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All Provincial Ministers, Punjab. The Senior Member, Board of Revenue, Punjab. _" '-_" ,~ The Ad~it.ional.Chief Secretary. Punjab.. "J~~~;_; •-. ~'~: All Admlnl.str~tlve S~cretafles.m the punlabf~(;S:,"";:::\'_\;": h~ k:;:_' _; .r All Com~ls~loner~ In the. Punjab. . t ~I/'i:>~·?l~~_;;:_.~ The Pro~lncral Police O~rcer, Punjab. \\?_.,.);, ' --:," __'::.,::::.._._ t-::::.....: The Registrar, Lahore High Court, Lahore. \~O:'y_~_-)' i:<~;(-)) All District Coordination Officers in the Punja~' ~!.i::;;?j' All Heads of Attached Oepartn:ten~s in the Pin~I;~-:.".~-;-·-· -'1 All Heads of Autonomous Bodies In the Punjab. The Secretary, Provincial Assembly, Punjab. The Sec~etary, Pu~jab PUbl.ic Se~vice Commission, Lahore{::~~~:'-,.·:~~:~,: . ... _ _. The Registrar, Punjab Service Tribunal, Lahore, r _', .'" ~. /1 I The Secretary, Chief Minister's Inspection Team. Lahore. ",'-~;·f' I The Accountant General, Punjab, Lahore. l~"':"_':""':::'_':'~''':')'l ~ All District Accounts Officers in the Punjab. . ,-,,,~-,,,







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The word "promotion" as defined in the Punjab Civil Servants Act. 1974 means appointment of a civil servant to a higher post in the service or cadre to which he belongs. Promotion not only implies advancement to a higher post but also involves shouldering of higher responsibility. Although the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 and the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 provide legal framework for appointment .1y promotion yet need for a comprehensive promotion policy based on objective assessment of periormance of civil servants has been felt for sorne time. Therefore, it has been decided to frame the following comprehensive polrcy tor promotion of civil servants in the Punjab, to be effective from 01.01,2011 2. Legal Position

Section 4 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act, appointment to a civil service of the province connection with the affairs of the province shall be manner by the Governor or by a person authorized

1974 lays down that or to a civil post In made rn the prescribed by him in that behalf


Sub-Section (1) of Section 8 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 provides that a civil servant shall be eligible to be considered for appointment by promotion to a post reserved for promotion in the service or cadre to which he belongs. Sub-sections (2) and (3) further lay down that promotion including Proforma Promotion shall not be claimed by any civil servant as of right and that promotion shall be granted with immediate effect and be actualized from the date of assumption of charge of the higher post. and

Ru!e 10-A of the rules ibid provides tor appointment on acting-charge basis of a civil servant who is eligible for promotion to a higher post but does not possess the requisite length of service and/or experience as provided in the service rules or Punjab Civil Servants (Minimum Length of Service for Promotion) Rules. :1. under rule 4 of the rules ibid. of Promotion Types (1) Regular Promotion: Regular promotion shall be made against a clear vacancy. Rule 9 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules. (3) Under sub-section (4) and (5) of section 8 of the Act ibid. 1974 provides that s. Sub-Section (2) of Section 2 of the Punjab Civr. of (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) {'I 0) (11) Rule 14 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rules.litv of post reserved for promotion. Rule 13 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions Service) Rules. Servants Act. 1974.shall in no case be granted from the date of avauab. A retired civil servant is not eligible for grant of promotion. that only such persons who possess the qualifications and meet the conditions laid down for the purpose of promotion or transfer to a post shall be considered by the Selection Authority. Rule 10 of the rules ibid stater. who posses the minimum qualification and experience prescribed for a higher post reserved for departmental promotion. The word 'prescribed' means prescribed by rules. manner. which may occur due to promotion of the incumbent to a higher . provided that he may be considered for grant of proforma promotion as may be prescribed.ppointment against posts shall be made by promotion. transfer or initial recruitment as may be prescribed by the Government in relation to the posts in a grade from time to time. 1974 provides that an appointment whether by promotion 0: otherwise shall be deemed to have been made on regular basis if it is made In the prescribed . a post may either bea selection post or a non-selection post Selection posts are to be filled on the basis of selection on ment and non-selection posts on the basis of seniority-cum-fitness. The procedure for Proforma Promotion has been detailed in the Proforma Promotion Policy.003_ As per sub-section (6) of section 8 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act. shall be eligible to compete for promotion in the manner and subject to the conditions as may be prescribed. a civil servant is not entitled to promotion from an earlier date except in the case of Proforma Promotion. It is imperative that promotion to a post should be made only where service rules for the post meant for promotion have been framed and notified Sub-rule (1) of rule 3 of the Punjab Civil servants (Appointrnent & Conditions of Service) Rules. 1974 states that appointment by promotion or transfer to posts in various grades shall be made on the recommendations of the appropriate committee or board constituted. 1074 provides that all persons hololng posts in the same functional unit. 1974 provides Iorprornotion on officiating basis. 2003.

appointment on acting-charge basis or reserved under the rules to be filled by transfer. 2003 then he may be considered for appointment on acting-charge basis in terms of rule 10-A of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Sen/ice) Ru!es. Selection The Government may constitute Selection Boards/Committees in terms of Rule 4 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rules. jf none IS available for transfer or in case of deferment of a senior due to any reason. suspension. Minor penalty of withholding of promotion for a specific period. 1974.05. He must have satisfactorily completed the probation period. Service record comprising PERs. Promotion on Officiating Basis: In case of posts falling vacant temporarily as a result of proceeding of an incumbent on deputation. disrnissa I.'}ction Boards/Committees may be notified by the Government separately from time to tim. 6. service. creation of a new post or any other such reason (2) r emoval frQn'.post on regular bas is.2004 (Annex-A).. 1974 for making recornmendanons for promotion to different posts falling under the promotion quota. 2003. 3 (5) (6) (7) . posting outside cadre. leave (more than six months). Such Sei:. Selection/Non~Selection Posts All posts in BS-19 and above reserved for promotion shall be selection posts and will be filled on selection on merit basis. S. his retirement. the Board/OPC may consider the civil servants for promotion on officiating basis in terms of Rule 13 of the Puniab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rules. Promotion on Acting~Charge Basis: In case a civil servant does not possess the requisite length of service/experience prescribed in the service rules or Punjab Civil Servants (Minimum Length of Service for Promotion) Rules. death.The current Provincial Selection Boards / Departmental Promotion Committees were notfied on 14. will take effect from the date when a junior is considered for promotion and is promoted on regular basis for the first time. and fulfill other conditions (3) (4) Should possess the length of service as prescribed in the Punjab Civil Servants (Minimum Length of Service for Promotion) Rules. 1974. Award of minor or major penalties. Posts in BS-18 and below shall be nonselection posts to be filled on seniority-cum-fitness basis. Authorities (3) 4. Successful completion of. mandatory training and passing of prescribed departmental examination. He should possess the qualification/experience as provided in the relevant service rules. Eligibility Criteria for Consideration for Promotion A civil servant shall be considered for promotion to posts reserved for promotion subject to his suitability and assessment of the following aspects:(1) (2) Seniority position...

