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Format For Instruction Plan [for Courses with Lectures and Tutorials

Course No MGT595


Course Planner 13720 :: Harendra Singh

Lectures Tutorial Practical Credits 3 1 0 4

Text Book:

1 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation by Robert A. Burgelman, Clayton M. Christensen, Steven C. Wheelwright, Tata McGraw Hill, 2009

Other Specific Book:

2 White and Bruton, The Management of Technology and Inovation- A strategic Approach, Cengage Leraning, 2010 3 Kazmi, Strategic management and Business Policy, Tata McGraw Hill, 2008 4 wheelen and hunger, strategic management, Pearson education, New Delhi, 2008 5 Effy Oz, Management Information System, Cengage Learning Indian Edition, N Delhi 2009

Other Reading Sr No Jouranls atricles as compulsary readings (specific articles, Complete reference) 6 Data Warehousing Supports Corporate Strategy at First American Corporation 7 The Customer Relationship Management Process: Its Measurement and Impact on Performance 8 Determinants of Information Technology Outsourcing: A Cross-Sectional Analysis 9 Strategies to Fight Low-Cost Rivals, BY Nirmalya Kumar, Dec 01, HBR 2006 10 B2B Business models Relevant Websites Sr. No. (Web adress) (only if relevant to the courses) 11 1 Salient Features Discuss about Porter five forces model Approved for Autumn Session 2011-12

12 Discuss about generic strategies strategies.html 13 Explains about value chain analysis 14 Discuss about SCM success factors Supply_Chain_Success_Factors.htm 15 16 17 Explains about CMS Explains about EIS Difference between waterfall and Agile methodology

18 Discuss about future Technologies o.htm

Detailed Plan For Lectures

Week Number Lecture Number Lecture Topic Chapters/Sections of Pedagogical tool Textbook/other Demonstration/case reference study/images/anmatio n ctc. planned

Part 1
Week 1 Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 3 Week 2 Lecture 4 Evolution of Strategic management and Business Policy Introduction to Business Policy,Understanding strategy, Strategic Decision making Schools of thought on Strategy formulation, Introduction to Strategic management Integrating technology and Strategy : A general ->Reference :1,part 1 Perspective, Key concepts, Technology Innovations, Technology Entrepreneurship, activities and outcomes, Interrelations among key concepts. Integrating technology and Strategy : Perspectives on Strategy, Connecting Technology and Strategy Technology and The Value chain , Technological Evolution and Forecasting, Assessing Innovative Capabilities, Innovative Capabilities Audit Framework Allotment of mini-Project ->Reference :3,1

Lecture 5 Lecture 6

Approved for Autumn Session 2011-12

Week 3

Lecture 7

Technological Innovation, Technological Barriers and Risks

->Reference :1,part 1 section 1

Case I-1 : Elio Engineering, Inc. Ref 1 page no13

Lecture 8

Profiting From Technological Innovation: ->Reference :1,part 1 Implications for Integration, Collaboration, Licensing, section 1 reading I-1 Public Policy How to Put Technology into Corporate Planning The Core Competence of the Corporation, ->Reference :1,part 1 section 1 reading I-2 ->Reference :1,part 1 section 2

reading I-1

Lecture 9 Week 4 Lecture 10

reading I-2 Readings 1-3 C. K Prahalad ref 1 page 102,

Part 2
Week 4 Lecture 11 Lecture 12 Week 5 Lecture 13 Lecture 14 What is Strategy? The Art of High-Technology Management Design and Implementation of Technology Strategy ->Reference :1,part 2 pg no 142-152 Technological Evolution: Management Criteria for Effective Innovation Patterns of Industiral Innovation ->Reference :1,part 2 section 1 pg no 172179 ->Reference :1,part 2 section 1 pg no 202208 ->Reference :1,part 2 section 1 pg no 208227 ->Reference :1,part 2 section 1 pg no 245 ->Reference :1,part 2 section 1 pg no 362 ->Reference :1,part 2 section 1 pg no 368 ->Reference :1,part 2 section 1 pg no 398 Case II-4 Hewlett Packard's Merced Decision , Page no 233 Quiz 1 Digital Distribution and Music Industry in 2001, page no 378 readings II-1 ->Reference :1,part 1 section 2 Readings 1.4 Readings 1.5

Lecture 15

Case II-3 CIENA Corporation, Ref 1 page 189

Week 6

Lecture 16

Exploring the limits of Technology

Lecture 17

Customer Power, Strategic Investment, and the Failure of Leading Firms Crossing the Chasm and Beyond Competing Technologies: An overview

Lecture 18 Week 7 Lecture 19

Lecture 20 Lecture 21 3

Finding the Balance: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age Revision

Approved for Autumn Session 2011-12

Week 8 Lecture 22 Strategic Dissonance, sources of Strategic Dissonance ->Reference :1,part 2 section 3 page 478 Case II-12 Intel Corporation: The DRAM Decision, Ref 1 page no 454 Hewlett- Packard: The Flight of the KittyHawk

