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(All entries in the form should be filled in BLOCK CAPITAL letters or neatly typed) To The General Manager Rifle Factory Ishapore, Po-Nawabganj, Dist-24 Pgns(N), WB 743144.



(for communication)

. . .. Pin Code :

5. PERMANENT ADDRESS . . .. Pin Code : 6 a. Arm License No. ............................................................ c. Valid Date . b. d. Valid Area ........................................................ Licensing Authority

(Enclose two attested copies)

7. Postal Address of Licensing Authority with Pin Code & Tel No. (Pin Code must be mentioned)

. . Pin Code : Tel No.:

8 a) Bank Draft No. & Date b) Banks Name & Branch c) Amount
(Please see instruction no. 3)

: : :

............................................................................................................................................. . .

9. Specimen Signature of the applicant

(Please sign in both the spaces )

(i) (ii)

10. PAN Card No.

(Enclose attested copy)

: Bank name: Account No. . City Branch: 9-digit MICR Code No.: ..

11. Bank details for refund (In case of refund)

Encl. :1.Bank Draft of Rs. 3500/(Please note that remitting full amount of .22 inch Revolver price during booking does not entitle applicant for priority delivery of weapon. Delivery will be strictly as per seniority) 2. Two attested copies of Arm License 3. One attested copy of PAN Card __________________________ (Signature of Applicant with date) ACCEPTANCE NOTE I have read the terms and conditions printed on page 2 and the same are acceptable to me. I hereby undertake to abide by the conditions stipulated therein. I undertake not to re-sell this weapon within five years from the date of purchase. ___________________________ (Signature of Applicant with date)

Tel Nos. of Marketing Section of RFI: (033) 25937119 23 Extn: 3542. (Please see page 2 for details Instructions, Terms & Conditions) Page 1 of 2

w.e.f 1stJuly, 2010

INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING OF FORM i) All entries in the form should be filled in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS or neatly typed. ii) Enclose two attested copies of your valid arms license and one attested copy of PAN CARD. iii) Bank Draft may be taken from any scheduled bank and drawn in favour of GENERAL MANAGER, RIFLE FACTORY ISHAPORE payable at SBI, Barrackpore (Bank Code 0 0029) or any Service Branch of Kolkata.


1. 2. 3. 4. Order will be accepted in the prescribed form only downloaded from Orders from Indian Citizens having valid Arms Licence for purchase of .22 Inch Revolver issued by appropriate Civil Authority only will be considered. An applicant can book only one Revolver at a time. Incomplete applications and applications without enclosures as enumerated in page 1 will be summarily rejected. General Manager, Rifle Factory Ishapore reserves the right to refuse to book any order without assigning any reason whatsoever and without giving any notice. On receipt of complete application and advance payment, the booking will be made provisional and a serial number of registration (priority number) will be allotted & intimated to the purchaser. The amount received shall be forfeited in case the license is found to be not genuine at a later stage. In case applicant desires to cancel the booking, refund will be made after deduction of cancellation charge of Rs. 1,000/-. Factory will intimate in due course the formalities to be completed and date / period of collection by registered post to the customers strictly in the sequence of the priority number. Customer will have to report for collecting Revolver in person on the due date(s) intimated to him. Delivery shall be made after realization of full amount and submission of all documents as per the Arms Act 1959 and the Arms Rules 1962. Price/Duties/Taxes applicable on the date of actual supply will be applicable/ chargeable. Any increase in taxes/duties or fresh imposition effective on or from a date prior to the date of supply but coming to the notice of the factory at a later date will also be payable by the customer within one month of demand. The place of delivery of the Arms will be at the premises of the Rifle Factory at Ishapore - a suburb of Kolkata situated at a distance of approx. 27 kms from the Sealdah Railway Station. The purchaser will take delivery of the weapon personally from the premises of the factory. Every effort will be made to effect supplies in sequence of the Priority Number but no assurance is given to this effect. No liability will be accepted for any change of sequence of supply for any reasons what so ever. No claim for demand of any loss or damage due to delayed execution of order will be entertained. No responsibility or liability will be accepted for the postal delays.





9. 10. 11.

12. GM/RFI reserves the right to cancel any order without assigning any reason and without giving any prior notice. In such event payments received against such order will be refunded. No compensation / interest on the amount due for return will be payable. 13. The design features of the .22 inch Revolver may change without any prior notice. 14. In case an individual fails to send the balance amount as specified in the Money Advice Letter (MAL) within 3 months of the date specified in the MAL, or fails to collect the Revolver within two months of the date as specified in the call letter, the order stands cancelled automatically and money received will be refunded after deducting cancellation charges of Rs. 1,000/- or Rs. 2,000/respectively as the case may be. 15. No liability is accepted for payment of any interest on advance or full payment received against the order booked with the factory for any reasons whatsoever. No interest shall also be payable if tentative delivery indicated in the MAL further increases. 16. There is no priority allotment of .22 inch Revolver to any individuals. Supply of weapon will be strictly as per the seniority of booking. Ministry of Defence reserves the right of allotment to Government / Autonomous Organizations. Such allotments made be the Ministry of Defence will have overriding priority. 17. Revolver once sold will not be taken back or exchanged for any reason whatsoever. In the unlikely event of any manufacturing defect, necessary repair shall be carried out free of charge (up to 1 year from the date of sale) at Rifle Factory Ishapore on production of the Revolver by the customer. Cost of travel/transportation etc. will have to be borne by the purchaser. 18. Except where otherwise provided in the terms and conditions for sale, all questions and disputes arising in connection with this contract shall be referred to the sole Arbitrator to be appointed by the Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board. It will be no objection that arbitrator so appointed is a Government servant. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties to this contract. Subject as aforesaid, the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and the Rules made there under for the time being in force shall be deemed to apply to the Arbitration proceedings under this clause. 19. The place of arbitration / adjudication, if any, shall be Kolkata. 20. The above procedure of sale is subject to alteration or modification at anytime without any notice, as per directives from the Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board. 21. I.O.F. MAKE REVOLVER IS NOT TRANSFERABLE / SALEABLE WITHIN FIVE YEARS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE / SUPPLY.

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