the Board/Committee may recommend a civil servant for deferment on the basis of anyone or more of the following reasons: (i) The officer has failed to submit PER forms after completing Part-I to the Reporting Officer. For promotion against A minimum of 3 officers per vacancy dependmg posts in 8S-19 and above.(8) Any other condition laid down with the approval of the Competent Authority for a specific category of officers/officials such as:(a) (b) Teachers. Performance Evaluation Reports shall be quantified for promotion against posts in BS-19 and above according to the formula given in the Schedule-r. Promotion against non-selection posts will be recommended/made en the basis of seniority-cum-fitness. especially last full year's report is missing or any other document/information required by the PSB or Committee for determining his suitability for promotion is not available. PER dossier is incomplete. Procedure: for'Processing Cases by PSB/DPC On the basis of Working Paper submitted by the departments. The record of the civil servant is not clear. the PSB/OPC may either: (a) recommend a civil servant for promotion to the next higher post: (b) recommend a civil servant for supersession. but seniority shall not carry any ext-a weightage for the determination of merit for promotion to selection posts. Pertorrnance Evaluation Reports will be given due importance but will not be the only criterion for promotion to selection posts. whose collection of revenue. will become eligible for (9) 7. An officer / official who is superseded consideration after the specified period. especially for the last five years: (contains adverse remarks pending decision on the represe ntation). the PSB/OPC shall consider all officers/officials in order of seniority. Causes of Def'erment (1) After consideration of the names on the panel. on the availability of eligible officers in the cadre I Provided that the panel would be in addition to superseded cases and not inclusive thereof. or (c) defer consideration of a civil servant's promotion. 8. 9. whose results are compared with the results of the Boards! UniverSities. utilization of AOP funds & achievements of specific targets is required to be assessed. After consideration. 4 Oi) (iii) . the cadre. Field Officers. Per Vacancy Panel of Officers The panel of officers per vacancy will be as under:For promotion against A minimum of 2 officers/officials per vacancy depending on the availability of eligible officers in posts up to as-18.

He is on contract appointment outside or within the department. ('J) with a foreign government / international (vi) (vii) \. He IS on deputation (jrg anization. (xi i)) The civil servant whose promotion has been deferred will be considered as SOO. preliminary inquiry/probe in the department or complaint pending with AntiCorruption Establishment shall not be considered as a cause of deferment. the posts shall be reserved for the officers recommended for deferment. Causes of Supersession (1) threshold In Case of Selection Posts The Board shall supersede those civil servants who do not fulfill the eligibility {Zi In Case of Non-Selection Posts may recommend a civil servant for supersession on the basis of ally one or more of the following reasons> (I) T!1e Board/Ope The record of tile officer contains adverse remarks (not expunged after representation) during the last three years.It': He IS on training abroad I long leave for a period of more than six months or is not likely to return within a period of six months.-1 as the reason. or other enqumes or criminal cases are pendinq against him. 10. (i») He has not earned a full year's report after having been on deputation abroad/employment with foreign governmenUlong leave. He has failed to qualify or failed to appear in the prescribed departmental examination (within the prescribed attempts) or mandatory training. 1.I! the mandatory training courses is (iv) (V) He has been awarded major penalty within five years of the date of consideration for promotion.. on the basis of which deferment took place. However.j IS ii) i nte r se seniority is disputed/subjudice. ceases to exist. he does not fulfill any specific condition laid down for a specific category of officers/officials such as mentioned at para 6 (8). 5 . performance unsatisfactory. Such posts may be filled up temporarily on officiating basis.(iv: DIsciplinary proceedings. However. anti-corruption. HIs In (ii) (. He has been awarded three or more minor penalties during the last five years.

.m d k In( or extensive administrative Jurisdictions.. 13. . Efficiency (1) Index Posts for Promotion/Deferment/Supersessl~n Selection The minimum threshold marks for promotion per the following tabJe:·· Basic Pay Scale 8S-19 8S-20 Aggregate marks.:iI be me..~. The Board white neterrnu ling suitability of ar officer should give due ccnsiueration to the nature of duties. if not recommended for promotion on account of Ic\~ threshold.nq the requisite % and above in the efficiency index for promotion un less deferred (in order of seniority. . Training Evaluation Reports and PSB evaluation - Sr. Quantification of PERs. shall be superseded The senior officers.. duration and locatron 0 ..3S ! 0f 100) .~!!:!'9-~jon reports _."':f-·~·l v~ .~~·_····15o._ .. 2003 (3) Posts in as -19 and aD(J'. ge ne rally 1)1'..._-._-'"-1- -r .. which '-v:il De bracketed v.-".. 12.._J The Selection Board shall recommend the officers on the panel secir. depending upon the number of vacances: No officer meeting the aggregate threshold..-l----~ ..' the PSB i ope be Informed about the reasons for their supersession I deferment to enable such officers I officials to improve their performance and to complete their record j an)' other deficiency as the case may Le. the numoer of PER~ for the purpose of quantification SIHli be reducec III the light of the Punjab CIVil Servant: (Minimum Length of Service fer Pron·. 15% ! Evaluation b1:'PSB . I)'j' 13~~lngInto account thE PERs of next lower grade.:iioT I I Total: .-~ . the P E Rs wi Ii be qua ntifiec according to the formula given in the Schedule-r. 1 2 3 -- ·-i-Marks-1 Factor Quantification of PERs relatin70% present prevt cus . Yraining Evaluation and PSB Evalua!i:iol'l for Consideration of Promotion against Selection Posts (1) For the purpose a f consideration by the P S8._..11.L. the Junior officers If nol recommended for promotion for want of vacancies shall be deemed not tc have been considered.{ Index {out t.~ (2) 60 70 .I€../Ith the PERs of preceo. The follow!I19 marks will be allocatee for quantification of PERs. No. _--j ~ _~.----~ ~--~-~ --.Gtion) Rules.. where initial appointment was made in BS-18 19 or 20.-l r-II~!~~... Communication of Rthf$\Hi:li of DoafermeHt i Supersession The officers I officials deferred Of superseded bj.nq grade : However... Efficienc. grade and i ~}ade(s) _@60%:40% .loli/'2 su per' I S :on polrcy..-~. 8S-21 75 ._~_-. whereas..E. 100% (2) PERs in respect of hNO preceding grades (BS) or tile last 12 years whichever is more will be quantified If the service of an officer in present and prevrou: grade is less than 12 years then the deficiency v. various scales shall be -. . 'shall be superseded.

Average E. In cases where no grading or cateqorization has been made rather certificate was issued on the basis of attendance by the training institution.62 B. Evaluation of the reports from the training institutions shall be worked out as under:(i) already awarded by the National School of Public Policy (National Manp. Outstanding_ 15) 14. 14. 7 (3) (4) . marks may be awarded to the officers on notional basis for the training factor in proportion to the marks obtained by them in the PERs. breadth of vision. M&PDD or Government Engineering Academy.30 Federal In case an officer is nominated for training Government Formula will be followed.87 8. _. The officers who have been granted exemption from mandatory training having attained the age of 58 years may be awarded marks on notional basis for the training factor (for which he/she was exempted) in proportion to the marks obtained by them in the PERs.posts previously held by the officer. Previous reports of Pakistan Administrative Staff College and NIPAs where no such percentage has been awarded. especially who had served with distinction in unattractive areas.5% 42% at NOU then Total marks (out of A. In addition to the variety of experience the incumbents must possess proven analytical competence. emotional maturity and such other qualities as determine the potential for successfully holding posts in top management. Training (1) Evaluation Reports A total of fifteen (15) marks shall be allocated to the Training Evaluation Reports for mandatory training courses from the national or provincial institutions such as NMC. (2) The calculation of comprehensive efficiency index regarding civil servant for whom no mandatory training has been prescribed. paints shall be worked out on: the basis of weighted average of the percentage range of grades followed by these Institutions as reflected in the Table below:It shall be on the basis of Grade Percentage (ii) TABLE PASC & NIPAs rI I i I Category Range 91-100% 80-90% 66-79% 50-65% 3549% Weighted Average 95. Below Average 6.5% 57. NIPA. NDU. The officers possessing well-rounded experience should normally be preferred. Punjab etc. Very Good c.5% 85% 72. Good D. the PERs shall carry 70% marks and consideration by the PSB \viHbe 30%.75 10.43 12.gement College and Senior Management Wing) and its allied Training Institutions as provided in their reports.

