highest good. My palm, which carries the blueprint for my infinite individual and

collective being, is now infused with the Power of Reiki Light. May Divine Will be


At this point please lay down. Spend a few minutes relaxing. Now you will spend

time in Self Reiki of the seven chakras. If you feel led to spend time on additional

chakras, please do so. For our purposes, we will cover the seven major chakras.

Your aim is to use the Power symbol to clear, cleanse, purify and prep the

chakras for the deeper healing process as it unfolds. You will also use the Power symbol


to locate and heal the specific areas in our bodies that need healing. You may not be

aware of all that is brewing in the physical body. You will be working with the

etheric/emotional in the next process. Allow this locate and heal command to occur if you

feel comfortable. Instruct your body to receive Divine messaging brought through in any

loving way, to include through the Reiki Power symbol. Please open your mind to all


Self Reiki Treatment

Begin at the crown chakra. Please and work your way down the body. It is

important now to let your own intuition guide you. Pay close attention. Make mental note

of all significant sensations and/or emotions. If you feel a blockage, or a pain, affirm that

this is now being healed. Please do not hold fast to a definition of healing. The Light

(your inner light) will decide what that looks and feels like. Source may decide to simply

inspire a moment of recognition of the root cause, or there could be a spontaneous

healing. Try not to judge anything. Just observe closely with a wide open heart. As you do

begin the Self Reiki at the crown please affirm the following:


"I willfully intend to heal my entire being according to Divine Will. I join in the
Highest Vortex of Light, at one moment with All that is Loving and True. All energy
present, in any way, shape or form, in my physical body is now infused with the Divine
Power of Light and Love. I accept the appropriate Reiki healing according to
myindividual readiness. I fully intend to be free of the unloving and unhealthy physical
manifestations that have resulted from any and all of our living misperceptions of the
entire past, and especially my childhood from this lifetime. I am without fear and I fully
empower Divine Source to live and breathe Love's awareness within me.”


Continue with your Self Reiki process at this time.


Please arise slowly from this process, and place your feet on the ground

for a few minutes before getting up. Ask the Light to ground you appropriately. Make

certain that you are balanced before getting up.

I suggest you journal on your experience.


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Symbols Process #2 Sei Heiki Week Four

» .»·» · · ~.~ ·,»· » .»·» · · ~.~ ·,»· » .»·» · · ~.~ ·,»· » .»·» · · ~.~ ·,»·

Relaxation And Invitation To Light
Physical, Mental And Emotional Preparation
Sei Heiki Palm Activation And Affirmation
Childhood Healing Project Affirmation
Self-Reiki Process (7 chakras)

Relaxation And Invitation To Light

Please pendul your palm for energy balancing before you begin. Begin the

process with a series of deep breaths and a meaningful prayer for centering. Invite Source,

and the Lights of Love, to be fully present and active for this process. Please do not move

forward until you have done these things.


If you feel any pain, or other negative sensation, try to identify it, and ask Source to help

you release it. Try not to focus on it longer than a few seconds.

Listen to your intuition. If you feel led, please light a candle and dedicate the light

to our process today.

Physical, Mental And Emotional Preparation

Draw large CKR (first) and SHK (second) symbols into the four corners of your

home. If you have two floors, please draw one set per floor. As you draw the symbols,

please say them out loud, and visualize a surge of beautiful golden light filling your

physical space and your physical, mental and emotional body. Please do this slowly and

with calm and centered intent. Use the affirmations (below) before you draw each

corner with the symbols. You can also place paper with the symbols on them at the four

corners. If you do not know how to draw the symbols, it is fine. Do not worry. Intend to

have the Power symbol placed, and they will be. If you are disabled in any way, please

amend these instructions to suit you. Please pendul the center of your working space.

Affirmation CKR

"I AM a perfect aspect of Divine Light and Love, now invoke Divine Reiki

power and energy, integrated in the Usui Power Symbol, thereby clearing, cleansing and

purifying my home and physical body, on all levels, with Source Light. Only Love is

present. I intend this sacred and love filled process to be permanent according to my

Highest good."


Affirmation SHK

I invoke the Sei Heiki Reiki symbol as a way to clear, cleanse, heal, and elevate

the energy of my mental and emotional being, on all levels. I blend with it fully in

order to co-create with Source, a complete healing of my mental and emotional bodies

according to Divine will. I use the Sei heiki symbol with deep reverence, and in

gratitude for it's meaning and significance in this project. I AM now enveloped by the

loving and truth energy of Sei Heiki. “

Sei Heiki Palm Activation

Once you are done, please draw only the SHK symbol in both palms. Use the

SHK activation affirmation if you feel led. You may also simply intend to do this, without

actually drawing them if it is difficult.


"I gratefully accept and utilize the full Light and Love inherent in the

Sei Heiki Reiki symbol. My palm, which carries the blueprint for my infinite individual

and collective being, is now infused with Sei Heiki Light."

At this point please lay down. Spend a few minutes relaxing. Now you will spend

time in Self Reiki of the seven chakras. If you feel led to spend time on additional

chakras, please do so. For our purposes, we will cover the seven major chakras.


Your aim is to use this symbol to clear, cleanse, purify and prepare the

chakras for the deeper healing process as it unfolds. You will also use the SHK symbol to

locate and heal the specific parts of our being that need healing. Allow this locate and

heal command to occur if you feel comfortable. Instruct your body to receive Divine

messaging brought through in any loving way.

Self Reiki Process (7 chakras)

Begin at the crown chakra. Please and work your way down the body. It is

important now to let your own intuition guide you. Pay close attention. Make mental note

of all significant sensations and/or emotions. If you feel a blockage, or a pain, affirm that

this is now being healed. Please do not hold fast to a definition of healing. The Light

(your inner light) will decide what that looks and feels like. Source may decide to simply

inspire a moment of recognition of the root cause, or there could be a spontaneous

healing. Try not to judge anything. Just observe closely with a wide open heart. As you do

begin the Self Reiki at the crown please affirm the following:


" We join together with Love in the Highest Vortex of Light, at one moment with
All that is Loving and True. All energy that is present, in any way, shape or form, is now
infused with the the Divine Light and Love. I accept the appropriate Reiki healing
according to our individual readiness. I fully intend to be free of the unloving and
unhealthy mental and emotional manifestations, including all addictions that have
resulted from any and all of our living misperceptions of the entire past, and especially
mychildhood from all lifetimes. I ask for Divine assistance in recalling past childhood
memories, according to my Highest good only, for the purpose of forgiveness and release
to Source. I ask to be aware and embraced by Angel Light during this process. (cont)


I ask Source to undo all that I have thought, said, or done in any lifetime, or state of
being, that resulted in pain for myself, and others. I ask, and now affirm that I AM free. I
AM without fear and fully empower Divine Source to live and breathe Love's awareness
into my mental and emotional body. Whatever is required of me by Divine Source for this
healing, is given. And so it is."


Please arise slowly from this process, and place your feet on the ground for a few

minutes before getting up. Ask the Light to ground you appropriately. Make certain

you are balanced before getting up. You might go outside to sit down, or lay down in

the grass, and ask for the Love of Mother Earth to ground you. Breathe in the sunshine

and be present.

Please journal your experience.


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Symbols Process # 3 Dai Ko Myo Week Five

» ·».. · · ~.~ ·,»· » ·».. · · ~.~ ·,»· » ·».. · · ~.~ ·,»· » ·».. · · ~.~ ·,»·

Relaxation and invitation for light
Preparation of space with DKM
Vortex Clearing
DKM Palm Activation and Affirmation
Self-Reiki process (7 chakras)


What is a Vortex Cleansing?
By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
(c) 2005 All rights reserved

A Vortex, in the context of your spirit self, is another name for
the spiritual home where your soul currently lives. Vortex's are fluid
energy. You may be familiar with the vortices found upon the
earth in certain locations. Sedona Arizona is famous for it's
Vortice, researched and utilized extensively by many people over
the years. I won't go into the technical elements of what
the properties of a Vortex are, as there is much already written, but
it is useful to know, for the purposes of this article, that a Vortex,
like all living organisms, have positive and negative identities, and
these can change rapidly.

Personal Vortex clearing work is, in my opinion, is the most sacred healing
work we do as individuals, groups, and as a human race.

During a personal Vortex Clearing, the Angels will be working very gently to
light all non beneficial energy in your Spirit Vortex. This clearing
and purifying will bring enormous light to the shadows that lurk there
from many lifetimes gone by, including this one. Some call these
cords, or attachments. Think of a Vortex Clearing as a Mega-Reiki
treatment to your Vortex home and the connections / ties you have to
any other living organism. Vortex Work involves the Akashic Records,
and specifically Archangel Meditron and rolls of Angels.

You likely have other souls with you in your Vortex depending on
your level of spiritual evolvement. However, this is not always
the case. Some have chosen to be alone, and therefore, that is their
spiritual and emotional experience. Their choice is recorded so that
it can run automatic, or become *law* until such time as a new
awareness blossoms and a new choice is made and recorded. Ever feel
like you are on autopilot when you respond to life. Ever notice a
distinct pattern in your life? Each choice you make is recorded and
becomes your personal guidance system.

Not all energy in your Vortex is beneficial. In some cases there is
energy that is highly toxic. If you have intentionally hurt someone at
any point in time, or held a resentment, etc., the specific imprint is
with you in your Vortex until it is rectified and healed.


The unloving choices you make creates non beneficial energy in all layers
of your being. This does play a role in your human experience and the
Universe at large, illusionary or not. There is always a cost for our
unwillingness to be what we are. The cost on the human level is always
illness, mental and physical.

Non beneficial energy can always be healed with an awareness of
truth and a simple willingness that misperceptions be healed. Love and
Forgiveness is the light that heals illusionary perceptions. The
energy of any given personal Vortex at any level below the Highest Light
Vortex is changeable, but not by Divine Design. Love, at the center of all
Light is not changeable; it just IS.

A sacred personal Vortex Clearing process opens *the gate* , or portal to the
Akashic Records. It opens on the individual level, and on the
collective level. The benefits to ourselves, our group, and the world
at large are monumental. Believe it. By virtue of sacred clearing
prayer and loving intent, we are fully protected and assisted.

Think of the Akashic Records as the DNA for every living organism and
the thought that created it. Your file is a record of your journey
through all time space and dimension. Every thought, word and action
is recorded. You have your own record, and as a human race, we have a
collective record.

Please know that all you need is the willingness to be what you are,
which is LOVE. Source of Light and Love will then magnify your intent
beyond human measure. Source power is infinite and so are you. It
really takes very little to allow for the Highest Light clearing and
healing. Just a love of self and an awareness of Love's presence.

What creates the clearing is the intent to help yourself, love
yourself, be yourself. It is this one simple recognition that you are
not a sinner and deserve Love. We all make mistakes. Mistakes can
always be corrected, anytime you are ready to love yourself. All of
yourself. Mistakes and all. Even if you make the same mistake over and
over and over. You are loved by your Creator unconditionally. Never
forget this. There is nothing you have ever thought, said, or did that
cannot be forgiven in an instant. But, you must first recognize the
Light in you. You cannot do this alone. All you need be is willing,
and the clearing and release will occur.


To many of you this process may seem *out there*. I can certainly
understand. You have nothing to lose by opening your mind. Science
has already proven someof what is written here. Take a leap of faith.

