2009 Second International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering

An Integrated Mode Research of QFD and TRIZ and Its Applications

Li Shaobo, Ma Yuqin, Yang Guanci, Li Yaqing
Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Guizhou University Guiyang, China e-mail: lishaobo@gzu.edu.cn
Abstract—From the aspects of the innovative design development, this paper analyses QFD’s defects and investigates the possibilities for integrated use of QFD and TRIZ, which is on the base of QFD’s and TRIZ’s appearance, development, contents and using characteristics. Then it makes a deep research for the two integrated technology process, and brings forward the integrated general design system for use. To the importance of conflicted matrix in the HOQ and TRIZ, it puts forward the combined using design process for the both two. Finally, on the using of the above theories, this paper optimizes the vice’s innovative design and solves its using problems, thereby it indicates this method’s practical value. Keywords-QFD;TRIZ;integration; innovation and optimized design

one theory, so how to integrate some of these theories organically is becoming the key point for research[2][3]. II. A. SUMMARIZATION OF QFD AND TRIZ



Enterprises urgently pursue to develop new products and technologies as soon as possible to keep the competitive predominance. The product design is a very complex process which could be divided by four phases: product programming, project design, technology design and details design. How to deal with the relationship between these four phases well and to design low-cost and high-competition products is becoming the point for attention. At present, there are many ways of supporting product innovation designs, for example, QFD, TRIZ, reliability design, Robust design, AD, GDT and UDT, etc. There are many practical examples in use with the support of these methods to make the innovation design: On the condition of QFD’s research, Chai Guoying in Chinese Northern Research Institute made the QFD’s actual use in the general design idea for the diesel engine come true, such design idea not only makes the products of the diesel engine indeed cater for customer’s demands, improve the product’s applicability, and reduce the research period, but also finally improves the product’s marketing competitive capability[1]. On the basis of TRIZ’s solving-problems’ processes and characteristics, Chen Zishun in Hebei Industrial University summarized the factual using methods and steps of TRIZ in actual projects, and made a research on the machine tool’s reamer system, finally solved the existing problems of the reamer’s structure[2]. However, most of these researches and actual uses emphasize particularly on the problems of one phase or one aspect in product’s innovative design with

QFD Brought forward by Japanese scholar at the end of 1960’s, QFD is the multi-level deducting and analyzing method of transforming customers’ or market’s demands into design requirements, components’ characteristics, technology requirements and producing requirements. It reflects the directional ideology of market’s guidance and the product’s design gist of considering customer’s demands. HOQ (House of Quality) is QFD’s nerve centre, and it’s a product’s information storehouse which loads all customers’ information related to product’s exploitation and sets up the relationship between customer’s demands and product’s related characteristics, so that it reduces existing estrangements between customer’s demands and producers, and makes the apt products occupy the market with a appropriate price at the right time [3]. The structure of HOQ is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. The structure of House of Quality

QFD has formed three generally accepted patterns around 1990s since its birth: integrative QFD pattern with the representative of Yoji Akao, ASI four-stage pattern of John R. Hauser & Don Clausing and GOAL/QPC’s matrix pattern of Bob King. During these patterns, ASI four-stage pattern illuminates QFD’s key ideology most clearly, as is shown in Figure 2. In this pattern, customer’s requirements, design requirements, products’ characteristics, technical operation and producing requirements become the important design procedures. These procedures are organically linked through HOQ, so they can support the product’s innovation design processes effectively [4].