but the older reports should not b completely ignored and should be taken into consideration for an overall evaluation ( the service record. the name of the office shall be brought on static list and shall have the same consequences a given in proviso to the rule ibid. in the discretion of the assessing authoril to give greater weight to the more recent reports. the result ( the proceedinqs shall be awaited and if he IS exonerated durir-c th validity of the recommendations. Static (1) List Sub-rule (3) of rule 8 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appomtrneru an Conditions of Service) Rules. Seniority Only notified seniority list will be accepted while considering a case of prorionc of a civil servant. Validity (1) of Recommendations of PSB/DPC The recommendations of PSB/OPC sh all be Imp lemented . 8 . Ih PSB/OPC.J'l"jE disciplinary laws on account of omissions and commissions pertairrnq t the period prior to consideration of his case by the PSB/DPC. The recommendations period of one year. No tentative or provisional seniority list will be accepted t \-. 16. In case ( deputation abroad or contract appointment.i (2) (3) (4) The period of validity of recommendations of the PSB/OPC Sh3i! h counted from the date of approval accorded by the appointing author+v In case the officer cleared for promotion is proceeded against .15. It is. If approved for promotion he will not regain his seniority.. of the Board/Committee shall remain vatic '". 1974 provides that In case of exjraordjnar leave without pay beyond 5 years the name of the person towhorr1suc leave is granted will be removed from the senionty list and placed on separate static list with no claim to promotion or seniority over any [unic who may be promoted during the period and his name will be brought bac on the seniority list only after he resumes duty on return and his senioru shall be determined after deducting the period he remained on EOL beyon 5 years. his promotion may be actualze otherwise his case shall be placed again before the PSB/OPC List 17. 18. Performance Evaluation Reports for Non·Selection pps~s The assessment of an officer/officialshoulc be based on his entire service recor and not only on a portion of it. however. if the period of deputatio abroad or contract appointment exceeds 5 years. The appointing authorities must ensure notification of seniority lists each yF 2" a per existing instructions.mrne j iate: after approval by the Competent Authority and promotion orders issued I consequence thereof.

Federal Government or another Provincial Government. if any. Working Paper for the PSB/DPC The Department shall give followinq details in the Working Paper:(1) (2) (3) (4) Tota I number of sanctioned posts. otherwise he should be considered for promotion only on return from deputation. Remarks of the previous meetings. giving full service (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) & Quantification Form must be attached as per Clear recommendations of the Department be added. Detailed service account of each officer/official particulars as well as synopsis of PERs. prescribed for the posts. Details of pending inquiries and gist of charges. ! 19. Result of trainings/examinations Additional information. if cleared. '3gainst posts outside their cadre shall be dealt with as under:- ( 1) On deputation with an Autonomous Organization or another Government viz. working 20. (14) (15) The Working Paper for PSB/DPC should be submitted two weeks before the meeting of the PSB/DPC. In case the officer concerned reverts back to the parent department within this period. Panel of Government Servants proposed to be considered for promotion strictly in accordance with the notified seniority list (not according to the tentative seniority list). 9 . he should be informed of the decision and given an option to revert back to his parent department in his own interest within three months. if any. Causes of occurrence documentary evidence. Bifurcation of posts falling in promotion and initial recruitment quota.(2) The Administrative Department while submitting Working Paper for promotion shall specifically highlight the cases which fall in the categories discussed under the sub-para 1 above. The case of the officer should be considered on his turn and. PER grading Schedule-II. Promotion The cases of officers/officials proceeding on deputation. Details of penalties awarded and gist of charges. of vacancies duly supplemented by Method of promotion as per service rules. if considered earlier. he should be promoted and allowed to retain his original seniority. in Absentia long leave. and details of vacancies available for promotion. Pre-PSB meeting may be held 10 days before the meeting of the PSB.

dunng the penod of contract appointment. If cleared for promotion. The case of the officer who is on leave for more than 2 years should be considered after he has returned from leave and earned one full year's PER. The deputationist should be considered only after he has returned to Pakistan and earned one full year PER. becomes due for promotion in his own cadre or service. On training abroad.(2) On deputation with a Foreign Government or International Organization. Where a civil servant is promoted on his return from contract appomfment. (5) Holding a job under A civil servant will be promoted in his own his own department/ cadre. The case of an officer who is on leave for a period of less than 6 months or he is due to return within a period of 6 months should be considered on his turn and In case he is cleared for promotion. he shall be deferred for promotion and shall only be eligible for consideration for promotion on his return from the contract appomtrnent. (6) 10 . he shall not be eligible for grant of proforma promotion. should be considered on his return and satisfactory completion of the course. outside his own cadre. he shall be allowed to retain his origin~1seniority in his cadre. should be considered on his turn and in case he IS cleared for promotion. he should get his promotion on return from leave The case of the officer who is on long leave for more than 6 months or is due to return after six months should be considered on his return from leave. Where a civil servant. (3) (4) On long leave. he should get his promotion on return from training and satisfactory completion of the course. The case of an officer who is on training abroad for a period of iess than 6 months or he is due to return within a period of 6 months. the actual promotion will take place only when they rejoin their parent cadre. However. The case of the officer who IS on training abroad for more than 6 months or he is due to return after SIX months. Those posted against ex-cadre posts Government but will be considered for promotion on their turn. On contract appointment.

'.e. In case he is cleared for promotion and he again forgoes promotion then he will be deemed to have been permanently superseded. Effect of Supersession on Promotion A civil servant who is superseded on any account shall not bl"":considered for promotion unless he has earned onemore PER for one full year. 1974.rvantsAct.21. etc. Upgradation of a post by Finance Department does not automatically enhance scale of the office r/officia ! whose suitability to occupy the upgraded post has to be assessed separately by the competent authority except where all posts in a cadre are upgraded alongwith incumbents by the Finance Department in consultation with the S&GAD with the approval of the Chief Minister. promotion of an officer to a higher scale is entirely a different issue which falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the PSB or the OPC depending upon the scale of the officerlofficial. However. General (1) Posts in promotion quota should be calculated on the basis of sanctioned cadre strength to be fixed by the Finance Department ana according to the share/ratio provided in the service rules.:Jnt :iuring LPR will not be considered for promotion to a higher post 22. Upgradation of Posts and Promotion Upgradation of a post and promotion of an officer from lower to higher scale are two distinct issues which should not be linked together. First sup=rsession shall be for one year and the case of the officers/officials shaH be brought up before the Board/DPC after the lapse of that period.5 or above shall go to promotion quota as per provisions of the Punjab Civil Services (Ratios of Recruitment) Rules. on superseded (2) The effect of such a supersession shall be for three years and he shall be considered for promotion after three years. Upgradation of a post on account of expansion in area of jurisdiction and responsibilities is within the purview of Finance Department. 25. Punjab. a civil servant after issuance of refuse to accept the promotion. 1973 while calculating the promotion quota. 1974 23. Forqoing (1) of Promotion Servants (Appointment and is a mode of appointment. If the officer/official is superseded again. His case should also be considered for retirement either on his own request or under section 12{i) of the Punjab Civil Sp. promotion notification. can such refusal he shall stand As laid down in Rule 3(1) of the Punjab Civil Conditions of Service) Rules. i. The fraction of 0. (2) (3) II . the supersession shall be for 2 years and if he is superseded again (third time) then it shall be treated as permanent supersession. Promotion During LPR i A civil _~er '. promotion. The vacant posts in the promotion quota should be substantiated with documentary proof. dismissal. 24. promotion therefore.. whereas. attachment of orders of retirement.

