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Roy Sooman, GMS, CRP

Glendale, AZ 85310 623-362-8118

Global Mobility Manager

Industry recognized global mobility program subject matter expert with multifaceted background in employee

mobility, including operations management, account management, and mobility consulting. Strong advocate of a culture and financial objective based approach to mobility program management and change.

Mobility Program Best Practices Team/Vendor Leadership Program Cost Assessment

Areas of Expertise Decision-Making Acumen Collaborative Stakeholder Relationships Multi-Dimensional Communication Skills

Professional Experience
On Call Relocation Consulting Services LLC Glendale, AZ
2010 - Present

Global Mobility Consultant

Program Strategy: Provide mobility program strategic best practices that balance culture and financial objectives with business needs for talent acquisition and deployment. Recent consultations: Itemized comparison of U.S. vs. Canada tax treatment of relocation expenses, substantiating a best practice Canada domestic relocation program Identified benefit deficiencies in clients short- and long-term expatriate assignment policies. Program Management: Apply risk-reward approach to facilitate resolution of problems, creating solutions that preserve program integrity and minimize IRS scrutiny. Recent consultations: Illustrated tax compliance implications of altering home buyout methodology for senior executives Outlined potential liability of promoting a household goods self-move policy. Noted Recognition: Recipient of Worldwide ERCs Meritorious Service Award May 2011
Keynote speaker (Communicating Through Your Relocation Policy), Portland Relocation Council April 2011

NuCompass Mobility Services Glendale, AZ

2004 2010

Director, Consulting Account Manager

Program Consulting: Demonstrated defects of copy-and-paste application of domestic relocation repayment agreements to expatriate assignment policies Presented board of directors with shareholder-sensitive policy options for C-level executives Provided contemporary strategic and tactical program guidance through publication of white papers on mineral rights, IRS Rev. Rul. 2005-74, short sales, and defective imported drywall

Program Leadership Drove execution of Statement of Work (SOW) and execution of Service Level Agreement (SLA) by internal service team and external vendors for a semiconductor chipmakers U.S. domestic relocations and its temporary assignment program for foreign national and U.S.-based employees Maintained positive working relationships with EMEA, APAC, and U.S. human resources teams, collaborating on supplier metrics and customer service standards Developed and managed team account cost-center budget
Noted Recognition: Consistently received clients best-in-class program scorecard rating, encompassing customer satisfaction, program cost management and continuous improvement initiatives.


Roy Sooman
Professional Experience (contd)
Cornerstone Global Relocation Corona, CA

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2003 - 2004

Director, Policy Consulting

Program Support: Supported clients mobility services with strategic and operational subject matter expertise by: Drafting international assignment policies and letters of engagement Reviewing, analyzing, and revising domestic and international policies Providing problem resolution technical expertise to stakeholders Constructing interactive relocation program cost models. GMAC Relocation Services Corona, CA
1997 - 2003

Director, Strategic Services

Program Resource: Cultivated reputation as a go to answer resource by internal stakeholders and clients for domestic and international assignment subject-matter expertise. Key projects: Conducting multiple domestic and international industry and topic-specific policy surveys Authoring annual analysis report of global expatriate assignment trends Engaging in special projects such as developing an attrition risk forecast of 900 employees affected by a clients planned office consolidation. Prudential Resources Management NY, NY; Irvine, CA; Houston, TX
1987 - 1997

Director, Client Services

Program Management: Directed service team delivery of multi-tiered relocation programs including four years managing an on-site team at a global oil companys U.S. headquarters. Team Management: Hired, trained, and mentored team members. Conducted performance reviews and developmental plans. Created high-impact client-team partnership vision statement, empowering team to define the visions guiding principles. Companys leadership endorsed project as a model team-building concept. Financial Management: Planned, executed, and reconciled department budget growth of 88% to $8.6M. Maintained target P/L margins while increasing staff size from 4 to 11 direct reports. Service Improvement: Created organizational plan to improve productivity and service quality in the face of significant unplanned growth of transfer authorizations. Secured consensus of leadership stakeholders for radical change in team member responsibilities. Service quality improvement results exceeded objectives within 90 days of implementation. Process Improvement: Initiated and implemented a process improvement project that increased efficiency of clients relocation expense report processing system by 75%. Business Development: Used research, analysis, and writing skills to support clients business development joint ventures. Analyzed conflicts between participants legacy relocation policies. Resolved policy issues through collaborative interaction between multiple levels of HR management. Facilitated implementation of the joint ventures by writing the new relocation policies. Noted Recognition: Recognized by clients Vice President of Human Resources (I have no doubt that we have the best relocation group and program in the industry), and Manager of Policy and Benefits (the Relocation Center Team is the best of all the different vendors we work with in Policy and Benefits).


Roy Sooman
Education and Professional Credentials
BA in Communications Business Leadership Skills Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) 2011 Meritorious Service Award

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Washington State University Rice University Graduate Business School Worldwide Employee Relocation Council Worldwide Employee Relocation Council Worldwide Employee Relocation Council

Published Articles
The Art of Exceptions - March 2010, Mobility The Re-Awakening of Loss on Sale - April 2008, Mobility Relocation Policy: Clues to Customer Relationships - July 2004, Atlas Amplifier Relocation Best Practices: Best for Whom? - July 2003, Atlas Amplifier Economic and Practical Advantages to Outsourcing Strategic Support - 3rd Quarter 2002, Relocation Compass International Relocation Policy The Real Reason for Failure - July 2001, Mobility Using Consultants to Create a Dynamic Relocation Policy - April 2001, National Relocation and Real Estate Buckle Up! Adjusting for a Changing Economy - April 2001, Mobility (front cover feature)

What Others Say About Roy Sooman

Roy is a recognized thought leader in domestic relocation. Senior RFP Manager, Taleo Corporation Roy has been my go to person for brainstorming and troubleshooting. His insights and relocation knowledge have been extremely useful to me in developing processes and improving our customer's experiences. Vice President Business Process and HR, NuCompass Mobility Wow, Roy, this turnaround is incredible! This is perfect! - Vice President, Communications, Altair Global Relocation You amaze me! I love the article and so does everyone else! President, Cornerstone Global Relocation Excellent information, Roy, thank you so much. Can we clone you? - Director Business Development, GMAC Global Relocation Youve really made this a painless processI love itGreat piece of work! Relocation Manager, CITGO Petroleum Roy was instrumental in these accomplishments. He has been on the Rockwell team and I believe were a good example of a seamless organization. Director, Human Resources, Rockwell International Without you I would have not been able to satisfy many of our clients appetites for benchmarking and processing, not to mention general policy information. - Vice President Client Relations, GMAC Global Relocation Your skill in improving processes like the improved efficiencies in the center for the clients invoice processing has been instrumental in continuing to impress this important client with our proactive, creative approach to relocation. - Chairman & CEO; - President & COO, Prudential Resources