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Tools of the Trade

Surveillance Equipment

Compact and lightweight, Night Detective BQ 3 is a powerful

Night Vision binoculars featuring 4x optical magnification
and two carefully calibrated Generation 1 Image Intensifier
Tubes. Efficient circuit design delivers extended operational
times from a single battery source. Multicoated all-glass
lenses enhance the sharpness of the image and reduce glare.
Modern design combined with technological excellence makes
ND BQ3 essential unit for any situation that involves nighttime observations. Infrared
illuminator is built in to allow operation in complete darkness. Perfect for campers,
hunters, detectives, police officers, surveillance work and much more


* Two-premium quality Generation 1 Image Intensifier Tubes.

* 4x image magnification.
* Multicoated lenses for higher precision.
* Built-in Infrared illuminator.
* Efficient circuit design.
* Comes in its own protective shoulder bag for comfortable transportation.


Generation: 1
Magnification: 4x
Range of View (feet): 565
Resolution (lp/mm): 24-30
Spectral Sensitivity: 400-900
Power Supply: 3V lithium
Dimensions (in): 6.4x6.4x2.5
Weight (lbs): 2.0
Focal Length (in): 1.97
Objective Aperture: 1/1.7
Focusing Range (in): 12-infinity

Night Vision Goggles NZT-22 is mounted on the head

or helmet of the user to leave the hands free for manipulations.
The Stryker Throat Microphone
is the new leader in professional communications gear,
designed specifically for tactical applications.

Effective and clear communications are

vital in military and covert operations to
improve mission effectiveness. Whether
engaged in an environment with excessive
background noise or whispering co-
ordinates to a teammate, the Styker
headset is an indispensable accessory to a
successful mission.

Features and benefits:

The Noise Eliminating microphone is

superior to a noise cancelling mic, this
throat microphone eliminates all
background noise whether in the
battlefield or on the job site. Utilizing dual
active throat microphone transponders,
sound is absorbed via vibrations from the
throat and transferred to the radio, which
is then converted, into recognizable voice frequencies. The Stryker headset reduces
environmental and mechanical ambient noise significantly over other conventional
microphone headsets.

Comfortable fit earpieces. The Stryker throat mic offers either a comfortable Narrow-
profile ear cup or a Professional grade acoustic ear coil. The proprietary, ergonomic
design of the ear cushions and the internal ear cup volume ensure good fit over a
wide range of ear sizes.

The Stryker headset offers premium thick

gauge wiring and heavy-duty connection
points that allow for aggressive environments
where only the highest quality products can

The Stryker integrates a large multi-

functional, water resistant Push to Talk button
that simplifies the process of quickly activating
the radio.

The Stryker headset is compatible with the

following two-way radios:

Motorola FRS/GMRS 1 pin (Talkabouts)

Motorola Professional 2 pin (GP 300)
Yaesu (3.5mm)
Vertex (VX-10, VX300, VXF-1, VX410, 420
Is specifically designed for situations and environments where boom-mic's are
ineffective or cannot be used. This product is ideal in applications where respirators
are used and 2-way communication is essential such as public safety, first response
teams, war gaming and anywhere else a basic communication system is required

Throat Mic Strap:

This throat mic strap is designed specifically for the "GP", "SNIPER" and the "NT2"
throat mic headset. Designed for the aggressive motorcycle enthusiast or the
advanced war gamer, this strap holds the throat mic securely and eliminates
vibrations and microphone slipping, improving sound quality and inadvertent vox
activation. This strap slides around the neck brace and secures in the front with
Velcro. In addition to holding the throat mic secure, the strap also reduces wind
noise directly upon the transponder at high speeds

The Stryker PRO headsets offer premium thick gauge wiring and heavy duty
connection points that allow for aggressive environments where only the highest
quality products can survive. The Stryker integrates a large multi-functional, water
resistant Push to Talk button that simplifies the process of quickly activating the

COMMANDER - Tactical Headset For Vertex


Ideal for SWAT, rescue, security...

