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Rotarian Book

This is a presentation to know the Advantages & Features available in

Reason for the Launch of this website

Each & Every Rotarians are ambassadors of Rotary and they spend their valuable time & money for Rotary, But their

dedication was not recognized & their services are not appreciated well.

Every Rotary clubs are doing exclusive & unique projects but the potential of the project is not reached to every one.

Building a public image for rotary in 21st century means moving beyond traditional media. Public relations effort are vital to Rotarys continued growth & service. Creating a positive image for Rotary is the responsibility of every Rotarian, both locally & globally.

Rotary News, September issue.

The influence of modern social networking sites on the younger generations has to be recognised. A national & international level exposure for Rotary has to be out in place. By making people understand that Rotary is for everyone & not just the elite, there is scope for membership development. Proper advertisement & Public relations can make this happen.
Rotary News, September issue.

If Rotarians do not have a clear concept of what rotary is and does, then all exercise in building a good public image will be futile. Today, if Rotary has to get new members from the community, especially younger members, men & women to join the movement a massive dose of publicity is required. All these years, Rotarians have been doing the same thing again & again in the area of public relations. It has not produced the desired result.
Rotary News, September issue.

To overcome these things we have started this Rotary Public Image project, ROTARIAN BOOK (Vellore Rotary Web) An exclusive FREE website for Rotary clubs & Rotarians world wide. This website is recognized by R.I This website is well designed & has a state of the art technology to provide service to 1.2 million Rotarians.
This website shall be used by Rotary Clubs & Rotarians to display their Rotary activities at free of cost. This website will facilitate each & every Rotarian to REACH globally by sharing his service & fellowship in this website. REACH WITHIN TO EMBRACE HUMANITY We are providing free individual web pages for Rotary Districts & Rotary Clubs

Website Inauguration
This website was inaugurated by Rtn.A.Sampath kumar D.G 3230.

Overview by R.I President Kalyan Banerjee

R.I President Felicitation.

Dear PHF Dinesh kumar, Many thanks for your website details. It is exciting and a very fine initiative by you. Well done. Kalyan.

Sample of Translated Hindi Page.

You can view this website in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German & any International language

Content of this website.

Rotary Rotarian Posts Classification

Rotary Page
In this page we have detailed information about Rotary International Joining Rotary International Rotary in India Past R.I Presidents R.I Trustees R.I Directors R.I Districts

This website is only for Rotarians. Membership is free for all Rotarians. To use this website Rotarians must register in this web site. To register visit www.vrweb/registration.php Once registration is confirmed members shall update their profile, post rotary projects & photos.

Member id allotted to you by Rotary International, Evanston, USA. If you dont know your Member id please contact your club President, Secretary or Rotary International.

To upload profile photo click here.

Once your registration is confirmed go to this page & update your details here.

Rotarian Profile page

This is a sample of Rotarian Profile page. By clicking the Business Tab you will know the classification details of this Rotarian. You can view the photos, Posts, News uploaded by this Rotarian by clicking the respective Tabs.


Once your Business page is activated you will be able to update your Classification / Business details.

Click here to upload 4 photos related to your Business.

Business page

Sample Business page.

New Post
Here you will submit your projects with image. Your post should be related only to Rotary Clubs, Rotary Organization & Rotarians.


In posts page you can view the Posts, Photos & Videos added by Rotarians from all over the world,

In this page, All the photos & Albums uploaded by members will be displayed.

Sharing your posts in Social Network sites

You can share any posts from this website with any Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc

If you are a rotarian & you are registered in this site, then you can comment the posts posted by your fellow Rotarian . You can encourage the rotarian by sharing your views & thoughts in the comments option.

District page details

Every Rotary District would have a Individual district page. If your District number is 3230 then your District web id is In this page you will know more details about the selected 3230 R.I District. That is History of the District, District Governor, PDGs, District Officials, Clubs attached to this particular District.

Club Page
Each & every Club would have a separate web page. Your club name. If your club name is Rotary Club of Vellore North then your club website is
Every club page will have unlimited web space & Bandwidth.

