As your “marketing team”. Makrand Desai Road. Tandalja. Baroda 390010 Phone: + 91 99798 50396 Email: drjaved@improwiz. Gujarat Office: Mission and Vision Statement Pharma 360. Paradise Bungalows. our mission is to enhance capabilities of healthcare companies to solve marketing and sales challenges through integrated marketing campaigns. Market Researchers. thereby gain market share – and ultimately succeed. aspires to provide effective. We like to think of ourselves as your outsourced. increase your return on resources employed. Media Planners and Strategic Consultants. marketing partner. Pa Improwiz represents an intellectual motley group of young professionals working towards effusing r r fresh and effective solutions for Pharma and Healthcare Brand Management. We complement the skills of your internal team and manage your marketing aspirations. Our clients appreciate us as a team of specialists available to help them with everything from marketing strategies to public relations.Me d e artn ia P r Profile of the Company Improwiz. 1 Crea tive Part ne r . Creative At Improwiz. holistic and comprehensive solutions to the challenges of pharma and healthcare marketing. With a team of Medical Affairs Kn led www. tn e ge ow Improwiz imbibes the aptitude of not just doing different things but doing things differently. We are expanding our service offerings from marketing to external customers to include promotion and branding directed at internal stakeholders. we present ourselves to help you increase your brand awareness. as our name aptly signifies.improwiz. A 19. Design Studio Contact us: US Office: 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Lorton VA 22079 Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Email : Info@improwiz. in-house.

Baroda 390010 We facilitate design and implement marketing strategies to achieve the desired goals. From here. Our work areas include: 1. 4. retention & alignment strategy development. you plan to fail”. A 19. Design Studio 2 . Lorton VA 22079 Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Phone: + 91 99798 50396 3. With our services. Marketing Objectives Contact us: We enable our clients to define and achieve theirOffice: US Office: Gujarat marketing goals and objectives. Paradise Bungalows. Makrand Desai Road. we facilitate our clients address the key need of effective w le K dg Disbursement of Medical Knowledge to promote evidence based medicine. Competitive Benchmarking Improwiz denounces sugar-coating of the competitiveness of your competitors. Target Audience Our team of Medical Professionals can facilitate greater understanding of Target Audience by our continuous market interactions.Key Services d Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) Me artn ia P er no Improwiz is a first of its kind provider of MSLs in India. A comprehensive marketing strategy and plan is imperative towards a successful and sustainable brand management. Marketing Strategy 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Pharma 360. We work diligently towards a SWOT appraisal of our clients’ competitors to facilitate our client design and compete effectively in the ever dynamic 5. capacity modeling. This service line utilizes Science as a tool to enhance e Patient strategies can help you define the individual marketing Our hands-on no-holds-barred approach to implementation of brand elements that will make up your plan. Our key work areas include: • Medical Writing • Creative Design of Medical Inputs • Promotional materials review • Medical meeting support Crea tive Part ne r Pa r tn er Brand Strategy Consulting Improwiz endorses the philosophy “If you fail to plan. you can implement the programs internally or we can assist with the execution. Tactics Email : Info@improwiz. We bring an experienced and dedicate group of Marketing. Our clients have come to appreciate us as one of the best and most insightful marketing institutions. www. 2. Medical and Strategy professionals to enable our clients to formulate and implement Brand Management Strategies like Benchmarking. Email: drjaved@improwiz.

ge Pa rtn supporting and building your brand awareness. 5. www. Visual Perceptual Strategies We facilitate our clients evaluate the market need gaps and develop a sustainable brand identity for their brands. It leads to a strong ROI and helps you stay away from the common tendency to market products from a narrow and internally focused point of view. It’s what differentiates the leader from being a me-too brand and establishes a ow le foundation of trust. Paradise Bungalows. 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Pharma 360. 4.improwiz. Email : Info@improwiz. Creation of a strong brand identity precedes all marketing programs and is the pillar ofdstrength of that brand. design of the marketing message needs to be complimented by the use of effective brand 6. 493-0495 Phone: +1(703) This intellectual Phone: + 91 99798 50396 exercise enables us to enhance better positioning of brands. Visual perception of your brand can be a key differentiation in the market place. fonts. Brand Personality 2. Logo and Tagline 3. Baroda 390010 Our insightful team of market-oriented professionals facilitate our clients define the key market need gaps. The key components are Email: drjaved@improwiz. Positioning Lorton VA 22079 Makrand Desai Road. A well-developed marketing plan spells out every detail of your marketing efforts and guides the overall execution of the plan. Marketing Calendar We have facilitated our clients design their annual marketing calendar for a seamless and concerted year-round marketing campaign. Tandalja. In a cluttered marketplace. Visual Perceptual techniques use scientific approach towards the selection of the visual appeal of your brand logo and taglines. er 1. Brand Voice Design Studio Contact us: This brand voice needs to be aligned to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) which includes the insights of the target doctors and US Office: Gujarat Office: patients. the creation and presentation of the brand identity is the only Me Kn vital element towards business success. We facilitate design and presentation of Logo and Tagline for our clients.Brand Development r tne Par dia In a Branded Generics marketplace like the Indian Pharma 3 Crea tive Part ne Some of the elements we will help you define during Brand Development include: r . orientation. A 19. texture and aesthetic feel.

