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8. Ways of Keeping the Environment Clean

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Introduction Do not throw rubbish everywhere.
Stop polluting rhe


Conclusion There are several ways you can keep the environment clean.

The first is not to throw rubbish everywhere. This makes our environment dirty, smelly and unsightly. Rubbish
attracts flies which cause diseases. So, a dirty environment can make people sick. Places where people throrv rubbish are

also very smelly. Therefore, it is very unpleasant to live near such places. A place rvhere there is a lot of rubbish is also very unpleasant to look at. A beautiful place becomes an ugly one. Throwing rubbish into a river is also very bad. This chokes the river and the stagnant water becomes dirty, smelly and a place for mosquitoes to breed. As you may aheadv

know, mosquitoes catry two dangerous diseases, malaria and dengue. These diseases are very hard to cure and sometimes they cause death. Furthermore, cholera. We should also stop polluting our air. We should not allow factories to be built in places where many people live. The smoke given out by factories pollutes the air.


the dirty river water is used for drinking, it can cause another deadly disease,

If we breathe


dirty air, we can get all sorts of diseases, even cancer.

So, factories should be located in places where few or no people live(Devices should be used to clean the smoke before

it is let out into the air.(Some factories also produce poisonous liquids. The factories should not pour these dangerous
licluids directly into rivers. These liquids should be kept in special places where they can do no harm. Chlorofluorocarbons

or CFCs

should also not be used in sprays, refrigerators and air-conditioners. Chlorofluorocarbolrs destroy the ozone

layer which protects us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These rays can cause cancer. They can also cause global warming which can cause worldwide floodfhe higher temperatures will also kill all plants, Without plants man will also die because man's food is plants or the meat of animals which feed on plants. Exhaust emissions also destroy
the ozone layer. So, fewer cars should be used or we should use other types of fuels which do not pollute the air. We can also use other means of transport that do not pollute the air such as electric cars or the bicycle. These are the ways we can keep our environment clean. pleasant place to live in.

If the enr,'ironment is clean, it will be a healthier and more
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Oifficult Words and Phrases

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unsightly - ugly / not pleasant to look at chokes - stops the flow of the river water stagnant - not flowing, therefore dirty and unpleasant smelling located - situated / established in a place devices - things made for special purposes harmful - likely to cause damage or injury worldwide - happening or existing all over the world emissions - things that are sent out or given off


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