before PSB should be signed by tie of the department after approval of tile (5) The Working Paper for placing before ope should be signed by an officer not below the rank of Deputy Secretary at provincial level However. 27. Government of Pakistan P. with the request to publish this Policy in the Extraordinary Gazette and provide 1 O sopies to Regulations Wing. The above subject.S.(4) The Working Paper for placing Secretary or Additional Secretary Minister Incharge. The Principal Secretary to Governor. at district level it should be signed by an officer not below the rank nf District Officer concerned. P. Punjab The Secretary to Chief Minister. to Chief Secretary Sindh. S&GAD_ . policy will supersede all instructions issued from time to time on tl.c' (6) 26. (MUHAMMAD SECRETARY IL YAS) (REGULATIONS) S&GAD cc. to Secretary Establishment Division. Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa All Additional Secretaries I Deputy Secretaries In the S&GAD The Superintendent. In the event of any discrepancy commg to r otice stnct disciplinary action shall be taken against the responsible officer/official. at all levels. Punjab. All the Departments must ensure that documents In reqsro to the proposals for promotion are prepared with utmost care 50 that tile information submitted to the Board/Ope is complete and accurate In all respects. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) The Chief Secretary. Punjab Printing Press.S. This issues with the approval of the Chief Minister Punjab All the Administrative Departments/Authorities are requested to ensure strict compliance of this policv. Punjab. Furnishing complete information / details and calculation of SG[1'8 of tile officers with accuracy is the responsibility of the concerned Adrnmistrative Department.

.. III (S&GA0)2-15i87(l).> ~Al)i2-1j.. S&G.. the Governor of the Punjab is pleased to constitute the following Boards/Committees tor making selection/promotion to various posts I.L to val idate . j'SH-J vide Noutication Nil \.\D. 1974 and in supersession of all prevIOus noti fications in this 'regard..j 220320()8 .No. - .. . ilk Noli rl~uti()Tl N(). " !~tglJl:l!ion:i. SELECTION BOARD-I (PSB-O a) COMPOSIT10N The Provincial i) i i) Selection Hoard-l shall consist of: Chairman Member Member Member Member Member Member Member iii) iv) \) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) "h) Ch ie f Secretary Add iti ona I eh ief Sccretarv Senior Member Board of Revenue Chairman Planning & Development Board Member Punjab Public Service Commission Secretarv Home Secretary Finance DSecretary Regulations.'87 ddi<. )J~ 1fl'o.. QUORllM Presence of at least seven members shall be necessary the proceedings of the Prov inc ia I Se leer ion Board. Services & General Ad min istrat ion Department R \' I[W Mer. SOR.._-.07. SOR...j.2004 13 '.I II! S&CJAD 12· i ). Dated the 14tl' May ::004 NOTIfiCATION In pursuance of the provisions of Rule ~ of the Punjab Civil Servants i'..'. added as a \kmht. except the posts in 8S· (9 in the Health and Education Departments and the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority with respect to employees of the Government who are transferred to the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority under the Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Ordinance.PPolntmo:nt and Conditions 'of Service) Rules. 1998. S&GAD Secretary 0 f the Department to wh ich the post relates Additional Inspector General of Police (Special Branch) Secretary (Services)." <"..-.'X7 (I) JJtctl 26. _-_...oer Member Member! Secretary RESPONSI BlLlTIESfPU The Provincial Selection Board-I shall make recommendations for appointment by promotion to all posts in 8S-19 and above._--- -\~U(l"j'.. iIl':<:'~ . __ . PROVINCIAL .

§ELt-XTION COMPOSITION 'BOARD-II (PS B-II) The Provincial Selection Board-It shall consist ot: [i) Additional Chief Secretary (ii) Secretary Finance (iii) Secretary Regulations. )2··15/1:17 dated 21 0:)2111 II Substituted I( S&{lAD IS 14 .htl11g_ "Ii<: . Services & General Adm in istrat ion Department tiv) Secretary of the Adm in istrati ve Department concerned 1J@(v) Member Punjab Public Service Commission (vi) Secretary (Services).The decision of the meeting shall be by m<lJllril~ ".ITIES/PURVIEW Provincial 0) Selection Board-It shall make rccommcud. lor: Appointment by promotion to all posts It1 BS.Ie' .md III of equality ofvotes. '.illl.low.u ion-. Appointment by promotion to any other posts. llJ validate the ':ilo@ AdJed vide Nctificanon vide Notification SOR_III(S&CJ\D No. Sen'ICIC" and approved by the c'hicf Secretary/Chairman of the: B()~rd it a) PROVINCIAl. . Grant of move-over from BS-J9 to BS-20 (ii) (iii) (iv) c) QUORllM Presence of at least four members shall be necessarv proceedings of Prov inc ial Se lect ion Board-H.thc Chairman shall have the C. Services & General Administration Department Nb) Chal rrnan MClllcu Member Member Member Member Se creturx RESPONSIRII.ducauon & Vocational Training Authority Ordinance. SOR_lJ i:>-15i!S7 III dated OS.<: MINUTES Minutes 0 f the meet im: shall be recorded bv t he SICu eta. mat mil) be assigned to the Provincial Selection BLlJrd-11 b\ till' Provinc~ial Se Iect ion Board-I: and . 1!j()S: Appointment by promotion 10 posts of Deputy Secretaries and District Officers and equivalent posts Dj the Provincial Management Service.1') In the Hea Ith and Educat ion Departrn en ts <J I1d the T echni c J I Education & Vocational Training Authority wuh respect 10 the employeesof the Government who ure transferred to the Technical Education & Vocational Traininu Authority under the Punjab Technical l. c) ~:i.