In Love,
Sheree Rainbolt-Kren


Relaxation and invitation for light

Please pendul your palm for energy balancing. Begin the healing process

with a series of deep breaths and a meaningful prayer for centering. Invite Source and the

Lights of Love to be fully present and active for this process. Invite the Highest Self of

Dr. Usui ( and any other Master) to assist as well. It is your team to call forth. Please do

not move forward until you have done these things. If you feel any pain, or other negative

sensation, try to identify it, and ask Source to help you release it. Try not to focus on it

longer than a few seconds. Listen to your intuition. If you feel led, please light a candle

and dedicate the light to our process. Stop the process at any time if you feel you need to.

Preparation of space with DKM

As you draw the DKM symbol in the four corners of your space, please say it out

loud, and visualize a surge of beautiful golden light filling your physical space and your

physical, mental and emotional body. Please do this slowly and with calm and centered

intent. Use the group affirmation (below) in the center of the room. You can also place

paper with the symbol on it at the four corners. If you do not know how to draw the

symbol, it is fine. Do not worry. Intend to have the symbol placed, and it will be. If you

are disabled in any way, please amend these instructions to suit you. Whatever works for

you is perfect.


Affirmation for preparation of the physical space

“I ask that Source infuse my home, and all other living environments on this earthly
plane, and all other living planes we are connected to, with Love. I invite Love to
transform the energy in my home at this time to that of the highest light vibration,
according to my highest good, individually, and collectively. All unloving energy, on all
levels, is now transformed to Love. The Vortex of Light lights my home, my body, my
mind and my spirit. By nature of what I AM, I ask and know that it is given. Thank you.”



Please prepare your being and space in advance.

Feel free to use the preparations outlined in the SHK process. Use whatever process you
are most comfortable with. Please have a candle and a light with you. Bring the list you
generated in the Opening Meditation and your childhood picture please. It is advisable to
spend 10 to 15 minutes in deep relaxation before you perform this process.


THE FOUR USUI SYMBOLS (Have the drawings with you)

Begin your session by drawing, with your finger, the four symbols on your list, then over
your picture. If you do not wish to draw them, simply hold your hand to the paper as you
focus on them.

CKR- The Power of Love and Light
SHK- The Truth of Love and Light
DKM - The Source of Love and Light
HSZSN- intend to send this blessing to your list at this time
- a visualization is powerful

At this time, light a candle to honor the healing child within you. The flame is intended to
burn eternally. Please make sure that your candle is secured safely an in your view.


Candle affirmation
“I honor the perfect child within me, and in all those on my list.”

Opening Affirmation
Please use the pendulum over your palm as you repeat the affirmations and intend to
‘ground’ these thoughts into all levels of your being.

We Are All One.
We are Light and Love.
I affirm my Divinity.
I now invoke the light within me and ask the Vortex of light to light my mind.
I call forth all the light of Source to steer this process.
I affirm in the Divine Power and Wisdom of the Angels.
I have no fear of healing. I desire healing.
I AM willing to heal all unloving thoughts within me.
IAM ready to accept my natural inheritance of peace and joy.
I release all unloving thought forms I have created into light.
I affirm that I AM free of the past, and future.
I affirm that this present moment is only Love.
I have no expectations and release this process to Divine Will.
I AM grateful and give thanks.
Past, present and future, it is done. Amen.



“Source, Archangel Metatron, Michael and Raphael, please take my hands.”
I ask for a complete High Light healing of my spiritual Vortex home . I ask that the
souls who reside with me in this Vortex be blessed with Divine Light and Love,
according to Source Will. I recognize my own perfect Soul and my beloved Soul
Group with loving eyes. I embrace with love all that is. I ask for a perfect healing of
the connection I have created to my Highest Self, and the Souls within myVortex
home. I ask that all unloving thought forms in my vortex be healed by the loving
grace of Divine Source and transformed into light. I release all misperceptions. I
surrender my life to Source Will. I instruct my entire being to accept Source Light
and Love. I have now asked from the depth of my being, and it is given.”

Imagine the Angels using Divine light to heal the connections from your human ego self,
to your more highly evolved Spirit Self. Allow yourself to *feel* this healing at the heart
chakra. There are cords attached to all of your charkas. You can address the remaining
Charkas in the Self Reiki process. Let your imagination soar. Closure will be
consummated with the Self Reiki treatment. This process is where the full Vortex healing
will occur. You will be free of ties that bind you, and free to create anew.


Archived Statement of Light

At this time, you are asked to create an eternal affirmation to close out this sacred
process. This statement will be archived in the Hall of Records. It will serve to eternally
imprint your energy. It is indeed one of the most important statements you will ever make
regarding your spiritual journey from this point forward. Please give it much thought.



Ideally, please engage in your Self Reiki process at this time. Take your candle
with you and follow the DKM process.

You cannot do any of this wrong. There is no wrong way. You need not make
any corrections, and you are welcome to make adjustments of any kind that suit you.

Please continue on to follow this sacred process.

DAI KO MYO Palm Activation and Affirmation

Please draw DKM symbol slowly in both palms. Use the activation affirmation if

you feel led. You may also simply intend to do this, without actually drawing it if it is


"I AM gratefully accepting and utilizing the full Light and Love inherent in the Dai Ko

Myo symbol. My palm, which carries the blueprint for my infinite individual and

collective being, is now infused with Dai Ko Myo Light."

Self Reiki Process (7 chakras)

Say this just prior to laying down for your self treatment.

"All energy that is present, in any way, shape or form, is now infused with the the Divine
Light and Love. I invite Source to use my hands of Light to take charge of my personal
process of healing at this time. The past, in it's entirety, is now and forever perceived
with forgiveness, clarity and love, the present is filled with Love, and the future holds
only Love."


Self Reiki

Now we will spend time in Self Reiki of the seven chakras using the Dai

Ko Myo symbol only. Your aim is to use the DKM symbol to clear, cleanse, purify and

prepare the chakras for the deeper karmic healing process as it unfolds. If you feel led to

spend time on additional chakras, (hands/feet/etc.) please do so. For our purposes, we will

cover the seven major chakras.

Instruct your entire being to receive Divine messaging brought through in any

loving way. Begin at the crown chakra please and work your way down the body. It is

important now to let your own intuition guide you. Pay close attention. Make mental note

of all significant sensations and/or emotions. If you feel a blockage, or a pain, affirm that

this is now being healed. Please do not hold fast to a definition of healing. Try not to

judge anything. Just observe closely with a wide open heart. Continue on with the

treatment. After you have completed the full Reiki self-treatment, please make a special

note of how you are feeling.


Please arise slowly from this process, and place your feet on the ground for a few

minutes before getting up. Ask the Light to ground you appropriately. Make certain that

you are balanced before getting up.

Please journal your experience on the next page.


Name _______________________________________ Date ______________________






















Symbols Process # 4 Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Week Six

» ~·» · · ~.~ ·,»· » ~·» · · ~.~ ·,»· » ~·» · · ~.~ ·,»· » ~·» · · ~.~ ·,»·

Process #5 is the final process in the Inner Child Reiki Healing Project.

Please prepare your space, mind, body and spirit for this last and sacred process.

Use whatever tool or method that resonates, or nothing at all, but a firm belief in the

perfection of this moment. Your way is the best way for you. Please pendul your palm for

energy balancing and the center of your working space for clearing. Please draw several

deep breaths and release all remaining tension. Invite the Lights Of Source to be present

and active for the highest good.


Please retrieve your Opening Meditation List. Go over each name from the most loving
place within you at this time.

When you feel you have made the best connection you can, please proceed…

Draw the CKR symbol over your list and say: “The Power of Light is You.”

Draw the SHK symbol over your list and say: “The Truth of Light is You.”

Draw the DKM symbol over your list and say: “The Source of Light is You.”

Draw the HSZSN symbol over the list and your childhood picture and activate a formal
Reiki send with the following intention:

“I now activate and send a High Light affirmation along our Divinely connected

paths to find all aspects of you in perfect Love, Joy and infinite Peace. I am your

eternal witness. You are free. I love you. As you are now released, so am I. ”

Cup your list between your hands, and beam/intend your Reiki send. Take as much time
as you wish. Please remember to breathe.

When you feel you are finished, please put your list away in a keepsake box. You

are welcome to send this affirmation at any time you wish.

·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ··


Name _______________________________________ Date ______________________





















Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
Usui Reiki Certificate

This certificate is awarded to

·». ~·.»·· ·». ~·.»·· ·». ~·.»·· ·». ~·.»·· .. .. .. ..

She has successfully received the Attunements and Training to levels
I, II, III-A and III-B Mastership,
Reiki Therapy, Usui, Tibetan and Kahuna Reiki Systems,
is therefore qualified to attune others, including to Master Level.

Date: July 10
, 2004

Signed: Claudia Giovani

Reiki Master in Usui, Tibetan and Kahuna Systems, certified by
Reiki Master&Teacher Antonio Carlos B.P. Mello


WonLo HciKi MiNisTnY
This is to certify that the bearer hereof:

· ·». ~·.»·· · ·». ~·.»·· · ·». ~·.»·· · ·». ~·.»·· .. .. .. ..

Is Selected, Appointed, Empowered, Ordained and
Granted this Credential of Healing Minister

On this 16th day of September 200+

Reiki and Life
By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
(c) 2004

I have been inspired to write this as a result of an interesting discussion on my online
Reiki Forum. It may resonate with you, or it may further solidify your own belief system
about Reiki. In either case, it's useful to think about these things. This writing is for those
who experience periodic confusion with Reiki, at any point along the way. Perhaps you
have lost confidence in your abilities, or question your role as a practitioner in some way.

People come to the way of Reiki from different backgrounds and cultures, from all over
the world. It's a beautiful thing. I have investigated many belief systems that relate to
what I am and why I am here. Reiki has answered many of those questions, just by the
mere practice of it. I am a student of various thought systems and do not hold myself
chained to any one of them. If it resonates with my heart and mind, I'm good. If it's
confusing, or feels off in some way, I simply file it, or discard it.

The minute you decide that you are not Reiki, is the minute you lose awareness of what
you are. Your mind believes what you tell it. Think of the possibilities! The second you
believe that Reiki; your life force, is not managed by you (Your Highest Self - equaling
God/Source) , is the second you decide to lose your inherent power. You are in charge of
your Reiki, because, YOU are it's Source and substance (in truth). Everything in the
Universe is interconnected. We are all One. If you believe this to be true, then you
understand that Reiki is the same Universal Life force that keeps you breathing and keeps
the planets revolving around the sun. This Life Force knows no boundaries, therefore you
cannot be apart from it. You were included from the beginning. So was I.

You can easily decide not to be ruled or influenced by exterior circumstances,
justifications and excuses for why your Reiki isn't performing the way you think it should
be performing. First of all, look at all the information you are taking in from all sides,
each day. How do you sort it all out? It is exhausting and offers further confusion. Just
when you thought you had the explanation for things you cannot really know and
understand, another little ditty rears it's frightful head to scare you into powerlessness. We
are constantly chasing the tail between our legs, because we will not allow ourselves to let
go and know that All is always well. There are many good Masters with great knowledge
to share. Some will impart great wisdom, and some of that will be helpful. Ultimately, the
best Reiki Master for you is you. All you must do is tune into her/him. If you take a
moment to breathe, relax yourself, and ask the Voice within, you will be guided. You may
not get a definitive, "Well, ya know Merna, the reason that occurred is because your
sacral chakra is weak and the altoids are making it worse. That's why there's no heat in
your hands." What you are likely to get first is emotional relief. Then, as the fog clears,
you will get a feeling; a knowing about what to do next.