• Heavy duty headset with noise canceling

boom microphone
• Behind the head design with adjustable
rubber sizing bar
• In-line PTT button
• Acoustic audio tube style for extreme
noise conditions
• Weather resistant
• Heavy gauge flex boom
• Speaker is encased in weather resistant
housing on the back of the headband
• Adjustable rubber sizing bar attached the
coated steel headband
ESS's flagship goggle, the patented Profile NVG™ is the only compact
military/tactical goggle
system with no
compromises. Created with
direction from elite U.S.
Special Forces groups, it
has all the advantages of a
low-profile, night-vision-
compatible frame, without
sacrifices in dust filtration,
field of view, impact
protection, or anti-fog

The Profile NVG™ features

a full-perimeter ventilation
and filtration system that
minimizes lens fogging and filters airborne particles, dust, and splashes. The durable,
smooth frame is easy to clean and conforms to any face shape, while the Outrigger™
Strap System positions the strap for optimal compatibility with helmets.

Includes two 2.8mm high-impact lenses (Clear and Smoke Gray) an anti-reflective
SpeedSleeve™, and a rugged protective case. Authorized for use and issued by the
U.S. Army and USMC

Key features:

ClearZone FC Lenses
Night-Vision Compatible
2.8mm Lenses
Extra-Wide Field of View
Interchangeable Lenses
Mil Spec
Outrigger Strap System

Night Vision Goggles NZT-22 is mounted

on the head or helmet of the user to leave the hands free for manipulations.
Additional Surveillance Equipment

Door Rammer - This Wozniak design answers the need for door
breaching speed in cramped environments. It possesses a huge
semi-flex handle for increased arc of swing. The ThunderBolt CQB's
one-hand operation allows the officer to swing from behind cover
while retaining a weapon at the ready. Its non-sparking and non-
conductive design is center balanced for one or two handed ramming.

The SparkArrestor Padlock Buster makes child's play of the

toughest padlocks with its non-sparking and classic duckbill design.
Simply insert the point of the bill into the padlock shackle and nail it
with the ThunderSledge. The lock shatters and in you go!

Wt: 8.5 lbs

22.5 inches

lock pick kit – used to get into lock

boxes, locked buildings etc.

The Tactical Door-Viewer is designed to fit most

common peepholes used in the United States for
apartments, condominiums and houses. The
Tactical Door-Viewer can also be used in other
countries where the peepholes are of similar design
to those used In the Unites States.

This viewer is a professional grade marvel of

modern optics designed by optical engineers.

The pen transmitter is an incredibly discreet device for covert monitoring.

It is powered by two small watch type batteries and is fully functional as
a ball pen. It can be received with our receiver below and will transmit up
to a distance of 500 meters away with amazing clarity.

Computer Snooper

Want to know what kind of activity is going on in your computer?

This device records keystrokes and stores them in its' memory

module, yet looks like a keyboard cable adapter. One end of the
Snooper plugs into the keyboard socket on the back of computer. The other end
plugs into the end of the keyboard cable. The small size of this device combined with
the fact that it attaches to the back of the computer makes it extremely

In simple words, what can this device do? After you plug it in between the plug of
your keyboard and in the back of your computer keyboard input, it will record every
key stroke typed on the keyboard, it works right away without any additional
software since the program is inside the Snooper and to retrieve the recorded
information you need to type a passcode.

Plug and Play

-Easier to install (no software needed).

-Can be installed on a computer where the password is unknown.
-Can be used to record on one computer and read out on another.
-Use with any PC operating system (Windows, OS2, Linux, Free BSD, etc.)
-Records everything, even BIOS passwords.
-Uses no system resources.

Don't be fooled by its size. It has the ability to store more than 32,000 keystrokes!

Additional information - how does it work?

Very simple - the Snooper plugs in between your keyboard chord and the back of
your computer.

”Bugs” - small, coin-sized objects used to listen in on

conversations in rooms, offices, cars or other areas.
Cellular Interceptor - GSM Digital

This system is completely transparent

in operation to the service provider,
maintaining optimum confidentially for
the operator.

The multi channel system is capable of

monitoring several targets
simultaneously, providing target and
correspondent call data, dialed
number, time, date and two way
speech with recording target capability.
It has dual-channel, independently
tunable. The system is contained
within a discreet carrying case and can be powered by any mains supply or from a
car battery.

The unit has the capability to intercept GSM communication standard frequencies in
a stereo mode. This means that you can listing to a 2 way conversation: on one
channel the target phone and on the second channel to the other party, while it
enables you to see simultaneously on the screen the display of all relevant data like:
1. The TMSI Number - that is the allocation number given by the cellular phone. 2.
The IMSI Number - that is The SIM card number. 3. The IMEI Number - that is The
ID number of the phone, which was given to it by the manufacturer and more.
Small cam that can be placed almost anywhere to see what is
being done in the areas mentioned above.

