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Point of Equilibrium

1. An object is said to be in equilibrium when it is stationary or at a rest. 2. All object have a point of equilibrium. 3. An object can be balanced at its point of equilibrium.

4. In a regular objects , the point of equilibrium lies at the intersection of its diagonals. This is shown in figure 9.2.

The weight of an object is due to the gravitational force acting on it. . The point of equilibrium of irregular shape Point of Equilibrium The point of intersection of the lines is the point of equilibrium of the irregular shape The centre of gravity 1.5. 2. 4. 3. The point of equilibrium of an object is also the centre of gravity. The centre of gravity of an object is the point at which the earth’s gravity acts on that object. but the weight can be considered to concentrate at one point. The centre of gravity and the point of equilibrium are also defined as the point at which the whole weight of an object appears to act. This point is called the centre of gravity of the object. The gravitational force acts on all parts of the object.

The point of intersection of the lines is the centre of gravity of the irregular shape .

2. The stability of an object is its ability to maintain its original position.Stability 1. . The stability of and object is affected by its centre of gravity and base area. Generally an object with a low centre of gravity is more stable than an object with a high centre of gravity. Centre of gravity and Stability 1.

A racing car is designed to have a low center of gravity. The lower of the glass is made thicker and heavier . . This lowers its center of gravity and makes it more stable. 4. 5. Base are and weights of objects affect stability 3. These engines are placed at the bottom to lower their centre of gravity. Table fans . 7. Heavy vehicles such as lorries and buses have heavy engines. This lowers the centre of gravity of the canoe and provides greater stability. This makes them more stable. retort stands. 3. Passengers in a canoe are advised to sit when the canoe is paddled. This is to lower the centre of gravity of the bus and thus give it greater stability.2. table lamps . A motorcyclist bends his body forward to lower his centre of gravity so that he becomes more stable while riding his motercyles. The passengers of a double-decker bus are not allowed to stand on the upper deck. 6. Bunsen burners and measuring cylinders have large and heavy bases to make them stable.

.Importance of stability The principle of stabilitu should be applied when designing the shapes of buldings .furniture. apparatus used in laboratories and the utensils and tools that are in dailu use.legged Animals The stability of a person’s body depends on the position of the centre of gravity. Improving stability of Humans and four. vehicles.

stand with their legs wide apart to increase their stablility.Animals . The giraffe stands with its legs spread wide apart to increase its base area and to lower its centre of gravity. This makes it more stable. .