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Understand inductors and inductance

6.1.1 Explain the meaning of inductors and inductance and the associated quantities 6.1.2 Identify the types of inductors: a. Fixed b. Variable
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Describe the construction of inductors

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6.2 Understand inductance equivalent circuit for series and parallel connection

6.2.1 Determine the formula for the total inductance in series and parallel connectio 6.2.2 Construct circuit based on inductance in series and parallel connection 6.2.3 Solve problem related to inductor in series and parallel connection 6.3 Understand inductors and inductance 6.3.1 Inductorsand inductance and the associated quantities An inductor is a component, which in its most basic form, consists of a coil of insulated wire through which a current is passed. Inductors vary greatly in their design and range from a simple coil of wire with only a few turns, (commonly used in high frequency circuits) to large solenoids and transformers with hundreds or even thousands of turns of wire, usually wound around some kind of core.

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3. and the efficiency of the inductor (especially at low frequencies).2(a): Schem atic Sym bol Figure Page 2 of 3 . meaning that it is easier for the magnetic flux (the magnetic equivalent of current) produced by the coil to flow through the iron than through the surrounding air. This is the transformer effect used in many electronics applications. The iron provides a low reluctance (the magnetic equivalent of electrical resistance) path to magnetic fields. this Bottom margin of greatly increasing the has the effect 1” strength of the magnetic field. induces a current to flow in the second coil.2 Circuitsymbolsfor inductorshavingdifferentcores. and often uses an iron core to concentrate the magnetic field produced by the electric current. Justify 6. within the coil. the magnetic effect is concentrated within a small space (the core).3. The property of an inductor to produce this magnetic effect is called inductance and the amount of inductance an inductor has is related to: a. c. The material of the core. Running number under same sub topic Figure 6. the magnetic energy generated by an AC current in one coil.ET 101/UNIT 6/INDUCTORS AND INDUCTANCE When a current is passed through the coil. a magnetic field builds up around the coil. If the wire coil is wound around a core made of a material such as iron. A coil wound in a cylindrical form may also be called a solenoid. The number of turns of wire in the inductor. The shape and size of the core. b. If two coils are placed around the same core.

3.1(if any) 6.1(if any) b) Question 2 relates to topic 6.1 Understand inductors and inductance a) Question 1 relates to topic 6. and 1 Henry is the amount of inductance needed to induce an EMF of 1 volt when the current in a conductor changes at the rate of 1 Ampere per second.2(b): Structure Description The unit of inductance is the Henry (named after Joseph Henry 17971878.2 (if any) Page 3 of 3 .ET 101/UNIT 6/INDUCTORS AND INDUCTANCE 6. TUTORIAL 6.2 Understand inductance equivalent circuit for series and parallel connection a) Question 1 relates to topic 6. The Henry is a rather large unit to be useful in electronics and the milli-Henry (mH) and micro Henry (mH) are more common. an American Physicist).

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