:: b~ majonty vote .\!Oct ill the Chairman shall have lilt' casting vote. \RTi\lF..j the meet ing shall \S./r 111 <lJ DEP.1) {If of the Cornmittce sh.jl 01 Addl Sl:cn:wr:> of the Department Secretary II. d:..NTAL COMPOSITION.. office in case of posts ill the Atuichcd Department or a Subordinate office b) I{ESPONSIUlLITIESWURVIEW The Departmental rccomrnendat ions lor: Appomuneru Promotion Committee 17 and I S.ty of VOII'S. .. II\(: Departrneutal I' PROMOTlOl\." the Additional (11.. !\lINUTES ~YlIIHlIl:S (.qual.Chainnan II r the Board be recorded bv 11](' ~:e: [<:[:11"' h.) IHTISIOl\. I h-: cccrsron .' <)[' ~qtlJI ity ~.f\-Ok" the Chair man sha II have the casting VOl':' Till' l') i. Dcpartmcnta 1 Promotion Co III 111:\'_~~ I. 18 and I\}_ QUORUM . except: i) ill The posts inti uded IrI Sc hedu le -I V o r the Government Rules of Business.:_ General Adillin istration Department (not bekll\ the 1'<111" of Section OITICl'r) Ii i) Deputy Secretary (Admin) ~lf the' Depart ment Rcpreseutat ive of R~Su latin)s Member iv) Head of the Attached Department or.uecision \)1' the meeting . or by promotion to posts in B5-16.:nici:s) and approved Sccrerarv.. of the meeting shall b.. 17. under a department.1I1 be necexsar..(. \Vim~ or Services /f. 1474 I't. COMMITTI~[ owg Prumouon Corum incc ~h<lll (OlhlS\ ." L IS ii) Specific posts for which any other Committee constituted b)' the Government separately 10 iii) Move-over c) BS-16. .'ih<lll he by majorit~ vote alld II". i'rcscncc of all members vuhdaie the proceedings .01 r. '::1.

.:PARTMEN"fAL n:OINICAL [I)LCATION AUTHO n_I1:Y fI EV'W lI~a) I'ROMOTlOl\' CO!\lMITTFF FOR &.~.J.' SLrtt:-.:J .mlllan ~\lcmbcr \k 111bCI r'>1cmbcrMember i i) iii) Secretary. inc illding_ represcntau ves 01 Rt'gulation. ~~).:. Member RESrONSilllLiTlESIPURVILW The Cornrniucc 1 '1 shall make: recommendations for u) Appointment by promotion 10 the posts in BS-16..J Vj:~I~: j\1 :"}.~/g?t i ~iX".• -.i ~UJh.' (". l. I)Cplll~ Scrrctarx 11:-all ot . 17.:\rJ ~2~ i ..llil\ Dr '.the meeting shall be b~ mujoritv VOle and in case of eq"..(:'_''.i. shall be IlelCSSJr> III valiuate the prncecdings ofthe Committee d) DECISION The decision fit.I'I.: C(.-Jappnjvcd d.. sbail be (Admin) rt"~~'r.e members and (hairmari otthc CumnILlhc IV.~.j. .1: t K j 2.i"."L TlUINI.q: r".UOi} __~ if_. 18 and !9 Presence of at least four members.. \Ving of Services & General Adnunistration Department and 1ndustries Department..." l:ll' . <xc. . in respect of the Government employees transferred to lEvT 1\ under the provisions .)fTFVT·\ Ordinance. in LiS-16.. ..md '. Technical Education and V ocat ion a I T ra In ing A lith ori t) Chief Operating Officer.ti'l~~.::::.: . Representative vi: b) Department not below the rank of Deputy Secretary Representative of the S&GAD :1Dt below the rank of Deputy Sccrctar. >.JJ..IlCCiT.'li .er to Government employees transferred to TE\-TA.)'. Authority Head of the concerned Wing of lo:dI111'<l1 Education and Vocational Traininu Authontv iv p v) '-1:1 Manager (J-IRM) ~f Technical LUU(al"'il d Voc ational Tra in 111 g Aut hur iI \ ofthe lndusnics . \OCAfIOr-.M mules of 1iL: . M0w-o--.:. 17 and 18.!.'n. DE. ~OI\1 F'!l'j ITlO"! The i) CCITIITI ittcc shail consist of: ( h. Technica I Education and Vocauonal i ratruru..ftmcr.:-~ :he Chairman shall ha ve the casting VOle ~1.

\1 Pr<liT1<'T ..Minutes of the meeung sh.l\lENTAL SELECTIO N/PHOMOTION COMMITTEES AT I·ROVl:"iL~I.VI"\\ ()f l'uniab Public Service Cornmivsion i i) A pro intrnent by pro 111\II ion h' respect ive P('S\S in B \. DEPART.~ISIO:\ The decision ofthe ofequaluy ofvotes.kklc'li \ i. t or Office. ~'Olhlituli')'1 (" Ui '(_ 1. Presence of illl the members shall be ncccxsary to validate the til Dr.h: i\ ill' ticarion !\:o_ xou.signed by all members otthe Committee."U_ LEVEL FOR POSTS IN 8S-1 TO 15.lSI'.S/I'lln\'IEW Ul'p. of: /\ uthority Chairrn-r- 1\ II) Appointing Two officers ctthc Depertrnent to be nom inate d bv the Ad In in i sir C!! i ve [)ep:mm(~f'. It'" "I I.' and II' cusc the Chairman shall have th~ casting vote c\ MINUTES Mill utcs of the meeting shall be recorded b: the Department '(lfjice concerned and approved.)11 the members and Chairman of the Couun lTte\:: X\ VI.ru (S&(j.t .I . except the posts in 13S. 17 . c) QUlHtlIM proceed ings.1 1-15 wh ie:1 till I within the PU.e ell the l'rovinc lal k\ cl.:Jll be recorded by the head (~I the relevant wing of -:-EVTA and shall he signed.\[) 12-15iS7 Jal<:d 1:! I 1.III\!o' 1)1'" iSH"" ~\\ Sr No.""'ith the approval of Minister In-charge.I ~ 1 i i) Grant d I' move-eve up to BS~ IS io the employ e~·~ (" the Department 01' vlr".'rtl11cma: recommendations I) Sclecuon/Prornoti Oil Cornrn ittee shall make for: i\ ppcinrrncnt by initial r CCI"TIitmcm 10 all the posts In BS! -15 in or under the lrepartr» . V rq'~rdi!lg.2U04..approved by . COMPOSITION rJw Committee a) shall con "is. meeting shall be b> majority VOI(. n " the i--'I(JVinci<!1 level. X I he <:\I:. Member b) nESPONSI81L1TIF.

._ 1hat h II "if hll\ I he' pur:._l! I he Committee . the Chairmun shall have the vr c) Cd.:Icc t iOJ I-Prorn recommendations tal: d 0\ io II Com m iuc-.c\\ 0 I lJ . 11l~ P'hb In PI' under a Depurunent or Office at the d 1~lnd I.' t the The decision 01" tile IlH:elmg shall be by mJjorll\ equal ity of voles.ister lnchar c."<ll'iler dlill l. Admin istrau VI: Deparuneut «'Ill"erncd with the approval of .~ I except ihe posts in US-I 1· I:' wh it:!1 1-.DO concerned I ..) k. d) 0 the d cpartrn en t sh J 11be necessary DECISIOI-i r . 1 . I AT IJISTRICT LF:VEL COi\'! PQSlTlO.ue !he p [ "C d lit".u ri1L' [)"lncl In'.\ 1·. Ii· 15 in cr under a Department or Office .·1~1ht·~ \.stnct (_i overn 1111: n l.11 '.i (.I 85-16 posts o I' Secondary School I . ollie!' US· 1t> and 17 ['{.d I consist of: it District Co-ordinunon Officer i i) :2xecut ive District Officer ull1Cclnt'd iii) Executive Disincr Otficci I.' 1·11'111 '11.'III her I~L..: District Officer concerned - \ I·.Ii .ind i 7 to h the cmpluyecs mentioned at serial I'<u II II.\'11.sl. 18 . n l A n:.~1ir.ind 111ca~.·. COMMITTEE :"10.:..·I .: vote ~lii\'IJTES MiT'.'I11IwI (Finance x Plalll:ingJ Appointing Authority concerned (if other IhJf1 the 1". .: a) h) c) d) AI: !..' ii) Appointment by initial recruitment 10 <111 pO~I~ in B S..!r\ h) RESPONSIBlLITIESll'UnVIE\\-' Department a J 5.\ vi) One member 10 be nominated b) til".) ( hjllf"r~l~.!~ I"" I "'1'\ I'_-" '-.: \~.-"~.! i " i <lnd d) I Pre 5 enc e Committee. d(.U res 0 r the meet in~ sha II be recorded b) the Secret ar v d nd shal I be signed/approved by all till' members and (iUll'Il1:111 \.I} llEPAIHMt:NTAl SELECTION/PIHJMUIIO.:t Ieast 1"1v C me III bers incl lid in g the I '_'I' rcscn tali l"l" \l' 0 (1 t to va Iid. ).n~ .r I: ducal i (l n De pa rtm-..! ill~ vote .' III' II' the purview otPunjab Public Sen-ICC CUIlII:~I"IL_'1t Appointment by promot ion to the lullu\.'Jsts in BS-ll-15. i iii) of the relevant posts Grant of move-over ill 13S-11 to 15 and Ii" ~ .!~ The Committee :. and 1'/ posts 1rI the office 01 Coord inat ion 0 fli eel Supe r in rcndcnt [)'''''. [lS.

