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1. The groceries and the silverware (need, needs) to be put away immediately. 2. The weather woman (predict, predicts) three inches of rain. 3. Which of the flights (go, goes) nonstop to Dallas? 4. Every one of these bicycles (have, has) three speeds. 5. Either you or Doris (pay, pays) the bill. 6. Do you really believe one of these oysters (contain, contains) a pearl? 7. Neither of the twins (resemble, resembles) his parents. 8. Each of these inventions (have, has) had a profound effect on the modern world. 9. The plums in that bowl (taste, tastes) sweet. 10. The instructions on the package (is, are) in French and English. 11. Our new campus, which has a swimming pool and tennis court, (keep, keeps) everyone happy. 12. There (go, goes) the best high jumper in town. 13. Here (is, are) my reactions to your essay. 14. How (do, does) the engine really work? 15. What (seem, seems) to be the problem? 16. Irving and Loretta (go, goes) everywhere together. 17. The design on these plates (remind, reminds) me of the American flag. 18. Each of my cousins (own, owns) a van. 19. Libraries are wonderful resources if you (know, knows) how to use them. 20. People who live on the Gulf Coast sometimes (worry, worries) about hurricanes. 21. (Do, Does) these folders belong to you? 22. My friends in Haiti (write, writes) me every month. 23. Neither the handbags nor the wallets (appear, appears) to be handmade. 24. Here (come, comes) two celebrities whom I admire. 25. The windows and the floor (require, requires) cleaning. 26. The clothes on the table (need, needs) ironing. 27. Every one of the graduates (plan, plans) to attend the class reunion. 28. Marty writes poems that (do, does) not rhyme. 29. There (is, are) people who seem to learn everything easily. 30. The managers reasons for firing Jonathan (is, are) not clear.