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LECTURE 24 – Part 2

Prostate Cancer

Men who are born with the defect of not making 5 alpha reductase have not reported a single case of prostate cancer in
these males

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could inhibit that enzyme and prevent hyperplasia of the prostate and reduce risk of prostate

DHT increases replication of prostate cells and if there’s already cancer there, it will increase it’s state.

What happens in androgen dependent cancer is that cancer cells in response to stress, secrete heat shock proteins,
that rapidly escort DHT and other chemicals like it, into the cell to make it even more malignant! And then these cells
become androgen independent, they get their own little internal mechanism to replicate.

There are some natural compounds that can help interrupt this cycle.

Saw Palmetto:

- Clinical studies have shown 160 mg x2/day can reverse non-prostatic hyperplasia by inhibiting 5 alpha reductase and
blocking androgen (so less testosterone can get in) and also inhibits some of the estrodes from affecting the prostate
gland as well.
- May have anti inflame effect too by inhibiting PG2
- It’s been shown to out perform the medical drug called Prostar (aka Phenestra) which is an alpha 5 reductase
inhibitor. Saw Palmetto doesn’t just out-perform it but also has fewer side effects.
- Usually come as oil so need to double the extract to combine with other herbs like Pygena Africana?

Pygeum Africanum:

- Can’t combine it with oils

- 100-200mg/day has been shown to reduce benign prostate hyperplasia
- We think it works this way… if you have a lot of testosterone in the prostate cell the more of that can become
dihydrotestosterone, so prostate cells then don’t just get testosterone from the blood stream, they can make their
own. They take acetyl coenzyme A and eventually make cholesterol from which you can make testosterone
- Blocks the testosterone synthesis inside the prostate cell
- May also decrease glutanizing hormone and prolactin


- Took it by itself, gave it to BHP px, 80% had significant reduction in sx of BHP
- Blocks alpha 5 reductase
- Blocks estrogen
- Can induce program cell death of existing cancer cells (Dr. M has seen cases of ppl with existing prostate cancer cell,
with high PSA, CA mobilized in prostate gland, used this and other nutrients for patient, PSA level actually lowered
back to normal)

*remember that cancer cells were once normal cells

*CA cell still have many features that normal cells have
*CA cell inhibit BCL2 and stop the immune system from inducing apoptosis


- decrease cancer development

- 5a reductase inhibitor
- induces apoptosis
- inhibits proliferative enzymes (enzymes that help CA cell divide, the most important ones are; ornatine decarboxylase,
DNA topoisomerase and protein tyrosine kinase)
- inhibits aromatase (so blocks the secretion of estrone hormone)
- Anti-O
- Anti-Angiogenesis*** this is huge… does this by inhibiting the release of VEGF

*the incidence of prostate cancer in japan is 80% lower, could it be d/t their iso-flavone rich diet?

Stinging Nettle

- Inhibit DHT, doesn’t inhibit its synthesis but stops it from acting on DNA of nucleus
- 20-60 mg is normal dose in combination product
- giving it by itself won’t treat this condition very well

Seritin? Pollen Extract

- Contains hydroxemic acid which helps reverse inflammatory response

- Inhibit replication of cancer cells

*BHP is a warning sign that prostate cancer might be on its way

*Many men have prostate cancerous cell by the age of 50, in japan, they stay dormant but in NA with the NA diet they
grow significantly so we think that lifestyle is an important factor for these cells to grow
*75% of prostate cancers could be avoided if… reduce OH, avoid BBQ and charred foods, saturated fat,

Side Note: when you graduate you must subscribe to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal of Nutrition and Cancer

Study: prostate CA patient given Soy iso flavone (100mg 2x/day) this slowed down PSA doubling rate so significantly.

Study: Omega 3 FA, 2 serving of fish a week or supplementation better prognosis

Indole 3 Carbonal:

- Inhibit growth of postate cancer cell

- Induce apoptosis
- Good to give with Mild Thistle


- some really concentrate in the prostate gland

- lycopene (1 tomatoe a day)
- Vit E (the ABC study)
- Selenium 200 mcg/day… 50% reduction in prostate cancer risk

Vitamin D:

- REMEMBER THIS: vitamin D is made in your skin upon exposure to sunlight, so the skin is just like a plant and doing
photosynthesis! (sunlight hitting skin and you’re making a molecule out of it) this type of vit D now travels to the Liver
and your liver turns it into 25-hydroxy-calciferol which has 5x the original vit D potency as the initial form, now this
vitamin D travels in the bloodstream and your Kidneys also have a hydroxylase enzyme which turns it into 1-25-
dyhydroxy… which is also called Calcitriol which has 10x the potency of the initial vit D. This is a very powerful form
of vit D to help with Osteoporosis. What you probably don’t realize is that a bunch of other cells of the body also have
vit D receptors (colon cells, breast cells, pancreatic cells…etc.) What you don’t know is that the 25-hydroxy vit D
that’s made by the Liver, some of this Vitamin D attaches to these vitamin D receptors, for example the prostate cell.
Once the vitamin D gets into the prostate cell, the prostate cell also has its own hydroxylase to make its own 1-25-
dihydroxy vit D which doesn’t circulate in the blood, it’s used by the prostate itself. And what does it do? Helps cells
completely mature to a full adult cell. The more mature cells are the more resistant they are to undergoing cancerous
changes. What else does it do? It slows down the rate of cell division. In an existing cancer cell it can force the cancer
cell which looks abnormal to actually change in morphology and look and behave like a normal cell… but if you take
away the vitamin D it changes back to it’s abnormal self. (Want to supplement with 2000 IU/day, can be normal Vit D
because your cells will change it in the most potent type of Vit D)… PROVEN FOR PROSTATE CANCER BY
- They gave 1000IU to ladies with osteoporosis in one study and they noticed that it had reduced the overall cancer
rate for these ppl.
- Ppl who live at 40 or 42 degree latitude should supplement with vit D (your levels should be at or above 85 nm per
liter) Who will have a difficult time to make this happen?
- As you get older this enzyme in the Kidney declines so they need more supplementation with 1-25 hydroxy since their
body won’t be able to make it.


- It’s great and important but don’t go crazy with it because it can be toxic at too high doses


- Men with good cardio fitness tend to be less prone to prostate cancer
- Kenneth Cooper said this: male runners tend to have a higher incidence of prostate cancer.. Why? As men are
running, their prostate keeps hitting their bladder…. Causing damage. Try to not run more than 15-20 miles a week
- Go to and look some of the resources
- Make sure that it’s not a bacterial driven prostatitis b/c then the px might just need ABC instead of supplementation
- All men over 40 should start thinking of taking precautions against prostate cancer

That’s it guys… GOOD LUCK ON MONDAY!!!