Prayer and trust that your prayer is answered is often all you need to get over any hump.
You will get your answer, to the degree that you allow it to come forth. It may not come
right away, but it will come. In the meantime, refuse to be disconnected. Be Love. If you
become impatient, you risk ignoring the help offered to you.

You control everything that happens to you because you control the choices you make.
There is nothing happening to you that you cannot manipulate to a vibe of Love. All you
have to do is see everything as a blessing because you are deeply loved and cared for by a
magnificent Universe. This one single thought form is the ointment for true vision. The
only remedy for off-centeredness. Quiet. Knowing. Love. The safer journey; meaning the
one that is less painful, lies in the choices you make. Decide you are powerful and
powerful you will be. Decide that you are stupid squishy ball to be bantered about by the
happenstance of a Chaotic Universe and you will be that and less. You get to choose. You
will choose with each interaction you have today with every living thing. The more you
choose Love and Trust, the more Power you will invite into your awareness. Power is not
a bad or scary word. It is the most humble, truthful word I know, for in that one word lies
your life experience right now. Right now is creating your entire being, over and over

Just ask yourself these few questions when deciding what to absorb into your body, mind
and spirit:

Will it kill me if I assume the very best of this situation? Will it kill me if I choose to be
the Master and Commander of my joyful and fearless creative life experience? Will it kill
me to deny all obstacles and see only open road? Will it kill me to believe I have nothing
to worry about and All is well? If the answer is no, then why in the Garden of Perfection
wouldn't you pick it? I understand that an elevated view of life feels dangerous to some,
but it is the truth of what you are. Ask these questions, then make your decisions about
how you are going to proceed on anything.

Love, Sheree


~ For Guidance and Energy Healing ~

Book Excerpt

Written By Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
(c) January 2004-2005

“There is nothing hidden in truth.
The veil is an illusion.”
….Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

My name is Sheree Rainbolt-Kren. I am a spiritual pendulist and a Usui Reiki Master. I use the
pendulum as a sacred tool for Healing and Guidance for all levels of my being, and to assist
others seeking Guidance from the Highest Light Source. I use it in combination with Reiki as a
healing tool. I use it to clear and cleanse my body, mind, spirit, and my earthly home. I use it to
help illuminate past live trauma. I use it to peacefully and lovingly influence the earth's energy
grid during severe weather. I use it to Co-Create, with Light Source, a lighter and brighter
Spiritual Home in which to experience a more joyful and healed present. I use it to learn of
allergies, choose vitamins, diagnose car problems, help plants and animals. There are a hundred
other uses, at least. There is really nothing it cannot be used for. The potential is limitless.

I fully understand that this sounds *out there*. I felt the same way when I was first introduced to
the pendulum. I was the Skeptic’s skeptic. I had my own preconceived ideas about this so called,
new age-y thingamabob. I was made aware of the pendulum and it’s power at a critical time in
my life when everything else had failed to help my very ill son. It was the perfect time to be open
minded. I really had no choice but to open to the possibility that things do not cross my doorstep
by accident. As I look back now, I am so grateful for the golden moment that materialized to save
me and my son, and our family. More on that later.

I don’t use the pendulum as a daily guidance crutch. This is easy to do. In fact, I use it less and
less these days. My own intuition has significantly strengthened due to usage of this Divine
instrument. More, and more, I am able to hear, or know the answers, before receiving that answer
through my pendulum. I credit my ongoing work with Reiki and Divine energy through the
pendulum for this gift. It isn’t magic. It is the sincere centering in Love and light, and the
willingness to believe that Love is unconditional, that allows for Truth. Fear, guilt and shame
will block the Truth and hold us captive. You hold the key. I currently use the pendulum to
confirm information I get intuitively. I use it when I am in crisis, to get guidance. I use it to help
others as they come to me for help. I might use it if I get lost on the highway. It rarely fails me.


There is nothing mysterious about the pendulum. The fact is, many mainstream physicians use a
pendulum in their practices. But, they keep it secret. You can understand why. I once walked into
a Catholic church and saw a purple robed man in a pointy hat waving a golden lantern with
smoke coming out of it. He was singing in latin. It was a little odd to me after growing up in the
Mormon church. I remember thinking, "What The?". I just didn't resonate with that scenario. But,
millions do. :-) Doesn't make it the right way, or the only way. The pendulum is a tool, not unlike
the tools you may use in your own spiritual practice. I don't worship this tool, but it is no less
valid for the work I do than the smoke filled swinging lantern.

I am no longer a member of the Mormon church, or any other church for that matter. I have my
own deep spiritual practice. I am a dedicated student of a beautiful text called, of A Course In
Miracles. I came to the Course in 2001. I have studied it deeply and do my best to practice it. I
don't always succeed. My online pendulum forum is a ministry of sorts. I see myself as a spiritual
leader and teacher, but I learn just as much from my members as they learn from me. Churches
are valuable in so many ways. More and more, they are coming to our aid as the federal
government is unable to respond to national crisis. I believe in the beauty of shared intent and
pupose offered by groups of caring people. But, I don't believe one must belong to a church to
love God or practice spirituality. Early on, in my beginning usage of the pendulum, I had doubts
about whether or not I was engaged in something unwise. I went with a friend to a Course lecture
given by one of my favorite people, Marianne Williamson. At the end of the program she took
questions from the audience and I has the opportunity to ask her about use of the pendulum. I
was a little anxious about what her answer might be. She explained that any tool we use in the
God's name is useful. And that was that.

We all have our own way of connecting. Each way is valid. Each way is sacred. Each way is
truth. If someone looks at you funny because you do this or that as part of your journey to Light,
it's fine. Let it be. But, do not let it bother you, or stop you from following your heart. We were
always meant to hear and experience our High Self. Some people call the Highest Self the Holy
Spirit. Whatever terminology you want to use is fine. But, the pendulum has many possible
applications. Spiritual guidance is just one.

My belief is that the Highest Self is the One Mind. We are all One. We all share perfect Love
equally. Some people believe in *forms* and that is fine. Some, like me, believe in *light waves*
of energy, but I do envision forms as a way to help me focus. I paint my own canvass, and have
no fear in doing so. It matters not what form you use, if it serves a light filled purpose. What does
matter is that you believe in Love. I think we would all agree that our Creator, or our Source, is
Love. The differences that exist are also illusions. Love is Love. There are no degrees of Love.
Nor are there any conditions placed on Love. Love is perfect and knows no boundaries.

It has become more difficult to hear and see Truth beyond the Veil as we choose to vibrate with
the dense energy of earth. But, in truth, the Veil is an illusion, and nothing is hidden from us.
Source loves you unconditionally and withholds nothing. There is nothing we cannot know about
ourselves. Fear, guilt and shame create the veil and make it real for us. Release these things unto
the Light of Love, and the veil evaporates.


The pendulum is the best way I know to open two way communication to God/Source/Creator.
This includes the energy of the Archangels, Guardian Angels, High Light Guides, as well as
appointed Ascended Masters. You can choose who to speak with if you like. Simply place the
call. Everything you could ever want, or need was given to you the very moment you drew your
first breath of life. Nothing was withheld. You only thought it was. I have let Source be the HR
department. I call upon Source, and let him/her decide who to send to help me. I don’t keep files
on who is doing what. I trust in Light. My only task is to enjoy each moment to it’s fullest.

The pendulum is a remarkable tool for healing. The stories of healing miracles are endless. The
pendulum may carry an earthly reputation that some people find objectionable, but that is often
based on fear and ignorance of the unknown, or some B movie. Most of these people have never
had personal experience using one. If they sat with me for one hour while I do a reading, they
would change their minds instantly. Yes, there are ways to use the pendulum that would not be
advisable. We are working with a wide variety of energies in the seen and unseen. You will get to
decide which energies you wish to engage, and your choices will reflect your experience. I don’t
use the pendulum for anything but Light filled purpose. Your experience with the pendulum will
be the direct result of your intent and application. If you come to this work looking for lotto
numbers, or to determine if your business partner will sleep with you, you will be in for a few
surprises. If you decide to use this powerful medium in an unloving way, you will invite unloving
energies, and that will never be useful for you. However, if you dedicate to use this tool to tap
that part of your highest mind, in the name of Love, you will experience miracles.

The aim of this book is to teach you how to use this simple tool to improve the quality of your
life. You will find many pendy tips that I have written since my journey began. It is my hope that
this book will help you, inspire you, and teach you that you are loved deeply and unconditionally.
I offer it freely in gratitude for the blessings in my own life that were manifested by way of the
guidance I received through the pendulum. Everything you need to know about using this tool is
included here. The most important element of this work is the willingness to transform your self-
hatred into self love. If you are ready to see yourself, and know yourself, you are ready for this

I do hope this book is helpful to you. If you would like more information on using the pendulum
for guidance and energy healing, you are encouraged to join my online forum. I have the largest,
free spiritual dowsing library on the net. See the last page for links and contact information.

There is nothing hidden in truth. The Veil is an illusion.


How Does The Pendulum Work?

Our mind works much like a radio or television receiver and transmitter. As such, we are able to
*tune in* to various frequencies of thought, throughout the physcial Universe and beyond time
and space. Your current emotional set point, at any given moment, is the launching pad for your
experience. Your conscious and unconscious intentions play a role. To the degree we are
energetically aligned with Love (light), is the degree to which we can tap into the Highest Light
Consciousness where all knowledge exists. You don't have to be Jesus. You just need an honest
willingness to know Love. That sounds a little lofty and simple, but it's not. For each sincere step
you take to the inner reaches of your own heart, the Light will take many more on your behalf.
You may not understand what I mean just yet, but ask for help from your Angels, and you will be
shown along the way. They are with you right now as you are reading this.

There is a part of every human mind that is aligned with lower energy forms. That is because
every human has an Ego. This is not bad. Nothing about you is bad. Our Ego, depending on our
current state of being, (vibe) determines our ability to make connection to any higher light source
of information using the pendulum. It is based on our personal beliefs, intentions, and emotional
expression.. Fear, guilt and shame are the biggest obstacles to self realization. Of course, no one
needs a pendulum, or any other physical tool to access Source. But, it is rare for humans to
receive specific information and guidance using tool-less intuition. Some call the work I do,
Intuition Technology. I think that sums it up well. Ideally, we will all come to a point where tools
are unnecceassry. For now, they are blessings from Source and there is no harm in using these
tools if they are surrendered to Divine Light.

If you are going to use the pendulum for High Light Guidance and Healing, you will need to
open your heart and allow for deep transformation over time. You need nothing but willingness
and prayer. There is no one who can give this to you. It is a journey. Transformation is often a
slow unfolding process. Having said that, the Light is capable of showing you quick glimpses of
High Light along your path, and will do this as you lift your feet to take steps. You will recognize
this light when you sense it, as it is what you are. It will be remarkable and you will will desire to
reach for it often. The Ego will fight you every step of the way.
Your work with Angels, through the pendulum, makes ego very nervous and cranky. Don't worry
about it. The ego mind has absolutely no power. Unless you allow it to choose for you.

