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Our unrelenting mission is to provide those who risk their lives to protect us, with gear that gives them maximum agility and maneuverability and which enables them to operate at the highest levels without hindrance. The Agilite brand represents the quality and functionality gained only from experience fighting those who attempt to rock the core values of our societies and of a mindset that will always keep us several steps ahead of them by using initiative, cutting edge design and the very latest techniques. Wherever you see our scorpion emblem, you know that tactical design experts have worked with modern day heroes to create gear that is optimal for combat. As former and reserve Israeli and US tactical operators ourselves, we know the importance of gear that gives you a tactical advantage where it counts most. We are committed to pushing the limits of tactical design and to capitalizing on real-time feedback from Israeli and US military professionals operating in current combat conditions to create gear that provides comfort and maneuverability on a whole new level.

The Tactical Hi-Vest The Modular Assault Pack More M.A.S.S. Less Weight The Deflector-Tactical Armor
(Israel Defense Forces Version)

Stretcher Bearer


Telson Rifle Sling Metasoma Rifle Sling





Agilites flagship product, The Tactical Hi-Vest is a complete load bearing system designed to be optimal in Middle-Eastern combat conditions. Using design techniques previously exclusive to Israeli army Special Forces units, it gives you the ability to carry a significant combat load without the need for a separate backpack.

Ergonomic 360 degree load

bearing system

High-fit that frees up the abdomen

and improves access to pouches

Detachable rear assault pack Built-in chest sling Double-safe grenade pouch
fastening. 11 magazine carrying capability

Maximum real-estate, minimal


Front closing quick-release system Intelligent webbing closure system

for perfect fit

Built in M.A.S.S. system for instant

rear pod interchangeability

Mil-Spec buckles and plastic


At Agilite, we know that a vest has to be comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time in desert-combat conditions. The Hi-Vest combines three different densities of padding to provide ultimate comfort and air flow in a design that only moves when you move. The Tactical Hi Vest was built to provide the optimal mix of real estate, accessibility and maneuverability.

No extra day pack required No need to spend time threading modular pouches instantly detachable Allows you to run either a large rear pod or a totally flat back when driving or wearing a backpack Foldaway A-Band helmet-carrying system
The 15 liter modular assault pack allows you to carry essential gear without the need for a separate day pack. Its streamlined design means no extra straps to deal with and incorporates the Agilite A-Band helmet-carrying system that keeps your helmet high on your back, where it is accessible in an emergency.

The flexability to adapt your rig to your mission can help you remain as agile as possible in combat but sometimes you dont have the time to thread modular pouches and need the ability to change your set-up instantly. Agilites trademark Modular Assault Suspension System (M.A.S.S.) was developed in Israel to allow complete interchangeability of any rear pod option in seconds. Using a combination of hook & loop vertical strips and harnessing buckles, M.A.S.S. allows your rig to change as quickly as your mission does. In addition, M.A.S.S. allows soldiers to alternate rear modules such as stretchers or specialized packs, without changing their front set-up or requiring separate backpacks.

High-fitting ergonomic design Fits IDF wraparound, large surface area armor inserts Built-in, detachable modular assault pack Hard-wired, maximum real estate pouches Fully adjustable shoulders and sides
The Israel Defense Forces version of the Defector is compatible with standard issue IDF wraparound armor inserts. The Deflector I.L. uses the same high-fitting, high speed design as the Tactical Hi-Vest and features traditional Israeli hard-wired pouches for maximum real estate and minimal weight.

Incorporated, quick-release A-Band helmet carrier Built-in hydration system pouch Inverted quick-release opening for instant stretcher deployment Side M.O.L.L.E webbing
When one of the Israeli armys elite paratrooper units approached their former unit member and now head of design at Agilite for a more practical, quicker-deploying stretcher carrying system, the Stretcher Bearer was born. Since, battle-tested and proven, the Stretcher Bearer is a cutting edge carrier that is fully interchangeable with all Agilite vests and other M.A.S.S. gear. It can be worn in place of the modular assault pack without compromising the ability to carry a helmet, hydration system and more.


The Telson is Agilites very latest sling design. This single point flexible rifle sling is designed to give increased agility and freedom of weapon movement during shorter, usually urban combat missions. Its flexible fabric sections extend and retract accordingly to give you full freedom of movement in confined spaces.


Two Point Sling Traditional low-profile Israeli design Built-in ear plug pocket Replaceable end buckles Camo print clip covers
The Agilite Metasoma 2 point rifle sling features the design favored by Israeli special forces and infantry units. It is instantaneously adjustable and yet strong and durable. The main body of the sling uses the same grade of 50mm tactical webbing used in the Israeli Armys elite tactical design studios which softens and becomes even more comfortable over time.