Pro Track – GPS

Need to Track a vehicle?

Covert Vehicle Tracking by Global Positioning System can now

be accomplished from the privacy of your computer.

Weighting in at only 3.6 ounces, this real time tracking system

offers economical tracking in an easy to use format.

No more complicated wiring or GPS antenna mounting.

No more complicated wiring or GPS antenna mounting.

Covert vehicle tracking can now be accomplished from

the privacy of your computer using the new PRO TRAK-
GPS Satellite system. This military technology is now available to the civilian market.

Installs in seconds: Once activated, the GPS can be installed anywhere in the
vehicle, including trunk, under seat, in glove box, or any other convenient location.
For covert applications, our custom fitted waterproof magnetic case allows for quick
installation under the vehicle or under hood. Unit can easily be moved from one
vehicle to another. Also great for protecting heavy equipment, boats, industrial
equipment and dozens of other items.

Extremely easy to use: No rocket scientist need here! Unit operates using GPS and
GSM communication technology. To track your vehicle, type in your personal
password, and a detailed map with tracking information appears. Info includes time,
speed of vehicle, street address of vehicle and last stop. Updates every 5 minutes, to
keep you on target. Unit can be programmed for faster or slower update frequency if


• Completely self contained - covers the entire U.S. and Canada.

• Tracking includes: Time, speed, street address and last stop.


• Pro Track GPS

• Instructions


5 ¾” x 3” x 1 ¼”

The shirt sports features that runners will find

useful, like zoned body ventilation and seamless
design. The shirt's polyester, nylon, and
elasticine blend is designed to pull moisture
away from the skin so it can evaporate, but
retain its elastic properties so it will bend and
move with you while you're working out. The
Nike + iSkin shirt sports a waterproof sleeve
for your iPod, right under the waist (about
where a belt clip would go) and feed holes for
your iPod headphones or earbuds that keep the
cable protected, the earbuds in your ears, and
all of it out of the way while you're running. The
shirt also has a "no-look" iPod interface, so you
can change songs and the volume without
having to remove your iPod from its waist
sleeve. Skylar uses it to wear her technological ear gear.

Nike+iSkin shoes measures how hard

you're working, how fast you're running,
and how far you've traveled.

(See also ‘Anti-Surveillance’ for more

clothing articles)
Silver Shield® Apron. One size fits all. Warning: The sleeves offer minimal
abrasion resistance and should not be worn as outer protection where risk of snags,
punctures or abrasion is high. The Silver Shield® material is
made from Norfoil®, a remarkable lightweight, flexible laminate
which resists permeation and breakthrough by an array of toxic
and hazardous chemicals. An excellent choice for chemical and
petrochemical laboratories, spill cleanups, hazmat control
operations, photo finishing, medical laboratories and a host of
the applications. Features Resistant to a wide range of solvents:
aromatic, chlorinated, oxygenated (ketones and alcohols),
esters and aliphatic. Also resistant to water based systems
including most acids and bases (caustics). Highly impermeable
to more solvents, acids and bases commonly used in industrial operations than any
other type of glove on the market today. Low cost and disposable unique flexible film
that conforms readily to the hand Distinctive silver color for easy identification

Black Armor - Concealable

Part of the Concealable Series - designed for law enforcement and business people to
be worn mainly under the shirt or jacket. Maximum protection for a concealable vest.
- Made with 1000 denier NyTaneon
- BlackHawk's fully adjustable and
removable Omega style belt hanger
- Fully adjustable and removable leg
- Slotted webbing for military
A.L.I.C.E. clips
- Belt loops for attaching directly to
your belt for tactical high ride
- Drainage grommets in each pouch
- Non-slip leg straps
- Wt: 12 oz.

- Small yet rugged carrier.