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INTEGRATION RESEARCH OF QFD AND TRIZ A. B. Therefore. and has gotten the general mode and process for integration design. c) QFD studies mostly focus on the product’s innovation in the first two stages. World-renowned companies such as Ford. III. 2) Related Integration Research The optimization for the bottleneck problems can not be gotten from QFD. there are still certain problems in practical applications. HP. Based on combining with the TRIZ tools. But because of the limitation of designer’s personal experience and knowledge structure. Only very few researchers pay attention to the stage after product’s innovation. The combination of QFD and TRIZ, the combination of QFD and experimental design have been found in many literatures at home and abroad in the process of product’s design with the core of QFD. Terninkao J and Leon Noel. In this paper. b) The current quality plan process which based on QFD couldn’t confirm the linear relationship and mutuality of HOQ’s elements clearly. and also making a summary of them [6]. The evolution rules of technology systems Conflict analysis The model of issue Material Field Analysis Functional Analysis ARIZ 40 principles of invention 76 standard solutions Effect of the Treasury Knowledge-based Solutions tools Reference solution Theoretical basis Analysis Tools Figure 3. The main problems existing in the product innovation design are as follows. and it’s a theoretical system which synthesized principles and theories in many subject fields. Theoretical Basis for Integration 1) Traditional QFD’s Deficiencies Although QFD combines customer’s needs with quality of the elements through the HOQ very ingeniously. GM. that is. TRIZ TRIZ ( Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ) research began in 1946. Motorola. product’s innovation plan and components’ deployment. The structure of TRIZ problem-solving steps To some extent. designers are aware of what to do with the condition of QFD [5]. and then the technical characteristics of negative correlations are output. we use correlation matrix at the roof of HOQ to express correlations between the different technical characteristics. but the bottleneck problems can be overcome through a variety of solutions generated by TRIZ. IBM. ultimately Figure 2. and make it an effective innovation 549 . That’s to say.tool for solving difficult technical problems in cutting-edge technology field[6][7]. TRIZ has solved the problem of how to do. the mechanism of parallel hierarchy structure’s presentation and technological urgent-in-need innovation mechanism all comes from customer’s demand analysis. Abroad. technologic plan and producing plan. at home all have made studied in these fields. Right now because of its good operational. research institutes and enterprises. etc. TRIZ dominates a unique position in the global innovation and creation research fields. it is difficult for the high-innovation product’s coming out. Integration Architecture Study Guangping[9] has made a preliminary study based on QFD and TRIZ. a) Traditional QFD technology is obviously deficient for innovative demand. have started to use it to solve problems based on computer-aided engineering and technology innovation. etc. Ross. with the condition of researching the scientific principles and rules regulated in the processes of human’s invention and solving technical problems. d) The goal-product’s function. Providing a tool to meet innovative design demands for traditional QFD improvement is very needed.[4],and Tan Runhua [6]. The advantage of QFD is that QFD has made an effective plan since the early design stage of products and has prevented the unnecessary repetitions in the approaching finish-stage. and has been successful in the settlements of a number of issues. And its specific theory structure and general structure of problem-solving steps are shown in Figure 3. it needs the help of designer’s personal experience and knowledge. and Zhang Fuying [8]. that is. systemic and practical features. The ASI mode of QFD QFD has been widely used since its birth. with the analysis of 2500000 patents in the world by the research organization formed by former Soviet Union's universities. GE. integrated research of QFD and TRIZ plays a great significance for the support of product’s innovation design. etc. B. Technical issues need to be solved is to consider the correlation between the mechanism and function, and technological innovation needs TRIZ’s help. Its main purpose is to form a guiding theory system for new product’s design innovation. Philip J.