Advantages of Club Pages

From now onwards your club details will be available in internet. You dont need any web designer to update your club page, club members can easily update. Presidents & Office bearers will be changed every year but their Service & dedication will be available in this page forever.

Club Page Highlights.

When you visit this page you will know about the following details:
President, Secretary, Past Presidents & other Board members. Weekly meeting Venue & timings. Number of members & their Profile with full details. PHF & Major Donor details. Calendar, Project details & Photos posted by this particular club Members.

Sample Club Page

In this page you will know the details about Vellore Presidency Rotary Club.

Difference between Regular website & Rotarian Book

Regular website
Professional web designer needed. Informations are not up to date . Only represents current year details. To maintain the website you need to spend money. Members details not available , manual Club Roster should be printed every year .
Rotarians with computer knowledge is enough. Informations shall be updated easily & regularly Past & Present year details available. Absolutely free for Rotarians & Rotary clubs. Every one can view the member profile at any time , anywhere.


Being a Rotarian you can Advertise your Business in this website.

This page displays the details of the Rotarians who have updated their business details in this site.

You can support this website by Advertising your Business here.
We offer range of advertisement packages. 1) STRIP advertisement , 2) Image advertisement, 3) Text advertisement.

Advantages of Advertisement.
As you know Currently every day more than 175 Crore people are using the internet to communicate and search for the Information they require. The Research says by 2014 it will be more than 400 Crore users every day. Through the unique Promotional concepts this Website is Promoted online, a young team will keep promoting this website with SEO and more people will come to know about your Business and Services and you will get more leads. By Advertising in this website your business Details will spread worldwide and you will get Business and it will enable your Business to grow to the Next level.

Strip & Image Advt are specially Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so anyone of your keywords shall be easily tracked by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc. Anyone shall easily reach you by your name, club name, Address & Classification. Your Business details are Graphically Displayed here so it will attract the viewer to visit your page.

Strip Advertisement
Your advertiseme nt Banner will be displayed in the middle of the home page. Your banner will appear every 2 minutes once. For this AD you will get Business page & one txt AD as complimenta ry.

By clicking this Advt banner the visitor will be taken to your Business page.

Image Advertisement
A image of your business will displayed in the bottom of the PAGE. By clicking this Image it will take you to your Business page. This Image will appear randomly in EVERY PAGE. For this AD you will get Business page as compliment ary.

TEXT Advertisement
A name or your Business title TEXT will be displayed in all the pages, except Home page. This TEXT will appear randomly in every page. For this AD you will get Business page as complimenta ry.

Advertiser Benefits.
You may get National & International Business clients. Your business details available on net 24/7. Your business gets easy REACH & wider coverage. Rtn book advertising has a lower entry-level fees. Rtn book advertising is Informative & Innovative.

Benefits for Rotarians.

Each Rotarians will get individual profile page. Rotarians shall use this website to post & share their rotary projects & photos. Using the Business page your business Details will spread worldwide and you will get Business and it will enable your Business to grow to the Next level. This site will serve as a Online Rotary Directory.

Benefits for Rotary clubs

Each & Every club will have their own webpage. Through the Club post page everyone shall know the projects done by that club. Now onwards club details & projects will be available in internet forever. By seeing all these things more people would join rotary clubs.

Mission of this Website.

By the end of this October all the 108 clubs in 3230 should have its own webpage. By February 2012 all the 3000 plus clubs in INDIA would have free web page under this website. Probably next year 2012 all the 541 Districts & 34,000 plus clubs will have their club pages under this website.

Contact info
If you have any doubts or difficulties using this web site please feel free to contact me. Rtn.PHF.S.Dinesh Kumar, B.Sc Rotary Club of Vellore Presidency. Rotary Global History Fellowship. E-mail : Mobile :91 9843155310

My sincere thanks to
Our District Governor A.Sampath kumar, T.Siva Kumar, Dist. Conference Chairman. P.Sathish Kumar, A.G Region 11.

Rtn.Thanesh Arun, President,


Rtn.Syed Ashraff, Secretary, & Fellow Vellore Presidency Club members. Special Thanks to all the Rotarians for supporting this project by Advertising your business here.