I 0 \0 em p loyees III or under the relevant Department or office.VIII. M ove-o ver up to B S. II s:I<l11 make Appointment by initial recruitment \0 all the posts In BSI-lOin or under the relevant Department or Office. at the District level Appointment by promotion for respective posts in BS-2 10 10. ESPONSllll Departmental Selection/Promotion recommendations fur: i) ii) iii) Comm iuec No. at the District level. (I) DECISION The decision of the Committee shall be by majority vote and in case of equality of votes. c) QUOIWM Presence of at least five members including the representative of the departmen t sha 11be neces sary to val idate t he proceed ings of the Committee. the Chairman shall have the casting vote. c) MINUTES Minutes of the meeting shall be recorded by the Secretary of the Committee and shall be signed/approved by all the members and Chairman of the Committee 19 . DE PARTM ENT A L COMMITTEES a) NO. II AT IlISTRICT ss u:cr IONWROMOTlON LEVEL COMl'dSITION The C ornrnutee i) shall consist of Cbairrnan Member ii) iii) iv) vj vi) b) Executive District Officer concerned Executive District Officer (Finance & Planning) or his representative 110t below the rank of BS-17 DisH ict 0 ftic er (C oord ination) ~ppointing Authority concerned (i I' other Iha n the E DO concerned) One member 10 be nominated by the Adm in istrat ive Departrne nt concerned with the "pprova 1 of Minister lnchargc District Officer concerned LIT! ES/l'li ltV I EW Member Member Member "'1 ember S"cre\ar~ n.

()f~ 1IIIS. J.lITTE F AT COMMISSIOr'\j[R'S OFFICF (a) COMPOSITION (i) iii) (iii) (iv) Commissioner Additional Comrn iss loner Director (Dev & Finance) Assistant Commissioner (Ci) \.1t<: tile' (d) I)ECISION The dec isiun of the Comm iuce shall be bv 111.'.!s of til.'(_'II.i~j I L:.'!C ''. QUOnUM Pn.-\:C. !.rnd III (ii) (c) Appointment by promotion lor respective I'l1\[\ I-IS·~ to I il.: Co m III itkl: shall be II.:.'i: Department's lJ()\lernor noti Iication of the Punjab for making.'rs ....mJ Chairman of ihc COll1l11 iuee 2C .Jppro\led h): a II the Ill!.. IS sOR-!!! (ShC.diJ.'- OEPAIHM ENTAL SE LECTI ON/PnOJ\'10TI{)N COlil :'.:\\ h- established offices of the Di visional Comrn ission~r.'mb.'seIKC of all the members proceed in."11 h(lll~nll(lIl Committee recru iunentpromonon (lr ~tibf)n::.a[(' 'old If Ii the' n. :'!I\q... 7 I..Q()l'il \ vnll' und III cast: of equal it) of \10k the Chairman shall have ih. 1\ DE: i:1:..: (i~ud lilt! vote (e) MINUTE~ Minutes of the mectina shall be recorded bv the Secrciarv (II' the COlTIm iuee and shalt be ~igiledi.>:l ~j lilr: I :::'()I)~: =(}f.J Jl1U~U \ "()T I FICA TInt'! In pursuance of the provisions (if l<".~'d 1·1 I:. No... II.-. thL' pleased 10 cousuunc tiL' ij)!:c'\'IIi_'~ .lI\I))I-:::'~ i\.:n"SS'ln tv \._'h<iii'm'll~ \1e111bel' \<1c 111vr h Departmcmai recommendations for: (i) SeleC\IOE 'h':)Ii! Jt:on Cornm iil<:~' ~h<lll Appointment by initial recruument 16 in or under the Commissioner' to all posts ill !b-I S OniCL'· to . .

It) I d) \\ here two or more confidential reports were initiated in a calendar year.il for PERs in the present scale for PER" in the preceding scale 21 . First report and the last report should be L:( )Ullicd ior lull \:C<lr.ltl' core against a uniform scale of 70% marks:< . overall grading in a PER is ambiguous qua. \lhiL'lI lIiII he bracketed with the PERs of preceding grade. t. <arne basic lh.T(' L M x 10 T \1 )'Third TuL1i number Step \tacks for PERs vide paras 2(a) and 2(d). In C:ISC the assessment of the countersigning 0 ffieer di IIcrs from that of the r'-'!. . If' the scrvi cc of an officer in present and previous grade is less than 12 ~ (ClI'S ihcn the ddlcicncy will be 'met by taking into account the PERs of next lower grade.l' 0 e.I !See para 8J Quantifying II the Performance Evaluation Reports jlJ:I\_.1~t:rL'l:!. murks tor PERs will be computed separately for each level of posts carrying the p.uification will be based on the lower rating. However.'l1l 1\.28 x A) Where i\ 1111:11 m.uu! IlHlI~I)lji.---:~'n ICL' I~II' Pr0I111111llJ1) I.'\H'r. Rules..-':!I.Schedule .1S much: in 13S-JS. 'll:l"k \ ..\\cr:\1.dfILc:!" in any PER. 2003.i by grading marks of that period unless the officer was promoted during the >". placed between Good and l! ih.'P !(l Fir.: overall gradings Overall (I! Outstanding Very Good Good i\ vcragc (ii) (1(\ ) I i\ (\ " ) 10 8 7 5 1 Below Average Poor I\il Ill) \\l'j':I~'C ~[.:i_Clb. 19 or 20.l)2_c II1~Hks for each level will be calculated according to the following formula: _.. ill respect of two preceding grades (I3S) or the last 12 years. m computing the \\'t.<: marks \Vhi.'ning ofriccr.nks 1!1:U"kS \ . where initial JppUilHllh.42 x B ) + (_0. the quantification will be based on the overall grading recorded h\ the Ullillil'rsit.:.ag:' lor posts held at each level \\i!l be given as Iollows ..g.)r lbt yl":ll" will be wor ked alit on the basis of actual days of the report divided by 365 . the t.when the relevant part reports were recorded.. whichever is more..(lnitl~. the number of PERs for the purpose of qll:1ll!liicllil1Il sldl be reduced in 'the light of the Punjab Civil Servants (Minimum Length of .r\ scale and a weighted aggregate score will be worked out as follows: Sti.)(.! \\-L'i~htcd " iric 2{d) ~ = mean will be calculated for each calendar year containing derive the PER'score for that year as follows: her of days x gradin g marks i 2 or more PERs :\ lIlIl 365 days S('l~O n d S tcp . and of PERs in posts at that level.u I h. in the PER~ arc allocated the follow ing marks: Marks Grading .\t'~rcplc score =--= ( 0. i II he q U:I It IiIiccl.

