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Military and Civilian Aeronauts---What Is Taught
There is no subject about which ire can talk with more confidence than that of curing RHEUMATISM with 5. S. S. Forty years is a long time, and when a remedy consistently performs any work for such a lengthy period there can be no doubt absut its value. This is the of S. S. S. in the treatment of Rheumatism. For nearly a half record century it has been curing sufferers of this disease, and has more liuing witnesses as to its curative virtues than any other remedy. Each brings letters from men and women who have been afflictedday's mail with this trouble, telling us that S. S. S. has cured them, and they are once more free from its aches and pains. Rheumatism is a blood due an of uric the circulation. Its primary disease,resultstofrom excesskidneys, acid in cause weak consti¬ pation, indigestion, etc. In other words the eliminative members do not carry off all the urea and refuse matters of the body, and impurities being left in the system soon sour and ferment, causingthese acid, which passes from the stomach and intestines into the blood. uric When the uric acid into the circulation partial fermentation of the blood, gets changes it from a it causes a fluid to which thick, rich n thin, acrid stream, whose Through the circulation the nourishingispropertiestoare greatly impaired. uric acid carried every and nerve of the body, and then the pains and aches of muscle, joint Rheumatism commence. The longer the blood is allowed to remain in this acrid, weakened condition the more severe will the disease become; HIS RHEUMATISM CURED. gradually the muscles harden I had a severe attack of Rheumatism and lose their elasticity, the from I was tajr joints begin to stiffen, and fre¬ room whichseveral unable to leave was for I quently calculous deposits col¬ treated by two of montü3. also tried doctors and lect and form lumps and knots different kind* linimcut and medi¬ cines which seemed to relieve me from at the finger joints. time The pains of Rheumatism pain for awhile, but at the same well. I was not any nearer getting can sometimes be temporarily One day while reading a paper T saw


SHOWING IHM WIIEHE TO FLY. .mux KI.ITIKTII Washington. D. O. January 12, 1011, How ilo you I cum lo fly? The Hying masters of our new Na¬ tional Aviation School have heen tell¬ ing nie nil about it. Fifteen to twenty lessons ami yon are a blnlman In full realiter. Fif¬ teen to twenty lessons at $23 per ami



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your nerve. It Is a much more pleasurable cess than being broken In to balloon¬ ing, for no discomfiture akin to "bal¬ loon sickness" In ever experienced by the aviator who Is trying his wings. And liiis Is because your biplane or monoplane never revolves or rolls, whereas your gasbag Is forever Ühdulntlng. oscillating, pulsating. Hut ballooning Is quite too out of ditto for]

f.'.oo for the course, aptitude and

your name.


serious discussion, my flying masters tell me. with disdainful all rug ol


Hut to the business. Let us break you In on. say "the Wright".either the Wright roadster" or thii ''baby Wright." Your Hying master swings open the doors of the hangar anil rolls the bi¬ plane ottt into the aviation field. He boosts you Into the "passenger seat" In tho centr,e of the machine and he lakes his place in the "operator's ma Jon c. j. rox. seat," on your left, where he Is always counterbalanced by the eng'ne whether feet. Making sure that you have your your seat Is occupied or .not. nerve, the (lying master "gives" ..Hur-r-r-r! Siz-z-z-z!" You do not the "actuating lever." which steers you tlie know just when you leave the ground, I biplane up and down or keeps It In a but presently you drop your eyes to horlxontnl course. When first your sc.the grass rolling back beneath left palrri arusps the helm you arc yoil llko th<' endless platform of a somewhat appalled by the conselousrolossal tread-mill. You leave noth¬ lies? that you have taken your life into ing to do except hold fast. Thus for this sunn- hand. But this sense of ten minutes you barely skim I ho grave responsibility Is exaggerated ground. Then; before you realize that ¦Your (lying teacher has hold of a.dupli¬ the biplane has alighted, you are told cate lever, which corrects any error.«" to Jump out. And here, ondeth the you chance to make. At the same ftrsl lesson, which is devised merely lime may dutches the. "warping lever," he to accustom you to the sensation of which controls the biplane's lateral balflying. and turns It to right or left. Your second flight takes you up fifty SlN llights you make with actuating

Your l'lrit l.ennon.