Ultimately it will increase the product’s marketing capabilities. we can find the corresponding solution in this form when we have identified technical requirements with the use of QFD. Secondly. firstly. in order to make the process.solutions are generated from the users’ demands. different technical characteristics of improvement and deterioration in the table junction is the suggesting invention theory for the solution correspondingly. First, transfer the above issues into TRIZ’s solving problems. from customer’s requirements to design requirements. conflict matrix and 40 invention principles are important innovation tools of TRIZ. this design is able to solve the application problems of QFD which is inadequate to support the innovation. Compared with the previous design methods. In this paper. Finally. research and consideration for the issues in conflict matrix with the invention principles of TRIZ. 550 Figure 5. stationary objects and so on. HOQ is QFD’s nerve center. we used TRIZ’s conflict matrix and inventive principles. In the above process. lacking of innovation work and other issues. and be affected through many approaches in actual use. we establish HOQ in accordance with customer’s demands. summary. and then make conflict analysis to the negative correlation parameters in the correlation matrix. come true. The house of quality can choose appropriate using-pattern from the above-mentioned patterns. Integrated design system based on QFD and TRIZ In this process. Meanwhile. look through 39 engineering parameters to find similar standards. but this model is not detailed and specific enough. though with the reflection of deteriorating characteristics. we confirm whether the solution is in line with the actual professional and technical situation or not. and at this time it is necessary to combine QFD with TRIZ organically. During the above design process. in this way we get the ideal solution. and then find out the solution with using conflict solution matrix. in order to form a detailed design process within the mentioned above overall framework. So do the horizontal sections. In this process there will be bad phenomenon such as innovation. with combination of professional and technical knowledge and experience. the users’ demands are reflected in the quality of house in QFD firstly. C. only considering the customer’s needs in the specific design. The above-mentioned integrated model of QFD and TRIZ can be said to be an integrated and holistic framework. Because TRIZ is a supporting and guiding innovative tool in many fields. the combination of professional technical knowledge and experience is needed. HOQ structure and problem-solving process In this process. uncertainty and not handled properly by key elements and the matrix relationship in quality of house. which followed by the analysis. The importance of customer requirements Customer Competitive Analysis Technical knowledge and experience Profession-ally Figure 4. it can ameliorate TRIZ’s supporting innovative design shortcomings. In conflict matrix. and then acquire similar standard problem-solving solutions by using of the invention 40 principles. so we achieve the new product’s design goal of satisfying customer’s demands and upgrading the product’s market competitive capabilities. Second. in order to get the optimal solution for the problem. We’re able to combine HOQ’s and TRIZ’s conflict matrix with invention principles organically. The concrete process is as shown in Figure 5. The concrete process is shown in Figure 4. conflict and problem which can not be solved. General Comprehensive Application Research of QFD and TRIZ’s conflict matrix Jianhui [10] studied and brought forward the initial application model of QFD and TRIZ conflict matrix. And then we can use the 40 invention principles to solve problems. we consider their organically combined and integrated use. and then the ultimate solution will be found. we determine conflict’s belonging category according to different criteria. then to the technical operation to production requirements. This has a great significance for improving product’s capabilities and market-demanding capacities. to the technical characteristics of the parts. . but also is reflecting the majority of customer’s demands. the vertical sections reflect the improving technical characteristics which are the 39 engineering parameters such as the quality of moving objects. This is not only reflecting technology innovation process itself.

House of Quality According to QFD. Figure 7. manufacturing precision. Secondly.IV. Vice complexity Accuracy Adaptability Reliability 27,35,10,34 15,29,37,28 13,35,1 Structural stability 32,35,13 35,30,14 -Manufacturing precision --11,32,1 Figure 6. 34. Low-cost. Ultimately we come to a conclusion in Figure 7. the integration based on QFD and TRIZ can be used to solve some problems about the using vice. adaptability. the following advices may be gotten about the tool: Firstly. The tube’s bearing pressure will be very large with when a larger force acting on it. If we can organically combine QFD with 551 . Then we analyze the various customer’s needs and correlations of the different engineering characteristics. due to this. In order to solve the problem of accuracy complexity in installation and testing. we use TRIZ engineering parameters to describe them. In a word. when the process of the assembling and clamping is over. B. we use conflict matrix above and find 4 principles useful in TRIZ's 40 invention principles to solve the problem. Abandoned or Repair. it is needed to rotate the tube or the vice because of the space or other reasons. 10. E. and will bring some problems such as processing warp. its basic structure is as shown in Figure 6. we get the following main defects in use: a) It is linear joint between most parts of the vice and the steel tube. in order to get the conflict. solving processes of other conflicts won’t be introduced one by one here. c) When a longer tube is fixed by it. we’ll get a better improvement on orientation precision and durability by improving rail’s manufacture precision and material rigidity. Analysis table of conflict matrix According to TRIZ’s invention principles and conflict matrix. and principle 35 is most effective to solve this problem. They are as follows: 27. Then we have a try of the various principles. HOQ is established with the demand of this example. the rail will be swayed and unstable. the tube’s surface will appear biggish impression and split marks. the loosen threads vice may appears for a greater force. Parameter changes. we can improve rail’s positioning accuracy and durability by changing manufacturing precision and rigid materials. APPLICATION A. Thirdly. In order to achieve the requirements of the three characteristics. Based on the integrated analysis. b) After a long-term use. reliability. Pre-reaction. Products and Problems Vice is an important tool for holding and processing parts in engineering applications. we may add lock mechanism at the back of threads or carry lock measure in the mechanical structures. 35. durable objects. combined with the design requirements. Finally. The Characteristics Need to Improve Analyzing the relationship between various customers’ needs and engineering characteristics in the HOQ above. D. d) When a tube is fixed by vice and is being processed. F. we get the following ideas to solve the problem combined with TRIZ's 40 invention principles. in order to realize the clamping problem to a small space. we may build a rotating mechanism at the bottom of vice. Examples of conflict resolution In accordance with the conflict matrix above. the adverse effects that may arise are: vice’s complexity. such phenomenon will influence the tube’s positioning accuracy. relevant engineering parameters and principles needed are shown in table1. HOQ of desktop vice’ improving design V. we get characteristics which we have to meet: accuracy. The last way to solve problem Through colligating the applicable way of QFD and TRIZ. CONCLUSION AND EXPECTATION As is seen from the above steps. structural stability. Structure of the vice After our scene investigation and consultation to the skilled workers. Then the clamping loosening appears and it will lead to a decline in the processing quality. Due to space limitations. But sometimes it is very difficult to achieve the ideal effects. nondurable objects instead of expensive. C. the parts clamped may be locked to enlarge contact area and meanwhile the foreheads of all blocks of areas clamped are added to pads so as to decrease extrusion degree to destroy.

