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1. _____She knows John. 2._____Mary swims. 3._____At the Washington zoo. 4._____Trying to pass the class. 5.

_____Works for r cell phone company. 6._____Pass the books to the front. 7._____Camille, Omar and Ana 8._____Screamed the frightened woman. 9._____Close the door. 10._____Played and left for home. 11._____She dancing. 12._____Bought a new car. 13._____In the afternoon after lunch. 14._____In the park. 15._____Has been running. 16._____For a long time. 17._____Always on time. 18._____Carmen dances. 19._____Answer all the questions. 20._____Johnathan swimming. 21._____When I arrived. 22._____Many beautiful beaches. 23._____He looks like a prince. 24._____My best friend. 25._____They singing.


1._____For a long time. 2._____Always on time. 3._____Carmen dances. 4._____Answer all the questions. 5._____Johnathan swimming. 6._____When I arrived. 7._____Many beautiful beaches. 8._____He looks like a prince. 9._____My best friend. 10._____They singing. 11._____She knows John. 12._____Mary swims. 13._____At the Washington zoo. 14._____Trying to pass the class. 15._____Works for r cell phone company. 16._____Pass the books to the front. 17._____Camille, Omar and Ana 18._____Screamed the frightened woman. 19._____Close the door. 20._____Played and left for home. 21._____She dancing. 22._____Bought a new car. 23._____In the afternoon after lunch. 24._____In the park. 25._____Has been running.


1._____When I arrived. 2._____Many beautiful beaches. 3._____He looks like a prince. 4._____My best friend. 5._____They singing. 6._____Camille, Omar and Ana 7._____Screamed the frightened woman. 8._____Close the door. 9._____Played and left for home. 10._____She dancing. 11._____Bought a new car. 12._____In the afternoon after lunch. 13._____In the park. 14._____Has been running. 15._____For a long time. 16._____Always on time. 17._____Carmen dances. 18._____Answer all the questions. 19._____Johnathan swimming. 20. _____She knows John. 21._____Mary swims. 22._____At the Washington zoo. 23._____Trying to pass the class. 24._____Works for r cell phone company. 25._____Pass the books to the front