ANNA UNIVERSITY Chennai-25. Syllabus for B.E.

(Full Time) Mechanical Engineering
CM131 Chemistry I 1. CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS 2 1 2 4 9

Definition of free energy and spontaneity - Maxwell relations - Gibbs-Helmholtz equation - Van't hoff equations - Stoichiometry and energy balances in Chemical reactions. 2. DYNAMICS OF CHEMICAL PROCESSES 10

Basic concepts - composite reactions (opposing, parallel and consecutive reactions) - Collision theory Thermodynamic formulation of reaction rates - unimolecular reactions - Chain reactions (Stationary and nonstationary) - Enzyme Kinetics - Michaelis - Menten Equation. 3. ELECTRODICS 8 Types of electrodes and cells - Nernst Equation - emf measurement and its applications - Principles of chemical and electrochemical corrosion - corrosion control (Sacrificial anode and impressed current methods). 4. WATER 8

Water quality parameters - Definition and expression - Estimation of hardness (EDTA method) - Alkalinity (Titrimetry) - Water softening (zeolite) - Demineralisation (Ion- exchangers) and desalination (RO) - Domestic water treatment. 5. POLYMERS 10 Monomer - Functionality - Degree of polymerisation - Classification based on source and applications Addition, Condensation and copolymerisation - Mechanism of free -radical polymerisation - Thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics - Processing of plastics - Injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion processes. 6. PRACTICALS 30 I. Water Analysis : Determination of hardness, alkalinity , DO, Fe(spectrophotometry) and Na and K (Flame photometry). II. Electrochemistry and corrosion experiments. III. Polymer experiments. Total No of periods: 75

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CM131 Chemistry I Text Books: 1. Alkins P.W., " Physical Chemistry ", ELBS, IV Edition, 1998, London. References:





1. Balasubramanian M.R., Krishnamoorthy S. and Murugesan V., " Engineering Chemistry ", Allied Publisher Limited., Chennai, 1993. 2. Karunanidhi M., Ayyaswamy N., Ramachandran T and Venkatraman H., " Applied Chemistry ", Anuradha Agencies, Kumbakonam , 1994. 3. Sadasivam V., " Modern Engineering Chemistry - A Simplified Approach ", Kamakya Publications, Chennai , 1999. 4. Kuriakose, J.C. and Rajaram J., " Chemistry in Engineering and Technology ", Vol. I and II, Tata McGraw-Hill Publications Co.Ltd, New Delhi ,1996. 5. Jain P.C. and Monica J., " Engineering Chemistry ", Dhanpat Rai Publications Co.,(P) Ltd., New Delhi, 1998.

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GE131 Engineering Mechanics 1. BASICS




4 5

Introduction - Units and Dimensions - Laws of Mechanics - Vectors - Vectorial representation of forces and moments - Vector operations. 2. STATICS OF PARTICLES 8

Coplanar Forces - Resolution and Composition of forces - Equilibrium of a particle - Forces in space Equilibrium of a particle in space - Equivalent systems of forces - Principle of transmissibility - single equivalent force. 3. EQUILIBRIUM OF RIGID BODIES 7 Free body diagram - Types of supports and their reactions - requirements of stable equilibrium - Equilibrium of Rigid bodies in two dimensions - Equilibrium of rigid bodies in three dimensions. 4. PROPERTIES OF SURFACES AND SOLIDS 12

Determination of Areas and Volumes - First moment of area and the centroid - second and product moments of plane area - Parallel axis theorems and perpendicular axis theorems - Polar moment of inertia - Principal moments of inertia of plane areas - Principal axes of inertia - Mass moment of inertia - relation to area moments of inertia. 5. FRICTION 4 Frictional Force - Laws of Coloumb friction - Simple Contact friction - Rolling Resistance - Belt Friction.




Displacement, Velocity and acceleration their relationship - Relative motion - Curvilinear motion - Newton's Law - Work Energy Equation of particles - Impulse and Momentum - Impact of elastic bodies. 7. ELEMENTS OF RIGID BODY DYNAMICS 8

Translation and Rotation of Rigid Bodies - Velocity and acceleration - General Plane motion - Moment of Momentum Equations - Rotation of rigid Body - Work energy equation. Total No of periods: 60

Page 3

" Engineering Mechanics ". 1995. Shames. Vol. and Sankara Subramanian.1 " Statics " and Vol. 5. Page 4 .. V. 1995. Rajasekaran S. " Engineering Mechanics . Irving. 4. G. " Vector Mechanics for Engineers ". 1 " Statics " and Vol. 3/e. 2 " Dynamics ".. 3. Mokoshi.. " Engineering Mechancis ". Wiley International. SCHAUM Series. " Engineering Mechanics ".Ltd.Statics and Dynamics ". McGraw Hill.2 " Dynamics 2/e ". Vol. 1993. Beer and Johnson. Vol. Timoshenko and Young. 1996. McGraw Hill International Edition. " Engineering Mechanics ". 2. Prentice-Hall of India Pvt.1 " Statics " and Vol. McLean.Statics and Dynamics ".2 " Dynamics ". 4/e. H..GE131 Engineering Mechanics Text Books: 3 1 0 4 1. " Engineering Mechanics . 1988. 2. References: 1. Thrid Edition. Tata McGraw Hill Books. Merriam. 1995.S.

4. / B.Tech.Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form by orthogonal transformation. Some properties of eigen values. 5.Method of variation of parameters. Cayley-Hamilton theorem. TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 5 . GEOMETRICAL APPLICATIONS OF DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS 9 Curvature .Jacobians .Method of reduction of order .cartesian and polar coordinates . 3 1 0 4 (Revised Syllabus For B.Maxima and Minima .Plane section of a sphere orthogonal spheres.Evolute as envelope of normals.Involutes and Evolutes . 3.Tangent plane .Total differential .equations reducible to homogeneous form . 6. MATRICES 9 Characteristic equation . Programmes .Circle of curvature .Constrained Maxima and Minima by Lagrangean Multiplier method .Linear equations of second order with constant and variable coefficients .Partial derivatives . THREE DIMENSIONAL ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY 9 Direction cosines and ratios .Equation of a straight line .MA131 Mathematics I .Differentiation of implicit functions Taylor's expansion .Eigen values and eigen vectors of a real matrix.Orthogonal matrices .Equation of a plane .Coplaner lines .Envelopes properties of envelopes .Effective From June 2002) 1.Shortest distance between skew lines . Orthogonal reduction of a symmetric matrix to diagonal form . ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 9 Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients .E. FUNCTIONS OF SEVERAL VARIABLES 9 Functions of two variables .Angle between two lines .differentian under integral sign. 2.Sphere .Homogeneous equation of Euler type .

Venkataraman. Delhi . Thilagavathy.K. Manicavachagom Pillay. 2000.. S. S. Chennai (2nd Edition). " Higher Engineering Mathematics " (35th Edition). and Gunavathy.. " Engineering Mathematics ". Viswanathan (Printers & Publishers).First year " National Publishing Company. Kreyszig. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Veerarajan.. T. S. 2000. " Advanced Engineering Mathematics " (8th Edition). Khanna Publishers.. " Engineering Mathematics ". References: 1. Singapore. Volume I (4th Revised Edition). 4. 1992. G.S.. Kandasamy.K. NewDelhi. 2. " Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students ". New Delhi.. Chand & Co. Narayanan. " Engineering Mathematics . VolumeI (2nd Edition).. 2001 2. M.. 2000. T. Ramanaiah.. B. Grewal. K. John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd.MA131 Mathematics I Text Books: 3 1 0 4 1.... 3. 1999. P. Page 6 . E. K.

6.PH131 Physics I 1. ACOUSTICS 9 Acoustics of buildings-Absorption coefficient-Intensity-Loudness-Reverberation time-Sabine's formula-Noise pollution-Noise control in a machine-Ultrasonics-production-Magnetostriction and Piezoelectric methodsApplications of ultrasonics in Engineering and Medicine.Twisting couple on a wire-Shafts-Torsion pendulum-Depression of a cantilever. 6. 4. LASER AND FIBRE OPTICS 9 Principle and lasers-laser characteristics-Ruby-NdYAG.stress-strain diagram-factors affecting elasticity . Thickness of wire by Air wedge Thermo emf measurement by potentiometer Total No of periods: 75 30 Page 7 . 1. 8. HEAT AND THERMODYNAMICS 9 Thermal conductivity-Forbe's and Lee's Disc methods-Radial flow of heat-Thermal conductivity of rubber and glass-Thermal insulation in buildings-Laws of thermodynamics-Carnot's cycle as heat engine and refrigeratorCarnot's theorem-Ideal Otto and Diesel engines-Concept of entropy-Entropy Temperature diagram of carnot's cycle. CO2 and semiconductor lasers-propagation of light through optical fibers-types of optical fibre-Applications of optical fibres as optical waveguides and sensors. 4. 2. 5. 3. 7. He-Ne.Young's modulus by cantilever-Uniform and Non Uniform bending-I shape girders-Production and measurement of high vacuum-Rotary pump-Diffusion pump-Pirani GaugePenning gauge-Viscosity-Oswald Viscometer-Comparision of viscosities. 3. 5. PROPERTIES OF MATTER 2 1 2 4 9 Elasticity . OPTICS 9 Photometry-Lummer Brodhum photometer-Flicker Photometer-Antireflection coating-Air wedge-Testing of flat surfaces-Michelson's Interferometer and its applications-Photoelasticity and its applications-SextantMetallurgical microscope-Scanning electron microscope. 2. PRACTICALS Young's modulus by nonuniform bending Rigidity modulus and moment of inertia using Torsion Pendulum Viscosity of a liquid by Poiseuille's method Wavelength determination using grating by Spectrometer Particle size determination by Laser Thermal conductivity by Lees' disc.

1988.S. Vasudeva A. Dhanpat Rai and Sons. Mathur.P.. and Halliday D. " Engineering Physics ". 1986. " Physics ". S.. Arnald-Heinemann. Gaur. Arumugam.. " Engineering Physics ".. Page 8 .. 4. References: 1.... 1989. 1998. and Gupta. 2 1 2 4 Resnik R. " Advanced Level Physics ". S.M. R. Nelkon M.. Chand and Co.PH131 Physics I Text Books: 1. S. Anuradha Publications.S.Chand & Co. and Parker. Wiley Eastern. 1986. 3. " Elements of properties of Matter ". 5. 2.L. " Modern Engineering Physics ". D.K. 1998.

Taxali.Organization of Modern Digital Computers-Single user Operating SystemMultitasking OS-GUI 2. References: 1. Chattopadhyay and Sarkar. Tata McGraw Hill. 60 Page 9 . Tata McGraw Hill.A Beginner's Guide ".GE132 Computer Practice I 1. " Computers and Computation . 1999. 1999. a) b) c) d) 3. Ghosh Dastidar. Prentice Hall of India. " PC Software for Windows Made Simple ". 1 0 3 3 4 FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS AND OPERATING SYSTEMS Evolution of Computers . OFFICE AUTOMATION Word Processing Data Base Management System Spread Sheet Package Presentation Software PRACTICALS 45 11 Total No of periods: Text Books: 1. 1999. Nelson. Microsoft Office 97. 2.

.GE133 Workshop Practice 1. with sheet metal 2. CARPENTRY 10 Tools and Equipments-Planning Practice-making halving joint and dove tail joint models.Fabrication of tray. square and dove tail joints. Filling. gear V. 3.Arc Welding of butt joint. Demonstration of gas welding.Demonstration for making simple parts like keys. bolts etc. Drilling . FITTING 10 Tools and Equipments. cone.grooved pulley etc. 4. SMITHY 10 Tools and Equipments . 6. SHEET METAL 0 0 4 2 10 Tools and Equipments . WELDING 10 Tools and Equipemts .making Vee joints. Tee fillet etc. Total No of periods: 60 Page 10 .. Tap Joint. FOUNDRY 10 Tools and Equipments Preparation of moulds of simple objects like flange. 5.Practice in Chipping. etc.

Page 11 . Venkatachalapathy V. Madurai.S. 1999.. Raamalinga Publications.and Narayana K. 1999.C. 2. Chennai. Kanaiah P. " Manual on Workshop Practice Scitech Publications "..GE133 Workshop Practice References: 0 0 4 2 1. " First Year Engineering Workshop Practice ".

Heat treatment Non ferrous and special alloys.compacting and sintering methods . DMC.ore dressing .metallurgical and multicomponent equilibria . SMC.Electromotive series .Extraction processes .phase diagrams . EXTRACTIVE METALLURGY AND ALLOYS 10 Ores . polymer blends and alloys .Glass.CM132 Chemistry II 1. entropy and free energy .Law of mass action .applications. Total No of periods: 45 Page 12 . 3.Refractory materials.industrial enthalpy balances.Electro winning . 2.Enthalpy. free energies of metallic compounds . 4.Iron-Carbon systems . ORGANIC REACTIONS AND THERMOCHEMISTRY 3 0 0 3 12 Organic reactions and mechanisms . POLYMER AND CERAMIC MATERIALS 8 Commodity and Engineering plastics. liquid resin . POWDER METALLURGY 5 Principles .powder.Corrosion and its prevention.Reversible and irreversible cells .sensors .Alloys . ELECTROCHEMISTRY 10 Principles .Moulding compounds .Ellingham diagram .electrochemical machining -Metal processing .Fibres .Phase rule for metallurgical reactions .Composites . 5.Ceramics .metallurgy applications .

Dara S.K.. " Polymer alloys and Blends ". 1990. Part I. " Engineering Metallurgy ". Higgins. Brett M.A. 2. Utracki L. Academic Press. Methods and applications. Arsenault R. Everett R. " Metal Matrix composites mechanisms and properties ". 3. Raymond A. ELBS. Christopher. " Applied Physical Metallurgy ". " A text book of Engineering Chemistry ".S.J. 1993.Chand and Company Ltd.. Principles.CM132 Chemistry II Text Books: 1. S. " Electrochemistry.. Oxford University Press.. Page 13 . 1996.. References: 3 0 0 3 1. 1983.A. 4. Hanser Publishers.. 1991.

Exclusive or gate .Half and full adders . Colpit's.Biasing circuits . 2.SCR.P-N junction .VI characteristic of PN junction diode . Wien bridge Oscillators multivibrators .Extrinsic semiconductors . CC .Zener effect . multiplier.Zener diode characteristic .operational amplifier .Intrinsic semiconductors . integrator and differentiators .positive feed back . UJI Characteristics and simple applications . D/A conversion . TRANSISTORS AND AMPLIFIERS 9 Bipolar Junction Transistor . 3.Class A. 5. DIGITAL ELECTRONICS 9 Binary number system .Elementary treatment of voltage amplifier .switching transistors .RC phase shift. SEMICONDUCTORS AND RECTIFIERS 2 0 2 3 9 Classification of solids based on energy hand theory . NAND. NOR circuits . NOT. Hastley.negative feed back application in temperature and motor speed control.A/D. Triac.Configurations and characteristics . Diac. OR.AND. 6. CE. POWER AND CONTROL ELECTRONIC DEVICES 9 Field Effect Transistor .Voltage regulation.Boolean algebra . B and C power amplifiers .Integrated circuits.Half wave and full wave rectifiers .P type and N type .flip flops .adder.Digital computer principle.principles of Tuned amplifiers.Zener diode . 4.concept of feed back .registers and counters .EC152 Electronics Engineering 1.CB. TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 14 . SIGNAL GENERATORS AND LINEAR IC'S 9 Sinusoidal oscillators .FET amplifier .Configurations and characteristics .

EC152 Electronics Engineering Text Books: 1. Milman and Halkias, " Integrated Electronics ", McGraw Hill, 1979. References:





1. Mehta,V.K., " Principles of Electronics ", S.Chand and Company Ltd., 1994. 2. Malvino & Leach, " Digital Principles and Applications ", McGraw Hill, 1986.

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EE151 Electrical Engineering 1. ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS




2 9

Ohms Law - Kirchoff's Laws - steady state solution of DC circuits - Introduction to AC circuits - Waveforms and RMS value - power and power factor, single phase and 3 phase balanced circuits. 2. ELECTRICAL MACHINES 15

Principles of operation and characteristics of DC machines, Transformers (single phase and three phase) Synchronous Machines - 3 Phase and single phase Induction motors - (op. principles). 3. ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS 6

Moving coil and moving iron instruments (Ammeter and Voltmeter) Dynamometer type watt meters and energy meters (op. principles). 4. PRACTICAL 30

Total No of periods: Text Books: 1. Mittle, V.N., " Basic Electrical Engineering ", TMH Edition, New Delhi, 1990. 2. Del Toro, " Electrical Engineering Fundamentals ", Prentice Hall of India Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi, Second Edition. References: 1. Jimmie J.Cathey and Nasar, S.A., " Basic Electrical Engineering ", Schaurn outline series in Engineering, McGraw Hill Book Co.1987. 2. Deshpande, N.V., " Electrical Machines " A.A.Wheeler and Co. Ltd., New Delhi, 1994.


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MA132 Mathematics II .