Part of your work using the pendulum will be to take command of your Ego.You need not hate it,
or reject it. You are welcome to love all parts of yourself, but know the difference between fear
and love at every turn. Each time you choose to release your fears in favor of a loving response to
life, your Ego’s influence will lessen. This takes time and conscious practice. It is indeed a
lifelong application.

A person who chooses to align with Light will enjoy the energetic capacity to tune into High
Light energy. It isn’t a given. It is simply potential. There are other factors. We will discuss them
here in this book. But, the biggest obstacle to knowledge is our resistance to Self-Love. It is
important to understand that energy is constantly changing in relation to our thoughts. Your vibe
on Monday could be different than your vibe on Thursday. Daily spiritual work is key to
consistent penduling. Please remember that just because Tuesday may have been a bad day,
Wednesday is just around the corner, and you will have a fresh opportunity to choose anew.


The Universe is all energy. Some of this energy is beneficial and some is not. I choose to use the
words beneficial and non-beneficial as a way to steer clear of emotional judgments that can and
will effect the state of your being. In order to survive, there was a mechanism created to help
sense these energies for protection. Who/What created the mechanism is still up for debate. My
belief is that fear itself created this mechanism. Love has no fear, and thus no need for
mechanisms to protect against perceived danger. As you begin to see the truth of what you are,
the Veil is made obvious for what it is.

The ability to sense the various energies is fundamental to life on earth, and beyond I suspect,
beginning with the plant kingdom. Plants shrink away from people who radiate non-beneficial
energy, as shown in Clive Backster’s experiments. Of course it has been shown that animals
sense when danger is near. Humans will always try to deflect non-beneficial sensation of any
kind, in a host of ways. All living organisms seem to possess a built in antenna to help perceive
beneficial and non beneficial energies. Our over identification with the intellectual aspect of our
consciousness often restricts the sensitivity we need to go deeper into the full awareness of all
things. Our five senses are in fact limiting our experience of the Universe.

The human nervous system is the communication tool for the body, mind and spirit. The
possibilities are infinite. Alfred Korzybski defines life as the amount of energy any given nervous
system contains. The nervous system appears to function like a Super Cosmic Computer with
endless storage capacity, and software out the whazoo. Passwords are given to all, but not
everyone understands this. Imagine a password for each level of spiritual development, if you
will. Let’s say you are vibing at a level 3 heart space. You will then be able to access level 3
information. If you are vibing at level two, you cannot access level 6 information. It’s not that the
information is being kept from you by God, or anything else. You are the one who decides your
own heart space, through the choices you make about any and all things. Please remember that
it's about willingness to know love. If I was required to be Jesus when using this tool for High
Light Guidance, I'd be so out of luck.

An experienced pendulist also senses energy. In medical radiesthesia, the Physician is measuring
the energetic interaction of a given force field with his/her own nervous system. Some use this to
diagnose and treat accordingly. Some simply observe the energy, continue along, and allow for
Divine Will to be the Physician. I employ the latter technique, as I am not a medical professional.

The pendulum itself does not provide answers to your questions. It is your heart and mind,
communicating through your nervous system, which gives you signals. The pendulum
*amplifies* and interprets the signals through codes set up between your conscious and sub-
conscious mind. You can use anything to pendul with: A pencil, a car key, or a ball on a string
will do the trick. Many, like me, use crystals and stones for the most part. Just as there are many
different kinds of automobiles with different colors, sizes, shapes and prices, your ability to drive
a car is not affected. Emotionally, we may be drawn to red or blue, and we may resonate with the
energies of quartz crystal, or we might love a piece of fine art, and this is fine. There is nothing
wrong with enjoyment as long as we don’t lose sight of the power behind the instrument. High
Light communicates with us through symbols, ideas, and dreams. Our conscious mind translates
these communications through our own personal lens. Our interpretations are based on and
influenced by many things, to include: our personal life experience, our immediate physical
environment, our education, our culture, the unseen energies of those around us, and much more.


Lastly, please understand that it is not necessary to have objects or people present to do Light
work for them. The subject could be many miles away, or even passed on from the earth plane. It
makes no difference. In a dowsing article written by John Stakis, it is written that Abbe Mermet,
a French Priest and one of the great pioneers in the field, was able to dowse for water and
minerals in Africa, while seated comfortably at his desk in his village. As well, Vernon Cameron,
a famous water dowser, was barred from leaving the U.S.A. because he was considered a security
risk. Why? He demonstrated a map downing technique to the US Navy that accurately located
the position and depth of all the subs and bases in the Pacific. He was also able to distinguish
between American and Russian Subs.

Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
© 2004 2005


·/· ~··., .·.· ·/· ~··., .·.· ·/· ~··., .·.· ·/· ~··., .·.·

Pleuse complete one per week.

Heulinu Childhood Ixperiences
In 6 parts

Purt 1

By Robert Ilius Nujemy

Our cIIIdIood experIences IeIp deLermIne our seII-Imuge, percepLIons oI reuIILv,
emoLIons reucLIons und LIus, In essence, our reuIILv.

¡I we reuIIv wunL Lo be Iree Irom LIese seII-IImILIng InIIuences we wIII Iuve Lo
dIscover LIem und LrunsIorm LIem. SucI work requIres un experIenced guIde, buL
LIIs IIsL muv IeIp vou geL sLurLed.

TIe IIrsL sLep Is Lo muke u IIsL oI LIe cIIIdIood experIences wIIcI muv Iuve
deveIoped InLo mIsLuken percepLIons oI reuIILv wIIcI cuuse us Loduv Lo creuLe
IIves oI Iesser IeuILI, IuppIness, IuIIIIImenL und Iurmonv.

Possible Childhood Ixperiences

¡oIIowIng vou wIII IInd u IIsL oI possIbIe cIIIdIood experIences. PerIups LIev muv
noL Iuve occurred exucLIv us descrIbed Iere, buL muv Iuve been sImIIur.
AIso, LIev mInd muv remInded oI someLIIng eIse.

TIese cIIIdIood experIences muv Iuve creuLed u mIsLuken, InIerIor Imuge oI
ourseIves, oLIers und IIIe In generuI.

WIerever LIe quesLIons reIer Lo vour purenLs or oLIer persons oI vour cIIIdIood,
LIInk noL onIv oI LIe purenLs, buL uIso oI grundpurenLs, sLepmoLIers, sLepIuLIers,
uncIes, uunLs, broLIers und sIsLers, cousIns, LeucIers und oLIer peopIe exIsLed In
vour IIIe us u cIIId und up Lo LIe uge oI 18.


CIose Irom LIese und unv oLIer experIences LIose, wIIcI vou beIIeve, muv Iuve
cuused vou us u cIIId Lo deveIop IuIse beIIeIs or emoLIons uround some Issues.

¡or eucI experIence, vou wIII wunL Lo dIscover:

u. WIuL emoLIons vou IeIL LIen us u cIIId?
b. WIuL beIIeIs ubouL vourseII, oLIers und IIIe were creuLed In vour mInd LIen us u
c. WIuL were vour unIuIIIIIed needs uL LIuL LIme?

1. Wus LIere someone wIo goL ungrv wILI vou, scoIded vou, rejecLed vou or
uccused vou? WIo und wIen?

±. Were LIere peopIe wIo IougIL umong LIemseIves or rejecLed or IurL one
unoLIer? WIo und wIen?

¿. Huve vou ever experIenced LIe IeeIIng oI ubundonmenL (PerIups becuuse oI
LIe deuLI or sepuruLIon oI purenLs)? Were vou ever IeIL uIone, or IeIL LIuL oLIers
dIdn?L undersLund vou (or were dIsLunL ? uIooI), or LIuL LIere wus no supporL?
WIen? Bv wIom? How?

A. DId vou ever IeeI LIe need Ior more uIIecLIon, Lenderness or expressIon oI Iove?
¡rom wIom und wIen (durIng wIIcI perIods)?

=. Were LIere persons In vour envIronmenL wIo were oILen III or wIo spoke oILen
oI IIIness? WIo und wIen?

6. DId vou ever experIence LIe IeeIIng oI IumIIIuLIon In LIe presence oI oLIers or
In connecLIon wILI oLIers? ¡n wIIcI cuses?

¬. Were vou ever compured Lo oLIers us Lo wIeLIer vou were Iess or more cupubIe
or worLIv? To wIom, In wIIcI InsLunces, und In connecLIon wILI wIIcI ubIIILIes
or cIurucLer LruILs?

S. Huve vou ever IosL u Ioved one? WIo und wIen?

n. DId unvone ever upproucI vou sexuuIIv wILIouL vour consenL?

1o. Were vou ever uwure oI vour purenLs or unvone eIse mukIng Iove? WIo und
wIen? How dId vou IeeI und wIuL dId vou LIInk?

11. DId vour purenLs ever sLuLe LIuL vou were LIe onIv reuson LIev conLInued
sLuvIng LogeLIer und LIuL LIuL Iud been u bIg sucrIIIce on LIeIr purL? Or, dId LIev
ever LeII vou LIev Iuve sucrIIIced u greuL deuI Ior vour suke, und LIuL vou ure


IndebLed Lo LIem? WIo? WIen? AbouL wIuL muLLers? WIuL exucLIv do vou owe

1±. DId LIev ever uccuse vou oI beIng LIe cuuse Ior LIeIr unIuppIness or IIIness or
probIems? WIo uccused vou und ubouL wIuL exucLIv? WIuL dId LIev meun LIuL IL
wus vour IuuIL, wIuL does LIIs IucL meun Lo vou? AccordIng Lo LIem wIuL sIouId
vou Iuve done?

1¿. DId LIev ever LeII vou LIuL vou ure noL goIng Lo ucIIeve unvLIIng In vour IIIe,
LIuL vou ure Iuzv or IncupubIe, or dumb? WIo, wIen und concernIng wIuL

1A. Were vou ever cuugIL pIuvIng wILI vour genILuIs (uIone or wILI oLIers) und
dId unvone muke vou IeeI guIILv Ior LIuL? WIo? WIen? WIuL wus LIeIr messuge?

1=. DId LIev oILen speuk ubouL guIIL und punIsImenL (eILIer Irom some person
(purenL, poIIce or God)? WIo? WIen? AbouL wIuL Lvpes oI guIIL und wIuL Lvpe oI

16. DId unv LeucIer ever muke vou IeeI IumIIIuLed In IronL oI oLIer cIIIdren?
WIen? How? ConcernIng wIuL?

1¬. ¡n LIe compunv oI oLIer cIIIdren, dId vou ever IeeI rejecLIon or InIerIorILv? Bv
wIom, und InIerIor bv wIuL crILerIu?

1S. Were vou ever LoId LIuL vou were responsIbIe Ior vour sIbIIngs or Ior oLIers In
generuI, und LIuL wIuLever Iuppens Lo LIem Is vour responsIbIIILv? WIo dId?
AbouL wIom? ConcernIng wIuL muLLers were vou responsIbIe?