- Designed to carry these personal sized lights: Surefire 6P,
6R and Streamlight’s Scorpion, T-2 and T-3.
- Built-in tensioning device allows the use of all these lights
and keeps them in place and ready for use.
- Button recess at the bottom of the carrier prevents the
accidental activation of light switches.
- Light Holder has the same belt clip as the CQC Magazine
- Light Holder can be used on Dual Rail Accessory
Platformwith any combination of CQC accessories.
Boot and Ankle Holster To be worn over a boot. Secures the ankle
holster to the boot by lacing the boot laces through the wrap portion of

The Body Guard

Waistband holster of long-lasting 4 in. wide
elastic. Adjustable Velcro closure. For front or
back gun carry. Two pouches for magazines or
knives. For right or left-hand use. Pad behind
gun for extra comfort.

Shoulder holster – used to hold guns or other

weapons close to your body without being seen
The TRH is constructed with BHI Spec hardware. The front D-ring has a 5,000 lb
proof load as well as the back D-ring for the Australian rappel. The waist and leg
straps are fully adjustable and in most cases can be used
as the assault belt to carry your holster, mag pouches
and TAC gear. The webbing is also BHI spec. One size
fits all.

Wt: 2lbs, 1oz

(Special Operations Light Adjustable Rappel)

The S.O.L.A.R. Harness was designed to be compact,

lightweight and ready to be used at any time under any
condition. It is constructed with BHI Spec Type 13 and Type
8 webbing and is fully adjustable for perfect fit and maximum
comfort. An accessory loop has been provided for
miscellaneous extra gear. One size fits all

Wt: 1lb 1oz

The original low-visibility kernmantle rope used by police and military worldwide.
Same construction, specifications, and characteristics as the BWII rappelling
rope. Flexible rappelling rope that retains its handling quantities even after
extended use. Ideal for S.W.A.T. and Assault teams color is completely through
tough nylon sheath strands and will not rub or wash off. Specificy NFPA marking
needs. Available in Olive Drab or Black

Exceeds NFPA 1983, 1990 edition One Person Rope Requirements

Double Magazine Case, Hidden Snap

Hidden snap closure. For vertical or horizontal carry. Fits
belts up to 2-1/4 in

Flash Bang – Used when a noisy distraction is needed. Pull pin and three seconds later it
sounds like a small bomb has exploded. Some even have the capability to have a flash of
blinding light.

Canister Grenades - Models 52, 62, & 82 Series

Jet-Lite Rubber Ball Grenades

Model 92 Series

• White Smoke - 9210

• CS Smoke - 9230
• CN Smoke - 9220
Anti- Surveillance/Terrorist Equipment
(not listed in other categories)

They look like an ordinary pair of sun glasses.
Yet they have a unique can see
behind you. The lenses on these spy glasses
have a special coating that allows you to look
straight ahead and still see what is going on
behind you.

Envelope X-ray Spray

Want to know what's inside an envelope?

Envelope X-RAY Spray turns opaque paper temporarily translucent, allowing the user
to view the contents of an envelope without ever opening. 30 seconds after
application, the envelope will return to its' original state, leaving absolutely no

Bomb Jammer
The Matrix Bomb Jammer provides protection by utilizing the latest jamming

Lower end jammers usually provide defense by transmitting white noise to a wide
frequency band. This strategy causes dispersion of signal power evenly through the
frequency band providing only several mill watts of power to each MHz of frequency

This military grade high-end sweep technology takes advantage of the Jammer full
power in every part of the frequency band without any gaps in between. A powerful
signal travels through each band at a high frequency thus able to deliver a top
performance at maximum power. The sweep frequency pattern has been design and
rigorously tested for maximum performance against remote control explosive
device. In addition the Bomb Jammer blocks cellular calls and hidden transmitting
bugs. The Jammer will defeat attempts by terrorists using any Cellular phones or
modified Radio Control to detonate a bomb. Effective range up to 250 Meters.

Spy Phone Pro

This is the advanced version of our Spy Phone, Designed for Law Enforcement. It
may look like a regular Nokia Cellular phone. However this Super technology goes
beyond its standard capabilities.

It operates as a normal cellular phone - but when the phone is called in on a

special "Spy" mode (from anywhere in the world) it (the Spy Phone Pro) will
automatically answer without any ringing or lights coming on, and the display stays
the same as if it is on a "Standby Mode". While on the "Standby mode" it will pickup
the sounds nearby and the ACTUAL Cellular CONVERSATION and transmits them
back to you (the caller).