improwiz. booth traffic. you can generate viable leads and close real www. ow led Tradeshow booth design. Paradise Bungalows. Our Tradeshow and Event Services include: • Booth Design • Marketing Collateral • Tradeshow Strategy • Tradeshow Management • Event Planning • Event Management Design Studio Contact us: Gujarat Office: Pharma 360.tne Par dia Tradeshows and eventsMe represent a vital cog in medico-marketing in healthcare through their point of contact emphasis. and collateral are a few of the components that are important forgtradeshow but the real eP ar success comes from targeting the right prospects and clearly articulating the product and services value. We managed events with hundreds of attendees from sourcing speakers to handling all of the logistics. Baroda 390010 Phone: + 91 99798 50396 Email: drjaved@improwiz. This will allow you to tn er Tradeshows and Event Marketing r experience planning and managing tradeshows and has seen good success in this area. Tandalja. With the Kn right marketing in place. We can ensure that you event goes off without a hitch. Improwiz has deep US Office: 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Lorton VA 22079 Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Email : Crea tive Part ne r turn your booth into a place for further enhancement of client’s education and direct client interfaces. Makrand Desai Road. A 19. We also have vast experience planning company events – from corporate meetings to seminars and .

Design Studio Customer Relationship Contact us: Management (CRM) Modules: US Office: Gujarat manage customer relationships to increase both sales and customer Organizations are increasingly using CRM tools toOffice: 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Pharma The benefits of this are: • Effective marketing communications. post-meeting reports or a full meetings management service. Developing a customer relationship management Lorton VA 22079 Makrand Desai Road. Baroda 390010 customers have the same needs. A 19. • Increased value from your existing customers . When it comes to continuing medical education (CME) activities. Improwiz offers physician resources that include a wide range of continuing medical education (CME) activities that foster physician lifelong learning. It makes sense to build up a profile of your customers and group them according to their different Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Phone: + 91 99798 50396 requirements.improwiz. Tandalja. We offer high-quality creative events. Email : Info@improwiz. experienced in all areas of development and delivery and able to adapt to your requirements. creative design. slide support. skills and professional performance and relationships they use .in Email: drjaved@improwiz. through a more personal approach and the development of new and improved products or services • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention www.and reduced cost to serve We specialize in creating tailor made packages of groups of Customers and even individual customers. the public and the profession. develop and increase the knowledge. logistics.Medical Content &r CME: tne Par dia A physician's continuing professional development is critical to keeping up with advances in medicine and with changes in the Me Kn delivery of care. 5 Crea tive Part ne r To help physicians maintain. Not all Paradise Bungalows. Improwiz has the right physician resources to help today’s busy physicians meet their professional needs. The range of meetings involving healthcare professionals is extensive – from international symposia to advisory ow led boards – and the level of support required is highly variable ge Pa rtn er to provide services for patients.(CRM) program is essential to the success of your business. Improwiz is able to deliver. So whether you need program consultancy. satisfaction.

Sustainable patient servicing is important for a healthcare service providers success in this segment. The possibilities are Give us a call and we can discuss your unique situation and how Improwiz can help you maximize your patient management needs. Crea tive Part ne r tn Knowledge of patient demographics and disease epidemiology is a primary criteria to conduct successful diagnostic camps. thereby enhancing direct communication and first hand brand interaction between the patients and the healthcare service providers advantage within your stakeholders. A 19. Improwiz. Camps & Clinics: r K le Pa r no of Prevalence of lifestyle disorders in India is increasing and so is the awareness towards health aspects w prevention. Diagnostics & Healthcare providers on a single platform. 6 . informed Email: drjaved@improwiz. giving you differentiated er Patient Management: Design Studio Chronic diseases represent a significant healthcare problem in India. We value ourselves as one of the first of its + 91service50396 kind 99798 providers with indepth knowhow across the value chain. We plan-build-execute your important Patient-Doctor related Diagnostic Camps as turnkey solution. and increase in the urban population. similar to a visit made by a live representative. disease diagnostics are gaining patient e awareness and approval. etc. specializes in conducting free Diagnostic Camps on a very regular basis across India. Paradise and proactive in their healthcare decision making process. Tandalja. Our program keeps patients aware. colds. We allow you to make a personal connectionUS Office: directly to patients.tne Par dia For Patients Disease Diagnostic Camps Me Diagnostics. A team of dediciated and emphathizing professionals leads our patient management Lorton VA 22079 Makrand Desai Road. very and "talk" 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Pharma 360. We facilitate you to reach out to incentives that catch attention while providing importantus: Gujarat Office: patients with our unique one-on-one approach. We bring Patients.improwiz. higher insuarance coverage. Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Phone: Email : Info@improwiz. Our patient management program encourages patient participation with special Contact information to promote awareness. www. Potential topics include • Communication stressing the importance of compliance • Answering FAQ’s and creating disease awareness • Important product information • Special messages and alerts regarding seasonal issues such as allergy. Baroda 390010 vertical. With a rising dg disposable income. flu.