(Revised Syllabus For B.E. / B.Tech. Programmes - Effective From June 2002)




Double integration in Cartesian and polar coordinates - Change of order of integration - Area as a double integral - Triple integration in Cartesian coordinates - Change of variables - Gamma and Beta functions. 2. VECTOR CALCULUS 9

Curvilinear coordinates - Gradient, Divergence, Curl - Line, surface & volume integrals - Statements of Green's, Gauss divergence and Stokes' theorems - Verification and applications. 3. ANALYTIC FUNCTIONS 9

Cauchy Riemann equations - Properties of analytic functions - Determination of harmonic conjugate - MilneThomson's method - Conformal mappings : Mappings w = z +a, az, 1/z, z2 and bilinear transformation. 4. COMPLEX INTEGRATION 9

Cauchy's theorem - Statement and application of Cauchy's integral formulae - Taylor's and Laurent's expansions - Singularities - Classification - Residues - Cauchy's residue theorem - Contour integration Circular and semi Circular contours (excluding poles on real axis). 5. STATISTICS 9 Moments - Coefficient of correlation - Lines of regression - Tests based on Normal and t distributions, for means and difference of means - Chi Square test for goodness of fit. Total No of periods: 45

Page 17

S. Page 18 . E. B. Grewal.. and Gunavathy. Khanna Publishers. Chand & Co. T. K. Chennai. National Publishing Company. Ltd.). Narayanan. " Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students ". 2. Delhi 2001 References: 1. 1998.. Thilagavathy. G..A ". " Higher Engineering Mathematics " (36th Edition). Manicavachagom Pillay. Volumes I & II (4th Revised Edition). (Asia) Pte Ltd. K. Volumes I & II (2ndEdition). 2001..MA132 Mathematics II Text Books: 3 1 0 4 1. Kandasamy. Kreyszig.. " Engineering Mathematics ". 2000. P.S. Venkataraman.K. 3..K. M. S. " Advanced Engineering Mathematics " (8th Edition). Pvt. " Engineering Mathematics III .Singapore.Viswanathan (Printers & Publishers. S. John Wiley and Sons. Ramanaiah.... 1992. New Delhi. 2.. (13th Edition).

fuel properties. ideal gas mixtures . Total No of periods: 45 Page 19 . steady and unsteady flow processes. PVT surface. efficiency and COP. 2.Redlick . Psychrometric properties. excess air ratio. FUELS AND COMBUSTION 9 Solid. enthalpy of formation. types of systems and processes. IDEAL AND REAL GASES AND THERMODYNAMIC RELATIONS 9 Equation of state. adiabatic flame temperature. 5.kwang equations. 3. air fuel ratio. p-v and T-s diagram. 4. Cp & Cv Joule-Thomson Coefficient. flue gas analysis. Principle of entropy increase. Virial expansions. Relations for internal energy. Use of steam tables and Mollier chart. ENTROPY AND AVAILABILITY 9 Kelvin-Planck and clausius statements. Thermodynamic equilibrium and quasi-static equilibrium.ME132 Thermodynamics 1. Maxwell's equations. available energy. simple psychrometric processes and use of charts. stoichiometric air requirements. availability in closed and open systems. SECOND LAW. Microscopic and macroscopic approaches concept of continuous. point and path functions. heat engines and heat pumps. Zeroth Law. exhaust gas compositions. PROPERTIES OF STEAM AND PSYCHROMETRY 9 Steam formation. enthalpy and entropy. BASIC CONCEPT AND FIRST LAW 3 0 0 3 9 Basic definitions.Berthelot . clapeyron equation. Heating values. Carnot cycle. dryness fraction measurement. Liquid and gaseous fuels. Combustion calcuation. Control volume. Generalised compressibility chart. vander walls . First Law applied to closed systems.Dieterici . Corollaries of II Law. air-fuel ratio from exhaust gas composition.

Jaico Publishing Co. Ramalingam. Yadav R. 2. Nag P.An Engines Approach ". Robert Balmer.. 3. Boles. Sarkar. " Thermodynamics .Theory and Practice ". " Engineering Thermodynamics ". Publications (1999).Yunus A. M/s. Tata McGraw Hill Co. (1998)..K. " Thermal Engineering". Vol. 2. 1998. 2nd Edition.K.Michael A. Central Publishing House (1995). " Internal Combustion Engines . Tata McGraw Hill (1995).. I. B. Scitech.. References: 3 0 0 3 1. 1994. Ltd..K. McGraw Hill Ind. " Thermodynamics and Heat Engines ".Cengel and Dr. K.. 4.. N.J. Dr.ME132 Thermodynamics Text Books: 1. " Thermodynamics ".. Page 20 .

3. involutes and cycloids . 1992. Duff. 3. ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTIONS 28 Projections of points. PICTORIAL PROJECTIONS 8 Isometric projections . Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers Co. 2. Eastern Economy Edition. 4. 1993. and Vaishwanar. Warren J.standard codes of principles. Total No of periods: Text Books: 1. " Principles of Computer Graphics ".Auxiliary projections ..V. 4. Prentice-Hall of India Private Ltd. " A Text Book of Engineering Drawing ". References: 1. 1995. Narayanan. 1990. 60 Page 21 .. and Kannaiah. Jain Brothers.Free hand sketching..Sproul.Perspectives . McGraw Hill. Luzzadder and John M. " Engineering Graphics ".Display technology . Mathur.S. William M.Representation of three dimensional objects . straight line and planes . Ltd. Madras.. 1989. Neumann and Robert F.Introduction to drafting software. Natarajan K..Software .. " Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing ". " Engineering Drawing and Graphics ". New Delhi. Private Publication.L. K. P. COMPUTER GRAPHICS 8 Hardware . R.Conic sections. PRINCIPLES OF GRAPHICS 1 0 3 3 16 Two dimensional geometrical construction . M.Principles of projections .L.Projection and sectioning of solids Intersection of surfaces .GE134 Engineering Graphics 1..Development of surfaces. 2.

1999. HIGH LEVEL LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING 8 C Language: Introduction .Expressions .filters . 2. Wood.unions . " The C Programming Language ". Bach. 1998-99. 3.Accessing different machines from one node . Balagurusamy.GE135 Computer Practice II 1. 4.. " Programming in ANSI C ". Gottfried. Tata McGraw Hill.concept of E-mail Uses of Internet. 4.Operator . 7. Tata McGraw Hill.Input/output statements .transfer of data between devices . Kochen & Patrick H. Prentice Hall of India. 1999. " Computer Networking Concepts ". 60 Page 22 . " C and UNIX Programming: A Conceptual Perspective ". scripts. Stephan J. Eric Nagler. 1999. Tata McGraw studies. " Exploring the UNIX System ". Prentice Hall of India.Variables .Input/output redirection . " Learning C++ ". 1999. " Programming with C ". Kernighan and Ritchie. Ramos. M/s.Basic Commands .pointer . Prentice Hall International. PRACTICALS 45 Total No of periods: Text Books and References: 1. 8. 1999. " The design of UNIX Operating Systems ". 1999. 5. MULTIUSER OPERATING SYSTEM 1 0 3 3 4 Unix: Introduction . FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING 3 Working on a networked environment . Kutti.structures .control statements function arrays . 3. 2.Vi editor . Techmedia.piping .file handling . 6. Maurice J. Jaico Publishing Co.

6. Centrifugal pumps. FLOW THROUGH CIRCULAR CONDUITS 10 Laminar flow through circular tubes and Annuli boundary layer concepts . performance curves.Minor losses . Euler's equation. 4. Discussions on dimensionless parameters . the Buckingham II theorem.density.Properties of fluids .Application of dimensionless parameters. indicator diagram.Boundary layer thickness Hydraulic and energy gradient .Bernoulli equation and Momentum equation. working.Moody diagram .Models and similitude .CE253 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 1. POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT MACHINES 5 Reciprocating pumps. compressibility. Hydraulic efficiency.Friction factor .Continuity equation . viscosity.Velocity triangle for single stage radial flow and axial flow machines. ROTODYNAMIC MACHINES 10 Homologous units. work saved by air vessles . specific speed.Euler equation . 2.Darcy equation on pipe roughness . Velocity components at entry and exit of a rotor .Flow through pipes in series and in parallel . 3. classification. theory of turbo machines. DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS 5 Dimensions and units. INTRODUCTION 3 1 0 4 5 Units and Dimensions for Fluid Mechanics . elementary cascade theory. turbines.Commercial pipes. specific gravity.application of control volume to continuity . specific weight. performance curves for pumps and turbines. vapour pressure and gas laws . 5.Energy equation . FLUID FLOW CONCEPTS AND BASIC EQUATIONS 10 Flow characteristics. 7.Capillarity and surface tension.Rotary pumps. concepts of system and control volume . TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 23 .

Roberson J.. 1995. Hydraulics and Fluid Machines ".CE253 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Text Books: 3 1 0 4 1..L.. " Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines ". 2. " Fluid Mechanics. 1998-99. & Crowe C. Ramamirtham S. McGraw Hill. M/s Jaico Publishing Co.L.A... Kumar K.T. Page 24 .K. 1983. 2. " Fluid Mechanics ". Streeter V. Bansal R. " Engineering Fluid Mechanics ". (5th Edition). Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd.. 1995. New Delhi. 3.B.. Dhanpat Rai & Sons. 1988. Delhi.. and Wylie E. References: 1. Eurasia Publishing House (P) Ltd. " Engineering Fluid Mechanics ". (7th Edition). New Delhi.

typical control circuits for DC series and shunt motors . STARTING METHODS 6 Types of DC and AC motors starters . 4. protective devices for the same.Torque and braking characteristics.three phase cage and slip ring induction motors.determination of power rating. 3.factors influencing the choice of electrical drives. frequency and slip power control.Study of Induction Motor starters. heating and cooling curves loading conditions and classes of duty . CONVENTIONAL SPEED CONTROLS 6 Speed control of DC series and shunt motors . substations and earthing (including that of mines). INTRODUCTION 2 0 2 3 4 Types of electrical drives . Total No of periods: 60 Page 25 . electrical power distribution schemes. DC motors.leonard control system three phase induction motor . 6.Voltage/frequency control and slip power recovery schemes.armature and field control Ward . 2.Load test on DC compound Motor . 5. SOLID STATE SPEED CONTROL 8 (Power Circuit and Qualitative treatment only) Control of DC drives using rectifiers and choppers Control of three phase induction motors using stator voltage control .EE252 Electrical Machines and Drives 1.Load test on DC Series motor . ELECTRICAL MOTORS CHARACTERISTICS 6 Speed . three phase and single phase induction motors.Load test on 3 phase Induction motor . PRACTICALS 30 Speed control of DC shunt Motor .voltage.

. Delhi. Wiley Eastern Ltd. New Delhi.EE252 Electrical Machines and Drives Text Books: 2 0 2 3 1. 1982.. S. Pillai. " Art and Science of Utilisation of Electrical Energy ".K. 1985. References: 1. Partab H. " A First Course on Electrical Drives ". Page 26 . Dhanpat Rai and Sons..

Initial and final value theorems . Total No of periods: 45 Page 27 .Solutions of one .Fourier transform pairs .Fourier series solutions in Cartesian coordinates.dimensional wave equation. one-dimensional heat equation .Fourier Sine and Cosine transforms Properties .Basic operational properties .Convolution theorem .E. FOURIER SERIES 8 Dirichlet's conditions .Lagrange's Linear equation .Inverse transforms .Tech.Applications of Laplace transforms for solving linear ordinary differential equations upto second order with constant coefficients and simultaneous equations of first order with constant coefficients.Transforms of derivatives and integrals .Effective From June 2002) 1. BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS 9 Classification of second order linear partial differential equations .Half-range Sine and Cosine series .Linear partial differential equations of second and higher order with constant coefficients. 3 1 0 4 (Revised Syllabus For B.Steady state solution of two-dimensional heat equation . 2.Solutions of standard types of first order equations .Parseval's identity. PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 9 Formation . LAPLACE TRANSFORMS 9 Transforms of simple functions . Programmes .Transforms of simple functions . 4. / B.Convolution theorem . 5.Periodic functions . 3.Parseval's identity Harmonic Analysis.MA231 Mathematics III .General Fourier series . FOURIER TRANSFORMS 10 Statement of Fourier integral theorem .

M. " Advanced Engineering Mathematics " (8th Edition).. 2.. 4. S. New Delhi. and Gunavathy.. 2. 2001. : http://www. 13th Edition National Publishing Company. (Asia) Pte Ltd.K. P. Kandasamy. 2000.MA231 Mathematics III Text Books: 1. 1998. E.A & B. 3.K. S. " Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students ". Manicavachagom Pillay. G..N. " Higher Engineering Mathematics " (35th Edition). Chennai. Volumes II & III (2ndEdition).. Delhi 2000.. B.Singapore. References: 3 1 0 4 1. " Engineering Mathematics ".. Khanna Publishers. Pvt. Shanmugam. S. John Wiley and Sons. Ramanaiah... T. Volumes II & III (4th Revised Edition). Thilagavathy.) 1992. T.htm Page 28 . " Engineering Mathematics " Volumes III . Kreyszig. K.S.Viswanathan (Printers & Publishers. Narayanan. K. Venkataraman. Ltd.annauniv. Chand & Co.

Rotary Compressors. Roots Blower. REFRIGERATION 10 Air-refrigeration cycle. AIR COMPRESSORS 10 Reciprocating Compressor . STEAM NOZZLES 3 0 0 3 8 Flow of steam through nozzles. 2. VAPOUR POWER AND COMBINED CYCLES 7 Ranking cycle. vapour compression refrigeration cycle . critical pressure ratio.subcooling and superheating cycles. AIR POWER CYCLES 10 Otto.ME231 Applied Thermodynamics 1. 4.Multistage Operation. 3. effect of friction. Diesel and Dual Cycles. vapour absorption cycles. cryogenic cycles. Air-standard Efficiency. Reheating and Regeneration Cycles. Volumetric Efficiency. Brayton cycle with reheat and regeneration. supersaturated flow. shape of nozzles. 5. Effect of Clearance. Screw Compressors. Centrifugal Compressors. Total No of periods: 45 Page 29 . Binary Vapour Cycles. Vane type. Mean Effective Pressure and Power.

2.. 6. " Engineering Thermodynamics ". 1998. Sarkar. Tata McGraw Hill Co.K.. 3. K. Satya Prakashan (1990). Allahabad. Prentice Hall of India. Nag P. Khanna Publishers. 5. Ltd. " Thermodynamics ". " Engineering Thermodynamics ". McGraw Hill Book Company (1988). and Dugan R. Central Publishing House. 2. B. (1995). K.. 4. Ramanathan B. Holman.P. " Thermal Engineering "..S.E. 1991.K.L. Yadav R.B. (1990). " Thermodynamics and Heat Engines ". References: 1.. " Thermal Engineering ". Scitech Publications (1999). Ltd.... " Internal Combustion Engines-Theory and Practice ". Ramalingam.. and Sarao.. Madras. Rai. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. 7. Jones J. " Thermal Engineering ". Bharath Publishing Co. (1998). 2.. Vol. 1995.K. J. Ballaney O.. " Engineering Thermodynamics ". Page 30 .ME231 Applied Thermodynamics Text Books: 3 0 0 3 1.

Ratchets and escapements .Quick return mechanisms .Linear actuators . Computer applications in the kinematic analysis of simple mechanisms . GEARS 10 Spur gear Terminology and definitions .Mechanical Advantage .Belt and rope drives.tractive resistance.Instantaneous Centre of Velocity .Interference and undercutting .High speed cams . double and offset slider mechanisms . Friction aspects in Brakes Friction in the Propulsion and braking of vehicles .Single. KINEMATICS 12 Displacement.Kinematic analysis by Algebric methods .Kutzbach criterion .Parallel axis gear trains .Pressure angle and undercutting.Displacement diagrams .Inter changeable gears .Epicyclic gear trains . TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 31 .Gear trains .Graphical Method velocity and acceleration polygons .Differentials .Automotive transmission gear trains.Friction angle .Fundametal Law of toothed gearing and involute gearing .Design of Crankrocker Mechanisms. KINEMATICS OF CAM 8 Classifications . 5.Friction drives .Angular velocity ratio theorem . 6.Transmission angle .Standard cam motion .Complex Algebra methods .Grashoff's law .Rocking Mechanisms .Straight line generators .circular arc and tangent cams . Worm.Degree of Freedom Mobility .Friction clutches . FRICTION 8 Surface contacts . 3.Coriolis Acceleration.Vector Approach. Rack and Pinion gears (Basics only) .Description of common mechanisms . 4.Coincident points .ME232 Kinematics of Machines 1.Layout of plate cam profiles . 2. Bevel. velocity and acceleration and analysis in simple mechanisms .Derivatives of Follower motion .Motion Adjustment mechanisms clamping mechanisms .Snapaction Mechanisms .Kinematic Inversions of 4-bar chain and slider crank chains .Indexing Mechanisms .Non standard gear teeth Helical.gear tooth action .parabolic Simple harmonic and Cycloidal motions . BASICS OF MECHANISMS 3 1 0 4 7 Terminology and Definitions .Sliding and Rolling friction .Friction in screws with square thread Friction in V threads .Terminology .

