Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (BPL) is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh and is acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and outstanding professional services. Its strategic strengths include strong recognition of brands, highly skilled work force and a diversified business mix. Being a Learning Organization, the core essence of BPL is its entrepreneurial spirit in every sphere of its management. In this spirit, the tasks of each managerial function are carried out through Human Resource Management. Here, we have analyzed BPL’s Orientation process, which is very significant from a contemporary managerial perspective. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited organizes its socialization process in three stages: 1. Pre-arrival stage: This stage explicitly recognizes that each new recruit arrives with a set of organizational values, attitudes, and expectations. A formal Orientation program is held, congregating all new managerial recruits. The new employees are each individually approached, and asked to talk about their expectations about the organization’s values. 2. Encounter stage: Here the new employees confront the possible dichotomy between their expectations and reality. The recruits meet everyone from their divisions, and are assigned their specific designations, and with it their roles and responsibilities. Working in these positions, they are able to match their expectations with reality. 3. Metamorphosis stage: Finally, the new member must work out any problems discovered during the encounter stage. S/he learns to mesh in with the organization’s culture, and with the help of peers and supervisors, learns to properly execute their required duties.

Accounts.In BPL. Sale etc. BPL does this to ensure that the new employees do not face any major problems when they start the job. in order to provide step-by-step training for employees. Lectures: The most simple and quick way to provide knowledge to large groups of trainees. a senior merchandiser. along with key points. Overall. the following types of training are provided by Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited to its new employees: • • • • • Technical Training Management Training Safety Training Occupational Health General Training (Management. Specific training for technical jobs Job Instruction Training: Listing each jobs basic tasks. They try to ensure it by creating a learning environment in the organization. The new recruits are shown how to perform the job and allowed to do it under the trainer’s supervision.) . Informal Learning: This learning process is not determined or designed by BPL. Simulated Training: Here the trainee is placed in an artificial environment that closely mirrors actual working conditions. and are mandatory for new recruits. Peers and supervisors try to facilitate learning by being open to questions. Lectures are given by top-level managers. on the job training is normally given by a senior employee or a manager like.

• • • Social Skill Training Refresher Training Workers Education Training .

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