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An Archiving and Records Management System For La Consolacion College Manila

Jose Mabini C. Romero 1 2 Abstract


The main objective of the study is to develop software that has archival and records management capability. It sought to determine the requirements for developing a system for records management with archival capabilities? It sought answer to what criteria should be used in Archiving and Records Management System of the Registrars Office, what manuals of operation, time limitations, written procedures, and rules for storing and retrieving records are available. The study utilized the descriptive method of research and survey research. It also induced action research for developing the system. The respondents of the study are mostly from Registrars Office and technically have the knowledge on how system must work. The instrument used is rating scale, in which used to determine if the said requirement for an archiving system has been met and if the system adheres to the current structure of the office. Data were gathered through questionnaires, interviews and observation. The questionnaires was given to the users to answer the basic question in determining the attributes of the system upon usage and if it able to met the requirements for a record management with archival activities in the Registrars Office. Total Average Ranking was computed to determine the extent of criteria level associated with its ranking. The descriptor gives the respondent the aid to fully understand the each rank.

Findings revealed that the United States Department of Defense records management application standard (DoD 5015.2) set forth a procedural approach for developing application with archival and record management capabilities. It identifies the requirements needed for the development of the said system. It also gives a prototype of the metadata that can be used and can be a fittingly adjusted to any requirements needed by a particular office like the Registrars Office. The development of the archival and records management application for school setting specifically the Registrars Office can be acquired using the same guideline. Based on the findings, the following conclusions were derived, the essence of designing and developing an archiving and records management system particularly for La Consolacion College Manila induced an approach to handle in identifying problems that incurred during the process of records management. Specifically, this study answers the requirement for developing a system for records management with archival capabilities. The United States Department of Defense developed a records management standard (DoD 5015.2) as a requirement for records management applications (RMAs). The guideline will be tailored according to the need of the registrars office. Based on the conclusions, the following were recommended, the researcher recommends the following based on the study made and the result of analysis, technical feasibility and operational feasibility and economic feasibility: that the Head of Student Records Management Section and the Registrar will be the automatic Administrator of the said system; that the acquisition of hardware may be made for further computing performance; that the scanning of

documents may be outsourced for quick and immediate management of

documents provided that the documents were secured and scanned with supervision; that the scanned documents should be endorsed at the Archive Museum for physical storage and space management; that the organization provide a definite guideline of endorsement for archived records to transfer at the Archive Museum; that the Archiving and Record Management System for La Consolacion College Manila can also be deployed in other departments that requires archival capabilities with users account only; that annual IT auditing must be conducted to check the sanctity of archived records; that the organization developed a picture file converter to lessen file sizes without sacrificing the quality of file that is.