MASTER AND PITIL O.Y A OURTISS AER0PLANI3.. where officers of the army, navy- and National Guard and active members ot the United States Aeronautical lieserve will study aeronautics us a means of national defense. Washington was chosen as the country's centre for mllItary aviation, not only because tho War and Navy Departments are here, but because military and naval at¬ taches are stationed at the capital by nil of the great foreign powers interfsted In the enlargement of aerial fleets. The Wrights and other aviators hnve moreover, found the capital's "flying weather" especially good, its "living season" unusually long, nnd Its sur¬ rounding topography tdeal for test flights. The desire of aeroplane mak¬ ers to exhibit their craft whero mem¬ bers of Congress can see tilings for themselves Is another reason th" College Park sito -was chosen. why The Head of tho Faculty. The provisional head of the school's faculty is Captain C. .1. Fog, United

down into the blood, and attacks the disease at its head, and by remov¬ ing every particle of the cause and PURIFYING the circulation cures Rheumatism permanently. S. S. S. eliminates the uric acid because it is the greatest of all blood purifiers, it filters out every trace of the sour, inflammatory matter, cools the acid-heated blood, furnishes the material for multiplying the nutritious corpuscles of the and by its fine tonic effects rich, the system in rapidly circulation, assists every effect of the disease. S. S. S. contains no minerals overcoming but is made entirely of botanical roots, herbs and barks. It may be taken, there¬ fore, by any one without fear of the bad effects that so often follow the use of medicines containing mineral salts. It has cured thousands of cases of Rheumatism and it will cure you. Special book on Rheuma¬ tism and any medical advice free to all who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA.
cd to

There is just one to CURE Rheumatism, andway is that cleanse the blood of the uric acid poison. S. S. S. goes

relieved by the application of plasters, liniments, hot cloths, etc., but such treatment can have no possible curative effect on the disease because it does not reach the blood where the real trouble is being harbored.

advertisement of S. S. S. for Rheu¬ matism. I decided to give it a trial, which I did at once. After I h»d taken several bottles I felt a great deal better, and I continued to take it reg¬ ularly until I was entirely cured. I now feel better than 1 have for years, ami I do cheerfully recommend S. S. S. to any one suffering- from Rheuma¬ tism. CHAS. E. r-ILDERSLEEVE. 613 ,12nd Street, Newport News, Va.


I.K A It NIX Cr TO FI.V lever in hand, and next you are given six more with the nforcsald warping lever. Then you arc taken up and given both levers, your teacher all the while maintaining superior control with the duplicates In his hands, ltegardless of how your erring hand may lernot fate, the great bird does his

A WTtlOlIT nrPI.AXK. will be the most Interesting


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FOR SALADS AND COOKING.iurns the duties o! ihe cook into i plusure. No maller whal ihe day's prepara. lions rail lor, either in salad dressings, (or trying cr lor

every allempl al substitution warn you against accepting anylhinp, interior, and remember that there is nothing "just as flcad,'

bsking. Wesson Snowdrift Oil brings the same supe¬ rior results in everything. It Is an absolutely pure variable oil. which cooks thoroughly and through WITHOUT ANY GREASY through RE¬ SULTS. It is the equal ol the lineal Jersey butter lor cooking; is superior to lard as a shorltning and infinitely more hcallhiul; it is a perfectly relined eil (or salads, sauces, etc.. tasteless, odorless, and in fad, from every point el view and lor every service, it is positively the peer ol all the world as a healthful, economical
oil. Let

MMl Ash your dealer for tbs famous Wesson Snowdrift Oil COOK* inn» lUOOK. If Sil rjtipDlrta eahausud, writ* at once direct to our 5;S5 J[ splendidoffice. e'Tlurfrom the name, and no trill mail It Ire« wltb Flit Atlsnts. testimony dealer's Itadloa; Woman'* Olabl, ct.-.

calm days.this that you cannot blame your errors upon the vagaries of tho winds. But during the latter hatf of'your course the Hying master sees to it that you aro up in breezy weather, into whose tricks and treacheries yoit, :nust be initiated under his guidance, if you value your trusty neck. Practice "With Skeleton Machine. Mastering tho Curtlss machine Is a very similar process.except that mas¬ ter and pupil sit tandem fashion.but lying with the Blerlot. FarniAn or any ither foreign machlno is tauxht by hat Is tormcd the "Fronch-Engllsh method." For your earlier lessons you board n great skeleton bird which cannot lly no matter how it yearns for tho nlr.

launch your craft from terra firma Into !he aerial sea above or to drop it gently down from the empyrean's perilous heights onto hospitable earth. And in learning this last feat you must ma3lc-r the art of "taking off" the motor in tho air and of gliding or coasting, so thai in case of accident to your engine you may make a safe, landing without your propeller's aid. Having made six perfect lnnd'ngs, you are turned loose. Like the mother bird which has faithfully and patient¬ ly tausht Its young the art of arts, your flying master now pushes you from tho nest and surrenders you to the hand of fate. It has taken you from two to seven days to undergo your full course of fifteen to twenty lessons, tho first eight or ten of which have been given

Learning- the ¦.t'luurr I'.Uhf." you master tho turn to or left, then the difficult "fig¬ eight." and finally you learn to

