Whenever we talk about freedom and justice in Afghanistan, we never forget to remind our listeners of the heroine of Afghanistan

, Malala Anaa. She has been a legend in Afghanistan and an inspiration for both afghan women and afghan men since the Battle of Maiwand, the Second Afghan-Anglo War. She lost her life only to save the lives of thousands of other people. Our today’s freedom is only a gift of the people who not only lost their lives but also their beloved ones during the war to save us. Being a female at her teenage, she left her wedding party and stepped into the ground of the battle to fight with the British army, who had already killed thousands of innocent Afghans in order to invade Afghanistan. She changed the history of the country and made us proud that today we can proudly call ourselves Afghans. There are a few people who fought for the freedom of Afghanistan and still have their places in our hearts. I chose her not only to dedicate my writing to her memory but also to prove that a young female like her can also change the history and make us remember her for the lifetime and appreciate her self-devotion to the country.

Malala (or Malalai) was grown up in a poor family and her father was a shepherd. She was living in a small village called Khig located in Kandahar, southern province of Afghanistan. Today she is not only the focus of national writers but also international writers. As in an article by an English writer she is described that “While in Britain, no one has heard of her, in Afghanistan Malalai (or Malala) is a legend”(Ewing). And in the same article it is said that “Smaller facts in the story vary slightly, but although it is Ayub Khan who became known as the vector of Maiwand, it is said that it was Malalai who actually saved the day”(Ewing). Officially, it is always the leading commander who is

she would have never had a happy future afterwards. which had already been ignored by the British army and their policy. And today. which. She had known that even though she might have had her wedding that day. When Malala realized that the Afghan warriors were loosing their moral and were about to be defeated. Similarly. the Afghan warriors started to get back into their forms and found more strength in their bodies. she run into the ground of the battle and shouted on the Afghan army: “Young love! If you do not fall in the battle of Maiwand. It was Malala’s wedding day when she and her whole family decided to forget about the wedding and think about the prosperity of Afghanistan. who led the army to the victory. She also called on other housewives and young girls to support the army with their injuries and supply them water. it is obvious for everyone that without Malala’s devotion we would have never won the battle. By God. How can someone step out of her wedding party. Malala noticed that one of the Afghan warriors holding the Afghan flag was hit by the bullet of British army and fell down. someone is saving you as a symbol of shame!” Hearing this. the facts revealed later showed that it was a young female. Ayub Khan was the leading commander for the Afghan army in the battle so he was titled the hero as the Afghans won the battle. I assume. But in deed. Meanwhile. Malala. is almost the most awaiting day of someone’s life? But this is a fact that she did that. Malala reached him and grabed the flag and went forward while singing (Edwing): .known for the victory or defeat.

750 Afghan warriors were killed and probably about 1500 wounded. Her stimulation was enough to give us freedom and save the future of the millions of the people in Afghanistan today. and finally with the devotion of her life. In order to honor her dedication. Also it is said that the battle “is one of the rare nineteenth-century victories of an Asian force over a Western power.org).050 and 2. It was Malala who led the army with her words. Such as would put to shame the rose in the garden” Once the Afghan army got their power and moral back. Khig and her grave is still visited by many people. Will I put a beauty spot on my forehead. . She was buried at her village. they moved forward and fought for their freedom.“With a drop of my sweatheart’s blood. while killing 969 British and Indian soldiers and wounding 177 more”(wikipedia. She and her fiancé were also two of 2. which led the Afghan army to the victory. motivation. magazines have been named after her. hospitals. Shed in defense of the Motherland. squares. Although.050 warriors who were killed at the battle. It was counted one of the main battles of the Second Anglo-Afghan war (wikipedia. The battle of Maiwand happened in 1880 whereas Malala was only 19 years old. several schools. we still have her memories.org). But all Afghans know these are nothing in comparison to her dedications. she is no more with us. though at a high price: between 2.

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