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Welding symbols.cross heads .couplings: flange. universal . assembly drawings. 4.connecting rod ends . Connection rod and Crankshaft assembly 9. Centrifugal pump assembly 8.etc.Reference to hand book for the selection of standard components like bolts.Piston. DETAIL DRAWING 12 Preparation of parts details given assembled views . Some Machines of Interest are: 1. Clutch Assembly Note : The Examination must include : 1) Total assembly Test 2) Identifying the missing element of the assembly 3) A Drawing test Total No of periods: 60 Page 33 . keys. 3. FITS AND TOLERANCES 6 Fits and tolerance .tolerance data sheet . ASSEMBLY DRAWING 12 Preparation of assembled views given parts details .Lathe tailstock . Plummer block .Engine Cylinder . Steam Stop Valve 5.Bearing: footstep. Pneumatic Valves 7. Gear Pump 4. BIS specifications . 5. DRAWING STANDARDS 1 0 3 2 6 Code of Practice for Engineering Drawing. I. Pneumatic Cylinder assembly 6.screw jack .C. exploded views and isometric views as record work. riveted joints. 2. fasteners .Stop valves . Cotters.allocation of fits for various mating parts . Gear Reducer 3. Lathe Chuck 2.Geometric tolerance. ACUTAL MEASUREMENT OF DIMENSIONS AND DRAWING PRACATICE 24 The students must be made to disassemble machines and take actual dimensions and prepare parts drawings. nuts. Automobile Gear Box 10. keys etc.tolerance table preparation .ME234 Machine Drawing 1. screws.etc.

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Castigliano's and Engessor's energy theorems.Design of buffer springs. 4. ENERGY PRINCIPLES 7 Strain energy and strain energy density .Shear Stree distribution . DEFLECTION OF BEAMS 7 Double integration method .Local carrying capacity .Strain energy in traction. 5. 3. Strength and Stiffness .Elastic Constants.Analysis of stress .Area moment theorems for computation of slopes and deflections in beams .Thin cylinders and shells . 6.leaf springs Flitched beams .Tension.Types and transverse loading on beams .Cantilevers Simply supported beams and over-handing beams. Total No of periods: 45 Page 35 . Compression and Shear Stresses .Stability.Stresses on inclined planes .Thermal Stresses . Principle of virtual work .CE251 Strength of Materials 1. TORSION 6 Stresses and deformation in circular and hollow shafts .Deformation of thin cylinders and shells . ANALYSIS OF STATES OF STRESS (TWO DIMENSIONAL) 7 Biaxial state of stress .Principal stresses and principal planes .Proportioning sections .Application of energy theorems for computing deflection in beams . shear flexure and torsion .Mohr's circle of stress.Stress as tension .Conjugate beam method.Maxwell's reciprocal theorem.Deflection of springs . 2.Shear flow. STRESSES IN BEAMS 6 Theory of simple bending . STRESS.Macaulay's method .Stresses at a point . TRANSVERSE LOADING ON BEAMS 6 Beams .Shear force and bending moment in beams . STRAIN AND DEFORMATION OF SOLIDS 3 0 0 3 6 Rigid bodies and deformable solids .Stepped shafts .Deformation of simple and compound bars .Shafts fixed at both the ends Stresses in helical springs . 7.

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One dimensional wave equation and two dimensional Laplace and Poisson equations.Milne and Adam's-Bashforth predictor and corrector methods. Gauss-Jordan. INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS FOR ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 9 Single Step Methods . Newton-Raphson method for single variable and for simultaneous equations with two variables. TUTORIAL 9 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 37 . Finite difference solution for one dimensional heat equation (both implicit and explicit).MA038 Numerical Methods 1. Two and Three point Gaussian quadrature formula. 6. Euler and Modified Euler. Inverse of a matrix by Gauss-Jordan method. 4. 2. SOLUTION OF EQUATIONS AND EIGEN VALUE PROBLEMS 3 1 0 4 9 Iterative method. Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel methods. 3. Multistep Methods . INTERPOLATION 9 Newton's divided difference formulae. BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS FOR ORDINARY AND PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Finite difference solution for the second order ordinary differential equations. Newton forward and backward difference formulae. Double integrals using Trapezoidal and Simpson's rule. 5. Solutions of a linear system by Gaussian. Stirling's and Bessel's Central difference formulae. Eigen value of a matrix by Power and Jacobi Methods.. Numerical integration by Trapezoidal and Simpson's (both 1/3 rd and 3/8 th) rules. Runge-Kutta method of order four for first and second order differential equations.Taylor Series. Lagrange's and Hermite's polynomials. NUMERICAL DIFFERENTIATION AND INTEGRATION 9 Numerical differentiation with interpolation polynomials.

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2. 5. Ultrasonic.Stretch forming . Investment. Full mould process .Specification .Laminated plastics.Blanking. Electro slag and Friction welding . TIG. dynapack machine.Brazing and soldering. Piercing.Nomenclature of bending .Testing and Inspection Thermal welding .Moulding sand .Bending . PLASTIC MATERIALS AND PROCESSES 10 Types of Plastics .Types of dies . Electro magnetic forming.Resistance welding.Types of moulding .Laser. Submerged Arc .Defects in casting .Thermo forming .Forging. Plasma Arc.Types . Total No of periods: 45 Page 39 . FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY 3 0 0 3 10 Pattern and Core making .Reinforced plastic . 3.Embossing and coining . Nibbing.Electrode types .Machines . Notching .Compression moulding . Shaving. Die casting. Punching. 4.Defects in weld . Atomic hydrogen. HIGH ENERGY RATE FORMING PROCESS (HERF) 7 Explosive forming.ME235 Production Technology 1.Progressive compound and combination dies.Special casting processes . WELDING TECHNOLOGY 10 Classification .gating and Risering . trimming.Special welding . Gas welding . electron beam.Testing and Inspection of casting.Transfer moulding .Film and speat forming .Carbon Arc.Shell.Arc Welding .Sheet metal forming . MIG.Melting furnaces .Bend force . Rolling Extrusion Drawing and Deep drawing processes . Electro-hydraulic. FORMING TECHNOLOGY 8 Cold and hot working .Injection moulding Blow moulding .

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Support motion . BALANCING 8 Static and dynamic balancing .Free vibration .Force transmissibility and amplitude transmissibility Vibration isolation.Forcing caused by unbalance .D. MECHANISM FOR CONTROL 10 Governors .Gyroscopic forces and Torques .Static force analysis in simple mechanisms .Gyroscopic effects in Automobiles.Damped vibration critical speeds of simple shaft .Engine shaking Forces .Single degree of freedom .Centrifugal governors . 6. Surge and Windup.Inertia force and Inertia torque . Gyroscopes . 4.Crank shaft Torque . FREE VIBRATION 7 Basic features of vibratory systems . TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 41 .Types of Damping .Balancing a single cylinder Engine Balancing Multi-cylinder Engines .Free body diagrams .balancing machines 3.Types .Degrees of freedom .Balancing linkages . Spring.Partial balancing in locomotive Engines . FORCE ANALYSIS 3 1 0 4 14 Applied and Constraint Forces .Torsional systems.Gas Forces .ME236 Dynamics of Machines 1.Alemberts principle .Controlling Force other Governor mechanisms.Harmonic Forcing . three and four force members .The principle of superposition .Analysis of Rigid and Elastic body cam system Unbalance.Cam dynamics .idealized models Basic elements and lumping of parameters .Introduction to Automatic Controls.Balancing of rotating masses .Gravity controlled and spring controlled centrifugal governors Characteristics .Equations of motion .two. ships and airplanes .Dyanamic Analysis in Reciprocating Engines .Static Equilibrium conditions .Gyroscopic stabilization . 5.natural frequency .Dynamic force analysis .Effect of friction .Turning moment diagrams Fly wheels . 2.Bearing loads .Equivalent masses . FORCED VIBRATION 6 Response to periodic forcing .

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speed regulations .Criteria for selection of a boiler. AIR CONDITIONING 10 Principles of air-conditioning . COMBUSTION AND TESTING OF I.C Engines . Valve and port timings diagrams. Scavenging and supercharging Performance testing of I.C. Engine type and applications. INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES 10 Actual cycles.Heat balance calculations. Ignition. STEAM TURBINES 8 Impulse and Reaction Principles. Velocity diagrams for simple and multistage turbines. Design of air-conditioners .governors and nozzle governors 3.Determination of frictional power and determination of various efficiencies . Winter Comfort and Year round airconditioners. 2. Low Pressure fire and water tube boilers .Combustion.Types of AC Systems . Cooling and Lubrication system for SI and CI Engines. 5.Mountings and Accessories .ME237 Thermal Engineering 1. Fuel supply. 4. STEAM GENERATORS 3 1 0 4 7 Types and Classifications. ENGINES 10 Cetane and Octane numbers of fuels .heat load calculations. Compounding. 6.Summer. Knocking and detonation. TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 43 .

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Factors affecting creep resistant materials .carbon equilibrium diagram . FRACTURE AND ITS PREVENTION 9 Fracture .Crystal defects . SURFACE ENGINEERING 9 Surface heat treatment .induction hardening and their applications .Diamond-like film coating .Mechanism of brittle fracture (Griffith's theory) and Ductile fracture .Carburising. 5.point defects and line defects (edge dislocation and screw dislocation ).Factors affecting mechanical properties . Nitriding.Classification of steels and cast iron .Mechanism of creep fracture.PH233 Applied Materials Science 1. constantan and kanthal and their composition and applications .Microstructure of iron and steel .Unit cell and primitive cell .different stages in creep curve .Laser surface hardening . 3 0 0 3 9 CRYSTALLOGRAPHY AND STRENGTHENING MECHANISMS Crystalline and amorphous solids .Surface hardness test .Super hard materials .Creep .Diffusion methods .Ferrous alloys and their applications . Copper and Aluminium . 4. NONFERROUS METALS AND ALLOYS 9 Factors affecting conductivity of a metal . FERROUS ALLOYS 9 Significance of phase diagram .Vicker's hardness tester.Miller indices BCC. Total No of periods: 45 Page 45 . 3.Electrical resistivity in alloys . manganin.Tungsten carbide and Boron nitride.High resistivity alloys .Iron .Silver.Grain size and heat treatment.Thermal methods .Flame hardening .strengthening mechanisms for the improvement of mechanical properties. 2. FCC and HCP crystal structures and their packing factors .nichrome. Effect of crystal imperfections in mechanical properties .Thermal conductivity of metals and alloys .Difference between brittle and ductile fractures . Cyaniding and Carbonitriding and their applications .Allotropy and phase change of pure iron .Fatigue failure and its prevention .

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A. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited. 1994. 4. 30 Page 47 . 0 0 2 1 30 Total No of periods: Text Books: 1. 6. Tension test on a mild steel rod Double shear test on mild steel and aluminium rods Torsion test on mild steel rod Impact test on metal specimen Hardness test on metals . Deflection test on beams.M. 2. Kazimi S.. Compression test on helical springs. " Solid Mechanics ". 3.Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Number.CE252 Strength of Materials Lab . 7. 1. 5. First Revised Edition. NewDelhi.

isometric view and dimensioning them . flange coupling.concept of layers (creation and setting) line types and forms. bearings. ADVANCED CONCEPTS OF CAD SOFTWARE 5 Creation of blocks. arc. 2. sections. DRAFTING 5 Preparation of 2-D drawings for machine components (bolts. GEOMETRY CREATION 1 0 3 2 2 Creation of simple geometric bodies using basic primitives (line. circle) and editing the drawing.3-D modeling .ME238 Computer Graphics and Drafting 1. 4. wireframe using standard CAD packages . surface. attributes for standard parts and inserting them in the drawing.Assembly of standard parts created using 3-D model . DRAWING STANDARDS 3 Dimensioning and text writing . creating standard machine parts.Parametric modelling.solid. 5. 3. cam profile) . nuts.creation of 2-D drawings from 3-D models using CAD packages. different views. connecting rod. flange coupling. PRACTICAL 30 Total No of periods: 45 Page 48 . connecting rod.

" Auto Cad 14 for Engineers Drawing made by Easy ". and Sinha N. " CAD and Solid Modeling Software Packages Auto CAD and Ideas Manuals of Latest Version ".for Scientists and Engineers ". 1997. 1999. Asthana R... New Age International (P) Ltd.K. Nagewara Rao P. " Computer Graphics . Ltd.ME238 Computer Graphics and Drafting References: 1 0 3 2 1.S. 3. Page 49 .C... Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co.. New Delhi. 2.

DESIGN OF SPRINGS 8 Design of Helical springs .Power screws.ME331 Design of Machine Elements 1. Design of shafts. 5.Fits and tolerances .Selection of rolling elements bearing .Optimum design .Torque levels .Mechanical properties of materials .Theories of failure .Surface finish .Connecting rod .Efficiency of various transformation elements . keys.Computer aided design . thermal.Static . Total No of periods: 45 Page 50 .Screw fasteners .Stresses .Leaf springs Rubber springs. 4.Crank Shafts .Preferred numbers . riveted and welded joints . impact and residue .Design of pin. journal bearings . FUNADAMENTALS OF DESIGN 3 0 0 3 8 Design Process . DESIGN OF ENGINE PARTS 8 Design of pistons .Flywheels. DESIGN OF BASIC MACHINE ELEMENTS AND JOINTS 14 2. 3.Introduction to fracture machines.Standards.Compression and tension .Belleville springs .Types of loads .Factors of safety .Stress concentration factors . coupling.Concentric springs . MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND MANUFACTURES CONSIDERATIONS IN 7 DESIGN Determination of power capacity . varying.

"Machine Component Design (Vol.Maitra and LN Prasad. 1989. "Hand Book of Mechanical Design". 3.ME331 Design of Machine Elements 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1. "Mechanical Engineering Design". Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.B.G..Bhandari.Kulkarni. M/s. 2. Jaico Publishing 1998-99. "Machine Design . 1998. I & II)". S. McGraw Hill International Edition. 2. References: 1. 1985. 1998. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. "Design of Machine Elements". Tata McGraw Hill.Solved Problems".Mischke. Gitin M. V. Page 51 . Joseph Edward Shigley and Charles R.. William Orthein.

magnetic.Final actuating Elements . torque. frequency and phase angle .Static and dynamic response .ME332 Measurements and Controls 1.Mechanical and Electrical transducers Preamplifiers-Charge amplifiers-Filters-Attenuators-D'arsonval-CRO-Oscillographs-RecordersMicroprocessor based data logging processing and output.Force. electronic. fluid level.Servo motors Mechanical Electrical. modifying (intermediate) and terminal stages . schileren. AUTOMATIC CONTROL SYSTEMS 6 Basic elements . temperature. hydraulic. INSTRUMENTS 12 Transducer.Error detectors .Noise and sound level. multiposition. impact .Relays .Pressure .Systematic and random errors .Humidity Temperature . power-Strain . APPLICATION OF CONTROL SYSTEMS 3 Governing of speed . precision .Flow-Time.Measuring instruments . readability. 4. 2. acceleration. Radio tracer techniques-Flow visualization-Shadow graph interferometer. implication of measurements . floating proportional controls . range of accuracy.Repeatability hystersis . displacement velocity. laser .Units and Standards . 5. 3.Correction calibration.Servo amplifiers .Pressure.Kinetic and Process Control .Sensitivity. Total No of periods: 45 Page 52 . pneumatic systems.Thrust and flight control . flow .Two Position.Doppler Anemometer.Photoelectric controls.Feedback principle. MEASUREMENTS 3 0 0 3 6 General Concepts . PARAMETER FOR MEASUREMENT 18 Dimensions.

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Stagnation states.Use of table and charts . JET PROPULSION 10 Theory of jet propulsion .Thrust power and propulsive efficiency .Space flights.Propellants .Applications.cycle analysis and use of stagnation state performance of ram jet.ME333 Gas Dynamics and Space Propulsion 1.Ignition and combustion .Use of Gas tables.Effect of Mach number on compressibility . turbofan and turbo prop engines . Mach waves and Mach cone . 3.Thermal and characteristic velocity . 5.Variation of flow properties -Use of tables and charts -Generalised gas dynamics.Staging . 4. Total No of periods: 45 Page 54 .Performance study . SPACE PROPULSION 10 Types of rockets engines .Theory of rocket propulsion .Aircraft combustors.Nozzle and Diffusers .Prandtl .Applications . 2.Thrust equation . FLOW THROUGH DUCTS 9 Flow through constant area ducts with heat transfer (Rayleigh flow) and Friction (Fanno flow) .Meyer relations .Isentropic flow through variable area ducts . BASIC CONCEPTS AND ISENTROPIC FLOWS 3 1 0 4 6 Energy and momentum equations of compressible fluid flows .Variation of flow parameters across the normal and oblique shocks . NORMAL AND OBLIQUE SHOCKS 10 Governing equations . turbojet.Operation principle.

G. 1996. Zucrow.P.". References: 1.C. N. G. 1986. 1999. I & II". Addison . Longman Group Ltd. Zucrow. John Wiley . "Fundamentals of Compressible Flow". 6. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. 5.J. Page 55 . New Delhi. H. "Aircraft and Missile Propulsion Vol. 1953. 4.M. "Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion".Hill and C. Yahya. V.. New York. 7. New York. John Wiley . A. "Gas Turbines". N. John Wiley. "Rocket Propulsion Elements". 2.Rogers and Saravanamuttoo.Cohen. S.H.Wesley Publishing Company. P. "Principles of Jet Propulsion and Gas Turbines"..ME333 Gas Dynamics and Space Propulsion 3 1 0 4 Text Books: 1.J.E. New Age International (P) Limited. 1980. "Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow Vol. 3. 1970. John Wiley. Peterson. 1975.Sutton. "Gas Turbine Theory".Ganesan. New Delhi. New York.Shapiro. 1992.