Napoleon Ponapartc. thing that Speaking of the new school. Major 14..The ölla Washington has toasted Its eyes upon Fox said: course of Podrldn Club "In tlie military instruc¬ it. crow. Hook Eliot's met with Mrs. E. in many a year.which is naylng much, tion the National Aviation "itomolit" was the School will subject. tieo. plot and for the capital city is blase from see¬ make practical experiments in aerial the hook The characters of were sketched by .Mrs. W. dispatch carrying, W. ing always the greatest sights that recotinoissanee, there a. transmitting wireless messages ami fromKttchin, and by Mrs.was .\\ re:,dir.:; the novel, are offered to beholders. .1. Holden. visual signaling: also tho carrying of Alis. Charles AlcKlmnion entertained The hangars, aerodrome, experiment ammunition, sanitary supplies and 'Wednesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. ground, demonstration Meld and ma- other war mnteria). McKiinmou. Mrs. ,1. The noeiivre ground of the school are be¬ sance work will Include rcconhols- JamesMrs. A. A. Thompson B. Kenny met the estimating and ing made shipshape out at College distance and judging the number and guests nt the door, while little AII.sk Park, Md., a near suburb of tho na¬ arm of troops when seen at a distance Anno LI Ich ford and Ethel Marshall re¬ ceived the cards, tional capital, on the same ground and from above, while guests met moving rapidly in the hall by Mts.The B. Hall were Miss IL which the Wrights have used in in¬ and the air. Alary Litehford. Receiving witli -Mrs. structing army ofllcerts in the handling through Teaching nomb Dropplne. McKinimon wore Airs. James McKliriof the War Department's only aero¬ .'Instruction and of honor; Miss Kate Alcplane. Here both theoretical and prac¬ dropping will be a practice in bo nib liton, the guest M. T. Norrls; Airs, .lames Klmmon, Mrs. tical instruction will ho given with the military course.regular feature of McKoc. Airs. George Snow, Airs'. Foreign experi¬ biplanes, monoplanes and aerial craft ments in military aeronautics will be garet Littlo and .Miss Alary Hull MarMcof all kiudti. and the. "aerial manoeu¬ studied carefully, and ICImmnn. tinder tho direc¬ Aliss Tattle Airs. i:. W. Winston and vre ground" will ba arrangod as a park tion of Alordecal at army and naval ofticors, adapt- tearoom door, where received V.'. the Airs. W. Kitchin mid Airs. .1. H. poured lea. assisted l,y Aliss Timhorlake Caro Cray. Aliss Ruby Norrie and Miss Irono Lacy. From tin: tearoom, the guest:; (were shown Into the dining-room, where Alts. Robert Simpson. Airs. William Monctiro arid Aliss Maftie Dowd pre¬ sided, assisted by Aliss Margaret MoICImmon, Miss Evlo Simpson, Miss Elizabeth Thompson and Miss Annie AlclClmmon. At the dining-room door were Airs. R. D. W. Connor and Mrs. A. B. Andrews. Jr. The home was beautifully decorated with cedar, holly and polnsettla. price of a natural product is governed lxy the law of Over Hie Tea Cups Club met with Mrs. Graham Andrews Friday after¬ Supply and Demand. noon. The club Is studying "North The supply of green coffee has been rapidly Carolina" this soason, an.I tho pro¬ the demand gram for this meeting was most in¬ Hence, the steady rise of all coffee teresting. A paper on "Indians of prices the past six or eight months. o North

Stales Aeronautical Reserve, who Is also major and chief of ordnance, Na¬ tional Guard, District of Columbia. For five years Major Fox studied military science In France. Germany am! Gngland. In all of which countries he has attended manoeuvres. lie has studied also at the University of Geneva and Paris. While a student at Heidelberg lie won the degree of Ph. I), by writing a thesis on the military science of

ley. Mrs. Clarence Johnson received Wed¬ nesday afternoon In honor of Mist liattle Poo Johnson, who Is to bo mar¬ ried on the 1.91 Ii to Dr. C. Ci. Gold of Shelby; Mrs. Morlhg Barry, of Nov¬ it, Und Mrs. W. A. Leslie, of Motof various types of machines will be invited to exhibit. It Is intended to es¬ Kanton. tablish at Washington a kind of per¬ manent exhibit, where people who come Green Social News from all parts of our country, as well [Special to The Tlmci-Dlapatch.] as tho diplomatic representatives who Bowling Green, Vn., January It..Mr. and como from foreign governments, may see ail that America has to offer in Mrs. Oonrge P. Lyon, of Woodbjrd, left thil the aeronautical line. As a co-ordinate week for Florida, whore they will spend branch of the school, we aim to have two weeks. William an aeronautical laboratory, directed by week for A. Woolfollt. of Pal so, left this' a mathematical Panama, where he will spend physicist of national reputation, for tho study of such prob¬ «oniü iline wiili lila .sun, Thomas Woolfollc. Mm. Joel Haines spout several lems as the lifting power of dlffdront days In surfaces, the propeller power of the Richmond this week. William I.. Doyd, of Richmond, spent ti air, action of wind currents, skin fric¬ nrl of Hill week with frknda. tion and structural strength' of aero¬ Rev, Preston A. Cave und Mrs. Cnvo plane materials." ited frlenil.- in niclininud tlii.s week. vis¬ "Us- Carter, of Ashland, was the (Copyright, 1311, by .lohn El froth Wat- pun nf ihn weck sruest or Ml«< Bosalc Jones. a kins. I W«-bli P.alns. .of