whether the results which are got by the integration design process supporting innovation design proposed in this paper are the optimal results. [2008]3047). [5] Michael Schlueter.30(5). [1] 552 . REFERENCES CHAI Guoying. Vehicle Engine.TRIZ. [10] MOU Jianhui. SHE Yuanguan. [9] HAN Guangping. For example.2004. 2006. “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving[”.116-118. and develop or improve it. Of course, the idea is required to make a further research and improvement. The overall concept of QFD in the Diesel Engine Design[J].Meanwhile.(11).339-354. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 2000(11). pp. Application of the improving design of TRIZ in the machine tool structure [J]. 58-61.20(2). Programs for Science and Technology Development of guizhou ([2008]3058.287-292. [6] Tan Runhua.pp.46-48. Machine Tool and Hydraulic. Outstanding Talents Project of Guizhou Province. KWANG-JAE KIM. ACKNOWLEDGMENT This research is supported by Science Foundation of Ministry of Education (205144). Triz and axiomatic design: a review of case-studies and a proposed synergistic use. Both advantages of doing so are fully exerted. which are very important meaning in the go-ahead of the product innovation design. [8] ZHANG Fuying,etc.etc. Beijing.2008.(176).(19) pp. However.851-857.2004. Based on QFD / TRIZ Integration Technology Design and Research of perforated paper tape[J]. Systems Engineering and Electronic Technology.etc. pp. Complexity reduction of a design problem in QFD using decomposition. http www. Okudan. it will be the main research assignment to continue taking full use of this technology to solve more problems. Coal mining machinery.com/ archives/ index. Integration testing of the micro-friction force sensor design based on the QFD / TRIZ / FUZZY [J],Journal of Transducer Technology. pp. This should be a problem need to solve .J Intell Manuf 2008. pp.27(9). how to appraise them. [2] Chen Zishun,etc. TRIZ and Taguchi Method[J]. Guizhou University Graduate Innovation Fund projects in China (School of Science and Technology Institute 2009018). Theoretical research to solve the problem Based on QFD. Machinery Industry Press. pp. with the gradual improvement of the computer technology and continuous development of the intelligent design.2007.China's scientific and technological papers online. TRIZ Theory of QFD in improving the problem. it is a difficult process about two different theories’ availability integration. QFD by TRIZ. customers’ demands and market’s requirements are made an exhibition through the QFD part and invention design is reflected through the TRIZ part.33–47. html. [4] SHI Guilong.2008.etc. Gül E. [7] Rohan A. Shirwaiker. [3] JONG-SEOK SHIN. whether we should consider the idea in this paper that it can be made a intelligent design system or a platform so as to serve the product innovative design. 2006. TRIZ journal . Therefore. Some problems may be encountered in the course of application.

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