Capstan and turnet lathe . Boraching : Specification .Tool wear .Gear finishing methods. THEORY OF METAL CUTTING 9 Mechanism of metal cutting .Transfer mechanism.Calculations Planer : Specification .Indexing .Types .Machineability .Cutting forces .Calculations Tool geometry .Jig Boring machine. OTHER BASIC MACHINES 14 Shaper : Specification .ME334 Machine Tools 1.Types .Cutting fluids.Types -Feed Mechanism -Operations . Boring : Specification .Swiss type.Types . Total No of periods: 48 Page 56 . signal spindle and multi spindle automats .Cam and thread milling.Calculations. automatic screw mechanism . GEAR CUTTING MACHINES 12 Milling : Specification .Calculations . AUTOMATS 5 Classification .Types .Operations .Gear generation principles specifications .Types .Cutter nomenclature . 2.Grinding of various machine elements . 3.Merchant's circle diagram . 5.Mounting . Tracer controller mechanism.Copy turning lathe.Reconditioning of grinding wheel .Chip formation . Kinematics of gear shaping and gear hobbing .Drill tool nomenclature .Lapping honing and super finishing.Types . 4.Cutting tool materials .Broaching process.Types of cutter .Tool nomenclature .Cam controlled automats.Tooling with examples .Mechanism .Cutters .Calculations Drilling : Specification .Bonds .Mechanisms .Bevel gear generator . Grinding : Types of grinding machine .Reamer and tap tools .Tool life .Operations .Boring tool .Designation and selection of grinding wheel . TURNING MACHINES 3 0 0 3 8 Lathe : Specification .Feeding mechanism .Mechanism .Milling processes .

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FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS 13 Introduction . Surface and Solid models .Computer Aided Engineering -Computer Aided Design . Data Bank Concepts . 4.ME335 Computer Aided Design 1. SOLID MODELING 3 Geometric Modeling .Data structure organisation.Clipping hidden line elimination .Element matrices. THE DESIGN PROCESS 2 0 2 3 4 The design process steps .Display transformation in 2-D and 3-D Viewing transformation .Boundary conditions .Nodal approximation .Parametrics and features .Wireframe. vectors and equations Global connectivity .Software development for design of mechanical components.Integrated data processing .Curve fitting techniques .information system.Data bank information storage and retrieval .CSG and B-REP Techniques . Engineering Data Management System.Product cycle .Graphical input techniques . INTERACTIVE COMPUTER GRAPHICS 10 Creation of Graphics Primitives .Interfaces to drafting.Introduction Packages .Mathematical formulation for graphics .Interface to CAD .Concepts of data processing and information system. Hierarchical data structure.Sequential and concurrent engineering Role of computers .Procedures .Design for Manufacturability Computer Aided Manufacturing .Features of Soild Modeling Packages . creation of data files Accessing data files .Solution techniques . Network data structure .Relational data structure. Total No of periods: 30 Page 58 .Morphology of design .Assembly . 2. 3.Element types . Design Analysis.Model storages and Data structure .Benefits of CAD. Data storage and search methods.Data life cycle .

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Sine bar .Bevel protractors . 6. vii) Measurment of taper angle using sine bar. iv) Measurment of composite error using gear tester.Applications of CMM .Radius measurement . viii) Measurment of various angles using Bevel Protractor. LASER METROLOGY 10 Precision instrument based on Laser . iii) Measurment of various elements of screw thread using Tools Makers Microscope.Auto collimator .Laser Interferometer .Use of Lasers . v) Calibration of optical comparator and measurment of dimension vi) Determining the accuracy of electrical and optical comparator.Types.Errors in Measurements .CNC CMM applications .Principles . Rollers. Slip gauges.Comparators. ii) Measurment of Taper angle using Tool Makers Microscope. 5.Surface finish measurement .Precision and Accuracy . 2. LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS 10 Measurement of Engineering Components .Machine Vision .Alignment telescope .Design and Applications .MF331 Engineering Metrology 1. ix) Measurment of dimensions using Vernier Height Gauge.Applications in Metrology. FORM MEASUREMENTS 10 Measurement of Screw thread and gears . Flatness and roundness measurements . ADVANCED IN METROLOGY 10 Co-ordinate measuring machine . Limit gauges . BASIC CONCEPTS OF MEASUREMENTS 2 0 2 3 5 Need for measurement .Testing of machine tools using Laser Interferometer.Angle dekkor .Types Principle .Application in Linear and Angular measurements .Constructional features .Reliability .Straightness. 3.Application.Types . 4.Computer Aided Inspection .Applications. LABORATORY EXERCISE i) Straightness measurment using Autocollimator. Total No of periods: 45 Page 60 .Causes .Principles .

"Engineering Metrology". "Metrology for Engineers". O.Jain. Gaylor. 2. 1993.R. 1994. 2 0 2 3 References: 1. Shotbolt and Sharp. "Engineering Metrology". Butthinson & Co. London.MF331 Engineering Metrology Text Books: 1.K. Thomas. 1984. Khanna Publishers. Page 61 . R.. 3. Books an Workshop Technology and Manufacturing Processes.Cassel.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Process Planning Techniques .CNC Controllers Hardware features .Direct Numerical Control (DNC Systems).Concurrent Engineering . PRODUCTION PLANNINF AND CONTROL 7 Introduction to production planning and control-Shop Floor Control Systems-Just in time approach-Emerging Challenges in CAD / CAM Product Data Management-Product Modeling-Assembly and Tolerance ModelingThe World Wide Web environmentally begin production.Total approach to product development .Classification of CNC systems Contouring System . CAD / CAM INTERFACE 3 0 0 3 8 Current trends in Manufacturing Engineering . FUNDAMENTALS OF CNC MACHINES 10 CNC Technology . Total No of periods: 44 Page 62 .Functions of CNC Control in Machine Tools .Interpolators open loop and closed loop CNC systems .Introduction to CAD/CAM software packages.APT language machining from 3D models. CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES OF CNC MACHINES 10 Design consideration of CNC machines for improving machining accuracy-Structural members-SlidewaysSides linear bearings-Ball screws-Spindle drives and feed drives-work holding devices and tool holding devices-Automatic Tool charges.ME338 Computer Aided Manufacturing 1. 5. 4.Group Technology . PART PROGRAMMING FOR CNC MACHINES 9 Numerical control codes-Standards-Manual Programming-Canned cycles and subroutines-Computer Assisted Programming CAD / CAM approach to NC part programming .Rapid prototyping . Feed Back devices-Principles of Operation-Machining Centres-Tooling for CNC machines. 3. 2.

P. Page 63 .T.Kant Vajpayee. "CAD/CAM". Yoram Koren. S."CAD-CAM Theory and Practice". Ltd. "Computer Numerical Control".Radhakrishnan.ME338 Computer Aided Manufacturing 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. 1992.Smith.Machining.. G. 1998. 1992. verlag. 1.. 1999. Prentice Hall of India Ltd. Ibrahim Zeid. References: 1. Addison-Wesley. Techniques. 5.Vol. 3. New Central Book Agency. McGraw Hill Book Company. MC Mahon and J. 2. "CNC . "Principles of Computer Integrated Manufacturing"."Computer Control of Manufacturing Systems". 2 & 3 ". 1986. 4. Browne. 1998.

ME339 Design of Jigs. combination dies. milling and broaching fixtures-Grinding. LOCATING AND CLAMPING DEVICES 3 0 0 3 7 Principles of Jigs and Fixtures design-Locating principles-Locating elements-Standard parts-Clamping devices-Mechanical actuation-Pneumatic & hydraulic actuation-Analysis of clamping forces-Tolerance and error analysis 2. channel. turnover. PRESS TOOLS 8 Press working terminology-Presses and Press accessories-Computation of capacities and tonnage requirements-Strip layout-Design and development of various types of cutting. post. TERM PROJECT Submission of an Industrial report on observation training in Jigs. Assembly. Inspection and Welding fixtures-Modular fixtures. 5. 4. box. angle plate. Fixture and Press Tools. Forming and drawing diesBlank development for Cylindrical and non cylindrical shells-Compound progressive. Fixtures and Press Tools 1. pot jigs-Automatic drill jigs-Rack & Pinion Operated. FIXTURES 8 General principles of boring. lathe. JIGS 7 Drill bushes-Different types of Jigs-Plate latch. Design and development of Jigs and fixtures for given components. 3. planning and shaping fixtures. Total No of periods: 30 Page 64 . Air operated Jigs Components. angular post.

K.Mc Graw Hill Book.S. 1965. Jigs and Fixtures Handbook. McGraw Hill Book Co. Goroshkin. Design Data complied by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. 3. References: 1. 4. Fundamentals of Tool Design. Basic Die Making . Coimbatore. 2. P.ME339 Design of Jigs.Eugene Ostergaard. Fixtures and Press Tools 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1.G.. 1983. ASTME Hanbook of Fixture Design. P. Moscow.Tech. Mix Publishers. Die Design Handbook. A. 1963. Page 65 . 2. 1983. ASTME.

PHASE CHANGE HEAT TRANSFER AND HEAT EXCHANGERS 10 Modes of boiling. transient and periodic heat conduction. mass diffusion in binary mixtures. RADIATION 10 Basic laws of radiation. electrical analog using radiosity and irradiation. Nusselt theory of condensation. contact resistance. methods of analysis. integral methods. radiation shields. view factor algebra. types of boundary and initial conditions. application of numerical methods. evaporation in a column. fouling factor and simple design problems. heat and mass transfer analogies. types of heat exchangers. forced convective mass transfer. CONDUCTION 3 1 0 4 10 Fourier law of conduction in simple and composite geometries.ME340 Heat and Mass Transfer 1. 4. 3. correlations in boiling and condensation. Use of Standard Data Book is permitted in the examination 6. MASS TRANSFER 5 Rate equations. conduction with heat generation. 2. 5. flow over bank of tubes. extended surface heat transfer. boundary layer concept. TUTORIALS 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 66 . gaseous emission and absorption. CONVECTIVE HEAT TRANSFER 10 Dimensional analysis. semi-empirical correlations. laminar and turbulent external and internal flows. basic governing equations. forced and free convections. radiation in ideal and real surfaces.

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Robotic Circuits. 5.Pressure . DESIGN & SELECTION 10 Design of Pneumatic circuits .Quick return .Classic-Cascade-Step counter .Uses .Safety circuits .Hydraulic Fluids-Symbols.Pump Selection -Pumping Circuits -Hydraulic Actuators-Linear Rotary .Principles of Law Cost Automation .Flow .Selection of components.Industrial circuits .Electro Hydraulic Circuits .Selection -Characteristics -Hydraulic Valves .Planner-Fork Lift.Case studies Total No of periods: 45 Page 68 .PLC-Microprocessors . 4.Logic Circuits Position . 3. HYDRAULIC CIRCUITS 8 Hydraulic circuits .Switching .Control Elements .Combination -Methods .Selection criteria for Pneumatic components .ME341 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Controls 1. etc. BASIC PRINCIPLES 3 0 0 3 10 Hydraulic Principles .Sequencing synchronizing -Accumulator circuits .Direction Controls -Applications .Hydraulic pumps .Characteristics .Reciprocation . DESIGN & SELECTION 8 Design of Hydraulic circuits .Installation and Maintenance of Hydraulic and Pneumatic power packs . PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS 9 Pneumatic fundamentals . 2.Press-Milling Machine .Fault finding .Pressure Sensing .Electro Pneumatic .

"Hydraulics and Pnematics (HB)". "Power Hydraulics". Pippenger. Andrew Parr. 1989."Fluid Power with Applications". Dudleyt. "Basic Fluid Power". Anthony Esposite. 1999. 2.ME341 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Controls 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1. J. References: 1. 1980. A. 1987. Pease and John J. prentice Hall. Prentice Hall. Pinches and John G. Jaico Publishing House. Prentice Hall.Michael.Ashby. Page 69 . 2.

5. 3.Internal Expanding Rim Clutches and Brakes . SPUR GEARS 8 Force analysis -Tooth stresses .Wire ropes and pulleys . Total No of periods: 45 Page 70 .Force analysis crossed helical gears .Flat belts and pulleys .Link chains and pulleys .Estimating gear size .Energy Considerations.Kinematics Bevel Gear . CLUTCHES.External-Contracting Rim Clutches and Brakes Band -Type Clutches and Brakes. DESIGN OF GEAR BOXES 7 Geometric progression .Force Analysis Straight Bevel Gears .Ray diagram kinematic layout -Design of sliding mesh gear box Constant mesh gear box.Gear blank design. 2.Transmission chains and Sprockets Silent chains .Standard step ratio .Fatigue strength . 4.ME342 Design of Transmission Systems 1. Frictional contact Axial clutches cone clutches and brakes .Dynamic effects . Gear Blank Design. BRAKES 10 Statics .Kinematics . HELICAL BEVEL AND WORM GEARS 10 Parallel Helical Gears .Ribbed V belts. Temperature Rise -Friction Materials. DESIGN OF FLEXIBLE POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS 3 1 0 4 10 V belts and pulleys .Factor of safety Gear materials .Worm Gearing .Forces Analysis.

Page 71 . McGraw Hill International Editions. 1989. 2. Joseph Edward Shigley and Charles. R. Khanna Publishers. T. Bhandari."Design of Machine Elements". "Machine Design". 1994.V.B. 1985. II Edition. 3. Delhi-6. 1989.Sundarajamoorthy and N.V. Mischke.ME342 Design of Transmission Systems 3 1 0 4 References: 1..Prasad. Gitin M. Tata Mc Graw Hill. "Hand book of Mechanical Design". Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.Maitra and L. 4. V."Mechanical Engineering Design".Shanmugam.

Customer orientation.Qualities required for TQM-Participation Style .Teamwork .Failure Mode and Effect Analysis .Deming wheel . Scientific Approach to TQM. Total No of periods: 45 Page 72 .ISO 9000 . .Human component. 3. 4.Process control . Crosby Theories .procedures.Statistical tools Quality control tools.Data based approach .Steps .ME431 Total Quality Management 1. TQM TECHNIQUES 12 Benchmarking-definition-Types-Steps-Metrics-Case studies.Criteria . 5.clauses .different techniques such as POKA studies.Deming.Services & Product quality .Manufacturing for Quality . TQM Road Map . Evaluation of Total Quality Management -Inspection . SYSTEM COMPONENT OF TQM 7 Documentation .Structure .Information system . Miller.Case studies . QUALITY PLANNING 8 Planning .Corrective techniques .Cpk 6(. Quality Function Deployment-definition .5S. HUMAN DIMENSION OF TQM 10 TQM mindset-Leader. etc.evaluation.Change management.Designing for Quality . Continuous improvement Techniques.QS9000 certification .Preventive techniques .Process capability.SMART Goal setting.Quantification .Motivational aspects .QC-TQM System . PRINCIPLES OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT 3 0 0 3 8 Definition of Quality .road map .Team development . 2. Manager of TQM.New 7 tools.

1996. II Edition.ME431 Total Quality Management 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1. New Delhi. Ltd. Afiliated East West Press Pvt. Joel E. Ltd. Kogan Page Ltd. 2. 1993 2. USA... Kogan Page Ltd. USA. 1993. Prentice Hall of India Pvt. John Gilbert. John Bank. Rose. 1993. TQM . Total Quality Management. New Delhi.An Integrated Approach.. References: 1. II Edition. Total Quality Management. Samuel K Ho. Page 73 . Total Quality Management.

MHD. COMBUSTION CHAMBER. Boiler testing and trails .air supply and combustion. Economics of power plant .Analysis of pollution from thermal power plants .Analysis of power plant cycles .Automatic controls for feedwater.Pulveriser . DRAUGHT. LAYOUT OF POWER PLANT 3 0 0 3 6 Layouts of Steam. Cooling towers Different types .Combined power cycles Comparison and selection 2. POWER PLANT ECONOMICS 10 CO2 recorders . gas cooled reactors . NUCLEAR AND MHD POWER GENERATION 5 Elementary treatment . fuel. boiling water reactors. AIR 10 POLLUTION Preparation and handling of coal .Fast breeder reactors. steam.ME432 Power Plant Engineering 1.Ash removal.Pollution controls. MHD power cycle principles.Dust collector . diesel.modern trends in cycle improvement .Chimney design .Different types Pulverised fuel burning .Selection of blowers. 3. STEAM BOILER AND CYCLES 14 Modern high pressure and supercritical boilers . INSTRUMENTATION.Inspection and safety regulations.Variable lad operation. fixed costs Operating costs . chain reaction . Total No of periods: 45 Page 74 . 4. hydel.Actual load curves. Draught . 5.Different types . TESTING OF BOILERS. Fluidized bed boilers. Stokers . FUEL AND ASH HANDLING.Nuclear fission.Waste heat recovery.Pressurised water reactors. nuclear and gas turbine power plants .

Dhanpat Rai and Sons. P. "Modern Power Plant Engineering". Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Vopat. 1953. 3. 1998.R. Ltd. "Power Plant Engineering". Frederick T.. Page 75 . G. 2. Arora and S. "Power Plant Engineering". Nagpal. Askrotzki & William A. 2. 1998. Affiliated East-West Press Private Ltd. Bernhardt G. "Power Station Engineering and Economy". Tata McGraw Hill.ME432 Power Plant Engineering 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1.Nag.. S. "Power Plant Engineerig".K. Prentice Hall International Inc. Khanna Publishers.. References: 1. Ltd. Mores. Joel Weisman and Roy Eckart. 1985. "A Course in Power Plant Engineering". Domkundwar.C. 1998. 1972. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. 3..