1n. Were vou ever mude Lo undersLund bv some wuv (neguLIve or posILIve) LIuL, In
order Ior someone Lo be uccepLubIe und IovubIe, one musL:
u. Be beLLer LIun LIe oLIers?
b. Be IIrsL uL evervLIIng?
c. Be perIecL, wILIouL IuuILs?
d. Be InLeIIIgenL und cIever?
e. Be Iundsome J beuuLIIuI?
I. Huve perIecL order und cIeunIIness uL Iome?
u. Huve greuL success In IIsJIer Iove IIIe?
h. Huve IInuncIuI und socIuI success?
i. Be uccepLed bv evervone -- IIm?
j. Be ucLIve In munv wuvs? AcIIeve munv LIIngs?
k. AIwuvs suLIsIv LIe needs oI oLIers?
l. Never suv "no" Lo oLIers?
m. NoL Lo express IIsJIer needs?


±o. DId LIev ever muke vou undersLund In some wuv LIuL vou ure IncupubIe oI
LIInkIng, mukIng decIsIons or ucIIevIng LIIngs bv vourseII, und LIuL vou wIII
uIwuvs need Lo IIsLen Lo udvIce und depend on oLIers? WIo pussed on LIIs
messuge Lo vou? AbouL wIuL muLLers ure vou supposedIv "IncupubIe" oI mukIng
decIsIons or IundIIng properIv?

±1. DId vou ever Iuve roIe modeIs (purenLs, oIder sIbIIngs or oLIers) wIo were, or
sLIII ure, verv dvnumIc und compeLenL so LIuL vou IeIL:
u. TIe need Lo be IIke LIem?
b. TIe need Lo prove vour worLI; Lo be IIke LIem, Lo reucI or even surpuss LIese
c. DespuIr, seII-rejecLIon, ubundonmenL oI eIIorL, perIups seII-desLrucLIve
(possIbIv subconscIous) LendencIes becuuse vou beIIeved vou couId never
meusure up Lo LIem?

±±. Hus LIere ever been In vour envIronmenL someone wILI unexpecLed,
unpredIcLubIe, nervous or even scIIzopIrenIc beIuvIor (possIbIv uIcoIoIIc or drug
uddIcL) so LIuL vou mIgIL noL know wIuL Lo expecL Irom IIm or Ier? Hus LIere
been vIoIence (pIvsIcuI or psvcIoIogIcuI)? Bv wIom und wIuL wus LIe beIuvIor

±¿. Huve vou IeIL rejecLIon Lowurds or sIumeIuI ubouL one or boLI oI vour
purenLs? WIv?

±A. DId vou ever muke LIe dIscoverv LIuL one oI vour purenLs Ius Iud un exLru-
murILuI uIIuIr? WIen und under wIuL cIrcumsLunces? How dId vou IeeI ubouL

±=. DId LIev speuk Lo vou oILen ubouL "God LIe punIsIer"?

±6. DId vou ever IeeI LIuL LIev LoId vou one LIIng buL dId unoLIer, LIuL LIere wus
no consIsLencv beLween LIeIr words und ucLIons, LIuL LIev Iud u doubIe sLundurd,
one Ior LIemseIves und unoLIer Ior LIe oLIers, or LIuL LIev were IvpocrILes, IuIse
und noL Lrue? WIo und wIen? ConcernIng wIuL LopIcs?

±¬. Upon wIuL wus vour purenLs? securILv bused? u) on monev?, b) on LIe
opInIon oI oLIers? c) on educuLIon? d) on personuI power? e) on LIe unILv oI LIe
IumIIv? I) on properLv? g) on one?s spouse? I) oLIer?

±S. Were vou u spoIIed cIIId LIuL uIwuvs Iud wIuLever IL wunLed und Lo wIom no
one ever reIused u Iuvor? ¡I so, wIuL eIIecL dId LIuL Iuve on vou?

±n. DId LIev suppress vour Ireedom oI movemenL und expressIon? DId LIev Iorce
vou Lo do LIIngs vou dId noL wunL Lo do? (sLudv, vIsILs, dress). DId LIev IorbId vou
Lo do LIIngs vou wunLed Lo do? WIuL were vou Iorced Lo do or prevenLed Irom

¿o. (Ior Women) DId LIev In some wuv muke vou undersLund LIuL sInce vou
ure u gIrI:
u. You ure worLI Iess LIun u mun?
b. You ure noL suIe wILIouL u mun?
c. Sex Is dIrLv (u sIn)?
d. ¡n order Lo be socIuIIv uccepLubIe vou musL geL murrIed?
e. You ure Iess compeLenL LIun men ure?
I. Your onIv mIssIon Is Lo serve oLIers?
u. You musL noL express vour needs, vour IeeIIngs or vour opInIons?
h. You musL submIL vourseII Lo vour Iusbund?
i. You musL be beuuLIIuI Lo be uccepLubIe?

¿1. (Ior Men) DId LIev In some wuv muke vou undersLund LIuL sInce vou ure u
u. You musL be sLrong?
b. You musL be superIor, more compeLenL, sLronger und more InLeIIIgenL LIun
vour wIIe?
c. Your worLI Is meusured uccordIng Lo vour sexuuI prowess?
d. Your worLI Is meusured uccordIng Lo vour proIessIonuI (IInuncIuI) success?
d. You musL compure vourseII wILI oLIer men?


Heulinu Childhood Ixperiences

Purt ±

Mistuken Conclosions

RoberL EIIus Nujemv

As cIIIdren we Lend Lo muke munv IuIse concIusIons ubouL reuIILv, usuuIIv
burdenIng ourseIves wILI LIe responsIbIIILv Ior evervLIIng IncIudIng our purenLs?
unger, ubsence, ubundonmenL, unIuppIness, IIIness, sepuruLIon, deuLI eLc.

We Lend Lo concIude LIuL LIere Is someLIIng wrong wILI us und LIuL we do noL
good und do noL deserve LIe IeuILI, IuppIness, Iove und uLLenLIon we need.

Possible Mistuken Childhood Conclosions

PIeuse muke u murk nexL Lo beIIeIs or IeeIIngs wIIcI vou Iuve observed In
vourseII, so LIuL vou cun work on LIem In LIe nexL sLuge.

Some possIbIe IuIse beIIeIs mIgIL be:

1. ¡ musL be IIke LIe oLIers In order Ior LIem Lo uccepL me.
z. ¡I LIev do noL Iove und uccepL me, ¡ um noL suIe.
¤. ¡I oLIers do noL uccepL me, ¡ um noL worLIv.
q. ¡ musL be "rIgIL" In order Lo be worLIv und Ior LIem Lo Iove me.
=. ¡ musL be perIecL In order Ior oLIers Lo uccepL me und Iove me.
6. ¡ musL be beLLer LIun oLIers In order Lo be worLIv.
;. ¡ musL Iuve _____________ In order Lo be suIe.
8. ¡ musL Iuve _____ In order Lo worLIv.
¤. ¡ musL ucIIeve ________In order Lo be worLIv.
1o. ¡ musL be Ioved und uccepLed bv LIose cIose Lo me In order Lo be Iuppv.
11. ¡n order Lo IeeI worLIv ¡ musL be ubIe und successIuI.
1z. Mv IuppIness Is noL In mv own Iunds. ¡ um LIe vIcLIm oI exLernuI IucLors.


1¤. Mv selI-worth Is dependenL on:
u. WIuL oLIers LIInk oI me.
b. TIe resuILs oI mv eIIorLs.
c. Mv uppeurunce
d. Mv monev und IorLune.
e. Mv knowIedge
I. How ¡ compure Lo oLIers.
u. ¡I ¡ um murrIed.
h. Mv proIessIonuI posILIon.
i. OLIer __________

1q. ¡ um suIe onIv II ¡ Iuve:
u. A spouse
b. Monev
c. SpecIIIc persons In mv IIIe
d. TIe oLIers? upprovuI
e. OLIer ________

1=. ¡ um responsIbIe Ior LIe oLIers? reuIILv, (TIeIr IeuILI suIeLv, IuppIness,
success, und suLIsIucLIon
16. OLIers ure responsIbIe Ior mv reuIILv und Iow ¡ IeeI.
1;. ¡ um noL u good person.
18. ¡?m unworLIv, no muLLer wIuL ¡ do.
1¤. ¡?m unworLIv wIen ¡?m scoIded, rejecLed, uccused or wIen oLIers ure ungrv
uL me.
zo. ¡?m In dunger wIen oLIers ure ungrv uL me, wIen LIev scoId, uccuse or rejecL
z1. PeopIe don?L Iove me.
zz. ¡?m responsIbIe Ior LIe oLIers? mIserv.
z¤. ¡?m uIone In IIIe.
zq. ¡ um unproLecLed, vuInerubIe, In dunger.
z=. No one wunLs Lo be wILI me.
z6. ¡?m noL worLIv oI u permunenL, sLeudv reIuLIonsIIp - ¡ wIII be ubundoned.
z;. TIere Is no sLeudv supporL, IrIendsIIp, Iove In LIIs worId, or, II LIere Is, ¡
cunnoL Iuve IL or ¡ um noL worLIv oI IL.
z8. ¡ um unworLIv oI uIIecLIon, Lenderness or expressIon oI Iove.
z¤. ¡ um und wIII be LreuLed unjusLIv. TIere Is no jusLIce.
¤o. ¡ cunnoL Iuve wIuL ¡ wunL or wIuL ¡ need.
¤1. ¡ musL noL usk Ior wIuL ¡ wunL.
¤z. TIe Iumun bodv Is weuk und vuInerubIe Lo IIIness und puIn.
¤¤. ¡L?s mv IuuIL wIen someone cIose Lo me Is III.
¤q. ¡ Iuve no rIgIL Lo be Iuppv or In u good mood wIen oLIers ure sIck.
¤=. ¡IIness sIows weukness und ¡ musL noL geL sIck so us noL Lo sIow weukness.


¤6. Mv seII-worLI Is meusured In reIuLIon Lo Iow ¡ compure wILI oLIers.
¤;. OLIers uccepL me und wunL me onIv II LIev beIIeve me Lo be sLrong und
¤8. OLIers don?L Iove me enougI Lo sLuv wILI me.
¤¤. ¡ cunnoL LrusL men (women).
qo. TIose oI LIe opposILe sex wunL me onIv Ior mv bodv.
q1. Sex Is vIoIence.
qz. TIe sexuuI ucL Is vIoIenL und cuuses puIn.
q¤. TIe sexuuI ucL Is dIrLv und bruLuI.
qq. ¡ musL deIInILeIv repuv oLIers wIuL LIev Iuve gIven me.
q=. ¡ don?L wunL Lo receIve unvLIIng Irom unvone becuuse LIen ¡?II be IndebLed Lo
LIem. ¡ wIII noL be Iree.
q6. ¡ um uIwuvs obIIguLed Lo oLIers no muLLer wIuL ¡ do.
q;. ¡ musL sucrIIIce wIuL ¡ beIIeve In und wunL, In order Lo suLIsIv mv purenLs (or
q8. TIe oLIers ure obIIged Lo me Ior wIuL ¡ do Ior LIem.
q¤. ¡ ?m guIILv (responsIbIe) Ior LIe oLIers? reuIILv (Ior LIeIr IeuILI, peuce,
success eLc.
=o. ¡ Iuve no rIgIL Lo be weII, Iuppv, In u good mood or Lo resL wIen oLIers Iuve
probIems or ure noL weII.
=1. OLIers ure responsIbIe Ior mv unIuppIness, IIIness, IuIIure.
=z. ¡ musL suve oLIers und LIe worId. PeopIe ure IncupubIe oI doIng IL LIemseIves.
=¤. OLIers don?L know, LIev musL IIsLen Lo me. ¡ musL soIve LIeIr probIems.
=q. ¡ cunnoL Iuve conIIdence In oLIers Lo do LIIngs becuuse LIev mIgIL muke
==. ¡I ¡ don?L do IL, no one wIII.
=6. ¡ um LreuLed unjusLIv becuuse ¡ uIwuvs IeIp und sucrIIIce mvseII Ior oLIers, buL
LIev don?L IeIp me wIen ¡ need IeIp.
=;. ¡ musL be uIwuvs sLrong, musL never sIow weukness or usk Ior IeIp
=8. ¡ um IncupubIe.
=¤. ¡?m noL InLeIIIgenL.
6o. ¡ wIII be unubIe Lo succeed In mv purpose.
61. ¡ um bud, dIrLv und guIILv becuuse ¡ Iuve sexuuI drIves, IeeIIngs or needs.
6z. ¡ um unworLIv oI God?s Iove.
6¤. ¡ um u sInner, und God does noL Iove me.
6q. God wIII punIsI me In IIIe. Bud LIIngs wIII deIInILeIv Iuppen.
6=. TIIngs cunnoL be uIwuvs pIeusunL.
66. TeucIers und peopIe oI uuLIorILv wunL Lo oppress me, Lo muke me IeeI
InIerIor, IurL me.
6;. ¡ um In dunger oI beIng conLroIIed bv LIose In posILIons oI power.
68. We musL IIgIL uuLIorILv.
6¤. OLIers wIII IuugI uL me, muke Iun oI me.
;o. OLIers cunnoL be LrusLed.