• Enhanced audibility, during Spy Mode the microphone level is increased to 24 dB.
• Key-scanning when in Spy Mode.
- Remote software destruction of the entire telephone program - making the phone
useless in case it is necessary.
- Spy Calls are not logged in the caller’s memory.
- Receive detailed SMS notification includes vital parameters for tracking location
process (MEI, IMSI, Cell Location, and battery status).

To assure the retrieval of the phone should it be necessary, there are 2 options:
1) Changing the brightness of the display (remotely) making the phone practically
2) Denying all incoming calls except when you call inn on the "Special" mode.
As we all know, privacy in this modern world has gone the way of the DoDo. Every
day we hear of new ways technology is being used to snoop into our personal lives.
From prying eye's on the web, to sneaking snoops listening to our calls; every aspect
of our privacy is continually challenged. Enter the BrickHouse TCS-E1 Voice
Encrypter. This ingenious device works with a simple concept. Two units are
required on both ends of the call. The users select there encryption key, which is
then plugged in to complete the private call. No one will be able to listen in on
your conversations anymore. If they do use some form of eavesdropping they will
only get a scrambled call that is total gibberish without the correct encryption key
and the device to descramble the call.


• Intelligent Microprocessor Control --

1,000,000 random codes.
• Fits almost all telephone sets (home
ordinary phones, office PABX / KTS
• User programmable access codes from
phone keypad.
• Multiple unique encryption algorithms
used when securing link.
• Multiple link encryptions for conference
• Dual LED and Audio tone status indicators.
• Self contained power- up diagnostics.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Optional 9V Battery for portability.

Tap Nullifier

Our Telephone Tap Nullifier has the ability to actually defeat telephone taps!
Additionally, the Telephone Tap Nullifier utilizes technology
that jams any listening device which uses the telephone
line to listen to room conversations, This telephone tap
nullifier is the ideal device to protect privacy and maintain
the security of communication. For use on any telephone or
fax line anywhere.


• FCC Approved
• Made in USA
• Normal and Secure Calling Modes
• Monitors exact line voltage in on hook and off hook condition
• Stops Automatic Recorder Activators (including Answering Machines)
• Alerts to extension pick ups and lineman test
• Deactivates Automatic Parallel Line Tranmitters
• Infinity Transmitter and Line Tampering Alerts
• Fine tuning capability
• Sturdy metal case

Advanced Wire Tap Detector for Home or Office Phones

This TT-46 Detector checks both single and two line phones quickly and easily.
This Wire Tap Detector uncovers on premises series and parallel bugs and
wiretaps on your phone lines as well as within rooms.

Telephone Voice Changer

Disguises your voice by digitizing it. The

degree of change can be adjusted as you
are speaking by pressing the buttons
located on the front of the unit. Features
an on/off switch, is 9-volt battery
powered (not included). Dimensions:4" x
2" x 3/4". Easy hook up and is compatible
with all telephones because you simply
hold it over the mouthpiece and speak
JM-20M BodyWire Detector

The new Micro Audio/Video Bug

Detector is a tiny but powerful
RF vibrating detector small enough to be worn on your body without being noticed.

This tiny micro sized unit measures an amazing 2 1/8 inches long X 1 3/4 inches
wide by 1/2 inch deep. But don't be fooled by it's tiny size! It's a full-featured dual
bug detector that silently vibrates to alert you to the presence of eavesdropping.
Misc. Equipment

The RDCB is designed with an internal loop at one end to tie the rope to and a hook
and loop slot at the other end for rapid rope deployment right from the bag! Both
outer sides have BTS webbing for attaching to your belt, vest, back pack or carrying
extra gear. Each end has D-rings to
attach your optional shoulder
strap. It's great for a throw or drop
bag. Rope not included.

• Made of 1000 denier

NyTaneon nylon
• Full wrap around handles
with handle gripper

• Holds 200 ft of rope

Dimensions: 18" x 10"D / Wt: 12oz

/ Cubes: 904"
Investigation Tools/Equipment

Latex Gloves – used by the Investigator so that their prints or

DNA traces aren’t mixed in with the evidence found.

Element/Evidence Analyzer
The analyzer identifies compounds for various
applications, including defense and security
for chemical, biological, soil, metals, forensics
and other material analysis. A complete
mobile forensic laboratory for collection and
analysis of suspect data. Supplied fully
configured with advanced software . Included
software provides element identification via
spectral database for qualitative
measurements only. Samples are quickly
measured and saved to a log-file for
summary reporting.