American military conditions. There will also lie established In con¬ junction with the school a general sup¬ ply depot for monoplanes, biplanes motors, propellers ami aeronautic ma¬ terials of all kind.-, ami a demonstra¬ tion grounds, where the manufacturers




Mr. Brttw-


Social News Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1 Rulelgh, N. C, January


parents this wcok.





monia, Group, .oMs. Have ffivori Qowtins Preparation

King of Exfe«frialis | Is Security for your loved ones. Ethical physicians say Gowans is the Best. It Csires all Ilia arising from In¬ flammation or Con¬ gestion such as Pneu¬


Coffee Prices and Common Sense
increasing. diminishing;

preparation on the market fur the relief of Pneumonia, Croup, Coughs. JAS. P. UMITH, Colde, M.D., Augusta, Oeorgla
All Srairtt.it>. »1. OOo. 28o. flOWAH MeUICALOO.. DURHAM, N. 0. Sastsataed. and nonir k'jnaad ii io.t DracjiJl

thorough test. It is sAs BEST



The Brazilian coffee crop of 1906-'/ was 23,814,000 bags. In 1907-'8 it was 14,834,000 bags. The. present crop, at most, will not go above 10,000,000 bags. Moreover, a few strong hands (including the Brazilian government itself) arc in control of the green coffee markets of the world. It is not surprising, then, that coffee prices have advanced.on some grades as much as five cents a poitnd. In turn we have been compelled to advance the price of


"WHITE LABEL." "The Finest. Drinking Coffee Produced." Front the roasters it is cooled by purified air, automatically p.icked in tins and scaled up airtight. It comes to you with all its goodness.with tlie smooth, rich, delicious taste which has made it the "FAMOUS NEW ORLEANS COFFEE." "You can taste the difference*.".

New Importers Coffee Co. satisfactory.Orleans. La. Money
refunded if
our not



.while you are learning all of th levers. Having been thus "broken In" you aro given an actual machine with very low horsepower, with which'you hop along tho ground, a few yards at a time. Very gradually aro dts surface and pojvor increased, until you can venturj 200 feet nbove ground. AVhnt Different Types Cost. Finally, upon graduation rrom tho school,-you aro ready to purchnsa there your Wright roadster, or oaby Wright, for $7.600; your Curtis?, for $l,0UU: your Farman or Blerlot, for 15,000, or yotir'.Antionetto, for $7.u0ö.







Some concerns might have lowered the and quality of their brand and kept the old price; we grade will take no such liberty with the public or with LÜZIANNE COFFEE, whose splendid reputation and uniform goodness we propose to maintain regardless of green coffee prices.



Orleans, U.

S. A.

;'Ii\d<fiiJ, .this; na^iojiaJcJlxUl^-Apaaerny.

secretary and treasurer. The KenntresM Club held us holiday meeting with Airs. W. W. MObiirds. This winter the study of the citUi embraces cortnln features of different countries of Europe. Tho clun at thitt met tins was onterihlhod by the musical rnemhers, and a most delightful program. was rendered. Those taking part were Aliss Fannie lliues Johnson. Mrs. ('has. McKlnunon, Mit» Zuletto Wils?«,. o£ su

was read by Airs. and there was a read¬ Reservations by the State," by Mrs. Gavin Dortch. Alisa Alnrgaret Doylan also read a paper. Miss Etta Terry, of New Jersey, who Is visiting Miss Annie Duncan, was a guest of the club for this meeting, Club mombers present were Aliss Annie Duncan. Alls* Margaret Boylnn, Mrs A. B. Andrews, Jr.. Airs. Gavin Mrs. John Andrews. Airs. MurryDortchi Miss Annie Hoot, Airs. P, 11, foil.Allen, Airs. Russell Rherrell, Miss Heue t.-o-v und Mrs. Graham Andrews. A social event of in Rnleigh this week was interest the advent of "The Lambs." This Is a club of yo'Ung( society men of the city and their first appearance was at a theatre party to witness tho "Merry Widow." Tin- ofll,cerst of thin newiy formed club fire: President, Dr. C. A. Shore: Vlcd-PrOJp blent, Francis A. Cos; Charles P.. John¬





Sherrall, "Indian

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The Wretchedness of Constipation



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Tliey do thsir duty*
Sraall Price.



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