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1. The blue stain on the sheets (come, comes) from the dish towel I put in the washer. 2. Everyone in the neighborhood (ignore, ignores) Charlie Brown. 3. Somebody (have, has) been taking shopping carts from the supermarket. 4. There (is, are) long lines at the checkout counter. 5. At the end of the line, hoping to get seats into the movie (was, were) Janet and Maureen. 6. Ambition and good luck (is, are) the keys to success. 7. Swaggering down the street (was, were) several tough looking guys. 8. Each of the candidates (have, has) talked about withdrawing from the race. 9. This tie and shirt (match, matches) the suit, but the shoes look horrible. 10. Working on his van and playing video games (is, are) Petes main interests. 11. The kitchen and the bathroom (have, has) to be cleaned. 12. Neither of the records (contain, contains) the information. 13. The new state law on alcohol and cigarettes (was, were) passed. 14. Two cups of coffee in the morning (do, does) not make up a hearty breakfast. 15. Chapter Four, along with six weeks of class notes, (is, are) to be the basics of the test. 16. Under a large plastic dome on the side of the counter (lie, lies) a pile of gooey pastries. 17. One of my sisters (own, owns) a BMW. 18. Either of our teams (deserve, deserves) to be all state. 19. Nobody (dance, dances) like he does. 20. Both of the race drivers (was, were) injured. 21. There (is, are) times Im ready to quit my job. 22. Excessive use of alcohol or cigarettes (damage, damages) a mothers unborn child. 23. Neither of the newspaper articles (give, gives) all the facts about the trial. 24. There (is, are) five formulas I have to memorize for the test. 25. The old man standing under the tree (do, does) not look happy. 26. Heavy snows and month of freezing temperature (is, are) two reasons for moving to Florida.