DESIGN AND MECHATRONICS 7 Designing-Possible design solutions-Case studies of mechatronic systems. 2. Total No of periods: 45 Page 76 . PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS 8 Introduction-Basic structure-Input/Output Processing-Programming-Mnemonics-Timers. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 3 Introduction to Mechantronics-Systems-Measurement Systems-Control Systems-Mechatronics Approach. Position and Proximity-Velocity and Motion-Fluid Pressure-Temperature Sensors-Light Sensors-Selection of Sensors-Signal Processing. 3. 8055 MICROPROCESSOR 15 Introduction-Architecture-Pin Configuration-Instruction set-Programming of Microprocessors using 8085 instructions-Interfacing input and output devices-Interfacing D/A converters and A/D converters-ApplicationsTemperature control-Stepper motor control-Traffic light controller. 5. 4. SENSORS AND TRANSDUCERS 12 Introduction-Performance Terminology-Displacement.ME433 Mechatronics 1. Internal relays and counters-Data handling-Analog Input/Output-Selection of a PLC.

3 0 0 3 References: 1. Dhanpat Rai Publications.C. 1997.A. Chapman and Hall. 2. Ramesh S. "Mechatronics". HMT Ltd. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co.Alciatore. Histand and David G. Programming and Applications. "Microprocessor Architecture". W.. "Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Microcomputers".ME433 Mechatronics Text Books: 1. Mechatronics. 1998. "Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems". Ltd.. McGraw Hill International Editions.Ram. "Mechatronics". 1993. 4.Bolton. D. K.Buru and A. 1999. Michael B. Gaonkar.J. 1999.Second Edition. Wiley Eastern.Bradley. 5. 3. 1999.Longman. Fourth Revised Edition. D. N.Dawson. Page 77 .Loader.

Simplification .Allocation of overhead expenses.Importance and aims of Costing Difference between costing and estimation . 4. 2.Costing .Standardization.Causes of depreciation .Determination of Direct Labour Cost . PROCESS PLANNING 3 0 0 3 9 Types of Production .illustrative examples. ESTIMATION OF MACHINING TIME 9 Estimation of machining time for Lathe operations .Functions of estimation . Total No of periods: 45 Page 78 . 5.Determination of Material Cost Labour Cost . 3. Estimation in welding shop .Importance of realistic estimates .Expenses . selection and analysis . selection and analysis .Depreciation .Estimation of machining time for drilling. planning.Forging cost . PRODUCT COST ESTIMATION 10 Estimation in forging shop . ESTIMATING AND COSTING 5 Importance and aims of Cost estimation .Methods of depreciation .Gas cutting .Illustrative examples.Estimation procedure. ELEMENT OF COST 12 Introduction .Illustrative examples.Illustrative examples.Losses in forging .Production design and selection .Illustrative examples.Estimation of pattern cost and casting cost . Analysis of overhead expenses Factory expenses . milling and grinding operations .Electric welding . Estimation in foundry shop .Administrative expenses .Steps involved in manual experience based planning and computer aided process planning . generative . boring.Process planning.MF441 Process Planning and Cost Estimation 1.Process planning.Material Cost .Retrieval.Selling and Distributing expenses .Cost of Product (Ladder of cost) .Selection of processes analysis Breakeven analysis. shaping.

2. McGraw Hill Book Company.Kumar.R. 2. Nanua Singh. Theory & Problems. Chitale and R. T. Sharma. Pabla. Ltd. Page 79 . 1996.K. 4. Narang and V. Khanna Publishers. 1989. Operations Management. Estimating and Costing. References: 1. M.S. 1997.. Joseph G. System approach to Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing. G. Estimating and Costing.. Prentice Hall Pvt. 1982. Konark Publishers Pvt. Khanna Publishers. Banga and S. John Wiley & Sons. 1986. 3. Ltd.. Monks. Product Design and Manufacturing.Adithan and B.C. Production and Costing.MF441 Process Planning and Cost Estimation 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1.C. Inc.S. A.B. 1995. Gupta.

Leadership for Managerial Effectiveness .Economic Optimization.Demand Forecasting .Time Management . 3. ENGINEERING ECONOMICS 3 0 0 3 10 Introduction .Organising .Cost and Supply Analysis.Product development .Managerial Communication .Change and Organisation Development . Total No of periods: 45 Page 80 .The global environment . Price and output Determination . 5.Operations Management .Plant Location . MANAGEMENT OF WORK 8 Types of Business Organisation. Forms.Management techniques in product development . 4.ME435 Engineering Management 1.Personal Management .Team working and Creativity .Economic Cycles and Director Investment .Multinational Strategies .Career Planning.Just-in-Time.Designing effective organisations Coordination. 2.Managerial Ethics and Social responsibilities. THE MANAGEMENT OF ENGINEERS 10 Human Resource Development . Planning .Stores Management .Motivating individuals and workgroups .Investment Analysis . THE MANAGEMENT OF ENGINEERING 10 Financial Management .Nature of controlling .Demand and Revenue Analysis . CONTEMPORARY MANAGEMENT ISSUES 7 Managing World Economic Change .Production Analysis .

A Functional Approach. Tata McGraw Hill.Bell and Janes Balkwill.Ltd.Principles and Practive. 2. 1998. Management in Engineering . 1999.. Engineering Economics.R. McGraw Hill. McGraw Hill. 1997. 1995. Gail Freeman . Gene Burton and Manab Thaker. R.ME435 Engineering Management 3 0 0 3 Text Books: 1. References: 1. M. Joesph. Barathwal. Page 81 . Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Putti Management . 2. Management Today Principles and Practice.

DECISION MODELS 10 Decision models .Applications to problems with discrete variables.Linear programming .Simplex algorithm Duality . 6.Graphic solution .Critical path scheduling .Inventory control models in practice.Maximum flow models .Transportation problems .Queueing systems and structures .Economic order quantity models .Models based on service life .Quantity discount models .Infinite population .Graphical method . LINEAR MODELS 3 1 0 4 15 The phase of an operation research study. 2. 4.Case studies. 3.Sequencing models.Algebric solution . TUTORIALS 15 Total No of periods: 58 Page 82 .Single/ Multi variable search technique . QUEUEING THEORY 6 Queueing models .Linear programming solution .Economic life .Game theory .Two person zero sum games .Constant rate service .Minimal spanning tree .ME436 Operations Research 1.Poisson input .Assignment problems . NETWORKS 6 Networks models .Shortest route . 5.Single Server and multi server models .Project network .Simulation. INVENTORY MODELS 6 Inventory models .Multi product models .Application of OR models .CPM and PERT networks .Stochastic Inventory models .Notation parameter .Exponential service .Replacement models .

Budnick. 2. Shennoy.J. 5.Taha. 1990. Hillier and Lieberman. Operations Research. 3 1 0 4 Refrences: 1. M. Sixth Edition. 3. Richard D Irwin. 1992.McLeavy. 1990. Sherali. H. 4. Holden Day. Philip and Ravindran. S. Operations Research. Srivastava.Bhaskar. Tamil Nadu. 1999.ME436 Operations Research Text Books: 1. Bazara. Principles of Operation Research for Management. Linear Programming and Network Flows. Anuradha Publishers. S. Dennis. John Wiley. 1994. 1999. Jarvis. Prentice Hall of India. 2. Page 83 . Operation Research for Management. Wiley Eastern. 1986.A. Operations Research. Operational Research. John Wiley. H. Frank.

Gas Turbines. Fuel cells Total No of periods: 45 Page 84 .Monopoint and Multipoint Systems. 4. Electric Fuel Injection System .ME437 Automobile Engineering 1.Battery Generator. Lighting and Ignition (Battery and Electronic Types) 3. Natural Gas LPG and Hydrogen in Automobiles as fuels. Types of front axle. Steering Geometry and Types.Differential and Rear Axle. ALTERNATIVE FUELS/ POWER PLANTS 7 Use of Hydrogen. Manual and Automatic . Performance and Balance Engine Trouble Shooting. Braking systems. Chasis. Construction.Types and Construction.Propeller Shaft . Electric and Hybrid vehicles. Starting Motor. 5. Suspension systems. Frame and Body. Operation. ENGINE AUXILIARY SYSTEMS 10 Carburetors. Air pollution Pollution standards. Engine types. Electrical Systems . TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS 10 Clutch . Fluid Flywheel. Gear Boxes. RUNNING SYSTEMS 8 Wheel and Tyres.Overdrives . VEHICLE STRUCTURE AND ENGINES 3 0 0 3 10 Vehicle construction. 2.

The Good Heat Willcox Company Inc. Motor Vehicles. ELBS. 2. Pefley. R. McGraw Hill. Gupta. 1985 3. 1988.B. Automobile Engineering Series. Osamu Hirao and Richard K. Duffy Smith. Satya Prakashan. William Crouse. 1988. 3 0 0 3 References: 1. Automobile Engineering. John Wiley and Sons. 1987 4. 1993.ME437 Automobile Engineering Text Books: 1. Present and Future Automotive Fuels. Page 85 . Auto Fuel Systems.. Newton and Steeds.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 7 Research and new product development .quality standards . LABORATORY Total No of periods: 76 Page 86 . INTRODUCTION 2 0 2 3 8 The process of technological innovation . PROJECT SELECTION AND EVALUATION 8 Collection of ideas and purpose of project .Patents . 5. NEW PRODUCT PLANNING 7 Design of proto type .Cost evaluation .Patent laws .testing .introducing new products.International code for patents .creativity and problem solving .the need for creativity and innovation . 5. Innovation and New Product Development 1.Testing .brain storming . 2.Selection criteria .Intellectual property rights (IPR).Patent application. NEW PRODUCT PALNNING 7 4. LABORATORY 30 Creative design .screening ideas for new products (evaluation techniques).factors contributing to successful technological innovation .Patent search . research .Model Preparation .GE034 Creativity. PROJECT SELECTION AND EVALUATION 9 3.different techniques. 2.

Pitman Publishing Ltd. 2. "New Product Planning". 3.. "Managing technological innovation". 1992. HARRY B. Innovation and New Product Development 2 0 2 3 References: 1.WATTON. 1979. Page 87 . 1992.. " Creativity and innovation". HARRY NYSTROM. Prentice Hall Inc.GE034 Creativity. John Wiley & Sons. BRAIN TWISS.

Innovation and New Product Development 1.quality standards .Model Preparation . LABORATORY Total No of periods: 76 Page 88 .Intellectual property rights (IPR).Patents . 2.International code for patents . NEW PRODUCT PALNNING 7 4.different techniques. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 7 Research and new product development .Testing .GE034 Creativity.Cost evaluation . PROJECT SELECTION AND EVALUATION 9 3.Selection criteria . 5.creativity and problem solving .introducing new products. NEW PRODUCT PLANNING 7 Design of proto type . 4.Patent laws .testing .marketing research .the need for creativity and innovation . 2.brain storming .factors contributing to successful technological innovation .Patent search . PROJECT SELECTION AND EVALUATION 8 Collection of ideas and purpose of project .Patent application. LABORATORY 30 Creative design . INTRODUCTION 2 0 2 3 8 The process of technological innovation . 5.screening ideas for new products (evaluation techniques).

Innovation and New Product Development Text Refrence 2 0 2 3 Page 89 .GE034 Creativity.

Geschwister. Ort . INTRODUCTION 3 1 0 4 5 Special and comparative features of German with English. DIALOGUE 5 Oral .Einkauf.Zeit.Possessivpronomen. Unbestimmter Artikel. 5. Berufswahl . Wortstellung. Hindi and Tamil German Alphabets. Verb . pronunciation.Familie.Trennbare Verben.'Nicht' .Akkusativ.Text generation. Starke Verben . GRAMMATIK 10 Personalpronomen.Sudium. 3. Total No of periods: 45 Page 90 . 4. GLOSSARY 5 Technical Words. Imperativ Modal Verben . Beruf . Bestimmter Artikel.Kontrollue bungen . THEMA 10 Name.Written. Verb. termine . UEBUNGEN 10 Partner urbungen .'Haben'. Alter .Sachriftliche Uebungen .HS035 Technical German I 1.Einladung Stellensuche.'Kein ' . 6.Verb . 2. Land Wohnort .Aussprache Uebungen . Negation .Tagesablauf .'Sein' .

HS035 Technical German I 3 1 0 4 Text Books: LERNZIEL DEUTSCH (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) .Grundstufe 1 from Max Hueber varlag. Page 91 .

Verben mit Praepositional object .Arbeitswelt. Kinder . GLOSSARY 5 Technical Words. auf der post .Ausbuilding .Heirat. 7.HS036 Technical German II 1. Europa . UEBUNGEN 10 Partner uebungen . Jugend Deutschsprachige Laender. Urlaub.Perfect . INTRODUCTION 3 1 0 4 5 German Idioms and Phrases.Praeteritum . 6. 2.Adjective Komparation.Written. GRAMMATIK 10 Ort and Richtung .Nebensaetze.Fest . Genitic Wortbuildung . 3.Erziehung. DIALOGUE 5 Oral .Kontrolluebungen . 4. 5.Reflexive Verben.Studium .Schriftliche Uebungen . TUTORIALS 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 92 . THEMA 10 Geschenke.Auskunft .Aussprache Uebungen .Text Generation.

Page 93 .HS036 Technical German II 3 1 0 4 Text Books: LERNZIEL DEUTSCH (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) .Grundstufe 1 from MAX Hueber Verlag.

sono.Mazu. nani.kono. 3.Na.Demostrative pronouns . sore . 4.Sumimasen .classification of verbs .Time expressions . Ni etc .formation of the Te form of I adjective and desu .Particle-E .kanji practice. ikura Words for degrees .kore.question sentences .reading comprehension .Adverbs . ikutsu.Phrase . ne and yo . Basic structure of sentences .To.verb modifiers . Wa.demonstrative pronouns sono and sore .parcle . Desu as a substitute for a verb .itsu .aural comprehension . itsu.Ga.conjunction .Writing Practice . are and dore . 5.particle . ni and de .soshite .Doo and ikaga .anoo . 3 1 0 4 9 Introduction to Japanese Alphabets .achira and dochira . doko.Greetings .HS037 Technical Japanese I kara.Kanji practice. 9 9 Classification of particles .soo desu ka . ano and dono . 2. noun -2 desu .Onegaishimasu .humble form of desu and arimasu .Japanese numerals .word Order .3 & 4 Syllabus .Polite form of verbs .No.doyatte.koo.kochira sochira .irregular verbs .noun -1 Wa. Katakana and Kanji . dore.numerals .question .dare.2.Kanji practice.soo. Total No of periods: 45 9 Page 94 .Question words .Saa .classification of Te forms and Masu forms . Made and Ka . 9 Verbs ending in-te or de .conversational grammar . I adjectives perfect and imperfect .Pronunciation . aa and doo Set phrase .counters and numbers .question words .Hiragana. dochira.gurai or kurai .group 1. E.Receiving a visitor and exchange of pleasantries .sore kara and saigo ni .Kanji practice.Kanji Practice. O. Ka.Group 1 particles . O.

A Course in Modern Japanese . SHIYO SUZUKI and IKUO KAWASE . OOTSUBO et al .Video tapes. YAN . Vol. 1983. 2.HS037 Technical Japanese I 3 1 0 4 Text Books: 1.Nihongo Shoho text book with audio tapes. 3. Japan. Japan. The University of Nagoya Press.SAN Serial . Page 95 .1. 1981.

kanji practice.Negative request .Eba form of verbs .Counters: .Non polite forms of .Form of address: moshomoshi . group 2 verbs ending in .technical vocabulary related to Engineering and Technology .Particles .Particles . 5. 3 1 0 4 9 Demonstrative Pronouns: Are .Made ni and dake .daroo .Expression .Nouns .adjectives .Ee .te wa ikemasen ka .Uchi .Na .verbs: Naru and suru . 2.Conjunction .Permission and prohibition .arul . 9 Comparative sentences .Passive sentence .Te .Kanji practice.Phrase .no hoo ga and yori .te form of verb and iru/imasu .Quoting modifier .Quoted Sentences .group 1 verbs .noun .Konna ni.omoimsu .Nagara .No koto na n desu ga usage of chotto . 9 Noun modifiers . sonna ni and anna ni .group 2 verbs irregular verbs .HS038 Technical Japanese II 1.Interjection: Ee .Preparation of technical reports. 3.Kanji practice.Adverbs: Moo and Made .Sugiru .tame (ni) .I .expression of reason . TUTORIALS 15 9 9 Total No of periods: 60 Page 96 .Adverbs of extent . Negative .Tsumori and Hazu .kanji and me .Negative comparative sentences .form of verbs -I adjectives .Verbs:Itadaku .Kata .adjectives -non polite form of desu.Suffic .De and ka . 4.suki and kirai . 6.te mo desuka and .Do .Hon and . Potential sentences .Non polite form of verbs Group 1 ending in -ert or iru.Suffix .neutral passive sentence .u .Te form of transitive verb and .deshoo.

Video tapes. SHIYO SUZUKI and IKUO KAWASE . 1983. OOTSUBO ET AL .Nihongo Shoho text book with audio tapes. The University of Nagoya Press. 2. Vol. Page 97 .HS038 Technical Japanese II 3 1 0 4 Text Books: 1. YAN -SAN Serial . 3. 1981. The Japan Foundation. Japan. Japan.A Course in Modern Japanese. Japan.II. Tokyo.