Heulinu Childhood Ixperiences

Purt ¿

Beuinninu TrunsIormution

RoberL EIIus Nujemv

HuvIng recognIzed some oI our cIIIdIood experIences und mIsLuken concIusIons
In purLs 1 &z, Iere we conLInue Lo InvesLIguLe LIe messuges we receIved us
cIIIdren LIrougI peopIe?s words, beIuvIors or uLLILudes.

¡I LIIs process cuuses vou Lo IeeI dIsLurbed, seek LIe IeIp oI un experIenced

Qoestionnuire Ior Gettinu Acqouinted with oor Inner Child

CompIeLe LIe IoIIowIng senLences wILI us munv unswers us come Lo vou mInd:

1. As u cIIId, ¡ Ieurd LIuL mv mosL sIgnIIIcunL IuuILs were.....

±. As u cIIId, ¡ IeIL guIIL Ior JwIen ....

¿. Messuges ¡ receIved ubouL God were ...

A. Messuges ¡ receIved sex were ...

=. Messuges ¡ receIved ubouL monev were ...

6. ¡ IeIL rejecLIon wIen...

¬. I IeIL Ieur wIen

S. I IeIL unger wIen

n. ¡ IeIL sIume or InIerIorILv wIen...

1o. I IeIL secure wIen

11. ¡ IeIL peuce wIen


1±. I IeIL Ioved wIen

1¿. I IeIL Iove wIen

1¿. I IeIL Iuppv wIen

Procedore Ior Liberution Irom Childhood Woonds und Obstucles
Towurd Imotionul Hurmony und Huppiness

A. Ðuily Commonicution with the Child Within

TIIs cun be done duIIv us un exercIse In ILseII or us u preIude Lo medILuLIon or

1. SIL or IIe down wILI LIe spIne sLruIgIL.

±. ReIux LIe enLIre bodv und mInd wILI unv reIuxIng or concenLruLIon LecInIque.

¿. Now ImugIne or IeeI vour Inner cIIId und communIcuLe wILI IL.
u. Ask IL Iow IL Ieels.
b. Ask II IL Ius some needs IL wouId IIke Lo suLIsIv.
c. Express Lo LIe cIIId yoor needs und gouIs us un uduIL.

A. GIve IL LIe positive reinIorcement IL needs Lo Ieur ubouL Iove, securILv und
=. Imbruce LIe cIIId menLuIIv wILI tenderness und love.
u. ¡eeI LIe cIIId In vour urms und LIen
b. IdentiIy with the smull body und IeeI vourseII InsIde LIe embruce; uccepL
LIe Iove und Lenderness oIIered Lo vou.

B. Anulysis

1. Write the story oI vour cIIIdIood veurs.
u. Add wIuLever uddILIonuI memorIes vou remember eucI duv.
b. ¡L doesn?L need Lo be In cIronoIogIcuI order.
c. You cun wrILe In LIe LIIrd or IIrsL person.
d. Ask oLIers (purenLs, uncIes, uunLs, sIbIIngs, grundpurenLs) wIuL LIev
e. ¡ook uL oId pIcLures und seek Lo remember Iow vou IeIL LIen.


±. Qoestionnuire Ior the unulysis oI onpleusunt childhood

Now choose the experiences, belieIs or emotions, which yoo woold
like to trunsIorm:

Huvinu done so, we now move on to the Iollowinu process.

u. DescrIbe un experience or uenerul sitoution wIIcI wus unpIeusunL, LIuL
mude vou IeeI Ieur, sorrow, guIIL, rejecLIon, dunger, InjusLIce, jeuIousv or unv
oLIer unpIeusunL emoLIon.

b. WIuL were LIe exucL emotions wIIcI vou Iud us u child?

c. WIuL thoouhts or Lo wIuL conclosions dId vou urrIve us u child becuuse oI
LIIs experIence or sILuuLIon?

d. ¡n wIuL wuv dId vou reuct LIen us u child?

e. WIuL eIIect dId LIIs experIence Iuve upon vou luter In vour IIIe or even

I. ¡I vou couId Iuve been uL LIuL LIme ubsoIuLeIv open und IonesL, wIuL wouId vou
Iuve suId Lo vour purenLs or Lo oLIers wIo pIuved u roIe (or wIo were wILI vou) In
LIIs evenL or In LIIs sILuuLIon?
1. WIuL dId vou Ieel then us u child?
±. WIuL were vour needs und desires?
¿. WIuL dId vou wunt LIem Lo do or noL do?

(WrILe LIe unswer In LIe second person Lo vour purenLs und J or Lo oLIers us II
vou were speukIng Lo LIem or wrILIng LIem u IeLLer).

WIen vou IInIsI wILI one experIence or sILuuLIon, go on Lo unoLIer und unoLIer,
unswerIng LIe sume quesLIons.

¿. Write letters Lo LIe peopIe wIo pIuved un ImporLunL roIe In LIe
unpIeusunL experIences oI vour cIIIdIood (purenLs, LeucIers, uncIes, uunLs,
sIbIIngs, grundpurenLs & oLIers).

u. CommunIcuLe LoLuIIv openly und honestly.

b. Add new thoouhts und Ieelinus eucI duv.


c. No necessILv Ior cIronoIogIcuI order.

d. Express Iow vou Ielt ut thut yoonu uue (noL Iow vou see IL or expIuIn IL

e. Releuse und express vour neguLIve (und posILIve) IeeIIngs.

I. Ixpress yoor needs, Ieelinus, desires und thoouhts yoo hud ut thut

Note: ¡L Is noL necessurv Lo gIve LIese IeLLers Lo LIe peopIe vou ure wrILIng LIem
Lo, onIv Lo Iuve expressed LIem vourseII. ¡n some cuses, Iowever, once vou ure
cIeur ubouL LIIs, und Iuve reIeused LIe emoLIonuI cIurge concernIng LIeses Issues,
vou muv wunL Lo communIcuLe verbuIIv or In wrILIng wILI LIose concerned ?
wIeLIer LIev ure IIvIng or noL.

Remember Iowever LIuL IIIe Ius gIven vou LIe experIences vou need Lo proceed In
vour evoIuLIonurv process und LIuL vou Iuve probubIv guIned mucI InLernuIIv
Irom uII LIIs.

A. Reud the letters Lo someone wIo Is experIenced In ucLIve IIsLenIng.

u. ¡I vou IInd LIuL LIe reudIng cuuses sLrong IeeIIngs, express und reIeuse LIem,
beIore vou conLInue reudIng. Don?L IoId LIese emoLIons Iocked InsIde vou.

b. You muv need Lo reud LIese IeLLers uddILIonuI LImes unLII LIe emoLIonuI cIurge
Is reIeused.


Heulinu Childhood Ixperiences

Purt A

Positive AIIirmutions

RoberL EIIus Nujemv

TIe nexL sLep In IeuIIng LIe ¡nner CIIId Is Lo Iree it Irom ILs mIsLuken
percepLIons oI ILseII, oLIers und IIIe.

TIIs wIII requIre IIrsL LIuL we ure ubIe Lo some degree eruse our oId progrummIng
so LIuL LIe new beIIeIs cun be recorded. OLIerwIse, IL Is IIke recordIng new musIc
on un oId cusseLLe, wIIcI we Iuve noL erused. We wIII Ieur Lwo pIeces II musIc uL
LIe sume LIme.

ProgrummIng our mInds wILI posILIve uIIIrmuLIons Is useIuI und ImporLunL buL IL
does necessurIIv remove wIuL Is prevIousIv recorded.

Gettinu Iree Irom the old Mistuken BelieIs

TIese oId emoLIonuIIv cIurged beIIeIs cun be mosL eIIecLIveIv be removed bv LIe
IoIIowIng, uII oI wIIcI requIre experIenced und dependubIe guIdes.

Reuressions Lo our cIIIdIood veurs wIere we IIrsL reIeuse (perIups LIrougI
some sorL oI cuLIursIs) und LIen trunsIorm oor conclosions bused on wIuL
Iuppened. We do noL cIunge wIuL Iuppened, buL ruLIer LIe concIusIons we
mude. So wIen we remember un ungrv or vIoIenL purenL, Ior exumpIe, buL reuIIze
LIuL our seII-worLI und Inner securILv ure noL In dunger.

Prourumminu the Mind with Positive AIIirmutions
We cun LIen move on Lo sLrengLIen our beIIeI In IogIcuI or spIrILuuI LruLI.

TIIs cun be done In munv wuvs. Some ure:

1. Muke siuns oI LIese or sImIIur pIruses und pIuce LIem wIere vou wIII see LIem

z. Write these phruses muny times, or repeut them verbully oILen, so us
Lo reprogrum LIe subconscIous mInd.

¤. Muke deep reluxution or mind control und repeuL LIese pIruses InLo LIe


reIuxed und recepLIve mInd.

We wIII gIve more deLuIIs ubouL LIuL In IuLure purLs oI LIIs serIes.

q. Think deeply uboot them und uLLempL Lo dIscover In wIIcI sILuuLIons vou
IorgeL LIese LruLIs und ucL wILIouL cIurILv und responsIbIIILv. PrucLIce
rememberIng LIese LruLIs even In LIose momenLs oI despuIr or emoLIonuI upseL.

TIev ure mucI more eIIecLIve und IusLIng In LIeIr resuILs LIun unv Lvpe oI
LrunquIIIzer or oLIer cIemIcuI subsLunces.

TIese uLLILudInuI cIunges compIImenL und muke more eIIecLIve unv oLIer eIIorLs
Lowurd seII-IeuIIng, sucI us pIvsIcuI exercIses, breuLIIng LecInIques, cIeunsIng
LecInIques, proper dIeL, IusLIng, reIuxuLIon, mInd conLroI und medILuLIon.

Possible Messuues Irom os to oor Inner Child

1. ¡ Iove vou und uccepL vou exucLIv us vou ure.