Lecture 23 Lecture 24 Week 9 Lecture 25

Meeting the challenge of Strategic change Strategic Action: Strategic intent Enactment of Technology Strategy- Developing A firms Innovative Capabilities: Innovation Challenges, Strategic management of Corporate Research. Managing Corporate Entrepreneurship Internal and External sources of Technology: readings III-1

->Reference :1,part 2 section 3 page 541 ->Reference :1,part 2 section 4 page 550 ->Reference :1,part 3 page 658

Lecture 26 Lecture 27

->Reference :1,part 3 page 664 ->Reference :1,part 3 section one page 672 Case III-1 Du Pont Kevlar Aramid Industrial Fiber, Ref 1 page no 674

Week 10

Lecture 28

Transforming Invention into Innovation: The conceptualization Stage,

->Reference :1,part 3 section one page 682

Part 4
Week 10 Lecture 29 Technology markets, technology organisation, an ->Reference :1,part 3 Apprapriating the returns from Research,The section one page 690 transfer of technology from research to development Linking New technology an Novel Customer Needs: ->Reference :1,part 3 section two page 780 Note on Lead User Research, Discovery Driven Planning ->Reference :1,part 3 section two page 794 ->Reference :1,part 3 section two page 838 ->Reference :1,part 3 section two page 846 ->Reference :1,part 4 page 940 Case III-5 Innovation at 3M Corporation, ref 1 page 781 submission of mini project

Lecture 30

Week 11

Lecture 31

Lecture 32

The Technology Adoption Life Cycle

Readings III-9 Living on the Fault Line , ref 1 page no 846 Quiz 2

Lecture 33

Enactment of Technology Strategy- Creating and Implementing a Development Strategy

Approved for Autumn Session 2011-12

Week 12

Lecture 34

New product development

->Reference :1,part 4 section one page 957

Case IV-1 : Product Development at Dell Computer Corporation, ref 1 page no 957

Lecture 35 Lecture 36

Builing competencies / Capabilities through new Product development Innovation Challenges in established Firms

->Reference :1,part 4 section two page 1035 ->Reference :1,part 4 section three page 1109 Apple Computer, 1999, Ref 1 page 1110

Spill Over
Week 13 Lecture 37 Lecture 38 Lecture 39 B2B Business models Determinants of Information Technology Outsourcing: A Cross-Sectional Analysis The Customer Relationship Management Process: Its Measurement and Impact on Performance ->Reference :10,.. ->Reference :8,.. ->Reference :7,.. ref 10

Details of homework and case studies

Homework No. Objective Topic of the Homework Nature of homework (group/individuals/field work Group Evaluation Mode Allottment / submission Week 3 / 11

Mini project 1

this will help students to use their knowledge in practical way

Each group (of 3 members) will be allocated an organization and group has to answer for the following questions: 1.What in future might seriously threaten the success, perhaps the very existence, of this organization?(as a group develop at least three such future scenarios) 2.Estimate the probability (0 to 100) of each future scenario occurring. 3.Develop a strategy for each scenario that will enable the organization to successfully deal with it.

5 marks for presentation skills, 2 marks for the content, 3 marks for group coordination

Quiz 1

to test the quiz consist of 20 question from the syllabus Before mid term knowledge of students regrading subject to test the quiz consist of 20 question from the syllabus after mid term knowlwge of students regarding subject


1/2 marks for each question


Quiz 2


1/2 marks for each question

11 / 11

Approved for Autumn Session 2011-12

Scheme for CA:out of 100*

Component Homework Frequency 2 Total :Out Of 3 Each Marks Total Marks 10 10 20 20

* In ENG courses wherever the total exceeds 100, consider x best out of y components of CA, as explained in teacher's guide available on the UMS

Plan for Tutorial: (Please do not use these time slots for syllabus coverage)
Tutorial No. Lecture Topic Type of pedagogical tool(s) planned (case analysis,problem solving test,role play,business game etc)

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 Tutorial 5 Tutorial 6 Tutorial 7

Introduction to the subject and clearing doubts Discussion on Problems Case I-2 Advent Corporation. Ref 1 page no 47 On the Job: Strategy Case of

Problem solving Problem solving Case analysis Case analysis

The Optical Component Industry : A perspective , Ref 1 Case analysis page 179 group presentation on miniproject Solving Problems of students miniproject based presentation Problem solving

After Mid-Term
Tutorial 8 Tutorial 9 Tutorial 10 Tutorial 11 Tutorial 12 Case III-6 What's the Big Idea? Ref 1 page 801 group presentation on miniproject group presentation on miniproject group presentation on miniproject group presentation on miniproject Case analysis miniproject based presentation miniproject based presentation miniproject based presentation miniproject based presentation

Approved for Autumn Session 2011-12