Group II Verbs .adverbs .adjectives and adverbs.adjectives and adverbs.Present.Indirect Object. Group I verbs .Singular and Plural . 5.Glossary.Singular & Plural Masculine and Feminine .Masculine and Feminine Genders only .Personnel Pronoun .Verbs to be and to have.Affirmative. Past compound.adjectives . Past compound.Present. Past compound.Conjugations.Conjugations .Numbers .Masculine and Feminine . 3 1 0 4 9 Alphabets . interrogative and negative sentences .Indefinite and definite articles .Prepositions Possessive Pronoun .plurals .Presnet.Adjectives . Simple past and future tenses . Present tense .Dialogue . 4. 3. 2.Adverbs .HS039 Technical French I 1. Total No of periods: 45 9 9 9 9 Page 98 . simple past and future tenses . Pronomial verbs .Singular and Plural Masculine and Feminine . Simple past and future tenses .Pronunciation .

HS039 Technical French I





Text Books: 1. MAUGER. G - Course de Langue et de - Civilization Francaises, HACHETTE -PARIS, 1986. 2. DOMINIQUE BERGER and REGINE MIRIEUX, Cadences, Method de Francais Didier, Paris, 1994. References: DENIS GIRARD, French to English, English to French Dictionary, Cassell - Mac Millan, 1981.

Page 99

HS040 Technical French II 1.




4 9

Group III Verbs - Conjugations - Adjectives - Adverbs - sentences - present - past compound - Simple past future. 2. Comparative, superlative sentences - recent past - immediate future - grammatical analysis. 9

3. Translation from English to French - Translation from French to English - Texts from Physics and Chemistry.


4. Translation from English to French - Translation from French to English - Texts from Basic Engineering.


5. Report writing and translation from English to French - Translation from French to English - Letter Writing Dialogue - Glossary. 6. TUTORIALS



Total No of periods:


Page 100

HS040 Technical French II





Text Books: 1. MAUGER, G - Cours de Langue et de - Civilization Francaises, HACHETTE - PARIS, 1986. 2. DOMINIQUE BERGER and REGINE MIRIEUX, Cadences Methods de Francais, Didier, Paris, 1994. References: 1. CENTRE D'ETUDES FRANCAISES, Functional French for Scientists and Technologists, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 1986. 2. J.O.KETTRIDGE. Dictionary of Technical terms and phrases Vol 1 & 2., The Gresham Press, Surrey, Great Britain, 1980.

Page 101

interpretation of visuals. 5. 3.Listening comprehension . 4. SPEAKING 7 Defining-describing objects-describing uses/functions-comparing-offering suggestions-analysing problems and providing solutions-expressing opinions (agreement/disagreement) predicting-expressing possibility/certainty-framing questions-providing answers-pronunciation practice (word stress). LISTENING 3 1 0 4 7 Listening comprehension-listening for specific information-note-taking-use of charts and diagrams. 2. FOCUS ON LANGUAGE 7 Word formation with prefixes and suffixes-discourse markers and their functions-degrees of comparisonexpressions relating to recommendations and comparisons-active and passive voice-antonyms-tense formsgerunds-conditional sentences-modal verbs of probability and improbability-acronyms and abbreviations compound nouns and adjectives-spelling-punctuation.evaluating texts-understanding discourse coherence-guessing meaning from the context. Total No of periods: 60 Page 102 .note -making / transferring information. WRITING 12 Sentence definition-static description-comparison and contrast-classification of informationrecommendations-highlighting problems and providing solutions-formal and informal letter writing-using flow-charts/diagrams-paragraph writing-editing. 6. READING 12 Skimming-scanning-detailed reading-predicting content-interpreting charts and tables-identifying stylistic features in texts .word stress .discussion .sentence stress .HS041 English I 1. PRACTICE IN LANGUAGE LAB 15 Pronunciation practice .

1984. Pickett and Laster. Oxford University Press. 1990. Chennai 1996 (Revised Edition) 2. Basic English Usage. V. Narayanaswami. Reading and Speaking. Authors : Humanities and Social Science Department.. 3. Michael. Technical English. Orient Longman Ltd. References: 1. Writing.. Swan.R. Page 103 .Strengthen Your Writing. Published by Orient Longman Ltd.HS041 English I 3 1 0 4 Text Books: 1. Volume I. Anna University. New York Harper and Row Publications. "English for Engineers and Technologists".

TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 104 . check-lists. 4. 2. purpose and means-indefinite adjectives of number and quantity-spelling and punctuation. LISTENING 3 1 0 4 7 Listening comprehension . READING 12 Skimming-scanning-note -making-understanding the organisation of texts discourse cohesion-predicting and evaluating content-evaluating style-inferring meaning-study reading-interpreting tables. 6. flow-charts. FOCUS ON LANGUAGE 7 Word formation-synonyms-prepositions-adverbs-passive voice-sequence words/discourse markers-connective adverbs-numerical expressions-expansion of abbreviations-rules for writing SI units-language of instructions. WRITING 12 Extended definition-process description-cause and effect analysis-stating choice and justifying it -safety instructions-check list-letter of application-data sheet/resume. suggestions and recommendations-summarizingreporting-free discussion of chosen topics-pronunciation practice (word stress. 5.HS042 English II 1.note-taking and using non-verbal devices. SPEAKING 7 Describing processes-stating purpose-offering opinions. causes and effects.listening for specific information . consonant clusters-homonyms) 3.

Informative Writing .. 3. Volume II. AUTHORS :Humanities and Social Science Department. 1995. Ken . Page 105 . Martin. 2.K. Cutts. The University of Michigan Press."Academic Writing for graduates students". Oxford University Press.Your Practical Guide to Effective Communication.HS042 English II Text Books: 3 1 0 4 1.Cassell Publication U. The Plain English guide-How to write clearly and Communicate Better. Published by Orient Longman Ltd.. 1998. "English for Engineers and Technologists". References: 1.1990. Swales. and Christine B Feak. Goddard. USA. John. Anna University.M. 1994. New Delhi.

4. AIR CONDITIONING 9 Summer and Winter Airconditioning. Refrigerant Classification. PSYCHROMETRY 9 Moist air behaviour. Designation. Capillary Tuber & Thermostatic Expansion Valves. 5. Evaporators . Range and Differential settings. Psychrometric chart. Global Warming Potential & Ozone Depleting Potential aspects 2.Reciprocating Open & Hermetic type. Screw Compressors and Scroll Compressors . Selection and balancing of system components Graphical method. CYCLING CONTROLS AND SYSTEM BALANCING 9 Pressure and Temperature controls. Fan Characteristics in Duct Systems. SYSTEM COMPONENTS 9 Refrigerant Compressors . Different Psychrometric process analysis. Flooded type Chillers Expansion devices .Automatic Expansion Valves. Cooling Load Calculations. Thremodynamic analysis of the above. REFRIGERATION CYCLES & REFRIGERANTS 3 0 0 3 9 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle-Simple saturated vapour compression Refrigration cycle.ME034 Refrigeration and Air conditioning 1.Construction and Operation characteristics. Alternate Refrigerants. Total No of periods: 45 Page 106 . Dynamic and Frictional Losses in Air Ducts. Condensing Units and Cooling Towers. Equal Friction Method. 3.DX coil. Air Distribution Patterns.

" Principles of Refrigeration ".Dossat..Jones.ME034 Refrigeration and Air conditioning 3 0 0 3 Text 1.J.W. Refrence 1.Stocker and J. 1985. John Wiley and Sons Inc.F. 1995. " Refrigeration & Air Conditioning " McGraw Hill Book Company. W. R. Page 107 . 1989. Manohar Prasad. " Refrigeration and Air Conditioning " Wiley Eastern Ltd.. 2.

Industrial applications Temperature distribution and its implications. Design of Typical liquid. Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. Design of Shell and Tube. CONSTRUCTION DETAILS AND HEAT TRANSFER 3 0 0 3 9 Types. Channel divergence. Effectiveness. Testing and Maintenance. FLOW DISTRIBUTION AND STRESS ANALYSIS 9 Effect of Turbulence. 5. Thermal Stress in tubes. COOLING TOWERS 9 Packings. Plate type evaporators. Experimental Methods. 4. Pressure Loss. Fans and Pipes. Effect of Baffles. DESIGN ASPECTS 9 Heat Transfer and pressure loss. Total No of periods: 45 Page 108 . Spray design. Plate Heat Exchangers. 2. effect of Deviations from ideality. 3. Regenerators and Recuperators. CONDENSORS AND EVAPORATORS DESIGN 9 Design of Surface and Evaporative Condensors. Selection of pumps.ME035 Design of Heat Exchangers 1. Flow Configuration. Friction factor. LMTD. Gas-Gas-Liquid Heat Exchangers. Types of failures.

" Heat Exchanger Design ". " Process Heat Transfer ". 1980.Q>Kern. Edition. 1980. 1981. G. Holger Martin. Ann Arber Science pub. 1992. Page 109 .Frass. Arthur P. Tata McGraw Hill. " Cooling Tower ".. " Heat Exchangers ". 2. Nicholas Cheremisioff.F. Hemisphere Publishing Corporation. New Delhi. D.. Second Edition. McGraw Hill Book Co. Walker. Theory and Pratice. John Wiley & Sons. 1996. 4. " Industrial Heat Exchangers " .A Basic Guide. 3.ME035 Design of Heat Exchangers 3 0 0 3 Text 1..Taborek. McGraw Hill Book Co. Refrence 1. 1997.Hewitt and N. T. 5. London.Afgan " Heat Exchangers ". New York.

Cryogenic fluids and their properties. Stirling Cycle Cryo Coolers. LIQUEFACTION AND LOW TEMPERATURE REFRIGERATION 9 Liquefaction systems ideal system. Joule Thomson expansion. Applications in space. Flash calculations. 2. CONSTRUCTION DETAILS AND HEAT TRANSFER 3 0 0 3 9 Interoduction to Cryogenic Systems Low Temprature properties of Engineering Materials. Powder insulation. Magnetic Cooling. Cryopumping Applications. Electrical Power. Transfer devices. INSULATION AND VACUUM TECHNOLOGY 9 Thermal insulation and their performance at cryogenic temperatures. 3. 4. Electronics and Cutting Tool Industry. Claude & Cascaded System. SEPRATION AND PURIFICATION SYSTEMS 9 General charateristics of mixtures-composition diagrams. Pressure flow-level and temperature measurements. Food Processing. STORAGE AND INSTRUMENTATION 9 Cryogenic Storage vessels and Transportation. Super Insulations. Bioligyedicine.Rectification column analysis. Linde Hampson A Cysle. Adiabatic expansion. Vacuum insulation. super Conductivity. Total No of periods: 45 Page 110 . Gas sepration-principles of rectification-flash calculations .ME036 Cryogenic Engineering 1. 5.

ME036 Cryogenic Engineering 3 0 0 3 Text 1. 1986. Randal F. Page 111 .Flynn.. Klaus D.Bell.Timmerhaus and Thomas M. R. 2. " Cryogenic Systems ". McGraw Hill. " Cryogenic Engineering ". 3. New York. Prentice Hall Inc.B. Refrence 1. " Cryogenic engineering ". " Cryogenic Process Engineering " Plenum Press. 1963.Barron. 1985. J. 1989.H.Scoott. Van Nostrand Company Inc..

Applications of Wind Energy .Solar Chart-Measuremnets of Solar Radiation and Sunshine .Solar Pond .Industrial Process Heat . 4. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS 9 Introduction . SOLAR THERMAL ENERGY CONVERSION 9 Solar Thermal Collectors .Flat Plate and Concentrating Collectors .Solar Thermal Power Plant .Solar Heating and Cooling Techniques Solar Desalination .Wind Energy Storage .Life cycle cost method . 5. SOLAR PHOTO VOLTAICS 9 Introduction-Fundamentals Estimation-Wind Energy Conversion Systems-wind Energy Collectors and its Performance-Wind Energy Storage-Applications of Wind Energy-Safety and Environmental Aspects. 2.Cost benefit comparison method .Wind Energy Conversion Systems .Empirical Equations .Safety and Environmental Aspects. PRINCIPLE OF SOLAR RADIATION 3 0 0 3 9 Solar Radiation . 3.Payback method Total No of periods: 45 Page 112 .Solar Thermal Energy Storage.Wind Energy Collectors and its Performance .Net present value concept .Solar Radiation Data.ME037 Wind and Solar Power Engineering 1. WIND ENERGY 9 Wind Data Energy Estimation .

Rai. Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. (1982).B. France. R. Refrence 1.. 2. New Delhi. New Delhi. " Non Conventional Energy Sources " (1999).C. WS.A.. " Solar Thermal Systems ". New York. New Delhi.W. " Solar Energy Principle of Thermal Collection and Storage " (1997). B.Duffie and W. John Wiley. 5.Howell. Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Company ltd.Magal. 4. Suknofme. Khanna Publishers..P. E and F N Spon Ltd.Vtiet. " Solar Engineering of Thermal Process " (1991). (1982). J.Bannerot and G.ME037 Wind and Solar Power Engineering 3 0 0 3 Text 1.. 6. J. New Delhi.P.Beckman. Page 113 . H.D.. Theory and Design ".Prakash.A.Garg and J. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. Pergamon Press. G. " The Generation of Electricity "' by Wind Power (1976). New Delhi.. " Wind Power Plant. Le Gourieres D.S. " Solar Power Engineering " (1993). Golding E. Fundamentals and Applications " (1997). 3. " Solar Energy. 2. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.R. London.

3. 2. ECONOMIC AND FINANCE 9 Costing techniques .Optimal target investment schedule . Total No of periods: 45 Page 114 . in thermal systems. ENERGY CONSERVATION 9 Energy conservation schemes .Energy surveying and auditing .Energy management information systems Instrumentation and measurment .heat exchangers.Industrial energy use .Energy prizes . 4.Energy cost . Global warmingRenewable energy sources . ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT 3 0 0 3 9 Introduction . ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES 9 Fuels and consumption .Energy index .Green house effect.Fossil fuels reserves-World energy consumption .energy resource management .Financial appraisal and profitability-Project management.Cost index .Insulated pipe work systems .Cost optimization .Heat pumps and refrigerators Storage systems .Energy conservation in engineering and process industry. in buildings and non-conventional energy resources schemes.ME038 Energy Engineering and Management 1.Energy policies.Biolers .Furnaces .Environmental aspects utilization . ENERGY MANAGEMENT 9 Energy management principles .Waste heat recovery systems .Computerized energy management 5.

Swart R.J and Zwerves. (1989). 4. Murphy and G. (1981). I and II". London. 2. "Design and Management for Energy Conservation".Callaghn. O. Refrence 1. "Climate and Energy".A. McGraw Hill.A. David Merick. Richard marshal.W.A.S. "industrial Energy Conservation". "Energy Consumption and Environment". (1981) Pergamon Press. 5. Chaigier N. Ray D. present and future options. Ikken P. "Energy. W. Vol. 3. P.ME038 Energy Engineering and Management 3 0 0 3 Text 1. (1980) Pergamaon Press.R. (1981) John Wiley and Sons. Page 115 .Mc KAY "Energy Management" Butterworths. Oxford.

Solvent extraction equipment.Equivalence of mass and energy .Half life . Total No of periods: 45 Page 116 .Uranium production and purification .Safety systems .reactor shielding.Changes and consequences of an accident .spent fuel characteristics .Role of solvent extraction in reprocessing . NUCLEAR REACTIONS AND REACTOR MATERIALS 9 Mechanism of nuclear fission and fusion . 5.Weapons proliferation. 3.Radiation hazards and their prevention .Criteria for safety . DISPOSAL AND PROFILERATION 9 Nuclear plant safety. NUCLEAR PHYSICS 3 0 0 3 9 Nuclear model of the atom . REPROCESSING 9 Nuclear fuel cycles . beryllium.Radio activity .ME039 Nuclear Engineering 1. 2.Radio activity .Cross sections.Critical mass and composition Nuclear fuel cycles and its characteristics . thorium. SAFTEY.Chain reactions .Binding .Design and construction of fast breeding reactors .Types of fast breeding reactors . 4. NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9 Reactors .Zirconium.Neutron interactions .Type of waste and its disposal .heat transfer techniques in nuclear reactors .Nuclear waste .

Refrence 1. John Wiley (1978). Hemisphere Publishing.F..ME039 Nuclear Engineering 3 0 0 3 Text 1.A. Lamarsh U.Politics. " Introduction to Nuclear Engineering Second Edition " (1983). " Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering ". " Introduction to Nuclear Power " (1987). 2.Cannoly. Lipschutz R. Ballingor.D. Cambrifge. 3.R. " Radioactive Waste .A. Page 117 . and G. Technology and Risk " (1980). Addison Wesley M. M. Thomas J.G.Hewitt. New York. Collier J.

INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Environmental aspects .Sources and control methods . 5.Impact of environment . characteristics-Types and sources of solid waste .Types of our air pollutants . Total No of periods: 45 Page 118 . WATER POLLUTANTS 9 Water pollution from tanneries and other industries . collection.Noise pollution and their control.Engineered systems for waste water treatment and disposal Control systems and instrumentation for pollution control.Environmental quality .ME040 Environmental Pollution 1.effect to air pollution on men and environment.Pollution thermal power plants and nuclear power plants . 2.Definition.Formation of air pollutanta from combustion of fossil fuels and parameters controlling the formation.generation. 4.Role of environmental engineer. AIR POLLUTANTAS 9 Air quantity .Solid waste disposal. INDUSTRAIL POLLUTION 9 Methods and equipment's for industrial waste treatment.Emission from SI and Ci engines-Evaporative emission control Exhaust treatment devices. storage and processing techniques . 3. Characteristics and prospective .Solid waste management . SOLID WASTE 9 Definition.