:ll()U Punjab Employees Efficiency. I l)l)\). Punjab Removal from Service (Special Powers) Ordin. (ii) in a Government .'. including those meant for specialized training in any particular cadre." ir"li'k:. Where . his nciing charge/officiating/current charge appointment will be added h' \11c PF:1Z..' ottuicuin': . for adverse remarks (deductions be made for such remark .. the I'FRs earned c:ill'ill.."'/-(II! for regular promotion to that post. B. Additions: (i) for serving shall be made in tlk 10\.'. ('/d!'. Discipline and Accouniabili.mcc. . (i) for each major penally imposed under the Punjab Civil Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) RuL':< ll)7). Punjab Civi 1 Servants (Effie ienc y and 0 isei pl inc') Rules. Deductions. ~(l(){) Punjab Employees Efficiency.1'1-:" \\ orkcd out ! 11 lic" training institution.. Punjab Removal from Service (Special Powers) Ordinance. for a period of 2 years or mort'.. l'unj ab Ci vii Servants (Effie iency and Di sci plinc) R IIlc-.~('Will'll iii tlu: lower postfor calculating the marks. only as were duly conveyed s ~othe concerned officer ami were not expunged .Fourth Step The following additions/deductions second step " i\.. I (iii) mark pc .=: 1"1'.-:'::.v Act 2006.. jl)\)'_i. ITR conuinir :ldn~rsc remarks charge an officer appointed to a higher post on actins.•" his representation or the officer did not represent).\ceountability ACl 2006.\1 111:. basis is considered 4. . for each minor penalty imposed under the Punjab Civil Servants (Efficiency and Discipline: Rules Ins. Discipline and .

------------+----+-------If------------+-----' ...J.------------~-------------1 I.------------~..-.(_A_+_I_'J)'--_____ ± +_--------.J'-. I r---------t-------t---------t-------------l---i I l'rl'RIl! r-r- '-ir:llt.---~.. (BS-li-O 1 --~-------------------+-----+------~--------------------+---~ ___ 1_____ ~--.--~I I -.Ii!l/iie of page 26 . •. I ! .- ---~-.------1-------_+---=-----'-. _"_1"1_" ~_11.~-~--~~~--- t=== ! A:!~rl'galc Score = - I ~ I !. hlld:llnry tralnii1g as 'we sc r i bed (8) __ ___L___ '-__.__ i ...---------_t-------+----~------------_+--__i ' -__ .Vliatlti·:-~x-I-·"-.------~~~~-~----~. I Previous Scale 0..1"...: "'_~_'/.28 ~ r.---- ~-~-.---_+____t____+. .II [See para 19( 1 an Scniol"ity PER's Assessment No... .'~.. ---~-~."~. Basic Scale Aggregate Score -i I I rclctions If------------\-----+--------+----------f--------·--I il I _\ . ·_f_o.\._ . ---.. .-----j J --. ----. ---. Aggregate Score '" CALCULATION l'rK .._..--.~-~---.---~+_~ .vIOTION FRO]\-) nS-IS TO nS-19l "allll' {>('~ig nutiu II: Date III' Birth: V.(.t_a~I_:_:c._ _ Se'l' .----~..-... __ ( ~ --+____ Total (A.vdditions.-----+.._ .42 I ~--.-..PER GRADING & QUANTIFICATION FOI{M (FOR PRO. OF SCOnE Wcightage Points Obtuinotl Factor.O').partrn C II t i Period of PER I Fitness From .Schedule .... --------_____ Trainiu:... (llS·-I~) To BvRO BvCO for promotion Scnre ---+---- _.------------~ !I ":...-'---+_-.-~----+--.___'_. -.'ar ! I'll st lidd I)(_. 1:.--_L . 0.!: ~II .- - i ___ 1 _ f----J I ---...15 ___j_ • ~ • . ---..-------.~~~---+------------+---~~----.-~~-~-----. '--~------~.-----""-l h!l:-Hl \ l'rcscnt Scale 0...:-. -+__ --.

A~gl·eg. 0 b~'1iIll'{ I . 11..". i I i 1--- - i . men I Fuucss fol' prumuunn IhCO 14' i ~ - -- . -~ E~ I 'I i Aggn'gatc Score = ___l. Deletions Total (A) Mandatory training :. Basic Scale -~. ~ I ~.. .. -_ -~..70°/" i Training: @ 15'% Present Scale Prcv ious Scale Additions.-....Vo~ _ I oral ------- : (A+B) J ! P:'epared by Name: Designation: Date: Set' sample at page 27 24 .-----------..\t(' Score 60:40 ij~.-- 1 0..15 l I I -_---- ----=--J _J ~tal....~~f- 1-.) (B) -- =t . _==J -_. I Wdghtagc Factor 0.. CALClfl. t.-~- I Prescnt Seale (BS* 19) I F-1 PERs Quantified =t~--_ .2~ I'oin I. ()F +--.... 1...: ~n5._ f--I --_.IS prescribed (NIP A etc...1 III c/Dcsiguation: (BS-19) Depuruncn Per'iod From t _ITo or PER' I' En.__ .:.r--' -=1=-- ! I _8 ~.j.! -~. +---' I A~gn'gate Score '" . 's Bv no ASSl'S. .PER GRADING & OUANTIFICATION FORM (FOR })ROMOTION FROM BS-19 TO BS-20) I)al(' of Birth: POSI held I Year P rev iou s Sea Ie (BS-l!s) '.. _~ SCOnI~ - "" ..42 ()..\Tl()7.

.1 11c-ltl I for Score From To Bv RO Rv CO prumutiun iou.llillll: 25 .... l i 0..~ -. I ! Tn!al (A) :\\!C . 1-1':-. I..1. u..."._----_r_---_r_---_r_----. I l' :L'. -'--'---. QUANTIFICATION FORM if 01{ PRO:\HnJ0:\l FROM BS-20 TO BS-2J) EE-~ --'~-----._:II:llillll: e:1f (BS-20) Dcpa rtrncnt Period of PER Scuinrltv PE: R's Assesslll e n I Nn.-"tic l'Ii_'\ Illll~ Scale . J\I)C _'\II'A TIII:lI: 8:' 'j'.>.___--___l L CALCtiLATION OF SCORE Wcightagc Factor 0.\dJ..-._==__ __ L__ . ' ~: u I lliWI : ~r -.- 0.09 0.---±------~---+--~. .______ l\_ggrl'g_~tc Score- = ~~~_ -_-. .Iotal . ---i I : (A+B) -.28 i I .----------+------+--------+-----+-----+------+----------l P"I r \a_II('/lk_.----~==-----=----=--~~--+--+I...----p' bv \:Illk' Jk'~:L'II...ITI{ CR..----..------.------.--------------------+---.-f----- 1--* ~- f---- --+---- -------- .1._'lL'l!"'h ._---~ ----1--] . I n 1.. ---1 -+-__ ~ r_!~I~' \tlll . Sl':l\e (I~S-I')J (-------+--=--------+'--------+"----t---+----1----+-------I ~~-~--------------------+-------+-------.~_~~~~~·~-t--I----t~---+----+Aggrl')!al(' Score = ~~~~---. .----- ! Countcrsiuncd .06 lB) .--------.lll'.\DL'IG 8.. I).---+-----1-----~-----_1-------.--------_:___r_----.-------. :=~g=--. --.--._-----r--~---+------~--~I . Fitness Ib!l' of Birth: 1'11.t:·.__ 1'111'11'".42 ! . lLlsit: Scale Aggregate Score Points Ohlail!l'd j------'.Cill S.

