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e are the students, what do we do is studying, that is called study time. For us, it is the most important thing we have to do. If we share it to do something else like watching television, we are in troubles. It same as do cooking while bathing, did not relate each other. Then, we have to know why watching television while studying is not effective.

1. We must concentrate to our lesson Friends, we know that lessons are students essential food. Imagine how could we eat the essential food well, while our eyes keep on TV and not at the food? We will have troubles in digesting the food; at the end we will have stomachache. I supposed that if we are not concentrating to our lesson, we are not able to understand every lessons more neither a lesson. 2. The Television Attract us more than the lesson Secondly, there are many channels program on television so entertaining from baby to granny, especially for us, Students. Interesting? YES! To compare it, there are many students worksheet full of colors, pictures, and now animation slide were made especially for us, Students. Interesting? Maybe at first time, not really at second time, but at last, NO at least! It means that Television is the amazing world window, hardly to remove it from our eyes while studying. 3. We cant finish study early Watching television while studying means nothing, wasting your time, and makes you feel so sleepy when the programs reach the ending, trust me! We have to space the time longer for finish our study, or the unluckiness, when we trap on blank out of light. No more light, No more spirit, No more time, no more study, just go sleep. From the fact above, we have to understand why watching television while studying is not effective. Just remember and do practice it! Then see, what is happening next! Thats why the television must be off during study time.

NAME: RAJA TODINGAN CLASS: XI - acceleration English Analitical Exposition

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LIBRARIES ibraries are among humanities most important institution. It is the greatest historical source of knowledge in thousand century of human race. But Its not only placed as building, it would be an electronically source place; internet, or it would be our brain, the biggest libraries in the world. What are the importances of The Libraries?

1. Library Protect and Preserve The Knowledge In Past ago, all human history was written in the cave the in to the piece of paper, All of the written things are knowledge for us now. Library saves it for us, and it preserves the knowledge for us till now. 2. Humanities collective knowledge is storage in Library If you are looking information for your study, Libraries have it only for you. Why it is collective? Because it is collected from many sources of information accurately, theres called knowledge. 3. Library Classify for group the material in to logical and easily available division We will hard to find and know about information we need, if its not arranged and classified into logical and easily available division that the library did to help us (actually the librarians). 4. Libraries make material available to everyone If we looking for any information, we have the most popular web library called Google. Every word you type, it give you the information (but also the Advertisement). Like Google like Library, library makes material available for children- granny.

If we did not have knowledge (information) of a lot of things in the world, we are not developing our self to become better person. The Importance of Library, it is stored for us.


English Analitical Exposition


raffic Jam is the biggest anoying thing living in the city. It will make people stressed then suffered on way go home, especially on way of life. Why it is happening? As we know Traffic Jam caused by many factors :

Firstly, Traffic Accident by human, animals or car will stuck the road. Imagine if there is accident caused by cars hit cars in front of yours, because it want to escape the dog on road. It will be crowded by people, then you will not able to move, as the other car. Secondly, The Road is not big enought for many vehicles using it. Especially in the morning when the people go to working and school. You have seen it when you are going to school. Thirldy, The secret alternate path or path changing are not socialized to the society by the government. It will occurs accident at the opposite path or blocked path. Fourthly, Catastrophe could also brought traffic jam for us. It will blocked the road, for example the tree fall down on road, earth quake that destroy the road, Flooding on road, will make vehicles stopped. Many factors were listed above are the causes of the traffic jam. It still makes us annoyed when caught on it, right?


English Analitical Exposition