J. and Zwerves. (1977). New Delhi. Metcalf and Eddy Inc. Donald R.Rowe. A.Lowry ": Fundamental of Air Pollution " (1973).G. Wark. and George Tchnobanoglous. Howard S. (1976) Dun Dunnellers. R. Swart R. (1979). (1985). Mc Graw Hill. " Environmental Engineering ". (1989).ME040 Environmental Pollution 3 0 0 3 Text 1. H. 2. H. New York.P. 3. Tchobanoglous.Elaisen. " Waste Water Engineering Treatment and Disposal Second Edition ". Mc Graw Hill. New York. " Air Pollution: its Origin and Control ". 5. Mc Graw Hill.W. Boubce and W.C.A. Kenneth and Cecil F. " Climate and Energy ".S. Ikken P. Refrence 1. 4. " Solid Water: Engineering Principles and Management Issues ".Warner. New Delhi. Page 119 . Mc Graw Hill.Theisan and R. New York.C.Wonter. Peavy. Academic Press.Stern.

environmental and air quality consideration. Organic fluid systems . COGENERATION PRINCIPLES 9 Cogeneration principles and thermodynamics power cycle analysis.Analysis and design. 3. COST ANALYSIS OF GENERATION SYSTEMS 9 Financial considerations. DESIGN OF WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM 9 Design of waste heat recovery system .Theory and design.ME041 Waste Heat Recovery and Co-generation 1. 2.Heat exchanger . Total No of periods: 45 Page 120 . APPLICATIONS OF COGENERATION 9 Applications in sugar mills rice mills. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Source and utilization of waste heat. combined for power generation and process heat. 4. and other process and engineering industries. 5. invetment costs of waste heat recovery and cogeneration system. thermodynamic analysis-Second law and waste heat. texitle factories. operating and maintenance cost. Recovery of waste heat engines and other power plants-Heat pump for waste heat recovery.

"Waste Utilization Technology". Nelson E. 5. Inc. Georgia.. (1985). "Industrial and Commercial Heat Recovery Systems". (1981) Maecel Dekker Inc.ME041 Waste Heat Recovery and Co-generation 3 0 0 3 Text 1. "Waste recycling for Energy Conservation". Hay. (1980) The Fairment Press Inc.. Refrence 1. Charles H. (1986) The Fairment Press. (1984) Mc Graw Hill Book Co. (1987) The Fairment Press.Butler. 2. Kiang Y. (1981) John Wiley and Sons. "Cogeneration and Small Power Production Manual". "Cogeneration". Van Nostrand Reinhold.. "Guide to Natural Gas Cogeneration".H. New York. "Principles of Waste Heat Recovery".. Sydney Reiter. Page 121 . 3. 4. Goldstick R. et. Spiewak Scott A. David Hu and Gerald Hrd.

diffuser analysis. dimensionless parameters. testing and performance characteristics. characteristics curves and selection. PRINCIPLES 3 0 0 3 9 Energy transfer between fluid and rotor. 3. slip factor. 4. stage losses and efficiency. CENTRIFUGAL FANS AND BLOWERS 9 Types. fan drives and fan noise. impeller flow losses. AXIAL FLOW COMPRESSOR 9 Stage velocity triangles. flow analysis in impeller blades. 5. losses and coefficients blade design principles. specific speed. classification of fluid machinery. losses. applications. 2. work and efficiency for compressors and turbines. workdone factor.ME042 Turbo Machinery 1. lossess and performance curves. AXIAL AND RADIAL FLOW TURBINES 9 Stage velocity diagrams. reaction stages. enthalphy-entropy diagrams. volute and diffusers. types. stage and design parameters. Total No of periods: 45 Page 122 . stage velocity triangles. CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR 9 Construction details. simple stage design problems and performance characteristics.

Page 123 . Tata Mcgraw Hill Pub. D. Ganesan . 5. 2.H.G. 1999.. 3. Yahya. Stepanff. Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Company. Hand book of Turbomachinery.. Pergamom Press. Blowers and Pumps. Macmillan. S. Dixon.Co. Refrence 1. 1969. Pergamom Press. Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery. 1973.. Gas Turbines. Compressor and Fans. 1996.. Bruneck. Principles of Turbomachinery. Jr. Fans. 1965 6.ME042 Turbo Machinery 3 0 0 3 Theory 1.V... John Wiley and Sons Inc.. New Delhi.J.I. Shepherd. Marcel Dekker Inc.. Earl Logan. S. 1990. 1992. 4.. A. Turbines..

Air motion .Gasoline Direct Injection Engine . ALTERNATIVE FUELS 9 Alcohal. Suitability.Measurement techniques.Engine combustion. Hydrogen. 3.ME043 Advanced IC Engineering 1.Catalytic converters and Particulate Traps-Methods of measurements and Driving cycles. RECENT TRENDS 9 Learn Burn Engines-Stratified charge Engines. 2.Fuel spray behaviour .Hydro-carbon Emission Mechanism-Carbon Monoxide Formation-Particulate emissions-Methods of controlling Emissions. POLLUTANT FORMATION CONTROL 9 Pollutant .Introduction to Thermodynamic Analysis of C.engine Combustion.Injection systems Monopoint and Multipoint injection .Feedback Control Carburettors-Fuel .Stages of combustion .Stages of combustion .Sources and types-formation of NOx .spray structure. Total No of periods: 45 Page 124 .Factors affecting knock-Combustion chambers Introduction to Thermodynamic Analysis of S.Normal and Multipoint injection .I.Direct and indirect injection systems . COMPRESSION IGNITION ENGINES 9 States of combustion in C.I.Turbocharging . Merits and Demerits as fuels.Combustion chambers .Plasma Ignition . SPARK IGNITION ENGINES 3 0 0 3 9 Spark ignition Engine mixture requirements .I. Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas-Properties.Engine .Normal and Abnormal combustion. spray penetration and evaporation . 5.Homogeneous charge compression Ignition . Engine Modifications. 4.

Benson and N.Whitehouse.D. 1983.Mathur and R.Sharmal. John B. Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals. McGraw Hill. Auto fuel Systems. Inc.I and II. Vol. Pergamon Press. R. Rowland S. The Good Heart Willox Company.. Internal combustion Engines. Heywood.B. Page 125 . Internal Combustion Engines 2. Refrence 1. 1988.ME043 Advanced IC Engineering 3 0 0 3 Text 1. 3.P. Duffy Smith. 1987.

Total No of periods: 5.APPLICATIONS Other special process like squeeze casting and electro slag casting processes.Process parameters charateristics of shell mould castings .Need for special casting process applications.Block mould and ceramic shell mould .Pattern and mould materials . INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Introduction to stand casting . CONTINOUS CASTING CO2 SAND PROCESS AND FULL MOULD PROCESSES Reciprocating continous mould process .Mercast and shaw process Application.Sand. 4.ME044 Special Casting Processes 1. 2.principles Full mould process . SHELL MOULDING 9 Process .Direct chill process . CENTRIFUGAL AND DIECASTING 9 Types of Cetrifugal processes . aluminium.Conventional mould and Core making . brass material in continuous casting Co2 mould/core hardening process .Application. 3.Use of steel.Equipment . resin and other materials .Applications.Machines .'D' Process . INVESTMENT CASTING 9 Process .Pattern .calculation of rotating speed of the mould . 9 45 Page 126 .

II.A.Jain. Foundry technology.ME044 Special Casting Processes Text 1. 3 0 0 3 Page 127 . 1994. Engineering Metallurgy. R.L. Higgins. Refrence 1. P. 1992. Vol.

Basic Concepts . Total No of periods: 45 Page 128 .Material handling .robot actuation and fed back.Robot/End . Coordinate transformation .Welding .Capabilities and limitation . SENSING AND MACHINE VISION 9 Range sensing .Artificial intelligence .director and inverse kinematics.languages .A1 and Robotics.Continuous path control.Proximity sensing . ROBOT PROGRAMMING 9 methods .Robot configurations . Introduction to Machine vision .Loading and unloading .Sensing and digitizing .Image processing and analysis.Force and Torque sensing. Manipulators .Brief Robot dynamics.effort interface. 2. 4. 5.Hostile and remote environments.CIM . COMPONENTS AND OPERATIONS 9 Basic control system concepts . 3.Basic robot motions Point to point control . Types of Robot and effectors Grippers .ME045 Industrial Robotics 1.Assembly . INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS 9 Application of robots in machining .control system analysis .Touch sensing .Search techniques .Knowledge representation . INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Definition of a Robot .Tools as end effectors .Types of Robot drives .

G.An Integrated Approach". mitchell Weiss. McGraw Hill International Editions. R.C. McGraw Hill International Edition. Chmielewski and Michael Negin "Robotic engineering . 2. Refrence 1.. Fu. Groover. K. Industrial robotics. Vision and Intelligence. Englewoods Cliffs. 1986. NJ. USA. C. Mikell P. Programming and Applications. 1989. Robotics Control sensing. Thomas A.S. Page 129 . 1987.Lee. Prentice Hall Inc.S.ME045 Industrial Robotics 3 0 0 3 Text 1. technology. Klafter.Gonalez. Richard D.

The Ritz method. APPLICATIONS TO FIELD PROBLEMS IN TWO DIMENSIONS 7 Equations of elasticity.Time dependent problems in elasticity .Variational formulation .time dependent problems and their soultions .derivation of elements equations .example from heat transfer.Modelling .Variational formulation of VBPS. INTRODUCTION TO ADVANCED TOPICS 7 Three dimensional problems .Formulation of element equations in one and two dimensions .Historical comments Basic concept of FEM. 5.incompressible fluid flow.model equation .assembly of element equations .Extension of the method to fourth order equations and their soultions .Cholesky method .ME046 Finite Element Techniques 1.VARIATIONAL FORMULATION 3 0 0 3 8 General field problems in Engineering . 6.Isoparametric elements in 1.convergence criteria for chosen models .plane elasticity problems .2 and 3 dimensions . ISOPARAMETRIC ELEMENTS AND FORMULATION 7 Natural coordinates in 1.Discrete and Continuous models .imposition of boundary conditions .Triangular elements and quadrilateral elements . 2.Finite element formulation through generalised coordinates approach .discretisation of domain into elements . FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF TWO DIMENSIONAL PROBLEMS 8 Second order equations involving a scalar-valued function .Functionals .Characteristics Difficulties involved in solution . The method of weighted residuals .Interpolation functions . Total No of periods: 45 Page 130 .The relevance and place of finite element method .Largrangean and serendipity elements .Elements matrices and vectors Assembly of element matrices .axisymmetric problems in elasticity -Bending of elastic plates . fluid and solid mechanics.solution techniques.Gradient and divergence theorems . Boundary and initial value problems .Generalised coordinates approach . 3.use of area coordinates for triangular elements in .Mixed formulation .solution of equations .Heat . INTRODUCTION . FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF ONE DIMENSIONAL PROBLEMS 8 One dimensional second order equations .2 and 3 dimensions .Post processing .Numerical integration.boundary conditions .2 dimensional problems .transfer in two dimensions .Variational calculus . 4.use of software packages.

1. 1972. McGraw Hill. The finite element method. An Introduction to Finite Element Method. Introduction to the Finite Element Method. Student Edition.ME046 Finite Element Techniques 3 0 0 3 Text 1. 2. C.Rao. 4/e. Rienkiewics.N.S.Reddy. Page 131 . Refrence 1.S.F. McGraw Hill. S. 3. 1985.Desai and J. Basic formulation and linear problems. Intl. J. Book Co. The Finite Element Method in Engineering Pergaman Press. 1989. Vol.Abel. Affiliated East west Press.

Stress equations of Equilibrium . PHOTOELASTICITY METHODS 9 Temperature double refraction .its relation to experimental determination .displacement field approach to Moire fringe analysis .recording instruments .sensitivity .scaling model to phototype stresses .materials and applications .calibration methods .analysis of strain gauge data.stress sepration. BIREFRIGENT COATINGS 9 Coating stresses and strains . STRESS 3 0 0 3 9 Stress at a point .out of plane measurements experimental procedure.geometrical approach to Moire fringe analysis . 3. Total No of periods: 45 Page 132 . 2.effects of stressed model in a plane polariscope fringe multiplication .separation methods .ME047 Experimental Stress Analysis 1.Laws of stress transformation .materials.Electrical resistance strain gauges .isochromatic fringe patterns . 5. 4.isoclinic fringe pattern compensation techniques .effect of thickness .stress optic law .Dimensional state of stress.strain gauge circuits . STRAIN MEASUREMENT 9 Strain . MOIRE METHODS 9 Mechanism of formation of Moire fringe .Principal stresses Maximum Shear stress .properties of strain Gauge systems .

McGraw Hill. McGraw Hill. James Dalley. Perry and Lissiener. 3. Experimental Stress Analysis. Dove Adams. 1992.F. int.. Strain Gauge Primer. Page 133 . Student Edition McGraw Hill.ME047 Experimental Stress Analysis 3 0 0 3 Text 1. Experimental mechanics. Durelli. 2. Refrence 1. Photomechanics Prentice Hall. 1972. 1992. Kogakusha Ltd.Riley. W. 1965.

TWO DEGREE-OF-FREEDOM SYSTEMS 9 Genral solution to free vibration problem-damped free vibration . Various damping models. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 relevance of and need for vibration analysis-Mathematical modelling of vibrating systems . 4.Discretes and continous systems .transverse vibrations of beams .Forced vibration of undamped system dynamic vibration absorbes .Longitudinal vibration of rods .review of single-degree of freedom systems-free and forced vibrations. 2. 5.Energy methods.Orthogonality principle-Energy methods. Total No of periods: 45 Page 134 .Governing equations of motion-Natural frequencies and normal modes . CONTINUOUS SYSTEMS 9 Torsional vibrations . VIBRATION MEASUREMENT 9 Vibration monitoring-data acquistion-Vibration Parameter Selection-Vibration sensors-AccelerometersPerformance charateristics-Sensor location-Signal preamplification-Types of preamplifiers-InstrumentationTape recorders-Real time analysis-Digital Fourier transforms-FFT Analysis.ME048 Mechanical Vibrations 1.Signature analysis and preventive maintanence: Vibration meters-vibration signatures-standards-vibration testing equipment-in-site balancing of rotors. Introduction to vibration of plates. 3.Technical applications. MULTI DEGREE-OF-FREEDOM SYSTEMS 9 Free and forced vibrations of multi-degree of freedom systems in longitudinal torsional and lateral modesMatrix methods of solution-normal modes . Introduction to vibrations of plates.

Seto. 1991. 1982.1985. L. Page 135 . Refrence 1.K.1989.. New York. McGraw Hill Book Co. Mechanical Vibrations. Introductory Course on Theory and practice of Mechanical Vibrations.Meirovitch. New Chand and Bros. 5. Schaum Series. 1985.. New Delhi. P. 4. Roorkey.Rao and K.Gupta. G..Grover. 3. 2. Elements of vibration Analysis (2nd Edition) McGraw Hill. J. Wiley Eastern Ltd.Den Hartog.P. Mechanical Vibrations. New York. J. Mechanical Vibration Analysis.S. Tata-Mc Graw Hill. Mechanical Vibrations (4th Edition) McGraw Hill.Srinivasan.ME048 Mechanical Vibrations 3 0 0 3 Text 1.

3.Corrosive wear . LUBRICANTS AND LUBRICATION TYPES 9 Types and properties of Lubricants . Friction of lamellar solids . 5.friction of Ceramic materials and polymers .Energy dissipation mechanisms Friction Characteristics of metals .Virtual Co-efficient of friction .Transformation Hardening.Contact between surfaces .Wear of Ceramics and Polymers .Sources of sliding Friction .Loaded journal bearings .Hydrodynamic Lubrication . SURFACES AND FRICTION 3 0 0 3 9 Topography of Engineering surfaces.Measurement of Friction.Materials for fluid film bearings .Viscous flow between very close parallel plates . SURFACE ENGINEERING AND MATERIALS FOR BEARINGS 9 Surface modifications . WEAR 9 Types of wear .Corrosive wear .Surface Fatigue wear situations .Brittle Fracture wear.Materials for marginally lubricated and dry bearings.Source of Rolling Friction Stick slip motion .Friction of non metals. 4. Total No of periods: 45 Page 136 .Adhesion Ploughint.Boundary Lubrication .Surface coatings .Solid Lubrication Hydrostatic Lubrication. surface fusion .Thermo chemical processes .Elasto hydrodynamic lubricatation.High speed unloaded journal bearings .Testing methods .Surface Fatigue wear .plating and anodizing .The Somerfield diagram.Wear Measurements.Materials for rolling Element bearings .Materials for Adhesive and Abrasive wear situations . 2.ME049 Industrial Tribology 1.Rolling Friction . FILM LUBRICATION THEORY 9 Fluid film in simple shear .Shear strress variation Reynolds Equation for film Lubrication .Vapour Phase processes .Reaction torque on the bearings .Fusion Processes .Simple theory of Sliding Wear Mechanism of sliding wear of metals-Abrasive wear .

