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Hybrid Trace
By specifying edges and/or endpoints of 3D models as well as construction lines, endpoints, and/or elements of 2D figures, you can create figures such as lines, arcs, and elliptic arcs.

so you can easily select them from toolbars.Menu Layout Our Product inherits the command menu which you can arrange the menus freely. Also. Commands are displayed as high-visibility icons. the Launcher that can store commands improves the operation performance and expands the drawing area. .

Display Inserting 3D models in a 2D drawing and performing 2D designing while displaying 3D models make it possible for you to create a hybrid drawing with high level of visibility. . The result of modeling based on the drawing that you designed can be displayed on the same drawing.

you can paste information of placed holes in a drawing as a hole list or output it in CSV format. holes are displayed in 3D according to their diameter and depth information. It is also possible to automatically create section views of holes placed in the front view. Also. That improves the level of visibility for checking interferences and so on. In addition.Hole You can place hole figures with machining attributes and register the hole information as masters. .

. so you can easily check draft angles and undercut areas.Optional Features for Mold/Press Draft Analysis Our Product displays color-coded angles set to the direction of pull.

The lambda value is set according to the master and it can also be customized. Forming faces can be changed to flat shapes in advance. . The radius and angle of a bend are automatically recognized from the product.Bending Development It develops bend parts all together.

3D Plate and Pin 2D plate shapes and standard parts can be converted into 3D models instantaneously. By combining with modeling functions. you can easily obtain the same result as in 3D designing. .

The planes are color-coded depending on the height. insufficient draft angles and undercut areas are color-coded based on the angle you set. As for the draft angles.Check commands You can use Check commands on 3D models before/after performing an operation. so you can confirm them visually. As for the sections. you can confirm them at any position in 3D models. .

its height can be set. Rotate.3D Basic Functionality Solid Modeling We provide functions for solid modeling such as lift/cut commands including Extrude. Chamfer. By specifying a side view of a model on a 2D drawing. Sweep. . and Loft. We also provide deformation functions such as Fillet. and Draft commands. This enables beginners to comfortably perform modeling.

sweep. .Surface Modeling We provide various functions for surface modeling. With those functions. you can easily create ruled. and offset faces.

. 2. you can specify any face/edge to define holes on the face.CAM Basic Functionality Work/Model Definition You can define works and areas to machine on 2D figures and 3D models. and WC top-bottom different profiles. Also. Areas for biaxial machining are automatically retrieved from the model.5D machining. This function can work in the environment where 2D figures and 3D models exist together.

5D Machining The X-Y axis 2.5D tool paths by axis translation to X-Z or Y-Z axis.Even for the shape that cannot be processed with only X-Y axis.2.5D contour line cutting can be easily done based on the information of the top and section views. . you can create 2.

Corner Treatment/Trochoid Machining It automatically recognizes areas left uncut by rough machining and creates machining paths to cut such areas with a tool with smaller diameter. . when tool load is heavy. it creates trochoid machining paths which can reduce the tool load and achieve high-speed cutting. Also.

This is variously-used. . for example.Curve Machining 2D V-groove machining function can be used to machine 3D curves. for machining runners on curved faces and engraving characters.

Variable taper coreless machining is also available. Using coreless machining can eliminate cut-off processes and enables unmanned operation for many hours.Coreless Machining Coreless processing can be applied to round holes and deformed figures. . It results in an improvement of machine utilization.

.Top-Bottom Machining NC data of a top-bottom different profile can be made by automatically creating guide lines when you specify both program and subprogram faces. Highly accurate NC data can be created even from a complicated top-bottom different shape.

The system automatically recognizes the areas that could not be cut by the previous process and creates another roughing path using a tool with smaller diameter. Also. . you can register multiple tools for rough machining.CAM Optional Features High-Efficient Roughing & Multiple Tool Roughing You can create efficient roughing paths including trochoid path for machine tools available for high-speed cutting. It improves both the efficiency and high accuracy of rough processing.

Surface Scanning Cutting You can machine multiple curved surfaces along U and V axes. you can create smooth finished surfaces. By not only specifying any start point and machining direction but using various approach methods including Line and Arc. .

Contour Line Machining You can select whether to cut in Z direction at a certain distance or to specify the scallop height in order to create unwasted finish roughness paths. . Various approach methods including Line. In addition. using the retract suppression function realizes more efficient finish machining. or Helical are available. Arc.

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