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Test Facilities for SRF Cavity R&D

Cryogenic Test Facility CTF

Service building for MDB


Three (3) Tevatron satellite refrigerator systems (STAR) Four (4) Mycom compressors Transfer line from CTF to MDB Purifier compressor Purifier skid Storage tanks and buffer Dewars TD MP9
Assembly area & Clean Room

Meson Detector Blg

Meson Detector Building MDB

Proton Driver and Single-Module test areas

SCRF test caves 2 K operation using a vacuum pump capable of 10 g/sec @1.8 K + 200 W @ 80 K

New Muon Lab - NML

High-Brightness Photoinjector and ILC areas g g j New Muon Lab AD Cryo Dept.

New Cryogenic Areas and Era R&D

Fermilab is developing a broad capability to process and test many types of SRF cavities Technical Division

Vertical Test Stand

Meson Detector b ld building

Capture Cavity 2 (1.9 GHz) Horizontal Test System (3.9 GHz) Spoke Resonator Test Cryostat Front end of the HINS (325 MHz) (High Intensity Neutrino Source)

Vertical Test Stand Cavity t t C it state Power coupler RF power Turnaround Raison dt R i dtre Bare B Axial coupler Low power, CW ~1 day Testing cavity surface treatment

Horizontal Test Stand dressed d d Side coupler High power, pulsed ~1 week Testing cavity handling, accessories

New Muon Lab

ILC Front end


Vertical Test Stand @ IB1

Initial operation with single bare 1.3 GHz ILC 9-cell cavities Baseline: 35 MV/m Q0=10^10 Q

Vertical pit

ILCTA - MDB Test Stands Layout



Vacuum Pump


Cryogenic Test Facility

Three Refrigerator Systems (STAR) Three Heat Exchangers (STAR)

Control Room


Four Mycom Compressors

HINS Transfer Lines Meson Detector Building

Cryogenic Distribution Lines and Vacuum System

Expansion box and bayonet cans Vacuum pump modification

Piping between VP and test A Pi i b d Areas

Vacuum Pump: booster +Ring pump V P b Ri

RF for CC2 and HTS

ILC RF controls for four Klystron/Cryostat systems Both 1.3 and 3.9 GHz; 1ms@10Hz ; Fast phase shifter control (100 kHz BW) Development system in the LLRF test lab A CW system sometime in the future

Capture Cavity 2
Capture Cavity 2 is a high gradient superconducting cavity destined to upgrade the PhotoInjector to 40 MeV. Measured Peak Gradient: 31 MV/m Qo=10^10

Also Al permitted to test: i d - Cryogenic systems - High Level RF power systems - Low Level RF control systems - Klystron & Modulator Interlocks - Piezo-electric Fast Cavity Tuner - Clean Room Facilities

Horizontal Test Stand

Horizontal Test Cryostat

C22 ILC type 2 SRF

C22 ILC type 2 SRF

HINS Transfer Lines Meson Detector Building

High Intensity Neutrino Source

Cryostat for HINS spoke cavity R&D Front End Layout

Specification: 325 MHz 45mA

=0.22 =0 22 Cold Mass Assembly

SSR-1 Cryomodule Interconnect

Control aspect - EPICS

4-Mation via MODULBUS to the APACS Controller

logic blocks d bl k and feedback blocks

New Muon Lab (NML)

RF Gun



Earlier layout
RF Gun CC1 CC2

LASER Klystron Gallery

ILC Cryomodules 1,2, 12 &3

Purification System New Muon Lab