P. Tribology in Machine Design. Tribology Handbook. Industrial Press Inc. 3. Heinemann. T.. 1975. London.Neale (Editor). Longman.Bowden and Tabor. 4. Friction and Lubrication.K. Page 137 . A. U. 1992. Hutchings.. E.A. U. I..J. 1974.. Tribology. Heinemann Educational Books Ltd. Newnes. 2. Stolarski. M. Edward Arnold.Cameron.D.K.. 1990. Friction and Wear of Engineering Material. 1981.. Refrence 1. Basic Lubrication theory.ME049 Industrial Tribology 3 0 0 3 Text 1.M. Butter worth.

design of parts to be multi-functional. minimising part variations. minimum part assessment taquchi method. functional gauges. Total No of periods: 45 Page 138 . Poka Yoka principles. GEOMETRIC ANALYSIS 9 Process capability. geometric analysis and applications-design features to facilitate automated assembly. paper layout gauging. manufacturing process rules. 5. zero true position tolerance. Computer Aided group Technology. MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY 9 Selective assembly. Design for minimum number of parts. failure mode effective analysis. DFMN APPROACH AND PROCESS 3 0 0 3 9 Methodologies and tools. examples. examples. 4. ease of fabrication. FORM DESIGN OF CASTINGS AND WELDMENTS 9 Redesign of castings based on parting line considerations. tolerence worksheets and centrality analysis. TRUE POSITION THEORY 9 Virtual size concept. floating and fixed fasterners. feature tolerance. screw threads. development of modular design. redesigning cast members using weldments. projected tolerance zone. designer's tool kit. Analysis of tapers.ME050 Design of Manufacture 1. review of relationship between attainable tolerence grades and difference machining processes. control of axial play. applying probability to tolerences. minimising core requirements. robustness assessment. use of welding symbols. designer's tool kit. design axioms. Computer Aided group process rules. multi-use. Operation sequence for typical shaft type of components. 2. deciding the number of groups. Value Analysis. design for assembly and evaluation. surface finish. grouped datum systems different types. assembly with gasket. geometric tolerance. examples. Prepration of process drawings for different operations. 3.

A Systematic Approach" . Refrence 1. 4. 1983.. . 2nd edition. Harry Peck. London.F. 1983. New York Publications. Bralla. Page 139 . Matousek. "Tolerence Control in Design and Manufacturing"... michigan. Oliver R. 1967 3. 1974. "Engineering Design. Prentice Hall Inc.ME050 Design of Manufacture 3 0 0 3 Text 1. Trucks H. 1987. "Designing for Manufacture:. Pitman Publications.E. 2. "Dimensioning and Tolerence for Quantity Production. "Hand Book of Product Design for Manufacturing" McGraw Hill Publications. 1983. Wade. Industrial Press Inc. "Design for Economic Production".. 2. Sports M.. Society of Manufacturing Engineers.Blackie & Son Ltd. James G.

4.Elastic Bucking of circular ring and cylinders under external pressure . INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Methods for determining stresses . elliptical openings.FEM apllication. about a circular hole.Terminology and Ligament Efficiency .Discontinuity stresses in pressure vessels. Total No of periods: 45 Page 140 .at a variable thickness transition section in a cylindrical vessel.ME051 Design of Pressure Vessels and Piping 1. 5. STRESSES IN PRESSURE VESSELS 9 Introduction . DESIGN OF VESSELS 9 Design of tall cyclindrical self supporting process columns .Stresses in a circular ring.supports for short vertical vessels . cyclinder . spherical sheels.Flow diagram .Applications.effect of supports on Elastic Bucking of cylinders Bucking under combined External pressure and axial loading .stress concentration . PIPING 9 Introduction . conical heads .collapse of thick walled cylinders or tubes under external pressure .Membrane stress Analysis of Vessel Shell components Cylindrical shells.Control and significance of Fracture Mechanics in Vessels . Theory of reinforcement .Piping layout and piping stress Analysis.Thermal stresses . BUCKLING AND FRACTURE ANALYSIS IN VESSELS 9 Bucking phenomenon . 2. 3.pressure vessel design. torispherical heads.

M. CBS Publishers and Distributors. "Chemical Process Equipment. Stanley. Harvey. 2. CBS Publishers and Distributors. 1988. Buterworths series in Chemical Engineering. Henry H. Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels. "Pressure Vessels. 1987. Wales. John F.ME051 Design of Pressure Vessels and Piping 3 0 0 3 Text 1. 1987. Refrence 1. Bedner. Selection and Design. Design Hand Book. Page 141 .

4. filters and additives Metal Matrix and Ceramic composites.quality inspection and non-destructive .design examples.Coupling agents. damage prediction.thermoset polymers . Total No of periods: 36 Page 142 . 2.impact properties . failure modes. Optimization of laminated composites . INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Limitations of conventional materials .Application of FEM for design and analysis of laminated composites.bag moulding .enviromental effects . 5.joint design .interlaminar stresses . DESIGN 9 Failure predictions . 3.compression moulding pultrusion-filament winding .fracture mechanics and toughening mechanisms.laminates .types and characteristics applications.fatigue properties . MATERIALS 9 Fibbers .Materials .definition of composite materials .other manufacturing process . MANUFACTURING 9 Fundamentals . MECHANICS AND PERFORMANCE Introduction to micro-mechanics-unidirectional lamina .static mechanical properties .design considerations .Fibber reinforced plastics .ME052 Composite Materials Technology 1.

P. Page 143 . B.L. Fiber-reinforced composites.Reinforced Composite Materials.D. Principles of Composite Material Mechanics. 2. Monal Deklar Inc. Tata McGraw Hill. John Wiley and Sons. 1994.J. 1994. Tata McGraw Hill. Engineering and Sciences. New York. Ronald Gibson.D. Micael hyer. Composite Materials. 1980.Matthews & R. Chapman & hall. 1988. New York. Refrence 1..K. F. Agarwal and L. 3. 1998.Rawlings. Analysis and Performance of Fiber Composites.Broutman.Mallicak. London. 2.ME052 Composite Materials Technology 3 0 0 3 Text 1. Stress Analysis of Fiber .

ME053 Mechanics of Fracture 1. INTRODUCTION




3 9

Crack in a structure - Graffils Crterion cleavage fracture Ductile fracture fatigue cracking service failure analysis. 2. ELASTIC CRACK 9

Elastic Crack tip stress field - Solution to Crack problems Effect of finite size stress intensity factor - Special cases - Irwin plastic zone correction- Actual shape of plastic zone - Plane stress - Plane strain. 3. ENERGY PRINCIPLE 9

Energy release rate - Criterion for crack growth - Crack resistance curve - Principles of crack arrest - Crack arrest in Practice. 4. FATIGUE CRACK GROWTH 9

Fatigue crack growth test, stress intensity factor, factors affecting stress intensity factor - variable amplitude service loading, retardation model. 5. ELASTIC PLASTIC FRACTURE MECHANICS 9

Elastic plastic fracture concept - crack tip opening displacement - J using FEM.




Fracture design - selection of materials - fatigue crack growth rate curve - stress intensity factor range - use of crack growth law. Total No of periods: 54

Page 144

ME053 Mechanics of Fracture





Text 1. John M. Barson and Stanely T. Rolfe Fracture and Fatigue Control in Structure - Prentice Hall, Inc, USA, 1987. Refrence 1. David Broek - Elementary engineering Fracture Mechanics Sifthoff and Noordhoff Internal Publishers, 1978. 2. Jean Lemative and Jean Louis Chboche Mechanics of Solid Materials, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1987.

Page 145

ME054 Unconventional Machining Processes 1. INTRODUCTION




3 8

The need of the process-classification - Energies employed in the processesEDM,EC,USM,LBM,PAM,AJM,WJM etc. 2. ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHINING 8

Process, operating principles-Breakdown mechanism-Dielectric fluid-Electrode material-Tool wear - Power generator circuits- Process parameters - Metal removal rate - wire out EDM - Appliocations - Recent Developments in EDM. 3. ELECTRO CHEMICAL MACHINING 8 Process-principles-Equipment-Analysis of metal removal-tool material-Insulation-Process parametersECH,ECG etc. - Applications. 4. ELECTRON BEAM, LASER BEAM AND PLASMA ARC MACHINING 7

EBM Process, Principle-gun construction - Types of gun - Vacuum and non-vacuum technique-Applications. LBM Process, principles, pumping processes, emission types-beam control-applications. 5. ULTRASONIC MACHINING 7

Process-working principles-types of transducers-concentrators-nodal point clamping-feed mechanism-metal removal rate-Process parameters-Apllications. 6. ABRASIVE JET AND WATER JET MEASURING 7

AJM Processes-Principle-Equipment-Metal removal rate process parameters-Applications. WJM Process-Principle-Equipment-Applications. Total No of periods: 45

Page 146

Refrence 1. Page 147 . Non Conventional Machining.Sharma.C.K.Mishra. P. The Institution of Engineers (India) Text Books: Series.ME054 Unconventional Machining Processes 3 0 0 3 Text 1. 1997. A Text Books: of Production Engineering. 1995. P.

2. air fuel ratio. Factors affecting burning velocity. exhaust gas composition. THERMODYNAMICS OF COMBUSTION 9 Thermo-chemistry. First law analysis of reacting systems. Equilibrim constant for gaseous mixtures. 5. Control of emissions Total No of periods: 45 Page 148 .ME055 Combustion Engineering 1. ENGINE COMBUSTION 9 Combustion in SI and CI engines. equivalence ratio. KINETICS OF COMBUSTION 9 Rates of reaction. Burning velocity and its determination. Collection theory. Emission from Nonpremixed combustion. Air-fuel ratio from exhaust gas composition. Second law analysis of reacting systems. Quenching. 4. Reaction order and molecularity complex reactions. Emissions from premixed combustion. heating value of fuels. FLAMES 9 Laminar and Turbulent flames. excess air. stages of combustion in SI and CI engines. chain reactions. 3. Adiabatic combustion temperature. Flame stabilization in open burners. Premixed and Diffusion flames. Explosive and general oxidative characteristics of fueled. criterion for chemical equilibrim. activated complex theory. Arrhenius rate equation. Evaluation of equilibrium composition. chemical availability. Normal combustion and Abnormal combustion. COMBUSTION OF FUELS 3 0 0 3 9 Combustion equations. Theoretical air. Flammability and Ignition.

1996. Mc Graw Hill Book Co. Stephen R.. Sharma and Chandramohan.P. 1984. 3. 'Fuels and Combustion'. S. K. Academic Press. "Combustion". 2. 1996. McGraw Hill Book Company.Turns. Page 149 . Tata McGraw Hill Book Co. 4. 'Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals'. Refrence 1. J. 'An Introduction to Combustion'. Heywood.ME055 Combustion Engineering 3 0 0 3 Text 1. 1988. John Wiley & Sons. 'Fuels and Combustion'.K. Irwin Glassman. 1984.B. Orient Longman.Kuo. 5. Samir Sarkar. 'Principles of Combustion'. 1984. Third Edition..

Techno economic Feasibility Assessment . Classification . Financial Institutions. Corrective measures .Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth. MOTIVATION 9 Major motives influencing Entrepreneur.Taxation .Achivement Motivation Training. 3.Identifying. Thematic Apperception Test . BUSINESS 9 Small Enterprises-definition.Income Tax. Diversification. Total No of periods: 45 Page 150 .Concept. sub-contracting. 4. Network analysis Techniques of PERT/CPM .Sales Tax. Magnitude.Government Policy for small Scale Enterprise . Costing Break Even Analysis.Preliminary Project Report-Project Appraisal-Sources of information-Classification of needs and Agencies. Selecting a good business opportunity Market survey and Research. SUPPORT TO ENTREPRENEURS 9 Institutioinal Support to Entrepreneurs-Sickness in small Business . Management of working capital. Excise Duty .Traits of Entrepreneurs . objectives. Business game. 2.Growth strategies in small Industry . ownership structure-Project Formulation . Factors affecting Entrepreneurical Growth. Causes and Consequences. Term Loans.Intrepreneur Diffenernce between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur . Self Rating. Joint venture.Expansion.Steps involved in setting up a Business . ENTREPRENEURSHIP 3 0 0 3 9 Entrepreneur . Merger. 5.ME056 Entrepreneurship Development 1.Stress Management.Need.Types of Entrepreneurs .Characteristics. Capital structure. Entrepreneurship Development Programs . FINANCING & ACCOUNTING 9 Need-Sources of Finance.

S. Institute of India.A Hand Book for new Entrepreneurs. Ltd. Entrepreneurial Development.ME056 Entrepreneurship Development 3 0 0 3 Text 1. Khanka. Page 151 . Ram Nagar . publishers : Entrepreneurship Development. EDII-Faculty & External experts . 1986. S. New Delhi. Ahmedabad.Chand & Co.S. Refrence 1. 1999.

ME057 Technology Management 1. INTRODUCTION




3 8

Introduction to technology Management - Environment of Business - Technological changes - Productivity Management - Cultural Impact on Management & Technology - Japanese Management Practices. 2. MANAGING WORLD ECONOMIC CHANGE 8

Concepts for Managing change - The global environment - Domestic sources of multi national behaviourMulti national strategies - Economic cycles and Direct Investment. 3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP, CREATIVITY & ORGANISATION 7

Managing creativity - A perspective on Entrepreneurship creating Effective work groups-understanding self and other people at work -Stress Strain Management - time Management -Strategic management-Innovation Management. 4. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN BUSINESS 7 Technical foundation - Building information systems - Management organisational support system-Managing Information Systems. 5. MATERIALS MANAGEMENT 7

Micro and Macro Level - Systems Approach-materials-Planing-ABC Analysis -SQC-Incoming material control- Kaizan and 5's - International Buying and Import purchasing practice and procedures-Just in time. Maintenance measurement. 6. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT 7 Introduction to securities-Risk and return-Economic analysis-Industry analysis-Technical analysis-Portfolio selection-Managing portfolio and performance measurement. Total No of periods: 44

Page 152

ME057 Technology Management





Text 1. Kenneth C.Lauden, 'MIS Organisation & Technology', Prentice hall, 1995. 2. James A Senn, Information Technology in Business, Prentice hall, 1995. 3. Joseph M. Putti, Management - A Functional Approach, Mc Graw Hill, 1997. Refrence 1. Ronald J.Jordan, Security analysis and Portfolio Management, Prentice Hall, 1995. 2. Irvin M.Robin, Organisational Behaviour - An Experimental Approach, prentice Hall, 1995. 3. A.K.Datta, Materials Management, Prentice Hall, 1998.

Page 153

ME058 Marketing Management 1. BASICS




3 9

Definition, Marketing Process, Dynamics, Needs, Wants & Demands, Marketing Concepts, Environment, mix, types, philosophies, Selling Vs. Marketing, organisation, Industrial Vs. Consumer Marketing, Consumer goods, Industrial goods, Product hierarcy. 2. BUYING BEHAVIOUR & MARKET SEGMENTATION 9 Cultural, Demographic factors, Motives, types, Buying decisions, segmentation factors, Demographic, Psychographic & Geographic Segmentation, Process, Patterns. 3. PRODUCT PRICING & MARKETING RESEARCH 9

Objectives, pricing, Decisions and Pricing methods, Pricing Management. Introduction, Uses, process of Marketing Research. 4. MARKETING PLANNING & STRATEGY FORMULATION 9

Components of a marketing plan, strategy formulations and the marketing process, implementation, Portfolio analysis, BCG, GEC grids. 5. ADVERTISING, SALES PROMOTION & DISTRIBUTION 9

Characteristics, Impact, goals, types, Sales promotion-Point of Purchase, Unique Selling proposition. Characteristics, Wholesaling, Retailing, channel design, logistics, Modern Trends in retailing. Total No of periods: 45

Page 154

and S. 'Research for Marketing Decisions'. Narosa Publishing House. Refrence 1. Implementation and Control the Indian Context'. 'Modern Marketing Management'. and Donald Tull. Green Paul. 'Marketing Environment: Planning.V. Ramaswamy.Namakumari. 2. 1975.ME058 Marketing Management 3 0 0 3 Text 1. 3. Implementation and Control'. 1990 4. Page 155 . Jean Plerre Jannet Hubert D Hennessey Global Marketing Strategies.E. 1999.M. Govindarajan. 1998. Planning.S. 'Marketing Management: Analysis. Philip Kolter. New Delhi.

Materials. Automation. COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE 9 Mother Board-Memory Devices-Bus-Ports and Peripherals-i/o Devices-PC and Work stations. Controls.Foundations of Operating System and its level of Abstraction-Compilers-Interrupt Services-Applications Software .Elements of Visual Programming . ISO and CMM. 3. 5. Components and formats of Multimedia-Principles of Virtual Reality. Energy and Industrial Management. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Data-Information-Knowledge-Concepts of Database Design and Architecture-Commercial and Engineering Database.Transmission Media and Topologies-Internetworking Issues-Internet-TCP/IP Protocols and WWW. 2.ME059 Information Technology 1. NETWORKS AND COMMUNICATION 9 Introduction to Computer Networks-Layered Architecture-Data Communication Concepts . Manufacturing. 4. APPLICATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING IT applications in Design.Concepts. Total No of periods: 9 45 Page 156 . SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND QUALITY CONTROL 9 Introduction-Principles and Requirements-Planning-Cost Estimation-Design Concepts-ModularisationNotation-Implementation-Verification-Manintenance-Software quality management.

ME059 Information Technology 3 0 0 3 Refrence 1. Andrew S. Computer Networks. Wing Toy benjamin Zee. 1996. Fundamentals of software engineering. Page 157 . 1998. Mehdi Jazayeri. Prentice Hall of India. Caralo Ghezzi. Dino Mandrioli. Tanenbaum. Computer hardware/software arichtecture. 2. Prentice Hall of India. Prentice Hall of India. 3.1992.


ME060 Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Text Refrence 3 0 0 3 Page 159 .

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