±. ¡ upprecIuLe vou und respecL vou.

¿. ¡ IeeI uIIecLIon und Lenderness Ior vou.

A. You ure Iree Lo do wIuL vou IIke, provIded vou ure noL IurLIng unvbodv.

=. You ure cupubIe und sLrong.

6. TIere Is un InIInILe spIrILuuI power wILIIn vou, wIIcI proLecLs vou Irom IIIness,
evenLs und dungers.

¬. Your bodv Is IeuILIv und sLrong und resIsLunL Lo IIIness.

S. You IIve In u wIse dIvIne pIun wIIcI brIngs Lo vou onIv wIuL Is useIuI Ior vour

n. You seIecLed vour purenLs und LIe evenLs oI vour cIIIdIood und LIus vou
creuLed LIe perIecL condILIons Ior vour deveIopmenL.

1o. TIere Is u DIvIne Power, wIIcI guIdes vou Irom wILIIn.

11. TIere Is wILIIn vou un uII-wIse voIce LIuL Ieuds vou correcLIv In vour IIIe.
¡oIIow IL.

1±. You Iuve LIe rIgIL und LIe responsIbIIILv Lo express vour Inner sLrengLI und
beuuLv creuLIveIv.

1¿. You deserve Iove und respecL Irom evervone, regurdIess oI vour uppeurunce,
socIuI posILIon, proIessIon, knowIedge, ucIIevemenLs und wIuL oLIers LIInk oI

1A. Your seII-worLI Is LIe sume us LIuL oI everv oLIer souI, no more no Iess.

1=. No one eIse cun creuLe or Iuve LIe responsIbIIILv Ior vour IuppIness, IeuILI or

16. You cun IeIp oLIers buL cunnoL creuLe or ussume responsIbIIILv Ior LIeIr
IuppIness, IeuILI or success.

1¬. You ure un eLernuI, dIvIne conscIousness In LIe process oI deveIopIng LIe
ubIIILv Lo express LIe beuuLv LIuL exIsLs wILIIn vou.

1S. EvervLIIng Is DIvIne. TIere Is no one or LIIng LIuL Is noL LIe expressIon oI LIe
one unIversuI conscIousness - vou ure no excepLIon.

1n. ¡L Is noL necessurv Lo IIve vour IIIe uccordIng Lo LIe convIcLIons or
expecLuLIons oI vour purenLs or oLIers. ¡ove, respecL und IeIp LIem, buL IIve
uccordIng Lo vour prIncIpIes, needs und convIcLIons.

±o. Your purenLs ure Lwo eLernuI souIs In u process oI evoIuLIon wIom vou
seIecLed Lo pIuv LIese roIes In LIIs IncurnuLIon. Your onIv reuI purenL Is God.

±1. You Iuve LIe sume worLI, wIsdom, sLrengLI, und rIgILs us LIe Lwo eLernuI
souIs wIo pIuved LIe roIe oI vour purenLs.

±±. WIuLever LIev dId Lo Iurm vou wus ouL oI Ignorunce or Ieur.

±¿. Your purenLs were once cIIIdren wIo were progrummed bv LIeIr purenLs.

Importunt Note:

Some oI us muv Iuve sLored emoLIonuIIv cIurged memorIes In our subconscIous.
We need Lo reIeuse LIese Irom our energv svsLem In order Lo creuLe IeuILI,
IuppIness, peuce, cIurILv, evoIuLIon und IurmonIous reIuLIonsIIps.

WorkIng wILI LIem, Iowever, In some cuses, muv LemporurIIv brIng Lo LIe surIuce
some unpIeusunL or dIsLurbIng IeeIIngs. We ure oI course experIencIng LIese
neguLIve energIes subconscIousIv und psvcIosomuLIcuIIv unvwuv.


Heulinu Childhood Ixperiences

Purt =

Positive Projection

RoberL EIIus Nujemv

TIe nexL sLep In IeuIIng LIe ¡nner CIIId Is Lo strenuthen even more oor
positive belieIs ubouL ourseIves oLIers und IIIe.

Some oI LIe posILIve beIIeIs we muv wunL Lo sLrengLIen ure:

Stress Iliminutinu AIIirmutions

Our LIougILs creuLe our reuIILv.
We uLLrucL Lo ourseIves LIuL wIIcI we beIIeve ubouL our seIves, oLIers un IIIe. TIe
more posILIve our LIougILs, LIe more posILIve our reuIILv. Here ure some
AIIIrmuLIons wIIcI creuLe u more posILIve, IuppIer more IuIIIIIIng reuIILv.

A. Aboot Ability und Secority

1. AnxIeLv soIves no probIems ? ucLIons do.

z. Some probIems ure probIems onIv becuuse ¡ beIIeve LIem Lo be.

¤. ¡ Iuve LIe Inner power und sLrengLI Lo deuI wILI wIuLever IIIe brIngs me.

q. ¡ um cupubIe oI IundIIng unv possIbIe evenLs or sILuuLIons.

=. ¡ IeeI suIe und secure In everv sILuuLIon.

6. WIIIe mukIng mv own sIncere eIIorL, ¡ enLrusL mv IIIe, mv IumIIv und LIe
resuILs oI uII mv eIIorLs InLo God?s (LIe UnIverse's) wIse und jusL judgmenL.

;. ¡IIe gIves me In eucI momenL exucLIv wIuL ¡ need In everv sILuuLIon In order Lo
be Iuppv, perIorm mv IIIe und purpose und grow spIrILuuIIv.

8. ¡ um InLeIIIgenL und cupubIe enougI Lo succeed In unv endeuvor wIIcI Is
ImporLunL Lo me.


B. Aboot SelI-Worth

1. Mv seII-worLI Is u IuncLIon oI mv Inner beIng (oI wIo ¡ um) und noL wIuL
oLIers LIInk oI me or Iow mucI ¡ uccompIIsI.

z. TIe resuILs oI mv eIIorLs depend on munv dIIIerenL IucLors; one oI wIIcI Is mv

¤. Mv seII worLI Is LoLuIIv IndependenL oI unv exLernuI IucLors sucI us:
InLeIIIgence, weuILI, mv Iome, uppeurunce, LuIenLs, proIessIonuI success, mv
cIIIdren?s success, beIng uLLrucLIve Lo LIe opposILe sex, mukIng IrIends,
dIscIpIInes, "spIrILuuI" ucLIvILIes.

q. ¡ um worLIv oI Iove und respecL even wIen ¡ um noL perIecL In wIuL ¡ do und
even wIen ¡ muke mIsLukes.

=. Mv seII-worLI Is LoLuIIv IndependenL oI wIeLIer oLIers ugree wILI me or ure
suLIsIIed wILI me.

6. Mv seII-worLI Is LoLuIIv IndependenL oI Iow peopIe beIuve Lowurds me.

;. Mv seII-worLI Is LoLuIIv IndependenL oI Iow mucI oLIers work or Iow LIev
work or wIuL LIev beIIeve ubouL me.

8. Mv seII-worLI Is u reIIecLIon oI mv dIvIne nuLure und noL mv gender, reIIgIon,
socIuI cIuss eLc.

¤. ¡ um u good person, u worLIv person.

C. Ireedom und Love

1. ¡ respecL und Iove uII persons (especIuIIv mv purenLs und IumIIv) wILIouL IeeIIng
unv need wIuLsoever Lo IIve mv IIIe uccordIng Lo LIeIr beIIeIs or vuIues. ¡ IIve mv
IIIe In Iurmonv wILI mv Inner vuIues und beIIeIs.

z. ¡ um In no wuv responsIbIe Ior oLIer peopIe?s reuIILv buL onIv Ior mv own
moLIves und beIuvIor Lowurds LIem.

¤. No one eIse Is responsIbIe Ior mv reuIILv. ¡ um LoLuIIv responsIbIe Ior wIuL ¡
uLLrucL, IeeI und experIence In IIIe.

q. ¡ um responsIbIe Ior LIe purILv oI mv moLIves und quuIILv oI mv eIIorLs und noL
Ior LIe resuILs oI mv eIIorLs or Iow LIev eIIecL oLIers.


=. AII beIngs deserve mv Iove und respecL, IncIudIng mvseII

6. ¡ undersLund LIuL oLIers ucL neguLIveIv ouL oI Ieur.

;. ¡ um Iree In eucI momenL Lo be mvseII.

8. No one cun IImIL mv Ireedom unIess ¡ need someLIIng Irom LIem.

¤. ReuI Ireedom Is Ireedom Irom Ieurs, needs und IuIse IImILIng beIIeIs.

1o. ReuI Ireedom Is LIe ubIIILv Lo do wIuL ever Is In mv besL InLeresL us u souI In
LIe process oI evoIuLIon.

11. ReuI Ireedom Is LIe Ireedom Lo experIence peuce, Iove und IuppIness
regurdIess oI wIuL Iuppens or oLIers? beIuvIor.

Strenutheninu oor BelieIs

You cun sLrengLIen LIese beIIeIs In some oI LIe IoIIowIng wuvs:

1. Written AIIirmutions

One wuv oI workIng LIese new concepLs more deepIv InLo LIe mInd Is Lo wrILe
LIem munv LImes eucI duv. As vou wrILe or repeuL LIem LwenLv LImes u duv, vou
wIII observe vurIous reucLIons, posILIve und neguLIve Irom vour conscIous und
subconscIous mInd. You wouId do weII Lo record LIese reucLIons. You cun
undersLund mucI ubouL vourseII, vour bIockuges und Iow Lo Lrunscend LIem.
TIIs LecInIque Is gIven In deLuII In LIe book «TIe PsvcIoIogv OI HuppIness».

±. AIIirmutions in Ðeep Reluxution

TIIs Is perIups LIe mosL eIIecLIve wuv Lo reprogrum our mInds wILI posILIve
uIIIrmuLIons. ¡n deep reIuxuLIon LIe messuges cun peneLruLe InLo our
subconscIous mInds, und LIus, cIunges ure mude In LIe rooLs oI our beIng.

¿. AIIirmutions in oor Sleep
We cun uIso progrum cusseLLes Lo be pIuved In LIe Iour beIore we wuke up so LIuL
LIe uIIIrmuLIon wIII go dIrecLIv InLo our subconscIous mInd und noL be IIILered
und rejecLed bv LIe conscIous mInd.

A. Sobliminul Messuues on Cussettes
One cun uIso purcIuse or creuLe «subIImInuI» cusseLLes In wIIcI messuges ure
recorded uL u IeveI verv Iow on u cusseLLe wILI peuceIuI musIc. ConscIousIv vou
Ieur onIv LIe musIc und noL LIe posILIve uIIIrmuLIons wIIcI ure recorded uL u

subIImInuI IeveI. AccordIng Lo LIe udvocuLes oI LIIs meLIod, LIese messuges cun
LIen bvpuss LIe conscIous mInd und ILs ruLIonuI IIILers wIIcI bIock ouL wIuLever
we Iuve been progrummed noL Lo beIIeve.

=. Letter Writinu
WrILIng u IeLLer In wIIcI we sLuLe our posILIve beIIeIs Lo u IuLIer, moLIer, uncIe,
uunL, spouse, cIIId or unv oLIer Ioved one cun serIousIv sLrengLIen LIuL beIIeI
wILIIn. TIIs Is ImporLunL becuuse our IumIIv Is oILen LIe IusL pIuce we experIence
new beIIeIs.