-.:rIOI..10(]:_:J 01 ... 12.200 I 01. 1999 .-. I 1')<)7 I r-------t 1 1(.. I :: L.'< ' L: l)'\:_J___ 1 - 01_01 1996 01.I ----I ----------. I \ ) ~~I { ..l. PER'.0 I .-1 .' -~---+~~7-I.' 1 i i A~~rc~lItc Srorc 3 i . -. I 1'. I t ~iJlI! I --~. Deletions Total (A) I. 1 Fil (~\_"~'. r~ I '. Previous 71.01_1007 01..I(i -1 ~. .1)(13 i -~ ! -~--~--_---~-'--i I -- v._-:006 OI. _ . Good \' \ .) .. '0. I_o_t:_11_:_:(_A_'r_I_1_1 L hJ ..'/I' ~3<Y..-:~:~-:-.1\ vcraue Good Good \I .0 I.'U I-il \ H) .\..1 31 1?.. F01{i\1 \ (FOR PROMOTION FROM BSM18 TO BSM!2.<.\:1mciDcsig un lion: Dale of Birth: ...~"~l1t -~-.\ \ ~~~":~l' ~.'. Good Goud \I.12.• ~.o I.01.~~ . 21.I I . (".~I I :s:JTI '" S CALCULATION l'ERs Quantified : Score (iO: .._~ .:20()0 01. _J .2G07 Good GOOU Good i = I I ~i~~·~~_L :=J--~: ___~_ . _1---1 _. 12..2000 \I. _______ .L -."".~.2(0) 31.---l - 1.C - -j I 1 I Add itions.01."7:.-12.12_2006 31 _12_:_:J()07 A""I'q_~lltl' 37/:' ---I' Pn'q'nt ::11(:1 21i02 :..(0) 01.-~--i I .1ci : --:! 1 i III~ 1 II - =-l '--.01..-''''''01''''_.!l' !Point-.. 31 .12.~---'.. ! I r1 I I iI Training: .{._Scale (BS-1S) o I. ~ 21:-1).(l i i OF SCORE \\'cightal. ! I I I Sea lc Scale 'ii iO% 1 il. ~~ ~. Good I IS.1998 i ii'l(.1 'jI -1-~~-~ i i .-. i' i' i I L Coull Score = 50 I 7 " ~. r !' ER Fill.l'~' i().:_'.200...::--j 1 .F PI"j{ GRADING & QUAN'UHC .. r J Date: J 26 .SA:VIPI.. I (N() 31 . ' Fa cto r --~~ __j~---0 Obtailll'd Basic Scale fl.---------------- I I o i...-. -_'!--.12_2()().12_2()OI 31 _12.l .) .1097 31 _12_1l)(iH 31.7l I From B~-RO 31. _ i 2..'). - I Mandatory (B) Training !:)S'/'G I I _i_.- .--~ . .' CO \ .1906 3 i.) i.0 i . 2(1)=. 0 _I S ------j------- :-n.d i Iii ~~ ~. Good V.01..iJ{) . A'Sl'S.':.). -_. I'~ _ .~(..__.H.2002 31 _12. ---____ - _----------_--. ( "I Iii _~_J_ I i".~~:_:!__{__ (.. Year i Post held !' iTlious Sea le (BS-l 7) (BSM18) Dcpu rtrncu t Period 0 Sl'lliurit-·.200.:.Cl.II~-! .I ( i...01_2003 03.. w \ .\C! \' ~-------..-. I-it ---+--. ---r---~~~~ i \ .( \ I..0 -_~-: ~..43---+-' o _.1..:1 01.

2003 31.200..J O! . .01 _20GB I 31. ~iclciions 7(i1Yo 0. Good V...' \:lIT1L'.0 i . I ~.. IlJ98 V.01.ooJ . Puints Obl:lillcd 3 1.ooe Aggrcgatl' Score = 22 / J :\ I{l J 1.~OX 07 i5. V Good _Q_IJ!. .'\gg~ale Scure > 68/9 :\ 1 n I·it Fit US :17 U7 (JX I !'i\ I'it r j Fi\ Fit Fit OX ..\S nrc-cribcd (~JPA ctc.SAMPLE PER GHADING . Good v Good 01.. IlJlJ~: OI.5) .~I . Total i\l:lI1dalOlY (A): training 75._ -----.--. P.2002 V.2006 V.) (B) Total: - --- 63.. .s Good Good .t997 01. Good V (J (\[).5~ .66 --_j CIJ\!_!!l_c_[_sjg._ .re\'iOl:~ Scale ._. ~ :i. 12.. Good-. (1"01{ PROMOTION FROM BS-19 TO BS-20) Department Period of PER FI'OIll To ]]_J2.26 11. r== I Busic Scal(' Agg reg-a It' Score -- \Vdnilla"c ....0 t .2000 V.1.). !I ___ I 2()j3 r 1_ X5"··.. 1999 Good ~~ . .200 1 Guod Good (J 1.28 l -----1 -.2005 V..:W05 I ] ~..2007 _~_?2007 01.4tJ I I l .12..) Factor 0.~OO~~ 2.15 Total: (A+B1 52.) •.vdditions. ___ . Good 01... I.1997 (joed Good I 3 1. Good Fit Fit Fit -.12.2UO I Of:: 07 ---~-.::-I: i . C.01.... Good \'.2004 Good 31.0 I .IJc_d__l.~ .7] Present Scale .12.2002 31. Good .0 I.2003 Good Gllod 01.0 1..12.1l)'J9 ~L~ --_ 07 7J.JJ lit Fit 1')) --- () I .v.01. .12. --.\'allll'lksi~natiol1: nalt of Bil"1h: (BS-t9) & QUANTIFICATION FOI{M Seniority No.. 3 I...Il 1200Q 01.2004 Good V.42 0. I.()I." II II' F lh C\LCllLATIOl\' Ouun (j OF SCORE - tied I 1 --------ou :-W 70 'I.12.:2.- OI.

- 01.sf:!!C (BS.0: 2005 ---- ..Cl.'".Sc.!J~) I (FOR PHOl\10TIOl\' r-'.LE j:'IH)i\'1 BS-20 TO _BS-2J1 \}Cj)~l ruucn !I\~iUc~iglla tiou: Date of Birth: l'ust hdJ (IlS-I!)) (BS-!(}.11\(': ~'n'scll ( ..L. ---------~- j lit (. ------------v (J L }~ ~..2006 ~ :.1 lu () 1. \ '__~-.lic' rl00~T I--~----.Pl<I{ GHA 1H l\' Co & () l_: A NT f FI CAT_!_!) '\J l'i...:l SAMr.20 i ::'()Il::' (.200-' () I .n t ..0 1.IOI_20{J2 OJ --------------.0 j . Prninu.200-1 _. ! .\TiO~ OF SCORE - .'----~-------.1)11<1 1--'----CAi.

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