Cyanocrylate Fuming Chamber

For automated, safe and affordable latent fingerprint
Ductless models are available in two sizes: the CA-
3000 table-top unit for smaller items, the larger
free-standing CA-6000 with cart included. Maximize
your department's investment by saving on ductwork
and installation! Also available is the seven-foot tall
walk-in CA-7000 ducted version, capable of fuming
items such as doors, bikes, large plastic bags or
dozens of firearms at one time.

All Units Feature: Programmable Controls - Obtain

quality latent prints and reproducible results by
controlling humidity, fume circulation and processing

• Full automation of fuming process

• Fuming and filtering intervals customized to
user preference
• Monitors number of fume cycles to track filter

Includes all of the fluorescent latent print powder colors along with lifting tape and
backing cards, as well as material needed to
keep the print clean from contamination,
magnifying glass, gloves and other needed
Camera: used to record area evidence. IE: murder
scene before anyone else moves items around, so
that the investigator gets the untouched crime
scene to help with the case. There is also a
thermal version used to record same area but for
more paranormal or unseen material that wouldn’t
show up in normal photo shots (see below).
Medical Equipment

Portable Survival Kit

Feel safe with the Personal Portable

Survival Kit, it has enough food and water
to sustain you for up to 2 days. This small
kit is ultra portable, and works perfect for
storing in your car. Bring it with you on
your weekend trips, or have it as a
backup on long vacations. You’ll never
know when you might need the Personal
Portable Survival Kit Designed to be
compact and item packed, you’ll have
enough food and water to be on your own
for two days. Also included; a convenient First Aid kit. This item is compact and
convenient, truly a take anywhere kit.

Thermal blanket:
Is used to hide body heat or heat signatures from ‘night
vision’ goggles as well as to help keep body heat close
to a person that is in freezing temperatures

Personal first aid kit: Has what most

household kits may have, along with
antibiotics, antidotes (as shown below)
and other medical equipment that would
include remedies for investigators.
Antidotes: Remedies for poison and other negative

Truth Serum: Injected, it takes effect as soon

as the drug starts flowing through a person’s
blood system and can affect the nerves
(matter of a very few minutes).
Computer Programs/Tools
(that do not fit under other categories)

Faces - Composite Picture Program

Not every investigator can afford a

Sketch artist! Now you don't need one with
this Ultimate breakthrough Composite Picture!

This software on CD-ROM contains a database of

close to 4,000 specially coded facial features.

Private Investigator, police officers, no longer

you have to wait for an appointment with a
sketch artist to re creates a face of a suspect.

With a PC computer or laptop in the field and by simply clicking and selecting
facial features with the mouse, users can create endless combinations of FACES of
male or female from any race in less than ten minutes! All of the selected features
are automatically blended together, making the resulting picture look just like a

The TASER is one of the ultimate Non-Lethal

defense devices. Used nationwide by over 2,700
Police departments and Federal Agencies, and
has even been tested safe with no long-term side
effects. Using advanced Electro Muscular
Disruption (EMD) technology, the TASER will stop
and disable attackers. The device uses energy
pulses to disrupt and completely override the
central nervous system, thus allowing direct
control over the skeletal muscles. Compressed air
launches two penetrating probes up to 15 feet knocking down your assailant. Once
attached to the target, the probes use sophisticated electronic signals called T-waves
to jam the nervous system of an assailant, causing rapid muscle contractions and
stopping him in his tracks. With excellent stopping power, and world tested safety
you can rest well knowing you have powerful protection that will not kill. The
Advanced Taser is 99.99% effective on those who are under the influence of drugs
and alcohol. TASER is designed to stop the most violent and focused combatants.
The AIR TASER® can be carried on your person or in your car without special permits
in most states, providing you with excellent protection in any unexpected situation.

440 stainless steel star with five blades

that close inwards towards the handle for safe
storage and decorative purposes. Center
handle is made of aluminum with a detailed
carved dragon inlay on the front. Includes
convenient carrying clip with an etched
dragon. Measures 4.5 inches in diameter.
(Prohibited in CA and MA)
3 in. 420J stainless steel blade star folds into a cyclone
shape for safe storage and decorative purposes. Center
handle is made of aluminum with three aluminum inlays that
form the cyclonic whirlwind in the center. Includes
convenient carrying clip. This star is suited for display
purposes only and contains a safety-locking feature to
prevent accidental closing. Available in silver or black.

