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Parts of the Paragraph

Objectives Introduction Topic Sentence Developmental Sentences Concluding Sentences Try Your Luck!

This module is designed to show students how to properly assemble a coherent paragraph by breaking it down into its component parts. Upon completing the module, students should feel prepared enough to construct their own paragraph of 3-5 sentences.

A paragraph is a group of sentences that work together to make a point. A good paragraph has three parts-topic sentence, body, and concluding sentence each serving a specific purpose.

Paragraphs have a standard format or arrangement, moving from topic sentence to body to concluding sentence .When writers follow this format, they give readers important clues about how to understand what they see on the page.

Topic Sentence
A good topic sentence states the main point. It is often the first sentence of a paragraph. A good topic sentence gives the reader a complete idea of what to expect of the rest of the paragraph. It is important that you include in your topic sentence everything you plan to include in the paragraph itself.

Developmental Sentences
Also known as the body of a paragaph, developmental sentences support the main point. It is usually made up of about three to six sentences which contain facts and details supporting the main point. It is good to include at least one or two examples in this section, in order to help the reader better understand your point.

Concluding Sentence
A good concluding sentence reminds readers of the main point and often makes an observation, depending on the size of your paragraph. A paragraph that is only 3-5 sentences in length doesnt necessarily need to remind the reader of what the topic is.

Try Your Luck!

See if you can identify what type of sentence this is:
Also, Toyota Corollas get good gas mileage.

Topic Sentence

Developmental Sentence

Concluding Sentence

Try another one!

For these reasons, people should not smoke.

Topic Sentence

Developmental Sentence

Concluding Sentence

Great job! See you next module!


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