6. Curds And Siuns
Muke curds wILI vurIous posILIve pIruses wIIcI vou wunL Lo remember. PIuce
LIem uround vour Iome, vour cur und vour pIuce oI work or wIenever vour eves
wIII IuII on LIem IrequenLIv. Muke Iurge sIgns wIIcI vou cun decoruLe nIceIv und
pIuce LIem In vour Iome und oIIIce. ¡Ind oLIer creuLIve wuvs Lo remInd
vourseIves oI LIese spIrILuuI LruLIs.

¬. Write Poems or Muke Sonus
WrILe poems, muke songs ouL oI LIem und sIgn LIem. RepeuL LIem us vou ure
wuIkIng drIvIng, cIeunIng, cookIng or doIng unvLIIng wIIcI doesn?L requIre vou
IuII conscIous uLLenLIon.


Heulinu Childhood Ixperiences

Purt 6

Imotionul Ireedom Techniqoes us u tool

RoberL EIIus Nujemv

Those of you unfamiliar with the EFT techniques would benefit from going to:
and once you have mastered the basic technique to:

Workinu with Childhood experiences with IIT

Æ. Muke u IIsL oI LIe evenLs, sILuuLIons, beIIeIs or emoLIons wIIcI vou wouId IIke
Lo Iree vourseII Irom.

Note: E¡T works beLLer on emoLIons wIIcI we cun IeeI, LIus In eucI oI cuses vou
cIoose Lo work wILI, IL wIII be more eIIecLIve Lo work wILI LIe emotion creuted
by LIuL evenL, sILuuLIon or beIIeI brIngs.

1. __________________________________________
z. ___________________________________________
¤. ___________________________________________

B. Now, Ior euch experience, seek to unswer the Iollowinu qoestions.

1. WIuL ure LIe vurioos uspects oI LIIs experIence? (TIInk oI specIIIc ucLIons,
sLunces, words, uLLILudes, Imuges, sounds, und scenes.)

As suggesLed bv Gurv CruIg (www.emoIree.com), IL muv IeIp Lo LuIk ubouL or
wrILe ubouL LIIs experIence descrIbIng In deLuII exucLIv wIuL Iuppened.

Everv LIme vou sense unv IeeIIngs ubouL wIuL vou ure speukIng or wrILIng ubouL,
vou cun eILIer work on dIrecLIv or noLe IL on puper In order Lo work on IL IuLer.

¡n LIIs wuv vou ure mukIng u list oI uspects oI eucI experIence wIIcI muv be
creuLIng u dIsLurbed energv IIeId wIIcI Is creuLIng LIe emoLIons wIIcI vou wouId
IIke Lo become Iree Irom.


±. Now Ior eucI uspecL oI experIence we wIII need Lo reuIIze Lo LIe besL oI our
ubIIILv whut emotions we were or ure Ieelinu und wIuL LIe SUD emoLIonuI
cIurge Is.

TIere verv weII muv be u number oI sImuILuneous emoLIons sucI us IurL, Ieur,
guIIL, InjusLIce und unger. We wIII need Lo deuI wILI wIIcI ever Is mosL InLense
und LIen wILI LIe oLIers us LIev come Lo LIe surIuce.

¿. CIose LIen un uspecL und specIIIc emoLIon wIIcI vou wouId IIke Lo begIn wILI.

A. Now we ure reudv Lo empIov E¡T on LIIs emoLIon oI LIe uspecL. As we coIIupse
LIIs, LIen IIkeIv oLIer emoLIons und LIen oLIer uspecLs wIII come Lo LIe surIuce Lo
be dIscIurged.

The Set Lp


Note: We use two phruses wIen doIng LIe set op.

u. We rub on LIe sore spoL on one sIde (or Lup LIe sIde oI LIe Iund) repeuLIng
phruse "A" LIree LImes.

b. TIen we repeuL phruse "B" LIree LImes wIIIe rubbIng LIe on LIe sore spoL on
LIe oLIer sIde (or LuppIng on LIe sIde oI LIe oLIer Iund).

c. TIen we repeuL LIe "C" remInder pIruse wIIIe LuppIng on LIe 1z poInLs.


The Set Lp Ior the primury emotion which we ure Ieelinu:

A. Even LIougI ¡ IeeI (LIe emoLIon) _____________ wIen ¡ LIInk oI (LIe
cIIIdIood evenL or sILuuLIon)_____, ¡ deepIv und proIoundIv Iove mvseII.

Even LIougI ¡ IeIL (LIe emoLIon) _____________ us u child wIen (LIe
cIIIdIood evenL or sILuuLIon)_____, ¡ deepIv und proIoundIv Iove mvseII.

B. ¡ cIoose (wunL, deserve, uIIow mvseII, uccepL, reuIIze LIuL IL Is In mv beneIIL) Lo
be Iree Irom LIIs (emoLIon) ______.

C. RemInder PIruse = (TIe EmoLIon) becuuse (LIe evenL) ___________


Secondury Imotions

¡I LIere Is unv guIIL, sIume or oLIer IeeIIngs ubouL IuvIng LIe ubove-menLIoned
emoLIons, LIen LIose IeeIIngs wIII uIso need Lo be deuIL wILI In LIe sume wuv.

A. Even LIougI ¡ IeeI (LIe emoLIon sucI us guIIL, sIume, seII-rejecLIon, unger)
_____________ wIen ¡ reuIIze LIuL ¡ IeeI (prImurv emoLIon)_____ ubouL
(cIIIdIood experIence) __________, ¡ deepIv und proIoundIv Iove mvseII. .

B. ¡ cIoose (wunL, deserve, uIIow mvseII, uccepL, reuIIze LIuL IL Is In mv beneIIL) Lo
be Iree Irom LIIs (emoLIon) ______.

C. RemInder PIruse = (TIe EmoLIon) becuuse (LIe evenL) ___________


¡I LIere Is unv resIsLunce Lowurds IeLLIng go oI LIose emoLIons, LIen LIuL
resIsLunce wIII uIso need Lo be coIIupsed In LIe sume wuv. ConsIder some oI LIe
possIbIe Lvpes oI resIsLunce. We need Lo work on eucI possIbIe resIsLunce

Possible BelieIs which miuht cuose resistunce towurds
lettinu uo oI these emotions.
(PsvcIoIogIcuI ReversuI)

1. ¡ Iuve IeIL LIIs wuv u Iong LIme und do noL know wIuL IL wIII be IIke Lo be
wILIouL LIIs emoLIon. ¡L wIII be IIke IosIng un ImporLunL purL oI mvseII or mv IIIe.
(We Iuve become uLLucIed or uddIcLed Lo IeeIIng LIIs wuv.)

±. ¡ beIIeve LIuL ¡ need LIIs emoLIon In order Lo proLecL mvseII Irom oLIers.
(PossIbIv unger, depressIon, InjusLIce, puIn)

¿. ¡ wIII Iose mv power or conLroI over oLIers. (PerIups unger, depressIon,

A. ¡ wIII Iose oLIers? uLLenLIon II ¡ do noL Iuve LIIs emoLIon.

=. ¡ wIII Iose mv seII-worLI II ¡ do noL IeeI LIIs wuv. (EspecIuIIv IeeIIng LIe vIcLIm
or ungrv Irom wIIcI we seek Lo geL our IeeIIngs oI goodness, rIgILness - seII-

6. ¡ wIII uIIow oLIers Lo be Iree Irom IeeIIng guIILv or responsIbIe ubouL me. ¡ wIII
Iose conLroI over LIem.


¬. ¡ wIII need Lo Luke responsIbIIILv Ior mv IIIe.

S. ¡ wIII need Lo be Iuppv - someLIIng wIIcI scures me.

n. ¡ wIII Iuve Lo recognIze mv seII-worLI - wIIcI uIso scures me.

In soch cuses oI inner obstucles, we cun ose the Iollowinu phruses:

A. Even LIougI ¡ Ieur IeLLIng go oI LIIs emoLIon becuuse _____ (resIsLunce)
________________, ¡ deepIv und proIoundIv Iove mvseII.

Note: ¡I we sense we Iuve some resIsLunce buL do noL know wIuL IL Is LIen we
cun jusL suv

"Even LIougI ¡ seem Lo Iuve some resIsLunce Lowurds IeLLIng go oI LIIs emoLIon, ¡
deepIv und proIoundIv Iove mvseII."

B. ¡ cIoose (wunL, deserve, uIIow mvseII, uccepL, reuIIze LIuL IL Is In mv beneIIL) Lo
be Iree Irom LIIs (Ieur or resIsLunce) ________.

C. RemInder PIruse = (TIe emoLIon or resIsLunce) _________.

Imbodied emotions

¡I we IInd LIuL LIese emoLIons ure munIIesLIng us pIvsIcuI svmpLoms eILIer In
generuI or durIng LIe process oI empIovIng E¡T, LIen we mIgIL need Lo uddress
LIem Ior u Iew rounds In LIe IoIIowIng wuv.

A. Even LIougI ¡ Iuve LIIs (pIvsIcuI pIenomenon) ____________ In mv (purL
oI bodv) ___________, ¡ deepIv und proIoundIv Iove mvseII.

B. ¡ cIoose (wunL, deserve, uIIow mvseII, uccepL) Lo be Iree Irom LIIs (pIvsIcuI
pIenomenon) ______ In mv (purL oI bodv)_____.

C. RemInder PIruse = (pIvsIcuI pIenomenon) In mv (purL oI bodv)

Importunt Note:

Some oI us muv Iuve sLored emoLIonuIIv cIurged memorIes In our subconscIous.
We need Lo reIeuse LIese Irom our energv svsLem In order Lo creuLe IeuILI,
IuppIness, peuce, cIurILv, evoIuLIon und IurmonIous reIuLIonsIIps. WorkIng wILI
LIem, Iowever, In some cuses, muv LemporurIIv brIng Lo LIe surIuce some
unpIeusunL or dIsLurbIng IeeIIngs. We ure oI course experIencIng LIese neguLIve
energIes subconscIousIv und psvcIosomuLIcuIIv unvwuv.


NoL deuIIng wILI LIem wouId be IIke knowIng LIere Is u IIre In our ceIIur und
reIusIng Lo go down und puL IL ouL becuuse LIuL wouId be unpIeusunL und we
wouId geL LemporurIIv dIrLv. BuL LIuL unuLLended IIre wIII soon IInd IL wuv Lo our
bedroom und IIvIng room und our wIoIe Iouse. So denIuI und uvoIdunce ure noL
LIe soIuLIon.


Copyright Notice

RHP manuals are copyrighted material.

You are free to print one copy of this manual. This manual is a free and glad gift of spirit,
and is not to be sold. If you wish to forward this manual to a free internet group or
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The biggest question I get asked these days is this:
Why don’t you facilitate online group projects anymore?

I spent considerable time in prayer before deciding to release the online groups to Light.
I came to understand that my journey was complete, and it was time to leave the gift for
the Universe to sort out. The manuals and news group is given with a glad heart.

The year I spent in facilitating 12 different RHP groups was a remarkable undertaking for
me and taught me the true meaning of Love and Light. Those who came, truly ready and
willing to heal, will forever stand as energetic mountains of courage and inspiration.
There gorgeous contributions to my own personal growth is huge.

While I am not able to manage online groups, I am happy to work with serious and
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