4 Point Moon star made from

heavy carbon steel.
Sharpened stars are 4 inches
in diameter and have a black

Misc. Weapons
(guns & projectile-like weapons)

Kimber 1911 Gold Compact RL II .45 ACP

[Gold Compact RL II]


• .45 ACP


• Pistols from the Kimber Custom Shop are

equaled in quality only by a handful of
America's finest.
• The finest parts are combined with hand fitting and artistic flair to create a
pistol as beautiful as it is functional and accurate.
• All Gold Combat models have night sights.
• Gold Combat models have 30 lines-per-inch checkering on the front strap and
under the trigger guard.


• Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 5.5

• Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 39
• Length (inches): 8.7
• Magazine capacity: 8
• Magazine well
• Ambidextrous thumb safety
• Recoil spring (pounds): 16


• Material: Steel
• Finish: KimPro II™
• Width (inches): 1.28
• Front strap checkering (30 LPI)
• Checkering under trigger guard (30 LPI)


• Material: Steel
• Finish: KimPro II™
• Front serrations

• Stainless steel match grade
• Length (inches): 5
• Stainless steel match grade bushing
• Twist rate (left hand): 16


• Meprolight Tritium 3-dot night, fixed

• Radius (inches): 6.8


• Rosewood double diamond


• Premium aluminum match grade

• Factory setting (approx. pounds): 3.5-4

Model: 1911B Caliber: .45 ACP Capacity:

8+1 Barrel Length: 5" Action: SA Finish: Blue
Steel Grips: Checkered Black Weight: 38 oz
Construction: Steel Frame: Large Front Sight:
Heinie Rear Sight: Straight-8 Trigger Type:
Ventilated Length: 6.5" Width: 1-1/2" Height:
5.45" Rate of Twist: 1:16" Grooves: 6

Silver Bullets: Used to Kill or ward off Werewolves, and

when blessed can be used to kill other demons, spirits
and otherworldly creatures.
Crossbow: full size

Used mainly to kill vampires or other like

creatures. Comes in different sizes. (see below
for the handheld version).

(Hand-held crossbow)
Length of
frame: 83cm
Length of
bow: 105cm

The Bo / Quarterstaff is one of the most common

weapons ever used in most cultures. It is considered
a very effective weapons due to it ease of use and
long reach. The staff is a very an effective offensive
and defensive weapon. Excellent for blocking, striking
and whipping making it the ideal weapon for defense
against the a club, knife or short sword.
Kits or Other Supernatural weapons

Slaying Kit:
The items
enclosed in the
box are: one
hammer (6.5
inches long
engraved on it
and blessed),
four stakes 6
also w/crosses
& blessed), a
prayer book,
crucifixes, knife
and eight
bottles with
Pamant (holy
(holy water),
Mir (anointing oil), Tamaie (holy incense), Usturoi (garlic), red serum, blue serum and
secret potion. Created by a Romanian Monk from Transylvania during the late 1800s.

Note: There is a saying passed down through the generations that whoever is able to
read from this Book will be able to win the fight with the dark forces, demons,
vampires and other demonic creatures.

The Lungchuan sword was invented 2600

years ago. Legends say that the Master Ou
Yezi chose the region of Lungchuan to craft
his famous swords after being
commissioned by the King of Chu. Master
Ou Yezi used the clear bodies of water
surrounding Lungchuan along with bountiful
amounts of iron ore which were present
mould three of his legendary swords, "Long
yuan, "Tai A", and "Gong Bu." With seven
streams surrounding the Qinxi Mountain
region, the Lungchuan sword was also
known as the "Seven Star Sword". As
centuries passed the Lungchuan swords
evolved from its original iron ore make to
today's full steel construction. These
swords are very strong, sharp and
beautifully carved with traditional designs.
In the days of feudal lords and warring
states, they were used as deadly weapons.
Today we can appreciate them for their
history and workmanship. Great for training
and for collectors. The main body of the
Lungchuan sword is made in the shape of
the Chang Pu leaf. Its scabbard and
handle are made of the rarely seen and
valuable Hua-Li wood. Spring steel is
flexible with a 40 to 90 degree bend.
Combat steel will not bend.