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ALL INFORKATION CONTA ET ‘ev. 08.28.2000) AMS oo-oa-anas FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: IMMEDIATE Date: 09/14/2001 To: Newark bz From: Newark » c-9 Contact: cee ee (8) case so eye LB (3) synopsie Oy RefMuest SAC approval to open a Full Field Investigation. Bic @ pharr/0o) > : 3 'y O8F (0) Full Field Investigation Instituted: 09/14/2001 | petaiieWphe/oc) a Jana acs text, search of evidence acquired ffom a search Gxecuted by FBI Newark's Joint Terrorist Task Force, of a vehicle located on Route 3 East Rutherford, New Jersey, a White Chevrolet Van, New Jersey, license plate JRJ13Y, registered to Urban Moving Systems, 312 Pavonia, Pavonia Avenue #1, Jersey City, New Jersey, contained telephone nu nates directly agscciaced with previously iseneifies [=] and activities. Oxkox/00 ‘The occupants van were identified as: C220 oF Reopen Case. DOB: Source | PA CW ft /NOFORN/ORCON oven DB enmncnens D cf ase ng Olee+ I Elf ofan be 3) a [ | | so ee 43 é s32K@r/woroRN e To: Newark Fr Res ggtP? 00) 09/14/2001 / ® YL Investigation is continuing. 7+ dgemorcer 4 | osysa/oa e ® rewzex02 14:29:25 FD-192 Page 1 | Title and Character of Case: Ss . Date Property Acquired: reds | FORENSIC PHOTOGRAPHY UN 09/13/2001 be WEST TRENTON NO » Anticipated Disposition: Required By: Case Agent: Description of Property: Date Entered 1B 14 . ITEM #1 (3) COPIES OF EACH (76) 8 X 10 BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS ; ITEM #2 FILM NEGATIVES; *IN CONNECTION WIIH INVESTIGATION OF 2001 WHITE CHEVROLET VAN, NJ REGISTRATION JRI13Y; Barcode: #01889076 Location: ECR3 sis 09/13/2001 0 ALL INFORKATEON conTATHED uceoszeup/pLa/cc EXCEPT REASON 1.4 (c! DECLASSIFY OM: 07-21 ig) (3) ye Case Number: Owning Office: File Cop Lo