M. S. US Office: Gujarat Office: 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Pharma 360. A doctor with a management oqualification.Our Management rteam Dr. Tandalja. Juned leads the strategic team of Improwiz. Sameer Lambay Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Phone: + 91 99798 50396 Email: drjaved@improwiz. Baroda 390010 Dr. Sam is the typical new age young doctor. Affable and a strict disciplinarian. He is responsible for guiding Improwiz in the Financial Evaluation of projects and various Fund www. has w dg worked in various capacities in the Pharma and Healthcare industry. is the medical and digital media practice head for Improwiz. Zahid Sipai Zahid has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing in the financial sector with exposure ranging from Aviva Life Insurance to the reputed MNC bank. His distinguished career of outstanding performance. Juned is responsible for defining the strategic direction for Improwiz. Sipai has unsurpassed reputation in the dairy industry for clinical acumen and project management capabilities. backed by a proven track record in strategic and operations excellence. Lorton VA 22079 Makrand Desai Road. 7 Crea tive Part ne r . R. Baroda Dairy and Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF).in raising activities. Sam aspires to transform the clinical practice in India through the right mix of technology. A practicing ENT surgeon. ABN-AMRO. Juned Shaikh Design Studio A trained engineer with over 15 years of experience in IT systems architecture and evaluation of business cases. and bottom line results spans across organizations like Gujarat Dairy Development Corporation (GDDC). Pa r tn er Dr. Javed Sipai M a edi tn Par e n Dr. Juned has been at the forefront of Information Technology (IT) revolution in India through his stints with reputed Contact us: international organizations like International Finance Corporation (IFC) and General Sam coordinates the CME activities for Improwiz and forms the strategic backbone of our firm. Sameer "Sam" heads the clinical practice arm of Improwiz. A 19. rapid promotions. Javed. Email : Info@improwiz. He also heads Improwiz’s International Business Development (BD) team to identify and nurture latest trends in our areas of work. Dr. Javed. Javed. knowledge and community participation. Dr. Dr. has had exposure to the inner circles of healthcare e le K strategy and marketing enabling him to to make Marketing and Operations as his forte. Sipai A trained Veterinarian professional with over 30 years of experience in clinical and managerial domains in Dairy Operations. Based in Improwiz US office in Washington.improwiz. Paradise Bungalows.

Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Email : Info@improwiz. An engineer with a PGDBM from the prestigious management institute SCMHRD. A. FaH. Mr. She is adept at developing a wide range of content and has a keen Phone: + 91 99798 50396 understanding and interest in social media and strategic communication issues and trends. Glenmark. Panacea Biotec and Alkem Labs. A 19. Baroda 390010 colleague communication campaign as a consultant for Pfizer. a management graduate with a background in Pharmacy. Adept at launching new product brands and managing blockbuster brands. M a edi tn Par e no Kedar is a digital solutions consultant currently working with the premier content management firmwViacom 18 Media Private led ge Pa r tn K Alibha is the System Architecture expert and is currently working with a leading consulting firm in India. Suhail has worked with leading Pharma companies like Lupin. Arvinder Pal Singh Mr. Paradise Contact us: Suhail Motlekar Suhail. 8520 has worked on the worldwide She Indian Paintbrush Way Pharma 360. guides Improwiz in utilizing the best in class emerging communication technologies. has honed his marketing and strategy skills in the Pharma and Healthcare industry over 15 Email: drjaved@improwiz. a research scholar with IIT Mumbai. Ranbaxy. Office: US Office: Master’s degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University. www. based out of New Gujarat is our communications specialist. TN is the key differentiator enabling Improwiz to be at the forefront of the technological revolution in the healthcare space. Lorton VA 22079 Makrand Desai Road. Taskeen Nadkar Taskeen. Singh is responsible for facilitating GMW become of the most successful companies in the Design Studio Power Generation and the Energy sector. Farida Harianawala Farida Harianawala.improwiz. Singh is an AGM (Marketing) with General Mechanical Works. She is an experienced journalist with a York .in Crea tive Part ne Alibha Behera er r .Our External Consultants r Kedar Mehendale Limited. P. Tandalja.

A 19. Paradise Bungalows. Baroda 390010 Phone: + 91 99798 50396 Email: Crea tive Part ne r US Office: 8520 Indian Paintbrush Way Lorton VA 22079 Phone: +1(703) 493-0495 Email : www. Tandalja.improwiz.Me d artn ia P er Kn ow l ed ge Pa r tn er Design Studio Contact us: Gujarat Office: Pharma 360. Makrand Desai .

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